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File 160180812418.jpg - (46.65KB , 547x143 , sexcom header.jpg )
133892 No. 133892 ID: 12b116

Equipment Pastebin

C.Orgs Pastebin

C.Org Relationship Pastebins sans GM notes
No. 133893 ID: bcda15

No. 133894 ID: 094652

What's the backstory for this quest?

Can we hire humans as R&D/perimeter guards?

Does the game have a 'timer' or is it just linear branching?

Does magic C.Org a thing or is not? (Xenonauts made me ask this.)

Will there be a time-between-missions research progress bar, or is it based on a research point system?

Can we get intersex/non-binary C.Orgs?
No. 133897 ID: 12b116

>What's the backstory for this quest?
Most of the backstory is in the OP. Gray City is very prosperous but has paranatural incursions that the government doesn't want people knowing about because people might leave/it could hurt tourism.

The Secret Extermination Command is tasked with eliminating these incursions/threats without the ordinary citizens finding out. Human commanders are put in charge of squads of Constructed Organisms with animal powers, etc.

>Can we hire humans as R&D/perimeter guards?
You have no ability to hire anybody, and aren't in charge of the facility. You just control your team. Your influence could expand later on, though.

>Does the game have a 'timer' or is it just linear branching?
I'm not sure exactly what you mean by this. You're not the only team, so missions you don't take could get taken by another team who will either succeed or fail.

>Does magic C.Org a thing or is not? (Xenonauts made me ask this.)
You can get some units that use magic.

>Will there be a time-between-missions research progress bar, or is it based on a research point system?
You're basically not involved with this directly. Some missions will give the organization essentially research points, and giving things to Lurleen also improve the equipment you have access to.

>Can we get intersex/non-binary C.Orgs?
Anybody could be nonbinary, although they'd still be physically male or female. It is possible for some C.Orgs to be hermaphrodites depending on the animal they're based off of.

Thanks for the questions! Glad you're interested in the quest!
No. 133898 ID: d909cb

Will there be bread?
No. 133899 ID: 31a5d6

I fucking love this quest. I'm a huge XCom fan, so taking that concept and making it playful and silly is A+++ in my book. Also, I think your execution so far is wonderful. <3 This is what Chimera should have been. Thank you!
No. 133901 ID: 19da02

I wanted to go on dates with Torque too. No need to get hyperbolic here.

Glad you're enjoying it, though!
No. 134385 ID: 19da02

Here's a pastebin with more specific rules explanations/errata

Detailed Rules:
No. 134427 ID: 094652

>Reduced damage from all sources as she gains ranks
Wait, does that mean she deals less damage to herself when she self-harms to heal her teammates or voodoo-gutstab her enemies? Does she increase her magic effectiveness to compensate, or do her abilities weaken in effectiveness as her passive abilities make her near-unkillable? Or does she just grow a larger health pool overall?
No. 134428 ID: b1b4f3

Some info from discord:

The skill choices after missions are available based on events during the mission. Baetriss was able to take Hit the Dirt because she got hit by explosive damage, and obviously using a weapon gives you a related choice for that weapon. The quest author didn't say how the available two choices are picked from the valid ones, but I'm guessing some have priority over others and the frequency of an event/action matters too. If we pass up a skill choice, we have to unlock it again via actions/events in the next mission.

The Android comes with a laser rifle, cannot be healed with a trauma kit, and upon reaching 0 hp she has no chance to die.

Mother of Horrors can eat corpses to become Gravid offscreen (like, when moving between rooms/maps in a mission), but cannot produce minions offscreen, so if we want more than one Horror per fight we'd have to make one during the fight.

Offering's abilities don't work against mechanical units. She is blind but can 'see' without eyes, yet she still needs line of sight to 'see' units, and is affected by darkness (the explanation is the dark power is stronger in darkness and blocks her mystical sight). She has worse aim than other units as well. Her damage reduction power starts out kindof weak, making her squishier than Fucc is with basic armor.

Improved Command Structure can be triggered between rooms to swap a unit with the reserve unit, but only Casualties can be swapped out during a firefight. I am not sure if the Casualty has to leave the room to make the swap, or if we just can't give them orders anymore and the new unit enters the room from the entrance. Obviously it must be the latter if the unit is dead.

Pistols and SMGs are the same weapon class and thus use the same skill advancement and weapon upgrade purchases.

Some types of C.Orgs have Monstrous Body in the Activation pool; I think this could be an unpleasant surprise, but we can also eventually get weapons and armor for them so it won't make them melee-only in the long run. Notably, if a C.Org has Large Frame, they may have access to Improved Monstrous Body. Baetriss has a version of it in her Activation pool that makes her LONGER instead of bigger.
No. 134431 ID: b1b4f3

I have a question! Can equipment be broken by explosive damage? If yes, does that only happen if the unit is gibbed? It looks like the rocket unit from the first room of last mission broke the rocket launcher it was carrying, since it wasn't available in the looting phase.
Can units with special equipment lose their equipment this way? It'd mostly just apply to the Android, I suspect, since that's the only unit that we know of that could survive getting gibbed.
No. 134432 ID: 12b116

She takes less damage from external sources as she ranks up. Her own abilities "ignore most defenses" for her as well, and still deal the same damage to her.

Also don't expect her to ever become "near unkillable" because of it, just significantly less killable than other people who are walking around without armor.

To clarify some things:

>Skill choice
Harder-to-unlock ones are always higher priority.

The android comes with a laser pistol and has some special traits:

She can't be healed with trauma kits (or Offering's magic)
She's immune to a lot of stuff (like poison)
Drugs don't work on her.
If she gets dropped, she always has a 0% chance to die or be injured. She still has the mechanical penalties of getting wounded/casualtied in that she has to spend time getting repaired if she gets busted up, but there's no morale/calm penalty from taking her with half health.
She floats! So, she can do floaty stuff like fall off of stuff or move up onto stuff. I promise there are outdoor maps :v
She's slightly annoying to most roommates.
She can use normal guns and equipment, including armor.

>Offering is blind
It does say she has a penalty to hit with weapons, which is the only mechanical disadvantage to her blindness.

>Improved Command Structure
You can still revive the casualty with a Trauma Kit if they have a trait that lets them do that, so you can temporarily have five people on the map in that instance. But like, you should probably have your about-to-die-person take cover or something.

>equipment destruction
Most of the time, equipment isn't destroyed no matter how a unit is killed. It's mostly relevant for people carrying a lot of explosive ammo who get killed with explosives.

from the thread
>Mother of Horrors has a morale penalty and Offering doesn't!
Expect nearby units to frequently have a calm penalty if you take her on a mission, unless she's just shooting at people.

Mother of Horrors is extremely durable. Her spawn are also hard to hit. On the whole, she is substantially more durable and does significantly more damage than Offering, but can't heal people. Keep in mind that she can also cause enemies to panic.
No. 134443 ID: b1b4f3

>laser pistol
Well now I feel foolish.

Also I guess we managed to loot one rocket launcher from the last fight! The second rocket unit didn't blow up. I'm sure Fucc will be happy about that.
No. 134460 ID: 12b116

>Oh, can we ask HQ for some info?
>What is the average mortality rate for C.Orgs?

It varies wildly by squad. I'd say on average one C.Org per mission, but it's usually several missions with no fatalities and then one where the squad wipes, or half gets murdered or something.

>Is there a way for a C.Org to retire to a noncombat role?
A C.Org that reaches Rank 10 can retire from active duty if they request it and their commander permits it.

>Finally, can we like, do some tests on our C.Orgs to find out some basic stats on them like movement speed, aim, and endurance(health)? Even vague information is better than nothing.

So, every C.Org has the same movement, HP, and aim unless they have a trait that specifically references those things (Animal toughness, for instance, or Leggy.)

They also have a Calm stat based on their Morale that can vary pretty wildly after a single mission.

They gain some Aim, a few HP, and a decent Calm bonus whenever they rank up too.

Is that what you're asking about?
No. 134462 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah that about covers it, thanks.
No. 134467 ID: b1b4f3

The rocket launcher has an associated item for reloading... can we give that item to another unit, for safety's sake? If we give multiple units rocket launchers, can we bring only one set of extra rockets?

Does Hit the Dirt trigger if you misfire a rocket launcher? Do the extra rockets detonate if you take explosive damage, no matter how much explosive damage it was?
No. 134472 ID: 12b116

>The rocket launcher has an associated item for reloading... can we give that item to another unit, for safety's sake?
The associated item is three rockets, although the rocket launcher does start with one in the chamber.
A different unit could carry the three rockets, and either unit could spend an action to reload the launcher. They need to be next to each other to reload it.

>If we give multiple units rocket launchers, can we bring only one set of extra rockets?
You only have one extra rockets item, so you'd need to get a second rocket launcher (or just a second set of rockets) for somebody to equip that item. You could definitely just equip two of the item and not bring two launchers tho.

>Does Hit the Dirt trigger if you misfire a rocket launcher? Do the extra rockets detonate if you take explosive damage, no matter how much explosive damage it was?
Hit the Dirt triggers if the unit takes any explosive damage from any source, so yes. Rockets only detonate if you're Injured or Killed by an explosive.
No. 134473 ID: b1b4f3

Oh neat, so we could have a rocket team for faster rocket launcher use. Probably still safest to aim before firing, but if someone else is reloading we'll be able to fire one per round instead of one every 1.5 rounds with half the rounds giving the enemy a chance to move out of the targeted area. A big improvement.
Does this only work if a different unit is carrying the rockets? As in, if unit A has a rocket launcher and the rockets item, can unit B standing next to them grab rockets out of unit A's inventory to reload the launcher, saving unit A an action?

So we're limited to one rockets item per rocket launcher. That's good to know, but I was asking if we could take less rockets. Like, if we have two rocket launchers in the team, could we only bring one set of rockets?

...hmm, seems like most units would run out of rocket ammo partway through a mission and would then have to scavenge a new weapon. That means Ixander is a good rocket unit, though tbh Baetriss is the best choice since she wouldn't have to worry about running out of ammo at all. I'm thinking we could have her aim, fire the rocket, then next turn reload a rocket and Lookout with sniper rifle. Or alternatively, if we're confident the enemy won't move(or Baetriss needs to use an action for something else like moving), we could aim on one turn, then fire a rocket and Lookout on the second turn, getting a free shot with the rifle as the enemy moves into new cover.
No. 134477 ID: e7c7d3

So were we in charge of the scarred nurse before the quest started, or were there commanders before us?
No. 134478 ID: 0fae41

Can the commandy one spend time with base personnel when he isn't running a mission or dating the squad?
I think it would be neat if we had an option to send someone to help the nurse, like Mary and Lurleen. Some of our C. Orgs have basic medic training. Maybe they'd even get better at it from interning.
No. 134481 ID: 6f62dd

The C.Orgs you have now are the only ones you've ever commanded. There are five other teams in the same area you are, and other areas in the facility.

You'll be able to send people to hang out with her now that she's appeared and been named.
No. 134500 ID: 1a4760

A few questions.

If we bring the 5th person on a mission, do they get experience same as the rest of the team? Does it depend on whether they swapped in during the mission or not?

The people who're not taken to a mission and stay behind to perform on-site duties, do they get any sort of experience by doing so?

I am contemplating on whether, from experience point of view, it's better to bring the 5th person on a mission or to stay behind.
No. 134504 ID: 6f62dd

Right now, only 4 people will typically get experience. The backup has to participate in more than half of the mission to get any XP. Likewise for whichever unit gets switched out (if any.)

So five people could get XP if one of your C.Orgs with Animal Toughness is a casualty early on and you trauma kit them back up and keep them in the mission, along with the backup.
No. 134509 ID: b1b4f3

I just realized this quest is similar to Animal Crossing in a way.

We fill up the houses/bunks with quirky animal characters, that eventually leave/die/retire. If we foster an especially good relationship with one, we get a picture to remember them by.
No. 134512 ID: 1a4760

I can't believe no one considered combining 10 ARs into a single 10x larger AR.
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