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File 160124534337.jpg - (257.04KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom.jpg )
977359 No. 977359 ID: 12b116

You are part of the Secret Extermination Command

You control a squad of Constructed Organisms, each with useful biological powers.

Your job is to monitor and command your squad to exterminate paranatural threats to Gray Lake, an amazing and prosperous city. It is extremely important that the people of Gray Lake aren't aware of the somewhat unfortunately common paranatural threats, and so officially, you don't exist.

Do well, and you will be assigned more C.Orgs, or even be able to commission specific gene combinations, and reap the probably-existent benefits of being part of a secret government organization.

Do poorly, and your squad will be recycled and you'll have to get a real job or something.

This is your first assignment. Your commander has informed you that a local business is a front for evil cultists. As far as HQ is concerned, everyone in the building is a threat.

Your cameras go live as your squad enters the building.
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No. 977364 ID: 12b116
File 160124648369.jpg - (269.60KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom001.jpg )

These are your current squad members:

Wolf Abilities:
Animal Senses-large detection radius
Animal Toughness-Harder to kill than a human

Pistol-Single shot
Trauma Kit-Can be used to revive an ally

Horse Abilities:
Animal Senses-large detection radius
Animal Toughness-Harder to kill than a human

Assault Rifle-Single Shot or Burst Fire
Grenade-Explodes in a large radius

Fennec Abilities:
Animal Senses-large detection radius
Animal Toughness-Harder to kill than a human

Shotgun-High damage, short range. Single shot.
Breaching Charge-Can destroy a door or section of wall

Bird Abilities:
Powerful Beak-Can force open doors or containers
Bird-Sometimes gets an extra action. Sometimes doesn't follow commands.

Each of your characters can take two of the following actions, or one of the following actions twice:

Burst fire(if the weapon allows for it)
-deal damage and give enemies in the area a penalty to attack
Aim-If the other action is an attack, it has a higher chance to hit
Reload Weapon
Use item

Closeup Attack-use knife to attack an adjacent enemy. Usually only done when out of ammo.
No. 977366 ID: df76b1

2 with rifles move behind those pillars and burst the far door.
2 others move behind that table, shotgun the computer geek, and aim at the elevator
No. 977367 ID: f56a2b

Yiann, burst fire the tango in the door then burst fire the tango behind the desk.

Fucc, take cover behind the right pillar, single shot at tango behind door.

Kayree, Eilie, double move up to the right side of the desk.
No. 977369 ID: 0fae41

K: Move to table cover, shoot door gunner.
Y: Move to right pillar cover, burst fire door gunner.
F: Move to left pillar cover, shoot receptionist. I take it this isn't the type of outfit to leave witnesses, hostile or not.
E: Move towards open door to cover, twice if needed. Watch that left door!
No. 977371 ID: d909cb

Useful biological powers huh? So which one can cum on demand?

Oh, everyone gets Animal Senses except the bird. I guess birds don't count as animals :pensive:

Everyone open fire first and then move behind the pillars.
Kayree and Yiann shoot the guy in the back, Eilie and Fucc shoot the one behind the desk.
Kayree and Yiann then move behind the left pillar while Eilie and Fucc move behind the right pillar.
No. 977378 ID: b1b4f3

Alright we've got enemies on the left side of the room. That means the right side of the right pillar is good cover, as well as behind each pillar.

Yiann should move behind the left pillar and burst fire at the cultist with the gun.
Kayree should move to the side of the right pillar and shoot at the receptionist.
Ellie should take cover behind the table/chairs on the right and shoot at the receptionist as well.
Fucc should move behind the right pillar and regular shoot at the cultist with the gun.
No. 977379 ID: 094652

Please tell me Fucc has equipment...

There is an armed guard, but mission context and the alignment of the receptionist are currently unknown. Expend your initiative with diplomacy, request to know what is going on here and why that guy is armed with what looks like a grenade launcher.

... Right, you'd better select heavy cover.

Round 1:
Fucc: Dash straight to the receptionist and take her hostage - or just fly up on top of onee of the other C.Orgs and double up on cover.
Eilie: Take cover behind a pillar, hunker down
Kayree: Take cover behind a pillar, hunker down
Yiann: go to the table and flip it over, hunker down if you have further actions.
No. 977388 ID: 12b116
File 160125560994.jpg - (745.51KB , 2000x1500 , Sexcom002a.jpg )

Fucc moves up behind the left column and burst fires at the enemy peering through the door.

He hits.

The enemy behind the left bathroom door is shaken by the burst fire and has a penalty to hit.

Fucc is as silent as the grave, his expression is unreadable.

Yiann moves up behind the right column and burst fires at the enemy peering through the door. The enemy is riddled with bullets.

The receptionist is shaken by the burst fire and has a penalty to hit.

Yiann says "Holy shit I just shot somebody!"

Eilie moves behind the conference table and opens fire at the receptionist.
She misses.

Eilie shouts "Motherfucker!"

Kayree moves behind the table and takes a shot at the receptionist.

She hits.

She says "It'll be OK. We got this," to Eilie.
No. 977390 ID: 12b116
File 160125600460.jpg - (748.51KB , 2000x1500 , Sexcom002b.jpg )

The cultist in the door slumps to the floor in a pool of blood.

The receptionist takes a shot with her SMG at Kayree but misses. She ducks behind the desk

An armored cultist bursts through the left bathroom door. He opens fire with his SMG at Yiann.

He hits. Yiann grunts in pain and takes a penalty to hit from the burst fire.

The following new actions can be taken, in addition to the previous actions:

Interact-Knock over a table, grab something off the floor, throw a chair at somebody. Anything like that. Has a chance to fail or use two actions.

Hunker down/Stand up-Hunkering down increases the effectiveness of cover and makes the user harder to hit, but drastically reduces movement. The user must stand up before they can move normally.

Lookout-The user will fire with a penalty if an enemy moves into range. If the user is given a specific area to lookout for, they will attack only enemies that move into that area, but won't have a penalty.
No. 977393 ID: 0fae41

K: Shoot twice, receptionist first. Pop pop.
Y: Burst fire and shoot the armored cultist.
F: Aim and shoot the receptionist.
E: Shoot armored cultist, he's wide open. Move to the side of the pillar.
No. 977395 ID: f56a2b

Eilie, move up to the right side of the desk. Overwatch in general, ignore the armored figure.

Everyone else, double tap the armored figure.
No. 977397 ID: b1b4f3

Fucc is flanking the bathroom cultist and can double shoot to take him out.
Ellie should rush the receptionist and blast her at short range.
The other two can mop up.
No. 977399 ID: 094652

Yiann, suppressing fire on the armored cultist!
Fucc, throw a grenade at the armored cultist!
Eilie, interact with the chair and try to kick it into the cultist, or interact with the table and knock it up to turn half-cover into full cover, then fire at the receptionist!
Kayree, flank to the right of the table and fire at the receptionist!
No. 977400 ID: 12b116
File 160125936921.jpg - (264.29KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom003a.jpg )

Kayree shoots twice at the receptionist. She hits both times and the receptionist is riddled with bullets.

She closes her eyes and breathes slowly, trying to calm herself.

Yiann shoots twice at the armored cultist. He hits both times.

He grimaces in pain, intimately aware of his own wounds.

Fucc fires twice at the armored cultist. He hits both times. The armored cultist is riddled with bullets.

Fucc gets an extra action and spends it reloading his rifle.

Eilie runs up behind the reception desk. She's On the Lookout.
No. 977401 ID: 12b116
File 160125940433.jpg - (731.57KB , 2000x1500 , Sexcom003b.jpg )

The receptionist slumps to the floor in a pool of blood.

The armored cultist slumps to the floor in a pool of blood.

Eilie hears an enemy approaching from the top left door. Her senses tell her there is more than one creature through there.

She says "Fuck" under her breath.

Kaylee hears an enemy approaching from the right bathroom. Her senses tell her that there are two enemies inside.

She remains calm.
No. 977402 ID: 0fae41

K: Hunker down, be on the lookout.
Y: Lookout on right door, get ready to grenade when it opens.
F: Grenade out, top left door. Move back behind the pillar!
E: Behind the desk. Hunker down.
No. 977403 ID: 094652

Eilie, get into the receptionist's desk and overwatch on the left door.
Yiann and Kayree, interact with the table and shove it directly into the right door, then shove a grenade behind it while the cultists are confused.
Fucc, overwatch the left door.
No. 977411 ID: b1b4f3

Ellie's about to get flanked, she needs to get where the receptionist was so there's cover on both sides. She should go on the Lookout, prioritizing the top left door.
Kayree should push over the table to make it into better cover, then go on the Lookout, aiming towards the right.
Yiann should reload and Lookout, aiming towards the right side.
Fucc should toss a grenade at the left door and Lookout as well, aiming towards the right door.

Yep, overwatch spam. That's how XCOM goes sometimes.
No. 977439 ID: 4286b4

Grenade left door, cover right door, eilie hide behind desk.
No. 977441 ID: 12b116
File 160129303260.jpg - (772.75KB , 2000x1500 , Sexcom004a.jpg )

Fucc tosses his grenade through the left door!

He cackles with glee! Fucc loves this action and becomes excited! He is more accurate and does more damage!

He goes on Lookout toward the right door.

Yiann reloads and goes on Lookout toward the left door.

He says "Are you OK?" to Fucc, but Fucc only giggles to himself.

Eilie jumps across the counter and goes on the lookout toward the left door. She is at an optimal range for her weapon.

She doesn't say anything, intently focused on the left door.

Kayree uses her animal strength to flip over the big table and takes up position behind it. She goes on the lookout toward the left door.

She takes a deep, steadying breath.
No. 977442 ID: 12b116
File 160129316215.jpg - (296.56KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom004b.jpg )

A wounded cultist enters through the left door and Eilie fires! The cultist is sawn in half!

Eilie becomes excited! She deals more damage and is more accurate.

She cackles gleefully as blood seeps from the bisected corpse.

A second wounded cultist hunkers down behind the door. Yiann shoots but misses. He says "Shit!"

That cultist opens fire with his SMG, hitting Eilie. She doesn't seem to notice as the adrenaline courses through her veins.

A cultist comes in through the right door.
Fucc and Kayree open fire and he's riddled with bullets, slumping to the floor.

A second cultist runs through the door and takes up position behind the upturned table. He burst fires at Kayree and hits. She has a penalty to hit due to the burst fire.

Eilie and Kayree hear low chanting coming from the right upper door, which has a keypad next to it and is probably locked.
No. 977443 ID: 4286b4

Finish off these two cultists, then cover the top right door. Eilie might want to move back because it's not safe.
No. 977457 ID: 2608c4

Ellie, get a breaching charge on that door! Kayree, finish off the table cultist with close quarters attacks. The rest of you, finish off that cultist and prepare to breach.
No. 977461 ID: b1b4f3

Kayree: shoot the cultist then reload.
Yiann: shoot the cultist then move to behind the table.
Fucc: shoot the cultist then move to where Yiann was.
Ellie: breaching charge on the door, then Lookout to open fire on anyone behind it.
No. 977474 ID: 19da02
File 160132641881.jpg - (304.55KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom005a.jpg )

Eilie moves to the door and sets the breaching charge. It will detonate in two turns (at the beginning of the next player turn)

Her hot blood is still boiling!

Kayree fires at the cultist, wounding him, and then reloads.

"That chanting is giving me the willies," she says.

Yiann moves to the table and fires at the cultist. The cultist is riddled with bullets.

"How about this, fuckhead," Yiann says to the cultist.

Fucc calms down. He moves to the left column and fires at the cultist behind the door.

He misses.

Fucc screams incoherently.
No. 977475 ID: 19da02
File 160132645650.jpg - (331.93KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom005b.jpg )

The breaching charge will detonate in one turn.

The chanting culminates in a horrifying crescendo!


The armored cultist rises from the dead!

The receptionist rises from the dead!

The rightmost cultist rises from the dead!

The gibbed and bisected cultists cannot be raised from the dead.

The living cultist moves behind the reception desk and opens fire on Fucc, hitting him. The burst fire gives him a penalty to hit.

Fucc is seriously wounded. He screams louder as his beady eyes fill with hate. He shrugs off the horror of the situation.

Yiann is shaken by this turn of events! He has a penalty to hit and may panic.

Kayree maintains her composure.
She can spend an action to try and calm Yiann.

Eilie is still ecstatic and shrugs off the horror.
No. 977479 ID: f56a2b

Kayree, get Yiann back in the game and shoot the nearby cultist.

Yiann, hunker down, overwatch with grenade focusing on the door about to be breached.

Eilie, shift out of the way of the door, shoot the living cultist twice.

Fucc, hunker down, unload on the undead cultist.
No. 977482 ID: d909cb

>He moves to the left column and fires
You mean, the other left.

Grenade the reception desk, Eilie get out of there. The rest shoot, well, Yiann can do something calming like smashing nearby chair into the rightmost cultist.
No. 977483 ID: b1b4f3

Kayree calm Yiann, throw chair at nearby undead cultist(I don't think a pistol is going to drop it).
Yiann hunker down and shoot the armored undead.
Ellie shotgun the two undead behind the desk.
Fucc hunker down and burst fire the armored undead.
No. 977505 ID: 12b116
File 160134236051.jpg - (339.55KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom006a.jpg )

The breaching charge detonates! The door is blown to pieces, revealing the chamber inside!

Fucchunkers down and burst fires at the armored cultist!

He hits.


Fucc burst fires at the armored cultist again!

He hits!

He has one bullet left.

Fucc grimaces, his hatred apparent.

Kayree calms Yiann. She loves this action and is filled with righteous fury as she assists her ally! She deals more damage and has improved accuracy! She kicks the chair at the nearby cultist.

"We can do this!" she says.

Yiann hunkers down and tosses a grenade behind the reception desk!

The living cultist is blown to pieces! The receptionist is blown to pieces!

"We can do this!" he repeats!

Eilie shifts to the side and fires her shotgun at the chaired cultist! It's riddled with bullets!

"Fuck you!" she shouts.
No. 977506 ID: 12b116
File 160134242559.jpg - (346.13KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom006b.jpg )

The armored cultist staggers toward Fucc.

The lesser corporate sorcerer makes the Sign of the Evil Eye at Kayree, but her adrenaline is pumping and she shrugs off the effect.

The greater corporate sorcerer makes the Sign of Esotericism! The Lesser Demon obeys his command!

The Lesser Demon moves into the office and attacks Eilie! She's wounded by its vicious fangs!

Eilie is seriously injured, but maintains her composure.

She says "Chew on my shotgun, fucker!"
No. 977507 ID: f56a2b

Kayree: double tap to the sorcerer controlling the demon.
Eilie: both barrels for that demon.
Yiann: double tap to the corner necromancer if you have LOS. otherwise, double tap to the armored cultist.
Fucc: Rip that zombie's head off with your beak.
No. 977508 ID: 0fae41

K: Move to Eilie and CQC that demon.
Y: Finish off chaired cultist, burst fire summoner.
F: Shoot zombie and move back, you're injured.
E: Unload that shotgun!
No. 977509 ID: b1b4f3

Ellie blast that sumbitch with two shotgun blasts.
Hmm, I wonder what action Yiann likes? Haven't tried to Aim with him, so how about he Aims then fires at the cultists in the back.
Ellie take two shots at the cultists back there.
Fucc should shoot the zombie and then Lookout with his knife, because it's going to be able to get within range next turn.
No. 977512 ID: 3a7feb

Kayree and Yian: Shoot at sorcerers if you can, otherwise shoot demon.
Eilie: Shoot demon
Fucc: Shoot armored cultist, preferably in the legs
No. 977514 ID: 12b116
File 160134766874.jpg - (337.81KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom007a.jpg )

Eilie unloads both barrels into the demon's mouth!

She hits twice!

The demon is blown apart! Eilie is Excited! She gains a bonus to damage and accuracy! She cackles in glee!

Fucc fires the last bullet in the magazine and misses.

He prepares to CQC the armored cultist when it gets up to him.

He says, "peep peep motherfucker ... "

Yiann aims at the lesser corporate sorcerer and hits!

He says "Give up now if you don't want to die!"

Kayree fires twice at the greater corporate sorcerer!

She hits twice! The sorcerer is riddled with bullets!

"I told you we got this," she says.
No. 977515 ID: 12b116
File 160134771481.jpg - (338.17KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom007b.jpg )

The armored cultist approaches Fucc, who stabs him repeatedly with his knife, thankfully taking him out before the cultist murders him.

The greater corproate sorcerer slumps to the ground.

The lesser corporate sorcerer surrenders!
No. 977517 ID: 12b116
File 160134787197.jpg - (349.33KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom007end.jpg )

You managed not to fuck up the tutorial mission! Good work!

You've been awarded three Gene Points. You can spend gene points in the following ways:

Recruit a random C.Org: 1 point

You'll add a random Rank 0 C.Org to your barracks.

Activate a C.Org: 1 point

One of your C.Orgs will gain a random ability based on their animal type.

Commission a C.Org: 3 points

Choose a specific C.Org with specific traits. It will arrive after the next mission.

Your C.Orgs also improved! Pick an ability for each one:

Kayree improved from Rank 0 to Rank 1!
She can learn one of the following skills:
Presence - Kayree can calm an ally that she can see instead of allies that are adjacent to her. An adjacent ally is automatically calmed with no chance of failure.
Healer - A trauma kit has three uses instead of one.

Yiann improved from Rank 0 to Rank 1!
He can learn one of the following skills:
Steady - Additional damage when aiming.
Walking fire - When he misses, his next shot has improved accuracy.

Eilie improved from Rank 0 to Rank 1!
She can learn one of the following skills:
Headlong Charge - When taking enemy Lookout fire, enemies have a large penalty to hit.
Shotgun Surgeon - Deal extra damage from point blank shots with a weapon.

Fucc improved from Rank 0 to Rank 1!
He can learn one of the following skills:
CQC specialist - deal extra damage with CQC attacks.
Walking fire - When he misses, his next shot has improved accuracy.

Please choose how to spend your Gene Points and select skills for each of your C.Orgs.

Eilie and Fucc are both wounded. Although you can take them on your next mission, they will have lowered morale and will start the mission with reduced health.
No. 977518 ID: f56a2b

Lets activate Kayree and improve her leadership capabilities, and get two fresh new recruits to let our wounded rest.
No. 977519 ID: df76b1

Shotgun Surgeon

Let's spend all 3 to commission a Bear-type. Starting skills would be Hardness/Damage reduction and Improved burst fire. This would be our heavy gunner.
No. 977520 ID: f56a2b

duhh, Presence for Kayree, Steady for Yiann, Headlong Charge for Eilie, and Walking Fire for Fucc.

Activate Kayree for an animal ability, i meant.
No. 977521 ID: b1b4f3

(apparently Yiann likes moving objects around)
I'm guessing healing a wounded unit with the medkit wouldn't prevent them from getting a wounded penalty after the mission?
Kayree: Healer obviously
Yiann: Steady since that should work better overall
Ellie: Headlong Charge so we have someone to tank overwatch
Fucc: Walking Fire (because putting the squishest team member into CQC range isn't a good idea)

Hire 2 rank 0 troops to fill in.
Activate Yiann. Maybe we can get something out of his horse-ness.
No. 977522 ID: 0fae41

Buy 3 new rookies! Plan ahead. Do all wounds take one mission to recover from?
-Walking Fire. Shoot more and you could double your damage, instead of whatever percentile boost Steady is.
-Headlong Charge. Lightning reflexes!
-Walking Fire again.
No. 977523 ID: 6f7a5a

buying 3 new recruits seems like a good idea
No. 977527 ID: 1b6308

Get two new recruits, activate Yiann, I want a superior rifleman. And the Steady skill for her I think.

Healer for Kayree, Shotgun Surgeon for Eilie, CQC for Fucc.
No. 977529 ID: 094652

+2 Recruits

Kayree: Healer +1 Animal Trait
Yiann: Steady
Eilie: Headlong Charge
Fucc: CQC Specialist
No. 977549 ID: 3a7feb

No. 977552 ID: 4286b4

Commission a C.Org:
Traits: Large chest... and Psi powers.
No. 977554 ID: ea2089

Buy three new recruits, pick the best two for the next mission. Steady is underrated, shotgun surgeon is good for what we plan on doing anyway. Walking fire and ranged calming for the other two.
No. 977561 ID: 864e49

Activate Kayree,Yiann and Eilie.

Eilie->Headlong Charge
Fucc->Walking fire
No. 977563 ID: 745eba

I say activate Kayree and get two new c.orgs

And as for abilities

Kayree gets presence, Yiann steady, Eilie headlong charge, and Fucc walking fire
No. 977568 ID: 6fdd3d

Much as I'd like to start designing C.orgs right off the bat, more bodies is usually better in the early game. Spend all three points on new recruits.

Kayree gets healer
Yian gets steady
Eilie gets Headlong Charge
Fucc learns the basics of CQC.
No. 977570 ID: 12b116
File 160143067567.jpg - (470.98KB , 1000x750 , SexcomB.jpg )

You opt to recruit two random recruits and Activate an ability for Kayree

Kayree gains
Advanced Animal Instincts - Spend an action to determine the number and type with specificity of any nearby detected enemies. Has a chance to detect hidden enemies.
She learned
Healer - Trauma Packs have three uses instead of one.

Yiann learns
Steady Aiming gives a damage bonus to a subsequent shot.

Eilie learns
Headlong Charge - When taking enemy Lookout fire, enemies have a large penalty to hit.

Fucc learns
Walking Fire - when he misses with a firearm, his next shot has improved accuracy.

You have recruited
Thresher Shork Abilities:
Animal Toughness - Harder to kill than a human
Waterborn - Gains bonus movement in water. Can't drown.

Shotgun - A high damage firearm with a short range. Single action.
Breaching Charge - Can destroy a door or section of wall.


Coyote Abilities:
Animal Senses - Larger detection radius
Animal Toughness - Harder to kill than a human

Sniper Rifle - A long-range, high damage weapon that takes two actions to fire.
Night Vision Scope - Improved accuracy and low light vision


You return to base! You have been assigned barracks 401-405. Each room can fit two C.Orgs. C.Orgs places together will get to know one another and may become closer, so think about who you want to room together. There are mechanical advantages if two of your C.Orgs begin a relationship with one another. Before the mission, you'll get a report on how they're getting along with one another, and you can decide to change the living arrangement afterward if something isn't working out.

You can also give a C.Org their own room. If you do, you can have them spend time with either Lurleen Gray, the requisitions officer, or Mary Kil, the C.Org Gene Scientist.

Requisitions give you equipment, and Gene Science is where you spend Gene Points.

If the C.Org you send is compatible with either Mary or Lurleen, you can get free equipment or reduced cost/bonus Gene Points to spend.

You can only have one C.Org spend time with each of them, and those C.Orgs must have a room to themselves, with no roomate.

You have also been taught that having a close connection with your C.Orgs improves their morale and may even unlock new abilities or skills.

You are required to choose one C.Org to spend time with before your next mission. You will have an opportunity to get to know them better, and perhaps some feelings will blossom between you. The C.Org you spend time with doesn't have to have a room to themselves.

You can choose to be installed in a human male or human female body to spend time with the C.Org of your choice. The body has to be human so it's apparent to everyone that you aren't a C.Org, but you can freely change which body you use between missions.



Which C.Orgs room together?

Do you have any C.Orgs spend time with Lurleen or Mary? If so which ones? They must have a room to themselves to do this.

Which C.Org do you spend time with? Do you spend time with them as a man or a woman? It's better to spend time with a C.Org that has been on a mission with you rather than a rookie.
No. 977573 ID: 0fae41

Pair up Fucc and Kayree. Maybe he'll find that he's been missing a K in his life.
Ixander and Eilie in the doghaus.
Rockit can spend time with Lurleen. No way she'll be able to resist those puppy eyes.
That leaves Yiann to spend time with Mary.
Date(m) with Eilie!
No. 977574 ID: f56a2b

Eilie and Fucc seem like they both have a destructive streak, so lets have them room together. At the least, they'd not be unsettled by each others sadism and in ideal circumstances, they'd bond over it.

Lets get to know Kayree. We're the commander, but she's held the element together in the field.

Yiann, get to know Lurleen.

Kayree, see what's up with Mary.
No. 977575 ID: 6f7a5a

Date Fucc in a lady body, he needs special care.

Pair Yiann and Kayree they had moral support going on during the battle
Pair Eilie with Mary-Kil yappy dogs make good friends
Pair Rockit with Lurleen cutest with cutest

Ixander can be alone this time
No. 977576 ID: b1b4f3

I agree with this, except
Kayree with Ixander
and Rockit with Mary.

Also let's say hello to Kayree as male.
No. 977578 ID: 26a933

Yiann with Kayree.
Have the noobs bunk together as well.
Go congratulate Eilie on her taking point on the mission.
Fucc can go bother Ms Grey about getting a rifle that shoots straight.
No. 977579 ID: 26a933

Oh, and visit Eilie as a dude.
No. 977581 ID: 745eba

Time to date Fucc!

And be a woman when we do
No. 977582 ID: dd3266

Date fucc but as a guy, time for some physical care.
No. 977592 ID: a38353

Spend time with Fucc as a guy.
No. 977603 ID: 094652

>New Recruits
Yay, snipers are OP in a balanced team
Faster swimming is more of a niche; she cannot shoot that gun beneath liquid or the shockwave might rupture her organs.

Kayree with Mary Kil
Fucc with Lurleen Gray
Commander (Intersex) with Rockit
And whoever with whoever
No. 977611 ID: 4286b4

Ixander with Kayree, Rockit with Fucc, Yiann with Laureen, Eilie with Mary, You(male) with Eilie (or Kayree).

Hmm, some votestuffing going on?
No. 977612 ID: df76b1

Yiann and Ellie would make a cute match.
Rockit and Fucc
Exander and Lurleen

Leaving us to spend some time with Kaylee
No. 977622 ID: 894419

This, also go hang out with horrible bird cause I like the cut of their gib.
No. 977624 ID: 9b8547

Pair Fucc with Lurleen, Kayree with Yiann, Ixander with Rocket, and Eilie with Mary. Date Eilie now because you may not get a second chance with her specialty. Male.
No. 977629 ID: 0e1d65

Fucc should room together Ixander because they both look gay
Yiann room with Rockit
Eilie by herself and spend time with Mary Kil
Kayrie by herself and spend time with Lurleen Gray
Date with Eilie
No. 977630 ID: efab48

Plays more like Syndicate than XCOM, but me likey.
As much as we'd like to discipline the bird (yes, it'd be nice to have decrease our chances of him flaking out on a mission)...
past experience tells me we should spend time with our support and likely field medic. And hope she likes men.
Also, this quest needs a wiki soon. It's only going to get more annoying to look up their skills.
No. 977723 ID: 12b116
File 160160094492.jpg - (535.79KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom008.jpg )

List of your C.Orgs

List of your equipment

You have determined the room assignments and they are as follows:

Kayree and Yiann are sharing room 1

Eilie has room 2 to herself and is spending time with Mary Kil

Fucc has room 3 to himself and is spending time with Lurleen Gray

Ixander and Rockit are sharing room 4

So far so good!

You've opted to use your male body and spend some time with Eilie.

You see her waiting for you in the courtyard. She's a petite creature, standing about 5'4" tall. She seems to have dressed up for you, but her posture is relaxed.

She seems to perk up a bit when she spots you though, and waves you over while she takes a drag from her cigarette.
"I'm still kinda fucked up, physically, from the mission," she says, blowing a thin line of smoke from her black lips.

"But, hey, I think you did a pretty banger job. Don't worry about puttin' me in harm's way. I'm good." She cuts her eyes for a second before she looks back to you.

"Hey, before we get started, I gotta call you somethin'. It sounds weird if I say 'Commander,' but I'll go along with whatever you want. And I'm curious where you wanna take me."

Her expression is fairly neutral although there's definitely a glint of curiosity in her eyes.

How do you want her to refer to you? It could either be a name you give her, or something like 'boss,' although if she thinks what you pick is stupid, it'll affect her opinion of you. If she thinks it's cool, she'll like you more. A proper name won't affect her opinion.

Where do you want to go? These facilities are all provided free of charge for you and your C.Orgs.

A) Ice Creams parlor - A small place with booths. Fairly quiet and intimate

B) Skating Rink - Sit and watch or skate around

C) Arcade - Loud and busy, full of games

D) Dinner Restaurant - Fancy food, formal atmosphere

E) Your room - Hang out and watch movies, or ...

F) Pool - There's the big pool, and the hot tubs. Unfortunately, the pool is currently closed. Somebody peed in the changing room.

G) Race track - Loud and busy! Watch the cars go 'vroom!'

H) Spa - Spend some time getting a massage and a mani/pedi
Unfortunately, the spa is currently closed. Somebody peed in the changing room.

I) Bar - Eat bar food! Loud and casual. Dance! Booze!

J) Art Show - Relaxed and quiet. Check out the paintings and sculptures

K) Sport complex - Watch people or play basketball, volleyball, or fence.

L) Theatre - Watch a stage play.

M) Arts and Crafts - do some pottery or make a painting together

N) Strip Club - Boys, girls, or both!

O) Costume Party - Get drunk and wear stupid outfits There's not currently a costume party.

P) The Other Bar - This one has live music and pool. A lot smaller and less busy than the previous bar.

Q) Festival - Play games and watch the fireworks! There's not currently a festival going on.

You also need to chitchat with her on the way there. What do you ask her/talk about?
No. 977725 ID: 0fae41

Call us Tin Man, it can be shortened to Tina when we're in a female body. It's because we might be just a brain in a jar and a voice over the radio, but beyond that we're a still a big softie. Also, we require regular lubrication. That was a joke. Now, let's go to G.
Thanks for the vote of confidence, we- if you can trust us when sending you into a dangerous situation it helps make the quick reactions that get you back out of them.
We can also talk about stuff that isn't work. What's it like in the mind of a C. Org? Do they give you implanted memories to acclimate faster?
No. 977727 ID: b1b4f3

Coomer is like commander, right
Well, you could be called Tactical Command, so how about "TC" for a nickname?
>where to go?
Well she likes blood and gore, what do we have along those lines?
C, arcade (if there's bloody games, which there usually are)
E, your room (we can put on a gory horror movie)
J, art show (if there's appropriate art)
M, make the blood and gore yourselves!
If we're only allowed to vote for one, I guess that would be M.

>somebody peed in the changing room
Ask if she knows who did it. Kayree would know for sure since she has the best senses, though.
We could also just find out what species of urine it is; animal pee smells pretty different from species to species so a chemical analysis would work.

>what to talk about
What was her training like? What's her impression of the other squaddies?
No. 977728 ID: df76b1

Call us Dorian. It is technically gender neutral.
(It's also a stealthy literary reference to our city, and our occupation. Officially, we're not even here)

Let's take her to a bar. Tell her you've heard good things about I AND P, and then let her pick. Either way, she just told us something about herself!

(Mental Note.We need to find out who's pissing in our facilities)
No. 977741 ID: 094652

>Name your Commander

That is my name. Once again, my name is HI-MY-NAME-"

Or some other long name that has to be hyphenated to prevent string breaking.
No. 977742 ID: ee3ffb

She's injured, so something quiet like the ice cream parlor might do her good. Nicknames are something best earned, so let's wait a bit in naming ourselves.
Chat about dumb stuff.
No. 977750 ID: 4286b4

>It sounds weird if I say 'Commander,'
It definitely sounds weird considering there exists another commander:
> >>977359 >Your commander has informed you

Being her senior, she should refer to you as Senpai.

You should take her to lunch, or dinner, depending on the time. So a restaurant.

You can ask her about why she joined the organization, and what are her goals. Does she have any family, or hobbies. And you can also tell her a bit about yourself, and what you've been doing in this place, how many female C.Orgs you've layed, etc.
No. 977764 ID: f56a2b

No. 977766 ID: 54ce8b
File 160165991993.jpg - (568.67KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom009.jpg )

You tell her to call you "Senpai." Her expression really seems to say it all.

>Eilie's opinion of you has worsened.

You decide that because she's injured, you probably shouldn't do something to strenuous. A restaurant sounds good. You think the Ice Creams Shop is most appropriate.

>Eilie's opinion of you has improved. She is happy that you took her injury into consideration.

"Hey, I like this place. I have a poodle skirt that I can wear if you take me here again," She says.

You ask about her mind.

"Well, 'Sempai.'" The sarcasm dripping from her voice is so thick you could cut it. "It's more like we learn stuff and grow up pretty quick. But really, most of us have been around the facility for a while, doin' stuff. Yiann's the only one that's fresh out the tube."

"Othern' that, I guess I think like a person? Except when you're in the command center sending us orders. Then it's more like being on autopilot."

You tell her that somebody's been peeing in changing rooms and if she knows who did it. You tell her that you might ask Kayree to figure it out with her improved senses.

"I was about to say," Eilie says happily, "I bet Kayree could figure that out."

>Eilie's opinion of you has improved. She appreciates that you're thinking about your C.Org's strengths and abilities.

You ask her what her training was like and what she thinks about the other squaddies.

"Just a bunch of basic stuff. When we're little we pick stuff up real fast, but we all get the same training." She takes a slow drag on her cigarette.

"Trainer noticed I liked getting up close and was good with a shotgun." She shrugs.

You ask about the other squaddies.

"Kayree is a motherly type, but she doesn't get shook easy. I think her being with Yiann is a good choice. He's kinda squirrelly. Real green."

She pauses for a bit.

"Fucc is a bird, so, you know, totally unreliable. Like to cause trouble. I guess that's specieist or whatever, but every bird I met is like that to some degree or another, and parrots are usually the absolute worst."

"Don't really have a good read on the rookies, to be honest. I think puttin' 'em together was probably a good call."

"I appreciate you lettin' me spend time with Mary Kil. We get along good an' she's always so upbeat and shit you just can't help but be happy around her."

>Eilie thinks you made good choices when it comes to roommates.

You spend some time just shooting the breeze. Eilie seems to like spending time with you.

You think about asking about her family or why she joined, but are aware that she is an organic construct produced in the facility, so those questions wouldn't make sense. They really aren't different mentally from humans, though, so it can be easy to forget they were grown in tubes. You decide not to talk about your nonexistant sexual exploits.

After you've been chatting for a while, Eilie asks you what you're gonna order.

"You can just get whatever for me too. I'm not picky."

What do you order for yourself and Eilie?

They have rootbeer floats, sundaes, hamburgers with fries, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate malts and shakes, bowls of ice cream with various fixings, chicken tenders, a big bowl of ice cream for two, and a big shake for two.

Be sure and keep the conversation going.
What else do you ask her about/talk about?
No. 977771 ID: 6f7a5a

Chicken Tendies

compliment her hair
No. 977774 ID: b1b4f3

Ice cream for two is a suitable level of intimacy, I think. Sharing without having to put your faces up against eachother.

Ask her what it is about getting up close that gets her excited.

Consider changing your nickname. Seriously, sempai? What were you thinking?
No. 977775 ID: bcda15

Chicken tenders for both of you, then strawberry malt for her, and a root beer float for you
No. 977776 ID: df76b1

Chicken tendies w fries, Shake for two.

We were kidding about the Senpai thing, anyway.
No. 977777 ID: ab7bcf

Tenders, a burg and ice cream for two.
So, why close range? Do you run fast, or prefer not to miss?
She’s got the biggest, fluffiest ears of the squad. That mean she hears the most gossip?
No. 977778 ID: d909cb

>The sarcasm dripping from her voice
lmao, she shouldn't know what that word means!

>an organic construct produced in the facility
Oh, I thought that being constructed simply meant that they were gene-spliced, but otherwise born and raised normally - not in this facility at least. It takes a while for a person to learn how to act like an adult. And to pick up bad habits like smoking...

>your nonexistant sexual exploits
Then tell her that you've never casually been out with a girl before, and before she asks, yes, you're a virgin, no, you can't really explain it to her why you decided to do it this time. I guess you felt a responsibility as the team leader or something like that.

You've already eaten ice cream, so another dessert doesn't fit. Chicken tenders it is. And rootbeer float, if she's smoking, then she's probably also drinking.

You can ask her, >>977774, yeah, why she likes getting up close. Heh. And how does she know that word. Does she have any hobbies? And I suppose you can throw in a compliment here or there, like that you like her hair, her eye color, etc.
No. 977780 ID: f56a2b

Two drinks and a shared basket of chicken tenders sounds good. Ask after what she likes about getting up close, and if there's anything she takes especially badly in the field.
No. 977787 ID: efab48

Quick play off your nickname as a joke before she spreads it around the office. I am sure you can think of a better one later.
Although... an embarrassing callsign would make your authority over them more comfortable...

>What else do you ask her about/talk about?
What was it like growing up here?
How are new C.Orgs made/designed anyway if not traditionally? You could ask Dr. Kil later, if she gets uncomfortable.
Does she have plans or dreams for retirement? Not that kind of "retirement". Like discharge from active duty, some kind of life for herself after this.
No. 977801 ID: b1b4f3

Well if we're abandoning "Sempai" we need a new nickname.
No. 977810 ID: f4b9e0

Big shake for 2, might as well share something. Fries on the side as well.

She mentioned that she had a specific dress that she would use for this place if we came again, ask her if she likes buying dresses and the like.
No. 977812 ID: 094652

Ice cream for you, chicken tenders to share, let her decide up to three items on the menu.

Ask her about what the surviving C.Orgs plan to do after the war. Their existence as expendable grunts for the meat grinder is a given, but you find that corruption dissolves duty if any sentient being is treated as disposable. You expect some will die and some will live, so if they have any fragments of collective legacies that could be fulfilled by any of them, they should probably collaborate on that now before the bodies hit the floor. Yes, that includes Fucc; you're not going to penalize bad behavior, but if she leaves him to die without a direct order, you're going to have a problem.

As for your lifelong ambitions, you're looking into designing a self-sustaining mega-city that will, after further centuries of human stupidity, link up with every other mega-city through a series of international highways and determine the path that humanity takes from there. But for now, you're looking into how to design buildings that handle being periodically breached and how to optimally assign security for such buildings.
No. 977814 ID: 894419

Dear lord, "sempai" really? Play that off as joke, tell her just to call you Christopher, or whatever short hand of that she prefers. Ask her about what she does with her time when she's not training and not on assignment. We play chess ourselves but only casually. Never had the free time to go competitive with it.
No. 977816 ID: 017cf6

Tell her that Senpai was a joke, and you just wanted to see whether she’d actually call you that. Say she can call you Tin Man, or just Tin: cause you’re made of steel and born heartless. Heavy sarcasm on that last bit. Ask her for her opinions on the standard-issue Sexcom gear.

As for the order: the real big milk shake for you two to split, and a burger for each of you.
No. 977817 ID: d909cb

What's interesting is how the word is written Senpai, but pronounced Sempai, so technically her version is the correct one as transliterated in English.

Sempai is fine. Actually this is a 300 IQ play, you'll see :x Because an embarrassing nickname is a great ice breaker, it brings us down to their level, plus there's other fun stuff that it will lead to. As long as we make it look like we're embarrassed by it.
No. 977818 ID: cccb26

Just order one of everything and find out what's the best, it's not like cost is an option.
No. 977826 ID: 094652

Nutritional intake is a problem; don't force your C.Orgs to develop excessive addictions.

And you can't push the budget on luxuries or the sponsors will begin restricting your combat budget in response.
No. 977829 ID: 12b116
File 160175289431.jpg - (460.82KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom010.jpg )

You order a big basket of chicken tenders and a milkshake for two. Eilie seems excited by the prospect.

"Ok, and what're you gonna be having?" she asks.

You explain that you figured you both could share. Maybe you could both share a big ice cream too?

She is very clearly not impressed.

>Eilie's opinion of you has worsened.

"Dude I don't know you like that. Plus half an order of chicken tenders is not enough food."

You stammer and say you meant a big basked that you could both eat out of, like a double order.

"It's fine, sempai," she says as you order yourself a shake too. "I'm guessing you don't get out much. Here's a tip: save the shared milkshake for when you're close with somebody."

You tell her you like her hair.


You explain that honestly you were just joking with the 'Senpai' thing but at this point she very clearly doesn't believe you.

"It's fine, dude. I get it. For the record, I think you're pretty smart when it comes to tactics and stuff." She seems to not realize that she still looks vaguely disgusted as the waitress brings several orders of chicken tenders. Eilie asks for two plates and piles a bunch on there, grabbing one in her fist like a little kid with a crayon and dipping it in the sauce before going to town on it.

Trying to dispel the awkwardness, you ask her why she likes close up combat, and if there's anything she's bad at in the field.

She eliminates tender after tender as she answers, somehow not getting any sauce on her clothes.

"I just don't really get rattled," she says. "I don't mind makin' sure folks are dead by shootin' them right in the face. I guess I'm not great with sittin' back and plinkin' at people."

She seems to appreciate the question.

You say she's got such big fluffy ears, she must hear a lot of gossip.

"Not too much gossip so far," she says. "I can let you know if I hear somethin' though."

You tell her that you really aren't great with people and don't have any romantic experience, and you just wanted to get to know her a little better. You tell her you like her eyes, and ask her if she has any hobbies.

"I like terrariums and stuff. I'm gonna put one in my room and get some snails. Other'n that I like dancin' and boxin, an' I like dressin' up too, like different kindsa clothes and dresses and shit. I don't mind shoppin and stuff. Thanks for askin'! What about you?"

You tell her that you're pretty good at chess, although you never really had time to get seriously competitive or anything. She nods, her mouth full of tenders.

You ask her what it was like growing up here, and if she knows much about specifically how C.Orgs are made. You ask her what her future plans are, like, if she sees herself not being a field agent in the future.

She considers the question.

"We come out of big tubes that we grow in, and learn a lot while we're in those, then we sort of get acclimated and stuff for a while, and learn how to use the equipment and stuff. It ain't bad or anything. We're more or less 'born' knowin' how to talk and stuff like that. You'd prolly have to ask Mary for specifics and junk."

She inhales a portion of shake and several more tenders.

"I figure you're pretty smart. If I can rank up enough I get get a training position or somethin. I hadn't really thought about it too much. I trust you to do right by us."

You chitchat while you eat. The shake and tenders are both pretty great, and you think you have an OK time.

After you're done eating, she says "Well, uh, thanks for takin' me to lunch. I liked the food and stuff, and you seem like a pretty OK guy. I'll see you around, yeah?"

It looks like Eilie doesn't really want to continue the date.

All in all, she trusts you more and is confident in your skills as a commander, but thinks you were trying to hit on her too much. She absolutely does not believe that 'Senpai' was a joke.

Eilie gets a big morale bonus! She'll be very resistant to panic and fear on the next mission you take her on!

As you go back to your room, you get a report about your various C.Orgs.

Kayree and Yiann get along well.
Yiann says he's glad he's her roomate, and feels safe around her.
->Yiann likes Kayree.
Kayree says she's happy to help whoever you think needs it most, and is a little concerned with how naieve Yiann is.
->Kayree is neutral toward Yiann.

Eilie and Mary get along well!
Eilie tells Mary about the 'Senpai' thing. "Aww, I think that's sweet!" Mary says. Eilie is kinda flabbergasted by that.
->Eilie likes Mary!
Mary appreciates that you spent time with your wounded C.Org and gets along well with Eilie.
->Mary likes Eilie!
->Mary likes you!
->You gain 1 Gene Point! You can only spend this point to Activate Eilie, fully heal Eilie, or recruit a new C.Org.

Fucc and Lurleen remain cool towards one another.
Fucc says Lurleen wouldn't give him free grenades to go play with.
->Fucc likes Lurleen
Lurleen says that while she appreciates Fucc's interest in weaponry, she doesn't approve of his devil-may-care attitude.
->Lurleen is neutraly towards Fucc.
->Lurleen is worried about your squad's survivability, and you will be able to equip one suit of improved armor for the next mission only.

Ixander and Rockit don't get along.
Ixander says he and Rockit didn't spend very much time together to be honest. He was more interested in going out, and she'd rather stay at home.
->Ixander is neutral towards Rockit.
Rockit says that Ixander is messy and has a whole bunch of stuff he doesn't need.
->Rockit dislikes Ixander.

How do you want to spend your bonus Gene Point?
Activate Eilie
Heal Eilie
Recruit a new C.Org
No. 977830 ID: 6f7a5a

Recruit new C.Org
No. 977831 ID: ca2950

Recruit a new C.Org. We need to keep spending our gems gene points until we get a good harem
No. 977833 ID: b1b4f3

new C.Org. Optimally we'd want to have four extra troops so if an entire squad gets injured we won't have to reuse one.
No. 977834 ID: d909cb

How cute, it looks like she wasn't taught table manners hehe.

>but thinks you were trying to hit on her too much
But we didn't even say anything lewd! Well, I guess sharing food with someone as voracious as her wasn't a good idea.

At least Mary likes us :x

Save the gene point for later. If we need extra troops, we can always spend it later.
No. 977835 ID: df76b1

New C.org.
Let's keep chasing that elusive Beartype.

If Introvert, assign with Rockit. If Extrovert, assign with Ixander. No sense letting things get worse.
No. 977838 ID: 31a5d6

lmao this quest is great, thanks.

Activate! Better to have a small buff team than a large squishy one.
No. 977839 ID: 094652

Can we get a relationship excel spreadsheet posted on the wiki? Thanks.

C.Org hire; Eilie should sit the next mission out to recover, so we can activate her later. Use the gene point for recruitment so we get more greenhorns to train early. Make sure the number of C.Orgs is even parity while we have an even number of R&D members, since the dates with the Commander don't count.

Question: Is there an animal perk that causes passive resource generation off-mission?
No. 977840 ID: 12b116
File 160176366861.jpg - (1.37MB , 2000x1500 , Sexcom011.jpg )

You spend your Gene Point to recruit a new C.Org.

You have recruited
Centipede Abilities:
Alien Anatomy - needs special armor, but tougher and can hold two weapons.
Extra Venomous - deals very high CQC damage and gives penalties to target.

She makes herself at home in Room 405 for now. You can change room assignments after your next mission.

Trauma Kit

You have quite a bit of equipment here:
Including the 4 SMGs looted from the Corporate Cultists.

You can keep them for your C.Orgs, trade them to Lurleen for new equipment, or give them to Lurleen for research, increasing her opinion of you.

If you trade them for new equipment, you'll be able to select that equipment after your next mission.

It is time to pick a mission!

You must select one of the following missions:

1. Retake the Extraspace Facility
Extraspace Unlimited uses technology to breach dimensions. One of their facilities has been overtaken by the Cult of The End. You must eliminate the threat and retake it.
Difficulty: Medium
Mission Type: Extermination
Opposing Force: Cyborgs and humans
Special Danger: Other unknown enemy units
Special Reward: Recruit unique and higher-rank C.Orgs

2. Eliminate the Heretical Terratomorph
A huge monster has been detected in the sewers. Eliminate it.
Difficulty: Hard
Mission Type: Boss fight
Opposing Force: Large and small monsters
Special Danger: Water is present but avoidable
Special Reward: Extra Gene Points

3. Defend Deeg's Villa
A citizen using unlicensed party supplies has spawned a horde of demons in the rumpus room of his villa. The doors will only hold for so long. Keep the demons at bay until the sorcery runs out.
Difficulty: Medium
Mission Type: Defend the objective.
Opposing Force: Medium and small monsters
Special Danger: Must hold out for 5 turns/Defend the VIP
Special Reward: Bonus Requisition.

You'll be able to select your C.Orgs and equip them after you select the mission.
No. 977841 ID: 12b116

There are some abilities that give passive resource generation. None of your current C.Orgs have any on their Activation lists tho.
No. 977842 ID: 0fae41

Those SMGs are pretty weak, donate them to research. Let's retake the extradimensional facility!
No. 977845 ID: b1b4f3

I doubt we can manage a hard mission as we are now...

Keep one SMG. Research one, trade two. Go for mission 1.
>(weapon doesn't need to be holstered to draw knife)
Uh, what does this mean? Knife normally can't be used on the same turn you shoot I guess?

>centipede can use two weapons
Can she fire both at the same time? Is this ability any better with one handed guns?
No. 977848 ID: 4c58a6

Eliminate that teratomorph! Got plenty of recruits so would like to use those gene points to upgrade them a little.
No. 977849 ID: 12b116

You have to use an action to draw your knife normally.

It still takes an action to use a single weapon.
No. 977850 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, wouldn't that mean Fucc's knife Lookout on his last turn was invalid, since he shot with his rifle first?
Oh well, having two weapons at the ready means she could use a shotgun and a rifle, or a sniper and a shotgun... Does Baetriss have to draw her knife to do full melee damage, or does she just bite the shit out of people?
No. 977851 ID: e6eaaf

I should have read my notes before I answered. you draw your knife for free by taking the CQC action, but it takes an action to ready your gun before you shoot again.
No. 977852 ID: e6eaaf

Baetriss doesnt have to draw a weapon to cqc
No. 977854 ID: 094652

>Baetriss needs special armor
>One suit of Improved Armor for next mission only
Well howdy doody!

Revolver X2 (Dual Wield) OR Shotgun and SMG
Grenade X1
Improved Armor

Assault Rifle
Trauma Kit (3 Charges) X1

Shotgun X1
Breaching Charge X1

Sniper Rifle X1
Grenade X1

Let's hunt a giant monster; hit-and-run with high damage tactics.
No. 977857 ID: b1b4f3

Baetriss sounds pretty badass tbh. We could give her a rifle and a sniper rifle, and have her bite anything that comes close.

Jumping the gun a bit there, we need to select the mission before selecting a squad and loadout.
No. 977861 ID: 6f7a5a

Mission 3 sounds fun
No. 977864 ID: efab48

Think you can get a discussion thread going?

1. Retake the Extraspace Facility

Having multiple hits per attack usually work well enough to someone with bonuses to aim, damage, or crit chances.
Wouldn't want to hand the horse one though. He spooks easily.

I don't think we should risk the respect of our troops (or our cushy government job) by sending them on suicide missions just for the experience.
...Unless we suddenly get privy to a city-ending master plot. But what are the odds of that?
No. 977865 ID: f56a2b

Lets do the Extraspace mission; get us some badass metahuman resources while doing Big Corpo a favor.
No. 977867 ID: df76b1

Improving SMGs is easy; enhance the welds, suppress, and adapt for high velocity ammo. Lets let our R&D try our hand.

Mission 3 sounds like the best fit. Just take powerful weapons and aim spam.

Centipedes are...not my thing.
No. 977876 ID: d909cb

>It is time to pick a mission!
Wow, we don't even get the choice to stay at home and go out with the rest of the team?

Because the reward is the best.
No. 977877 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, and can we ask Kayree if she knows who pissed in the changing rooms?
No. 977878 ID: 12b116
File 160181448611.jpg - (326.02KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom012.jpg )

You decide to donate all three SMGs to Lurleen
>Your relationship with Lurleen has improved!

"Don't worry," she says coolly, "I'll make good use of these."

You decide to retake the Extraspace Unlimited facility.

The Cult of the End are a doomsday cult who take matters into their own hands, attempting to actively bring about an apocalypse.

They're mostly normal and heavily-modified humans with traditional weapons.

Kayree uses her improved senses to try and shed some light on the pee mystery. She says both incidents were definitely the same person, and she's pretty sure it wasn't anybody on your squad, but too much cleaning has been done for her to determine anything else.

Who do you bring and what do you equip them with? Don't forget, you have a suit of Improved Armor for this mission only.


Eilie and Fucc must recuperate, but anyone else who stays behind can either:
work with the Corporate Cultist prisoner,
assist Lurleen, or
investigate the changing room pee mystery

No. 977879 ID: 12b116

Here's the dis thread since somebody asked for one
No. 977881 ID: d909cb

>she's pretty sure it wasn't anybody on your squad
That's exactly what an anonymous pee'r would say!

Bring everyone except Rockit, since there's no mention of water being involved.

Equip them with... mostly shotguns, since the enemies sound like they'll be up in our face.

Rockit should investigate the mystery. Isn't this what this quest is all about?
No. 977885 ID: df76b1

Kayree, Yiann, Ixander, and the Bug
AR, Improved armor/ AR / AR / 2x Shotguns
No. 977899 ID: b1b4f3

>all three SMGs
We had four though? Also how much damage does a knife do compared to the other weapons? Does Baetriss have the same hp as Animal Toughness units?

AR, medkit

AR, grenade

Shotgun, grenade.

AR, Sniper Rifle(Baetriss is essentially a walking shotgun so taking a close range weapon is redundant), breaching charge, improved armor.

Ixander stays behind and investigates the pee smell, since I don't want to leave Kayree behind, Yiann needs more combat experience to shed his green-ness, and Rockit doesn't have the senses required. Ixander and Rockit are roughly equivalent for this mission since we have two units with enhanced senses already.
No. 977902 ID: 094652

Voting for the loadout in my last post.
No. 977904 ID: 12b116

>4 SMGs
My mistake! I've adjusted things accordingly.

Knives do medium damage, but do a lot less damage to armored targets.

>Alien Anatomy/Animal Toughness
Alien Anatomy gives more health than a normal person, but not as much as Animal Toughness. So she has more HPs than Fucc but not as many as Rockit.
No. 978037 ID: 6f7a5a

Bring Rockit, Ixander, Kayree and bug go on mission Yiann was close to breaking last mission he can go and solve pee mystery
No. 981967 ID: f56a2b

Kayree, rockit, ixander, beatriss
No. 981971 ID: 2aef11

Rockit, Kayree, Ix, and Bea. No water but tough!
No. 982029 ID: 12b116
File 160627508402.jpg - (808.98KB , 2000x1500 , sexcom013.jpg )

https://pastebin.com/iPZkWM28 C.Orgs
https://pastebin.com/fJ2tNdQ2 Equipment

Your team has approached the blown-open front entrance of the Extraspace Unlimited Facility.
Your C.Orgs are outfitted as follows:

Wolf Abilities:
Animal Senses - larger detection radius
Animal Toughness - harder to kill than a human
Improved Animal Senses - spend an action to learn specific number and traits of detected enemies & has a chance to detect invisible/hidden enemies.
Healer - Trauma kits have 3 uses.

Assault Rifle - Single shot or burst fire
Trauma Kit - used to revive disabled teammates or remove injuries.

Kayree says "OK team, we got this!"

Thresher Shork Abilities:
Animal Toughness - harder to kill than a human.
Waterborn - gains bonus movement in water. Can't drown.

Shotgun - High damage, short range. Single shot.
Grenade - Explodes in a large radius.

Rockit says "I don't like the looks of this."

Coyote Abilities:
Animal Toughness - harder to kill than a human.
Animal Senses - larger detection radius.

Assault Rifle - Single shot or burst fire
Grenade - Explodes in a large radius.

Ixander looks at the cool-looking gun that the cultist has.

Centipede Abilities:
Alien Anatomy - Can carry an extra weapon, tougher than a human. Affects armor.
Extra Venomous - Deals very high CQC damage that also gives penalties to the target

Shotgun - High damage, short range. Single shot.
Sniper Rifle - Long range, high damage. Takes two actions to fire.
Breaching Charge - Can be used to blow open doors or blow holes in walls. The timer can be set, but defaults to 3 turns.
Improved Multi-Limbed Armor

Baetriss sarcastically says "Looks like this is going to be great fun" while eyeing the corpses scattered around.
No. 982030 ID: 0fae41

Hm. Minimal cover, incoming close enemies. This entrance will have to do for cover.
Okay Bae, let's use that sniper rifle 'til it's time to reposition. Shoot the guy with the cool gun first.
Rockit, cover the left door with overwatch.
Ix, finish off the cool gun guy with burst fire if he's not dead. If he is, great! Overwatch the near door.
Kayree, burst fire on the cultist with the uncool gun.
No. 982035 ID: b1b4f3

I don't like this much either, but the terrain is roughly equal for now. We should try to preserve the cover up there since we may want to move forward at one point.

Baetriss: snipe the cultist with the cool gun.
Ixander, Kayree: burst fire the other two cultists to suppress them. Ixander can use his second action for another burst fire, Kayree should use her second action on Improved Animal Senses to get some more info.
Rockit: 2x Lookout on the bathroom with the incoming enemy.
No. 982039 ID: 094652

This might not be good. The side that stays entrenched in enemy territory too long is the side that gets sabotaged, flanked, or cooked by artillery with a side order of mustard. For all we know, they've already pre-planned this raid by covertly installing explosives at the entrance with insiders or fake janitors to destroy us or whatever SWAT team was the city's second choice. This isn't a video game; if you don't move from your position for the entire encounter, eventually the enemy operator is going to calculate the best way to grenade or outsmart your bunched-up team all at once, and they might have the advantage of expendable minions.

Baetriss, spend a few turns looking for a structural weakness to breach the walls, so we can charge through the rooms and pick off ambush units one-by-one. If you can't, consider a tactical retreat followed by a second assault wave on a different wall of the building.

Rockit, overwatch on the doors and corridor.
Ixander and Kayree, single-shot the lone gunman.
No. 982056 ID: 12b116
File 160630510185.jpg - (819.44KB , 2000x1500 , sexcom014a.jpg )

Rockit is on Lookout at the bathroom door.

Rockit says "Something off here ... "

Kayree sniffs the air. There is one ordinary human inside the bathroom without a weapon who is injured. Probably a civilian. She also smells explosives.

Kayree fires a burst at the cultist, giving it a penalty to hit.

Kayree says "Somebody's injured in there."

Baetriss fires the sniper rifle at the heavily armored cultist and hits.

Baetriss frowns.

Ixander burst fires at the heavily armored cultist. The heavily armored cultist is riddled with bullets.

Ixander burst fires at the other cultist. The other cultist suffers a penalty to hit.

Ixander says "I bet I could scavenge some ammo ... "
No. 982057 ID: 12b116
File 160630514279.jpg - (811.53KB , 2000x1500 , sexcom014b.jpg )

The heavily armored cultist slumps to the ground in a pool of blood.

The small cultist moves to the corpse of the heavily armored cultist and acquires his weapon. The small cultist is fully concealed behind the barrier.

The other cultist burst fires at Baetriss and mmisses. Baetriss and Ixander suffer a penalty to aim.

The other cultist uses his radio. Ixander hears the message with his improved senses.

"Fucking furries at the entrance. Bring a rocket up."
No. 982081 ID: b1b4f3

>explosives in the bathroom with the civilian
That sounds like the bathroom is trapped. Well, that or the civilian has an explosive weapon to defend themselves with. Maybe once the room is secure we can knock on the door and ask if it's safe to enter.

>bring a rocket up
Well fuck. At least we know to prep for it. Which door is most likely? I'm guessing the ruined one since they came in here to secure an objective and obviously felt that door to be the most important one, so their forces should be back there, and not spread around the facility.

Rockit: range isn't good but try shooting twice at the cultist on the right.
Kayree: burst fire at the cultist on the right, then a regular shot if they're still alive. If not, Lookout.
Beatriss: test the penetrative ability of the sniper rounds and try shooting through cover at the hidden cultist.
Ixander: reload, then Lookout.
No. 982083 ID: b1b4f3

Oh and those Lookout actions would be directed towards the ruined door.
No. 982090 ID: 92e667

Rockit rush in as far as she can while still being able to take a shot at the cultist. The rest cover her.
No. 982172 ID: cdabe3

Someone say “you’re a fucking furry” and flash your junk
No. 982176 ID: 0fae41

R: We need that bathroom for cover. Move up and try to spot and disarm the explosive. Is it tied to the door, or the civilian?
B: Snipe the cultist that looted the gun.
K: Move up and burst fire on the cultist on the left if he's still standing.
I: Move up to the ladies' room for cover. Frag the cultist on the right and his cover.
No. 982185 ID: 12b116
File 160643321942.jpg - (532.42KB , 1200x900 , sexcom015a.jpg )

Rockit moves up to the bathroom door and spends a moment interacting to make sure the door isn't trapped when she opens it.

There is a bloody civilian slumped in the corner of the bathroom. She appears to be gagged with some fabric.

Rockit looks extremely worried.

Kayree burst fires at the visible cultist. The cultist is riddled with bullets.

Kayree then moves into cover in the men's bathroom.

Her improved senses detect that the civilian is rigged with explosives. Kayree looks both angry and disgusted.

Ixander moves up to the women's bathroom and takes cover behind the door, which he opens. He goes on the Lookout toward the wrecked door.
Ixander can see the the wrecked door says "PORTAL ROOM" above it, the door on the left says "GENERATORS" and the door on the right says "OFFICES"

"I bet there's some good stuff back there," he says to no one in particular.

Baetriss says "You're a fucking furry" and takes a shot at the barely visible cultist. She misses.
No. 982186 ID: 12b116
File 160643330025.jpg - (552.66KB , 1200x900 , sexcom015b.jpg )

The cultist on the right slumps down in a pool of blood.

The other cultist rises from behind cover. He fires a LMG at Rockit, but misses. Rockit has a penalty to hit.

A heavily armored cultist appears from the ruined doorway. Ixander takes a shot and hits!

The heavily armored cultist fires a rocket!

Baetriss's cover is destroyed! Baetriss takes damage.

Baetriss keeps her cool.
No. 982188 ID: 92e667

Rockit rush forward and attack, the rest cover her.
No. 982191 ID: 0fae41

Keep a wide berth from that civilian. Kayree, do your animal senses give a clue to whether she's on a timer?
K: Burst fire down rocketeer.
R: Dash to right cover.
I: First priority: Frag LMG cultist. Second: Burst fire rocketeer.
B: Move to the other cover, shotgun LMG cultist.
No. 982197 ID: b1b4f3

>civvie rigged with explosives
Uh, are C.Orgs trained to defuse bombs? If not we'll get a bomb squad in here to rescue them later.
Since talking is a free action, Kayree tell them you know they're trapped and to stay still.

That advanced armor paid off, huh? Didn't expect the rocket to come immediately, but the damage is minimized. The cover must've helped too.
Rockit and Kayree: move up to the cultist behind cover and blast them.
Baetriss: take a double movement to rush to the other cover. Or if you can do it in a single movement, shotgun the rocket unit.
Ixander: double shoot the rocket unit.
No. 982203 ID: 12b116
File 160644513472.jpg - (475.47KB , 1200x900 , sexcom016a.jpg )

Ixander tosses a grenade at the LMG cultist. He misses, but the cultist takes some damage from the explosion, mitigated by his cover.

Ixander takes a shot at the heavy cultist and hits!

Ixander has one bullet left in his magazine!

"I hope I didn't mess up that cool gun," Ixander says.

Rockit rushes forward and shoots the LMG cultist, bisecting him!

"That was a little too easy," Rockit says nervously.

Kayree shouts to the civilian "I know about the bomb, just keep calm and don't move."

The civilian nods emphatically.

Kayree moves up and burst fires at the heavy cultist! She hits! The heavy cultist has a penalty to hit! Kayree is out of ammo and needs to reload!

Baetriss is really glad she has the improved armor, but is also very thankful she was behind cover when the rocket detonated, because the cover absorbed a lot of the damage.

She hurries forward, moving twice to the right-hand cover.
No. 982204 ID: 12b116
File 160644518884.jpg - (485.03KB , 1200x900 , sexcom016b.jpg )

The heavy cultist reloads his rocket launcher.

The heavy cultist fires!

The heavy cultist misses!

The rocket misfires and detonates 0 yards from the heavy cultist!

The heavy cultist is reduced to a bloody ruin!

There are no enemies in the room

A C.Org can Interact to attempt to disarm the bomb. If they succeed, the party will gain either a makeshift grenade or a makeshift breaching charge, although someone would have to have an open Item slot. If they fail, the explosive will detonate and it would be very likely that the unit attempting to disarm the explosive would be seriously injured.

Kayree has the highest chance of disarming the explosive.

There is no usable ammo in the room, although two C.Orgs could replace their weapon with an SMG.

One C.Org can replace their weapon with the LMG, although they will [i]also[/b] have to replace their Item with the LMG Ammo Container.

The team can redeploy through one of the other doors. There are potentially civilians to rescue or information to gain from the OFFICE.

The GENERATORS could be disabled to turn off the lights, shut down the portal, and disable any defenses still active.

The PORTAL ROOM is where the Dimensional Breach Device is and likely where the Cult of the End Commander is.

A Whether to attempt to disarm the bomb, and who would make the attempt.

B Whether to change anyone's equipment (Ixander really wants to take the LMG.)

C Which door to redeploy down. Peeking through all three doors show unoccupied hallways, so there's no immediate information available to your troops.
No. 982205 ID: 0fae41

Generators first.
Kayree, hand that medkit to Ix just in case. Then, godspeed defusing that bomb.
Yes Ix, you can take the LMG. If you can handle the recoil, anyway.
No. 982206 ID: 094652

I think we just learned that having the best equipment and stats on the battlefield doesn't always make up for being outgunned, outflanked, and most importantly, too grievously injured to lift a rocket launcher steadily.
That, or they decided to self-destruct instead of surrendering. All that equipment is just metal scrap now.

Rockit, give your grenade to Ixander (without pulling the pin, please), and replace your shotgun with an LMG. Then take point on the leftmost door; it's closest to the civilian and Kayree, so you can get to cover with reinforcements faster if you need to retreat.

Kayree, analyze the bomb but do not attempt to defuse unless you are 95% certain you know the exact defusing sequence for this model. Take as many notes as possible and relay them to the police so their bomb squad has more information when they get here.
No. 982207 ID: b1b4f3

Ixander take that cool gun. Also everyone reload obviously.
No room for the makeshift explosive item and the bomb obviously isn't on a timer so just leave it for the cleanup crew.

Let's go to GENERATORS to shut down the portal as fast as possible without blowing it up. We have flashlights or something, right? That will make the assault on the portal device go much faster, although we should expect an ambush when we return to this room.
...actually that could result in the rigged civvie being used against us. Hmm. Could we disarm the bomb and turn it into a tripmine at the ruined doorway, to warn us if the enemy tries to reclaim the room?

Exactly how good does Kayree think her chances are at disarming the bomb?
No. 982209 ID: 0fae41

Bomb timer or not, that civilian's bleeding heavily.
No. 982214 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, I thought that was fake for the trap but yeah if they need urgent medical attention we should try.
No. 982218 ID: 92e667

Beatriss should use her Breaching Charge on the civilian. That way, the bomb will be overwritten with our own, effectively removing the bomb. That's how it works, right? No? Then Rockit should attempt disarming the bomb.

To the Generators.
No. 982219 ID: b1b4f3

Stop trying to get Rockit injured. C.Orgs do not have to be injured to date them.
No. 982222 ID: 92e667

It's a calculated risk. Also, Rockit would be the last C.Org I'd date lol
No. 982230 ID: 12b116
File 160648700097.jpg - (491.06KB , 1200x900 , sexcom017.jpg )

The Rocket Launcher is definitely reduced to unsalvagable scrap, but Kayree is fairly sure she has a reasonable chance to disarm the bomb.

Kayree attempts to disarm the explosive and succeeds! She treats the civilian. Because no one has open inventory space, the explosive is used to booby-trap the PORTAL ROOM door.

The civilian expresses her deep gratitude for not being left to die.

Ixander takes the LMG and ammo!

Ixander is excited by looting an enemy soldier!

Ammunition is redistributed and everyone reloads their weapon.

The squad makes its way into the GENERATOR ROOM.

The generators can be disabled by destroying them, or shutting them down from the Control Room. Extraspace Unlimited would almost certainly prefer the latter.

Kayree and Ixander can detect enemies behind the first two generators and the control room!
No. 982234 ID: 92e667

I've changed my mind. Exit the room. Let's go to the office instead~
No. 982243 ID: b1b4f3

Then why. Rockit would've been worse for disarming the bomb, and you keep trying to make her rush in. Are you trying to get her killed because you don't like her?

UGH what a terrible room. Sniper rifle should be good here though. Hmm, I don't think we have enough explosives to disable the generators directly.
Everybody take cover by the generator, and Lookout to blast the soldier hiding behind the generator who will likely try to flank us (baetriss can Lookout with shotgun) except for Kayree who should use improved senses to get a better tactical analysis. Try to break line of sight with the enemy on high ground.
No. 982251 ID: 0fae41

B:Shotgun low cover cultists, move to generator for cover.
R: shotgun the low cover cultists, move to generator for cover.
I:LMG go BRRRRRT on the low cover cultists. Head for the stairs.
K: Up the stairs, burst fire the guy behind cover. Not going all the way up the stairs is a form of cover...
No. 982252 ID: 6c227a

Are there any more rocket launchers in here?
Beatrice and Kayree make a break for the stairs and take a shot at the guy up there. The catwalk should provide decent cover from the rest of the room while giving good sight to most of it. Rockit take cover behind the first generator and overwatch anybody coming around. Ixander open up with machine gun on the two guys by the control room to suppress. Then take cover too.
No. 982253 ID: 6f7a5a

advance to cover! you're exposed, take shots at guy protecting control room
No. 982261 ID: 12b116
File 160651145883.jpg - (523.10KB , 1200x900 , sexcom018a.jpg )

Kayree begins to ascend the stairs, giving her some cover.

Kayree uses Improved Animal Senses.

The first generator has a Heavily Armored Cultist with a LMG and a Crusader Cyborg with melee weapons.

The second generator has a Ender Juggernaut (a strong and heavily armored close combat unit) and a cultist with an AR behind it.

The control room has three cultists with ARs inside.

Kayree detects a hidden enemy. A monster from another world is hiding under the far staircase.

Kayree keeps her cool. She steels herself.

Rockit is too far away to hit the cultists behind cover with her shotgun. She moves up behind the generator and is on the Lookout for anything coming around the edge.

"I wish I would have stayed back at the base," she says.

Baetriss moves up behind the generator. She is too far away to shoot anyone with her shotgun, so she goes on the Lookout for anyone coming around the corner.

"Well, this is just wonderful," she says sarcastically.

Ixander is excited, gaining a bonus to accuracy and damage! Ixander fires his LMG! He hits a cultist. The cultist is riddled with bullets! The other cultist has a penalty to aim!

Ixander is slowed by his heavy weapon, and moves toward the staircase.

"Hahahahahahaha!" Ixander says.
No. 982262 ID: 12b116
File 160651151287.jpg - (515.30KB , 1200x900 , sexcom018b.jpg )

A cultist slumps to the ground in a pool of blood.

The other cultist takes a shot and Rockit and hits! Rockit takes damage.

The heavily armored cultist rounds the corner.

Rockit opens fire with her shotgun!
Baetriss opens fire with her shotgun!

The heavily armored cultist survives the first shot, but is bisected in a spray of gore by the second shot.

The Crusader Cyborg rounds the corner and engages Rockit in melee! Rockit takes damage!

The cultist on the catwalk takes a shot at Kayree and misses.
No. 982266 ID: 6f7a5a

Rockit Bite and thrash!
No. 982269 ID: b1b4f3

Baetriss: bite that cyborg to death.
Rockit: use shotgun on cyborg if it survives a double bite. Hunker Down and Lookout towards the second generator if not.
Ixander: shoot the remaining cultist behind that cover some more, then Lookout if all visible targets are dead.
Kayree: Aim then burst fire at the cultist on the catwalk.
No. 982271 ID: 0fae41

I: Keep advancing, fire a controlled burst at the top cultist.
K: Keep firing at the top cover, or the melee cultist if he's downed.
B: Pump two into the melee cultist. If he goes down, lookout around the corner of the generator.
R: CQC the cultist until he's down. If he dies, fall back.
No. 982273 ID: 92e667

rockit shotgun, beatriss overwatch, the rest keep shooting
No. 982279 ID: 094652

Rockit: Bite AND shotgun at the same time. Unload your magazine into them.
Beatriss: Snipe a cultist behind cover.
Kayree: Single-shot the cultist on the catwalk.
Ixander: Double-Time on the stairs.
No. 982319 ID: 12b116
File 160656951402.jpg - (1.12MB , 2000x1500 , sexcom019a.jpg )

Baetriss attacks the Crusader in CQC! Baetriss is Extra Venomous and deals improved CQC damage!

The Crusader howls in agony as venom courses through his body and begins to fall to the ground.

Baetriss is Excited by her CQC victory! Baetriss gains a bonus to accuracy and damage!

Baetriss is on the Lookout with her shotgun.

"Who's a furry now?!" Baetriss shouts.

Rockit hunkers down in the cover.

Rockit goes On the Lookout toward the second generator.

Rockit says "Shit! Shit! Shit!" through gritted teeth.

Ixander moves up the stairs.

Ixander fires at the cultist behind cover! The cultist is riddled with bullets!

"Gotcha!" Ixander says!

Kayree takes aim and fires at the catwalk cultist!

Kayree hits!

Kayree's eyes are filled with steely determination!
No. 982320 ID: 12b116
File 160656972550.jpg - (1.16MB , 2000x1500 , sexcom019b.jpg )

The Crusader falls to the ground, corpse spasming and bleeding from every pore.

The catwalk cultist fires twice at Kayree!

He hits once and misses once.

Kayree takes damage.

The Ender Juggernaut moves out from cover!

Baetriss fires her shotgun and misses.

Rockit fires her shotgun and hits!

The Juggernaut Roars!

Rockit is shaken!

Baetriss has adrenaline flowing through her veins and ignores the fear!

Kayree is shaken! She has a penalty to hit and is more likely to Panick!

Ixander is Excited and doesn't give a fuck!

The second cultist moves out from hiding and fires at Baetriss!

Baetriss is wounded!

Baetriss is Excited and don't give a fuck!

Rockit panicks when she sees Baetriss's condition! She won't take commands and has a heavy penalty to hit!

The monster from another world moves from hiding.

The monster from another world disappears!

Ixander's Excitement fades.

Reminder that you can Interact with an adjacent unit to attempt to remove Shaken or Panicked
No. 982323 ID: 92e667

>you can Interact with an adjacent unit
Ok. Beatriss grab Rockit and throw her into the Juggernaut's face, which should be close enough for effective shotgun usage.
No. 982326 ID: f57349

Ixander, get up there and finish off the catwalk cultist. Kayree, move over to the generator and either cheer up the shark (who's somehow the least bloodthirsty member of this team) or provide medical attention. Baetriss, bite the juggernaut.
No. 982329 ID: 6f7a5a

Ixander shoot big guy
Kayree make Rocket feel better with hugs
Rockit Shoot big guy
Baetriss Rip and tear big guy
No. 982330 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, strange, the invisible thing went off behind the last obstruction. It will probably not be a threat this enemy round, it's too far away to act.

Baetriss: shotgun the juggernaut once then Lookout to bite him when he gets close. Shouldn't move out of cover to bite immediately.
Kayree: burst fire the catwalk cultist and the cultist behind the second generator. Gotta keep that debuff going.
Ixander: unload on the Juggernaut. I'd prefer it died immediately, despite my faith in Baetriss. Though if it dies on the first shot I guess shoot the generator-cultist afterwards.
No. 982335 ID: 12b116
File 160660107546.jpg - (513.01KB , 1200x900 , sexcom020a.jpg )

Rockit is panicked! Rockit shoots twice at the Juggernaut! She hits once and misses once!

Rockit screams "WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!"

Baetriss moves up to the Juggernaut!
Baetriss attacks in CQC and hits!

Baetriss is excited and deals extra damage!

Poison courses through the Juggernaut's veins.

Ixander fires on the Juggernaut twice and hits twice!

Ixander says "Fall, dammit! Why won't you fall?!"

Kayree moves over to Rockit and attempts to calm her.

Kayree has aided an ally. Righteous fury pumps through her veins!

Rockit was aided by an ally! She would become excited, but she's panicked!

Rockit is no longer panicked, but becomes Shaken!
No. 982336 ID: 12b116
File 160660112874.jpg - (522.97KB , 1200x900 , sexcom020b.jpg )

The catwalk cultist fires at Baetriss twice and hits twice!

The generator cultist fires at Baetriss twice and hits twice!

The Juggernaut succumbs to the poison coursing through his body and collapses, bleeding from every pore.

Two cultist move behind cover.

The first cultis shoots at Baetriss and hits!

Baetriss is riddled with bullets!

Kayree is Excited and shakes off the terror!

Ixander manages to keep his cool!

Rockit sees Baetriss go down in a spray of blood and Panics!

The second cultist fires at Kayree and misses!
No. 982337 ID: b1b4f3

I hope everyone was paying attention to what happens when you end a turn out of cover. Never, ever do that. I think this has outright lost us the mission, unless we can scavenge more medkits from the offices.

I'm sure some of you are tempted to tell Kayree to heal Baetriss, but that will leave them BOTH out of cover afterwards. Unless revived units immediately get a turn, in which case Baetriss would use it to pull Kayree back behind cover.
Can Kayree use her turn to pull Baetriss back behind cover, then heal her next turn? I feel like that's the best we can do.

Ixander shoot... whatever enemy targets you want.
No. 982338 ID: 6f7a5a

Rockit grenade those two guys near control
Kayree, shoot guy behind generator
Ixander move up stairs and shoot guy up high

Beatriss try not to die
No. 982340 ID: 92e667

See, if Batriss threw Rockit, it would be Rockit lying there instead of Beatriss. In other words, we wouldn't be in a pickle :B

Shoot at the closest cultist until it dies, then at the right two cultists. As long as we stay behind the generator, the catwalk cultist shouldn't have LOS.
No. 982341 ID: b1b4f3


You're not even giving orders to specific units!
No. 982343 ID: 92e667

What do you mean? I clearly ordered Beatriss to utilize Rockit's aerodynamic advantage.

Btw, could we shoot at the generators and make them explode? :o
You know, maybe the far-off generator could explode and take out all the cultists.
No. 982345 ID: 12b116
File 160660495998.jpg - (522.57KB , 1200x900 , sexcom021a.jpg )

Rockit is Panicked! Rockit shoots twice at the closest cultist and hits twice! The cultist is bisected by shotgun fire!


Ixander moves onto the catwalk and fires at the cultist there!
Ixander hits, and the cultist is riddled with bullets!

Kayree is filled with righteous fury! She has a bonus to aim and deals increased damage!

Kayree fires at the cultist behind cover twice and hits twice! The cultist is riddled with bullets!

Baetriss bleeds in a heap on the ground. She has a low chance to be injured and a vanishingly small chance to die this round.
No. 982346 ID: 12b116
File 160660499840.jpg - (525.75KB , 1200x900 , sexcom021b.jpg )

Three cultists slump in pools of their own blood.

The remaining cultist panicks!

He shoots at Kayree twice and misses twice!
No. 982348 ID: 0fae41

Kayree, heal that bug now! And go on lookout, there's a disappearing freakshow in the area.
Rockit, drag Baetriss out of the line of fire. Be on the lookout for suddenly appearing abominations.
Ixander, advance and flank that cultist.
No. 982350 ID: 92e667

Use senses, pep talk Rockit, and keep shooting.
No. 982351 ID: 6f7a5a

Ixander flank and kill last guy
Kayree heal bug
No. 982354 ID: b1b4f3

A panicked enemy is low threat. The invisible enemy has had time to move close enough they will be able to attack this round. We need overwatch to peg the invisible enemy when it tries to attack.

Ixander: shoot at the visible cultist then Lookout, specifically targeting the area near our units on the lower floor.
Kayree: go heal Baetriss.
No. 982356 ID: 12b116
File 160660866786.jpg - (516.62KB , 1200x900 , sexcom023a.jpg )

Ixander moves up and shoots at the remaining cultist! He hits! The cultist is riddled with bullets!

Kayree moves up and uses a Trauma Kit on Baetriss! Baetriss is stabilized!
Her Alien Anatomy allows her to act at minimum health, although she has penalties to aim and calm.

Kayree helped an ally! Her Excitement is going strong!

Kayree shouts "Don't forget the hidden enemy! Keep your eyes out for something on the ground!"

Rockit is Panicking! Rockit goes on the Lookout!

Rockit's Panic subsides, but she is Shaken.
No. 982357 ID: 12b116
File 160660869101.jpg - (526.66KB , 1200x900 , sexcom023b.jpg )

The cultist slumps to the ground in a pool of blood!

One of the vents bursts open and an alien monster dashes towards Kayree!

Rockit fires! Rockit hits! The enemy is riddled with bullets!

The remaining cultist shouts "I surrender! I surrender! Just let me leave!

If you choose to let the cultist leave, the encounter will end, so decide if you want to let him go or not.

Otherwise, there is plenty of AR ammo to salvage, a second LMG and a full LMG ammo hopper, and seven ARs.

You can also choose to have Kayree heal someone with the last use of the Trauma Kit, or save it for the Portal Room.

Once inside the control room, you can shut the generators down, but leave the emergency lights active so that your squad members can still see, or turn everything off and force both your squad members and the enemy to rely on flashlights.
No. 982359 ID: b1b4f3

Use the medkit on Baetriss again, we can get her health back up to half so she doesn't fall over from a stiff breeze.

>surrendered cultist
Well first have everyone get into defensive positions, get Rockit back into good morale, then tell the cultist to come out with their hands up. You will take them prisoner if they really do come out unarmed. I'm sure there's something we can use to restrain them... Or just beat them unconscious if not?
No. 982360 ID: 094652

Heal her before an environmental hazard kills her off. I think she should just retreat now, before she's killed off. We'll have to complete the rest of the mission with 3 C.Orgs but it's better on morale if we don't use soldiers at death's door as meatshields.

>Surrendering Cultist
Order the cultist to discard all weapons and armor, toss a set of handcuffs for him to put on himself, then have Baetriss escort him out of the building with her shotgun. Let the bomb squad check him for any surprise kamikaze attacks.

Scavenge the ammo, but leave the weapons. You're not sure if those weapons are booby-trapped and you don't have extensive time to check.
No. 982361 ID: 92e667

Yes, let the cultist leave... after he tells you what to expect in the Portal room and how to operate these controls. Being in the control room sounds like they could be a leader of sorts, so we can't actually let him leave.

I'm not quite sure what the consequences of the control actions are. If we shut everything off, then wouldn't it have been the same as just blowing up the generators? Wouldn't emergency lights turn on either way?

Isn't Beatriss a Casualty? That is, she won't be able to do anything anymore, so healing her would be pointless. In this case, we should heal Rockit, because our meat shield will need all the Health she can get :B
No. 982363 ID: 6f7a5a

Kayree heal bug,
Rockit keep look out for danger/overwatch, and tell cultist that he's under arrest.
Ixander regroup with the team, and keep a lookout for danger
No. 982364 ID: 0fae41

We don't negotiate with furries. Kayree, take him out.
Heal the bug, yes. Emergency lighting on.
No. 982365 ID: 1332e6

Heal the bug and use her more carefully.

Arrest the cultist. Do we have handcuffs?

Scavenge for gear and ammo.

Go into the control room and shut off all power. I think we have an advantage with our animal senses.
No. 982366 ID: 12b116
File 160661524462.jpg - (408.69KB , 1200x900 , sexcom024.jpg )

Kayree heals Baetriss with the trauma kit.

Ixander scavenges the unused ammo hopper from the fallen Cultist. He'll begin the next encounter Excited!

The cultist surrenders and cooperates with you.

She explains the following:

The portal has been activated to let dangerous creatures through, but there is a Suppression Field Generator on the left side of the room that makes creatures passive and allows the portal operators to control them. Simple creatures can be entirely controlled, whereas more intelligent creatures are just friendly instead.

The Cult also brought a portable generator connected to a communications array, although it could be hooked up to the Portal or Suppression Field Generator. It definitely won't start that way, as the Cult wouldn't have time to rig it up before your squad gets to the Portal Room.

There is a Central Command Bunker in the center of the room. A breaching charge will be neccessary to get inside, although with the power off, the Portal and Suppression Field will be disabled, so it's little more than a fortified bunker in this case.

There is also an Observation Loft on the right side of the room.

There were approximately 10 Cult soldiers, athough when your squad makes its way down the hallway, you notice that your explosive was tripped and there are two corpses right behind it.

Any of your units can take a Hunker Down action for free if they don't move on the first turn.

Your C.Orgs haven't been spotted by any enemies as they make their way inside, and they can see a cultist, a heavily armored cultist with a LMG, and a Ender Juggernaut.

Characters with Animal Toughness, Alien Anatomy, or Large Frame can be revived with a Trauma Kit use and continue to act. They will have 1 health, and so will be extremely prone to injury or death if they're hit again. They will ignore any injury rolls made before while in this state, but will still receive injuries after the mission if they failed an injury roll before they were stabilized. They cannot be brought above half health no matter how many times a Trauma kit is used on them, and have a penalty to calm and aim. They will still count as having the Casualty status after the mission.
No. 982368 ID: 6f7a5a

everyone free hunker down and blast big guy
No. 982369 ID: b1b4f3

I kindof wanted to go to the Offices next to resupply. If they had a medkit anywhere we could attempt this without worrying so much about injury. Oh well.
Also I feel like Kayree should've gotten the second LMG with the half-empty ammo. LMG seems superior to AR and she no longer has an item.


Looks like we have all 8 remaining enemies marked or spotted. Or maybe the jugg doesn't count among those 8?
Hunker down since our cover is good, we don't need to go anywhere.
That juggernaut is a Problem. We could focus fire and hope everyone double shooting is enough to kill it, but there's an enemy right behind the right side cover, which will flank us, so someone needs to Lookout to prevent them from doing anything. I'm not sure Kayree even has line of sight on the juggernaut from where she is. Probably shouldn't bother using Improved Senses until the jugg is down. Can we aim to cripple its legs?

Rockit: grenade the jugg, then shoot it.
Kayree: burst fire the jugg, then Lookout to prevent Baetriss from getting ambushed.
Baetriss: double shotgun the jugg.
Ixander: double LMG the jugg.
If the jugg dies before everyone finishes acting, I guess use the remaining actions to Lookout or shoot the cultists behind cover.
No. 982370 ID: 0fae41

Kay, burst fire the LMG cultist, Rockit, toss the grenade around the corner of Bae and Kay's cover, everybody else, double tap the juggernaut.
No. 982388 ID: 094652

Since they haven't spotted us, let's spend a turn preparing and aiming at our targets for maximum accuracy.

Baetriss: Aim at the Juggernaut's head or exposed weak points.
Kaylee: Animal Senses again
Ixander: Get hyped to pump the Juggernaut full of lead, but be sure to wait until Baetriss has fired her shot.
Rockit: Aim a grenade at the two cultists in the back, that's what frags are for.

Next turn: Turn almost half the fighting force into spaghetti
No. 982394 ID: 1cd24d

>that makes creatures passive
In that case, we'd want the portal on with the suppression field off. But there doesn't seem to be any way to achieve this.

Grenade the two cultists behind, beatriss overwatch.
No. 982409 ID: 12b116
File 160668284720.jpg - (452.40KB , 1200x900 , sexcom025a.jpg )

Your C.Orgs haven't been spotted by any enemies as they make their way inside, and they can see a cultist, a heavily armored cultist with a LMG, and a Ender Juggernaut.

Because the enemies haven't spotted your C.Orgs, they spend a turn preparing before they begin to attack:

Kayree uses Improved Animal Senses:

There are several carcasses of Cult of the End soldiers scattered around the room.

There are two Crusaders just behind the wall north of her.

There is a cultist with a rocket launcher in the observation tower.

There is an Ender Commander with heavy cybernetics and several weapons in the command room, along with a cultist with an AR

There are two Otherworldly Creatures near the portable generator.

There are two floating sacks near the portal. Their scent smells deeply wrong to Kayree and she shudders involuntarily.

Kayree Aims.

Baetriss Aims twice with her Sniper Rifle.

Ixander hunkers down and Aims.

Rockit Aims twice with her grenade.

The C.Orgs attack!

Rockit tosses her grenade with expert accuracy!

The two crusaders are blown to pieces!

Rockit shoots at the Juggernaut and misses.
Rockit says "Dammit!"

Ixander attacks twice!

Ixander's first hit gains a bonus to hit!

Ixander hits twice!

The Heavy cultist has a penalty to hit!

Ixander says "Eat shit!"

Baetriss attacks with the Sniper Rifle!
Baetriss has a bonus to Aim!
Suggestions generally said "shoot." The sniper rifle deals more damage than two shotgun shots even if they both hit, and her chance to hit with the shotgun at this range is poor. With two Aims, the Sniper Rifle is more damage and almost-guaranteed damage.

Baetriss says "Fan-fucking-tastic!"

Kayree burst fires at the Juggernaut!
Kayree has a bonus to hit!
Kayree hits! The Juggernaut has a penalty to Aim.

Kayree burst fires at the heavy cultist and hits!
The heavy cultist has a penalty to hit!

Kayree says "Stay alert!
No. 982410 ID: 12b116
File 160668294451.jpg - (452.97KB , 1200x900 , sexcom025b.jpg )

The commander's guard moves up to the firing slit and attacks Ixander.

The commander's guard hits and Ixander takes damage!

The Juggernaut charges!

The Juggernaut attacks Ixander and hits!

Ixander is horribly wounded!

Ixander is Excited and shrugs off the tide of panic threatening to overtake him!

Rockit keeps her cool!

Baetriss keeps her cool!

Kayree keeps her cool!

The heavy cultist Aims!
The heavy cultist attacks Ixander with his LMG!
The heavy cultist misses, but Rockit and Ixander take a penalty to aim!

The heavy cultist's spotter burst fires at Baetriss!
The heavy cultist's spotter misses, but Baetriss and Kayree take a penalty to aim!

The Rocket Cultist Aims twice!

The Ender Commander activates the Last Measure module in his fallen comrades!

"Get that generator online!" he shouts.

The cybernetics animate the corpses of the fallen Cultists!

The Crusaders are too damaged to animate!

Some creatures move in the part of the room outside of your visual range.

A sack wrapped in chains floats slowly toward the Heavy Cultist. The cultists don't spot it.

A strange creature scuttles into view!

The strange creature's tongue strikes the Juggernaut!

The Juggernaut's wounds overtake him and he begins to fall to the ground!

Remember that moving out from behind the cover they're currently in will negate the Aim bonus for the cultist with the Rocket Launcher. Also, a Breaching Charge is necessary to open the command room.
No. 982411 ID: 0fae41

The Juggernaut is down. Take out the thing that killed it and move up towards the LMG cultist. Most of all, break LOS with the rocketeer!
Everybody has to move and shoot, prioritizing suppressing over low chances to kill, so Ix: the generator, Rockit: that thing, Kayree: the heavy gunner, and Baetriss: the spotter.
No. 982412 ID: 0fae41

...If Ix can't cover the distance to get behind the command bunker, hopefully at least switching covers will help.
No. 982415 ID: 1cd24d

Everyone move to the commander room door. Use the breaching charge. And shoot at the strange creature, through the shooting slit, and the heavy cultists on the left. In this order.
No. 982453 ID: b1b4f3

I wish we could tell which cover the rocket guy is aiming at, but I am fairly sure it's the cover Ixander and Rockit are hiding behind, since the rocket guy basically has them flanked due to the firing angle.
Let's not shoot the creature that just finished off the jugg. Three cultists got reanimated behind it, and it will likely attack those instead of us, especially if we don't go near it.

Ixander don't get crushed by the falling juggernaut. Give your LMG to Rockit then run behind the cover on the right. You can't take another hit and will have to stay out of sight for the rest of the mission, or possibly behind someone so you can't get shot.
Rockit: move up to behind the sandbags (or whatever those are) next to your current cover, and shoot at the guard inside the bunker. The rocket cultist doesn't have a firing angle at that location so it should be safe. If that isn't actually cover, move some of it so it is instead of shooting.
Baetriss: try to snipe the rocket cultist.
Kayree: burst fire at the two cultists to suppress them, as well as the guard inside the bunker.
No. 982456 ID: 094652

Ixander: Interact, use the Juggernaut as cover! Blindside-Fire on the power supply to the portal to shut it down!
Baetriss: Aim and Snipe the rocket cultist before he kills you all!
Rockit: Hunker Down and overwatch on the new monster guy! Don't fire unless he moves towards you instead of attacking your enemies, shoot any cultists if they come into view! Ask if he's friendly.
Kayree: Shoot one of the snipers in the back.
If they successfully summon reinforcements, tactical retreat!
No. 982471 ID: 12b116
File 160670489126.jpg - (0.97MB , 2000x1500 , sexcom026a.jpg )

Rockit moves behind the cover just past her cover and shoots at the mysterious creature!

She misses!

Ixander fires at the mysterious creature and hits!

The creature is riddled with bullets!

Ixander fires at the bunker cultist!

Ixander misses, but the cultist takes a penalty to aim!

Kayree moves up to the command bunker.

Kayree burst fires at the heavy cultist and hits!

The heavy cultist and the spotter take a penalty to hit!

Baetriss shoots at the rocket cultist!

She hits!

The rocket cultist drops like a sack of bricks!
No. 982472 ID: 12b116
File 160670491128.jpg - (455.28KB , 1200x900 , sexcom026b.jpg )

The mysterious creature falls to the ground in a pool of blood!

The bunker cultist shoots at Baetriss and hits!

Baetriss takes damage!

The heavy cultist shoots at Ixander twice and misses twice!

Ixander has a penalty to Aim!

The spotter shoots two bursts at Rockit!

He hits once and misses once!

Rockit has a penalty to hit!

A reanimated cultist drags wire across the room, disappearing behind the command room.

The Ender Commander activates the cultists' Last Measure modules!

The rocket cultist begins to reanimate!

The Juggernaut begins to reanimate!

An Alien Worm is digesting a cultist, and it can't be revived.

A bag-man drifts toward the heavy cultist!

The heavy cultist's limbs are torn off by an invisible force!

The spotter panics!

The other bag-man drifts through the room, making everyone uneasy.
No. 982474 ID: 0fae41

I think that right bag is out of targets. Kayree, shoot it while Baetriss brings that breaching charge up. Ix, shoot that commander when the breaching charge goes, and get clear of the juggernaut.
Rockit, if you can CQC the Juggernaut to make it stay dead, do so, otherwise move up.
No. 982475 ID: 094652

Looks like the eldritch are fixated on the cultists, let's not agitate them further until they start attacking our forces.

Baetriss: Move up and breach the door.
Kayree: Waste the Commander.
Ixander: Thoroughly explain the Chunky Salsa rule to the Juggernaut with your LMG, then move to Baetriss' former heavy cover.
Rockit: Rush into the command bunker, maul what's left of the commander.
No. 982483 ID: b1b4f3

We've got this. That cyborg will take at least two more turns to reach the suppression field, and at that point most of the aliens will be dead. All the cultists are dead or soon to be dead at this point which means if we take out the commander we'll be on victory road.
NOTE: the bag on the right prevents us from taking the cover near the generator on this turn. If it moves towards us again then it will be able to kill anyone standing there.
Also: the spotter is panicked which means he will shoot the closest enemy, which is the bag man. He is effectively neutralized for a turn.

Baetriss: go over next to Rockit and use the breaching charge to blow up the juggernaut, placing it such that you can just duck behind cover to avoid the blast. If there is one. If that's not really possible just do it out in the open. You can tank hits from the guard's weapon.
Kayree: Reload then fire a burst at the commander through the firing slot on the right. Don't get too close to the right edge, the bag man is almost close enough for that to be within its attack range next turn.
Ixander: move to where Baetriss was and suppress the rocket unit that's reviving. The enemy didn't want to attack from that range without aiming, so this will prevent it from attacking for sure. Also I think the bag man is floating in the way of a rocket launched towards you if you're there.
Rockit: move up to the bunker and shoot the guard in the face with your shotgun.
No. 982517 ID: 6c227a

I'm with this, except remember the breaching charge is on a timer. It won't go off till our next turn.

Rockit spike the juggernaut before it gets up. Ix, Aim and shoot the right bag.
Kayree perforate the bunker guard through the firing point.
Baetriss move up to place breaching charge on the door. I'd love it if we could put a hole in the side and get the critters pointed at the commander, but not enough time to get fancy.
No. 982525 ID: 1cd24d

Rockit rush all the way behind the command room, we need to see what's going on there!

But seriously, we need to stop the cable cultist from plugging in the portal :B
No. 982526 ID: b1b4f3

The breaching charge's timer can be set to a specific time.
In this case, we'd want to blow up the door or the juggernaut immediately, so the timer should be set to the shortest safe setting, whatever that is.

>But seriously, we need to stop the cable cultist from plugging in the portal :B
That's not even what they're trying to plug in. They're trying to plug in the suppression field.
No. 982527 ID: b1b4f3

Also, I don't think we can just stab the juggernaut's corpse before it revives to prevent it from getting up. We don't know of the weakpoints in the cybernetic endoskeleton. It needs to be exploded to be sure, and we absolutely need to be sure because that thing WILL kill someone if it gets a turn.

Like, the quest author recommended that someone take the breaching charge from Baetriss to use it on the jugg, that's how important this is.
No. 982532 ID: 1cd24d

> >>982526 >They're trying to plug in the suppression field
Why do you think so?

> >>982527 >the quest author recommended
That's cheating!
No. 982535 ID: 79b4d6

i think you should call a timeout this is getting way too violent
No. 982536 ID: b1b4f3

It's a "Suppression Field Generator" and the commander said "get that generator online". Their portable generator is already on, as it is powering the light, so he wasn't talking about that.
No. 982537 ID: 6f7a5a

Baetriss breaching charge door,
Kayree, shoot commander if her survives breach otherwise take guy behind sandbags

Rockit & Ixander take out any active enemies you can see
No. 982540 ID: b1b4f3

>There is an Ender Commander with heavy cybernetics and several weapons in the command room
On second thought I don't think we can one-round the commander. Better blow up the jugg instead. Well, either that or shoot the corpse enough it can't get up? If we did that we'd want EVERYONE to shoot the corpse though.
No. 982541 ID: b1b4f3

If we really are breaching the bunker, then I'd like to nudge it in a specific direction:
Baetriss: Put the charge at the left side of the door so it hits the guard.
Kayree grab Baetriss's shotgun to do better damage than a single burst fire from the AR
Rockit move up to whatever cover's left by the door, so you can actually hit the commander with the shotgun
Ixander double shoot. Gotta go all in, here; the other choice is to move up to the bunker as well in the hopes the puppet-jugg can't reach you if the commander lives.
No. 982542 ID: 1cd24d

:O ...you're right!

You know, if everyone just moved to the doors, like I suggested the previous round, then the juggernaut wouldn't be a problem, because he's slow and everyone would be too far away from him to do anything. And kite him as need be.
No. 982545 ID: b1b4f3

If you want your suggestions to get support you should probably stop posting bad ones where you try to get characters killed.
No. 982550 ID: 12b116
File 160678601069.jpg - (455.92KB , 1200x900 , sexcom027a.jpg )

Baetriss is ready to end this shit! She runs up to the door and sets the breaching charge just to the right of the bunker door.

Knowing that it will leave her exposed, but hoping that her companions can eliminate the enemies, she detonates the charge immediately!

The cultist is reduced to a fine spray of red mist!

Baetriss says "Alright ladies, fuck 'em up!"

Kayree reloads and burst fires into the Ender Commander!

She hits!

"Take her out!" she yells!

Ixander can't really fire through his companions with a burst weapon, so he shoots at the rightmost bagman and misses. He stands up just in case he needs to run next round.

The juggernaut ignores suppressing fire and is hit with a few stray bullets.

The bag-man and alien worm ignore suppressing fire.

Ixander's excitement fades.

Rockit moves up to the breach and fires her shotgun into the Commander!

She hits!

"Oh shit oh fuck!" she screams.
No. 982551 ID: 12b116
File 160678612240.jpg - (463.47KB , 1200x900 , sexcom027b.jpg )

The Ender Commander fires at Baetriss with her integrated weapons!

The Ender Commander hits!

The Ender Commander fires at Rockit with her integrated weapons!

The Ender Commander hits!

Rockit drops like a sack of bricks as the lance of plasma burns a hole through her!

Rockit is Injured!

The Ender Commander yells "DIE, MAGGOTS!"

Baetriss manages to keep her cool.

Kayree is shaken as Rockit's body hits the floor.

Ixander manages to keep his cool!

The Panicking cultist runs behind cover and reloads.

"HELP! SOMEBODY HELP!" she screams.

The Ender Commander didn't issue commands this turn, so the cultist with the wires continues to walk forward.

The Ender Commander didn't issue commands this turn, so the rocket cultist does nothing.

The Ender Commander didn't issue commands this turn, so the Juggernaut does nothing.

The left bag-man tears an arm off of the cultist with the wire, but the cultist with the wire doesn't seem to notice. The alien worm wriggles into a vent.

The right bag-man drifts lazily forward.
No. 982552 ID: 1cd24d

No. 982553 ID: 6f7a5a

Baetriss gun down commander
Kayree kill blue bag man
Ixander kill closer bag man
No. 982554 ID: 1cd24d

Kayree burst commander, Beatriss CQC commander, Ixander whatever.
No. 982555 ID: 0fae41

Baetriss, point blank sniper fire.
Ix, aim and shoot that bag again.
Kayree, double down on the commander.
No. 982556 ID: e8bee9

No. 982558 ID: b1b4f3

UH. Well, that didn't go as badly as I expected tbh but it's still really bad since we lost a unit, the commander is not dead, and she has a fucking plasma cannon. I expect if the jugg attacks it will outright kill Ixander though, and Kayree may lose an arm if we can't get that bagman down, so we have to keep up the pressure.

Kayree: double burstfire the commander
Baetriss: move to and bite the commander (or use the sniper rifle if that would block Kayree's attack? Not sure if units act simultaneously or in order)
Ixander: please kill the bagmen, the one on the right is the priority since it is close enough to attack!
No. 982560 ID: 12b116
File 160679252738.jpg - (0.99MB , 2000x1500 , sexcom028a.jpg )

Baetriss shoots the Ender Commander with the sniper rifle!

She hits!

"Fuck your marker!" she shouts!

Ixander shoots twice at the righ bagman!

He misses!

He hits the second time!

The bag-man is riddled with bullets!

"I wonder what's inside of there?" Ixander says.

Kayree burst fires at the commander!

She hits!

The Commander is riddled with bullets!

Kayree goes on the Lookout.

"I'm getting you all out of here alive!" Kayree says through gritted teeth.

Rockit bleeds on the floor, groaning in pain.
No. 982561 ID: 12b116
File 160679255891.jpg - (1.00MB , 2000x1500 , sexcom028b.jpg )

The bagman gently drifts to the ground, dripping blood.

The panicked cultist burst fires at the bagman and misses!

The panicked cultist burst fires at the bagman and hits!

The bagman is riddled with bullets and drifts to the ground!
No. 982562 ID: 12b116
File 160679262526.jpg - (1.10MB , 2000x1500 , sexcom028c.jpg )

You did it! You defeated the Cult of the End and freed the Extraspace Unlimited facility!

You've been awarded 4 gene points!

You can:

Recruit a random C.Org: 1 point

Activate a C.Org: 1 point

Commission a C.Org: 3 points

Extraspace Unlimited is extremely pleased with your results! You rescued one of their employees who sings your praises, and didn't destroy any of their equipment! As a matter of fact, they got some extra equipment!

For this turn ONLY you can select one of the following units:
Select one Extraspace Recruit: 2 points
Offering: This unit uses magic offensively and can heal allies. Brings its own special equipment.
Android: This is a mechanical unit that comes with its own special equipment. Also it floats.
Mother of Horrors: This monster can spawn temporary monsters during missions. It can't use equipment.

You got 5 Requisition Points!

You can:

Upgrade Pistols and SMGs: 1 point
Pistols & SMGs will be more powerful.

Upgrade shotguns: 2 points
Shotguns will be more powerful

Upgrade S.Rifles: 5 points
S. Rifles will be more powerful

Upgrade LMGS: 5 points
LMGS will be more powerful

Requisition one Improved plate carrier: 5 points
Gain one suit of Improved plate carrier

Requisition one Improved multi-limbed plate carrier: 8 points
Gain one Improved multi-limbed plate carrier

Increase Barrack Space: 2 points
Gain four more rooms for C.Orgs

Improved Command Structure: 3 points
Be able to bring one reserve units on missions that can replace injured C.Orgs during a mission.

Your C.Orgs also improved! Pick an ability for each one!

Kayree improved from Rank 1 to Rank 2!
she can learn one of the following skills:
Presence - Kayree can calm an ally that she can see instead of allies that are adjacent to her. An adjacent ally is automatically calmed with no chance of failure.
Heavy Hitter - Kayree can find weak points in armor. Her attacks ignore some of heavily armored enemies defenses.

Rockit improved from Rank 0 to Rank 1!
She can learn one of the following skills:
Headlong Charge - When taking enemy Lookout fire, enemies have a large penalty to hit.
Shotgun Surgeon - Deal extra damage from point blank with shotguns

Ixander improved from Rank 0 to Rank 1!
He can learn one of the following skills:
Area Denial - when using a fully automatic heavy weapon, this unit can use an Area Denial attack for one action. It consumes two bursts of ammo to attack all enemies in a 45 degree arc in front of the user with lower damage. It counts as suppressing fire.
MOVE MOVE MOVE - when using a heavy weapon, if the unit moves twice, it gains bonus movement that completely offsets the penalty for carrying a heavy weapon.

Baetriss improved from Rank 0 to Rank 1!
She can learn one of the following skills:
Hit the Dirt! - this unit takes substantially reduced damage from AOE explosives by falling prone. This stacks with damage reduction from cover.
Eagle Eye - this unit can Lookout with a Sniper Rifle for one action.

Choose how to spend your Gene Points, Requisition, and select skills for your C.Orgs!
No. 982563 ID: ca2950

Mother of Horrors
Upgrade Pistols & SMG
Recruit a C.Org
No. 982564 ID: 0fae41

Mother of Horrors please. We need meat shields/scouts. Upgrade pistols/SMGs and activate a C. Org with the other two.
K: Heavy Hitter.
R: Headlong Charge. Probably not the name she'd pick for it, but...
B: Eagle Eye. Snapshot, woo!
No. 982565 ID: e8bee9

Lets shore up our obvious issues with survivability.

Recruit an Offering, (shores up our healing problems!)
Activate Baetriss, (probably something fun!)

Improve command structure (this is by far one of the best options i see; we can take on harsher odds without totally losing effectiveness if someone is injured. more tactical flexibility that way)
Improve shotguns (an affordable choice to make an already deadly weapon more reliable)

Kayree: Heavy Hitter (more offense against hardpoints, nuff said)

Rockit: Headlong Charge (more offense against entrenched enemies, we're all about taking on bad odds on a time limit as we've seen)

Ixander: MOVE MOVE MOVE (we can only move as fast as our slowest member, so we don't want to be caught having to ditch heavy equipment if we all have to disperse)

Baetriss: Hit the Dirt! (reduced damage means not having to move, not having to move means having more action economy, having more action economy means being able to neutralize more threats)
No. 982566 ID: 0fae41

Oh right, probably Baetriss for the activation by the way.
No. 982567 ID: 6f7a5a

Gene Points:
Recruit 2 new C.Orgs
Recruit Offering

Requisition points:
Increase Barrack size
Improved Command Structure

Kayree: Presence
Rockit: Headlong Charge
Ixander: Area denial
Baetriss: Hit the Dirt
No. 982569 ID: 6c227a

Kayree likes helping squadmates. Give her the ranged morale boost, and use it, then she can get her extra damage from THAT.

Others I agree with. Headlong charge and Move Move Move are good. Baetriss likes CQC and has heavy armor. The sniper rifle should probably be a secondary weapon for her. Take Hit the Dirt
No. 982570 ID: 094652

Offering (we ran out of heals, having a healer on the team will mitigate multi-stage attrition. Actually, if the offering is on-site, can we have the Offering begin their healing like NOW?)

Activate Kayree since she's quickly becoming our team captain.
Heavy Hitter
Leave Rockit alone, she's going to need some time in the ICU. (Also, you may want to check her eyes, are shark pupils supposed to contract that much?)
Area Denial (Aw yeah)
Eagle Eye
Improved Command Structure (you never know...)
No. 982572 ID: b1b4f3

Spend 2 gene points on an Offering. Healing's good yo, and magic is nondescriptive but might be able to bypass armor? Maybe they can even use healing outside of missions to boost recovery times for C.Orgs! I'm worried that the unit will have low hp but maybe we can keep it out of sight during missions...
Spend 2 points to Activate Ellie and Yiann, since they're gonna be on the next mission probably.

Spend 5 req points to buy a set of improved armor. We've seen how incredibly good it is.

Kayree: Presence.
As we've seen, panic is dangerous, so this is very useful.

Rockit: Headlong Charge
I actually don't like shotguns anymore since we can't predict what size the battlefield will be. In large rooms with spaced out cover(like the portal room), they are garbage. Headlong Charge has potential use with other weapons.

Ixander: Area Denial
AOE damage? Nice. The other talent seems useless since in situations where we want to move twice the extra bonus would be overkill.

Baetriss: Eagle Eye
This is a fantastic ability. Almost broken on Baetriss since she can use the other action to attack. HTD would be good on some other unit for baiting out explosive weapons.
No. 982573 ID: 1332e6

No. 982574 ID: cccb26

Gene Points:
2 new corgs
Mother of Horrors

A: We need more bodies
B: Temporary Expendable Bodies are extremely high-value and a huge monster is extremely bonerful

1: Bigger Barracks
2: Improved Command Structure

Easily the two best options for the whole update. Bigger Barracks is more folks, and more folks is not just injury insurance but also more folks can do more stuff and get more stuff at base between missions.

Extra sub-out people for missions is no-brainer good. Wounded people can be kept safe, specialists can pop in for tasks, cool stuff all around.

Headlong Charge
Area Denial

three obvious choices

probably eagle eyes for baetriss
No. 982578 ID: 894419

I concur
No. 982580 ID: 864e49

Can we commission a dragon C.Org?
No? ok
Activate Rockit and Baetris.
Get Offering

Improved Command Structure
Upgrade Pistols and SMGs

Kayree - Presence
Rockit - Shotgun Surgeon
Ixander - Area Denial
Baetriss - Hit the Dirt
No. 982583 ID: b1b4f3

I like Baetriss too but uh, she won't be healed for 2 missions. You guys sure you wanna spend the point to activate her?
Rockit is even worse, she'll be healing for 2 missions AND we don't know how easy it will be to get her a new arm.

We can activate them after we complete 2 missions, just before they're fresh and ready to go on their next one.
No. 982588 ID: 1cd24d

Mother of Horrors, because someone's gonna have to put those babies into her :V
Improved Command Structure.
Save the rest of the points.
No. 982594 ID: 0fbdcd

Recruit one more rando so we have two full squads of four. Then, activate that rando, Yann, and Eilie.

Take the mother of horrors. Sounds like a nice lady.

Improve command structure and improve shotguns.

K: Presence.
R: Headlong.
Ix: Area denial.
Bae: Eagle eyes.
No. 982605 ID: e2dc7c

I've been told Offering has a pointy face so clearly that is the superior answer.
No. 982607 ID: b03316

Get Mother of Horrors, a random Corg, and activate Eilie. Upgrade the barracks and improve command structure - great for missions where we have no medic available.
Heavy Hitter, Headlong, Move and Eagle Eye. Baetriss just keeps getting stronger.
No. 982608 ID: b1b4f3

(I deleted my vote change, definitely picking Offering)
No. 982609 ID: 65617e

activete fucc twice
get mother of horrors
get improved plate carrier
kayree get presence
rockit get shotgun surgeon
ixander get area denial
beatriss get hit the dirt
No. 982610 ID: 421ad0

Mother of Horrors seems like it could be really useful. Activate C.Orgs with the other two points.

Grab Improved Command Structure for reserves. Upgrade Pistols.

Kayree: Presence
Rockit: Headlong Charge
Baetriss: Eagle Eye
No. 982611 ID: 95d186

Take the mother of horrors and recruit 2 more C.Orgs.
Upgrade command structure and increase the barracks size.

Give Kayree Presence
Rockit Shotgun Surgeon
Ixander Area Denial
Baetriss Eagle Eye
No. 982614 ID: 0fae41

Okay, either things got really edited or I really misread. Or both? So, to restate:
Gene points: Mother of Horrors, activate Kayree again (its true Baetriss won’t be ready for a while), and activate a new C. Org.
Requisition: upgrade pistols and SMGs, upgrade shotguns, and buy more bunks. New C. Orgs are the lifeblood of our organization.
Abilities: Same.
No. 982616 ID: 745eba

Definately pick up Mother of Horrors, other than that I have no preference for spending points

Give Kayree prescence, Rockit headlong charge, Ixander area denial, and Beatriss eagle eye
No. 982633 ID: 12b116
File 160687772436.jpg - (435.32KB , 1000x750 , sexcom029.jpg )

This is how you spend most of your points:

Gene Points
Recruit either Mother of Horrors or Offering
Recruit a new C.Org!
Activate a C.Org!

Requisition Points
Increase Barrack Space
(gain 4 new rooms)
Improve Command Structure
(Can bring one reserve unit)

Your C.Orgs gain the following abilities:
Kayree learns Presence
Ixander learns Area Denial
Rockit learns Headlong Charge
Baetriss learns Eagle Eye

Your new recruit is:
Badger Abilities:
Large Frame - Harder to kill than the average C.Org & deals increased CQC damage, but gains less of a benefit from cover.
Animal Senses - Bonus detection radius

Assault Rifle

However, Eilie and Baetriss were tied when it comes to who gets an upgrade. Please vote for one.

More importantly, in the interest of avoiding buyer's remorse, more information is given regarding Mother of Horrors and the Offering.

Meant as a sacrifice to a dark power, her connection to the evil force that wishes to consume her grants her magical abilities when she injures herself.

She can use pistols, but has an aim penalty, and cannot wear armor or carry items. She has the following magical abilities:

Hanging - For two actions, the Offering's staff magically transfixes itself to the ground and she folds her legs, hanging herself. Once she begins Hanging, she will continue to do so and cannot move, although she can still use actions while hanging.

The Offering takes temporary damage each round, and cannot become Wounded due to this damage if it causes her to drop below half health.

All enemies in a large radius around her being to choke, suffering reduced movement and taking cumulative penalties to calm and to hit with any skills or abilities that have a chance to miss.

The Offering must spend two actions to stop Hanging. She will recover the temporary damage caused by Hanging. This effect can't miss and ignores most defenses.

Transfusion - for one action, the Offering opens a vein in her neck, thigh or wrist. She can heal a friendly unit within a short radius 4xs the damage she took from the attack. It has no chance to miss.

Disembowelment - The Offering stabs herself in the stomach to deal unpreventable damage with no chance of failure to an enemy she can 'see' within a moderate radius. The damage is equal to 4xs the damage she takes herself, and ignores all armor and most defenses. It has no chance to miss.

She has the following traits:
Otherworldly Vigor - Takes reduced damage from all sources, increasing as she gains ranks. Can be revived and continue to act with the use of a Trauma Kit. She heals from being Wounded or a Casualty even if she doesn't rest.
Broken - This unit doesn't become shaken or panic from most events. She doesn't take morale penalties from most sources.
Unnerving - Roommates have trouble liking her and may suffer morale penalties. Squadmates may take a Calm penalty when near her.

Mother of Horrors
This huge monster can break down biological matter and recombine it into creatures that she "births," issuing them simple psychic commands. She cannot speak.

She can use Items, but cannot wear armor or equip weapons.

She has the following abilities:

The Mother of Horrors begins a mission with the Gravid status.

While Gravid, she has reduced movement and a lower chance to hit in CQC.

She can use the following abilities while Gravid:

Birth Horror - the Mother of Horrors ceases to be Gravid, and a Horror is spawned in front of her.

All Horrors have the following traits:
Small Frame - enemies have a penalty to shoot this creature and it gains an increased bonus from cover
Wriggler - this creature can squeeze through vents and similar structures.

The Horror follows specific commands the round it is spawned, but then acts on its own, generally moving toward and attacking the closest enemy.

There are three types of Horrors:

Stranglers entangle enemies they hit in CQC, dealing low damage, but potentially causing panic and preventing their targets from moving/reducing their movement until killed.

Spiker this Horror deals moderate CQC damage and moves very quickly.

Spitter this Horror can make low damage ranged attacks and will generally seek out cover from which to flank and harass enemies with its ranged attacks.

If the Mother of Horrors is not Gravid, she can spend two actions to Consume a disabled enemy (or friendly) unit. This causes all nearby units to make a Calm check or become shaken. If she consumes a friendly unit, all friendly units will make a Calm check with a penalty or Panic.

Every time she does so, there is a chance she will become Gravid, based on the size of the enemy she consumes.

Mother of Horrors has the following traits:

Monstrous Body - this unit is hard to kill, has very high health, moves faster than normal, deals very high CQC damage, and takes reduced damage from attacks. Although it can use items, it cannot equip most weapons or armor, and cannot gain a benefit from most cover.
Cold - This unit doesn't panic when friendly units are wounded, injured or killed.
Stoic - this unit rarely panics or becomes shaken, and the penalties from being wounded or shaken are halved.
Terrifying - this unit can sometimes cause enemies to Panic, and its roommates and squadmates suffer a penalty to morale and calm.

Select either Mother of Horrors or Offering

Select either Baetriss or Eilie to be Activated
No. 982636 ID: 0fae41

Activate Eilie! Have to go with mother of horrors still, recharging via downed enemies is a fair recharge rate, and it's only polite that she waits until you're out of the squad car to spawn those things.
No. 982637 ID: 7cadce

Offering. She has some really useful (and no failure chance!) abilities.

Baetriss is out of commission for a few missions, so activate Eilie.
No. 982638 ID: e8bee9

Recruit Offering, Activate Baetriss
No. 982642 ID: 6c6c65

The only correct answer is the sacrificial gf. I vote for Offering. She's the cutest after all

Edditionally Ellie can come too
No. 982643 ID: 894419

Offering, and activate Ellie.
No. 982644 ID: cccb26

Mother of Horrors, obviously immensely better than the offering.
No. 982650 ID: 19b6af

Recruit Mother of Horrors.
No. 982654 ID: 0fbdcd

I'm torn. Mother gives the whole squad debuffs- but the benefit of additional meatshields is undeniable. I still say Mother.
Also activate Eilie.
No. 982655 ID: 6f7a5a

an extra heally person and potential for instant annavoidable damage seems really huge, a very usually tool for our belt

MoH seems too limited in use, she can spawn one horror then has to get close to corpses which seems really risky
Beatriss has shown that even a tough guy can go down fast.


for Activation, she's going on the next mission and needs to be better now
Baetriss is on vacation she can get cool mutations later
No. 982656 ID: 6f8a15


Eilie to be Activated
No. 982658 ID: 745eba

I'm still leaning Mother, even if the debuffs aren't great

And upgrade Eilie
No. 982660 ID: a38353

The Offering and Baetriss
No. 982661 ID: b1b4f3

Activate Ellie, it gives an immediate benefit. We can boost Baetriss when she's healed up, which will give an immediate benefit then.

Let's go with Offering. MoH has too many morale/panic issues. While having minions is nice, they are not very expendable, powerful, or controllable, and she basically takes up two units in our roster since it's a bad idea to give her a roommate. I suspect that the non-spitter minions will die quickly, so she's mostly just a melee unit as-is. She can eventually use weapons and armor once we buy some for Monstrous Body units, which would make her tradeoff entirely minions vs calm checks... but it makes the most sense to wait until one of our units gets Monstrous Body from an Activation. Then the equipment will be usable by two units instead of just one.
Yes, we will most likely have another chance to buy her, or the android (who by the way, cannot die if downed; we can always repair her). The cost will be higher though.

Offering on the other hand requires TIME investment through ranking her up, and there's no way to increase the investment's payoff so we may as well take her now; she'll be basically useless if we take her late in the quest. We can keep her out of line of sight to prevent her from being shot at all since Hanging doesn't need line of sight, and use her as a HP battery to heal everyone at much higher efficiency. As a panic button we can have her disembowel to take out a high value target. Like a rocket unit, or a Commander. If she gets downed we can swap her out. Or swap her in before a boss fight? I'm not sure if she's better earlier in a fight or later.
No. 982663 ID: 094652

An early stage debuff unit who can find a central bunkered location and force all enemies to literally choke on her acts of masochism, and a late-stage healer who can be revived even if she kills herself keeping the rest of the team alive?
And she's hot?
Definitely reinforcing my vote to her.

>Mother of Horrors
Her disposable mooks ability is well-suited for attrition, and recycles corpses off the battlefield, especially useful against resurrecting mooks... but she's a tank without armor upgrades, she has to stay within sight of nearly all our teammates when she gets creepy, and we need to study some of those corpses instead of destroying them.
Not the best candidate.

Abstaining from who to activate, they deserve it almost equally.
No. 982664 ID: 864e49


Upgrade Baetriss.
Go with Offering. She can bunk with Fucc cause bird don't a Fuc.

The MoM seams like ass; it terrifies our own units, take a turn to spawn a single mostly uncommandable seemingly squishy unit that can't even be used as a scout, takes two actions to consume a single dead enemy with the CHANCE of being able to spawn more.
No. 982668 ID: 1cd24d

I can't believe we're voting again even after Mother of Horrors won. This election is rigged! Also, what's with that sexy pose that Offering is making? It's as if Bite wants us to vote for her :V

Offering's skills actually aren't that great, except for the healing. The damage is probably lower than most normal weapons. Btw, why aren't Offering's skills causing morale penalties? I don't know about you, but I'd be pretty disturbed if a teammate hung herself or cut her own neck!

Anyway, I vote for MoH because more units to command is more fun. The downsides can be mitigated and I'd imagine that after upgrading her, the horrors would also become more powerful. Besides, I can't say no to those four milkers :x
No. 982670 ID: 12b116

Offering's "Unnerving" trait effectively means her skills give nearby units calm penalties, and she also gives calm penalties even when she doesn't use them. If she's shooting guns or whatever she usually won't tho, and there are a few personality types/special traits that means some units aren't that bothered by her. But yeah, expect her to give calm penalties to most units most of the time.
No. 982674 ID: dc0e8b

Offering and eilie are the right answers here
No. 982675 ID: d534c9

I have not been nor will I ever be capable of offering any suggestion of value to this quest but Offering makes my "genitals" feel nice, so pick her.
No. 982680 ID: fba229

Baetriss and Mother of Horrors. Because those two faces are just adorable!
No. 982681 ID: 6c227a

the time for reasoned debate has passed. Now is only the count!

Offering! Eille!
No. 982691 ID: e85a08

I'll also vote with my dick

No. 982694 ID: 6c227a

For the record, voting with my dick does not actually solve either choice for me, and I had to arrive at these options for strategic reasons.
No. 982695 ID: 1332e6

Offering is absolutely OP—never say no to guaranteed damage.
No. 982754 ID: c8a743

Can Extraspace Recruits be activated?
No. 982769 ID: 48c0bb

They cannot. They only improve by gaining ranks.
No. 982777 ID: 12b116
File 160721080444.jpg - (232.38KB , 1000x750 , sexcom030.jpg )

You recruit

Zarah, the Offering
A unique Extraspace Unlimited unit!

You activate Eilie!
Eilie gains
Leggy - This unit has increased movement.

Ixander was wounded.

Rockit was injured in the last battle.
Rockit has lost her left arm
Although she can be fitted with a simple prosthetic, she has a significant penalty to hit with weapons other than pistols and SMGs.

Updated Roster of C.Orgs:

You looted the battlefield.
Updated Equipment List:

Current Relationships:

Yiann has been investigating the pee mystery.

He tells you he thinks it was definitely a mammal that committed the urine crimes.

Eilie rested and has fully recovered!

She's very happy about receiving a Gene Activation!

Fucc rested and has fully recovered!

Now you can decide to rearrange living quarters.


Kayree and Yiann are roommates.
Kayree is requesting a new roommate, but she says it's not a big deal if you can't accommodate her. She doesn't dislike Yiann, it's just ...

No one else is rooming together.

Rockit and Baetriss were casualties, and are recovering in the hospital suite. You can't assign them to a room.

It is better for C.Orgs to have a roommate! C.Orgs without a roommate will lose morale unless they're spending time with Lurleen or Mary Kil.

Please assign C.Orgs roommates!
You can edit the attached picture by moving units into rooms, or just say which C.Orgs you want together.

Decide whether anyone will be spending time with Mary Kil and/or Lurleen. Those C.Orgs have to have a room to themselves.
Mary Kil likes Eilie
Lurleen is Neutral toward Fucc

It's also time to spend time with one of your C.Orgs! Select a C.Org to spend time with, and decide whether you'll do so as a man or a woman.
You can spend time with Casualties, but must do so in their hospital room.
No. 982780 ID: 0fae41

Kayree - Ix
Yiann - Eilie
Fucc - alone, Mary
Dan - alone, Lurleen
Zarah - alone.

Date: Kayree, guy. You can accomplish the same thing as a date with Rockit or Bae by sending a clown to their hospital room.
No. 982783 ID: 6f7a5a

Fucc and Zarah, maybe two outcasts can become friends?
Yiann and Dan, Yiann can maybe feel like less of the noob?
Eilie and Kayree, maximum barks!

Kayree spend time with Mary kil, for maximum barks again!

Ixander spend time with Lurleen to to discuss the value of salvage

Date Rockit! she had a really hard day and needs some cheering up, bring her food so she doesn't have to eat hospital trash!
No. 982784 ID: e8bee9

Zarah with Mary Kil; our top biologist getting to know someone truly alien.

Ixander with Lurleen; his apparent fascination with collection might lead to some good chemistry with Lurleen.

Danovin with Yiann; one's a newbie and one's naive... we might figure out what's going on with the new guy while we're at it.

Eilie with Kayree; let's see how they get on.

Fuc by himself; no offense, Bomber Harris.

Go and visit Rockit. She paid a pretty high price. Lets be there for her while we can.
No. 982785 ID: c8a743

>it was definitely a mammal
He should change his name to Sherlock.

Kayree-Eilie, Zarah-Fucc, Yiann-Mary, Ixander-Lureen, Donavin-

In order of my preference:
Zarah, Kayree, Yiann.
All as male... yes.
No. 982787 ID: 094652

>Rockit has lost her left arm
Right, we need to find her a high-quality prosthetic. She might also develop a permanent phobia of short-range low-mobility combat, so consider re-developing her as a flanking marksman.

I think someone should make a google spreadsheet to keep track of current pairings
Kayree and Danovin
Zarah and Fucc
Ixander and Eilie
Lurleen and Yiann
Have Mary visit Rockit in the IC, discuss options for prosthetics.

Offering, Male Body. Unlike the other soldiers, she wasn't born or indoctrinated here. She might not be born from a test tube. We should get her introduced to the team personally.
No. 982788 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, we have an odd number of units, so we can't pair everyone and it's inefficient. Let's keep that in mind from here on(though I guess Casualties not using rooms is an unpredictable factor).

Zarah can spend time with Mary since we might find out new genetic knowledge from her and also this avoids morale issues. We can figure out who works well with Zarah by seeing their reactions during a mission.
Ixander should hang with Lurleen because I like the idea of "salvage = requisition"
Yiann and Danovin should bunk together, since a big person like Danovin should help Yiann feel safe.
Eilie can have a room by herself since she just got a morale boost from the activation and should be fine.
Let's see how Kayree can handle Fucc.

Spend time with Kayree as a guy, maybe she can give us some leadership pointers. Or date pointers, as we need more help with that tbh and she likes helping others.
No. 982789 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, and give Baetriss and Rockit a quick visit in their rooms to wish them well. Rockit specifically should be told we're gonna try to get her a cool cyber arm.
No. 982790 ID: c8a743

> >>982787 >Have Mary visit Rockit in the IC
Mary is a scientist, not a doctor. Why do you assume Mary can do things that the medical personnel in the IC cannot?

> >>982788 >and also this avoids morale issues
Why do you assume this would avoid morale issues? So you would prefer Mary get unhappy instead of our C.Orgs? Also, Mary is a sciency person while Zarah is a magicky person, so I doubt they'd get along.
No. 982793 ID: 0fbdcd

I don't have any strong opinions on roomie matchups, but I think that it's vital we go and visit the casualties rather than go on a date with someone. Rocket lost an arm, man.
No. 982795 ID: b1b4f3

>Why do you assume this would avoid morale issues?
I feel it would at least cause less issues than her rooming with someone. When I made the suggestion I assumed we didn't have to worry about morale with our science officers, and realized afterwards that that might not be true, but it should at least cause less issues than her rooming with someone. Bad morale on our units in combat sounds far worse than bad morale on our science officers.
No. 982798 ID: a38353

we should visit Rockit since they got like...super messed up in that last mission.
No. 982804 ID: c8a743

> Bad morale on our units in combat sounds far worse than bad morale on our science officers.
I'd argue that getting 1 gene point is worth quite a lot and that it justifies temporarily having bad morale for one C.Org. Especially if this C.Org. is one that we aren't bringing on the next mission anyway.
No. 982806 ID: b1b4f3

If the gene point was what you were concerned about you should've mentioned that in your first post.
Please stop talking to me.
No. 982809 ID: c8a743

Sorry, I didn't express myself clearly. While not getting a gene point is the immediate consequence of doing poorly with Mary, I am actually more concerned about other negative effects that doing so could have. And the main point of my previous reply was that, for the next mission, some C.Orgs will stay at home, so it would be inconsequential if one of those had bad morale.
No. 982810 ID: ca2950

Spend time with Rockit. I'll go out on a limb and say she could use a hand right now. Don't make her shoulder it alone.
No. 982811 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, can we ask HQ for some info?
What is the average mortality rate for C.Orgs?
Is there a way for a C.Org to retire to a noncombat role?

Finally, can we like, do some tests on our C.Orgs to find out some basic stats on them like movement speed, aim, and endurance(health)? Even vague information is better than nothing.
No. 982831 ID: fba229

Date Rockit. Cuz dat eyespan! Click click click.
No. 982865 ID: 12b116

I'll address this in the /dis/ thread.
No. 982869 ID: 12b116
File 160729300820.jpg - (446.43KB , 1000x750 , sexcom031.jpg )

Kayree and Eilie are in room 1

Yiann and Danovin are in room 2

Fucc and Zarah are in room 3

Ixander is in room 4, and spending time with Lurleen.

Rockit and Baetriss are in the hospital together.

You decide to spend time with Rockit as a man.

Before you go in, you decide you should bring her something, seeing as how you won't be able to take her anywhere.

What do you bring Rockit?

A) An acoustic guitar.

B) A "get well" card. It says "Hang in there" and has a picture of a kitten on it.

C) A portable game console with some games.

D) A bucket of raw, bloody fish chunks.

E) A music player with some songs.

F) Flowers Unfortunately, somebody peed in the flowers, so none are available.

G) Paints and painting stuff.

H) A hamburger with all the fixens.

I) A meatball sub.

J) A basket of chicken nuggets.

K) Lingerie. Unfortunately, the lingerie has been urinated upon and isn't available.

L) Spaghetti.

M) A homemade bento box. It's pinku. That means 'pink.'

N) A bottle of whiskey.

O) Some playing cards.

P) A revolver.

Q) A box of chocolates. You ate some to make sure they were good.

R) Nothing. Just coming to see her should be good enough.

You can only pick one

You select your gift and walk through the door, you smell the antiseptic and see her laying in her hospital bed. She groans, one eye barely open as she looks towards you.

After you present her with your gift, what do you say?
No. 982870 ID: 511ed0

Rockit is shy, and a little timid right? E) A music player should be a good choice of gift to help time in a hospital go by; and its nice for an introvert. Try to get a broad spectrum of genres on it since we don't what she likes.

Also I'm anti-voting the bento box if I'm allowed to do that, we don't need a to start getting a reputation.
No. 982871 ID: 6f7a5a

homemade Bento box! it shows you care that you would make something just for her!
No. 982872 ID: e51896

Best not get her a gift that requires two arms. A music player is the best bet. just make sure the music is nothing depressing.
No. 982873 ID: ca2950

Bring her a meatball sub. Nobody feels bad when they have a meatball sub. Make sure to get extra marinara.
No. 982874 ID: e8bee9

Getting her a music player sounds good. She's probably way beyond being able to enjoy a meal now anyways, at least music should soothe her.
No. 982875 ID: e7c7d3

C) Everyone likes videogames.

Ask her if she's lucid enough for guests
No. 982876 ID: b1b4f3

M is very on-brand for our commander's developing character I think. Hell, maybe the commander is actually japanese and not a weeb.
HOWEVER I want to bring E, because there's a good chance she's not going to want to eat in her current condition and music is something she can enjoy without moving much. Also iirc hospital food is bland for medical reasons.

Ask her how she's feeling. High on painkillers? We're gonna interrogate those cultists and make her a cool arm.
No. 982878 ID: 973149

The music player is nice, assumimg it has a varied playlist or radio built-in. If not it would be best to give a food, go for a meatball sub.
No. 982879 ID: 6f7a5a

Ask if you can do anything to make her stay more comfortable, then offer gift
No. 982881 ID: 0fae41

Bring the bento box.
"Welcome home, Rockit. Congrats on living another day."
No. 982882 ID: 094652

Why is 'dildo' not on this list?
Whatever, portable game console but mostly puzzle games and visual novels. Remember, she only has one hand right now, and the hospital doesn't like their patients eating when their digestive tract may have gone into a temporary coma from the shock.
No. 982883 ID: cdabe3

No. 982885 ID: a38353

bring that music player.
No. 982886 ID: 546277

Music player. For music, get her Def Leppard (or this universe's equivalent to Def Leppard) because the drummer is one armed, so that could be motivational for her.
No. 982887 ID: c8a743

A, C, G - Would probably not be a good idea because they would be hard to use with only one hand.

D, H, I, J, L, M, N, Q - Foods, probably a bad idea while she's in a hospital. We don't know if doctors would allow her to eat anything until she's at least somewhat healed (did any time pass at all?). Besides, eating food in a hospital isn't romantic.

B - It's something we could've sent / could send her before or after the visit, but I think that giving this to her in person would be just weird.
E - Maybe, but the problem is that we don't know what music she likes. I also think that it's pretty easy to get bored of listening to music.
O - It's something we could bring here, but not as a gift. Unfortunately, the cards require two players so they wouldn't be useful to her after we leave.
P - Har har Bite :V But you know that if I chose this, and you went with it, the whole questden would give me shit for it for the rest of time.

I'll vote for C - A portable game console with some games. And buy a console with a neural interface so she can play games without hands~ Well, both of us.

In fact, we could bring a whole VR set, and go on a date with her inside a VR world... huh, this actually sounds like a great idea.
No. 982888 ID: c8a743

>Mary Kil
What happened to Mary? I thought everyone voted to have someone visit her.

>After you present her with your gift, what do you say?
Apologize to her for getting her hurt. Blame yourself with tearful eyes. Then tell her that, this gift is something small that you thought would make her stay in the IC easier. And if she's interested, you'd like <use this gift for its purpose> with her, to keep her company and enjoy some time with her.
No. 982895 ID: fba229

Can it be a total weeb music player? I vote for a music player shaped like a virtual idol.
No. 982899 ID: dc2f7b

And for the talking: Start off with asking if everything is going alright with her in the hospital right now. Then you can move into talking about the mission and her arm/injuries. Noting that she seemed to have a bad time even without the outcome of her getting injured.

Mostly be there for her, and listen to any issues or opinions she may have. Don't really know how much she likes talking yet so there may be a bit of trouble balancing getting her to talk and not being forceful. So if she seems resistant you can let her know that she's free not talk about stuff she doesn't want to talk about.
No. 982903 ID: 0fbdcd

Music player is ideal- or maybe a paint set. The first is something easy and relaxing, the second is a way to help her learn to use her new arm.

First, make sure she's feeling alright enough for a visit. Make some small talk, ask how the hospital is, etc.

Ask about how she feels about the last mission, and apologize for her injuries. Seeing people hurt under our watch is a hard blow to the heart. Assure her we're going to redirect funds towards the medical parts of RnD, in hopes of preventing these kinds of incidents in the future. Maybe getting her a more suitable prosthetic.

...if that's something we can do. If we feed RnD enough enemy gear, will they eventually crap out prosthetic tech? Oh- I bet they could have a field day dissecting the cyborgs from the last mission, if we haven't already tossed those their way.

Either way, this is probably going to be a visit more about listening than talking. We need to show to the whole squad that we take responsibility for the consequences of our actions, and want to hear from them when we fuck up.
No. 982985 ID: 12b116
File 160739383063.jpg - (514.15KB , 1000x750 , sexcom032.jpg )

You decide to bring Rockit a music player.

You look at her there in her hospital bed.

"Hey," you say quietly. "You awake?"

She groggily turns toward you. "Commander?"

"Tell me if there's something I can do to make you more comfortable."

Rockit seems happy you came to see her.

"I'm ok," she sniffles.

"I brought you a music player," you say, handing it to her.

She smiles a bit as you hand her the gift. She struggles with it for a bit before she manages to get the earbuds in and presses play.


You don't honestly remember exactly what you'd put on it, but you're pretty sure it's fine.

"Oh, right," Rockit says, her voice thick and slurred. "Eilie said you want to be called 'sempai.'"

"Welcome Home," you say. "Congrats on living another day."

You see her sniffle and then she bursts into tears, sobbing.

"I almost died," she chokes out.

You rush to her bedside. "I'm so sorry," you say, trying to sound sincere.

"It's my fault you got hurt. It's my responsibility to keep you safe, and I failed." You get a little choked up yourself.

She doesn't say anything, and you let the silence percolate a bit before you change the subject.

"So, is everything alright in the hospital so far?" you ask.

"I talk with Baetriss," she says, "and the nurse is nice."

"That's good," you say, and start discussing the mission with her, mentioning that she seemed to be having a really bad time even before she got injured.

"My arm ... " she says, on the verge of tears again. "My arm is gone."

"I'm, um," you say, "Uh. I'm gonna try my best to get you a new arm. To get some R&D funds to improve prosthetics, and try to keep something like this from ever happening again."

She doesn't really say anything.

After a bit of silence, the nurse comes in. She's covered in scars and has a prosthetic arm herself. You also think she's got a prosthetic leg, too.

"How's my best patient?" the nurse says soothingly.

"My commander came to see me," she says, looking from you to the nurse.

The nurse checks on her stump, making sure it's draining properly and there's no sign of infection.

"That's very sweet of him," the nurse says, glancing at you with a certain amount of coldness in her one remaining eye.

"He brought me a music player too," Rockit continues. "An' he said he was gonna try to get me a new a- ar- " she starts to sob again.

"Shhh, it's ok," the nurse says. "Are you glad he came to see you?"

"Yeah," Rockit says.

After a moment, she speaks up.

"Can he bring me some food?" she asks.

"Sure," the nurse says, glancing at you again. Her expression has softened a bit.

How do you keep the conversation going? Do you ask the nurse anything? If you want to get Rockit some food, you can pick something from the options in the previous update
No. 982986 ID: 0fae41

Get her something you can help her eat. The bento box, or the fish chunks maybe. Check that with the nurse first.

You don't have to call us senpai, unless you wanted to. Really. Really, really wanted to. It's not the default here, is what I'm saying.
We're here to get to know you better, Rockit. Says in your profile you like it when a teammate assists you. How does it feel when they do that?

Hello, nurse. What's your name? How long were you deployed? How do the prosthetics feel?
No. 982987 ID: 6f7a5a

Ask Rockit what kind of music she likes, right now it only has some of you favorite songs on it, if she doesn't know what she likes offer to collect some top picks from the rest of the crew.

Tell her how proud of her you are, if it wasn't for her quick actions under pressure Baetriss might not have made it out of the generator room.

Give bento box for food, or a meatball sub if you don't have one prepared
No. 982988 ID: 0055dc

NO bento box! Get her a basket of chicky nuggz and a meatball sub.
No. 982989 ID: e8bee9

bento box
No. 982990 ID: b1b4f3

L or M.

Is she getting along well with Baetriss? Or anyone else she'd like to be roommates with? What are her hobbies and interests?

>ask nurse things?
She's a retired C.Org, right? How's life for her off the battlefield?
How are the other patients doing?
(can we spend a little time with Baetriss too?)
No. 982994 ID: 11c134

Ask Rockit if there's anything she's in the mood for. Check with the nurse if there's anything she can and can't have.
No. 982997 ID: 5f58de

I'm on the boat of ask rockit what she wants, suggest fish chunks or a sub. For the love of god don't suggest a fucking bento box. PLEASE!
No. 982998 ID: 6f7a5a

also make sure whatever food is inside the bento box (perhaps nuggets?) is in the shape of cute sea creatures
No. 982999 ID: ca2950

She really needs that meatball sub. Spare no expense on the extra marinara.
No. 983000 ID: ab8442

Chicken Nuggies in the shape of fish is illogical, why make chicken food fish shape? Nuggies need to be in the shape of stars and crescent moons cause and tell her she's the center of our universe.
No. 983001 ID: 4c882c

Get that girl a proper footlong sub with all the trimmings, weeb shit ain't gonna cure or cheer up for a missing arm.

On the other hand, a arm prosthesis shaped shotgun will...
No. 983004 ID: a38353

Ask Rockit what she wants,
Also since we're technically in the same room can we pop in with Baetriss?
No. 983042 ID: c8a743

This is sad. Bento box.

Whisper to the nurse asking her if she can give you a titjob after this.
No. 983063 ID: c06195

You had to go and ruin the bento box didn’t you.
Spaghetti and meatballs time. Seriously, how’s she going to eat a sub one handed?
No. 983068 ID: bcda15

We should check with the nurse first to make sure we aren’t about to make her life harder, then ask rockit what sort of snacks she’s craving and see what we can do.
No. 983072 ID: 864e49

Rockit ;_;

>"Eilie said you want to be called 'sempai.'"
GODDAMMIT You know at this point we're just gonna claim we're Japanese.

Ask her what she wants and go ask Baetriss if she wants anything as well. Maybe ask doctor how long till she can get fitted with a new arm?
No. 983089 ID: b1b4f3

Do not sexually harass the nurse.
No. 983094 ID: 8a4d29

Very carefully.
No. 983097 ID: c8a743

Ask nurse to have a little 1 on 1 with her. Among other things, to ask her why she gave you that stare. If she accuses you of being a bad commander, tell her to go suck your dick... and make a deal with her. In return for keeping people out of her infirmary, get... perks.
No. 983100 ID: 76fd67

Hello, yes, please disregard this and all future creeper posts. Thank you!
No. 983104 ID: 2b1172

I concede with everyone Bento Box is best option.

Bro wtf?
No. 983105 ID: e559a4

Lets not sexually harass the nurse. Being a creap can be funny sometimes but this isn't the olympics.

No. 983107 ID: c8a743

>>983100 >>983104 >>983105
Hello, can you guys stop harassing me? Thank you.

This >>983042 was an obvious shitpost. But >>983097 was not. Don't mix up the two.

Now, to explain myself. I want to ask the nurse what she meant with her cold glance. Why? I believe that the reason she did that was because she doesn't like us because Rockit got hurt. That's understandable, but is she right to do that? No, she's not. She doesn't know what we were up against and what options we had. She doesn't know if it was possible for us to save Rockit from these injuries, or if we made any mistakes. So by giving us a stare like that here is nothing but mindless contempt and ignorance on her side. It's presumptuous. Which is why I want to tell her to "suck our dick". Not literally, but to give her the finger for acting like that. But that would likely not be enough for her, because at the end of the day, she still doesn't want to see anyone hurt. However, maybe she can do something about it. I don't know how much power she wields around here, but if she had some advanced medi kits, or if she could speed up the healing process in any way, yeah, that would be helpful. I would consider that to be a "perk", and if she wants to incentivize us to keep C.Orgs off of this bed, that would be a good way to do it.

People saying your shitty post is shitty is not harassment, dipshit
No. 983108 ID: bcda15

We should check the database for old retired c.orgs from before our time/perception that lost limbs. If we are upgrading the prosthetic system, they should also be in the rotation for getting upgrades considering the work they did/survived.
No. 983133 ID: 4c882c

it better be homemade by our sweet ma
No. 983135 ID: 12b116
File 160748350420.jpg - (606.41KB , 1000x750 , sexcom033.jpg )

"You uh, don't have to call me Senpai," you say, making sure to pronounce it correctly.

"Seriously, you really don't. Not even a little."

Rockit doesn't say anything.

"So, Rockit," you say, "You like it when people help you, right?"

"I like feeling safe, like somebody's got my back," she slurs.

You ask the nurse her name, how long she was deployed, and how she likes her prostheses.

"My name is Joaniffer Cross," she says curtly.

"I was on active duty for about two years, and it's better than not having a limb."

Rockit is sad that you aren't talking to her and looks up at you pitiably.

You ask what kind of music she likes.

"I like songs about how nobody is ever gonna love me," she says. "There's one called like, nobody's ever gonna want me or something."

You aren't really sure how to respond to that, so you ask if she wants her teammates to pick some of their favorite songs for her.

Rockit seems to brighten up appreciably.

"I'd really like that a lot!" she says.

"You know, Rockit," you say, "I'm really proud of you. If it wasn't for you, Baetriss might not have made it out of that room."

Rockit nods solemnly.

"So, do you like Baetriss?" you ask.

"Mmmhmm. She's nice." Rockit says.

"What kind of stuff are you into?"

"I like doll furniture," Rockit says. "Not dolls. Dolls are creepy. Just like, very small chairs and sewing machines. And like, a teacup this big." She holds her finger about a centimeter over her shirt.

You ask Joaniffer if she's retired and how things are going for her.

"I'm lucky that what's left of me managed to retire from active duty," she says.

You ask how your other C.Org is doing.

"She's doing well. She has a very positive attitude."

Well, Rockit asked for food. You think you should probably get her a meatball sub, although a bento box might be a good idea too, although you'd have to go and make one.

"Would it be ok if I brought her a bento or a meatball sub?" you ask the nurse.

"I don't see why-" the nurse begins before Rockit shouts!


You guess that answers that.

When you come back, you see that now Baetriss is here, although the nurse is telling her she needs to go back to her bed and that she really shouldn't be walking around.

Rockit makes a grabby motion with desperation and longing in her sad, sad eyes, so you quickly hand her the sub before the nurse turns around.

"I thought the commander was here," Baetriss says, slurring slightly. "I heard Rockit yelling about meatball subs and I want a meatball sub!"

"You don't need a meatball sub!" the nurse says. "Neither of you actually need a meatball - " she sees Rockit.

In mere seconds, she's managed to coat her face in marinara. A meatball has escaped and traversed her hospital gown.

The nurse rolls her eyes. "At least let me help you!"

"No!" Rockit screams around a mouth full of cheese and meatballs, and pulls the sub against her chest protectively, causing the bread to lose structural integrity.

"I want a meatball sub too!" Baetriss says.

"Baetriss, please go back to your bed!" the nurse says through gritted teeth.

"Yo sempai how come Rockit gets a meatball sub and I don't!" Baetriss slurs out somewhat petulantly.

Things are rapidly turning into a meatball disaster.
No. 983137 ID: 0055dc


Baetriss can share rockit's meatball sub there's some on her chest
No. 983138 ID: 2b1172

What have we done, Quest? WHAT HAVE WE DONE?
No. 983139 ID: 894419

Offer to go get beatriss one as well, we may as well commit to completely destroying medbady now.
No. 983140 ID: 2b1172

Quickly tell Baetriss you'll get her a sub too if she goes back to bed, and for everyone to calm down. I have no idea how to help Rockit at this time.
No. 983142 ID: b1b4f3

Get Baetriss a meatball sub, on the condition she goes back to bed. When you give it to her, tell her you think it's awesome how she didn't lose her cool once during the mission, and how she took down that Juggernaut before it could get to Rockit. You think she has a lot of potential with her multilimbs, though it seems difficult to get her into biting distance without exposing her to, like, all of the bullets.
Also dunk that escaped meatball directly into Rockit's mouth. Do it.

Don't worry about Joaniffer, dealing with difficult patients and their messes is part of her job. Though a "sorry about the mess" would be appropriate.
No. 983146 ID: 4c882c

We've made wounded bionic killing machines act like kindergarteners over food, that's what.
No. 983152 ID: 0fae41

Just trying to make this visit to the ward a special one, Baetriss. I'll have a meatball sub sent to your bed if you comply with nurse Joaniffer's requests to head back to it. You did good too. Say thanks to Rockit.
Talking with her mouth full's a bad idea, so... Pat Rockit and call her a good girl.
No. 983157 ID: 094652

Lady and Tramp that sub!
No. 983158 ID: a38353

Baetriss can have a sub too if she goes and lays back down.
No. 983160 ID: 6f7a5a

promise Baetriss a meatball sub if she lies back down, she needs to recover

Ask if Rockit wants a drink or something to wash down the sub

patiently let her finish her sub, and prevent the nurse from helping her unless she wants help.
when she's done ask if she has any doll items yet or if this is just something she'd like in the future
No. 983173 ID: 0fbdcd

Bae can get a sub if she goes back to bed like the nice nurse says.

... silently indicate for Rocket to open her mouth. Snatch the meatball and make a three-point shot.
No. 983196 ID: ae070c

Tell nurse that you have a "pee problem". Ask her if she can analyze "your sample".
No. 983197 ID: b1b4f3

Don't sexually harass the nurse.
No. 983198 ID: ae070c

Are you saying that it's not a good idea to bring the pee culprit's pee sample to the nurse to find out who it was?
No. 983232 ID: 12b116
File 160755843850.jpg - (513.83KB , 1000x750 , sexcom034.jpg )

You tell Baetriss that she's awesome, and you admire how she keeps her cool, and if she does what the nurse says, you'll get her a meatball sub too, and then you help Rockit while Nurse Joaniffer helps Baetriss back to bed. She seems thankful that you're helping her out there.

You mostly help her by tossing the meatballs that fall out of her sandwich into her mouth from across the room. You make it in about thirty percent of the time, but Rockit seems to have fun with it.

You ask her if she has any doll furniture, but at this point she's somewhat incoherent and sleepy so you decide you should probably end the date.

Rockit gains a big morale bonus! She might not remember most of it in the morning, but she'll remember you came to see her in the hospital, and she'll be very resistant to panic and fear the next time you take her on a mission!

As you go back to your room, you get music recommendations before you get your C.Org reports:

The Crane Wives - Ribs

Nero - Satisfy

Goldfrapp - Strict Machine

DJ Airhorn 1 Hour 🔊 Ringtone 🤩 SMS 🤩 Sound Effect 🔊


Poor Man's Poison - Feed the Machine

Masterplan - Spirit Never Dies

SUNN O))) - Kingdoms (G)

Kayree and Eilie get along great!
Eilie says she thinks Kayree is cool as fuck.
->Eilie likes Kayree.
Kayree says she has a ton of fun with Eilie and she hopes they'll stay roomates.
->Kayree likes Eilie.

Yiann and Danovin get along well!
Yiann says he feels like Danovin's got his back.
->Yiann likes Danovin.
Danovin says he knows Yiann is higher ranked than him, but he still feels like Yiann's big brother.
->Danovin likes Yiann

Fucc doesn't get along with Zarah.
Fucc says that Zarah creeps him out and has, "let's call it 'poor'" personal hygene.
->Fucc dislikes Zarah.
Zarah says that Fucc is a little pussy bitch and a narc. She's fine with staying his roommate.
->Zarah likes Fucc.

Rockit and Baetriss get along well!
Rockit says she wants to lick Baetriss on the cheek.
->Rockit likes Baetriss.
Baetriss says she wants more morphene and another meatball sub.
->Baetriss likes Rockit.

Ixander and Lurleen get along well!
Ixander says Lurleen is cool. She let him help her sort the gear and stuff.
->Ixander likes Lurleen
Lurleen says that Ixander was very helpful, and treats equipment well.
->Lurleen likes Ixander
->Lurleen thinks you're responsible enough to equip one flamethrower and flamethrower fuel for the next mission only.

No one spends time with Mary
But she still really appreciates that you went to see Rockit.

Now it's time to pick a mission!

1. Eliminate the Heretical Terratomorph
A huge monster has been detected in the sewers. It's already defeated C.Orgs from Unit 3.
Difficulty: Hard
Mission type: Boss fight
Opposing Force: Large and small monsters
Special Danger: Water is present but avoidable
Special Reward: Extra Gene Points

2. Reclaim Hab Block ZC4
Some kind of brain sponge has dominated all of the civilians in hab block ZC4. Defeat it without killing the mind-controlled civilians.
Difficulty: Easy
Mission Type: Seek and Destroy
Opposing Force: Dominated civilians and a brain sponge
Special Danger: Don't kill any civilians
Special Reward: Bonus Requisition

3.Invaders from Gate 5!
Extraspace Unlimited has detected a force set to invade. Eliminate them.
Difficulty: Medium
Mission Type: Extermination
Opposing Force: various monsters
Special Danger: Cold. Unprotected units suffer penalties.
Special Reward: Cold Weather Gear

C.Orgs from Unit 7 successfully defended Deeg's Villa

You'll be able to select your C.Orgs and equip them after you select the mission.
No. 983234 ID: 0fae41

Reclaim the hab block. Let's turn this brain sponge into a bullet sponge.
No. 983237 ID: 8b5bb9

This. Plus it'll be absolutely perfect to light that damn sponge on fire if we take the flamethrower...as long as it's not...actually soaking wet.
No. 983238 ID: 0fbdcd

The heretical teteromorph is our guy, ESPECIALLY when we have a bonus flamethrower. Can you say extra kwispy?
No. 983239 ID: ae070c

3.Invaders from Gate 5
I think Zarah would be the most effective for this mission. I also like the rare type of reward.
No. 983240 ID: b1b4f3

Let's set that brain sponge on fire. We kindof need the requisition points so that we can buy some armor.
No. 983246 ID: a38353

Lets go after that brain sponge.
No. 983248 ID: 094652

Ah. Zho Zarah Zis Zoing Zo Zee Zhike Zhat.

>Mission Select
Eliminate the Heretical Terratomorph is out of pros; Rockit is still in surgery, the water will prevent our flamethrower bonus from working effectively (or worse, work all too well in a sewer full of oils and fart gas), and I'm feeling less confident about the team taking it on now that it has learned about C.Orgs and how to murder them. Hopefully someone in city congress will petition to just bomb the sucker and pay off whoever has to evacuate.

Hab Block ZC4 is low-risk low-reward, and our C.Orgs are deadly but somewhat unprofessional. There is little use of our flamethrower bonus in this area. If Ixander or Fucc tag along, we're practically guaranteed to lose the civilian bonus. And too many civilians to not require therapy.

Invaders from Gate 5 seems like the best option. Since the Invaders are touching down in the cold, that likely means they are predisposed or geared towards extreme frost conditions. They'll never be fully prepared for a flamethrower. Even if we don't use the flamethrower effectively in combat, it can double as a survival tool against frostbite by giving us a strong source of fire, very helpful if we lose contact with our C.Orgs in a snowstorm. There are almost no civilians so our team can go all out against an invading force, and we get even more favor from Extraspace Unlimited for taking their requests twice in a row.

>Bring Zarah
Bad idea; she can't equip armor yet. That includes basic clothing. In the snowy mountains, that's a death sentence.

>Deeg's villa defended, 7 C.Orgs required
Looks like we have new business rivals, but good for them they helped that douche stop his decadent summoning party. My question is, does that company have 7 C.Orgs in total, or did they somehow deploy 7 units at once?
No. 983251 ID: 6f7a5a

Reclaim hab block, our team got wrecked hard last battle, we could use an easier mission to level up the rookies
No. 983296 ID: b1b4f3

Don't forget to get Baetriss another meatball sub
No. 983298 ID: 864e49

Eliminate the Heretical Terratomorph

Reclaim Hab Block ZC4
The brain sponge is not an actual sponge, think that one mission in Mass Effect 1.
While the extra requisition would be nice,
Free Cold Weather Gear
>Invaders from Gate 5!
>Special Danger: Cold
We have a flammenwerfer
No. 983319 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, and tell Zarah that if she wants a roommate she's gonna have to fix her hygiene issues.
No. 983343 ID: 4c882c

Time to tell her nobody likes a edgy and bossy Smelly McSmellface for a rommmate, even if she has OP plz nerf skills.
No. 983359 ID: 177fe2

"3.Invaders from Gate 5" Seems the best right now. The cold is going to be an issue but from what I see it'll be much more difficult to deal with the other two missions safely. That would be safety for us or civilians depending on the one we pick.

Also lets not make enemies with zarah before we know what's actually going on and can come up with an effective way to convince her to stop. As it is right now if we tell her how to live her life she'd likely to just ignore us and spite us for it.
No. 983372 ID: 6f62dd
File 160770206732.jpg - (148.82KB , 1000x750 , sexcom035.jpg )



You have some looted items! You can keep them for your C.Orgs, trade some to Lurleen for new equipment, or give them to Lurleen for research, increasing her opinion of you.

If you trade them for new equipment, you'll be able to select that equipment after your next mission.

You decide to Retake the Hab Block!

A brain sponge is a horrifying and insidious creature that can take control of other beings. Creatures with weak minds are trivial to control, although C.Orgs have some resistance to its abilities.

The real issue is the fact that it's dominated most of a hab block. You'll have to fight your way up to it with as few civilian casualties as possible.

Your units will be equipped with batons instead of knives, which greatly reduce the chance of killing an enemy if you engage them in CQC. All guns have live ammo, however.

You can take a Flamethrower for this mission only! It is a heavy weapon, and the unit carrying it must also equip the Flamethrower Fuel as their Item.

Who do you bring and what do you equip them with?

You can bring four characters, with a fifth one being held in reserve if you so choose.

Ixander should recuperate, and Baetriss and Rockit must rest, but anyone else who stays behind can:

Assist Lurleen for possible bonus items
Work with the Corporate Cultist prisoner for magical insight
Work with either Cult of the End prisoner for cybernetic insight (one person can be assigned to each prisoner)
Investigate the pee mystery to possibly gain more clues.

No. 983375 ID: 1a4760

In total we have 9 units, 3 of them being wounded, meaning 6 are available for the mission.

Since it's an easy mission, I don't think we'll need the 5th person in reserve, I think it's better for this person to stay behind. This means two units would stay behind and perform other duties.

I think the best choice for the two units to stay behind would be Fucc and Danovin.
I vote that Fucc investigates the pee mystery, while Danovin works with the Corporate Cultist.

I'm neutral on what weapons to bring to the mission.
No. 983376 ID: 094652

Can we donate the flamethrower to Mary or something?

1) Zarah - She's going to be invaluable on this mission. Just choke the brainwashed civilians with her voodoo hanging spell, and you can waltz up to them while they miss almost every shot!
2) Yiann - Is calm enough not to freak out and start shooting.
3) Danovin - Make sure the new guy earns a rank.
4) Kayree - She's the most resistant and can keep the other greenhorns from going nuts when the Brain Sponge tries to screw with the squad's heads. If we need to bring the flamethrower, give it to her.
No. 983377 ID: 094652

Oh, and have both our standby units interrogate the Cult of the End prisoners.
No. 983383 ID: b1b4f3

>some resistance
Oh dear.
Bring Kayree, Danovin, Zarah, Yiann. Everyone will be doing a lot of CQC this mission, which means we want to bring Danovin so he can get a CQC perk which will work well with Large Frame(and eventually, Improved Monstrous Form). Yiann instead of Eilie because Yiann makes a better second medic.
Let's focus on long range weapons. Burst fire weapons won't gain suppression benefit since the sponge doesn't have a gun, and getting up close is unlikely so shotguns are inferior. Sadly, we only have one sniper rifle (maybe we can buy more at some point)
Kayree gets a sniper rifle, Danovin gets an assault rifle, Zarah gets nothing since she'll want to Hang the civvies and Disembowel the sponge and a handgun would be a threat to OUR units if she gets controlled(I doubt the sponge will understand her magic to use it), Yiann gets an assault rifle.
If Kayree gets controlled we can bodyblock her to prevent her from firing since she has the sniper rifle. If anyone else is controlled, maybe Kayree can snap them out of it?
An alternative is to have zero guns and just beat down all the civvies until we get to the sponge, at which point we beat/disembowel it to death.
Kayree gets a medkit, Yiann gets a medkit(we need to get a second Healer and he's a good choice), Danovin gets a breaching charge. If there's a locked door or wall in the way it'll be useful, and the alternative is to bring a medkit so whatever.

Fucc and Eilie stay behind... both of them should interrogate the cult of the end prisoners.
No. 983384 ID: b1b4f3

>You have some looted items! You can keep them for your C.Orgs, trade some to Lurleen for new equipment, or give them to Lurleen for research, increasing her opinion of you.
Give Lurleen 7 ARs to trade, 2 ARs for research, 1 LMG for research.
No. 983385 ID: 7eb947

I agree with all of this. Have the remaining corgis interrogate the cybernetic prisoner.
No. 983387 ID: 6f7a5a

Fucc and Eilie staying behind to interrogate prisoners seems like a good idea

Zarah, Donavin and Yiann could use the experience on an easy mission
Kayree can babysit
No. 983404 ID: f57349

On the off chance we do end up taking advantage of that flamethrower, now or in the future, is there any chance we could requisition some appropriate type of extinguisher for Zarah as a nonlethal pistol substitute? Y'know, just in case, to keep things from spiraling out of control.
No. 983406 ID: e8bee9

No. 983419 ID: 12b116

I worded it non-stupidly in the pastebin, but as long as it's a weapon with the 1h feature, she can equip it.

Having a 1h extinguisher that uses the weapon slot seems fine to me.

Donate weapons to Lurleen to unlock more things to buy with requisition.
No. 983420 ID: ccec94

Kayree, Danovin, Zarah, Yiann sounds sensible. Kayree's experienced and has good senses, Danovin's good in melee, Zarah has some useful tricks and needs the experience, and Yiann's a good shot.

Can Zarah stabilise civvies? Her Hanging will be really valuable too since the sponge itself is almost certainly going to be surrounded by mind controlled people.

Everyone staying behind work on the Cult of the End prisoners. We need cybernetics, pronto.

Donate 3/12 of the assault riffles to Lurleen.
Trade 3/12 assault rifles and 1/3 LMGs. Ask if she's got anything useful for non-lethal. Flashbangs, gas grenades, rubber bullets, stun guns, electro-batons? Maybe extra protection for the C.Orgs since they're not going to be shooting back as much.
No. 983440 ID: 0fae41

Give half those assault rifles to Lurleen. We never need more than six... well, maybe eight in case stuff breaks.
Zarah, Yiann, Kayree, and Eilie on this mission, with Danovin in reserve. Give Fucc the job of interrogating an end cultist.
No. 983454 ID: b1b4f3

Why would we ever need more than five?
No. 983456 ID: 0fae41

For more reserve units, and again: in case stuff breaks.
No. 983459 ID: b1b4f3

I mean, we don't have more than one reserve unit now, and not a single thing on our team has broken yet... I think weapons only break if our units get gibbed by explosive damage. Which will hopefully never happen.
No. 983491 ID: 094652

Base defense, really; you want to tell Mary and Lurleen that while you leave your registered home base understaffed during a mission or let your C.Orgs on vacation, they won't have more than two peashooters and a bear trap if one of our enemies comes knocking? Especially since people at rest are typically unarmed, you want a weapon locker in every room for emergencies.

And that's assuming, unreasonably, we don't screw up at least one mission hard and all our on-site equipment is permanently lost.
No. 983502 ID: 10c408

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

If even one of many reasons why we would ever need spare equipment at base becomes applicable, the situation is suddenly a whole lot less dire with the spares than without.
No. 983516 ID: b1b4f3

Sure. But we have other weapons in the worst case scenario? I don't see the point of having more than five assault rifles when we have a sniper rifle, a rocket launcher, shotguns, LMGs, and pistols/smgs (even though those kinda suck atm).
No. 983767 ID: 0fae41

Assault rifles are good basic weapons for new recruits, which may be all we have available in an emergency. You don't prepare for the worst by hoping it won't happen.

Anyway, equipment.
Y: Flamethrower
K: AR, Trauma kit
E: Shotgun, trauma kit
D: Shotgun, breaching charge
No. 987988 ID: 12b116
File 161327060482.jpg - (339.19KB , 1000x750 , sexcom36.jpg )

You donate 3 Assault Rifles to Lurleen.
You trade 3 Assault Rifles and one Light Machine Gun to Lurleen for new equipment.

Fucc and Eilie each interrogate a Cult of the End prisoner.

Rockit, Baetriss and Ixander all spend time recovering.

https://pastebin.com/kzA3NyzV Rules
https://pastebin.com/iPZkWM28 C.Orgs
https://pastebin.com/fJ2tNdQ2 Equipment

Your team slips inside the entrance of CZ4. There is an uncomfortable stillness in the air ...
Several generic bipeds with blank, distant expressionsturn simultaneously to face your C.Orgs.

Your C.Orgs are outfitted as follows:

Wolf Abilities:
Animal Senses - larger detection radius
Animal Toughness - harder to kill than a human
Improved Animal Senses - spend an action to learn specific number and traits of detected enemies & has a chance to detect invisible/hidden enemies.
Healer - Trauma kits have 3 uses.
Presence - Autocalm adjacent units. Calm at a range

Flamethrower - High damage, medium range
Single shot or burst fire
Ammo Takes an item slot
Reduces movement when carried
Burst fire deals damage in a tight cone - 5 round burst
Sets fire to enemies and terrain
Flamethrower Fuel - 20 shots. May explode if wounded

Kayree says "Alright squad! Let's save these civilians!"

Horse Abilities:
Animal Senses - larger detection radius.
Animal Toughness - harder to kill than a human.
Steady - Firearm attacks with an aim bonus deal extra damage

Assault Rifle - Single shot or burst fire
Trauma Kit - Used to stabilize casualties and heal injured teammates

Yiann says "I'm glad you're here, Kayree. I'll do my best!"

Badger Abilities:
Animal Senses - larger detection radius.
Large Frame - tougher to kill than the average C.Org, increased CQC, less benefit from cover.

Assault Rifle - Single shot or burst fire
Breaching Charge - Blow open doors or blow holes in walls. Default timer is 3 turns.

Danovin looks stoically at his allies and squares his shoulders.

Offering Abilities:
Offering - Cannot equip items or armor
Otherworldly vigor - Takes reduced damage.
Broken - Typically passes all Calm checks and doesn't take Calm Penalties
Unnerving - May cause close squadmates to take a Calm penalty
Offering Powers:
Hanging - stand still and take temp damage to impede foes in a large radius
Transfusion - take damage to heal an ally
Disembowelment - take damage to deal unpreventable damage to an enemy

Capture Foam Gun - short range, no damage, single shot.
Target is immobilized and restrained or removes fire from target.
1 round magazine.

Zarah says "I can smell blood in my brain!"

Special Scenario Rules:

All C.Orgs have been equipped with batons instead of knives for CQC. If a target is reduced to 0 HP with a baton attack, they become Beaten Down instead of a Casualty. Beaten Down opponents roll once for injury, are incapacitated for the rest of the scenario, and don't reroll an injury or death chance on subsequent rounds.

Rewards will be drastically reduced for any civilian Casualties.

Defeat the Brain Sponge at the top of the Hab Block to clear the mission.
No. 987993 ID: b1b4f3

Alright let's see how far these little guys can go in one turn.
Everyone move as a group along the wall towards the escalator, but don't take a double move action. Kayree may wind up at the back of the group due to being slowed down by the flametrhower, but that's ok for now.
Kayree should use improved senses to see if there's any surprises laying in wait, everyone else should Lookout with their batons in case the bipeds actually get close (I doubt they will though)

The purpose of using a single move action instead of double is to draw them further away from the escalator than they would if we double moved.
No. 987994 ID: 094652

Zarah: Begin hanging yourself.
Everyone else, move to cover and overwatch with batons. Don't lower your guard just because the center is filled with scrubs, this looks like bait and it might jump like a headcrab.
No. 988008 ID: 0fbdcd

...are they even armed? Or are they just zombies?
Everybody move one length along the wall, towards the escalator.
Kayree, use advanced senses to check for any hidden zombabos.
Zarah, start hangin' out.
The other two... I guess just prep your batons? We'll need to see how hostile these people are.
No. 988010 ID: b1b4f3

They are mind controlled civilians. Generic bipeds are also uh... couch potatoes, to put it mildly. They will probably do 1 damage per hit, and I wouldn't be surprised if they take damage when attacking because they're breaking their own bones and muscles by punching harder than their bodies are normally capable of.
No. 988032 ID: 12b116
File 161330413758.jpg - (298.75KB , 1000x750 , sexcom37a.jpg )

Kayree moves up and uses Advanced Animal Senses.

There are ten unarmed generic bipeds near the entrance of the second story room.

"Are we really gonna have to beat these guys with batons?" Kayree says.

Yiann moves up and looks out for enemies with his baton.

"They're cute." Yiann says.

Danovin moves up and looks out for enemies with his baton.

He doesn't say anything and frowns slightly.

Zarah says "The range on my ability is large, but hanging right next to the door wouldn't catch any enemies in it, especially if they don't come towards me."

She moves up twice and turns to face the TV, although you can't really say she's watching it exactly.
No. 988033 ID: 12b116
File 161330416523.jpg - (300.47KB , 1000x750 , sexcom37b.jpg )

Half of the enemies move toward Danovin and Yiann

Two of the enemies begin to circle the table from the other direction.

They get distracted by the TV and seem to resist the mental domination.

the last one begins to circle the table from the other side.

Four enemies enter from the door and head straight toward the balcony.
No. 988040 ID: 0fbdcd

I, uh... I guess just beat 'em?
This feels like kicking puppies.
No. 988044 ID: a38353

just start batoning them i guess.
No. 988054 ID: 094652

Hm. I was going to suggest we just evade them entirely, their movement speed is low and we could attempt to negotiate with the big one.

But our priority has to be rescuing people while we can and they could become an actual threat if we leave masses of people active and flanking us.

Zarah: Hang.
Yiann: Hug.
Kayree: Pet.
Danovin: Scream while bashing.
No. 988055 ID: 0fae41

We're not liable if those guys fall and break their necks, are we? There's nothing the squad can do except yell at them to take the stairs.
Zarah, start hanging.
Kayree, Yiann, Donovan, we're going clubbing on the closest three citizens.
No. 988063 ID: 12b116
File 161333925301.jpg - (317.58KB , 1000x750 , sexcom38b.jpg )

Kayree moves up and slams her baton down with a sickening crack.

Kayree winces. She yells "Hey! Take the stairs!" to the citizens on the balcony.

Yiann approaches in a friendly manner. The enemy's demeanor doesn't change, so he strikes it with the baton.

"This feels wrong," Yiann says.

Danovin approaches and yells. The enemy maintains a blank stare as the baton strikes it.

"Ouch," Danovin says, cringing.

Zarah begins to hang herself!

Zarah takes temporary damage
All of the nearby enemies are slowed and take a penalty to calm and aim.

"Gk. Hnng!" Zarah says "Ah! ghng!"

Kayree is unnerved.
Yiann is unnerved.
Danovin is unnerved.
No. 988064 ID: 12b116
File 161333927984.jpg - (317.58KB , 1000x750 , sexcom38b.jpg )

Three enemies are Beaten Down.

The remaining nearby enemy approaches Zarah. He gets distracted by the TV and seems to resist the mental domination.

The remaining enemies begin to clamber over the balcony.
If they fall and hit the floor, they will definitely become casualties, and will probably die!
No. 988065 ID: b1b4f3

Oh great, I'm late to suggesting and nobody fucking heeds the obvious warning. There was one, REALLY OBVIOUS thing we could do- move up so that their dumb pathing AI doesn't take them over the balcony anymore. This is a herding mission!

I guess everyone double time it towards the escalator and hope that's close enough. Though I guess someone could see if flashing boobs distracts them like the TV does.
No. 988066 ID: 094652

Oh crap! All three of you go catch the civilians, double time!
No. 988067 ID: 0fae41

Yiann, Danovin, try and catch as many insurance fraudsters as you can with a double move.
Kayree, start assisting in resisting mental domination by clubbing them over the head.
Hang in there, Zarah.
No. 988071 ID: b1b4f3

Towards and up* the escalator.

I do not think any of our units are fast enough to get under the balcony to catch them. Unless maybe a double move has extra range? Or we just have to get "close enough"?
I think their pathing specifically makes them head towards the closest unit. So we probably only need one person up the escalator to stop them from diving.

Kayree obviously won't be able to contribute to pathing manipulation or catching them, so she could try using her Presence action to try to snap one of them out of it, so that they can keep the other one from falling off the balcony. Heck, she could use both her actions this turn doing that.
No. 988074 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, is there a way to Interact with the TV to turn it up, make it even more distracting?
No. 988076 ID: 0fae41

It's a huge room. If the solution required optimal play from the very beginning of the mission up to now, then it's not a very good solution for people without a time machine, now is it?
No. 988077 ID: b1b4f3

We didn't move anyone up when the civvies initially approached the balcony.
No. 988079 ID: 12b116
File 161334413792.jpg - (319.90KB , 1000x750 , sexcom39a.jpg )

Kayree moves toward the escalator and attempts to use Presence to help a civilian.

There is no effect.

She does notice that the distracted civilians seem completely glued to the TV, so there's no reason to beat them down.

"HEY! STOP!" she yells.

Yiann gets as far forward as he can, passing the very large, soft, comfy-looking couch near the fountain.

"Don't jump!" he shouts.

Danovin runs as far forward as he can, getting next to the very large, soft, comfy-looking couch near the fountain.

"The stairs are right there!" he shouts.

Zarah spends another round hanging. There doesn't appear to be a way to control the TV from here, and she can tell that at this point, all of the civilians around her are neutralized.

"MMMgk!" she says "I'm gkgettin' tur-knd onnn"

Kayree is unnerved.
No. 988080 ID: 12b116
File 161334415892.jpg - (321.69KB , 1000x750 , sexcom39b.jpg )

Two bipeds go tumbling over the balcony!

They impact the ground with sick thuds and sprays of blood.

Two more get ready to tumble over the edge after them.
No. 988085 ID: 6c227a

Yiann this is your moment to shine! Go drag that couch where they are falling. Danovin can help too.
Kayree and Zarah make for the stairs and see if they will chase after you. Walking down the stairs is going to be safer than falling onto the couch if we can convince them to do that.
No. 988087 ID: b1b4f3

Yiann, Danovin: Get those suspiciously soft couches in the way, then.
Zarah: uh, maybe you should stop hanging so you can meaningfully contribute.
Kayree: move up, start going up the escalators.
No. 988092 ID: 0fae41

Zarah, get off. The noose, that is.
Kayree, head for the pile and see if anyone needs the trauma kit.
Yiann and Donovan, try and make a landing pad for them.
No. 988095 ID: 12b116
File 161334811923.jpg - (297.07KB , 1000x750 , sexcom40a.jpg )

Kayree heads toward the escalator.

"Poor guys," she says.

Danovin shoves a couch toward Yiann and then heads to the escalator

Danovin grimaces.

Yiann shoves the couch into position!

Yiann loves shoving furniture! Yiann is excited and gains a bonus to aim and calm!

"I got this!" Yiann shouts!

Zarah stops hanging herself.

"Dammit," she says. "I was getting close."
No. 988096 ID: 12b116
File 161334814686.jpg - (300.41KB , 1000x750 , sexcom40b.jpg )

Two more bipeds tumble over the balcony, but bounce off the soft cushion.

The C.Orgs make it to the balcony. The bipeds that don't fall safely onto the couch are quickly dispatched.
No. 988097 ID: 12b116
File 161334817636.jpg - (325.22KB , 1000x750 , sexcom41a.jpg )

Your team heads into a recreational area.

Kayree can detect the muffled sounds of loud pornography coming from one of the fapnasiums.

A security guard appears to have been stabbed to death, and three bipeds with knives turn in unison toward the C.Orgs.

Several more bipeds begin to approach the pleasant river that bisects the recreation area.
No. 988100 ID: 094652

Zarah, move to cover and open fire on a knife-wielder.

Everyone else, move towards the bridge and keep overwatch for anything with a gun.
No. 988101 ID: 0fae41

Aw come on, these lardballs can totally float.
Which one, Kayree?
Head for the left bridge with a double move. We'll beat down hapless civilians next turn.
No. 988107 ID: b1b4f3

Okay, so, we need at least one unit across that bridge so that the civs don't fall into the river and drown. While they are fat and probably float, they might be so stupid as to float face-down, and while our C.Orgs can definitely swim it will take a lot of actions to fish them out of the water.

Zarah move up to a bench to use as cover, try shooting foam at a knife-civvie.
All three of the others should move up to the bridge, cross if possible. If someone can, opening the noisy fap door may distract some of the civs. Hmm, I wonder if we can use the porn to mesmerize the knife-wielders?
No. 988119 ID: 0fbdcd

Yiann, head left to A: try and kite the distant lardos towards the intact bridge and B: open the door to the pornnasium to let out more distracting sound. Bust the door if it's locked.
The rest of the gang: move left along with Yiann but be prepared to smack. I think we should avoid using the glue gun right now, it's a last ditch card to halt any lardos who try to kill themselves in the river to spite us.
No. 988123 ID: b1b4f3

I wonder if the benches/couches are long enough to make a makeshift bridge in the middle? They don't *look* long enough...
I bet we could totally move them around though, to block the movement of the knife-civs.
No. 988176 ID: 12b116
File 161340911063.jpg - (328.29KB , 1000x750 , sexcom42a.jpg )

Kayree moves up. She thinks the benches are too short to span the water feature, but they could definitely be used as barricades.

"Watch out," she says "Some of them have knives."

Yiann moves up and tries to force the door. It appears to be barred from the other side and probably can't be forced open without explosives.

"Dang," Yiann says.

Danovin moves up onto the bridge to draw the attention of the horde on the other side.

"Come get me, fuckers," he says.

Zarah moves up behind a bench and fires her gun.

She hits! One of the enemies is encased in capture foam.

Zarah needs to reload.

"Did I hit?" she says.
No. 988177 ID: 12b116
File 161340914933.jpg - (329.94KB , 1000x750 , sexcom42b.jpg )

One of the enemies is covered in capture foam and effectively disabled.

The other two approach Zarah with knives.

The guard moans.

The horde are drawn by Danovin and move toward the bridge. Some of them draw knives.
No. 988182 ID: 0fbdcd

Dan, if you can ensure the group will remain aggro'd, move back to Yiann's position and plant a breaching charge there. We want it to detonate when the group is on the bridge - which probably means a timer of two turns?

Yiann, move to the guard and medkit him. That brings total casualties to only -1! Kinda. Hopefully our employers will see it that way.

Zarah, reload and fire in that order.
Kay, move bitchslap whoever Zarah didn't fire at.
No. 988202 ID: b1b4f3

>the guard moans
What? He's not dead?! We should try to save him then.
Kayree move and beat down one of the knife-civs by the guard. Or if you can't move far enough, move once and then Lookout with baton.
Zarah move and beat down one of the civs. Or if Kayree can't actually reach either of them reload and shoot.
Yiann, Danovin, move up to a little past the bridge and Lookout with your batons.
No. 988206 ID: 12b116
File 161342936724.jpg - (330.84KB , 1000x750 , sexcom43a.jpg )

Kayree moves up and looks out for trouble with her baton.

"Come here little guy," she says.

Yiann moves up to the guard and uses his trauma kit. The guard is stabilized.

"I got you," he says.

Danovin hurries to the fapnasium and sets a breaching charge. It will go off after his next turn.

"I hope this works," he says.

Zarah reloads and fires. She hits again and another enemy is sealed in foam!

"This is why you didn't give me a real gun, isn't it?" Zarah says, sighing.
No. 988207 ID: 12b116
File 161342939324.jpg - (329.69KB , 1000x750 , sexcom43b.jpg )

One enemy moves toward Kayree and she beats him into submission.

Three enemies continue toward the larger group of C.Orgs.

Five enemies move toward Danovin.
No. 988210 ID: 0fae41

Yiann, can you jump that broken bridge? Kite the enemies away from the water.
Kayree, can you bridge the gap by throwing some furniture in the drink? Or it'll at least catch the citizens before they drift downriver.
Zarah, head to the bridge and reload. Get ready to hang ten and slow the crowd's advance.
No. 988213 ID: b1b4f3

Danovin you better cross that bridge and start beating down the civs. Everyone else should move that direction as well.
No. 988216 ID: 163037

Donavin, leap that bridge and keep them out of the water
No. 988226 ID: 12b116
File 161344481860.jpg - (343.31KB , 1000x750 , sexcom44a.jpg )

The breaching charge goes off, shattering the doors! The loud sounds of erotic displays fill the air.

Kayree heads toward the bridge.
The benches are long enough to span the broken bridge but not the water feature itself.

"Don't worry! I'm coming!" she says.

Yiann can totally jump that gap! He runs and leaps over the broken bridge.

"Come get me!" he shouts.

Danovin runs across the bridge and beats the shit out of an enemy.

"c'mere!" he says.

Zarah reloads and approaches the bridge.

"Those five were coming toward Danovin anyway, you know," she says.
No. 988228 ID: 12b116
File 161344500433.jpg - (336.47KB , 1000x750 , sexcom44b.jpg )

Four enemies surround Danovin and attack him with knives.
Four enemies hit him!

Three enemies move to Yiann and attack him!
Three enemies hit!
No. 988230 ID: 0fae41

Yiann: Bonk, bonk.
Donovan: Club one and move back.
Zarah: Hang to slow their advance over the bridge.
Kayree: Can you use your animal senses to check for any unusual activity in the fapnasium? Apologies in advance. Keep moving forward.
No. 988231 ID: b1b4f3

Yiann, beat down two of them.
Danovin, beat down one and then move across the bridge. Hopefully the civs will be distracted by the porn once they get close enough.
Zarah start hanging, I think that's close enough?
Kayree: hmm, maybe you can help keep Danovin from being surrounded again by meeting him on the bridge? Lookout with baton if you can.
No. 988254 ID: 05e3cf

Oh god why did we let Dan go forward and get mobbed they were all going to be incapacitated by the porn

Dan, back off if you can. Continue luring then to the porn field.
Zarah- move to the edge of the river and hang, if the small group would be in your AOE.
Yiann: sorry bud but I'm pretty sure you're stuck there. Perform your rendition of Michael Jackson's Beat It.
Kay: jump the bridge and move to assist Yiann in beating.
No. 988266 ID: a59168

Lure them past the... happy place.

Zarah throw her foam gun to Danovin. Her skills are useful, but his assault rifle is not.
No. 988268 ID: 12b116
File 161351592095.jpg - (342.66KB , 1000x750 , sexcom45a.jpg )

Kayree moves up and uses Advanced Animal Senses.

There are twelve unarmed people in the breached fapnasium.

Kayree notices three unarmed civilians hiding in the "Milk" store.

"Sorry Yiann! There's no way I can jump that gap!"

Yiann beats the snot out of an enemy. He misses with his second swing.

"Why are they so slippery? Is that sweat?!" Yiann says.

Danovin knocks the boots off of an enemy and backs away.

"C'mon you little biscuits," Danovin says.

Zarah moves up to the edge of the water feature. The enemies fighting Yiann would be out of range otherwise.

"I'm gettin' my rope read," she says, grinning.

Kayree is unnerved.
Danovin is unnerved.
No. 988269 ID: 12b116
File 161351594720.jpg - (346.11KB , 1000x750 , sexcom45b.jpg )

Three enemies move toward Kayree and Danovin. When they get close to the breached fapnasium they turn toward it and begin to wander inside, powering through the mental domination.

Two enemies attack Yiann. One misses and then hits. The other hits twice.
No. 988271 ID: a59168

Finish off the two on Yiann and go buy some clothes at the milk store.

Zarah can do a little heal on Yiann. I still think someone else should be holding the foam gun.
No. 988274 ID: 094652

Yiann: Knock your targets out.
Zarah: Foam blast (Yiann's attackers if they aren't lying on the floor yet), then Heal Yiann.
Kayree and Danovin: Knock out the targets before you let brainwashed hostiles attack unarmed, formerly protected ones.
No. 988279 ID: b1b4f3

>begin to wander inside
Hmm, I wonder if you should take their knives away, or if the people inside will do that for you?
Yiann: continue beatdowns.
Zarah: finish the hang action. We should conserve foam ammo, looks like there's only two shots/reloads left.
Danovin, Kayree: move across the bridge to potentially assist Yiann next turn.

We can talk to/disable the civs inside the Milk store when the encounter's done.
No. 988281 ID: 6c227a

Is there any reason not to have Yiann kite the last two over to the other bridge and into the fapnasium over the next couple turns? Beatdowns are more risky than fapnasiums, both for our guys and for the bipeds.
No. 988289 ID: b1b4f3

We could do that, we'd just have to make sure Yiann is the closest one during the entire procedure.

(also we should check on the people in the Fapnasium after the encounter. not just to see the porn, no sirree)
No. 988291 ID: 7eb947

I think we just need to lame this one out.
Yiann, continue to uptown fuck them up. Zarah continue to jerk it. The rope that is.
Others, kite the remainder into the fapzone.
No. 988714 ID: 12b116
File 161393543099.jpg - (331.49KB , 1000x750 , sexcom46a.jpg )

Yiann eventually beats down the remaining enemies while Zarah hangs tight to make sure the enemies have very little chance of hitting Yiann.

The remaining enemies enter the fapnasium and shrug off the mental domination.

The current movie playing is a very poorly-acted sextravaganza focused on handjobs.

The guard is exremely thankful and gives you a medkit. He was trying to heal the wounded when he was attacked by mind-dominated civilians.
No. 988715 ID: 12b116
File 161393557654.jpg - (346.25KB , 1000x750 , sexcom47a.jpg )

The C.Orgs take the lifts to the luxury suites. The doors open into the luxury suite recreation area.

Many of the citizens turn to the corgs simultaneously. A group of armed guards also seem to be dominated behind some barriers near the suite doors.
No. 988716 ID: 0fae41

Well, the guards might fire into the crowd if it crosses their sight line. Shove the furniture towards the game corner and get behind it to funnel the crowds, and don't stick your head out into the hall.
No. 988717 ID: a59168

It looks like there are two places of interest here. The games place, and a screen to the bottom right that the civilians might find distracting enough to block the mind control.

I suggest the team splits up in two and tries to draw the civilians to the two places.

I think that, to prevent any civilians from dying, we need to immediately get their attention so the guards don't accidentally kill any. If shouting loudly doesn't work, then Kayree should flash her boobs or something.
No. 988726 ID: 7eb947

Very strict: we need to make sure we DO NOT cross into the line of sight for the infected soldiers until there are no civilians between us and them. They absolutely will shoot the crowd trying to shoot us.

I think our priority should be to bust into that game shop and see if we can turn all the displays up on full blast. Hopefully we can draw the crowd in there and they'll be distracted by HuniePop or something.
No. 988735 ID: b1b4f3

Are we good to kill the guards?
It looks like there's a TV we could use on the far side of the room, but it'll be tough to lead a significant number of civs there...
Okay, I have a general plan: we lure the civs to the left side of the room, then dash around and past them before we get into the guards' line of sight, which means once the guards open fire the civs will be clear.

For now let's head towards the door that might be a side entrance to the games room. Oh, wait, better idea: move furniture around to set up barricades so that we have a choke point and can beat down the civs with minimal injury.
Yiann, shove that big table towards the side door.
Donovan, go shove the table by the wall to align it better as cover.
Kayree, move towards the door and used improved senses to see if there are any hidden surprises here.
Zarah double move towards the door.
No. 988862 ID: 12b116
File 161403862020.jpg - (355.67KB , 1000x750 , sexcom48.jpg )


All of your C.Orgs avoid moving into the main hallway area.

Kayree moves up over the course of several turns and shoves a couch to try and funnel some civilians toward the game store.

Yiann shoves a table around to try and make some cover.

Yiann loves shoving furniture and becomes excited!!

Danovan shoves some furniture around to make barricades.

Zarah enters the back door of the game store and unlocks the front, turning the displays up to maximum volume! The closest civilians head towards it.

The civilans begin to move, splitting up and being channeled by the various furnitures.

All of the guards are on the Lookout.

They would have an OK chance to hit someone at Kayree's range, but a very low chance to hit someone at Danovan's range.

Although the guards aren't technically civilians, they are being mind controlled. It will probably be understandable if you have to kill them, but the hab block managers would certainly prefer they not be killed if possible.
No. 988863 ID: 094652

As ruthless as it sounds, we can clearly see the civilians outnumber the guards multiple times over. You've already lost two civilians, you can't risk losing a dozen in one go.

For now though, regroup at the games center.
Zarah, stay on overwatch and be ready to hang yourself if the guards come closer, while Kayree should be on overwatch for guards only. Yiann and Donovan will knock out civilians and move them further into the store so the place doesn't get crowded for grenade access.
No. 988864 ID: 0fae41

Well I hope you're ready to pass several more turns bonking civilians on the head while they clamber over furniture. Kayree, assist Danovin and Yiann. Zarah, come back out and start spraying foam.
No. 988865 ID: b1b4f3

Looks like Yiann and Danovin can lure the civs near them into the arcade's back entrance. If the back entrance isn't loud enough to lure them in, we can try moving furniture closer together to funnel more of them towards the entrance and beat down any that go the other way around.

At some point I think our best bet would be to have everyone hunker down behind the large tables and use them as mobile cover to get close to the guards without taking many hits, then rush in and beat the snot out of them. Heck, during the last charge we can throw the table in to split up the group so we can focus down half of them while forcing the other half to use up an action to move. Or maybe we can throw the table to knock them down so they can't act that round?

Is it possible for Zarah to hang while hunkered down?
No. 988866 ID: b1b4f3

I think Zarah should conserve ammo. It sounds like the foam would take out a guard in one hit, actually.
No. 988870 ID: 0fbdcd

We didn't chose the BONK life, the BONK life chose us.
Dan and Yan, bait those nearest you to follow you, and back up towards the game shop back door- once the displays are in decent earshot, go inside and lock the doors back. Hopefully the crowd will mush around the corner and head towards the front doors.
Kay, try to make sure the front entrance is only one zombie wide, shove furniture if you can/need to. Bonk excessively.
Zarah, spend your first turn shoving furniture to make a one-person-width door if Kay is too busy bonking to do so. Spend the remaining time hanging.
No. 988934 ID: a59168

Oh, I didn't realize the guards were enemies. I'm dumb.

I wonder if Zarah's Disembowelment could be used to disable the guards. I suppose it would just kill them.
Anyway, gotta deal with all the civilians first before moving closer to the guards. Keep funneling them to the games room. And beat up those that don't like the games.
No. 989031 ID: 5e416e

Yiann and Danovi could guide the civilians that are going for them to the TV in the right side.

About actually harming the guards, it depends of how armed they are. Knives, pistols or big guns?
No. 989346 ID: 12b116
File 161446560812.jpg - (368.04KB , 1000x750 , sexcom49a.jpg )

Kayree stands up and is on the lookout with her baton.

"Wow, there sure are a lot of them," she says.

Yiann retreats toward the game center and is on the lookout with his baton. Yiann is still excited from pushing furniture! He has a bonus to calm and aim!

"Wooo! Come get some!" he says.

Danovin retreats toward the game center and is on the lookout with his baton.

His expression is one of stoic determination.

Zarah isn't sure if she should shoot, hang, or conserve ammo, so she doesn't really do anything for the time being. She has two more reloads, meaning three shots, remaining.

"I think there are a lot more of them than there is room in here," she says.

You can tell the guards are armed with Assault Rifles.

Zarah's disembowel ability does have a chance to kill enemy units, just like any other damage-dealing attack, although it's relatively low.
No. 989347 ID: 12b116
File 161446562431.jpg - (365.27KB , 1000x750 , sexcom49b.jpg )

The civilians begin to swarm toward the game center. The ones closes to the front door go inside and begin to play video games, shaking off the Brain Sponge's domination.

One civilian approaches Danovin! Danovin hits! The civilian begins to drop to the floor.

One civilian approaches Yiann! Yiann hits! The civilian begins to drop to the floor.

One civilian approaches Kayree! Kayree misses!
No. 989350 ID: b1b4f3

Oh shit. Zarah you definitely need to start Hanging. Looks like the front entrance is the only one that can really handle the incoming units.
Everyone else start beating down adjacent civs.
No. 989352 ID: 0fae41

Oh, very limited foam shots. Yeah, hang and keep beating the ones inside. Yiann, if you can, slam the door behind the ones inside and hopefully they'll come around to the front and be distracted.
No. 989354 ID: a59168

It looks like there's space for about.. 16 civilians or so in there. But there's like 40 of them in total.

Everyone move inside the games room. After all the games are occupied, move back out and move to the other side of this hall, where there's a screen. Preferably with a long circle around, so the guards don't hit us.
No. 989933 ID: 19da02
File 161489299563.jpg - (361.21KB , 1000x750 , sexcom50.jpg )


Kayree, Yiann and Danovin bonk the nearest-by civilians before circling well around once the game place fills up to lure the rest of them over toward the screen.

Kayreeis stabbed twice and bonks two civilians.

Yiann is stabbed twice and bonks four civilians.

Danovin is stabbed twice and bonks two civilians.

Zarah hangs the whole time, which slows all of the nearby civilians and gives them a penalty to hit.

The guards miss several times and go on the lookout once all of the C.Orgs are out of their line of sight.
No. 989938 ID: b1b4f3

Alright let's start moving up. Grab a sofa and start pushing it along with you for cover as you head towards the guards. Optimally we'd stack two sofas to make high cover they can't even see us past.

Once we're close to the guards we can toss the sofa(s) at them, then charge and beat down.
Zarah should stop hanging, move to the exit of the games room, then dash across the hallway to join the others behind cover once they get close enough. Zarah should start Hanging on the turn before we throw the sofas at the guards.
No. 989944 ID: d98bc5

The foam gun doesn't look like it has a lot of range and there is little cover until reaching the guards. If the banks were a good cover they could be used as movile cover, but doesn't seems like the case.

The only thing I can tink of is to lure them to shot a covered unit in the farest point they will shot (very unlikely they will hit) and wait until they waste all amunition. Controlled civilians doesn't seem very bright

If not posible, while the guards are armed as they are, the only sensible option is to not risk troopes and attack letal from cover.
No. 989946 ID: b1b4f3

>waste all the guards' ammo
God, that could actually work. We could finish luring the remaining civs to the TV, and then hunker down behind some good cover a long distance from the guards but still within line of sight. They don't want to move so they'll just keep firing at us with terrible chance to hit.

I don't know what guns they have though? It could take a long time depending on what they're using. Kayree should use enhanced senses to find out.
No. 989993 ID: 680982

I wonder what's Yiann's opinion on the terrible secret of space.

I would not risk the guards exhausting their ammo unless we're sure that the guards can't accidentally hit any civilians, so I think a furniture assault without delay would be a better choice. Stack the furniture together, mostly horizontally, because I don't think a single layer is enough to block the shots, and then push or shove it towards the guards.
No. 990021 ID: 58c37c

What is the guards' IFF rules? See if they shoot at moving funriture if they can't see the people moving it. Maybe they will waste ammunition on cardboard cutouts at a distance...
No. 990047 ID: 12b116
File 161507121595.jpg - (408.57KB , 1000x750 , sexcom51a.jpg )


Your C.Orgs wait for the rest of the civilians to get up to the screen.

In the meantime, Yiann and Danovin relocate some of the civilians so the couches can be shoved forward for cover.

Zarah stops hanging.

Kayree moves up.

"Okay, let's get this over with," she says.

Yiann shoves a couch then moves up behind it!

Yiann is excited! He gains a bonus to Aim and damage.

Two guards fire at him and miss.

"Let's get rid of this brain sponge!" he says.

Danovin shoves a couch forward and moves up behind it.

Two guards fire at him and miss.

"Ok," he says.

Zarah doesn't do anything. She's not sure if she should leave the game place or not.

"Running them out of ammo isn't a good idea. They'd still have a chance to hit," she says.
No. 990048 ID: 12b116
File 161507127538.jpg - (414.10KB , 1000x750 , sexcom51b.jpg )

Four guards fire at Yiann and Danovin. They miss and reload.
No. 990049 ID: 0fae41

Hmm. Okay, Danovin, push the furniture along with you and advance behind it as cover. Yiann, advance with Danovin and hunker down. Sorry you don't get to be the one shoving furniture, but you're hurt worse.
Kayree, get closer sticking to the staggered furniture cover and try to burn away the guards' cover.
Zarah, get out and hunker down. More targets to spread damage out over, if they bother. Otherwise you can take the same strategy of pushing cover along with you next turn.
No. 990051 ID: 12b116
File 161507435450.jpg - (342.52KB , 1000x750 , sexcom52a.jpg )

Kayree moves up and fires her flamethrower to set the cover alight! She uses a burst of ammo and hits!

The cover is burning

"This thing is kinda fun!" she says.

Danovin shoves his cover up and moves up behind it.

"I Shoulda been a deliveryman," Danovin says.

Yiann moves up next to Danovin and hunkers down.

"We're close!" he says.

Zarah moves up behind cover and hunkers down.

"Ooooooh! I feel darkness in my brain!" Zarah says, "My doom is inevitable!"
No. 990052 ID: 12b116
File 161507438783.jpg - (342.75KB , 1000x750 , sexcom52b.jpg )

The two guards behind the burning cover retreat into the suite.

One guard fires at Danovin and Yiann. He misses twice.

One guard fires at Zarah and Danovin.

She misses Zarah and hits Danovin.

Her eyes are cold and glassy.
No. 990054 ID: 0fae41

Retreat? Ah well, that's future Sexcom's problem. Yiann, Danovin, subdue the remaining targets. Zarah, advance and foam one if they miss. Kayree, double move up to the scrum.
No. 990062 ID: 12b116
File 161507885337.jpg - (332.39KB , 1000x750 , sexcom54.jpg )

Danovin runs up and smashes a guard in the head! He starts to fall down!

Danovin growls!

Yiann is still excitied! He stands and runs up to the guard!

"I'mma fuck you up!" he yells!

Kayree runs up to the fray!

"We got this!" she yells!

Zarah shoots at the remaining guard! Even though she has a very small chance to hit, she manages to hit!!!!

She reloads.

"I can't believe I hit that guy!" Zarah says.
No. 990063 ID: 12b116
File 161507887409.jpg - (419.19KB , 1000x750 , sexcom55.jpg )

The C.Orgs enter the inner sanctum of the Brain Sponge!

Several civilians are scattered around like discaraded toys, including a human in the jaccuzi tub, all dressed in maid outfits.

Two guards hunker down behind the furniture.

The sweet smell of spores is thick in the air and when the C.Orgs enter the Brain Sponge attempts to dominate Zarah!

Zarah is under the control of the Brain Sponge! She will act on the enemy's turn

Kayree keeps her cool in the face of this monstrosity!

Yiann is excited and therefore immune to terror!

Danovin is shaken by the horror before him! He has a penalty to Calm and Aim!

Zarah is immune!
No. 990067 ID: 0fae41

Kayree, calm Danovin, then burn the sponge! Buuuuurn!
Danovin, protect Zarah from herself. If she cannot be shaken from her mind control, take away her staff. Or try to anyway, it's kind of tied to her neck.
Yiann, burst fire on the two guards. We don't need enemy targets with guns right now.
No. 990069 ID: b1b4f3

ffffucking hell, I really really hope the brain sponge doesn't know how to use Zarah's powers. We do not want a Disembowel going off against our own team. I was also hoping we could use it against the brain sponge at long range if it was using people as cover... oh well. Unfortunately there's nothing we can do about it except beat down Zarah and that would require a full action from our team I think which would not be good. Someone could disarm her though? Definitely don't want her using the foam gun against anyone. Danovin can do that.

It is very important that Kayree covers the brain sponge and adjacent enemy units with fire. Yes, those are mind controlled guards. We saved two of them, that is enough. Though if the brain sponge dies before they do, we can dunk them in the water. Or maybe once they're on fire, they'll break mind control and run to the water to douse themselves?
Yiann should unload on the brain sponge. Double burst. Or... I wonder if he could run up and shove that big sofa to knock everyone over?
Danovin can use his second action (after disarming Zarah) to burst fire the sponge.

There's no cover. No point in moving.
No. 990076 ID: b1b4f3

Oh wait instead of disarming her can Danovin *restrain* her? Like grab her arms and keep her from using her knife OR gun?
No. 990091 ID: 12b116
File 161508834119.jpg - (508.58KB , 1000x750 , sexcom56a.jpg )

Danovin attempts to subdue Zarah with his baton! He hits twice! Zarah is Injured!

Danovin becomes Excited because a teammate has been Injured! He recovers from being Shaken!

"I won't let you get away with hurting my friends!" Danovin yells!

Kayree keeps her cool.

Yiann keeps his cool.

Danovin is excited and therefore keeps his cool.

Kayree burst fires the flamethrower twice, so that she hits both of the guards and also hits the Brain Sponge twice!

She hits twice!


The guards are set alight and scream in terror!

The Brain Sponge is set alight and screams in terror!

Yiann burst fires twice at the Brain Sponge!

He hits once and misses once.

The Brain Sponge and both guards have a penalty to Aim.

"Fall! Why won't you fall!?" he screams.
No. 990092 ID: 12b116
File 161508845615.jpg - (539.24KB , 1000x750 , sexcom56b.jpg )

The Brain Sponge attempts to crush Kayree's psyche!

He hits!

Kayree takes damage as her psyche shudders under the Brain Sponge's powerful assault!

The guards both scream in agony and claw at their burning bodies before they fall silent.

Zarah casts Disembowel on Danovin, dealing him unpreventable damage!

Zarah crumples to the ground in a bloody heap.

Zarah has defeated a magic-using enemy and would be excited if she wasn't a Casualty!

Danovin is Excited and therefore keeps his cool!

Yiann panics!

Kayree keeps her cool!

Danovin is injured!

Kayree keeps her cool!

Yiann is already panicking!

Danovin is excited and therefore keeps his cool!
No. 990101 ID: 0fae41

Zarah's not dead or mind controlled! These are both good things.
Continue to burninate the sponge. Danovin, calm Yiann. Yiann, use trauma kit on Danovin and/or Zarah in that order.
No. 990105 ID: b1b4f3

Kayree calm Yiann, then pour another dose of fire onto the sponge.
Yiann stabilize Zarah. That will probably take a move action unfortunately which means that's all he can do.
Danovin double burst fire the sponge.
Zarah make Yiann wonder why he even bothered with the medkit, by Disemboweling twice to damage the sponge.
wait can revived durable units immediately act or is it only the next turn? Might be the latter, but still, we should stabilize Zarah.
No. 990114 ID: 12b116
File 161509502202.jpg - (1.47MB , 2000x1500 , sexcom57a.jpg )

Kayree's presence automatically calms Yiann!

She fires her flamethrower at the Brain Sponge twice! It screams in agony!

"I can't wait to get out of here," Kayree says.

Yiann is shaken! He hurries over and stabilizes Zarah!

"These parts should stay inside of you," Yiann says.

Danovin unloads on the Brain Sponge! he hits twice.

"Is she gonna be ok?" he says.

Zarah burbles on the floor, giggling.
No. 990115 ID: 12b116
File 161509507537.jpg - (1.31MB , 2000x1500 , sexcom57b.jpg )

The Brain Sponge ruptures as the fire overtakes it!

You did it! You defeated the Brain Sponge!

You've been awarded 3 gene points!

You can:

Recruit a random C.Org: 1 point

Activate a C.Org: 1 point

Commission a C.Org: 3 points

Extraspace Unlimited has a unit to recruit:

3 Gene Points: Ulinda - Female Hippo, Rank 1.
Animal Senses
Large Frame

Boiling Rage - When this unit panics, she gains a CQC bonus and runs toward enemies, making CQC attacks if possible.
Headlong Charge - When taking enemy Lookout fire, enemies have a large penalty to hit.

You got some good info from your Cult of the End Prisoners. You can now Requisition the following item:

Cyber arm: A replacement limb. The C.Org can use weapons without the 1h quality, but has a penalty to Aim when doing so.

Improved Cyber arm: A replacement limb. The C.Org can function with no penalties.

Trauma Response System: A torso implant. Drugs and stabilizing agents are released automatically in response to injury. Reduces the chance that a unit is injured or killed if they become a Casualty.

Ultimate Guts: An abdomen implant. If the unit is killed, they explode violently, damaging everything nearby in an incinerating blast of plasma.

You got 5 Requisition Points!

You can:

Upgrade Pistols and SMGs: 1 point

Upgrade Shotguns: 2 points

Upgrade Assault Rifles: 2 points

Upgrade S.Rifles: 5 points

Upgrade LMGS: 5 points

Requisition 1 Improved Plate Carrier: 5 points

Requisition 1 Improved Multi-Limbed Plate Carrier: 5 points

Requisition a Cyber Arm: 3 points

Requisition an Improved Cyber Arm: 5 points

Requisition a Trauma Response System: 5 points. This will Injure the C.Org it is implanted in when it is implanted.

Requisition Ultimate Guts: 2 points. This will Injure the C.Org it is implanted in when it is implanted.

Requisition Sidearms: 2 points. Every C.Org will be equipped with a small-caliber pistol that can be used in addition to their primary weapon and CQC weapon.

You can now trade for the following items:

Capture Foam Gun - short range, no damage, single shot 1h. Target is immobilzed and restrained or removes fire from a target. 1 round magazine.

Lightning Gun - Heavy weapon. Low damage. Long range, single shot. Every time a unit is damaged, there is a low chance they immediately become a casualty. Deals very high damage to robots and mechanical units. Ammo takes up the item slot.

Battery Pack - 50 shots for Lightning Gun.

You have 5 credits in weapons to trade.

1 credit each:
Capture Foam Gun
LMG Ammo
Battery Pack
2 credits each:
Trauma Kit
Breaching Charge
3 credits each:
Rocket Launcher
Lightning Gun

Your C.Orgs have improved! Pick an ability for each one!

Kayree improved from Rank 2 to Rank 3!

She can learn the following skills:
Tough As Nails - Kayree must be reduced to 1/3 of her total health before she is Injured. The first time she would panic per mission, she becomes Shaken instead.

Area Denial - When using a heavy weapon with Burst Fire capability, this unit can use an Area Denial attack for one action. It consumes two bursts of ammo to attack all enemies in a 45 degree arc in front of the user with lower damage. It counts as supressing fire.

Yiann has improved from Rank 1 to Rank 2!
He can learn the following skills:

Healer - A trauma kit has 3 uses instead of 1.

CQC Specialist - Deal extra damage with CQC attacks.

Danovin has improved from Rank 0 to Rank 1!
He can learn the following skills:

CQC Specialist - Deal extra damage with CQC attacks.

Nimble - It is harder to hit this unit with CQC attacks.

Zarah has improved from Rank 0 to Rank 1!

Otherwordly Vigor improves!
She can learn the following skills:

Self-Harm - All of Zarah's abilitys deal more damage to her when she uses them, increasing their effectiveness against enemies as a result.

Safe Word - When Zarah is Hanging, if she takes damage from something other than Hanging, she automatically stops Hanging.

You can also now equip batons instead of knives if you want to on any future mission!
No. 990117 ID: bc11b8

Self-Harm for Zarah
No. 990119 ID: 0fae41

Activations will have to wait a mission, we need a murder machine. Recruit the Hippo.
Rockit's still out for the next mission anyway so hold off on the cyber arm. Buy sidearms, upgrade Assault Rifles, pistols and SMGs.
K: Area Denial.
Y: Healer.
D: Nimble.
Z: Self Harm. Hope her health increases keep up with this.
Foam gun was useful, would bring it again on missions with possible VIPs, or enemy flamethrowers. Buy a lightning gun, battery pack and the foam gun with credits.
No. 990123 ID: b1b4f3

Let's not get the hippo. Boiling Rage looks like a liability.
Activate Zarah. I want to use her next mission. She seems pretty useful, and using her is the only way to make her more durable.
Activate Yiann. Medics get upgrades.
Activate Ixander or Fucc, they're the other healthy units we have atm that haven't been Activated yet.

Requisition Sidearms! It's a fucking global upgrade we need those. ...doesn't this let Zarah take two weapons? And Baetriss three!?
We can get Rockit an arm next mission. Let's save up the rest of the RP, to ensure we can get one.

Buy weapons:
1 foam gun
1 battery pack
1 lightning gun

The lightning gun looks mostly like an anti-mech weapon, which is good.

Kayree:Tough As Nails. She's a medic, and thus I would seriously prefer she not use a heavy weapon.
Yiann: Healer. Having a backup medic is important.
Danovin: CQC Specialist. Nimble seems crap, considering we barely fight CQC units, and Danovin is a Large Frame C.Org which means he can Activate into a MUCH BIGGER frame than usual. Plus, he's already got a bonus to CQC so making him even better makes sense.
Zarah: Self-Harm. Action economy is king. Also Safe Word only seems useful if we're using Hanging behind poor cover with no other units nearby to distract the enemy, which we should not do. IMO her two most useful abilities are Hanging and Infusion anyway, with Disembowel being a panic button. Increased self-damage from those all seem worth the tradeoff-- hanging does almost no damage anyway, infusion is a heal so we want it to heal a lot, and panic buttons need to be big shots.
No. 990124 ID: 1d109c

All Req goes to: Improved Cyber Arm: 5 points
Rockit is a good shark and deserves it!

Kayree: Healer
Danovin CQC Specialist
Yiann CQC Specialist
Zarah: Safe word
No. 990125 ID: 0fae41

The CQC units we do fight are deadly as hell when they close the distance, and every unit that we don't finish off with a cqc attack can retaliate with it.
No. 990126 ID: fd4d13

Senpai promised Rockit a new arm, do we really want to be a senpai that breaks promises? The troops gotta respect ya homie.

5 req for Cool Arm with racing stripes.

Kayree - Tough
Yiann - Healer
Danovin - Nimble, having a big guy that is hard to hit could be real handy if there are CQC-heavy missions
Zarah - Self harm. In for a penny, in for a pound.
No. 990128 ID: fd4d13


Note: Getting a shitty arm for 3 req and spending the other 2 on less cool things is an acceptable compromise as the arm can be upgraded later but if we do it that way we have to have something really cool printed on the arm for rockit
No. 990129 ID: b1b4f3

Well... that's true? but investing in damage means we're more likely to kill the enemy. I feel they're about equal in power.
Though, come to think of it, Nimble is harder to get, since it'd require getting hit repeatedly in CQC. Or dodging repeatedly?

Yeah I'll change my vote to that.

Also yeah we did promise to get Rockit the arm so I guess we have to throw all 5 req on it right now. Sidearms aren't... *that* strong, I guess.
No. 990134 ID: b1b4f3

One last amendment:
Zarah can't easily be brought into the next mission so instead I'd want to Activate both Fucc and Ixander instead.
No. 990139 ID: 864e49

Activate X3
Fucc, Baetriss and can we activate Zarah? If no Yiann.

New Improved Cyber arm for Rockit.

1 Shotgun,1 Trauma Kit, 1 SMG.

Kayree: Tough As Nails
Yiann: Healer
Danovin: Nimble
Zarah: Self-Harm

LW Kayree already has healer. Do you mean Tough or did you fuck up?
No. 990150 ID: d9c975

Recruit Activate Fucc, activate Baetriss. Activate Rockit. They've all been very effective so far.

Requisition: Improved Cyber Arm.

Credits: Lightning Gun, Battery & Foam Gun. All a bit specialist but potentially very handy to have.

Kayree: Tough As Nails. She's very good at keeping the rest of the team together so want to limit her recovery time.
Yiann: Healer. Healer 2!
Danovin: Nimble. Lotta nasty punchy enemies.
Zarah: Self-Harm. Want these abilities to be effective when she uses them. Safe Word can backfire if she's exposed.
No. 990164 ID: 12b116
File 161513301457.jpg - (405.08KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom58.jpg )

This is how you spend your points:

Gene Points

You activate Fucc!
Fucc gains
Curious - on entering a room, anything you can interact meaningfully with is highlighted.

You activate Yiann!
Yiann gains
Juggernaut - The unit can choose to push/shove/toss terrain elements as part of a move instead of having to use a separate action.

You activate Baetriss!
Baetriss gains
Murder Noodle - this unit deals increased CQC damage to targets larger than her. She is harder to hit with CQC attacks.


You give an Improved Cyber Arm to Rockit! Rockit is overjoyed and completely over the moon!


You gain

1 Lightning Gun
1 Battery Pack
1 Capture Foam Gun

Danovin is wounded.

Zarah is a casualty, however, her Unnatural Vigor means that she refuses to spend time in the hospital and must be assigned a roomate and an action as if she was healthy. She can be taken on the next mission, but will have half health.

Rockit has improved. She is merely wounded now. She needs to be assigned a roomate.

Baetriss has improved. She is merely wounded now. She needs to be assigned a roomate.

Ixander has healed.

Now you can rearrange the living quarters!

Kayree and Eilie have fallen in love! They really want to stay roomates and will be upset if you move either of them.

"It just kinda happened," Eilie says.

"She's adorable but spicy. Like a really cute pepper," Kayree says.

Yiann and Danovin get along well. They're both happy with their current roomate.

Fucc really wants a new roomate. He hates having Zarah live with him.

"I know you gave me a gene activation, but I also did a fucking banger job with the interrogation. Don't saddle me with this gross stinky creep!" he says.

Zarah is perfectly happy to have Fucc as a roomate.

"He's loud, which is nice," she says. "Just don't put me in a room by myself, please. I've been a good girl, haven't I?"

Ixander is perfectly happy by himself, as long as he's spending time with Lurleen.

Please assign Rockit and Baetriss roomates and rearrange any other C.Orgs!
No. 990165 ID: bc11b8

Baetriss with Zarah, Fucc with Rockit
No. 990175 ID: 680982

Current Likes/Dislikes:

Except for Kayree and Eilie, I would pair the C.Orgs to be with the ones they haven't been roommates with yet.

For example
Rockit + Danovin
Zarah + Ixander
Beatriss + Fucc
Yiann + Mary Kil
No. 990194 ID: 0fae41

New assignments:
Yiann & Rockit
Baetriss & Zarah
Danovin & Fucc.
No. 990200 ID: 1d109c

Baetriss with Zarah, someone's gotta
Fucc with Mary-Kill
Ixander with Lurleen

Senpia Date Rockit, try out some activities with her new arm!
No. 990202 ID: 894419

I like this. Baetriss seems tough enough to shrug off anything creepy Zarah does.

For the date maybe suggest you go out and do a sport for a bit. You're a massive weeb so maybe go to the batting cages if rockit sounds into it? Those are popular in Japan.
No. 990207 ID: 0fae41

(to be clear, that means leaving Ix helping Lurleen and Eilie/Kayree as-is)
No. 990209 ID: b1b4f3

>murder noodle

Keep the lovers together.
Zarah+Mary Kil
Baetriss+Rockit (they got along well)
Yiann+Joaniffer(the nurse)

Everyone seems to be forgetting that we have a new Cool Base Person to pair our units with. This allows us to pair both Lurleen and Mary Kil with someone to get those bonuses without leaving someone alone.
Well, maybe we won't get a Mary Kil bonus from Zarah but it's worth a shot, and allows us to see if Joaniffer gives a good bonus from Yiann.
No. 990217 ID: 12b116
File 161515434345.jpg - (654.59KB , 2000x1500 , Sexcom59.jpg )

You definitely want Eilie and Kayree together, and definitely want Baetriss with Zarah, and Ixander with Lurleen, but you aren't sure what to do with Fucc, Danovin, Rockit and Yiann.

C.Orgs without roommates lose morale, unless they're spending time with base personnel. Only one unit can spend time with each base personnel, and they must not have a roommate. You can date somebody whether they have a roommate or not. The base personnel are:

Mary Kil at the gene lab. She's a happy sort, and can provide bonus gene points to the unit that helps her.

Lurleen Gray is the serious requisitions officer. She loans the team an item if somebody helps her.

Nurse Joannifer at the hospital. You don't really know much about her.
No. 990218 ID: 1d109c

Yiann and Rockit, he get help her take care of her wounds when Senpai isn't around
No. 990219 ID: 12b116



Kayree learned Tough as Nails
Yiann learned Healer
Danovin learned Nimble
Zarah learned Self-Harm
No. 990220 ID: 1d109c

Danovin can spend time with Joannifer, she can study his magic wounds
No. 990221 ID: 0fae41

Oh yeah, we have three personnel to assist now.
Danovin and Rockit.
Fucc with Mary.
Yiann with Joannifer.
No. 990222 ID: b1b4f3

Ok considering Baetriss cannot escape her fate, I'll alter my suggestion:

Keep the lovers together.
Fucc+Mary Kil
Danovin+Joaniffer(the nurse)
No. 990223 ID: 4bbb7d

Yiann with Joannifer: He's a medic.
Rockit with Mary: Not sure how it'll go but SCIENCE.
Danovin with Fucc: How much trouble could the boys possibly get into?
No. 990228 ID: 680982

This sounds the most reasonable. Mostly because I don't think that Fucc would be the right person to be visiting the base personnel.
No. 990231 ID: 9f65d8

Rockit should hang put with Mary, shes super excited about her new arm and that will probably make mary really excited too
No. 990307 ID: 6c227a

Honestly how have we not paired Fucc with Mary Kil already?
No. 990338 ID: 07ed53
File 161522204347.jpg - (648.22KB , 2000x1500 , Sexcom60.jpg )

Yiann will spend time with Nurse Joannifer

Fucc will spend time with Mary Kil

Rockit will room with Danovin!

Now that that's all sorted, It's also time to spend time with one of your C.Orgs!
Select a C.Org to spend time with, and decide whether you'll do so as a man or a woman.

Relationship list:

Unit List:

Equipment List:
No. 990341 ID: 6b3c38

No. 990344 ID: 1d109c

Date Rockit! as a man, I want to see how happy she is with her new arm!
No. 990348 ID: 680982

Since Rockit already got a morale boost from the last date, I'd only go with her again after she's been on a mission.

In order of my preference:
Zarah (male)
Yiann (male)
Ixander (female)
No. 990353 ID: a38353

Danovin. Male.
No. 990354 ID: 0d6409

Baetriss or Donovan, male. Rockit can be after another mission.
No. 990355 ID: 55b610

Baetriss, male.
No. 990356 ID: afe7de

Date Zarah as a woman!
No. 990358 ID: b1b4f3

Baetriss, female.

She'll probably need the morale boost (assuming we don't screw it up) since she's rooming with Zarah.
No. 990360 ID: e85a08

Zarah as a female.
No. 990363 ID: 864e49

Danovin and Rockit as a female.
Or Ixander as male.
No. 990366 ID: d98bc5

I would like to have in consideration (even if is not for this vote) these options:
- Kayree for being such a faithful and trustworthy soldier. She has been in all the misions and always has been an invaluable soldier
- Zarah is someone difficult to understand and to be able to meke her (and those around her) happy, it would be a good candidate to met.
No. 990367 ID: b1b4f3

If we were to date Kayree, Eilie would probably tag along. Not that I'd complain.
No. 990379 ID: 12b116
File 161525173591.jpg - (1.40MB , 2000x1500 , Sexcom61.jpg )

You've opted to use your female body and spend some time with Zarah.

You see her waiting for you in the courtyard. She's tall and lean, standing about six feet. She is wearing her normal attire, which is attracting odd looks, and has a bloody bandage on her abdomen. She stinks, an animal smell with a garnish of spoiled milk, and her hair is greasy and matted. She waves when you approach, her eyeless face pointing in your general direction, but not exactly at you.

Hey fuck you!" she says, laughing.

"I wanted to keep messing with the bird. But the centipede girl is cute. I wonder if she likes me? Anyway, boss woman, You're cute too!" she nods her head and it takes a minute for you to figure out she was trying to imply that she was winking.

"Nah, just kidding, I can't fucking see!" She laughs like a donkey. "Honestly, I'm surprised you didn't take the shark. Word around the squad is she won't shut up about how cool you are."

She licks her nostril with her pointed pink tongue.

"I won't fucking call you 'sempai,' though." She cackles and slaps you on the shoulder.

"So, where are we going?"

Where do you want to go? These facilities are all provided free of charge for you and your C.Orgs.

A) Ice Creams parlor - A small place with booths. Fairly quiet and intimate

B) Skating Rink - Sit and watch or skate around.

C) Arcade - Loud and busy, full of games.

D) Dinner Restaurant - Fancy food, formal atmosphere.
Unfortunately, somebody peed all over the kitchen.

E) Your room - Hang out and watch movies, or ...

F) Pool - There's the big pool, and the hot tubs. Unfortunately, the pool is currently closed. Somebody peed in the changing room.

G) Race track - Loud and busy! Watch the cars go 'vroom!'

H) Spa - Spend some time getting a massage and a mani/pedi

I) Bar - Eat bar food! Loud and casual. Dance! Booze!

J) Art Show - Relaxed and quiet. Check out the paintings and sculptures
The gallery has been urinated in and is closed for cleaning.

K) Sport complex - Watch people or play basketball, volleyball, or fence.

L) Theatre - Watch a stage play.

M) Arts and Crafts - do some pottery or make a painting together

N) Strip Club - Boys, girls, or both!

O) Costume Party - Get drunk and wear stupid outfits There's not currently a costume party.

P) The Other Bar - This one has live music and pool. A lot smaller and less busy than the previous bar.

Q) Festival - Play games and watch the fireworks! There's not currently a festival going on.

R) Unique - Zarah is getting all kinds of weird looks. You could take her to pick out some civilian clothes. Depending on how it goes, you'll probably be able to take her somewhere else after.

You also need to chitchat with her on the way there. What do you ask her/talk about?
No. 990380 ID: e7c7d3

Aw, she dressed up for us!, The disemboweled bandage is a nice touch. Brings the whole ensemble together

No. 990381 ID: 1d109c

H) take her to the spa, it's one of the few places that don't require sight to enjoy
No. 990382 ID: 745eba

The mystery pee-er strikes again, and at the dinner restaurant too, which is clearly the best fit for Zarah! That villain!

So let's go with Arts & Crafts instead
No. 990384 ID: 4ea18e

R) Let's go to the flea market to get cheap stuff for Zarah to rip up and design herself.
No. 990386 ID: b1b4f3

Well first, ask how her injuries are doing. She's got unnatural vigor working for her but it must still be unpleasant. Or does she like the pain?
R. Does she not have any clothes of her own? Do C.Orgs have to spend their stipend to get clothes or something?
Ask her exactly how her vision works. How much detail does she get? Can she make out enough detail to read normal writing, or is she limited to braille? I guess raised letters might work.
Let's definitely get her a blindfold with googly eyes on it.
Ask her what clothes she likes, if she's tried any before. I bet she'd like revealing, light clothing. Short shorts and a skimpy shirt?

Ask if she's got any interest in going to the spa. Has she ever been pampered like that? Gotten a bubble bath? What is it she dislikes about bathing, exactly? Not gonna dwell on it, just wondering if there's any way to make it more pleasant for her.
Check to see what kind of live music is playing at the bars. We have one point of data on her music preferences, so see if it matches her tastes. I guess Kingdoms isn't exactly standard heavy metal but it's close? Ask if she likes heavy metal in general, or if the kind of drone-like electric guitar distortion stuff in Kingdoms is the specific thing she's into.
No. 990406 ID: 0fae41

Is it just me, or has their production... increased? They need to talk to their doctor.
Clothes shopping, then spa. Normally I’d suggest doing these in the other order, but if that’s what the schedule allows, we’ll do the faster one first.
No. 990435 ID: 680982

Even before getting her some clothes, it would probably be a good idea to wash her. But I suppose we can do that afterwards. After all, washing her could turn out to be more... complicated than we expect hehe. Anyway, R then. We'll need to get her at least two sets of clothes. One that she would immediately stink up, and one for later.

Ask her if she's afraid of water. Also, if she prefers males or females.
No. 990450 ID: 5b0071

H) The Spa
Its a very tactile experience and, likely, a 180 from however the hell she was treated as a sacrifice
No. 990486 ID: d98bc5

I am not sure you can use the spa with a open wound, so I say R)
No. 990491 ID: 12b116
File 161533884571.jpg - (1.04MB , 2000x1500 , Sexcom62.jpg )

You decide you're going to take her to the spa after you get her something more appropriate to wear.

More appropriate generally. When she wants to walk around or whatever.

On the way, you ask her about her injuries. Even though she heals quickly, it must be unpleasant, right? Or does she like it?

Zarah's grin disappears. "Um. No, I don't like it. And yes, you could say stabbing myself in the guts is 'unpleasant.' That's absolutely a word you could use to describe that."

>Zarah's opinion of you has dropped, fairly or unfairly.

You ask her if she has other stuff to wear. C.Orgs are able to pick out whatever kind of civilian clothes they want, and there's lots of extra stuff that anybody can go through and take. There are also plain clothes to pick up, and even uniforms that almost nobody wears. There are also some seamstresses that can alter things to fit if a C.Org wants to go look through the previously owned stuff. Zarah has clearly just not done any of those things.

You think going to the pre-owned stuff might be more fun. There's a lot more variety there.

"I mean, sure, OK. I guess I am wearing my work clothes. Also my only clothes."

Zarah seems to like the idea of going to the pre-owned stuff instead of just being given plain clothes or a uniform.

You ask her how her vision works.

"Ok, so, if you close your eyes and point your finger at something, in your brain you think you know exactly where your finger is. Like, if you opened your eyes, you finger would be exactly where your brain knows it is. It's like that, but for everything around me. So I just kinda have a pretty good idea of where everything is. It's easy to figure out people, and I have a pretty good idea of what they look like in a very general sense. I think I do anyway. To be honest, I knew what the people who I knew before my eyes were carved out looked like already, and there's no way for me to actually confirm that what I think people look like is actually what they look like. But I know where their limbs and faces are and stuff like that. Other stuff is a lot more vague. Like, I know a generally bench-shaped thing is over there, and a generally store-shaped thing is over there."

She accurately points to a bench and a storefront.

"I don't see at all, so there's no colors, I can't read or watch TV or use a computer or anything. Also I got pretty thick pads on my fingertips, so my sense of touch is worse than yours and probably most of the C.Orgs. So like, if there was some writing system made of raised clustered dots or whatever, I wouldn't be able to read that either."

She seems to appreciate the question, and pauses a bit before continuing.

"I am intensely aware of how bright the light is where I am, though. I can feel the presence of the hungering darkness clawing at the edges of my brain all the time, and the darker it is, the more intense the sensation of claws running over or tearing into my flesh is. In pitch-blackness, I can feel its fangs sinking into my body, shearing my muscles and organs apart, drinking my blood!" She grabs her head in both hands, screaming. "IT IS COMING! MY DOOM HAS PURCHASED MY BODY AND FLESH! I WILL BE CONSUMED BY THE HUNGERING DARKNESS!" and lets loose a long, ululating wail before shaking her head and grinning.

"Sorry about that!" She says cheerfully. "Keeping the lights on all night really annoyed that bird, but he wasn't, you know, ritually sacrificed to an evil god, so he can just fucking deal with it, right?"

Everyone in the vacinity is staring, although they rapidly return to whatever it is they were doing before when they realize the freakout has currently ended.

"So, uh, what kind of clothes do you like?" you ask.

"No clue," she says. "I'll be honest, I think this is gonna end up being mostly for you. I've been wearing literally this and only this for years now."

She shrugs.

You ask if she has an aversion to water or bathing.

"Are you saying I smell bad?" she asks, laughing. "I just don't care and I don't really think to do it. I also don't like getting stuff in my eyes." she smirks. "Or lack thereof."

You ask if she's ever been pampered.

"Oh yeah. That was the nice part aboug being a ritual sacrifice. You get bathed and there's sacred unction. Ritual incense. That part was nice. They do rites over you for like, years. Treat you like a very special person. Because you are." Here voice takes on a far-away quality. "Because you are very special. You've been selected. Chosen ... "

>Zarah is happy that you picked the spa for your date.

You've arrived at the donation center and go in. Zarah goes over to a nearby clothing rack and starts rummaging, although it doesn't seem like she's really doing more than imitating the actions of what somebody searching through clothes would do.

You ask her if she likes men or women.

"Well, I think you're cute," she says. You get the distinct impression that she would be winking if she had eyes.

Do you pick something out for her, let her choose, or just steer her in a general direction? You can also have her try on several outfits. Feel free to post things you want her to try.

Alternatively, you could just let her grab whatever she wants and head over to the spa.

No matter what you decide, you'll have to keep the conversation going, so what do you say?

No. 990493 ID: 0fae41

Steer her in a direction: Go with whatever feels nice. Literally! Have her try a few and see what fits most comfortably on her. Things with faux fur, leather jackets, corduroy sweaters? ...Spandex?
I'm curious how and where Extraspace picked you up. Did they take you or did you find your way to them?
Talk a little about home. Broad strokes, like... the country, technology level, the plants and animals.
Are the pads calluses or natural to her species? Large print exists for raised dots, too, but these days the computers can just talk anyway.
No. 990497 ID: 094652

Get something a stripper would wear. She might consider it appropriate.
Let her decide what has the best texture.

Ask about replacing one eye with a cyber-implant. Something that has a built-in fluorescent lamp so the inside of her skull is constantly lit up, keeping the darkness at manageable levels. She doesn't have to sacrifice her view of the creeping inevitability of all things, just keep it half in the void and half in the real world so she can learn how to function and work with others.

Ask about the other sacrifices. How did they react when they died? Did she get to pork them?

Ask about the hanging pole. Do her abilities limit the long-term effects of oxygen deprivation, or should you search for implants that can mitigate the effects, like a brain-oxygen implant?

Do NOT ask about her parents or childhood.
No. 990501 ID: b1b4f3

>can't read or use computers
Ah, but she can listen to audiobooks at least. There's a lot of good ones you can recommend, some of them aren't even anime-related!
...huh, I wonder if we can get her an artificial eye. That's different than replacing a limb though, and judging by Joaniffer's eyepatch I don't think we have the tech.
Also tempting to ask if we can authorize a twice weekly free spa visit for her so she can get sponge baths and a shampoo without anything getting in her sockets, but that would cause a TIME PARADOX.

Have her try on a lot of clothes and tell her what looks good on her. Yes, this will annoy the storepeople because they'll definitely have to wash everything she tries on. Let's just ignore that fact for now.
Suggestions for materials: silk, leather, fleece, maybe some frilly stuff. You know, let her see what it feels like.
I think she could definitely rock a goth punk outfit. Stereotypical hot topic stuff, of course. Suggest a collar.
And a blindfold with googly eyes. Up to her if she wants to wear it now but I imagine it'd at least be funny for her to wear it while hanging out with Baetriss. Actually we should probably get her several blindfolds and pairs of underwear so she isn't wearing the same ones all the time.
Also let's get a second blindfold, for Baetriss or whoever else Zarah rooms with, so they can sleep with the lights on.

What kind of stuff did she do to mess with Fucc? Any good reactions? Did she get to mess with people at Extraspace? How did they treat her there?
How does she like being a soldier? Compliment her on her performance. Hanging seemed very effective in this sort of mission, and that last shot with the foam gun was impressive.
Ask her what stuff about her past she doesn't like talking about, so you know what to avoid, aside from obvious shit like the ritual itself. Did anyone assign her a therapist yet, so she can talk to someone about it? There must be on-site therapy.
What does she think of the other C.Orgs? Has she met any of the staff yet?
What kind of food does she like? Sweets? Beer?
No. 990502 ID: b1b4f3

Oh and tell her she looks cute too.
No. 990509 ID: 0fae41

>I don't think we have the tech.
Yet. We may continue to gain improvements from the End cult, though it's possible there's simply too much damage. Besides, her current vision sort of works.
While we're buying stuff here, get a nightlight and a motivational poster for her room. Hang in there, baby!
No. 990536 ID: 680982

Pick out a large scarf for her and wrap it around her neck to hide the scars there. Be careful to only touch her neck gently with your hands.

As far as other clothes go, I would pick one set of something sturdy and leather-like. And one set of something soft and stretchy, silk or wool-like. Maybe a cape dress...

Talking with her, you should try to reassure her that her future in this organization is bright. And that you hope to see her gut- I mean, become a good part of the team. She has a unique potential to save others and for that, you'll make sure that she's rewarded accordingly.
But try to explain that, for others to like her more, it would be a good idea if she adapted to the social norms here. She said that others used to wash her before, but that's something she'll have to do by herself now, well, maybe you could show her how it's done if she wants. You could also buy her some incense if that would make her sleep easier at night.
You shouldn't pry too much into her past, but if you have to, you should ask her first if she's ok with talking about it.
No. 990657 ID: 6c227a

Long pants and a crop top. She strikes me as a crop top girl. Also get a sweater.
No. 990809 ID: 07ed53
File 161556723231.jpg - (1.14MB , 1000x1500 , Sexcom63.jpg )

You steer Zarah in a few general directions. Mostly, you focus on textures.

Fur, leather, spandex ... whatever feels nice!

Some of it is revealing, some of it is classy, some of it is just ... yeah.

You figure out that Zarah tends to not like to have a whole lot of her body covered up. Because she frequently has wounds on her, it tends to be uncomfortable if clothes are rubbing on them, so mostly, she prefers to keep the scarred parts of her body exposed.

While she tries stuff on, you ask her stuff!

You ask her how she found extraspace.

"I've been a mercenary for like, five years. Extraspace people showed up in my world and asked if anybody would be interested in coming with them. The caveat being that I'd have to work with you and your people for however long until I can retire, at which point I'm free to stay in this world or travel to whatever world I want. Pretty sweet deal."

You ask her about her home world.

"Well, planets are huge, but the region I come from is fairly arid. There's no electricity or anything, but there is a lot more magic and stuff. Offering magic is some of the least dangerous. Anyway, the countries nearby are always fighting. There's these warlords that control huge territories. I'm not really fond of any of them and basically had to do mercenary work to survive."

She doesn't seem to care that much about her home world, and doesn't seem particularly interested in saying much more. You do find out her fingerpads are natural for her species.

You ask how she'd feel about replacing an eye with a cybernetic.

"Oh, there's regeneration and healing magic in my world. Unfortunately, healing any of these wounds or regrowing my eyes would sever my connection with the Hungering Darkness, so I'd just be a worthless cripple. Or give it the opportunity to instantly consume me. It's random which one happens." She frowns. "I feel like any kind of technological workaround would have exactly the same problem."

>Zarah does appreciate that you're interested in helping her.

You ask her about maybe an implant that bathes her skull in light instead of letting her see.

"Although how much light I'm in matters, it's more of just how much darkness is around me generall. Like, if it's really dark where I'm 'looking,' so to speak, that's just as bad as me being in that dark, except, you know, I just point my face somewhere else if I'm not in the darkness."

You ask her about the other sacrifices.

"I mean, I don't have any idea. I've met other Offerings like myself who did mercenary work, but the sacrificed aren't kept together or anything. I'd imagine the ones who were taken fully probably died horribly in a state of absolute terror while they were consumed by the ever-hungering monster that is my inevitable fate?!" She starts cackling and drooling, but shakes herself out of it after a moment.

She does explain that anything that would make her abilities more comfortable or less taxing on her would also make them far less effective.

You do tell her that she's free to go to the spa whenever she wants on her own time, and the people there will probably wash her. No big deal. The facilities are available for all C.Orgs as long as they aren't full or closed for any reason.

"We'll see how it goes," she says.

She tries on lots of stuff, but you find that she doesn't really like collars. her neck is usually bruised and tender from Hanging, so it bothers her a bit.

You find several eye masks with eyes printed on them, and she tries several on. You also get some eye masks and blindfolds for whoever her roommmate is at the time, which will probably help with the 'lights always on' issue.

>Both the regular spa visits and blindfolds for her roommate will mitigate some of the negative impact Zarah has on her roommate.

You ask what kind of stuff she'd do to Fucc.

"So, I basically just become unconscious for a few hours every night instead of sleeping like normal. I don't ever remember falling asleep or waking up, and I have no idea what happens when I'm like that."

She pauses for several seconds. You almost tap her shoulder to see if she's ok before she suddenly continues.

"So point is, I have lots of night time time, so I would just like, draw on him with makeup, or put rubberbands or hair clips in his feathers, or lick his eyelids or whatever. I'd always try to be sitting right next to his bed leaning over him when he woke up so he would think I'd been watching him all night." She snickers.

"He was too afraid of me to actually try to bully me or anything, so I'd just slap whatever he was holding out of his hand or whatever when he was doing something. Just stuff like that."

You ask if she acted like that with the Extraspace people.

"I mean, I basically did orientation with them and then they started seeing if anybody wanted to hire me, so I was only there for like, three weeks? I was mostly learning as much as I could about the world and stuff, so I didn't really have much time to myself."

You ask her what subjects she'd rather avoid and if she has gone made use of any of the on-site mental health professionals.

"I'm not used to people asking me questions, so I don't know. And what use is there to talk about anything? My fate is sealed. My doom is known to me. It waits for me, always, claws and fangs gleaming in the darkness. In the shadows. Waiting for the price it purchased to finally be paid ... "

she shakes her head and waves her hands as if clearning away cobwebs. "ANYWAY!" she says.

You ask what she thinks of the staff and other C.Orgs.

"They mostly avoid me!" she says cheerily.

You ask what kind of food she likes.

"Ok, well, that's the one thing I do miss about home. I love honeyed wine and pomegranate beer. We didn't drink water really ever, so that's weird. And they tend to not want to give me beer first thing in the morning here. I also love ibex liver and sycamore fruit and I haven't seen those available anywhere. Or lotus bulbs. Those are delicious! The curry here is ok though." She pauses. "I don't really like candy. If something is sweet, it should be from honey or fruit. Sugar tastes weird to me."

You tell her she looks cute.

"Ha. Good one." she says, clearly uncomfortable.

You make sure and get her a nightlight and a poster of a kitten on a branch that says "HANG IN THERE." Even though she can't see it, she seems delighted when you tell her what it is.

>Zarah appreciates the gifts.

You tell her that you think her future with SexCom is promising, and you think she makes a strong addition to your team. Her healing ability is especially unique and useful, and you'll make sure she's rewarded for the hard work she puts in.

You do tell her that she would probably have an easier time if she adapted more to how things are here. She should probably try to bathe herself at least once every few days, and you'd be happy to show her how to it's done.

"Lewd," she says.

Now it's time to pick out outfits! You can pick as many as you want. Below are Zarah's opinions on each of them.

A) Fur coat, exercise shorts and a sports bra bring Zarah's unique flair to this ensemble. Zarah doesn't really like heavy or constricting garments, but likes the way the fur feels when she pets it. "Did this used to be a C.Org?" she asks. Probably not!

B) A sexy leather jacket, collar and bluejean shorts, along with an ahegao eye mask lets everyone know that Zarah is ready for business! The shirtlessness is sure to turn heads, although she isn't very fond of the stiff materials. She does like that it msotly avoids her wounded areas, though.

C) This sporty spandex and shutter shade combo is light and airy. Zarah likes the feel, btu doesn't like the belly coverage.

D) This t-shirt and shorts combo screams "Comfy and easy to wear!" This ensemble seems to advertise to everyone that the wearer likes tabletop games, video games, and/or collectable trading card games. Things that Zarah mostly can't enjoy!

E) Crop top, skirt, and arm-and leg-warmers along with an ahegao eye mask and spiked collar let everyone know this is one bad bitch! Although the skirt is heavier fabric, the rest of the articles are soft and mostly avoid her wounded areas.

F) Two eyepatches complete the look of this long, fluffy scarf and cape dress. This look broadcasts class and sophistication to anyone with eyes. Even though the dress has full coverage, the material is very light and doesn't seem to bother Zarah, although she'd rather ditch the scarf.

After that, it's time for the spa!

Do you want:

A) Individual full course - Give Zarah some alone time with the talented staff. This will end the date, but give Zarah a better spa experience. She'll get a sponge bath, sauna time, massage, and mani/pedi, plus have her hair washed and styled.

C) Couples Massage - How can anyone not like this?

D) Sponge bath/styling - you'll both have your hair and body washed, mani/pedis and have your hair styled. You'll be able to chat with Zarah and the staff.

E) Sauna - some alone time with Zarah in a hot steamy room.

No. 990810 ID: e51896

F, but with no scarf.

and A. Even though we won't be with her, we'll be giving her the best experience especially after what she went through
No. 990811 ID: e7c7d3

Gonna go with the Double D's
No. 990812 ID: 094652

B & E, add a kimono sash.
A - Make sure you tip the server and apologize in advance.
No. 990818 ID: 27edeb

For Zarah's outfit I'm thinking E is the least problematic overall, though the heavy weight of the skirt is an issue. Maybe we could find some lightweight short-shorts to give her a sort of goth tomboy vibe? She also seems pretty happy overall with A and her "unique flair", so I'd say pick that if you can't make E work. It's a shame she doesn't like the material as much on B because it's such a good look for her.

For the spa treatment, it's a tough call. Zarah definitely seems to be getting a kick out of having our positive attention and it would be a shame to deny her more of that. On the other, isolated pampering would be a great reward for her.

She gets such a social battering from people for things that are mostly out of her control, I'd hate to shunt her off for a private session and leave her thinking we were done with her or that we only wanted to "fix" her. Is it possible to maybe mix E and A? Have some dedicated social time before having her get a rich experience for herself? If not, then I put forward D, with the comfort in knowing that she can always go back and get the personal full-course for herself later.
No. 990820 ID: 27edeb

I'll also add, that since she has a thing against "restrictive" clothing, she could also do away with the sports bra on A if she doesn't feel comfortable with it. She'd end up doing a more comfortable, less tough looking version of B that way.
No. 990825 ID: 1d109c

Get her F, but replace the scarf with one made of fur! since she like's fur so much

Get her outfits A and E as backup outfits, she could use a couple.

For Spa go with "A" it's important she have the best time possible so she'll want to go again!

for conversations Bring up how awesome she was with that foamgun last mission, and tell he she can have a real gun next time.

also add that if she ever did get robo eyes and sever her connection with the Hungering Darkness, she wouldn't be a worthless cripple, she'd be an awesome cripple with badass gunskills
No. 990826 ID: 0d6409

E or D, but maybe B, F is boring and while the eyepatches are fun it’s maybe a bit much when everything else is normal.
D seems like the best to do, least amount of awkwardness or can’t accidentally insult her.
Then again maybe we should go for the most awkward route possible like normal.
No. 990830 ID: 79749f

D for clothes. It's time to stop resisting the memes.

For the spa treatment, go with D as well. It could possibly let us meet more people that we could pair up with our C.Orgs.
No. 990833 ID: 894419

Outfit D, looks sporty and non-restrictive.

Spa plan A, let her relax!
No. 990836 ID: 680982

>I'd just be a worthless cripple
Can you really call someone with a perfectly normal and healed up body a cripple? If you ask me, it sounds like a good choice for when she's retired.

>draw on him with makeup; slap whatever he was holding out of his hand
lol, she's a real menace, huh? Can't blame Fucc for not liking her much. I guess this means we'll need to find someone that she respects enough to not prank them too often.

F (no scarf) and B.

Also, prophecies are to be fulfilled, not worn. If D wins, then get something not orange.


I think it would be extremely weird and unromantic to go with A, like, we're on a date. Imagine going to movies, but then getting seats as far apart as possible "so that the other person could enjoy the movie alone".
No. 990838 ID: 151e98

Double Ds! (Twin spa visit and Steve.) And get E and F for later.
No. 990847 ID: b1b4f3

For future outfits she can wear shawls or ponchos made out of light fabric. She could probably get away with going bottomless if they're long enough!
F seems like the clear winner, though ditch the scarf. I wonder if she'd like a feather boa?
D should be fine too since she had no complaints. Or was that last bit a complaint? Hard to say if she dislikes giving the wrong impression.
E would work without the collar, and maybe a lighter skirt if she can find one.

...ah, note to self, do not bring Zarah on any nighttime missions, or missions where we or the enemy might cut the lights.

As for what spa thing to do, let's go with D.

Ask her if she got to do any good deeds as a mercenary. Ask her what sycamore fruit is like, maybe there's something commonly available here that's similar in taste. Also, the ibex liver-- does it taste different from livers of other animals? And... lotus bulb? She doesn't mean lotus root does she?
Tell her you'll get her some honeyed wine if she tries to get along with her roommates.
Does she have anything she wants to ask you?
Recommend that she talk to a therapist, you want her to feel better about herself. She's still alive, so she should try to live as best she can.
No. 990865 ID: 12b116
File 161558962530.jpg - (391.42KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom64.jpg )

You select outfit D, but tell her to also take F and E. You say she should leave that scarf, but maybe think about a fur one if she wants to. She seemed to notice that you also liked how she looked in B, but didn't pick it because she didn't prefer the materials. You see her take that one too.

>Right or wrong, Zarah thinks you picked mostly based on what's more comfortable for her, and her opinion of you improves!

D is definitely the most comfortable, and B is the least out of the ones selected, with E & F in the middle. You know if she's wearing B in the future it's to make a good impression on you.

"These shorts are so comfy!" she says as she finishes putting on outfit D.

Then you head on to the spa. It seems kinda weird to tell her to do something on her own when you're supposed to be spending time with her, so you tell her that you'll be joining her for cleaning and grooming, but that she can always come back on her own later if she wants a massage.

You tell her that you were really surprised about how accurate she was with the foam gun last mission, and that she can use a real gun next time.

"I'm not gonna lie," she says, looking a little abashed, "That was pretty much all luck and no skill."

You tell her she'd be a badass even if she didn't have magic powers.

"Yeahhhh, dunno about that," she says.

You tell her that there's no reason to be down on herself, and that she'd be perfectly healthy if she got mechanical eyes, and that it might be worth considering when she retires.

"Not quite," says Zarah. "Of course, aside from the chance that I just die, having that connection severed won't be healthy for me, and the magical protection I get really makes my body less garbage than it actually is, so ... yeah. Definitely something to consider only after I retire." She frowns.

You ask if she did any good deeds as a mercenary. She barks out a harsh laugh.

"No, no I definitely did not. Literally no one would ever say I did any good deeds as a mercenary." Her cheek twitches and her frown deepens.

You say you'll look for some of the food she mentioned, or else things that are like them. You say you can definitely get honeyed wine. If she tries to get along with Baetriss, you'll make sure and get some for her.

You say she should probably talk to a therapist though. You never know, it might help! You also ask if there's anything she wants to ask you.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhh ... " she seems at a loss. "Who is your favorite C.Org?" she asks.

You arrive at the spa!

Two strange creatures wait behind the desk, and you tell them what you want.

They both speak simultaneously.

"We hope you enjoy your spa experience. We always start with a bath. Would you like to be bathed together, or separately?"

How do you answer Zarah's question, or do you just avoid it?

Do you want to be bathed together or separately? Separately would give you a chance to talk to the spa person alone. If you pick together, how do you keep the conversation going with Zarah?

No. 990869 ID: 894419

Alright, I know this is a total cop out Zarah, but I haven't even had a full day with the vast majority of my C.Orgs. I can't really choose a favorite. I'll admit though I like Rockit quite a bit, and you're growing on me fast. I hope it doesn't sound rude when I say you're a lot more personable than I expected you to be.

I'd say ask Zarah if she feels comfortable sharing a bathing space or if she'd prefer to go alone. I'm interested in talking to her and the attendants either way. If she does want to bathe together, ask if she has interest in any hobbies? I'm sure we have the capital to fund some small scale stuff like sports or sculpting. We could teach her to play chess if she ever feels like kicking our ass strategically.
No. 990870 ID: 680982

>favorite C.Org
"I think you're cute as well."
But if she really wants to know, all the C.Orgs are your favorite. A corny answer, but it's true.

We should still be able to talk with the spa employees, but even if we were separate, I'm not sure what to ask that would be so important that it would warrant talking with them alone.

You can tell her a bit about your job, how tense you were in the last mission, how each mistake you make makes you cringe, and how you try to do your best to learn from mistakes.

While the staff is working, try talking to them about the pee accidents and ask them if they've heard any rumors about those, since you're trying to get to the bottom of it. And then you can also ask Zarah for her opinion on the matter.
No. 990871 ID: 31a5d6

Laugh at the question. "Hah! You can't ask me who my favorite C. Org is! I'm supposed to be impartial!"

As for together or separately, I vote together if she's comfy with it.
No. 990872 ID: 0fae41

Keeping in mind that Zarah isn't a C. Org... You could ask me that question every day and every day I'd have a different answer. Maybe even after every shot. That said, I believe statistics would show Kayree is our most valued soldier so far, being a medic and the pointwoman keeping the other soldiers calm on missions.
Bathe separately, let's meet our hostesses. (Besides, Zarah's going to have some very muddy waters).
No. 990874 ID: b1b4f3

>favorite C.Org
That's a really tough question! Going down the list here, some stand out for their abilities:
Kayree is a really solid leader and is the most experienced soldier now, plus it's fairly easy to get her excited in a mission.
Yiann is now a great pick for missions in general since he can move cover around with no penalty and gets excited from it.
Rockit will be useful in missions with a lot of water, and can recover extremely well from being shaken so long as we help her before she panics.
Baetriss can cover multiple ranges or do something like carry a specialized weapon alongside a general purpose one. On top of that she's becoming increasingly deadly in CQC so she has the most potential out of everyone. Unfortunately she's harder to get armor for and is a little more fragile than most C.Orgs.
And Zarah of course-- Transfusion is a medkit multiplier and her other abilities seem quite useful, though now I realize Disembowel is shorter range than I was expecting. Should be interesting to see what happens when we Activate her.
As for physical appearance, everyone looks attractive in some way, but there are some leaders. Rockit is very cute, Danovin is big and handsome, and Baetriss looks really cool.
Personality wise, Kayree seems cool and confident and that's good. I like how caring Danovin is, and Baetriss might be cool though I'd have to talk to her a little more to find out.

Tell Zarah you don't mind bathing together, but it's up to her if she wants you ogling her.
No. 990879 ID: bc11b8

Kayree, her natural leadership makes it easier to keep an operation together and morale high... she's a pretty profound asset and very helpful. On a personal level, that attitude is very appealing as well.
No. 990883 ID: 3d5218

Stick with Zarah, you're here for her so even if it's a little strange, bathing with her makes the most sense.

Talk about the stresses and hard decisions your job makes you do, lean into how good it is to be able to spend the time in service to her, and scootch in real close to her.

Maybe its our opportunity for the both of us to help with each other's pain and stresses. She is a very cute creature after all
No. 991002 ID: 094652

"Honestly, I have a preference towards the cuter C.Orgs, but it's a bias that I try to suppress during hard decisions in combat. As for an actual 'favorite C.Org', I haven't really gotten to know more than three but Eilie ranks first and you basically rank third. Sorry."

Bathe apart, you both need consistent stress relief, no chance of bickering to distract you.
No. 991045 ID: c58093

Lets bathe together. She could use company.
No. 991439 ID: df49b2

Thats a really good answer, I second that.
Bathe together. Make small talk. Ask her about favorite foods?
No. 991494 ID: d98bc5

>> 991439
I agree. If she insist you could always give an overtechnically profesional response like:

"I can't say at personal level, but in the field, if I had to say one, considering the frequency in missions, the cooperativeness, and coverage of allies, maybe Kayree. I like people that helps to have everyone returning in one piece."
No. 991522 ID: 12b116
File 161585696894.jpg - (519.35KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom65.jpg )

You ask Zarah if she'd rather bathe together or not.

>Zarah appreciates that you let her choose.

"I don't really care," she says. "People are vauge enough that I can't actually tell if they're clothed or naked anyway. But please don't look at me," she says, sounding actually vulnerable for the first time. "It'd be really weird if you looked at me naked." She looks down. Well, points her face down. "Plus I can't really see you naked anyway, so it, uh, wouldn't be fair. But I don't care if we're together or whatever."

The attendants nod. They're tall, and their fingers are long and slender.

"I am Ashley, and this is my sister Ashleigh," says one.

"I am Ashleigh and this is my brother Ashley," says the other one.

Now that they've said it, you can kinda tell, you guess, although either one could pass either way, really.

They lead you both through the quiet halls of the spa, and you talk with Zarah.

"What about my question?" Zarah asks, grinning again.

"Ha!" you say, "I can't say who my favorite C.Org is! I'm supposed to be impartial!" you say.

"Cop out! Cop out!" Zarah says, laughing, as you're brought into the spa pool.

She turns away from you as she's undressed by Ashley as Ashleigh smoothly removes your own garments, gentle fingers gliding feather-light across your body.

The attendants sit behind you both, and the pool is shaped in a such a way that there are many alcoves that give a level of separation between bathers.

You ask Zarah if she has any hobbies.

"Well, I was raised in a spooky temple and I've been a mercenary since I escaped, so honestly I never had time for hobbies. So uh. I don't know."

You ask her if she wants to try sports or art, or if she'd like to learn chess.

"Sure," she shrugs. "I'd give any of that a try. Mostly I just listen to music. That's something I always enjoyed."

You talk about how you agonize over certain decisions, and how you try your best to learn from them. The last mission had you especially tense.

Zarah nods.

You ask the attendant about the pee mystery, and Zarah about it as well.

"Unfortunately," Ashleigh says as she scrubs you down, water gently splashing as she wrings out her sponge, "My brother and I have just recently come to the spa. Apparently the previous attendants left or were let go due to the incident that caused the spa to be closed for cleaning."

You ask Zarah what she thinks.

"I guess we need to learn about the other squads before we can start narrowing down suspects," she says.

"Answer my question for real," Zarah says, splashing some water toward you.

You feel the long fingers of your attendant knead shampoo into your scalp.

"Well," you say, "I don't have a favorite, cheesy as that is, and appreciate all of my people."

Zarah nods as Ashley begins to sponge her down.

"Kayree is definitely the MVP. She's an experienced leader who has an appealing attitude and she keeps morale high."

You go over the rest of your C.Orgs, telling Zarah the good qualities of each of them.

"Of course, your abilities are extremely useful too, and I'm glad to have you with us. Plus you're definitely cute," you say.

Zarah gets quiet.

>Zarah is upset about what you just said.

"Please stop that. I know I'm not cute." She almost mumbles it.

"My body is mutilated. My eyes have been cut out. I'm covered in wounds and scars." Her voice is very quiet.

"I know I'm not cute, ok? Please stop saying that."

Ashley gently works the knots and tangles out as he washes her hair.
No. 991530 ID: 1d109c

"Scars are rad as hell! all the best heroes in my japanese animes have them, plus eye scars are hardcore.
plus your face is pointy as fuck, that's the hottest feature a person can have, my room is plastered with pictures of the pointiest characters around, ask anyone!
ask the Ashleys they know first hand how awesome it is to be pointy"
No. 991531 ID: 894419

"Zarah, there's more to being beautiful then just the way you look. Its also about the way you are, how you appear in motion. Its in the nature of your character. Please don't think that I say what I do just because I'm trying to give a soldier an ego boost. I mean it. You have personal strength and adaptability and it shines through your exterior. That said though, I can see how it was insensitive of me to be so forward about something so personal like that. I'm sorry about that, I should have had more tact."
No. 991536 ID: 094652

"I don't know why I said that. Some of you is cute, some of you is definitely not cute. It's a matter of body language associating with the parts of you that aren't cute. I'd recommend you study an animatronic dancer."
No. 991541 ID: f0c3a0

Dropping half assed and unwanted life lecture on Zarah, especially on how the way they think is wrong and on a topic that is very sensitive to them that they have just requested you not to talk anymore about is forceful, condescending and guaranteed to push them away by making them defensive. You don't currently have the relationship or situation necessary to deal with something of this magnitude right not. If you must say something just de-escalate by agreeing that you won't bring it up and move on with the conversation.
No. 991543 ID: e85a08

Ask Zarah if there's something you can do for her to prove you think she's cute.
No. 991545 ID: b1b4f3

Jeez guys, try to pay attention. She didn't react well the first time, why'd you think the second time would go better?

Apologize, admit cute's the wrong word to use. Offer to explain what you like about her. If she agrees:
You like her long legs and face, and she has a good figure. Most of her scars don't bother you that much, the angles they're at remind you of stripes. You'll admit you don't like looking at her missing eyes, but overall you think she's hot. Maybe you're weird, or have low standards. Whatever.

Also make sure not to look at her, like she asked.
No. 991547 ID: 3d5218

Cute is the wrong word to use. Her lithe figure and sharp angles ARE attractive. A hand tracing them wouldn't even need to see to know just how beautiful she is. After all, you can tell how strong she is by continuing on, even with her scars, and her fears. Strong is sexy. A strong, sexy, lovely flower
No. 991562 ID: 0fae41

Of course. We'd like to look with our hands at those scars later. Anyway, her musical pastime - was that pretty much exclusively handled by live musicians in taverns and the like? Ever listened to an orchestra? Your selection for Rockit's playlist was very... atmospheric. Are you a fan of the experimental?
Complement Ashleigh's... length. It's almost a pity we're only borrowing this body for the spa visit, but sometimes it's about the journey. Do they have any spa courses for brains in a jar?
No. 991576 ID: 864e49

Maybe cute is the wrong word, sexy is more accurate.
No. 991606 ID: 680982

Let's think about Zarah's motives for a bit. Why would she be so disillusioned about her visual appearance? Especially when she's got no eyes to evaluate herself? There's plenty of theories, but I can think of two that would be the most likely.
1. The darkness has influenced her a lot and that's why she's resigned to the notion that no one could possibly like the way she looks.
2. Her past experiences tell her not to trust such praise. If someone once told her that she was cute, but then she was betrayed by this person one way or another, it would make sense that she would not trust any such sweet words.

If it's the first option, then it's pretty simple. Since her conviction is mostly psychological, we just need to keep telling her good things, and it would eventually drown out the whispers of the darkness. And if we find other people to tell her the same, people that are fine with her looks, it would be proof which she wouldn't be able to dismiss.

Now, the second option is a problem. If she was stabbed in the back in the past, then even if we provided proof that her looks aren't bad, she would probably just ignore it. If so, telling her that she looks cute, has cool scars, is sexy, that it's not about what's outside but what's inside, stuff like that would probably have the opposite effect and would only get on her nerves. I think that in this case, we would have to take a much different route. What I would do here is acknowledge her beliefs and be realistic. Show her that you truly understand her before trying to compliment her.

Well, it's also possible that it's a mix of things, but I wouldn't complicate stuff too much for now.

Anyway, laugh for a bit and tell her that, at least she doesn't have a fake body like you. Wounds? Scars? Sure, they're not pretty, but what is? And who decides that? What you think about her, well, it's just your opinion. Take it for what it's worth.
You know what would be funny? If someday you'd get the chance to punch that darkness of hers in its face.
No. 991675 ID: 12b116
File 161594403108.jpg - (504.86KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom66.jpg )

You think about Zarah's previous poor responses to being called cute. If you recall correctly, she wears the blindfold because her other folks' benefit, not hers.

You decide to wait before saying anything. You don't want to come off as condescending about something that's obviously a sensitive topic. Plus, Ashleigh's fingers are massaging your scalp and you just want to melt. You close your eyes and hear Zarah moan. Wait, that was also you moaning as the attendant rubbed your shoulders.

After a moment, you're wrapped in towels and lead to the spa chairs for the rest of your treatment.

"Zarah?" you ask.

"MM?" she mumbles.

"I'm being honest here. I think scars are rad as hell. All the best heroes in my Japanese animes have them. plus eye scars are hardcore.
Plus your face is pointy as fuck, that's the hottest feature a person can have, my room is plastered with pictures of the pointiest characters around, ask anyone! Ask the Ashleys they know first hand how awesome it is to be pointy"

Zarah laughs, and the Ashleys both answer in unison.

"It's true. We have been called very attractive in the past."

You feel Ashleig's huge, fluffy tail wrap across your shoulder as she sits on a low stool beside you. You want to marry her as her delicate fingers trace along your hands.

"I'm not shitting you either, Zarah," you say. "I like how you move. I like your character. You're strong and adaptable. I should have been mroe tactful though."

Just Ashley speaks up. "I agree with your commander," he says. "The texture of your scars is very interesting, and your whole aspect is one I find very appealing, both to look at and touch. Although your asthetic certainly won't appeal to everyone, there are many things that many people would be attracted to."

"I don't care if you tell me I look like a roadkill," Zarah moans, "Just keep doing whatever your doing to my hand. I didn't even know that you could massage hands..."

"I'm not gonna lie," you say, "I really like those long legs you have, Zarah, and I'm not gonna pretend that I like looking at your missing eyes, but the vast majority of your scars don't bother me at all and I think you're hot."

"Okay! Okay! I get it!" Zarah laughs. "I get it! I'm just really not used to being complimented, OK? And I have literally never been called cute in my entire life." Her laughter dies. "After, anyway. I was cute before. Properly cute." she shakes her head and Ashley rubs her cheek with the end of his tail.

"I'm a lot more used to being called ugly, freaky, disturbing, fucked up, gross, stuff like that. Stuff like 'wear your fucking blindfold so I can talk to you without throwing up in my mouth.' 'I wish could both be useful and cover up that fucked up body at the same time.' You know, stuff like that. A lot more used to that."

"Oh," you say, "I should mention that this is a fake body. It's alive, but it was grown in a lab and my brain is in this metal pod inside of the skull. Wounds? Scars? Who decides whether they're pretty or not?"

"I find your scars legitimately appealing," Ashley says.

"I am jealous of my brother," Ashleigh says. "Not that you aren't very attractive, commander, but I would very much like to run my fingers across Miss Zarah's scars. We both find unique textures very appealing. And tactile sensations are important to us."

You do notice that she'd been running the tip of her tail along the seam just behind your hairline that opens up so that your brain capsule can be removed.

"I kinda wanna touch them too," you say. "That lithe figure, those sharp angles. A hand tracing them ... you wouldn't need to see to know how beautiful you are. You're a strong, sexy, lovely flower."

Zarah makes a very small meep.

"Okaaaay! I get it! Can we stop complimenting me now?"

You open your eye a crack and can see that she's blushing furiously.

You ask her about the music she likes before she dies of embarassment. But she's also smiling. There's a tiny smile on Ashley's face too as he begins filing her hooves with his tail while he starts styling her hair.

You figure she'd mostly listened to live music before. Does she like experimental stuff? Has she heard an orchestra before?

"Uh," she mumbles something before regaining her composure. "It was mostly choral music in the temple, and lots of just, 'let's hope somebody in the group can play an instrument at night while we're camping.'"

"The temple had some hymns that were no lie fire as fuck, though," she says.

"There was almost always somebody who could though. Tavern music, yeah. When I went to Extraspace the first thing I did was look for music. I likel stuff with droning sounds that sort of bring you somewhere else when you listen to them."

The date is wrapping up, so you ask the Ashleys if they have any courses for brains in jars.

Ashleigh's eyes light up, and she almost loses her professional composure for a moment.

"Of course, commander. I would be happy to check all of your neural connections, replace your fluid, check for any corrosion or buildup on your terminals. Of course, I am also very willing to inspect your brain itself for any signs of injury or disease. It would be my pleasure." You're almost a little creeped out by the enthusiasm hiding behind her professional demeanor, but she's also really hot so you kind of don't care.

Is there anything else you want to say to either of the Ashleys or Zarah before you stagger out into the base, thoroughly relaxed and prettied up from your spa visit?
No. 991680 ID: 1d109c

Arange a "brain washing" session with Ashleigh
that sounds sexy as hell!
No. 991681 ID: 8517a5

I think you should ask Zarah if she wants to spend the night. You've got a nice night light set up, and maybe being close with another person will help calm her mind. (And aching loins)
No. 991683 ID: b1b4f3

I don't think that will go over well...

Tell her you really want her to at least try seeing a therapist. It's obvious that she's been through a lot of bad shit, and she could be a lot happier after telling a professional about it. Think of it like a spa treatment, but for her mind.
Also tell her you had fun. Maybe you can hang out again sometime? No promises on when though, this is the only way you can get to know your C.Orgs and you want to be friends with more of them.
Offer a hug?
No. 991695 ID: 894419

First "Yes please, a thorough washing of my brain cylinder sounds absolutely divine."

Second thank Zarah for the nice evening, apologize one more time for the bit of the stumble at the end. Say you'd love to hang out more if she's up for that in the future. It may be awhile though, you want to spend time with all of your soldier at least once.

I'm gonna say hold off on suggesting therapy to her, I don't want to risk offending further or just generally dampening the mood by getting much more serious. Lets end it on this high note.
No. 991708 ID: e86167

Oh, just want to mention I'm also against propositioning Zarah. I don't think she'd appreciate the gesture so early in our relationship.
No. 991709 ID: 0fae41

Zarah's smile goes on for a mile. Hopefully we'll have the second date soon, and the brain wash. What else to discuss... not really feeling the scars as a topic right now. I hope the other C. Orgs warm up to Zarah as they get to know her, after the spa treatments there will be fewer barriers to that. Ask her if she knows any good gallows humor.
I feel like getting some matching shutter shades for our jar now. Everyone respects a commander with some good shades.
I suppose we won't know until we try. Besides, we are so soft right now. It'd be a shame to let it go to waste.
No. 991755 ID: 680982

Thank everyone for their time and exchange goodbyes.

Maybe you could escort Zarah back first, not sure how soon the path for the two of you splits up. Tell her to not prank Beatriss too much and to take care of her body.

I wonder if it's possible for the commander to get drunk.
No. 991847 ID: 12b116
File 161603807439.jpg - (557.83KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom67.jpg )

You consider asking Zarah to spend the night with you, but figure it's probably a bit premature for something like that.

You tell Zarah you had a really good time and hope to spend time with her again.

"I did too, Commander! I hope we see each other again soon!"

>Overall, Zarah had a good time with you. She'll be in a good mood for a while, and it'll help mitigate the penalty to her roomate!

Zarah gets a big morale boost next time you bring her on a mission!

>Zarah likes you!

You also tell the Ashleys you'd be down for a brain wash.

Instead of dating one of your troops, you can now go to the spa to be pampered by the Ashleys.

You wonder about drinking. Your body is organic and interfaced with your brain. It can definitely get drunk.

You have a special video message from Rockit when you get back to your room

"Hi Commander! I just wanted to let you know that the new arm is working great! I can't tell you how much it means to me that you put my injury before everything else, and I hope we can go on a date that, you know, I'm not drugged out of my mind on! Anyway, I wanted to leave you a message to let you know I'm doing great and tell you 'thanks!'"

Danovin is there too. He waves.

As for your other C.Orgs:

Kayree and Eilie are lovers!
Eilie still thinks Kayree is basically awesome.
->Eilie loves Kayree.
Kayree smooches Eilie a lot instead of sharing her opinion about her roomate.
->Kayree loves Eilie.

Baetriss gets along okayishly with Zarah!
Baetriss thinks Fucc was exaggerating about how bad Zarah was.
->Baetriss is neutral toward Zarah.
Zarah thinks Baetriss is pretty cool.
->Zarah likes Baetriss.

Ixander gets along well with Lurleen!
Ixander enjoys helping her out with the sorting and such.
->Ixander likes Lurleen.
Lurleen once again compliments you for Ixander's hard work, and appreciates you sending him to help her again.
->Lurleen likes Ixander.
->Lurleen thinks you're responsible enough to equip one portable energy barrier for the next mission only.

Yiann gets along OK with Nurse Joannifer.
Yiann thinks she's really cool. Like, super cool.
->Yiann likes Nurse Joannifer.
Nurse Joannifer wants to protect poor Yiann, and appreciates his attitude.
->Nurse Joannifer would like Yiann if she weren't so afraid he's going to get mutilated or killed.
->Nurse Joannifer gives you a combat stimm item (Hero Juice) to equip for the next mission only.

Fucc and Mary Kil get along fine!
Fucc thinks Mary is cool, but is slightly offput that she's never upset by his antics.
->Fucc is neutral toward Mary Kil.
Mary has a soft spot for Fucc's incorrigable nature.
->Mary likes Fucc!
->You gain 1 Gene Point! You can only spend this gene point to Activate Fucc or recruit a new C.Org.

How do you spend your gene point?
You must spend the point now and can't save it for later.
Activate Fucc
Recruit a new C.Org

Now it's time to pick a mission!

1. Eliminate the Heretical Terratomorph
A huge monster has been detected in the sewers. C.Orgs from Unit 5 have suffered heavy casualties.
Difficulty: Nightmare
Mission Type: Boss Fight
Opposing Force: Large and small monsters
Special Danger: Water is present but avoidable
Special Reward: Extra Gene Points

Attack on Best Pasta!
A hole into some catacombs has opened near the Best Pasta restaurant. Defend it until specialists can seal the breach.
Difficulty: Hard
Mission Type: Defend the objective.
Opposing Force: various monsters
Special Danger: Poisonous foes
Special Reward: Bonus Requisition

Rescue Nakken Daisley
A defector has contacted Extraspace Unlimited and wishes to escape from the totalitarian regime he lives under. Rescue him and he will work for SexCom as base personnel.
Difficulty: Hard
Mission Type: Rescue the VIP
Opposing Force: Fascist Foxes
Special Danger: Cold in certain areas. Unprotected units suffer penalties.
Special Reward: Recruit Nakken Daisley as SexCom base personnel.

C.Orgs from Unit 1 successfully beat back the Invaders from Gate 5.

You'll be able to select your C.Orgs and equip them after you select the mission.
No. 991850 ID: 0fae41

Recruit a new C. Org. Because...
We should deal with the terratomorph sooner rather than later.
No. 991856 ID: ca2950

We have to deal with the Terratomorph soon or it's going to turn into a kaiju and stomp the town. Get down there and fight it.
No. 991859 ID: 1d109c

spend gene point on a new C.Org and engage the Terratomorph, we can't put it off forever
No. 991864 ID: 49c3cf

Activate Fucc and Eliminate the Heretical Terratomorph