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File 154043069125.png - (205.43KB , 1039x709 , Title Card.png )
908163 No. 908163 ID: a451fc

Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/D3:_Slight_Return
Disthread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/126175.html
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No. 908166 ID: a451fc
File 154043143957.png - (116.39KB , 1039x709 , Graves.png )

Your dad always told you you shouldn't worship anybody. He said to put too much faith in someone you have no guarantee will pull through for you was foolish. He never prayed to Athmoor, he knew that he wasn't someone who wanted worship or prayer though he held him as a figure who wasn't to be disrespected or scorned; unlike Demiyahl who he held in contempt, maybe that's why he's so wary of Pagans?. It's why you put heretic forks on the graves, because in death your dad was sure Athmoor would accept him wherever he'd go whether he worshiped him or not.

Your name is Roland Gallows Conroy, you got up pretty early today so you've got lots of time to do what you wish. Though you feel like you sort of slacked on doing any demonological research yesterday, so you've got a bit of an urge to continue looking for some. Maybe there's a job today that involves demons? You also have training with Flint scheduled sometime today which shouldn't take too long if you go. Or you could do something completely different for whatever reason, you don't know, you just want to do something that isn't staying in the house.

What do you want to do?
No. 908167 ID: 16f307

Well, there's a cure for feeling restless, let's find some Work!
No. 908168 ID: eeb7d9

What to do? Well, if you really want to do some demonological research, then go look for a job that involves that. You can train later, and maybe do something extra if you have time and energy.
No. 908170 ID: fa2b06

>check inventory
It's always good to check what we have currenctly with ourselves before adventuring.
No. 908173 ID: b1b4f3

Get a job ya bum
No. 908182 ID: 26bb62

Look for a blacksmith in town. See if they can refine the meteorite.
No. 908215 ID: 1872dc

Yeah, start strong.
No. 908242 ID: 90f3c0

Let's get to town and check the job board.

We should also see a blacksmith about refining the meteorite, that would be the fist step in building a demon detector.
No. 908245 ID: 094652

Take another look at the meteorite. What shapes can be carved out of it?
No. 908255 ID: 575ec0

Sure, go look for demonic trouble. Though you should get a workout in before you leave.
No. 908276 ID: d3602f

Weren't we going to check out the book of spells? Might help to prepare before we take any demon jobs.

If we go into Dawnspring though, assuming we finished reading it, we should return the plant book to Hazel.
No. 908281 ID: 91ee5f

>Didn’t do any demon research yesterday
I mean, it wasn’t all that bad, was it? You at least got to spend some time with that cute spider girl, Ada.

Yeah, let’s check out out that spell book first. Then we can go look for jobs in town.

>assuming we finished reading it, we should return the plant book to Hazel.
Also this.
No. 908287 ID: 1872dc

Oh yeah, returning the book is smart
No. 908289 ID: a451fc
File 154051970368.png - (167.25KB , 1039x709 , Troy.png )

>I mean, it wasn’t all that bad, was it? You at least got to spend some time with that cute spider girl, Ada.
Yeah that wasn't bad, but still you feel like you shouldn't just slack on this.

Currently the objects you plan to bring with you on any adventure are...
-A Double-barreled Shotgun (1 Silver Slug, 2 Regular Shells)
-A Scrap Double-barrel (1 Silver Slug, 2 Regular Shells)
-A Makeshift Flamethrower (4 Canisters)
-3 Free Sheets of Demonic Binding Parchment
-A Hand Ax
-A Crank Flashlight
-A Meteorite Chunk

>Go to town/Look for job
You leave your parent's graves to get Vol and mount the Arges. As you begin to walk to the back door of your house you see Troy's truck drive up in from the wasteland and park in its usual spot by your house. Troy leaves his truck and greets you.

TROY: Sup Roland, whats goin' on?
YOU: Nothin' I'm heading into town to do a job or two.
TROY: Oh are ya? You wouldn't mind if I tagged along would ya? I realize I sorta agree'd to help with your demon stuff and never did again huh? Plus I'm goin' stir crazy doin' nothin' for so long.
No. 908291 ID: eeb7d9

Why of course! Vol here was beginning to think you were a slacker, but i say "Nah, he has a lot on his plate too". Any way, let's go! Wanna race me?
No. 908293 ID: d3602f

Thanks, I'd never turn down the help. Also, just thought I should tell you, you are an awful singer drunk. If we need to scare away any demons, you could probably do it with your drunken rhymes.

A floating motorcycle vs a pickup truck in a race? That just isn't a challenge. Might even damage his car a bit.
No. 908296 ID: 91ee5f

What about that healing potion that Mordecai gave you? You know, the one he made using the peach sap from the plant in Ada’s shop mixed with the mandrake medicine he made from the Mandrake you caught for him. Are you going to bring that?

>You wouldn't mind if I tagged along would ya?
Sure, he can tag along.

And now that he’s sober, you can ask what he and Chopper were talking about before they both got drunk off their asses and tried to do some drunken rapping contest.

>I realize I sorta agree'd to help with your demon stuff and never did again huh?
“Well, it’s not really your fault. I actually didn’t look for a job related to demons yet.”
No. 908299 ID: 91ee5f

I mean, yeah, that would be fun, but we only need one vehicle. And if we want to bring another demon corpse back to the house for dissection, we’ll need a vehicle that can transport it.

So that means we should all just hop in Troy’s truck and use that.
No. 908307 ID: a451fc
File 154053108188.png - (277.63KB , 1039x709 , Race.png )

>What was he and Chopper talking about?
TROY: Umm...I don't know. I was pretty drunk.

>What about that healing potion that Mordecai gave you?
Oh yeah that's there too.

You throw out the suggestion to race your Arges against his truck. Troy's all for it, you're pretty sure doing this will piss Vol off when he figures out what you're doing. Regardless, you go and tell Vol you're going into town and to get in Troy's truck to go. When he's settled in and unassuming you mount the Arges and start a count down to race. You can hear Vol in the back of the truck shouting at you for doing this dumb shit right before both of you take off for Dawnsprings.

At first you're pretty ahead of Troy's truck, but soon enough his pickup truck seems to manage to catch up to you at a rapid pace. You use your hookshots in an attempt to get some additional speed but even then Troy's truck seems to stay hot on your trail for the majority of the way there. The whole show of mechanical might and speed is sick, so god damn fucking sick. As you approach the city you just barely reach it's gates before Troy does. You're surprised at how fast his seemingly regular truck is. Both of you park in Dawnsprings, Vol exits Troy's truck and walks over to you with wobbly legs. He pulls you down to his eye level and swats you on the head with his violin before falling over. You pick him up and put him on your back and walk to the job board...
No. 908308 ID: a451fc
File 154053108613.png - (226.81KB , 1039x709 , Job Board.png )

>Job Board
There are a few jobs on the board that do or could involve demons today.

>Mines need to be cleared out.
Need help from wherever I can get it. Anyone that deal with large amounts of demons please come to Drilltown. There's an address for you to go to in Drilltown.

>Infestation at My Shop!!!
Something keeps biting up pipes and wires in my workshop! Anyone that can figure out how to stop it please help! Will pay. There's an address for you to go to in Crud City.

>Daughter Possessed by Demon!
My Daughter's been possessed by a Demon, please anybody help us!
No. 908312 ID: d3602f

>Daughter possessed by demons
Demonic possession, that's new. Let's check that out, it might be the most time sensitive.

I have a feeling that this might just be some girl in her rebellious phase and her parents are just those crazy religious types though. If it isn't obvious, we might be able to ascertain it with the rock.
No. 908313 ID: 1872dc

Ooh, we need ammo. Grab some before showing up at whatever job you pick.

Hm, 3 seems urgent but you have no training in that, you could fuck it up. Ask Troy if he has any info on that, but it might be best to pick 1 instead.
No. 908315 ID: b1b4f3

Infestation. You're not equipped to fight large numbers of demons, and the possession is probably just a hysterical parent.
Wait, what town is the last one at? If it's this town we could check it out real quick.
No. 908316 ID: a451fc
File 154053226528.png - (213.85KB , 1039x709 , Job Board Again.png )

>Wait, what town is the last one at?
It's written messily, but the address is at Crud City again.

>Ask Troy if he has any info on that
Troy knows next to nothing about demons.

>Buying Things
You have 325 Cards on you if you need to buy anything.
No. 908319 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, I don’t think you can handle large amounts of demons yet. Maybe later.

That seems doable. And it’s in Crud City, so you can head right over to Flint’s house for training after you finish the job!

Let’s do this one!

No way in hell are you going anywhere near that! You don’t have anyway to deal with that and if you fuck it up, you could kill the possessed person!

You’re better off hoping someone else with the right skills comes by to handle it.

>It's written messily, but the address is at Crud City again.
.....or maybe Flint could help with that last one? He’s got more magical experience, so he might know what to do if this is a real possession and not some parents overreacting to their child going through a goth phase.

>Ooh, we need ammo. Grab some before showing up at whatever job you pick.
Hey, speaking of which, I know Ada gave us those Silver Slugs last time, but do you think she’s got any normals sized Silver Bullets for Troy’s gun?

We could go check before we head out for the job.
No. 908322 ID: d3602f

The only other people who are likely to take the job will either be charlatans who are trying to con the family (and may use dangerous methods in their "exorcism"), or demon hunters, and based on their name, I'm not sure they are the best at finding none violent solutions. Even if someone "qualified" exists, what are the chances of them coming along? There is also another possibility that I've considered.

This girl could have honestly befriended a demon, and her parents found it. It's possible that they may have overreacted and assumed that the demon possessed her into thinking that it is friendly, and wish for someone to find and kill it. It's possible that a demon hunter might just kill it without considering that it might just have appeared recently in our world, and has no intentions of hurting anyone.

We can go to Crud city, and just pop in and ask them about it. If we really think that it's of no concern, then we can take the shop infestation job.
No. 908324 ID: 094652

I think we can do the mine mission if multiple adventurers agree to split the rewards...
No. 908325 ID: b1b4f3

Well let's go to crud city regardless. Might be able to do both the jobs there, and gotta report for training anyway.
No. 908327 ID: 91ee5f

>This girl could have honestly befriended a demon
Oh, well if that’s the case, then yeah, Roland is the perfect person for the job.

>it might just have appeared recently in our world, and has no intentions of hurting anyone.
Just like how Vol appeared out of Roland’s dad’s violin.

I remember Vol saying that objects that humans form close relationships with opens up that object to be used as a catalyst for a demon to climb through from the Aether. So I’m wondering what the object was?
No. 908328 ID: 1872dc

Gotcha. Okay, it sounds like 2 is the smart bet for now. Better buy some ammo. Oh, and tell Troy he needs some silver.
No. 908336 ID: eeb7d9

I agree with this.
No. 908421 ID: a451fc
File 154060173190.png - (506.32KB , 1212x826 , Crud City.png )

>Buy Ammunition
You bring up the subject of ammo, to which Troy replies.
TROY: Oh I got ya! I went to another one of my smaller stashes today. Had a some ammo hidden in there for when things get hairier...

Troy hands you 4 Regular Shells and says he has a full magazine of bullets for himself, and only three silver bullets. You are brought to having 6 Shells and 1 Silver Slug. Troy says he doubts anyone would sell any silver

You also realize before you mistakenly marked your Scrap Shotgun as part of your inventory, despite the weapon being broken and it's parts used for your flamethrower. You're just so used to having that piece of junk on you.

>Crud City
You mount up and head for Crud City. You don't race each other like before since you'd probably make Vol mad again so you just go at a good enough pace to get there in time and enter the city.

TROY: Y'know I always kinda wanted a pet demon.
VOL: I ain't a pet
TROY: I never said ya were, I'm just sayin' like how Roland caught that big displacer cat thing. That's pretty cool. Then again I ended up killing my pet squirrel on accident once so maybe I shouldn't have any more pets.
VOL: You outta be more worried 'bout your pet demon killing ya.

Now that you're in Crud City where are you going to go?
No. 908424 ID: d3602f

Let's check out that demonic possession.
No. 908426 ID: 90f3c0

The possession seems interesting, but it doesn't sound like something we're equipped to deal with, unless Vol knows something about demonic possession.

The infestation seems more like something we could deal with.
No. 908429 ID: 91ee5f

You could probably show Troy how those scrolls work and give him one, just in case he needs it.

I agree, let’s look into the infestation.
No. 908433 ID: 1872dc

Yeah good stuff.
No. 908437 ID: eeb7d9

As long as we don't have to use too many resources on it, let's do that. We can use Caesura to kill things without wasting ammo. I want to see how well We can deal with numerous enemies.
No. 908440 ID: a451fc
File 154062231746.png - (231.88KB , 1039x709 , Phineas 1.png )

>Infestation Job
You head to the address of an infestation. The location seems to be a well sized residence made of solid brick and metal as opposed to the usual wood scraps and surrounded by a chain link

The inside of the residence you walk into is small, and barely lit unfurnished. It smells like motor oil and fumes inside. At the back there is a counter with a mesh window separating you from the man behind the counter. He greets you.

PHINEAS: Sup, names Phineas. If you're here for scrap I'm not sellin' anythin' til' I get my infestation sorted out.
YOU: No, we're actually here for the infestation job.
PHINEAS: Oh good! You gotta spread out those demon jobs as far as ya can since hunters could be passin' through anywhere know what I mean? Well lemme get that door for ya dude.

Phineas lets you in through the door next to his window and shows you to the workshop.

PHINEAS: It started like...I wanna say last weekish I think? but yesterday it got real bad! Lottsa bites all over my stuff, and I left a sandwich on my desk and it got swiped, plate was gone too man. No bueno! But most importantly things like my tools and good salvage bits I found ended up going missing. I asked someone else and they said it was rats, but no way rats eat power drills man. So I keep diggin' around right? and I see this little black thing skitter 'cross my floor and I'm like "oh no man! I don't mess with no demons!" So I ran around and put up the jobs but I didn't expect any help so soon man! Anyway, here's the room.
No. 908441 ID: a451fc
File 154062232117.png - (357.90KB , 1039x709 , Workshop 1.png )

After leading you through his small house he opens a door in the back revealing a large workroom.

PHINEAS: I'll leave ya'll to do whatever demon tracking things you do.
TROY:...You ain't worried bout us stealin' nothin'?
PHINEAS: Not really, I mean anything in there's either junk or too big and too attached to the floor for ya to take. I moved the real important stuff to a safer place, so I really don't care.

Phineas closes the door behind him and you're left in the workshop to do look for the issue. You notice that there are claw marks and bites on some parts of the walls and shelves.
No. 908442 ID: d3602f

A stoner type, neat! Well, let's get looking. Check in that box of scraps, maybe open that panel on the table box thing, look under the rug.

Also, get a closer look at that stuffed mouse. Seems kind of out of place compared to everything else.
No. 908446 ID: 90f3c0

IS that a rug with an upturned corner? Take a look under that.
No. 908447 ID: b1b4f3

Well first thing's first, ask if Vol has any ideas of what this demon might be. Sounds like a Roaming Gluttony variant.
Keep alert, and look for how the demon is getting in or out. The nest is going to be out of sight so you'd be looking for a hole in a wall, ceiling, or floor.
It's probably under the rug, of course. Just be ready to guard with a Caesura, and Vol should be ready to do the same.
No. 908449 ID: 1872dc

Troy we're not going to rob our employers. At least not the nice ones.

I'd focus in around or behind or under anywhere that has bite marks.
No. 908451 ID: a451fc
File 154063195673.png - (159.07KB , 896x672 , Who Could Forget Dear Rat Boy.png )

>stuffed mouse
Stuffed mouse?...Wait could that be? It is!

It's a Rat Boy plush! You used to love this character when you were like 10! You had box full of his old comics you'd read all the time before the unfortunate leaf blower incident destroyed them all. It's been so long, how could you forget dear Rat Boy? You didn't know there were plushies made of him that were still around!...Phineas said he didn't care about anything in this place right? You're just going to...put this in your coat...and forget you had it when you leave...Yeah.
No. 908453 ID: a451fc
File 154063199880.png - (186.18KB , 1039x709 , Panel Locked.png )

>The Rug
You move the rug on the floor, and find a strange indentation in the floor. It looks like some wires have been removed with the use of tooth and tiny claw from the panel in it leaving whatever it's keeping locked jammed shut. A message scrolls across the led screen in it's surface.

*Critical damage to automatic lock, please repair immediately. Secondary manual lock is still active, if necessary use main terminal to unlock*
No. 908458 ID: eeb7d9

Ok, the plushy is ok, but we can't go around stealing shit left and right.
Maybe is a demonic rat thing? If this thing breaks things but it also takes things from here, do you think it could be controlled by someone?
We need more clues, keep exploring.
No. 908464 ID: 91ee5f

>You had box full of his old comics you'd read all the time before the unfortunate leaf blower incident destroyed them all.
The leaf blower incident? Wouldn’t that just scatter the comics and you could collect them again? Or.....did you modify the leaf blower to do more than blow leafs?

>floor safe
That might be where Phineas moved his important things. Better not mess with that unless you have a very good reason to suspect that the demon is in there.

Let’s look somewhere else.

Try looking for places that have more tooth and claw marks compared to other places in the workshop. Those will be the areas that the demon goes to the most and one of them could lead to its nest.

.....hey, while we’re searching, let’s have some idle conversation with the others. Like, you got your Caesura from Vol and he knows that same spell, right? Well, would he also be able to benefit from trying to make his barriers thicker, like you’re trying to do?

And comment to Troy on how you’re glad that he and Chopper are friends now, instead of you coming home to find them beating the shit outta each other.
No. 908475 ID: b1b4f3

Well hang on first ask him what's with the lock. If this is his safe you probably shouldn't be opening it.
No. 908505 ID: a451fc
File 154068519456.png - (157.89KB , 1039x709 , Door Stuck.png )

>The leaf blower incident?
You didn't use the leaf blower as intended and...well it ended up burning up all of your comics and a few other things. You were a dumb kid.

A lot of the scratches are around the floor indent, but it want's you to use a main terminal to unlock it.

>Ask Phineas
You go to leave the room and talk to Phineas...but the door doesn't budge. The light on the front blinks red...did...did he lock you guys inside on accident? You bang on the door and yell his name, but get no response. Yeah you're locked in...You doubt he did it on purpose since that guy seems so out of it. You're sure he'll realized what he's done soon enough so you shouldn't need to do anything rash like bust the door down, until then you should continue looking for whatever's infesting this place.

>Vol's Barrier
Vol does not have as much control over his barrier's form as you do. Your manipulation of the Caesura seems to be an example of humans manipulating demon magic in different ways.

>Troy and Chopper
YOU: So Troy, are you and Chopper friends now?
TROY: Well he didn't kill me and he's a pretty fun drinkin' buddy so I'd say yes, but I ain't so sure how I'd act if I wasn't black out drunk and high.
VOL: I swear dis whole bein' high thing betta not become a recurrin' thing with ya.
No. 908506 ID: d3602f

Well, it looks like that box thing has a keyboard. Try pressing some buttons and see if it does anything.
No. 908507 ID: 26bb62

"His vice is his own business. There's no point in being judgemental when we have even stranger guilty pleasures."

Fondly recall dissecting the female displacer beast.
No. 908509 ID: eeb7d9

> I swear dis whole bein' high thing betta not become a recurrin' thing with ya.
I agree, think of your health Troy.

>locked in
Ok, maybe he is kind of dumb and locked you in without noticing... Maybe.

See if you can find a code or something to open the box. If this dude is as dreamy, he might have the code written down so he doesn't forget it.
No. 908510 ID: 90f3c0

Well, let's find the terminal then. Start with the keyboard in the middle of the room. Tap some keys and see what happens.
No. 908513 ID: a451fc
File 154069111745.png - (212.62KB , 1039x709 , Computer Screen.png )

>His vice is his own business. There's no point in being judgmental when we have even stranger guilty pleasures.
You don't think you'd call that dissection a "guilty pleasure". It was strictly part of the scientific process.

YOU: It doesn't affect us that much Vol it's nothing to worry about...at least for now anyway.
VOL: Yeah you say dat...
YOU: Still Troy, cut back a bit, it's not good for your health.
TROY: Sure...for my "health".

You walk up to the big platform in the middle of the room and push a few buttons on the keyboard. Out of the top a screen pops out and begins to boot up. After a little wait time a login screen appears and asks for a password, it shows 4 columns on the screen and the password entry box.
No. 908514 ID: 486e87

7405 seems to be the code that first leaps out, the number of lines on each pillar. But the base changes on each pillar as well, maybe that has something to do with the ordering? The leftmost base looks a bit like a face.
No. 908518 ID: d3602f

I thought it was line width, and that the faces didn't mean much, but now that I look closer, some fit into each other. The face one seems to the right of the blank column? Seems like the fits to the right of the 4 one. But that leaves 5 without any fittings... I'm pretty sure the face, 7, is the last one though.
No. 908520 ID: b1b4f3

The bases kindof look like they have numbers on them, hidden on the edge. 4-5-3-5?
No. 908521 ID: b1b4f3

I don't think the bases fit into eachother at all.
No. 908522 ID: 91ee5f

Ok, if he locked you in, it better be on accident, otherwise you’re going to have to charge him extra for the inconvenience! And if you need to break down the door, you’re not paying for the damages!

Try 7405
No. 908523 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, I can see that also. That’s another possibility.
No. 908524 ID: 26bb62

No. 908525 ID: 26bb62

Squeeze the bases for the order. Count the lines for the numbers.
No. 908527 ID: d3602f

Oh, yeah! On the left side is the left of the number, while the right side is the right. I don't think it's 4535 though, looks 4231. If it is as >>908525 says, that would mean it would be 5407.
No. 908528 ID: eeb7d9

>Sure...for my "health"
... This bitch.

I see a 4231.
No. 908531 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, you’re right. It’s 5407.
No. 908539 ID: a451fc
File 154071164739.png - (219.72KB , 1039x709 , Computer Screen 2.png )

You enter 5407 into the password box and get an affirmative from it, next the podiums from underneath the pillars slide out from under them and are replaced with new ones. At the same time the platform being held up by the pillars cracks, and the cracks seem to form into letters and numbers. A new password box appears at the bottom of the screen.

TROY:...Hey are there demon dragons? D'you think I could get a pet dragon?
VOL: You still on dat? You ain't gonna get a dragon as a pet, you can probably get somethin' like...I don' know somethin' smaller than dat.
TORY: I can't get like a small dragon?
VOL: Da smallest a dragon can get is about 5 times the size of a horse when they's babies. Even if ya do somehow get to one to da Aether you ain't gettin' one.
TROY: Aww...what do demons keep for pets?
VOL: I wouldn' know da only demons anyone I saw keep was cattle.
No. 908541 ID: 575ec0

Actually, capturing a dragon would be really useful.
Youd have to defeat one first, and have a more powerfull binding device... but it's within the realm of possibility.

You really should think about capturing a dragon in the future.
No. 908544 ID: fa2b06

Let's not capture a dragon in the future because we would need a insane ammount of peaches to feed it, plus size. Let's just get something more "normal-sized", like a dog for troy! Or satan himself!
No. 908545 ID: fa2b06

Also? The password is 1333.
No. 908552 ID: 91ee5f

This time the pedestals at the bottom of the pillars show the numbers 6464, but I don’t know what they’re supposed to be for.

>Troy still wanting a pet demon.
“It’s nice that you want a demon of your own, but just remember that talking demons are not pets, they’re partners and friends. Right, Vol?”

Could you please explain how you came to that conclusion? I want to see how you figured that out.
No. 908554 ID: 26bb62

Ran it through a Base64 decrypter. It came out as "The password is D3A4".
No. 908556 ID: eeb7d9

I just imagined Roland with a Base64 decrypter in his mind, that would make him such a nerd.
No. 908559 ID: d3602f

But Vol, didn't you tell me once about some sort of miniature dragon thing called a Bahonka Squee.

Did he memorize it, or did he stuff some kind of machine into his brain to do it? Because I can imagine both as possibilities.
No. 908560 ID: 91ee5f

Oh, I get it. The base of the pillars are 6464. Which is why it’s a Base64 decrypter. Clever.

So that would mean you’re right, it should give us the message “The password is D3A4”

Let’s type in D3A4.
No. 908561 ID: b1b4f3

I don't know how the heck Roland is supposed to have guessed THIS one.
No. 908562 ID: eeb7d9

Well, he had a lot of free time to do either of those things.
No. 908571 ID: a451fc
File 154075143258.png - (241.67KB , 1039x709 , Computer Screen 3.png )

You enter D3A4 into the password box and get an affirmative from the computer. The platform being held up by the pillars begins to crack more and break completely revealing the tops to the columns. The columns slide down to reveal numbers topping each one. A second window pops up underneath it with with another message "Find the Order"

YOU: A pet dragon does sound like it could be useful to have.
VOL: Oh not you too Rol. We ain't gonna time a dragon anytime soon anyway. They don't really come into the Material dat often. Even if ya did get one ya couldn't feed it, or have a place to keep it. We'll get Troy a dog or somethin'
TROY: ...Like a dragon dog?
VOL: Sure Troy, a "dragon dog"
No. 908575 ID: d3602f

How the heck does Phineas come up with these riddles without losing access to his computer, and yet is so absent minded that he accidentally locked us in?

If we go by lowest to highest, the answer is 7045, but again, too easy. Maybe it wants us to find which line the number stops at based on the number on top? Like, the first one is the 1st line, so it would be 1. The second is 5th, and it has 4 lines, so 1,2,3,4 then back to 1. Based on this, I think the answer is 1104.
No. 908580 ID: 26bb62

It might be 9514. That's the order of most to least ornate. We haven't used the lines since the first password.
No. 908582 ID: 91ee5f

But don’t people usually put 1st place on the most ornate pillar?

That would make it 5491.
No. 908583 ID: d3602f

Maybe, but again, that seems a little obvious.
No. 908584 ID: b1b4f3

We could also relabel them as 1st 2nd 3rd, which is 3231.
No. 908588 ID: a451fc
File 154075775593.png - (243.12KB , 1039x709 , Computer Screen 3 Wrong.png )

None of these inputs work

TROY: Y'know once I saw an electric violin.
VOL: Wat like ... wat d'ya mean?
TROY: Like a violin you plug in and it makes the sound different.
VOL: Dat don't make sense, ya don't plug violins in.
TROY: Well you plug in an electric violin like you'd plug in an electric guitar.
No. 908589 ID: b1b4f3

Ok how about 1324? That's the order. First column is 1st and thus first place, second column is 5th which is third place, third column is 4th which is second place, fourth column is 9th which is fourth place.
No. 908590 ID: fa2b06

No. 908591 ID: eeb7d9

What about the shape of the top of the pillars? Could it be a clue?
No. 908594 ID: 91ee5f

That’s what I’ve been thinking, but I can’t see what the hint could be.
No. 908595 ID: 094652

What epochs do those pillar tops come from?
No. 908596 ID: 094652

Wait. "Find the Order" could mean find which order was used. Try typing in Lock.
No. 908597 ID: a451fc
File 154076192012.png - (243.12KB , 1039x709 , Computer Screen 3 Wrong.png )

None of these inputs work

VOL: Do you have records that have violin music on 'em?
TROY: Nah, it's mostly rock and metal stuff.
VOL: Ugh, I can't stand dat stuff.
TROY: It's not that bad! Metallica's got some great songs. I bet you could play some on your violin, make a good cover. Besides I thought heavy metal was supposed to be like the demons music or something.
VOL: I've never hear dat before in my life.
No. 908598 ID: 90f3c0

Obviously, this is a question about Greek architecture orders. From left to right I would say the pillars are Doric, Ionic, Doric, Corinthian.

Try entering DIDC
No. 908599 ID: b1b4f3

They're all greek, but looking it up I found out something called "Classical Order", which are Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. Doric is the flat one, Ionic is the curly one, Corinthian is the frilly one.

I guess we could input DIDC, but I thought we had to use numbers? Oh, the 1st 5th 4th and 9th could be referring to the letters, so...
No. 908604 ID: eeb7d9

This is too weird, what kind of security measure is this? Am i the only paranoiac here? This is suspicious as hell.
No. 908631 ID: ad51b8

>Metallica's got some great songs. I bet you could play some on your violin, make a good cover.
I wonder how Vol would feel about the band apocalyptica.
No. 908636 ID: d3602f

Something tells me that if it doesn't have violin in it, Vol probably doesn't care for it.
No. 908685 ID: 1dd514

Yeah.. that would be why he mentioned Apocalyptica...
No. 908689 ID: d3602f

I don't like metal, okay?
No. 908712 ID: a451fc
File 154084060320.png - (222.55KB , 1039x709 , Computer Screen 4.png )

You enter this code into the password box and get an affirmative from the computer, the pillar screen disappears and you are finally given access to the main screen. A second pop up window appears with five options, but only three appear to be accessible .

>[RUN]: Manually open maintenance hatch
>[RUN]: Expand main terminal
>[D.Summon]: OPEN DOOR

TROY: I think I know a band for you, but I'd have to see if I have any of their records or cassettes.
VOL: Jeez ya don't got anything dat ain't played on grandma's tech?
TROY: Hey older mediums give a more authentic sound! The fact that I found ANY of them is lucky.
No. 908713 ID: 26bb62

Double-click the angel icon.
No. 908714 ID: b1b4f3

Open the maintenance hatch.
D.Summon sounds like this guy might be involved in summoning demons? I hope he didn't lure you in here to be eaten.
No. 908715 ID: 90f3c0

Seems like we'd want to do all three. Check out the main terminal first, since we don't know exactly what it does.
No. 908741 ID: ad51b8

can you open the hatch and the door or is this a case of one or the other?
No. 908749 ID: 91ee5f

>D.Summon sounds like this guy might be involved in summoning demons?
If that’s the case, then he doesn’t have an infestation and he didn’t accidentally lock us in here!

Which would give us a perfectly good excuse to kick his ass and steal his stuff! But only after we’ve confirmed that he’s an asshole.
No. 908822 ID: a451fc
File 154087035684.png - (398.68KB , 1039x709 , Workshop 2-2.png )

>Infestation in question
It could be possible that you're entrapment was on purpose, but then again "Summon" could be used for anything not just demons. Besides, there are scratches and bites all over everything like something is crawling around gnawing on stuff.

>Angel Icon
The Angel Icon opens up an operating system known as CherubOS. Unfortunately it lacks connection to any servers so you only get an offline screen when you open it.

>Expand Terminal
You click the [RUN]: Expand main terminal option. Out of the platform other modules pop out of the top. You notice that the other two options are now selectable.

TROY: Listen vinyl compared to digital music is so much better.

Troy pulls a record out of his pocket

TROY: Cassettes are nice too but I feel like records really give the music a warm feeling!
VOL: Ya just carry that 'round with ya?
No. 908823 ID: a451fc
File 154087036248.gif - (346.47KB , 478x326 , Open Door.gif )


>Open Door
You click on the strange [D.Summon]: OPEN DOOR command. Instead of the door to the back opening or unlocking the terminal crackles with electricity and an unearthly orb of light appears above it. The orb gravitates towards Troy and locks onto the record in his hand, the orb lifts the record in the air and soon the two disappear in a burst of light. Troy stands there shocked at the loss of his possession, and the OPEN DOOR command is now unselectable.

TROY T-that...that was...my only Johnny B Goode record...
No. 908824 ID: 26bb62

Double-click the folder icon.
No. 908825 ID: d3602f

Oh, geeze, sorry Troy. But you really shouldn't bring stuff like that when we are dealing with demons, that sort of stuff is likely to get smashed up in a fight.

Check the chart, maybe it digitized the record or something? At least, I hope it did.
No. 908847 ID: a9af05

Yeah, say that to Troy and check the computer screen.
No. 908862 ID: b1b4f3

Try View Stream and Check Chart next.
No. 908889 ID: 91ee5f

“First of all, sorry about that. I just saw an ‘open door’ command and thought it would open the door. Secondly, that was entirely your fault for bringing something like that with you. If we had gotten into a fight, that might’ve gotten damaged.”

Anyways, check the computer screen to see if anything is different.
No. 908892 ID: eeb7d9

Was that a boobytrap? Was that meant to be for us?
No. 908907 ID: a451fc
File 154091450331.png - (279.98KB , 1039x709 , Computer Screen 5.png )

You try to open the folder icon, unfortunately it's password locked. Not the find kind of "look for clues and solve dumb riddles and brainteasers to get the password" kind of locked, you mean the "somebody had a password and wrote nothing about it down anywhere near you to easily hack" kind of locked.

YOU: Maybe...you shouldn't bring fragile objects like that on a mission like this?
TROY: It was for good luck...
VOL: Johnny ain't bein' good no more.

You click on [D.Summon] CHECK CHART. The screen shows a few charts and odd diagrams you can't really make heads or tails of.
No. 908908 ID: a451fc
File 154091450809.png - (258.60KB , 1039x709 , Computer Screen 6.png )

You click on [D.Summon] VIEW STREAM. The screen shows an odd diagram, a large red circle and a stack of nine disks on top of each other connected by a red line. Above both, two circles again connected by a red line this time the line fluctuate slightly like a heart monitor.
No. 908909 ID: 91ee5f

Isn’t that a diagram of the Aether? Why does Phineas have something like this?

.....maybe try clicking on that other icon? The, uh, what’s it called again? The icon above the angel one, click that to see if it opens up.
No. 908912 ID: 844062

Moon and Sun, huh? I could aknowledge theses symbols from anywhere. Still, I belive we should meanwhile send Troy to check the room with a Demonic Binding Parchment while we mess around with Phineas computer.

Also, just for checking, see if there's anything wrong with ratboy's plushy, MAYBE a rat actually did eat the powerdrill.
No. 908916 ID: d3602f

Definitely the Aether.

These sigils look ritualistic. It also seems like there is a picture for the placement of the sun, which apparently is pretty important in demonic rituals. No idea what the crosses and circles mean though. If we learn more about rituals, we might find out though. In any case, seeing as this appears demonic in nature, we should copy this in our journal

Also, I have a feeling one day in the Aether, we'll run into a bunch of little demons dancing to Troy's record. And Vol will just watch on in disappointment.

Click on the pentagram.
No. 908917 ID: b1b4f3

Well this is interesting and all but I don't know what we can do with it. Let's open the maintenance hatch and try to find the demon infestation.
No. 908977 ID: 575ec0

I think I know what's going on.
Phineas omitted some information, and now you've stumbled across his personal aether gate. An aether gate that's being continuously damaged after he accidentally pulled over some sort of demon rat.
If that thing bites the wrong wire, anything could happen. The machine could explode, summon a horde of demons, or suck everything in this room into the aether. That's why he locked you in.

Start hunting that critter. Clean the room, follow wires, find conduits and vents, Search for signs of damage, and listen. Use caesura partially through the floor or walls to trap what you find.
No. 908987 ID: 91ee5f

>Use caesura partially through the floor or walls to trap what you find.
Caesura can’t go through walls. At least, not at Roland’s current skill level.
No. 909007 ID: 575ec0

doesn't it always make a sphere no matter what? it intersects other things.
No. 909010 ID: 91ee5f

No, it doesn’t, it only does that with things small enough to fit inside of it. If it hits a wall or the floor, it stops right there and doesn’t continue to the other side of it.

This has all been explained in previous threads.
No. 909153 ID: a451fc
File 154104045879.png - (295.40KB , 1039x709 , Computer Screen 7.png )

>just for checking, see if there's anything wrong with ratboy plushy
It is just a regular plush, an adorable precious regular plush

>Record chart and stream
You write down what you see on both screens into your journal for later.

>Click pentagram symbol
You select the pentagram icon and open a window titled "GOETIA Version 1.2". It looks like some form of program which allows you to encode other programs. It looks like the D.Summon commands were created in this program. Unfortunately, you have no idea how to work it.
No. 909154 ID: a451fc
File 154104046029.png - (153.79KB , 1039x709 , Open the Hatch 1.png )

>Open the hatch
While you fiddle with the main terminal Troy, snapped out of his sadness, goes to open the maintenance hatch now that it's been unlocked. The hatch squeaks a loud piercing screech when being opened by hand. After opening Troy slowly peers down the hatch, it's too dark for him to see anything. Troy reaches into his pocket to grab his lighter...
No. 909155 ID: a451fc
File 154104046396.gif - (172.90KB , 1039x709 , Bite.gif )

...before he can retrieve it, something small and fuzzy leaps from the hatch and latches onto Troys face snarling and shaking violently as Troy screams in shock and panic tossing and turning to try and throw the thing off of his face.
No. 909157 ID: 094652

Quick, Cesura the fluff ball and pull it off!
No. 909159 ID: 26bb62

Go pull it off.
No. 909161 ID: d3602f

Burn it! Burn it to ashes!

Oh, wait, that's a terrible idea. Yeah, pull it off with Caesura. Actually, it looks kind of cute.
No. 909163 ID: eeb7d9

Caesura that shit. It might be what it has been causing trouble. Say Troy, you were looking for a pet, would you like to adopt this little thing, it seems to like you!
No. 909165 ID: b1b4f3

Is that a demonic tribble?
Capture it with a Caesura and get a look at it. Also you have a flashlight, use that on the darkness instead of something as awkward as a lighter.
No. 909167 ID: a9af05

All of this!
No. 909170 ID: 575ec0

We could just slap a capture scroll on it.
Pets are fun.
No. 909176 ID: 91ee5f

Shouldn’t we see what it is first? That way we can decide if it’s something we’d want to keep or not.
No. 909179 ID: d3602f

Don't we have to weaken it Pokemon style first?

Our scrolls aren't one use anymore. We could just keep it in there until we are in a better place to study them. However, I have a feeling there might be more than just one.
No. 909180 ID: 91ee5f

>Our scrolls aren't one use anymore.
I know that. I’m just asking if we really want to catch the first demon we see every time?

>However, I have a feeling there might be more than just one.
Well, one by itself is usually an annoyance that Phineas could eventually deal with on his own.

But since his job said “infestation”, that usually implies more than one and more than what he can deal with.
No. 909181 ID: 575ec0

Not if it's already a weak demon.
Given its size and the fact that Troy isn't already dead, the scroll will probably work just fine.

Also, if it's a demon we don't want, it could be cute enough to sell as an exotic pet.
No. 909271 ID: a451fc
File 154119114823.gif - (531.65KB , 1039x709 , Flailing.gif )

You try to bubble the demon with Caesura, but with all of Troy's flailing around you grab his whole head instead. You basically hold him still for the demon to freely tear up his face.
No. 909272 ID: a451fc
File 154119115148.png - (295.09KB , 1039x709 , Smack!.png )

You get close enough then release your Caesura to catch the demon fluff with a scroll. Troy falls to the ground, his face covered in scratches and bites. At least his good eye's fine.
No. 909273 ID: a451fc
File 154119115414.png - (102.43KB , 1039x709 , Fluff Ball.png )

You release the demon and bubble it quickly to get a better look at it. It's a soft ball sized pile of fluff with ears, a tail, and teeth. It snarls and tries to claw out of your Caesura with nubby paws.

VOL: Oh it's d'ese things. D'ey eat junk like rocks, bones, an' basically anything d'ey can bite into, which is a lot. I guess d'ey been bitin' wires an' shit down here...

Troy gets up rubbing his face.

TROY: That's not all is it? We got called for an infestation after all right?

You hear the sound of whining metal...
No. 909274 ID: eeb7d9

Well, i reckon the rest if this friends are going to start coming put soon, we need to think of a plan, right now, or we are going to be food for fluffy earth piranhas.
Where is de sound comimg from?
No. 909275 ID: d3602f

Aww, it's so adorable! But know might be a good time to get the flamethrower and aim it at that maintanence hatch so we're prepared to destroy everything that comes through. Maybe put a caesura around to stop some of them so we can get a lot in one burst.

I can't stop looking at this, it's just so amusing!
No. 909276 ID: 91ee5f

>You release the demon and bubble it quickly to get a better look at it. It's a soft ball sized pile of fluff with ears, a tail, and teeth. It snarls and tries to claw out of your Caesura with nubby paws.
Catching it in the scroll usually makes it clam down, but this thing isn’t calm at all!

>You hear the sound of whining metal...
Look at where the sound is coming from. Everyone needs to pull out their weapons and be ready to start shooting!
No. 909277 ID: 91ee5f

>Flamethrower, then bubble the opening
Yeah, trap them down in the fire!

Or, if they don’t burn to death, the fire should use up the oxygen in there and they’ll suffocate! This’ll actually be a good test to see if Caesura let’s air flow through it or not.
No. 909295 ID: a451fc
File 154120293165.png - (165.72KB , 1039x709 , Open the Hatch 2.png )

>The sound
It came from the floor and the walls...there's a lot of them everywhere you assume. Hopefully the hatch will let you get into the walls as well.

>Flamethrower the hatch
You ready your flamethrower in case you need it, but firing the hatch up might be a bad idea to do right away. What if it damages something? You'll caesura the opening so it doesn't let anything out.

Troy backs out of the way to a safer distance while you reach down to open the hatch...
No. 909296 ID: a451fc
File 154120294213.png - (235.90KB , 1039x709 , God Dammit.png )

Right as your hand touches the hatch handle something fuzzy falls on your head. It's another demon puff ball thing. A panel in the ceiling gives way directly above you resulting in a torrent of fluffy demons landing on you and Vol. That sound from before must've been the rest of them moving out of the floor and into the ceiling. It'd be kind of cute if they weren't biting and scratching you.
No. 909297 ID: d3602f

I see that :3

Place a Caesura over you, Vol and Troy. Place the flamethrower so that it's nozzle is outside, and burn them. Then while the outside is burning, try to help kill the ones still in your shield with your axe.
No. 909298 ID: b1b4f3

Solid plan.
No. 909300 ID: 10c408

I agree with this, except the order of events. Kill the ones inside your shield THEN the ones outside. You do not want to fuck up using flamethrower.
No. 909302 ID: eeb7d9

If you are going to use the flamethrower, be really careful with it! Do try to leave one or two alive, we could use them to study it them!
No. 909309 ID: 91ee5f


Inside the shield first, then the outside!
No. 909320 ID: 575ec0

I wonder how many of these things one scroll can hold. One could hold a small swarm of those nasty wasp things. Maybe one can hold a few of these?

You brought two right?
What if you capture these things and release them to fight the others?
Yours will be outnumbered, but when they die, capture and release a few more. Repeat until all are dead or pacified.
No. 909324 ID: 26bb62

It's probably a very bad idea to burn a locked room, even if you have a magical shield.
No. 909326 ID: 05ff2f

How 'bout lettin' Peaches out? He is a big cat-dog-like critter so he's probably all about catchin' and killin' vermin.

Also, these little bastards could be fire-proof or resistant. They do come from a hellish place and are tough enough to have a diet of rocks, after all. Better find out from Vol whether the vermin'll burn first before considerin' flamethrower use.

Now, if they do burn, then the safest way I can think of to do it is to capture a bunch of 'em in a Caesura bubble. That done, stick the tip of the flamethrower against its outside and super-quick reform it so it's just big enough for the nozzle to be inside and flame 'em to death. That should keep the fire from gettin' out of control.
No. 909357 ID: a451fc
File 154123172919.gif - (336.15KB , 1039x709 , Infestation 1.gif )

You're not sure how happy your client would be with you immolating their workshop, lots of papers and flammable things around.

You do barrier yourself however, taking in a lot of fuzz balls with you. You attempt to capture a few with a scroll and manage to imprison around 10 with one scroll. You use up all three free scrolls to capture the 28 fluff balls in your barrier

You release Peaches from his scroll into the room and order him to kill the small creatures. He goes to work eating and ripping apart what he can. A lot of the pests cling to his fur and bite back, but peaches manages to constrict many with his tendrils and ends up eating a good portion of them. Troy uses empty metal boxes and canisters to capture any fuzzy demon balls that attempt to escape back into the walls away from Peaches, and you with the help of Vol create barriers to aid in the wrangling of runaways.
No. 909358 ID: a451fc
File 154123173369.png - (332.93KB , 1039x709 , Woops.png )

After about 5 minutes of screaming scrambling around, being bitten, and shouting, your group had finally contained, trapped, and eaten every last demon puff ball in the room. By the end of it all you're all tired and out of breath and peaches has fallen asleep on the floor. You all snap to attention however, when you hear the door to the workshop beep and then squeak open.

PHINEAS: Oh oh oh man guys. I am SO sorry. So this door always like flies open from the wind and makes this awful screeching noise, so I keep it on autolock so it stays such right? And I totally forgot about that when you guys walked in. My bad dudes! I probably woulda heard ya but I put my headphones son and just sorta blanked out about this whole infestation thing. So! How's it going?

He looks in the back and see's the large demonic beast that is Peaches sleeping on the floor.

PHINEAS: ...Whoa, was that thing in my vents?
No. 909359 ID: 094652

"... You're paying us extra."
No. 909366 ID: 10c408

...Yeah, I agree with Kome. He owes us extra.

And as hilarious as it would be, we should be professional about this and NOT hand him the box of demon murderfluff as payback.
No. 909369 ID: 91ee5f

>He looks in the back and see's the large demonic beast that is Peaches sleeping on the floor.
>...Whoa, was that thing in my vents?
“No, I brought that one with me to help deal with your infestation, which we’ve taken care of. I would show you what we caught, but I don’t want to risk them running off into the walls again.”

“Hey, Troy, you wanna ask him if he knows what happened to your record or if he can get it back?”

.....so, anyone know what we’re gonna do with all these demons we caught? I guess we could keep them as food for Peaches, which would save us money we don’t need to spend on buying food for him. And let’s not forget to put Peaches back in his scroll before we leave. We don’t want Phineas‘ forgetfulness to rub off on us!

Yeah. For the inconvenience of being locked in the room.
No. 909371 ID: eeb7d9

No, the big one is mine, the ones in the boxes are the ones that caused all this havoc. How did you managed to get infested by all this, without realising what they were and how many they were? There were like a hundred! Did you summoned them?
No. 909378 ID: d3602f

We could dissect one of them later, and maybe see how they react to silver using a live test subject. Maybe find a reason why they don't seem to be effected by the parchment's calming magic. We should probably kill the ones in the box though, they'll probably eat themselves out of there eventually.

Hmm, now that I think about, livestock that gets nutrients from rock could be pretty useful. It would be very cheap to feed them if we could find a material that can contain them. We could see how they taste later.

Also, yeah, let's ask him what the heck happened to Troy's record.
No. 909385 ID: b1b4f3

Release one into his face.
No. 909402 ID: 575ec0

Bruh. You got an aether gate in here. Don't play dumb.

Still, I could find a use for such a thing, and you'll probably need my services in the future. This could be a nice working relationship with a little transparency.
No. 909406 ID: a451fc
File 154128101466.png - (232.52KB , 1039x709 , Phineas 2.png )

Part of you is fine with just having a large amount of new demons for testing and examination. Another part of you feels like you deserve some more pay for the trouble. You move back to the front of Phineas' store and talk payment.

PHINEAS: So uhh...Cards, I got like 150 Cards for the job, and since I sorta locked you in a room full of demons that could've killed you how about...I give ya this?

Phineas drops a box full of mechanical stuff on the counter and slides it through the slot between the two of you. It's got some miscellaneous scrap that could be useful, some tools, and also what looks like a set of ear pieces? Upon closer inspection they look like communication ear pieces.

>The Terminal
You ask about the terminal in the room.

PHINEAS: Oh that? Yeah I found it when I was scavenging for scrap. I don't know what it is, but I figured out how to hook it up to my maintenance shaft hatch in case it gets broken, and that thing gets broken a lot. There's a bunch of other commands on that thing I don't like to use, cuz it sucked up on of my boxes of nuts and I never saw it again man. Now I'm scared to scrap the thing cuz I don't wanna blow myself up y'know?
No. 909409 ID: b1b4f3

How about we invite a Pagan over here to look at it then? They'd know what's going on, probably.
No. 909418 ID: 91ee5f

Don’t forget to split the Cards with Troy!

>It's got some miscellaneous scrap that could be useful, some tools
These things can be for you to build stuff, you could sell them to Ada, or you could give them to Ada for free so she can use them on her robot. It’s up to you.

>and also what looks like a set of ear pieces? Upon closer inspection they look like communication ear pieces.
That’s neat! You should see if those still work.

>it sucked up on of my boxes of nuts and I never saw it again man.
So he doesn’t know what happens to the things that get zapped. Sorry, Troy, looks like you ain’t getting your record back.

>Now I'm scared to scrap the thing cuz I don't wanna blow myself up y'know?
You should be afraid of using that thing! What if that thing zaps you?!

.....so, I guess it’s time to go train with Flint. You can invite Troy to come watch, he might get a good laugh at watching you flail around.

Then we could ask Flint what he knows about demonic possessions, seeing as there’s a job for one in town.
No. 909442 ID: 575ec0

I know some people. Specialists. We could get that thing out for you if you want. I'll need to set up a date with them, but is that something you might be interested in?

Between you, Flint (Or some other Pagan he knows), and Ada, I'm sure you could extract that thing safely. It could come in handy in the right hands.
No. 909447 ID: a451fc
File 154129623739.png - (251.65KB , 1039x709 , Flint's House.png )

>How about we invite a Pagan over here to look at it then?
The only pagan you know is Flint. Speaking of Flint you ought to go and talk about more training. You take your payment from Phineas and split what you can with Troy leaving you with 75 Cards. You bring up the topic of having a Pagan look at the odd terminal and Phineas say's he's fine with the idea as a machine like that isn't worth being used as a back up to open a maintenance hatch if it could be a weird demon bomb.

With your job finished you head for Flint's house
No. 909448 ID: a451fc
File 154129624281.png - (157.85KB , 1039x709 , Flint 1.png )

Behind his house Flint is spitting nails out of his mouth at a row of cans stacked up on a table.

FLINT: Oh Hey kid, here for training?...Who's the new guy
YOU: That's Troy, he's a friend of mine, and yes I'm here for more training.

Flint chucks you an odd heavy vest and tells you to put to it on and to give him fifty push ups. He talks to you as you do so.

FLINT: So what do you want to do?
YOU: Umm...for my training?
FLINT: Yes, well kinda. Humans have an odd effect on the magic they can learn from demons, When a human learns demonic magic they can end up-
YOU: -having it grows in ways demons have never seen before? Vol told me about that before too.
FLINT: Yeah well the way it changes depends on the will of the person using it, within reason of course. For example certain pagans had learned to use the Mend spell which originally only heals flesh and blood wounds, With enough work however they managed to reshape the spell to restore damage altogether not just healing wounds but also fixing broken objects by restoring them to their previous state. In the same way if you try to reshape your Barrier spell you can possibly do more with it, it'll be difficult for you though kid.
YOU: Am I not learning how to channel aetherial energy today?
FLINT: You will, but learning how to shape your spell a bit might help with that a little more than straight up physical training, you got that whole barrier toughening thing down fast. So kid, is there anything you can think of that you want your barrier to do?
No. 909449 ID: 094652

Make it create a barrier between the space-time continuum so that objects between the barrier can be warped into new configurations (and reverted), and left in those configurations by lifting the barrier.
No. 909451 ID: b1b4f3

>also fixing broken objects
Damn, we coulda had Crazy Diamond.

Hmm, something cool we can do with barrier... I wonder if we can make it semi-permeable? Let some things through but not others? At real high skill levels this could be used to "filter" objects or targets to remove specific parts of the target... or maybe even concepts.
Alternatively, we could make it sharp in a literal sense. Cutting edges, stabbing spikes.

It would also be really cool to make it invisible. Extra synergy with Peaches, and it'd be much harder for opponents to dodge a Sharp.
No. 909458 ID: 91ee5f

Well, being able to have 2 barriers at once can open up lots of possibilities. Beating things up with 2 giant floating fists would be nice. And if we can get them to punch fast enough, we can have lots of Star Platinum “Ora Ora Ora!” moments!

>Alternatively, we could make it sharp in a literal sense. Cutting edges, stabbing spikes.
This too.

Hey, if we can get multiple barriers at once, we could get a sword and shield thing going, with us inside the shield and a big floating sword on the outside.
No. 909460 ID: 79ee83

Seconding the semi-permeable.
No. 909467 ID: 26bb62

We've been having an issue with things breaking through our barrier. What if instead of stopping things, we redirected them?
No. 909499 ID: 575ec0

What if it could absorb other magic, either becoming stronger in the process or storing it to be released viciously?
No. 909512 ID: 066bfd

As demonologists, it would be more useful to have a live subject than a dead one. A way to make our Caesura better at capturing demons could help. Trapping them in a barrier that saps their strength would aid us in weakening them enough to put them in a scroll, while making it more difficult for them to break out.
No. 909544 ID: 575ec0

I could get behind this idea
No. 909577 ID: eeb7d9

Weaponizing the caesura would be a good start. Making it more powerful, having the option of making a solid fist or a slashing claw.
I also like this idea.
No. 909758 ID: a451fc
File 154148127896.png - (219.21KB , 1039x709 , Push Ups.png )

When it comes to having more ways for your Caesura to work you have a few ideas about what you would want. You try to explain as best you can to Flint between push ups...

FLINT: Yeah, that's a...hard one. Spacial manipulation magic is something that exists, but I'm not entirely sure that your Barrier magic is similar enough to that to make it work...Eh maybe, but I can't teach you that, not at your current skill level anyway.

FLINT: That sounds much more possible. You need to learn to better control the form of your barrier to do that which we could do.

>New forms: Spikes and Blades
FLINT: You probably wouldn't even that much need help with that. You can make that fist can't you kid? I'm sure things like spikes or whatever would be the same thing.

>Two barriers
FLINT: That's a decent challenge. Much like changing the shape or density of your barrier was, this would be a step above what you're currently at though unlike the previous advancements in your magical skill this will probably be harder.

Flint explains that you can possibly learn techniques like these later once you learn how to channel the aetherial energy within your body. After you finish your push ups he makes you do sit ups still wearing the vest.

FLINT: Okay so you have some ideas we could start on today, but it sounds like the ones we're most likely to do anything with right now are: semi-permeability, new forms, and multiple barriers. I can't teach absolutely all of them to you since that'd take time and long with your new modifications to your Caesura we're also going to start out getting you to channel aetherial energy a bit. So, right now what do you want to start learning the most kid?
No. 909761 ID: d3602f

Hmm, I'm thinking either semi-permeability or multiple barriers.

Right now we are kind of just a sitting duck while using our barriers. With semi-permeability, we could shoot through our barriers while staying safe, or trap an enemy and make them an easy target.

With multiple barriers we can protect ourselves and people who may not be especially close to us, and have multiple fists to attack. We might also be able to punch things while keeping our barrier up. It could possibly also help us to make sturdier barriers, but it also seems like it would take the longest to learn out of everything.
No. 909762 ID: a9af05

I vote for multiple barriers.

>or trap an enemy
But we can already trap enemies in our barriers!
No. 909764 ID: d3602f

Which makes us unable to shoot them, because our barrier is in the way.
No. 909765 ID: a9af05

Not if we trap them with their head sticking out!

Like what happened with that Displacer Beast on the mountain where we first met Troy!

And during the tournament with that demon cow!
No. 909767 ID: 094652

Semi-permeability. Turn your barrier into a slow suffocation trap, or increase your survival time by allowing the barrier to breathe while you're still surrounded.
No. 909769 ID: d3602f

If we, hypothetically, were to try to kill that cow by leaving it's head out to shoot it, it would turn us to stone with it's breath. If we run into other things with poison breath, laser eyes, or something similar, keeping it's head out would put us at risk. For something like a Roaming Gluttony, it would be tricky to trap it inside a barrier because of its odd shape. For small swarming creatures like those furballs that we just dealt with (we haven't named them yet, right?) or lacerflies, or god forbid, smile worms, we'll be unable to capture most of them between the barrier, but it would be pretty easy to trap them all in the center and just incinerate them if we can choose what can and can't go through.
No. 909780 ID: a9af05

We could also just crush them inside our barrier, since we learned to do that.

>Fuzzball's name?
Vol knew what they were, but I don't think he told us their name yet.
No. 909783 ID: 91ee5f

>semi-permeability, new forms, or multiple barriers
>So, right now what do you want to start learning the most kid?
I’d say semi-permeability, since it sounds like it’d be the easiest to learn right now.

>we're also going to start out getting you to channel aetherial energy a bit.
Since you’re thinking about going to that demonic possession job after training with Flint, you should ask him if there’s anything he knows about that? Or if he can teach you something so that you’re able to actually do that job?
No. 909784 ID: eeb7d9

Hmmm. Well, is not like we are choosing one thing over the other, we can train other things later, so the permeablility of our barrier sounds interesting, since this will also help Roland to properly use his aetherial energy. I like the idea of making multiple fists too, but we can do that later.
No. 909793 ID: 575ec0

Multi-Barriers, then, since the rest of it we'll probably be able to figure out eventually.
No. 909794 ID: d3602f

Forgot to make my vote clear, I'm for semi-permeability.
No. 909854 ID: a451fc
File 154155355709.gif - (174.97KB , 1039x709 , Training.gif )

You decide to work on making your barrier permeable to certain objects. Being able to allow allies to walk into your Caesura bubbles without having to drop it and risk being attacked sounds useful, along with being able to shoot out of it without getting shot back. After your sit-ups Flint walks you through making the barrier more malleable. It's hard, but not impossible. You flex your Caesura a certain way tinkering with the density and thickness of it at the same time then try to drop rocks or nails into it without opening the bubble.

It takes time. Between each exercise in making the barrier permeable, semi or other wise, Flint has you do a number of physical exercises to get the most training in as possible. Eventually after what feels like a good three hours you finally manage to get a barrier to allow something to pass through it. It seems for now you cannot make your barrier semi-permeable for too long before it goes back to being totally solid, but it's progress.

>Fuzz ball names?
Vol only ever called these demons fuzz balls, fluff balls, or puff balls when talking about them. When you bring up the lack of a name Vol tells you nobody bothered giving these things a name, at least not a proper one. It's always something like bitey puff balls or hate fluffs or something like that. If you want to give the horrible things a proper name before you cut them up or feed them to Peaches then you're welcome to.

>Flint's knowledge of Demonic possession.
FLINT: When a demon possess somebody it can stay hidden to everybody, even the person possessed. The possession can cause horrible transformation, or simply change in mannerisms, it depends. If the possessed victim is transformed it may be too late to exorcise the demon from their body, but an un-transformed host can still have the invasive demon flushed from their body.
YOU: How's that?
FLINT: Inflict enough pain to the host with an anti-demonic weapon such as a silver blade or nails covered in salt. A weak willed demon may leave the body out of fear of death easily.
YOU:...What about a stronger willed demon?
FLINT: Then the host might die along with the demon.
No. 909856 ID: 79ee83

Ask Flint for help with the demoniac possession. I mean, we're still in Crud City, why not finish this job too?
No. 909861 ID: b1b4f3

We kinda want his help with the weird demon portal machine too.
No. 909865 ID: d3602f

>Choose a name
Mineral mincer? Scrap rat? Razor rat? Gnawing bur (because they really look like a bunch of burs)?

>The removal of possession requires hurting the subject with silver and salt
If the parents are overreacting, this girl might suffer serious abuse because of their paranoia. If she is seriously possessed, we should probably check on her before this becomes irreversible.

Another test for the rock! Does blood from a human, if the human has demonic magic (or is possessed), effect the rock?
No. 909866 ID: eeb7d9

>It seems for now you cannot make your barrier semi-permeable for too long before it goes back to being totally solid, but it's progress.
This is great. You don't need to make your barrier permeable all the time, so having the ability to do it in the right moments is a great improvement on itself.

>Name the small demons

>Possessed job
Should we really take that job? If it is that dangerous, we should probably let it be handled by someone who actually has experience, right? Unles Flint wanted to help us?

Waht else there is to do in here? I guess we are done training for today.
No. 909868 ID: 575ec0

We could try to reason with the demon.
No. 909869 ID: d3602f

How many people are there with experience dealing with possessions? And would they be around? Everyone has to start somewhere, and if we avoid all possessions we'll never learn anything about them, and if we don't learn about them, we won't find better ways to deal with them.

We also have two things that most demon hunters probably don't. We have an ability that lets us hold her down if she becomes violent, and Vol can heal her if we're worried about seriously hurting her. I also have a feeling that we're probably going to back off and give up before we get to the point of seriously risking killing her. And if she fully turns? Well, we won't do any worse than a regular hunter. I'm not especially concerned for our own safety.
No. 909870 ID: eeb7d9

Good points, can't argue against that logic. Let's do it then.
No. 909871 ID: 91ee5f

>silver blade or salt covered nails
Did we bring a silver knife with us? I think we left that at home with the rest of our demon dissection tools. And I’m pretty sure we shouldn’t use our silver bullets for this job.

And I think the salt covered nails is probably a personal thing that Flint uses, considering how nails seem to be his favored weapon.

The way I see this working is that we force the demon out and then we catch it in a scroll! Wait, no we can’t, all of our scrolls are currently occupied by Peaches and those little fuzz monsters that we caught. What do we do if we want to catch this demon?

Yeah, let’s ask if he could come and help and/or inform him of that weird machine that Phineas has.

And if Flint goes to look at that machine, we should warn him about Phineas being forgetful and how the door could lock him in the room until Phineas remembers he’s in there.
No. 909872 ID: 1dd514

Hate Fluffs is a fine name. no sense fighting common vernacular here.
No. 909875 ID: 91ee5f

We should also ask Flint if there’s anything like a “good” demonic possession? Like the demon is helping keep someone alive or a person willingly allowed the demon to possess them because the demon wanted a friend or something like that?

We should at least know if there are good or bad types of possessions before we just assume that it’s all bad.
No. 909884 ID: 575ec0

Ask him if we can dissect some demons in here.
We should free up a scroll before our next job.

No. 909995 ID: a451fc
File 154172090764.png - (170.92KB , 1039x709 , Flint 2.png )

>Gnawing bur
You like Gnawbur, it sounds good. You'll write a journal entry on it later.

>Ask Flint to help you on your job.

>Ask Flint to look at the machine Phineas has
You explain the odd computer terminal machine thing that Phineas has in his workshop

FLINT: I don't know a lot about computers...I'll go have a look at it if I need to, and maybe take it off his hands but if you want someone to take a better look at the thing you're going to want to get someone who knows more about this stuff kid.

>Does blood from a human with demonic magic effect the rock?
You mean the meteorite chunk ? It does not, you don't know how it would effect a possession victim though

>Free up a scroll
The most you could do to free up a scroll is to just let Peaches eat some more Gnawburs

>Is there anything like a “good” demonic possession?
FLINT That's like asking if you can have a friendly colony of intestinal worms in your gut. I doubt it.
No. 910002 ID: d3602f

Well, if our training is done, let's go check on the girl.
No. 910003 ID: 91ee5f

>That's like asking if you can have a friendly colony of intestinal worms in your gut. I doubt it.
What about Bower and Otel the Oracle Globule, from the tournament? And Gwyn and her demon arm? Since Otel helps improve Bower’s eyesight and Gwyn’s arm allows her to generate electricity, don’t those count as “good” demonic possessions?
No. 910006 ID: d3602f

That isn't demonic possession, possession seems to involve the demon taking control. If anything, Gwyn seems to have more control over her demon as it seems to barely have a will of its own past surviving, and Otel can just be "worn" for temporary advantages, which is little different than someone putting a scope on their gun.

Now that I think about it though, are all, or most demons capable of possessing someone? Or does it require a power that only specific demons have?
No. 910007 ID: eeb7d9

Of course not.

Maybe Ada can figure out more about that odd computer, she is good with electronics, right?

Ok, We are done with Flint for today. Ask if you should do any "homework", then say goodbye and go check that possessed girl.
No. 910008 ID: eeb7d9

I think it is more of a symbiotic relationship. Some kind of demonic creature took her arm or something like that. You know, like fungus, but, not fungus.
No. 910017 ID: 575ec0

People have used intestinal worms as designer diets before.

Anyway, yeah, feed peaches the scroll with the least gnawburs in it, thank Flint, and let's get going.
No. 910049 ID: d3602f

And English royalty used lead based makeup a long time ago. Just because it makes them look nice, does not mean it's healthy in the long run.
No. 910084 ID: 575ec0

It's a supposed to be witty retort, not sound medical advice.
No. 910098 ID: 79ee83

SMH y'all are cowards, we're in the good ol' year of XXXX, we should build a whole society using a colony of intestinal worms in our stomach. WHEN will rolandboy begin finally eating some good and ol' parasites?

Let's go to the demonic possession now, we're in town! What could go wrong?
No. 910110 ID: eeb7d9

Worms are yucky. I don't want them in my tummy. Besides, them motherfuckers eat all MY food. I don't share my food.
No. 910114 ID: a451fc
File 154181170347.png - (202.66KB , 1039x709 , Baby's First Exorcism 1.png )

>Feed Peaches the Gnawburs
You release the gnawburs for Peaches to catch and eat so you have a free scroll for the next job. He manages to catch all of them so none escape, these things might be good snacks for him if you can catch more.

>Now that I think about it though, are all, or most demons capable of possessing someone?
You assume possession is an ability only certain demons have. Vol can't possess people, well he can hide in your dad's violin but that's just because he came out of the thing. It's cramped in there too so he doesn't do it a lot.

>What about Bower and Otel the Oracle Globule, from the tournament? And Gwyn and her demon arm? Don’t those count as “good” demonic possessions?
You don't think those count as possessions, they don't take control of the host when they use their abilities. You remind yourself to write an entry on the difference between possession and symbiotic demonic relation ships later.

>Possession Job
You say goodbye to Flint as you leave for the next job.

FLINT: See ya kid, and workout more at home! It'll help us get through these lessons faster!

The location is much deeper in the city than the other one, tucked into a more cramped section near an oil refinery tower. When you reach the house you knock on the door a few times. Soon a short middle aged man cracks the door open slightly to answer

???: A-Are ya here fer my daughter?
No. 910117 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah. Got any silver knives in the house?

If not we gotta go get one. Can't exactly use silver bullets for this, and "salt-covered nails" sounds more complicated than simply sprinkling salt on a nail.
No. 910119 ID: d3602f

Yes. Assuming she is in fact possessed, we're going to do our best to rid her of the demon and get her back to her old self. Failing that, we'll at least make sure that no one else gets hurt by this demon.

How long has it been since you suspected she was first possessed? How has she changed since then? Also, if you have any silver knives, we could probably use them to help with the exorcism. We're willing to take some salt and some nails as well, but the knives might help more.
No. 910122 ID: eeb7d9

>???: A-Are ya here fer my daughter?
Yes i am, sir. Please tell me anything that happened to her. Also, do you have some silver in the house?
No. 910149 ID: 91ee5f

>You say goodbye to Flint as you leave for the next job.
Troy is still with you, right? Or did he get bored of watching you flail around during your training and just leave?

>A-Are ya here fer my daughter?
“That depends, are you the one that posted a job concerning a demonic possession?”
No. 910214 ID: a451fc
File 154188465926.png - (131.86KB , 1039x709 , Baby's First Exorcism 3.png )

>Troy is still with you, right?
Yes of course he is. He's still a bit tired after having his face scratched up though...

YOU: Yes I am, sir. Please tell me anything that happened to her

He let's you into the house, it's cozy but a little bit messy...there are red splotches on the walls and scratches on the ceiling.

HENRY: My names Henry...My daughter Lori's definitely been possessed by some sort of demon! I know it! I remember vividly a few nights ago, I went to check on her in her room a-and there was blood leadin' from the front door to her room! She was sleepin' in bed covered in blood! She wasn't hurt or nothin' but it still ain't good! I've been hearing lots of scuttlin' 'round at night too and I-I've been...too afraid to see what it was was... I don't know what you're group can do fer us...but her rooms that way, Lori's in her bed right now.

>Yeah. Got any silver knives in the house?
When you ask this his face turns to one of confusion, almost as if the idea of needing knives to cure his daughter is sort of scaring him a little. He does not have any silverware in the house though, the stuffs not exactly a household material. You aren't sure if you want to leave to find any either. This job seems like the kind that can go south in an instant if you aren't here.
No. 910215 ID: b1b4f3

...this doesn't sound like a possession. Let's go check on her.
No. 910221 ID: 575ec0

Then ask for some salt and get in that room.
No. 910225 ID: d3602f

Think we should get Troy to go out and buy us a silver knife? We'll reimburse him for it, of course.

Touch the pulsing stone to that blood first, it's likely to be from either her or the demon. Then let's go in there and ask her some questions, like if she thinks anything odd has been happening around the house lately to see if maybe they're just being bothered by a demon living in their house. Touch the stone to her, and see if it reacts. If it doesn't, make a very small cut and touch it to her blood. Try to keep her calm throughout the process.

If the stone reacts to her, or she attacks us, we'll assume she's possessed. But before we do anything unpleasant, let's see if we can convince the demon to leave.
No. 910227 ID: 094652

Have Caesura ready for the first wave of vomiting blood.
No. 910232 ID: 91ee5f

>blood leadin' from the front door to her room! She was sleepin' in bed covered in blood! She wasn't hurt or nothin' but it still ain't good!
How much blood? Like a lot or just a little?


..........how old is Lori? Because if she’s old enough, then maaaybe that blood came from her.....yeah, I’m getting really uncomfortable implying this. But it would still be better than an actual possession.

Let’s just stick with asking how old his daughter is and leave it at that.
No. 910236 ID: b1b4f3

There are scratches on the ceiling. I don't think this is a case of a daughter reaching puberty with the parent not knowing about menstruation.
No. 910241 ID: a451fc
File 154189644262.png - (265.85KB , 1039x709 , Baby's First Exorcism 2.png )

You couldn't possibly know what this implies, in all your years of being raised by your dad he never bothered to teach you about issues that would plague a young woman since they weren't necessary for your development. You still ask the daughter's age regardless. Henry says she is 8 Years old.

>Ask Troy to go out and buy us a silver knife
Troy leaves to look for some sort of silver bladed implement to use. You aren't sure how you feel about cutting a child with it though. Flint did say you needed to inflict enough pain to force the demon out, and you're sure any deep lacerations would hurt the host too.

>Ask for Salt
You ask Henry if he has any salt in his house. He walks over to a cupboard in a corner of the house that could be called the kitchen and hands you a small pouch of salt.

>Touch the pulsing stone to that blood first
You touch the meteorite to the blood on the walls and floor, it does not vibrate.

You walk over to Lori's room and knock on the door, a small voice says to come in. In the room you see the young girl laying in bed playing with a stuffed bear plush, a bee bear or a beear, no wait... a bear-ee? Screw it it's a bee bear. She looks up at you confused at the weird man covered in bandages and the small demon by his side who've entered her room.

LORI: Who are you?
No. 910243 ID: b1b4f3

Tell her hello, you were hired by her father to do a checkup. Your imp friend here is uh, your apprentice. Ask her if she's felt ill recently. Any odd dreams or nightmares? Sudden cravings? Memory lapses?
If we're gonna use the meteorite stone as a detector, try it on her and also the bee-bear.
No. 910244 ID: d3602f

Hey, Lori, I'm Roland. Your father invited us here because he is a little concerned for your health. We're like a cross between a doctor and a teacher, but for these creatures called demons.

Demons are kind of like us. There are kind demons, and bad demons, and they come in many shapes and sizes. See that little guy over there? His name is Vol, and he's a demon called an imp, and as a good demon he can make people feel better with music. But, your dad is worried that there is a bad one in the house, and he thinks you may have met it. Have you met any demons? We promise we won't try to hurt it if it's good.

I think that bear could be where the demon came out of.
No. 910246 ID: 91ee5f

While you talk to her, you could try distracting her by playing with her. Try pulling out the Rat Boy plush and asking if you and Vol could play together?
No. 910249 ID: 3674e7

We need to invest in silver needles, I don't think it'll hurt any humans/mutants but the silver penetrating into daemons should cause them pain. Plus they are reusable for other things and if we also need to inflict harm to the host to harm the possessor then we can also add salt (or dip them in saltwater) for them to count as salted silver nails (needles).
Needle throwing may be a future weapon against demons for emergencies.
No. 910250 ID: 575ec0

My name is Roland. I study demons, and help people out with demon related things. This here's my friend Vol.

Your father says you've been waking up covered in blood. Could you tell me about that?
No. 910253 ID: ad3973

Going to call it now, the bear might be the problem.
No. 910290 ID: 91ee5f

Maybe we shouldn’t mention we’re looking for a demon? We don’t want to alert it too early. Just let it think we’re some kinda strange doctor.
No. 910297 ID: d3602f

Okay, but we'll tell her after we use the stone on her and the doll. Maybe stab the doll with the silver knife. Telling her why we're concerned and that we don't want to hurt the demon will convince her to tell us about it if she has befriended it. If it has in fact possessed her, it could also help to convince the demon that it's a much safer option to just leave her without a fight than to have us force it out.

I'm not going to start cutting up an 8 year old until we're out of options.
No. 910303 ID: 91ee5f

>silver knife
We’re gonna have to wait for Troy to come back with that. We sent him to go look for one, since we didn’t bring one with us.

Hopefully we either won’t need it or, if we do need it, Troy won’t take too long finding one and coming back with it.
No. 910368 ID: a451fc
File 154200008531.png - (262.72KB , 1039x709 , Baby's First Exorcism 4.png )

YOU: My name is Roland, your dad was worried about your health and sent me to check on you.
LORI: Are you a doctor?
YOU: No, I'm a demonologist, it's my job to study and deal with demons, and you're father might think you're possessed; but don't worry I am going to do my best to help you. Now I'm going to ask you a few questions to find out what could be wrong, okay?

You take out your notebook to write down anything important

YOU: In the last few nights have you had any odd dreams or nightmares?
LORI:...I don't know.
YOU: have you been having sudden cravings for certain foods, or has your appetite changed at all?
LORI:...I don't know.
YOU[b]: Have you had a hard time remembering certain things? Like...have you forgotten how you got somewhere or what you were doing?

None of these questions get you much. You try to think of a few more that could be more useful...

YOU: Have you...heard anything odd, like voices or whispers?
LORI: ...
YOU: ...Lori?
LORI: ...No.
YOU: ...Well okay, Umm...have you felt poorly recently? Have you felt tired or sick in anyway?
LORI: Yes, when I wake up I feel really tired. Like I didn't sleep at all, but nothing else.

You hear the front door open, you think Troy might be back. You go to see if it's him when Lori speaks up.

LORI: Umm...C-can I ask you questions too?
No. 910369 ID: d3602f

It seems like she is hearing things, but the voice might have convinced her not to tell anyone. Her body has also been working while she is mentally "asleep". This is almost definitely a possession.

I don't mind if you want to ask a few things, but I can't promise that I'll be able to answer all of them.
No. 910371 ID: 7694f4

“Sure, you can ask as many as you like. I just need to fetch something from my friend outside and I’ll be right back to answer any questions.”
No. 910376 ID: a9af05

>Long pause before answering
I think the demon might've just told her not to say anything.

>Umm...C-can I ask you questions too?
"Yes, you can."

Troy can find you and Vol by asking the father where you are. Once he gets here, try to quietly ask him if he found anything silver? And I say ask quietly because we don't want the demon to hear that you've got something silver with you.
No. 910377 ID: b1b4f3

Sure, kid.
No. 910381 ID: 13ee26

Anyone think it could be an angel?
No. 910385 ID: d3602f

We should definitely hide the knife from her. Not to avoid scaring the demon, but to avoid scaring the girl. If we have to cut her, we should blindfold her, and tell her that we're going to be releasing a medicinal gas that should harm the demon so long as it remains inside of her. Explain that it causes phantom pain and disturbing hallucinations. Just make her think that this is just really unpleasant medicine so as to mitigate trauma.

Still want to check out that bear before we start anything though. Cutting it with silver could potentially circumnavigate the less pleasant method. We should at least try that first.
No. 910398 ID: 575ec0

Sure thing, ask away.
No. 910404 ID: 91ee5f

Oh no! You forgot to introduce Vol to Lori!

You’ve probably hurt his feelings and now he might be thinking that you don’t think he’s important enough to be mentioned to Lori!

That’s also a possibility.

>phantom pain
[inserting Metal Gear Solid 5 reference here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=otaWQIcTodo ]

But seriously, that could work, since Vol can heal away any cuts that we might need to make.
No. 910413 ID: 10c408

...before we start cutting up little kids and earning a reputation as a demon obsessed madman, can we try a slightly softer approach and merely poke/brush her with the silver knife first?
No. 910419 ID: 2202fb

Few ideas

-Period? (idk maybe her dad exaggerated)
-She is already dead (demon is puppeteering her)
-She is fully aware of the demon and is friends with it (or at least thinks she is)
-This could be a succubus since it could
have exploited emotional
-If this is the case, we need to discern
whether the demon is exploiting the
girl for their own gains, or if they
are legitimately afraid (maybe also
insecure?) and truly view the girl as a
friend. Imo it would be great if we
could recruit another sapient demon.

It might be possible to circumvent all of the anti-possession shit if we just use a demon-sealing scroll on her. As far as i understand it, it would only seal the demon.
No. 910424 ID: d3602f

That is the plan. Start out with shallow cuts on her hand before we start doing anything serious. We still have questions to ask too. The cutting will be only if everything else fails.

She's 8, most girls need to be close to 13 before they get their first menstruation.
I don't think the demon would admit to feeling like she hasn't slept or badly lie that she doesn't hear voices.
>Thinks she's friends with the demon
Likely. That bear probably talks to her sometimes. Possible that the bear needs to be around her for it to possess her, but if a cut from a silver knife doesn't effect it, chances are the demon has left the doll and is inside her.
She's a kid, you don't need to be a master manipulator to exploit her emotions. The demon just needs to be sapient, and not a complete moron.
>Find out if the demon is scared or purposefully malevolent
We'll have to talk to the demon to find this out. As we have Vol, we could probably convince it that we aren't the type to lash out at demons without reason, and we might ask it if we can find a way to make it more comfortable so that it stops possessing Lori, as we fear this may be harming her. If it doesn't listen, we'll warn it that if it leaves us no choice, we may have to force it out. If we do force it out, we might want to just capture it rather than kill it, maybe show it other demons who are living in this world comfortably, like Eto or Delphi.
Don't think that would work. First, the demon has to be weak for it. Second, it probably needs to directly touch the demon, not just the person possessed. But it wouldn't hurt to try I suppose.
No. 910425 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, ask her if she has any invisible friends, or if her stuffed animal talks to her.
No. 910433 ID: 032491

We could wait for the night and catch the demon red handed tho. No need for cutting, stabbing or scaring 8 year olds forever.
No. 910434 ID: 2202fb

Succubus thing is cuz a succubus would have a reason to possess and befriend someone so they can feed off of their emotions (i would consider a close friendship love even if it is platonic. there are many kinds of love, not just the sexual kind). It answers the question of "why" and explains the lack of (blatant) crazy demonic behavior.

This demon seems intelligent, whatever they are. They probably have an agenda.
No. 910480 ID: a451fc
File 154209610705.png - (205.88KB , 1039x709 , Baby's First Exorcism 7.png )

You say yes to answering her questions, but after you go to meet Troy outside. In the hallway Troy's waiting with a few things in his hands...

TROY: It was hard...but I managed to find a few silver things. I got a letter opener and cup.
YOU: ...Why the cup?
TROY: I don't know man I stole the first one and was kinda on a roll.
VOL: Ya stole d'ese?
TROY: Well they were pretty expensive and I felt sorta rushed so I acted fast, anyway maybe the cup helps you somehow? I don't know...Hey umm I think I'm gonna step outside for a little...this house is kinda cramped.

As Troy leaves he walks by a woman standing by the window at the front of the house. You guess she entered the house when you were in Lori's room? Regardless you say hello.
No. 910481 ID: a451fc
File 154209612644.png - (235.80KB , 1039x709 , Baby's First Exorcism 6.png )

YOU: Umm...Hi?

She seems a bit startled when you talk to her, but calms down afterwords. You can't help but notice her eyes are a bit bloodshot, she looks like she's been crying...

SHANNON: Oh! I-i'm sorry. My husband told me he had people over for our daughter's...condition, but...i'm sorry. I-i'm Shannon.
YOU: Roland...are you alright?
SHANNON: Oh I'm fine...I just a bit worried is all. I don't know a lot about this whole demon thing...and I know you're here to help but, what if it's bad? I-Is... is it bad?

Her eyes are starting to tear up again.
No. 910486 ID: d3602f

I can't say for sure, I don't have enough enough evidence to say yet. I'm hoping that the demon is peaceful, and might be willing to leave her unharmed for something in return. If it isn't willing, well, there are methods to forcibly remove a demon. I promise, I'll do all I can to make sure your daughter is safe.

... I kind of assumed he was a single dad. Now that I think about it, Henry only said that he heard scuttling at night, not in his daughter's room, but in general. The blood doesn't necessarily have to have come from his daughter either, His wife could be the one possessed. I thought that maybe she could have been possessed a long time ago, and maybe her daughter is a hybrid and is going through some demonic puberty, but the mother appears normal. If she is possessed, it is probably recent.
No. 910496 ID: 91ee5f

>silver letter opener
Ok, we can use that if we need to drive out the demon. But we haven’t gotten there yet, so make sure you put that away before you go back into the room. Don’t want the demon to see it.

>silver cup
.....maybe we could use that? Let’s put that away too.

She’s worried that you’re going to have to kill Lori. Do everything you can to avoid that.

>I-Is...is it bad?
No matter what, do not let the parents know that this is your first time attempting an exorcism! You don’t need to make them worry anymore than they already are!

But to answer her question, the honest answer is, “I don’t know, that’s what I’m going to find out.”

Then go back in Lori’s room and answer the questions she wanted to ask you.
No. 910500 ID: 91ee5f

>His wife could be the one possessed. I thought that maybe she could have been possessed a long time ago, and maybe her daughter is a hybrid and is going through some demonic puberty, but the mother appears normal.
Let’s not dive into wild speculations. At least, not yet.
No. 910503 ID: 10c408

"No, not yet. I got here just in time before things get worse for your daughter, Ma'am." Introduce Vol before she jumps to conclusions about us, then head upstairs. Don't let anyone see the letter opener or the cup.

Actually, perhaps we should let Vol carry the cup while we hid the letter opener so that the demon focuses on him and not us.
No. 910524 ID: eeb7d9

Unless she feels uneasy around us, the little girl seems to be really unsure about her condition herself, giving us half answers. She being tired after sleeping sounds interesting. Maybe she is beeing controled while sleeping?
Ask the mom the sames questions, she might be able to tell you more that the child did.
No. 910526 ID: eeb7d9

Do you think that making tea or coffee in a silver cup could help us somehow? You know, being in touch with silver and all, maybe the liquid can be altered somehow...? It wouldn't hurt to try.
No. 910534 ID: 79ee83

Between 1 of "Absolutly fine" and 10 of "Oh god no", we're in a 4-5. There seem's to be a demon in the house but the biggest thing he's doing is making a bloody mess. If it is her blood or not? We don't know exactly.

Also we should maaaaaaaybe call a doctor, check-ups are always good.
No. 910552 ID: 575ec0

It's rude to just walk away after agreeing to let someone ask you some questions.
No. 910562 ID: d3602f

We said that we would answer her questions AFTER we talked with Troy.

This sounds like a good idea.
No. 910575 ID: 496e66

Not gonna lie, if it is a demon posession, I can't imagine convincing the demon to leave the host is going to be easy.
No. 910576 ID: 79ee83

Ah! It's simple! We poke the 8-year old with the knife. We poke the 8-year old multiples times with the knife.

The less bloody way is negotiating. If it can possess a 8-year old, it might be smart enough to negotiate with us. A deal with the devil!
No. 910578 ID: 10c408

Considering what the father said, I've got a tentative theory about the demon. It got injured and possessed Lori to hide, and has been trying to recuperate ever since.
No. 910678 ID: a451fc
File 154219255191.png - (265.47KB , 1039x709 , Baby's First Exorcism 8.png )

YOU: No, not yet. I got here just in time before things get worse for your daughter, Ma'am. I assure you I've had plenty of experience with demons and am doing all I can.

You let her say hi to Vol so she knows that you do have experience with this sort of thing. He extends his hand to shake...She doesn't want to take it.

>Ask the mom the sames questions
You ask Shannon the same questions you asked Lori: odd dreams, sudden cravings, memory lapses etc. She says no to all of them.

>Do you think that making tea or coffee in a silver cup could help us somehow?
You ask if you can fill the silver cup with a drink for Lori, Shannon takes the cup and fills it with milk. After you get everything settled you return to Lori's room and continue to talk to her.

YOU: Sorry about that Lori, If you're thirsty I got you some milk. Now, what was the question you wanted to ask?

Lori takes a sip of milk from the cup, for a split second you swear you could see her eyes flash red. She doesn't drink the rest. Along with the drink you use the meteorite chunk to test if it has a reaction. You touch it to Lori's arm, but it does not vibrate. The plush doesn't get a reaction either. You then try to simply catch the demon out of her body with a scroll, but it doesn't catch anything and stays empty.

LORI: Umm...you said you were a demomologist? Does that mean you keep demons like pets?...Does that mean demons can be nice?
No. 910680 ID: eeb7d9

Not just only pets, they can be your friends too... family even. Of course, it depends on the kind deamon. Some are more reasonable, others no so much. But my intention is to learn about them so we know which can be befriend and which can be tamed, or neither. What do you think? Think is it posible?
No. 910684 ID: 2202fb

Ha! +1 for scared semi-powerful (but probably not confident and/or experienced) demon theory!

Still think it is a succubus feeding off of emotions (probably out of necessity).

Lets take her outside and have her play with peaches (btw, we really need to get another peaches-tier demon pet and call them cream).
No. 910686 ID: 575ec0

Oh demons can definitely be nice!
Some can be like pets sure, but others are as smart as humans and can be really good friends.
Vol here is my best friend! You can talk to him if you want, he won't bite.

We could also offer to play her something,' or to let her pet or ride peaches.
No. 910688 ID: 79ee83

They can be really good, but sometimes messing with one can also be dangerous. I think it would be good to show her our dumb house cat, Peaches.
No. 910689 ID: 91ee5f

>Lori takes a sip of milk from the cup, for a split second you swear you could see her eyes flash red. She doesn't drink the rest.
It sorta worked!

>Umm...you said you were a demomologist? Does that mean you keep demons like pets?
“Well, actually I just study demons to learn more about them, however I have caught 1 demon that I’d consider a pet.” (If she asks to see Peaches, politely tell her no, because he might be too big to fit in the room.....and, don’t tell her this, I’m afraid of what Peaches might do to Lori if he tries to attack her because he can smell that there’s a demon inside of her.)

“But I wouldn’t consider all demons to be pets, since some demons are able to talk. I’d consider the talking demons to be my friends. In fact, this guy right here, his name is Vol and he’s been with my family since before I was born. So I’d actually consider him to be family, kinda like my older brother.”

>...Does that mean demons can be nice?
“Yes, some demons can be nice, but there are also other demons that aren’t nice. I’m trying to find out if the demon possessing you is nice or not. Because if it’s a nice demon, then I’d like to talk to it and ask why it’s possessing you. I won’t hurt it if it’s a nice demon.”
No. 910691 ID: 91ee5f

>(btw, we really need to get another peaches-tier demon pet and call them cream).
If we do get another Peaches-tier demon pet, that one is going to be Troy’s pet, since he was practically begging for one. And I’m not sure if he’ll name it Cream.

>We could also offer to play her something
Yeah, a duet with Vol would be nice. Just don’t sing any songs with profanity or anything like that in it. Those are not meant for a child like Lori.
No. 910692 ID: d3602f

They can be. My best friend is an imp, and there is no one who I trust more than him.

Demons are like people. Some are good, and some are bad. Some do bad things because they are afraid that if they don't they might get hurt. My pet Displacer beast tried to kill me when I first ran into him, but since I've fed him he has been quite tame, if a little grouchy at times. There are other friendly demons that I've met in this town, one probably even friendlier than most humans. Of course, there are some who like to... hurt others. I want to believe the demon with you is good, but it still might be hurting you unintentionally.

The milk definitely did something. Should we have her drink more? Would it help? Salt helps in exorcisms apparently, so should we salt it?
No. 910694 ID: 79ee83

Salt and milk are actually the worst thing I ever heard, might work tho.
No. 910697 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah, Vol here is a demon and he's nice.
Never heard of a nice demon involved in a possession though.
No. 910699 ID: 10c408

"It depends on the demon, honestly. There's a lot of time out there." Introduce Lori to Vol, mention Peaches

After that though...

Lock the door and have Vol get ready to start playing healing music.

Take a seat on the bed

"Now, I figure that the demon in question got pretty beat up and choose to hide where no one could hurt it anymore. But I am going to need it to leave it's hiding place, though I promise not to kill it if it comes peacefully in the next 30 seconds." Stare at Lori while you monologue and begin counting.
No. 910715 ID: ec1111

It actually means I study demons.
No. 910720 ID: 91ee5f

>"Now, I figure that the demon in question got pretty beat up and choose to hide where no one could hurt it anymore. But I am going to need it to leave it's hiding place, though I promise not to kill it if it comes peacefully in the next 30 seconds." Stare at Lori while you monologue and begin counting.
No, that’s a bad idea! Don’t threaten the demon!
No. 910722 ID: a451fc
File 154223087531.png - (142.89KB , 1039x709 , Baby's First Exorcism 9.png )

>Salt the milk?
You add a pinch of salt to the milk and give it to Lori. She gags when she drinks it and her eyes flash red brighter and longer, when you ask if it tasted bad she says it tasted fine if not a little funny and she isn't sure why that happened. You're making progress, you add some more salt and ask Lori to drink again. The reaction this time is less extreme, her eyes flash once like before but she doesn't gag this time. You don't think more salt will help, you might need to add something else.

YOU: Being a demonologist means I study demons, but I do keep some as pets. Vol here isn't a pet though, he's smart and kind enough to be considered my family. He is a friend and demons can be friendly, but they can also be very bad too. Do you want to meet my other demon? This ones more of a pet.

Lori nods, even after you warn her he's a bit scary. You release Peaches from his scroll, he's still a bit sluggish from eating so much. Lori's more curious than scared however, she even asks to pet him which you allow. Peaches has no trouble with Lori petting him and even purrs as she does so and licks her hand.

LORI: ...Why is that demon like a person, but this demon is like a cat?
YOU: Why are you a person, but cats animals? It's kind of like that.
LORI: ...I was hoping...I was hoping all demons were like animals
YOU: ...Why's that?

Lori starts to talk but doesn't, she seems to ask for your journal. Confused you give it to her along with a pencil. She writes down on a blank page not quite looking at it, instead staring at the wall to her left only occasionally looking back to the page to make sure she was writing okay. She hands you your journal back and you read whats written down...

If the demon in me is smart then I'm scared, I wanted it to be like a bug or something. but if its like a person then it's scarier, I don't think it's friendly
No. 910728 ID: 865f67

No. 910731 ID: b1b4f3

Smart girl.
I wonder if we can make the barrier semi-permeable here in a useful way? Like, only let the girl through? Then surround her in a bubble and ask her to push her way out.

I wonder if Vol's healing song could be used to remove the sensation of pain as well? Then we could like, stab her hand with the letter opener and she wouldn't feel it.
No. 910732 ID: d3602f

We're on the right track. I can't think of anything else that demons usually dislike in myths. However, the one thing that apparently works against demons that we haven't used yet is nails. Maybe soak one in the milk? If it's the iron in the nails, blood might also work.

I hope it's not a bug demon, had a bad run in with a bunch of fly demons. That's why I made a flamethrower specially for them, hahaha! No, you can't touch it.
No. 910742 ID: 91ee5f

>semi-permeable barrier
That might work.

>Vol healing while we stab with the silver letter opener
Isn’t the pain what’s needed to drive out the demon? If we heal Lori before the demon leaves, then the demon might not be driven out.

>I hope it's not a bug demon, had a bad run in with a bunch of fly demons. That's why I made a flamethrower specially for them, hahaha! No, you can't touch it.
Lori wrote that note while she was looking away from it, that means that she doesn’t want the demon to know about what she’s writing, so don’t go talking about what she’s written out loud!
No. 910749 ID: ec1111

That might be a problem. If the malicious demon is beastly, slight pain may as likely send it into a frenzy as it sends it fleeing. If it's smart then we could pretend to kill Lori without harming her, so bluffing it. If it's sentient and stupid it might decide to die with Lori instead of giving up or if it's really smart it may see through the bluff and we won't get rid of it without copious amount of torture, and we're not torturing a little girl!
No. 910750 ID: d3602f

Considering she'll have her mind devoured and be transformed, I'm quite willing to harm her if it means she gets to live. But the way things are going, that might not be necessary.

Also, if the demon is smart it will probably assume that we actually WANT Lori to live. We aren't going to just kill her like that.
No. 910751 ID: 91ee5f

We did make a little progress with the salt in the milk, so let’s whisper to Vol and ask if there’s anything else that can harm demons and can be added to the milk for Lori to drink?
No. 910763 ID: eeb7d9

Did you, by any chance let it in? When did you meet it?.... Wait, she can't tell us directly... Fuck, this is going to be complicated... But using the silver cup seems be working, we just need some other material to make it react again, if we keep trying, we mihgt find a way to purge it out of her, or at least, weaken it enough so we don't have to hurt her too much with the silver letter opener.
No. 910770 ID: 575ec0

I think it's just the opposite.
If it's smart, then we can talk to them.

Would it be alright if we talked to them?
No. 910771 ID: a451fc
File 154225963989.png - (175.66KB , 1039x709 , Baby's First Exorcism 5.png )

>I wonder if we can make the barrier semi-permeable here in a useful way? Like, only let the girl through?
You don't know if you can do that with something you can't see.

>Vol's healing song could be used to remove the sensation of pain as well?
It can do that, but from what Flint said it seems like the demon and the host share a sense of pain, so if you remove the sensation of pain for Lori the demon won't feel it either. The point of using a silver blade to cut is to cause the demon pain.

>What else to add to the milk?
You whisper to Vol and ask what else could possibly be useful in the milk since the salted milk seems to be working well so far.

VOL: ...I don' know...chocolate?
YOU: Seriously?
VOL: What? Chocolates disgustin'. Just tastes terrible...'least to me it does...well there might be another thing.

Vol pricks his finger with a claw and puts a few drops of blood into the milk.

VOL: My demon blood should be drawn to da' demon possessin' da' girl. Maybe dis'll draw more a' da medicine straight to it? I ain't a hundred percent on dat but we don' really got a lot ta' go on do we? Still we could use more if dis ain't enough.
No. 910773 ID: 8a35e0

...Yeah, no. It's still blood and unlikely safe for human consumption.

We've run out of options, it's time to start causing harm.
No. 910775 ID: b1b4f3

Use the blood. We should FULLY exhaust other options before stabbing the little girl with a letter opener.

Pretty sure the worst thing that can happen from drinking blood is nausea. Though I guess you'd also be drinking whatever's in the blood. Like if the donor had been drinking a lot there'd be alcohol in the blood.
No. 910777 ID: d3602f

Make sure that the blood is effected completely by the silver, would hate for the demon to use some of Vol's power to strengthen itself or something.

First, although it usually isn't healthy to consume larges amounts of blood, this is just a small bit. We've also eaten displacer beast, so I doubt the blood is especially poisonous to humans

Second, do you really think consuming a few drops of blood is more dangerous and traumatic than getting cut and stabbed?
No. 910778 ID: 3674e7

Something for you and Vol to make to possibly counter possessions.
Drip a drop of Vols blood into salt and use the resulting salted blood balls against daemons (for added effectiveness add tiny amounts of shaved silver to it to increase potency).
No. 910779 ID: d3602f

Silver prevents the use of hemocrafting in imps, remember? Now that I think about it though, I don't think we've ever asked Vol what happens to him if he eats salt.
No. 910781 ID: a9af05

>Vol's blood
Yeah, that should work, let's try it.

But just to be safe, add a few more drops of his blood.

>Exhaust all options before stabbing with silver letter opener
I agree!
No. 910785 ID: 575ec0

Sounds good. Add chocolate tho.
No. 910788 ID: eeb7d9

Using chocolate to exorcise a demon, who would have thought. Roland, you write this now, and you write "Yes, i am serious, i exorcise a fuking demon out of a little girl using fucking chocolate".
And then you make a book, and everyone is going to read this. And they will be "wtf".
No. 910790 ID: ad51b8

so we need chocolate milk... alright not like it should be that hard to pull off.
No. 910791 ID: 79ee83

Chocolate milk! Chocolate milk! Chocolate milk! Salt and Chocolate Milk! We created the perfect exorcism recipe!
No. 910833 ID: bb0e67

See how Peaches feels about chocolate. Need more data points.
No. 910835 ID: d3602f

Chocolate is bad for dogs... and probably cats. No idea the effect on plants is though.

If a gnawbur can't eat the stuff, it's probably a demon thing.
No. 910838 ID: 094652

>Demon blood is tasty to demons
... At least you didn't suggest the other thing.

>What else
Add a few drops of Peaches' blood. The mix will fight itself and cause the girl and demon indigestion.
No. 910841 ID: a451fc
File 154233907592.png - (222.43KB , 1039x709 , Baby's First Exorcism 10.png )

You excuse yourself and leave Lori's room. You ask Shannon, who is still pacing the living room worried, if she has any chocolate in the house; She says they have a few bars for Lori's birthday in a few days, and that if they'll help you can take one or two. She direct's you to a drawer that has a sack of chocolate bars inside of it, when you pull one out Vol sniffs it and recoils in disgust. It's dark chocolate, the worst kind according to Vol. You break it apart and us the stove and a pan in the kitchen to melt it down and mix it into the salted blood milk.
No. 910842 ID: a451fc
File 154233907896.gif - (392.81KB , 1039x709 , Baby's First Exorcism 11.gif )

You return to Lori's room where she continues to pet Peaches ,who you let stay out of his scroll. You offer her the chocolate milk, she takes it and begins to drink it but before she stops. She doesn't seem to like the smell.

YOU:...Is something wrong Lori? Do you not want the milk?
LORI: N-no. I'm fine...
No. 910843 ID: a451fc
File 154233908083.gif - (169.54KB , 1039x709 , Baby's First Exorcism 12.gif )

Lori continues to have trouble actually drinking the milk...

LORI: Nghh...N-no. NO!
YOU: L-lori?
No. 910844 ID: a451fc
File 154233908335.png - (293.14KB , 1039x709 , Baby's First Exorcism 12.png )

With a quick motion of her arm Lori throws the cup down onto the ground hard enough to break it's handle off and split it's side.

No. 910846 ID: b1b4f3

Surround her in a Caesura and tell them that you're gonna force her to drink it if the demon doesn't get the hell out.
No. 910847 ID: 10c408

They broke the cup with that throw, man. Our precious exocersum is gone. Not sorry.

Anyways, not that the demon has revealed itself time to get down to business.

Put possessed Lori in a caesura before she comes at you.

Maybe if we're lucky, we can convince the demon to leave peacefully in exchange for a promise of safe passage by us before things get ugly.
No. 910848 ID: b1b4f3

We can get another cup, and make more chocolate milk. Doesn't even have to be a silver cup.
No. 910849 ID: d3602f

Pretty much this. Maybe point out that if we absolutely have to, we have an even less pleasant method to force them out out

Silver's antidemon properties are kind of important. We could probably just soak some of the pieces in the liquid and it should work though.
No. 910852 ID: b1b4f3

The demon had barely any reaction to salt in the silver cup. I think the chocolate is the most important part. I guess it's possible Vol's blood allowed the silver to play a bigger role but it's probably the chocolate.
No. 910853 ID: 91ee5f

Use Caesura to hold Lori down and then speak directly to the demon, “Now that I have your attention, let’s talk. Like I said, I’m a Demonologist, not a Demon Hunter, I ain’t gonna hurt you. So why don’t we start with you telling me why you’re in Lori’s body?”

Hopefully if this demon is smart like Lori thought it is, we’ll be able to negotiate with it to have it leave Lori’s body.
No. 910856 ID: 575ec0

Oh, So you can talk.
Do you have a name, demon?
No. 910872 ID: 79ee83

Watch your language, demon! Do you kiss ya mom with that mouth?

Reason with the demon.
No. 910876 ID: eeb7d9

Oh well hello there! Now that is not a nice thing to say! You don't like chocolate?

Let's try to reason with this thing. I am thinking that making it swallow the chocolate down his throat if it gets difficult.
No. 910880 ID: 79e626

I cast you out! Unclean Sprit!
Movie quotes aside, kindly vacate this girls body or i'm gonna force feed her salted chocolate 'till it leaks.
How'd she summon you, anyhow?
No. 910903 ID: a451fc
File 154241700259.png - (254.41KB , 1039x709 , Baby's First Exorcism 13.png )

You're pretty sure the reaction was a culmination of all ingredients. If you wanted to do this again you'd need something silver to hold it.

You capture the possessed Lori in a caesura hold and make sure she stays still so you can interrogate the demon.

YOU: Okay, now that I have your attention. I need you to leave this young girl's body right now.
YOU: Why are you even possessing this girl anyway? what's your name?
YOU: Okay...So is there anything I can do to get you out of here?
No. 910905 ID: ad51b8

from now on his name is princess.

Also ask Vol if he knows about any type of formless demons. Might help give us a starting point here on how to drive the thing out. I mean from what princess has said I guess one way would be to try and empower Lori so she can force the sad sack out but not really sure how to do that really...
No. 910906 ID: d3602f

So this jackass needs to possess someone to eat, If this is the only way it can live, I can understand why it might possess someone. Of course, all demons come from the aether, so it can probably possess other demons as well. Does the demon have to be smart? Maybe we could convince it to possess a gnawbur. If they're always hungry, they'll have no limit of food as a gnawbur. If they are interested, they can even stay in our home and we might feed them other things occasionally.

Sounds much better to me than getting shot in the face. Even if they somehow get past us, chances are the entire city will be after a transformed "Lori". Staying here will cut their infinite lifespan incredibly short.
No. 910907 ID: 787c3d

Do demons inside the scrolls need to eat? If not we could keep this parasite in suspension until finding a suitable host.
No. 910909 ID: d3602f

If we really need a suitable host... are there prisons in this world? If so, maybe we can use death row inmates? They're going to die anyway.

We'll definitely have to keep an eye on them if we do this though.
No. 910910 ID: 3674e7

Quick question is she still awake in there, if so can you put her to sleep I don't want her to feel this.
If they ask why should I, say what or responds that she is unconscious in there, then we can start with the salted silver blade.
if we start this start with places non crucial to everyday life / non-exposed areas.
No. 910911 ID: 575ec0

Could we just, chill for a moment, please?
I'm here to help. Is there anything I could do or provide you with, that might convince and/or enable you to leave that body? Everyone can win here.
No. 910912 ID: 91ee5f

I don’t think we’re gonna be able to talk this guy outta Lori.

It might be time to use the silver letter opener now. Pull out Lori’s hands and stab them to drive out the demon! Vol can heal Lori after we get him to come out!

Or we could try the cup again. If it’s split down the side, we can just hold it so that the split is facing upwards and it’ll still be able to hold stuff, just not as much as an undamaged cup. The only problem would be getting the demon to swallow without spitting it out.
No. 910917 ID: 79ee83

Let's point out that him, sparkle princess, is inside a very, very weak child. We can arrange something way cooler! Like, uhh... A fucking robot, yes, a demon ever possessed a robot? Nope? You're going to be the first, mr. Sparkle Princess.
No. 910921 ID: b1b4f3

Show it the letter opener. Ask it if it knows the usual way possessions are taken care of. Silver knives, nails coated in salt... If it comes down to it, you might just have to use it.
No. 910967 ID: a9af05

I think it's time for the silver letter opener.

He needs to possess something that's living. Possessing a robot is just going to result in him starving.
No. 910977 ID: a451fc
File 154244740858.png - (257.97KB , 1039x709 , Baby's First Exorcism 14.png )

You take note of how reluctant this demon is give his name up at all as if it's important

Peaches still gets hungry in his scroll, so he probably still would be hungry. Luckily your job is to get rid of the demon not make sure this asshole's happy.

YOU: Guess I'll just call you princess then, so are you sure you can't go to like a prisoner or someone slated for execution instead of this child? Maybe you could possess a demon or something?
YOU: Hmm...Say is Lori still...conscious?

Before "Princess" can finish talking you pull the silver letter opener and with a flick of your wrist cut his cheek. Since Lori can't feel or remember anything you have less hang ups with cutting him, though it still feels a little bad cutting a child. Though hearing the demon hiss in pain is somewhat satisfying. You place the letter opener back into your pocket with the meteor chunk and when the bloody blade touches the rock it vibrates. Out of curiosity you take the rock and touch to demon possessed Lori's head, it vibrates this way as well even though it did not before. It seems that "Princess" coming to the surface of Lori's soul has changed the way you can effect it.

YOU: Look I'm doing my best here to make us all happy, but you are making that hard for both of us. You are not going to stay here, and you can either leave on your own or I can pull you out by force. What's it going to be?

Princess does not respond. What are you going to do?
No. 910979 ID: 094652

Yeah, no, we're done here. Neutralize the threat before he kills any more civilians, OR their pets.
No. 910986 ID: 10c408

At this point it's just a battle of attrition. Willpower, too.

Princess knows you have the letter opener so you might as well keep at it while Vol puts on some background music. Nothing too fancy, just enough to heal away any scars Lori's body will have without blocking out the pain this'll inflict on the demon.
No. 910994 ID: 235ba5

Okay, so humans keep all their aetherial energy locked up in their bodies, which makes them easy to possess (apparently).

Emptying someone of their aetherial energy seems... not very healthy,
but if we can find a way to reduce the girls aetherial energy to a level barely above death the demon will probably starve.
I'd wager something that lacks a physical anchor in our realm needs it more than she does.

Cracking whatever "shell" locks her energy inside her seems similarly risky,
but this demon seems like a real asshole,
and something something eggs and omelettes.
No. 910995 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, point out Vol has healing music, so you can keep cutting him forever.
No. 910997 ID: eeb7d9

Hmmm, there are many ways to do this. We could just cut it until it gets out, find a way to reduce Lori's aethereal energy so it has to get out, or, we can choke him with more silver chocolate and milk.

"We have time, we can try all the means necessary to get you out. I i will have the chance to learn lots to!" While you say this to sound as sadistic as possible. Make it fear your curiosity. YOU are the bad guy now.
No. 910998 ID: 91ee5f

Write down all the stuff he just mentioned about possessions. Those notes will be handy in the future.

>demon shit talking Roland for only having one eye
Ah, he just revealed he’s a demon that has more than one eye. Vol wasn’t kidding when he said demons with more eyes look down on demons with fewer eyes.

>Princess gets cut and immediately shuts the fuck up
Is anyone else wanting to give him the count of 5 before we do some more cutting? Because I think we should keep going since it doesn’t look like he’s going to cooperate.

Do not heal Lori until after the demon is out! That way we don’t risk also healing the demon and helping him stay inside Lori!
No. 911001 ID: d3602f

You know, the fact that you NEED to possess someone is kind of embarrassing. Can't live on your own? Not only that, but it has to be a human? Must be hard in the aether without anything to possess. Hobgoblins, oracle globules, imps, even goblins can survive in the aether. But no, you are apparently so biologically inefficient you need a host that doesn't even naturally live anywhere near you.
No. 911005 ID: 79ee83

Ok, colaborate or get your ass kicked, princess. You can still swear and all but if you don't get out of Lori, we're going to woop your ass to the aetherial sun.
No. 911028 ID: 3e9d09

...it says that's your name right there.

Now that I've got your proper attention, princess, I'd like to say I'm sorry to hear that you find our previous offers unsatisfactory, therefore you may see them as retracted. As to my new offer, there's me with an assortment of silver knives, bullets, etc., not to mention the ANGEL possessed bloke waiting outside, likely to be about half as merciful as I'm not gonna be. So, I need you to make a choice. We're gonna do this the easy way, or the I KILL YOU way?
No. 911035 ID: f99cdc

Try drawing a ward with her blood.
No. 911038 ID: 10c408

Pretty sure that even if we heal Lori, it's still painful to the demon.

Unless I'm wrong in which case I agree with you.
No. 911044 ID: d3602f

Last I checked, don't we know only one, and isn't it only good at preventing those who might harm us from finding our house?

They feel what she feels. If we heal her, the pain from previous wounds will likely go away too. We should save healing for until she is either in danger from the wounds, or the demon has been expelled.
No. 911048 ID: 575ec0

Take off your wraps and tell him the story.
No. 911053 ID: d3602f

How will that help anything? Princess doesn't seem like the sympathetic type. It'll probably annoy them more than convince them, if they don't care about the life of a kid, they won't care about the sad event of a man threatening them.
No. 911054 ID: 575ec0

The purpose isn't to convince, it's to build rapport.

The demon is deflecting our arguments by dehumanizing us. We aren't Roland, just some one-eyed nobody. We can't even begin to parley so long as he's able to justify this foolishness. Luckily, we can just tell him our life story. The more you know about someone, the harder it is to write them off, especially if what you know is personal.

Also, it's the perfect time to do so. The demon just now realized he's in a desperate situation but hasn't yet resorted to playing dirty. Being in a little girl has benefits, mainly being that she has parents. All that demon has to do cry out in Lori's voice for those parents to come running, and they certainly won't want us mutilating their little girl, even with healing magic at the ready.

We can't win this if he calls our bluff, but he hasn't realized that yet. Now is the best time talk.
No. 911055 ID: 4c6db0

And if he responds with "what was that I couldn't hear you over my imagination of your bones snapping" interrupt and surgically remove via caesura
No. 911056 ID: 91ee5f

That is still extremely stupid. He’s not going to care about our story and trying to tell him will give him more time to eventually realize that he can call out to Lori’s parents using her voice. The less time we give him to think, the less likely he’ll realize he can do that.

Also, Roland can’t keep that Caesura up forever, he’s going to get tired and drop it.
No. 911063 ID: d3602f

If Princess tries to pretend to be Lori to convince the parents, we can always have Princess tell them something only Lori would know, like when did she get that stuffed animal.

But yeah, it will waste our power. There is also the fact that most demon seem to be incredibly apathetic to those not in their social circle. Vol is pretty nice (to us at least), but he didn't understand why we wanted to help others. In his words "I neva knew anyone (in the aether) who'd want to do anythin' for anyone they didn' know". Demon culture is very different in terms of empathy and sympathy.

This is also ignoring how big of a jerk this thing is being. If we ran into a human who was just as big of an asshole, I don't think they would care about our incident either.
No. 911076 ID: 575ec0

Last I checked, people don't act rationally when their child being hurt tortured. You're also assuming the demon can't access her memories.

In anycase, the current suggestions seem to be Torture Time, Double down on threats, or do stuff we don't know how to do.

We haven't tried filtering with the Ceasura yet I suppose.
I've no idea how we're supposed to drain her of aetheric energy.

But are we sure we just wanna give up and start stabbing at her?
No. 911087 ID: d3602f

Since the demon is in control now, Lori will have no memories of the things that are happening to her. It won't be too much different from a doctor performing surgery for a heart/liver transplant.

Think animals in our world can be possessed?
No. 911134 ID: 2202fb


They seem like the desperate type. They need to do this to survive regardless of how they feel about it. From their point of view, they had just secured their next meal when a stranger shows up trying to not only steal it away, but also threaten their life. They seem scared and are covering up for it with anger.

Lets try to help them.

Btw, ask if princess is male or female.
No. 911138 ID: 91ee5f

>Btw, ask if princess is male or female.
I think we’re going to get a ”FUCK YOU!!!!!” as an answer to that question.
No. 911145 ID: 05ff2f

If you do make more cuts, do 'em where they won't be apparent if they end up leaving a scar after healing, such as under where hair or clothes will cover it. And the face is about the opposite of where to cut.
No. 911148 ID: a451fc
File 154260164191.png - (293.53KB , 1039x709 , Baby's First Exorcism 16.png )

>If Princess tries to pretend to be Lori to convince the parents, we can always have Princess tell them something only Lori would know, like when did she get that stuffed animal.
You don't think that'll be necessary. Princess possessed Lori speaks with an incredibly grating and nasally gravely male voice, along with the fact that his eyes glow bright red. Princess doesn't seem like he can actually control Lori without completely changing her voice and eyes, otherwise Lori wouldn't have been so cooperative before.

>Reduce the girls aetherial energy
You have no idea how to do that. It also sounds like that wouldn't be a great thing to do to her.

>Take off your wraps and tell him the story
You don't know what this could accomplish. Try to build some sort of rapport with this jerk? You're sort of out of options so you attempt something of the like...

YOU: You keep calling me a cyclops, but y'know I still have both of my eyes.

You lift the bandages around your scarred eye to show him. He seems somewhat startled by this though it seems less like he's looking at your bad eye and more at the tattoos on your face.

No. 911150 ID: 3674e7

And then Roland turned out to be a half high demon in this quest
This could be our way of getting him out, maybe if we say something like if he leaves this girl and comes with you willingly and non-aggressively then he can see them when your in private.
No. 911151 ID: d3602f

Woah, take me to dinner before asking me to take it all off. But seriously, my dad told me I was born with them.

I suppose we could take off more. But, eh, as a safety precaution let's have Vol hold the silver knife in case Princess tries to possess us or something.
No. 911153 ID: eeb7d9

Hmmm, high demonic it says? Interesting, but... This is dangerous. It showing intrest in those "runes" of yours could meen troble, we don't know what they do and what it can do with them. But we can negosiate with him to release the girl if we show them to it. I don't like the idea though. Not one bit. Ask him way.
No. 911157 ID: b1b4f3

>hints of high demonic
Wait, can this guy read high demonic?

If he can, tell him you'll only show him the rest of your runes if he gets out of the girl and translates a high demonic book for you. If that's not a good enough deal then ask what would make it better. Body share somehow, maybe?
No. 911158 ID: d3602f

I refuse to let him into our body without being certain that we have a way to prevent him from possessing us.
No. 911161 ID: a9af05

Tell him that showing you more would require you to get naked, since the runes are all over your body, and you refuse to get naked in front of him because your not gay.
No. 911162 ID: a9af05

*because you're not gay.
No. 911164 ID: d3602f

Actually, he has a female body right now so technically it isn't gay... but she's also eight... now that I think about it, stripping completely could lead to some very embarrassing misunderstandings.
No. 911165 ID: f99cdc

Smh anon projecting their own sexuality on a quest mc. Hit me with that gay shit tbh.
No. 911166 ID: b1b4f3

Well he did say he possessed the girl because she had a weak will. Perhaps someone with strong will can prevent the demon from taking full control.
No. 911168 ID: 575ec0

-Because exposing yourself here would damage your professional credibility.
If he wan't to see more he'll have to come with you, -without- the girl.
Arrangments can be made.
No. 911169 ID: 094652

"I'm not stripping in front of an 8-year old girl."
No. 911171 ID: 443d86

Just remove the bandages, not the clothes lmao.
No. 911172 ID: a9af05

There are runes on his entire body. Keeping his clothes on still covers the rest of his runes.
No. 911176 ID: 443d86

I think if he wants to see us strip-tease, princess here should pay us a few cards, lol. Otherwise, I fully belive that we should only show the runes that our bandages hide, not our whole body, I mean, that is reasonable enough, no?
No. 911178 ID: 787c3d

No. 911182 ID: 91ee5f

“I don’t care if Lori won’t remember anything right now, I’m not getting naked in front of you.”

The bandages are on Roland’s entire body, including under his clothes.
No. 911208 ID: a451fc
File 154265959602.gif - (119.38KB , 512x512 , Hold the Fuck Up.gif )

Whether this shits gay or not you aren't going to strip in front of an eight year old!
No. 911209 ID: a451fc
File 154265960143.png - (252.84KB , 1039x709 , Baby's First Exorcism 15.png )

PRINCESS: I'M NOT ASKING YOU TO STRIP I'M JUST *ahem* I'm just asking you to take of the rest of the bandages on your head, maybe your hands too if they're there also
No. 911210 ID: b1b4f3

Fine whatever.
No. 911212 ID: d3602f

Okay, that's much less awkward.
No. 911214 ID: eeb7d9

...Fine, but don't try anything funny.
No. 911217 ID: 787c3d

No. 911220 ID: 6c36e3

Oh, that stuff's everywhere, so I'm not gonna show you as long as you're in Lori.
No. 911226 ID: 91ee5f

Holy shit, it’s a miracle! He can actually speak without being in all caps!

>just your head and hands
Tell him that you didn’t want to strip because the runes are on your entire body. However, if he only wants to see your head and hands, that’s something you can do.
No. 911227 ID: 719d94

Yeah, definitely try to use this is a bargaining point. He wants to see the rest of our tattoos, we want him out of Lori. There's gotta be some give and take here.

And I mean, Dad said to never show these to anyone. We don't know if that's "because we don't want people to know how demony we are" or "we definitely don't want bad people/demons to find out" or what but if we can avoid showing more off, we probably should.
No. 911231 ID: 79ee83

Let's strip theses bandages, babe!! :^)
No. 911275 ID: a451fc
File 154269171979.png - (247.42KB , 1039x709 , Baby's First Exorcism 17.png )

YOU: Hold on can you read high demonic?
PRINCESS: Well...sort of, I do have a good amount of eyes and experience so I can parse out bits of the language. I definitely recognize a little of it on your tattoos
YOU: Well...If you leave Lori's body. I'll show you the rest of my tattoos.
PRINCESS: Oh, of course... What are you going to do keep me trapped? What am I going to do about food?
VOL: We's ain't gonna keep ya prisona' but if ya need food can't ya just possess somethin' like an animal?
PRINCESS: I mean I guess I could? They are normally too sickly and useless to hunt with...What are you gonna do? bring me food?
[b]VOL[b]: I'm sure we can if it means ya quite possessin' dis girl right Roland?
No. 911277 ID: 7694f4

Alright we’ll keep you fed and show you my tattoos and in exchange you leave lori’s body and help us translate whatever high demonic you can read. Either of us is capable of terminating this agreement if we feel it’s unfair.
No. 911278 ID: 719d94

Yeah, we could totally afford to have another demon hanging around the house, and I'm sure we could find things for this guy to do to keep him fed and entertained. In exchange we'd just like a bit of his help on our quest for knowledge.

I mean, our main goal is to learn about demons so humans can stay safe. Learning how to combat demons is one way to do that, but learning to coexist peacefully would be better.
No. 911282 ID: d3602f

Sounds good, I'm willing to do that. So, do you have a preferred animal or something? Preferably something we get get easily.

Are there many birds in this world? That could be easy enough to find.
No. 911284 ID: eeb7d9

We basically deal with demons all the time, we can get you a body and food by taking jobs related to demons. In exchange, you can help us with transcribing high demonic and some other stuff. Sounds good?
No. 911286 ID: 91ee5f

>Well...sort of, I do have a good amount of eyes and experience so I can parse out bits of the language. I definitely recognize a little of it on your tattoos.
So that might imply that he’s got more than 2 eyes.

>willing to leave Lori’s body
That’s good to hear! And yeah, we’ll help him out. So in order to sneak him out of the house, we’ll have to put him in a Scroll and-

Oh, wait, he may not be able to go into one of our Scrolls. Unless he’s in a weakened state, like we think he is, then he might go into a Scroll. Then again, we’ve gotta ask his permission to put him into a Scroll.

And then Vol needs to heal Lori so she doesn’t have that cut on her face.

>So, do you have a preferred animal or something? Preferably something we get get easily.
Hopefully, Crud City has a pet store we can look into.....and an animal that he wants to go into.
No. 911287 ID: b1b4f3

Sounds like a good deal to me. He gets a body people won't bother him about, we feed him, and he helps with translating High Demonic. Eventually we should find him an animal body that he can hunt with on his own so we won't have to keep feeding him forever(what a pain).

If we're doing this, Vol should heal the girl's body before it's vacated.
No. 911288 ID: 575ec0

Also, meet Troy.
Shitheads no one is gonna miss literally come from miles around to try and kill him.
On top of that, part of my job is to literally find trouble. There should be no shortage of food, and you'll probably end up having some fun along the way.

Sound better than sitting around alone in some kids body?
No. 911294 ID: 91ee5f

Oh, wait, if we can’t sneak him out in a Scroll, then ask if he can possess an inanimate object? Because if he can, then we can sneak him out while he’s possessing the Rat Boy plush we’ve got with us!

Just make sure you reassure him that it’ll be temporary until you can find an animal that he likes for him to possess!
No. 911295 ID: 7c6b79

Look, this sounds like a good deal and I think overall, this is a nice ideia. He sounds way more chill right now.
No. 911298 ID: 575ec0

We could also send troy to purchase an animal right quick.
No. 911304 ID: 2202fb

Hang on. Could they possess someone that is braindead? How about a zombie? We have that voodoo fucker now so we might be able to get this guy an actual body. Alternatively, they might be able to possess an android or our peach plant... thing.
No. 911307 ID: d3602f

The way Flint talked about it, I'm pretty if the host were to die, the demon would die. So they probably cannot possess the dead.
Robots cannot even eat, making it pointless
>Tree thing
Even if he could possess it, that tree is valuable and we have no idea what the effect of demon possession would have on the healing peaches. If he decides to leave for whatever reason, we'll also lose the tree seeing as after some time he'll be completely bound to it.
No. 911327 ID: a451fc
File 154276685317.gif - (905.29KB , 1039x709 , Exorcism.gif )

You have Vol heal Lori's cut before continuing to pull Princess out of Lori's body. As you do this the scroll you use begins to tear and tatter as the formless demon enters the parchment. It looks like when you let Princess out the scroll will break, it seems like these scrolls aren't too effective at capturing the formless. Lori falls to her bed unconscious, she's still breathing and doesn't seem to be any worse for wear.
No. 911328 ID: a451fc
File 154276694417.png - (141.92KB , 1039x709 , Baby's First Exorcism 18.png )

You leave Lori's room and go back to the living room of the house where Henry is pacing back and forward nervously.

HENRY: W-well? H-how is it?
YOU: The problems been dealt with.

Henry seems to visibly relax and sigh with relief.

HENRY: You mean it? Honest to goodness it's over?
YOU: Any issues should stop, but if for some reasons problems persist make sure to post another job listing in Dawnsprings asking for my help.
HENRY: Oh thank you! My wife will be so happy to hear this! I was so worried!...What's your name again?
YOU: I'm Roland, he man outside is Troy, and this is Vol
HENRY: Thank you a-all of you. Here, for your payment.

Henry hands you a stack of 400 Cards. If it's split with Troy that gives you 200.
No. 911329 ID: d3602f

You said that it's going to be Lori's birthday soon, right? How about you keep some of the cards, buy her something nice and tell her that it's a gift from me?

Seriously, I think we should bag a bird for Princess if we can. We'll also need to get replacement parchment if we can.
No. 911330 ID: 91ee5f

You didn’t forget to put Peaches back in his Scroll, right?

Ok, now that that’s been taken care of, let’s go outside, split the pay with Troy, and quietly explain the situation to him.

Then look around for a pet shop to get Princess a body for him to inhabit.....and then ask him for his real name so you don’t call him “Princess” anymore.
No. 911331 ID: 575ec0

Replacement Parchment? That means demon hunting.

I remember some miners needing assistance in a nearby town...
No. 911332 ID: 91ee5f

>You said that it's going to be Lori's birthday soon, right? How about you keep some of the cards, buy her something nice and tell her that it's a gift from me?
Oh, shit, that’s right! I had completely forgotten about that!

Yeah, tell him to keep some of the Cards and do that! You’ll split the rest with Troy.
No. 911333 ID: a9af05

>Scroll tearing
You sure it's because he's formless and not because of how many eyes he has? Remember, these scrolls are meant for lesser demons, so it might be struggling to how Princess because he's not a lesser demon.

Yeah, do this.

If we find a pet shop, any birds there would be too small.

Maybe we could get a snake from that one place where Troy had one of his stashes and the meteorite?
No. 911339 ID: 575ec0

Will a pet really do though?
With Princess in the scroll, we have at least enough time to put some effort into our search for a body for him. A pet might have worked as a temporary but we should try to find him a Respectable permanent.

He's a predator, right? We should find him a predators body. A medium to large wildcat, a wolf or large wild dog, an eagle or large hawk. Maybe a big snake or a Komodo dragon or other monitor lizard.
No. 911340 ID: a9af05

>Demon hunting
We've already done 2 jobs today, I think it's time for us to take a break from doing jobs for the rest of the day.

We can go demon hunting some other time.
No. 911365 ID: a451fc
File 154279608888.png - (258.39KB , 1039x709 , A Job Well Done.png )

>You sure it's because he's formless and not because of how many eyes he has?
That could also be the fact. You're not really sure either way, you'll research it later.

You tell Henry to keep some of the cards and to use them to buy something nice for Lori's birthday. Instead of 200 cards each, you and Troy will only get 100 cards. He thanks you again and again as you leave. Troy is waiting for you outside leaning against the wall of the house and smoking a cigarette.

TROY: So...How'd everythin' go? Demon exorcised?
YOU: Yep! Heres your cut too.
TROY: 100 cards? I like not bein' part of a gang of psychopaths, but I miss the cards drug runnin' got me. Thank's Rol, you oughta stop payin' me for doin' nothin.
VOL: Yeah we really oughta...

Before you do anything else you remember the deal you made with "Princess". After thinking for a little bit you pick up a stone off of the ground and look up at the sky.

TROY: What're you doin' now?
YOU: Keeping up my end of a deal...Hey do crows eat meat?
TROY: Uhh...I think they can. Why?
No. 911366 ID: a451fc
File 154279613102.gif - (2.29MB , 847x578 , Caesura Gauntlet.gif )

You form a small Caesura Sharp around your hand and take aim...
No. 911367 ID: a451fc
File 154279614905.gif - (448.09KB , 1039x709 , Mother Fucking Bullseye.gif )




No. 911370 ID: a451fc
File 154279640314.png - (164.68KB , 1039x709 , Bird.png )

You peg the crow with enough force to knock it down but not enough to kill it. You then take the scroll holding "Princess" and release it in the bird's direction. A bolt of light enters the birds unconscious body burning up the scroll in the process. After a little waiting the bird begins to stir and stands on wobbly legs. It speaks in "Princess'" voice.

PRINCESS: Uuugh...My head! W-what? What am I? A bird? ah jeez why am I sore all over?
YOU: Ummm, don't know! So how does this new body feel Princess?
PRINCESS: Holy shit stop calling me that! You will not get my full name of course, so please just call me Reagan...bluh I'm fucking dizzy! What's wrong with my legs? Dammit how do I fly? This is fucking confusing. Hey meat pup- I mean "Roland", Just go on without me alright? I'll meet you at whatever rendezvous point you want but I need to get a hang of this body, and maybe find a carcass or something to chew on if I feel like it.
YOU: How do I know you'll meet with me?
REAGAN: You offered to give me free food, plus I still want to see the rest of those weird tattoo's you have. Don't worry I have no where else to really go...

You tell him where you live. Reagan flies away shakily obviously untrained in flying with his avian body.

TROY: So...talking bird huh?
No. 911371 ID: 719d94

Talking bird is better than a growling kid. We've done good. Though maybe we should consider returning the silver Troy stole?
No. 911373 ID: eeb7d9

Yeah, at least the letter opener, the cup is busted.
What now? do we have any other job to do around here?
No. 911375 ID: 3674e7

To Troy: Talking ‘Demonic’ bird.

Hopefully we can convince Reagan to teach us high demonic and/or demonic so we can use that in the future.
No. 911376 ID: 91ee5f

>Thank's Rol, you oughta stop payin' me for doin' nothin.
He didn’t do nothing. He got you the silver cup that helped you expose the demon.

>Holy shit stop calling me that! You will not get my full name of course, so please just call me Reagan
He doesn’t want to give you his full name? That might mean that knowing a demon’s full name could give you some kinda power over that demon, maybe even let you control it or force it to obey whatever you tell it to do?

Ask Vol about it and if he doesn’t know, that’s just another thing about demons that you’ll have to research.

.....wait, does this mean that you also don’t know Vol’s full name?

>So...talking bird huh?
Tell Troy that’s the demon you pulled outta Lori and tell him how you convinced him to leave Lori. Which means that you’ll probably have to show him the tattoos on your face.

>You tell him where you live. Reagan flies away shakily obviously untrained in flying with his avian body.
Next time you see him, tell him that if he doesn’t like the bird body, he can tell you and you’ll help him look for a different body.

.....the camouflaging rune under the house isn’t going to prevent Reagan from finding us, is it? Speaking of which, it might be time to repaint that thing.

>return the silver
Fuck no! We might need that later!

Besides, it’s not stealing if you don’t get caught and Troy didn’t get caught!
No. 911387 ID: 91ee5f

Also, there’s something I think we should ask Troy. Since he has an angel inside of him, wouldn’t that make it easy for him to exorcise demons that are possessing people? Or does his angel not give him that power?

Because next time, we might not be able to convince the demon to leave peacefully. So if he can do that, it would make the next exorcism job much easier.
No. 911393 ID: 575ec0

Nah. Let's just endeavor not to be caught unprepared next time.
We got results but damn that was an amateur job.
No. 911424 ID: d3602f

Looks like we got ourselves another demon, and we might very well start a little gnawbur farm or something. If Ada thinks two demons are "a lot" I can't wait for people to see the menagerie we're making.

Also, we still have no idea just what exactly Princess is (as long as he isn't around, I say we still call him Princess). If his species don't have a name, maybe we could call them something relating to royalty in his honor? Like, "Crown Hopper" or something. We should also ask just how did he survive in the aether if he can't eat without possessing anything, and he can't possess demons.

Definitely ask Vol about this name thing, this is completely new to us. If Vol isn't his real name, how did he come up with it I wonder?

And keep the silver bowl and knife. Troy said they were expensive, and returning the stuff might lead to some odd questions. The bowl can easily be fixed with a soldering gun (which I assume we have). We don't need it to look good, we just need it to contain liquid. It would be nice to have in case we have to deal with another possession.
No. 911443 ID: a451fc
File 154286032918.png - (564.40KB , 1039x709 , You Are Now Leaving Crud City.png )

>Return silver?
You inquire about returning the silver Troy stole.

TROY: Ain't silver a great demon huntin' material? Given away somethin' so valuable for your craft would be crazy! Besides, it ain't stealin' if ya don't get caught!
VOL: Dat is not true at all! Roland don't take dat seriously.

>What now?
For now? You think it's about time you head home. Two jobs is enough and you have a chance to learn high demonic. Plus you never went through the spells in the book Vol got, today might be a good day to go through those. You and Troy get in your vehicles and get ready to leave the town, but before you do you remember to put in your com ear piece you got from Phineas and toss one to Troy too. They work very well.

>Ask Vol about demon names
You ask Vol about Reagan's insistence on keeping his name to himself and what the deal with that is.

VOL: Oh, demons think dat givin' away ya full name to anybody is bad luck. Well, bad luck and someone could use it for strong magic against ya. It ain't common at all, in fact I don't any demon's ever had their name used against 'em. Still every one's real careful wit it.
YOU: So is "Vol" not your real name?
VOL: Kinda, it's just my actual name shortened. My full name is Vwyltchest Ourwjung Llochentiien, all Imps got three names and just shorten 'em down to da' first letters. I think for goblins and hobgoblins they pick a word they like and use it as a cypher to change their real name, there's not point to usin' different methods really. Names hold a sorta power everywhere y'know? I guess I don't really talk 'bout little demon stuff like dat much do I?
No. 911447 ID: d3602f

It's probably just so normal to you, you don't really think about it until someone points it out. There are probably quite a few human things that are really damn odd to you that I've never considered.

Also, wow am I glad you use a shortened name. Not sure I can remember your full name much less pronounce it.
No. 911453 ID: b970b2

ooooohhhhh, new power outta nowhere, and a perfect shot to boot!
Over-reacting commentator impression aside: Sweet, that looks awesome.

Little things like that don't stand out do they, they're just automatic to you in a way, right? Humans probably do some similarly weird stuff.
No. 911457 ID: 91ee5f

>Plus you never went through the spells in the book Vol got, today might be a good day to go through those.
Yeah, let’s do that.

>Vol’s full name
Now that we know his full name, we can let him know when he gets in trouble by saying his full name at him! “Vwyltchest Ourwjung Llochentiien, you’re in so much trouble, young man!” XD

Good luck trying to pronounce his name!
No. 911458 ID: 094652

On the way back, look for some high-quality dirt.

Also, crows eat eyeballs. Enthusiastically.

... I wonder what became of those two.
No. 911459 ID: d3602f

Dirt? For what?
No. 911467 ID: 575ec0

That's.... actually not too hard to pronounce.
Scary to read, but once you say it out loud a few times it's very manageable.
No. 911493 ID: eeb7d9

Hey, that is great info! Think of anything else about demons that i could put in my notes.
No. 911530 ID: 7c6b79

Dirty for herby's, I guess!

I feel we got a good run so far with the demon collecting, might make a bit of fame after all!
No. 911661 ID: a451fc
File 154309954432.png - (97.65KB , 1039x709 , On The Road.png )

YOU: Vwyltchest...It isn't too hard to pronounce actually?
VOL: Sure but just keep callin' me Vol. I don' like hearin' my full name.
YOU: Y'know, before we get home we should look for some good soil. I wanna try and get that plant back to full health if I can.

Troy's voice comes through on your com piece.

TROY: I'm sure if we stop we could poke around for some good soil. If ya need any help I'm good with plants.
YOU: Like actual plants or drugs?
TROY: Hey they aren't drugs, they're...herbal relaxants. Besides they're still plants, I know how to take care of 'em just fine. Used to have a nice little garden before I went on the run. Cactus is my favorite but I know how to handle 'most anythin'. We'd have to stop somewhere if you want to try to look for soil.
No. 911663 ID: 91ee5f

What is that shining on the hill over there? I’m hoping it’s not the sun reflecting off of a sniper rifle scope!
No. 911667 ID: eeb7d9

I leke the idea. Let's go look for some soil. You know where can we find some, Troy?

Hey, yeah, what is up with that?!
No. 911704 ID: 10c408

Tell troy to drift now, you saw a veery suspicious glint on the hill nearby.
No. 911740 ID: 575ec0

Alright. Let's stop them. Good time to find something for Reagan to eat too.

Keep an eye out for dry creek beds or patches of scrub brush.
No. 911835 ID: 2202fb

Lets take a shot in the dark: ask Reagan if his first name is Ronald (is this crow actually the true demonic form of the once-president of the united states!?).
No. 911841 ID: 91ee5f

We can’t ask him anything, since he’s not here.
No. 912062 ID: a451fc
File 154343275729.png - (314.83KB , 1039x709 , On The Road 1.png )

You notice something shining out of the corner of your eye on one of the mountains in the distance, but just as you turn to look at it, it stops.

YOU: Hey...did you see something on the mountain there?
TROY: What?
YOU: I saw something glimmer on top of the mountain.
TROY: It's probably just a piece a glass or somethin' lotsa trash everywhere. I oughta know since I stayed on one for a while...hey is your bike getting louder?
No. 912063 ID: d3602f

Scarf guy on a hoverbike like ours. If we use Caesura on his scarf, it could tether it to the ground and rip him off his bike.

We might want to wait for clear hostile intent first though.
No. 912064 ID: eeb7d9

Brace yourself, someone is coming!
No. 912065 ID: 094652

Well, the odds of treasure are thin, but the odds of a cheap piece of glass that glints at different angles-
No. 912067 ID: 91ee5f

There’s another hover bike!

Wait to see if they’re hostile before doing anything. You wouldn’t want to attack an innocent person, right?
No. 912069 ID: a451fc
File 154343793544.png - (737.00KB , 1039x1417 , Road Rage 1.png )

You realize the louder bike noise is coming from a little ways away from you. There's a man riding a hover-bike towards Troy's truck. Before you can say anything to Troy or shout anything at the man on the bike, you see the mystery man pull out a gun and fire at Troy. The bullet only manages to take off his driver side rear view mirror and causes him to swerve in surprise, but the rider is obviously not here for any friendly reasons.

TROY: Aw hell!
No. 912070 ID: d3602f

There we go, now let's tether that scarf to the ground with a Caesura.
No. 912071 ID: f68d38

Shots fired!
We need to save Troy, let the new biker crash into a surprise cesura.
No. 912072 ID: eeb7d9

Now that is fucking rude! I like the idea of >>912070. It is worth the shot.
No. 912073 ID: b1b4f3

Boost over to that vehicle and knock the driver out with a Caesura.
No. 912077 ID: a451fc
File 154344251880.png - (298.12KB , 1039x709 , Road Rage 2.png )

> Tether that scarf to the ground with a Caesura.
That would probably only rip the scarf. You instead drive close enough to the rider, who's preoccupied trying to shoot at Troy, and create a Caesura underneath him launching him and his bike into the air. The rider lands on his back and his bike lands on top of him with a loud crunching sound, he isn't getting up after that any time soon.

VOL: There ain't normally bandit's 'round here are there?
TROY: That's cuz' that asshole was after me! Another one of Channing's goons hoping for a reward for bringin' in my head...except normally they ain't dumb enough to try it alone...
No. 912078 ID: a451fc
File 154344252339.png - (322.42KB , 1039x709 , Road Rage 3.png )

From behind you, you can hear the reeving of engines and loud shouting. You turn back and see a group of vehicles on your tail.

VOL: I knew he'd be more trouble than he's worth. Ya got us wrapped up in 'dis bullshit now what are we gonna do!?
TROY: If it bother's you so much than leave! They aren't gonna waste resources chasing after a couple of nobodies. If everythin' goes alright I'll see you back at the house...but if it doesn't...well then I guess you'll miss out on rent tomorrow.

If you do leave Troy for himself then you probably won't be able to find him again with all the driving he'll be doing to lose the gang.
No. 912080 ID: e38fb5

Gotta help out your bro, bro.
No. 912081 ID: eeb7d9

Sorry Vol, but my human nature urges me to help Troy. We won't be able to lose them, Troy's truck is give us away to much. Maybe if we reduce their numbers they will desiste from chasing us.
No. 912083 ID: 91ee5f

>They aren't gonna waste resources chasing after a couple of nobodies.
That would be true if we didn’t just kill one of their guys. If this is one of those gangs that look out for their own guys, they’ll want revenge for the guy we killed.

Like it or not, they ain’t gonna let us get away. So pull out your shotgun, cause you’re gonna have to help Troy fight them off!

.....I wonder if Ichigo is going to coincidentally show up and save us at the last moment again?
No. 912088 ID: 094652

A classic distraction should work. Lose them in the rock fields, then cast a Caesura with nothing but a decoy in it!
No. 912093 ID: d3602f

That won't work, our barriers don't work if they are out of range. Unless you're suggesting we hide near the rock to trap them, but that might not be a good idea.

Go into a place with a lot of obstacles would probably be good though. If they are big enough, we might also be able to use the doors to help.
No. 912098 ID: 91ee5f

>use the doors
I think Troy needs to be touching something for his power to activate, which I don’t think he can do while he’s driving his truck.

Although if he can activate his power while in his truck, it would be pretty cool if someone is right behind him and he drove straight into a cliff. Then he would safely pass through and the guy chasing him would crash into the cliff!
No. 912103 ID: 575ec0

Ask Vol if he can cast another one of those death beams.

Also, if need be Troy can bail from his truck onto peaches, who can then go invisible. Then you can break off while most or all of the gang bangers chase an empty truck.
No. 912104 ID: d3602f

Now that I think about it, I don't think he ever told us about that attack. We didn't see it either, because we were unconscious at the time. If he can do it again though, we shouldn't use it right now. It breaks his strings, and that means less healing and worse shields.

Not sure how I feel about leaving the truck or the Arges behind, especially seeing as we paid a ton for the latter. Don't think Peaches can hold two humans and an imp either.
No. 912106 ID: 575ec0

Hmm... you might be right about the blast spell.

Troy bailing would be a desperate measure, not something to do just yet, but we would stay on the Argus. We have magic, grappling hooks, and a hover engine. Unless Troy's truck has a hidden cache of bond gadgets in it, we are far more able to escape than he is.
No. 912107 ID: 91ee5f

Hey, I just thought of something!

Remember those demons you caught in the extermination job, the ones you decided to call Gnawburs? Well, if you can get close enough, you can release a bunch of them onto an enemy vehicle! Vol said those things can eat whatever they can bite into, so they’ll probably start tearing up the vehicle you throw them onto!
No. 912113 ID: a451fc
File 154345537116.png - (565.51KB , 1039x709 , Road Rage 4.png )

YOU: Not leaving you behind Troy! It's not how I roll!
VOL: We's gonna be rollin' in our graves if ya keep this shit up...

A few car's manage to catch up to you but mostly focus on Troy's truck, that isn't to say you aren't taking on gun fire from the car's behind you. Vol creates a barrier around the back of your Arges and you to stop the bullets. It's as big as he can make it without having it merge into the ground and stop you completely. Despite the assault on Troy's truck the thing manages to stay together while he fires back on the convoy with his pistol. You have 6 Shells and 1 Silver Slug to fire from your gun. From the look of it, there are 10 car's in this convoy

Your Caesura has a range to it so it can't be left behind far from you, and what would the decoy be in that situation? Directing yourself somewhere with more obstacles could be a good idea however.

>Also, if need be Troy can bail from his truck onto peaches
TROY: Ain't no way in hell I'm bailin' on my truck!

>Con Legno Cannon
Vol told you about that new spell a little while ago, using it would mean lowering your defenses since it decreases the effectiveness of Vol's other spells.

You pull close to a vehicle and release a Gnawbur scroll onto it. The Gnawburs latch on instantly and begin to bite and eat away at the vehicle. All except for one particularly docile/lazy one which goes no where but back to you...you just put that one back in the scroll. The vehicle begins to smoke as it's inner workings at are gnawed away and the vehicle careens off of it's path and collides with a rock, exploding. A lot of the Gnawburs seem just fine however...those things are hard to kill. while that did work you just lost a good portion of your demon test subjects. You could do it again though. There are 9 car's left in the convoy.
No. 912131 ID: d3602f

Put a barrier in the openings of the enemies' guns. Probably won't kill them, but without the bullet being able to exit, the gun should blow up their hands, decreasing their firepower.
No. 912133 ID: 91ee5f

>Despite the assault on Troy's truck the thing manages to stay together
I mean, it was able to keep up with you when you were racing earlier, so that should’ve told you that he’s modified his truck. And apparently one of the mods was increased armor.

>All except for one particularly docile/lazy one which goes no where but back to you...you just put that one back in the scroll.
Maybe don’t dissect that one?

>While that did work you just lost a good portion of your demon test subjects. You could do it again though.
Just 1 more time anyways. But let’s save the last scroll of Gnawburs for later.

>There are 9 car's left in the convoy.
It might be best to let Vol keep his barrier up, so that means no shooting with your shotgun.

I guess, start flipping cars with Caesura! Or smashing them with Caesura Sharp!
No. 912134 ID: b1b4f3

Get Vol to handle the shield around your vehicle while you use Caesura Sharp to take out drivers. Try to use puncturing attacks for a change, take out their engines or tires or other vulnerable targets.
No. 912138 ID: d3602f

We've had zero practice in changing our sharp's shape outside of a fist. This may not be the best time to start practicing.
No. 912141 ID: b1b4f3

Wrong. Roland has made a card shape out of it as well as enveloped his hand in it, and it's been explicitly stated he's quite capable of making sharp edges.
No. 912156 ID: df5c09

Oh, I can see a load of ways you can use Caesura here to wreck these assholes or their vehicles. And you're gonna need 'em since you only got seven rounds for your shotgun. Though, I'm not 100% on the Caesura mechanics, so disregard any I get wrong. Now, lemme list the ways and you pick which ones work best for the situation:

Caesura Sharp fist flying through the windshield into the driver's face. Smash their head between it and their vehicle's momentum.

Caesura that intersects the driver and the ground, preferably through the neck. Even if the vehicle's momentum breaks the Caesura, it'll crush the driver first.

Caesura that intersects with the ground and just gunmen or other fools hanging off the side or out of a vehicle's windows. If getting caught between a immobile Caesura and the vehicle doesn't kill 'em, getting dragged off will.

Caesura in the ground with a quarter to a third sticking out right in front of a vehicle's wheel. They'll either crash or flip over on that.

Caesura that intersects the ground and the bottom half of the engine block. If the engine mounts hold, it'll be like they hit a telephone pole. If they don't, that engine will crash through the vehicle.

Alternate of the one just above that's less likely to break a Caesura: Intersect the ground with the bottom of their radiator and oil pan to rip 'em off. Without oil and cooling under this heat and at this speed their engine will seize inside a minute. Bonus is it'll also blow a cloud of hot coolant all over 'em.

Alternate of the one just above: Intersect a Caesura with their fuel tank and the ground. Works best with vehicles with under chassis fuel tanks.

Repeat what you did with the hoverbike to kick a vehicle upwards. Try aiming for the lighter end of a vehicle and off-center to send it skidding all over.

Form a Caesura around some vital exposed moving or rotating part of a engine to break it. Alternatively, a small loose Caesura that slips between gears or between belts and their pulleys.

Make a Caesura that intersects a vehicle's wheel and the vehicle's body. Decent chance of snapping off suspension parts, breaking a axle, blowing a tire and bending the vehicle's frame.

Intersecting a Caesura with the ground and the top half of a vehicle's wheel. That'll trap the wheel, anchoring it to the ground and either ripping it right off or spinning the vehicle around that point. Well, if Caesuras work by anchoring to the ground. If they don't, then it'll still get a Caesura dome flipped up into the wheel well and break some shit.

Anyway, my recommendation for taking out the car to your right is to keep it simple and just send a Caesura Sharp into the driver's face. Then keep varyin' things so they don't know what to expect. Also, try to put any big rocks you come across between you and your pursuers for cover.

Oh, and where's the air intakes or engine exhausts on your ride, if it has any? 'Cause if one, another or both are inside Vol's Caesura barrier, you and your ride are gonna have breathin' troubles soon if Caesuras don't let gases through.
No. 912163 ID: 91ee5f

>enveloped his hand in it
That’s not all that impressive, since his Caesura Sharp is just a giant hand. It’s not that difficult for him to make one around his own hand.
No. 912174 ID: b1b4f3

Ok but my general point is he can do what I asked him to do. A spike is not a complicated shape.
No. 912179 ID: 3674e7

Can you flip one of the leading vehicles to crash at least part of their convoy (those either boxed in by others or not paying attention when one of their lead vehicles stops (or flips) will crash into it taking out 2 or more for the price of one bubble) for all we know this could cause a chain reaction taking out a large chunk of them and stalling some of the others.
No. 912186 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, that’s true.
No. 912398 ID: 2202fb

You really, really need to get a rifle.

Well, whatever we do, lets try to salvage their shit once the firefight is over.

Try summoning a caesura right in front of the driver and having them smash into it. Hitting a stationary object at high velocity is most likely going to knock them out at the very least (you will probably be cleaning brains off the inside).

Also grab your flamethrower and flame the cabs. Shoot out the tires as well. Keep salvage in mind and try not to blow anything up if you dont have to.

Could you caesura sharp (some of) the bullets to send them back at their gunner's face?


On a separate note, lets reconsider whether getting .50 cals for your bike and armor for the truck once this is over.
No. 912414 ID: a451fc
File 154361724201.png - (448.09KB , 1039x709 , Road Rage 5.png )

>Whatever we do, lets try to salvage their shit once the firefight is over.
Oh hell yeah, you should definitely try to take whatever you can carry when you're done with these goons.

>Also grab your flamethrower and flame the cabs.
This might actually be the best possible time for you to use it

A spike shouldn't be that hard, the shapes pretty simple after all. You use a literal Caesura Sharp to stab one of the wheels out from the car to your left. It veers out of control and hits a rough patch of rocks flipping over, the passenger hanging out from the side is crushed in the process.
No. 912415 ID: a451fc
File 154361724809.png - (0.96MB , 1039x1417 , Road Rage 6.png )

>Caesura Sharp fist flying through the windshield into the driver's face
>Can you flip one of the leading vehicles to crash at least part of their convoy
No. 912416 ID: a451fc
File 154361725489.png - (569.99KB , 1039x709 , Road Rage 7.png )

You do you're best to send another car into the convoy, the car you launch mostly clips a few vehicles but doesn't take them out completely, There are 8 Cars left in the convoy. As the convoy regroups from the attack you can hear the crackles of static coming a speaker on the largest vehicle of the convoy, soon after a voice comes through.

SPEAKER: TROOOY! You're in a LOOOTTA TROUBLE! You know how this always end's don't ya? Oh but please don't give up even if you know you're SCREWED! That'll only make it less fun!
No. 912417 ID: a451fc
File 154361725946.png - (803.85KB , 1039x709 , Road Rage 8.png )

You hear a loud gun fire from the convoy and a large explosion nearly takes off the back of Troy's Truck. Quickly after the loud hoots and hollers of the the bandits fill the air.
No. 912419 ID: d3602f

Is his car still going? If it isn't, pick him up. Try to find whoever shot that at him, that gun could probably do with some plugging up.
No. 912420 ID: 575ec0

"A loud gun"
What do they have a fucking tank or like, a technical with a howitzer or recoilless rifle in back?
No. 912421 ID: b1b4f3

I wonder if Troy has already used his ability to teleport through the truck and into someone else's car towards the back of the group? That's what I'd do. I mean, cars are all made out of the same material generally.

That's probably why he wanted Roland to leave, so he could get his truck blown up and fake his death.

Maybe it's time Roland does that.
No. 912422 ID: 91ee5f

>There are 8 Cars left in the convoy.
You sure that’s right? Cause there were 9 cars earlier and you just now took out 2 of them, so there should be 7 left.

Remember how you were saying that this might actually be the best possible time for you to use your flamethrower? The vehicle that has that loud gun will have explosive ammo in it for the gun. So if you find it and set it on fire, that’ll cause the vehicle to explode!
No. 912423 ID: 91ee5f

Troy just told us that he’s not abandoning his truck, so I’m pretty he’s still in his truck.
No. 912437 ID: a9af05

>8 cars left
No, there's 7 left.

Find that vehicle, set it on fire, watch it explode from all the explosive ammo igniting!

Troy already said he's not ditching his truck, so he's still in there.

Besides, his ability has a range and he's too far from the other vehicles to do that. And I'm pretty sure he doesn't want to get closer to them, so he can't use his ability here.
No. 912445 ID: 2202fb

Dont blow up the vehicle. We need that gun.
Caesura Sharp some caltrops to stop the vehicles and then just pick off the infantry. Tell Troy to book it while you hold them off. Btw, we could potentially get a small arsenal and quite a few working vehicles (sans tires) out of this if we play our cards right. Keep that in mind.
No. 912446 ID: d3602f

We can only make one Caesura at a time, so we can only drop one "caltrop", which might not be enough to harm an armored car's tires.
No. 912452 ID: b1b4f3

...hmm, I wonder if we can hijack that vehicle. Vol can drive, right?
No. 912463 ID: ef8ce0

Yeah, instead try to make a long rod or plank at bumper height so you can get as many cars as possible to crash into it.
No. 912464 ID: a9af05

I think Vol is too short to reach the pedals..
No. 912466 ID: d3602f

I don't think our barriers are strong enough to withstand a single car, much less multiple. We could try flipping them over by making a ramp for only one set of tires though.
No. 912517 ID: 91ee5f

>Oh hell yeah, you should definitely try to take whatever you can carry when you're done with these goons.
Whatever scrap you don’t find useful, you can give it to Ada. She’s not going to pay you for it, since you’ve still got a debt to pay off, but giving her the scrap will help reduce or completely pay off your debt!

And she’ll have a bunch of parts for her to use in attempting to build her robot, which will give you bonus points with her! ;3

I don’t think Vol would be able to reach the pedals if we wanted him to hijack a vehicle for us.

Also, he’s our healer, we’re not supposed to put him in danger like that!
No. 912529 ID: eeb7d9

Firsts things first, we need to check on Troy, talk to him, see how he is.
No. 912533 ID: 2202fb
File 154369668545.jpg - (105.94KB , 760x566 , dt.jpg )

Okay, okay, how about we compromise and make some dragon's teeth? (pic)


As long as we are careful, we should be able to salvage several intact vehicles, weapons, and gear rather than just scrap. Additionally, we should focus on building up defenses and a small arsenal first and then sell whats left rather than just focusing on selling things.
No. 912534 ID: 2202fb

notice how they are all one piece.
No. 912538 ID: d3602f

True, but the shape looks relatively complicated compared to what we've made so far. There is also the fact that the more we spread our barrier, the weaker it will be. We need our barrier to be tough enough to handle some of the car's weight.
No. 912595 ID: a451fc
File 154371128910.png - (957.90KB , 1039x1417 , Road Rage 9 -10.png )

>There should be 7 left.
Keeping counts a little hard when your under heavy gunfire.

Troy's car is still running fine, He's cursing the hell out of the gunners firing on him loudly and you can hear it through your com piece.

Troy made it pretty clear he plans to make it out of this with his truck in-tact. You don't think he'd abandon it so easily.

>Make "dragons teeth"
There's no way you can make so many connected by small parts like that. At best you can make solid shapes like cylinders or spheres and the most complicated you've made is a fist. You attempt the action regardless and only manage a single trapezoidal shapes which still manages to stop one vehicle while you use your flamethrower to torch another taking out two more pursuit vehicles in the process.
No. 912596 ID: a451fc
File 154371129315.png - (525.49KB , 1039x709 , Chucklehead.png )

>Find that Vehicle
While taking out the pursuers you maneuver to the back lines of the convoy. It doesn't take too long to figure out which car's the issue. The same vehicle housing the raider who taunted Troy over the loud speaker, on top of the behemoth of a car sits a huge gun barrel still trained on the back of Troy's truck. It fires, once again barely missing Troy's truck bed followed by loud uproarious laughter from the interior. It looks like the gunman's just playing with Troy right now but at any moment he could end up getting a direct hit and killing Troy.

TROY: Roland be careful! That car's already dangerous on it's own, but it's carryin' Shackle on it also, that bastard's a saint like me and if you get too close he's sure as hell gonna take notice of you!
No. 912599 ID: b1b4f3

Plug the barrel.
No. 912600 ID: 2202fb

Fuck no! We need to capture that thing! Get a door open somehow!

Also make sure to gun down the guys in the disabled vehicles, they most likely have guns and are still a factor.
No. 912601 ID: 2202fb

Looks like the left side of the windshield is a metal mesh, probably strong and thick enough to stop most bullets and shells, but you have your flamethrower.

Boil them in their steel coffin!
No. 912602 ID: 2202fb

Oh shit, just had an epiphany!
Make sure to capture at least one person for princess reagan!
No. 912603 ID: b1b4f3

Reagan wasn't able to possess the little girl full time, I doubt he'll be able to do it to an adult.
No. 912605 ID: 3674e7

It’s an armoured car so the only way to capture it without destroying or severely damaging it is to flip it. this way the heaviest parts will be touching the ground and due to the hardened/reinforced frame should stay intact forcing those inside to have to come out. It should do minimum damage to the vehicle due to the sand and vehicles strength at most the turret may come unattached.
No. 912606 ID: 91ee5f

>took out two more pursuit vehicles
There’s only 5 left!

>Roland be careful! That car's already dangerous on it's own, but it's carryin' Shackle on it also, that bastard's a saint like me and if you get too close he's sure as hell gonna take notice of you!
“I’m pretty sure he already knows I’m here, since it’s pretty hard to miss me taking out all of his goons’ vehicles! You got any idea what his power is?”
No. 912609 ID: 575ec0

Looks a little Top-heavy.
Use Ceasura to make a thin tall ramp one side of it.
With any luck it'll flip, but you might have to make the shape fairly thick to handle the enormous weight of the thing.
No. 912630 ID: eeb7d9

Before we engage with him, we need to know what can they do. Ask Troy if he knows.
No. 912782 ID: a451fc
File 154380163293.png - (230.48KB , 1039x709 , Road Rage 12.png )

>We need to capture that thing!
You're very unsure if that's possible especially if there's a dangerous person on board. You'd probably have to deal with them first.

Your caesuras can't handle the weight of the car, they're crushed once the thing runs over them.

YOU: Troy! Before I do anything about this guy what's he do?

Before Troy gets a chance to respond a chain shoots out from someones hand on top of the car's turret and breaks Vol's barrier wrapping itself around your arm!

TROY: It's in his name! "Shackle", He controls chains!
No. 912783 ID: a451fc
File 154380163568.png - (220.55KB , 1039x709 , Road Rage 11.png )

The chain pulls you off of the Arges, into the air and slams you onto the back of the car. On top of a turret Shackle looks down at you. Vol takes control of the Arges and tries to meet up with you but is immediately suppressed by cover fire from nearby cars. Instead he barriers himself and heads for Troy...

SHACKLE: Well, looks like Troy's picked up a little pet on his way here! What's with the bandages? You some sorta deformed little freak? Hehehe.

Shackle twirls the chain in his hand

SHACKLE: You've been doin' a lot a' damage here haven't ya? Flippin' our car's and shit! I saw you eyein' ol' Chucklehead here. Well you ain't gonna break her no way no how! Besides I seen you helpin' out that rat Troy. Guess I gotta show you just what a bad mistake you've made.
No. 912784 ID: d3602f

This guy is giving me a Bioshock big daddy feel.

So, he thinks we can't destroy Chucklehead? Maybe not from the outside, but now that we're here we might be able to burn it's ammo cash by shooting straight into its gun. Use your shield to grab the chains as their coming.
No. 912786 ID: b1b4f3

Let's bring out Peaches for a 2v1.
Also don't forget you have a shotgun.
No. 912787 ID: 575ec0

On person Inventory check, please.
No. 912791 ID: eeb7d9

Freak? You are the one with 4 eyes!
And wreck her? No no no man, i WANT her! And i'am going to get her. Lets make make a bet: if I beat your ass, i get to stay with miss Chucklehead here. If you win, you can stay with Arges over there. She is not a tank, sure, but that beauty is fast. Very fast. What say you?
No. 912792 ID: 91ee5f

>Well you ain't gonna break her no way no how!
“Thanks for getting me closer, where I can get inside and do more damage than I could from the outside, dumbass!”

Quickly let Troy know that Shackle pulled you onto his vehicle and ask if he knows any of Shackle‘s weaknesses that you can exploit. A cocky attitude, a limit to his power, a flaw in his vehicle, anything at all?

Try making a really thick Caesura spike and shoving it into the tires on the sides!

Alternatively, look for anything that looks important to keep the vehicle operational and fuck it up!

.....then again, you do still have another scroll full of Gnawburs.
No. 912798 ID: a9af05

I can't believe that dumbass actually pulled you onto his car! That actually helps you! Now you'll have an easier time tearing it apart from the inside!
No. 912889 ID: 575ec0

Whenever a shackle is going to strike, encase the part of you it's' going to hit in a slightly oversized form-fitting caesura. Then pull your body part out and continue the fight.
No. 912893 ID: d3602f

>Pull your body part out
That's pretty metal.
No. 912922 ID: 341a80

If he shackle us, we can just punch his shackle to bring him to us, no?
No. 912974 ID: 575ec0

You know. We have a shotgun, right?
We could just shoot him.
No. 912979 ID: 2202fb

That was one of scorpion's more prominent deficiencies.

Anyhoo, we are on the beast now. Once we get this clown taken care of, we are home free. Visibility in a tank is low, and the crew wont be expecting to have someone pull them out so we have the element of surprise. It will be like shooting fish in a barrel. Ofc, after we clear it out, we should leave it and help troy with the intention of coming back to get all this loot. (srsly, just think of how much stuff is already just sitting out here)

This absolute unit also probably has the horsepower to right vehicles and tow scrap, so this thing is of logistical importance for us as well.

Anyway, beat the shit out of this guy. Try to get close and then caesura sharp yourself to punch and throw.
No. 912995 ID: a451fc
File 154396932436.png - (668.21KB , 1039x1417 , Shackled 1-2.png )

YOU: You just pulled me closer so I could break this thing easier.
SHACKLE: WRONG DIPSHIT! I pulled you into killin' range. You can't wreck anythin' with broken arm's can ya?

You pull your shotgun and fire both barrels at Shackle, chain's spring from around his feet and form a shield in front of him blocking the shots

>Inventory check
-A Double-barreled Shotgun (1 Silver Slug, 4 Regular Shells)
-A Makeshift Flamethrower (3 Canisters)
-1 Free Sheet of Demonic Binding Parchment
-A Hand Ax
-A Crank Flashlight
-A Meteorite Chunk
-Rat Boy plush
-Silver Letter Opener and Cup Scraps
-Box of Scrap
No. 912996 ID: a451fc
File 154396947417.png - (313.03KB , 1039x709 , Shackled 3.png )

Shackle is quick to retaliate by attempting to constrict your limbs with his chains. You do your best to block each chain but when one does slip by and wraps around one of your limbs you're quick to expand a caesura between the iron and your body and then swiftly pull your body part out of the barrier keeping the chains off of you. This is enough to keep yourself from being immediately captured and killed. You have a good defense going on that you have some time to think.

You try to pull Shackle in with your Caesura Sharp fist. It budges him slightly causing him to stumble a bit, but he's much stronger than you and has better control over his chains, so he ends up regaining his footing and instead pulls you closer to him.

>Ask Troy knows any of Shackle‘s weaknesses that you can exploit
TROY: I don't go near that guy enough to know much'bout him. He's a loud mouth sadist that loves to gloat so I avoided him when I could!
No. 912999 ID: b1b4f3

>sadist, loves to gloat
Could try letting him get some hits in so you can attack him while he's gloating.
I wonder if it's possible for him to block a flamethrower shot?

If we want to be super clever, we could try to get a flamethrower canister out behind him and then shoot it. He'll block expecting a direct shot at him with the shotgun so the shot will get past and hit the canister, exploding it and taking him out.
No. 913000 ID: d3602f

Hmm, in >>912596 we can see big exhaust things. Think we could throw a canister in one, and blast some fire into it?
No. 913001 ID: eeb7d9

If he is a sadist, he will try to hurt you instead of killing you outright, so you have time to think. I think the weakness in his attacks is that he has to retrieve his chain, leaving him exposed. Focus on defending, dodge or block and then strike.
No. 913007 ID: 91ee5f

It’s a good thing we decided to train making our barriers semi-permeable!

>It budges him slightly causing him to stumble a bit, but he's much stronger than you and has better control over his chains, so he ends up regaining his footing and instead pulls you closer to him.
While he’s off balance, fire a shot at him!

That could work, since it’s got a stream and a fireball setting.

We’ve just gotta be careful, since the fireball uses up more fuel than the stream, we’ve got fewer shots.

>flamethrower canister
Actually, I’m not sure if that’ll make it explode. But even if it doesn’t explode, it’ll cover him and his chains in the fuel that was in the canister! Then we just shoot a fireball at him and, even if he blocks it with his chains, both he and his chains will be set of fire!
No. 913026 ID: 7c1196

Nuuu! Why are you so set on destroying it!?


Lets try to get pulled closer and then flame him. Try to hide the flamer till you are within range though so he doesnt brace himself for it.

Alternatively, we could play up the masochist role to try to catch him off-guard.

I am kind of worried about his suit. It looks like it might be flame retardant and possibly bulletproof. If this turns out to be the case, then we will need to slice that off. Could you make caesura fists, but instead of fists, they are blades? How about bolt cutters? Could we chop his chains?

Btw, what kind of niche fetish angel has the power over chains? Must take a real depraved kind of pervert to be their saint. Lets voice this.
No. 913028 ID: 7c1196

If we can do it without them falling off the vehicle, lets pull peaches. They should be able to tank right through the chains.
No. 913029 ID: 8585be

Maybe you could try deflecting the chains under the tires to tangle them up. Use the blunt end of the hand ax as a club.
No. 913031 ID: d3602f

Covering him and his chain with oil actually seems pretty good. I doubt he can deflect our shotgun fire when he's, well, on fire.

I can imagine an angel that imprisons and binds others would quite like having power over chains.

>Play up the masochistic role
Are you saying take some hits to give them back? Or are you suggesting that we, like, audibly moan when we're hit or something? The former seems like a reasonable idea, although it might be a little risky. If the latter, well, it would very likely throw him off. I mean, the very idea is throwing me off.

One thing is for sure, if we go through with that, Vol and Troy must NEVER know of this. NEVER! They will hold it over our heads for the rest of our life.
No. 913033 ID: 341a80

Use a Caesura to bong yourself to him and caesura yourself, like a hamster ball. Dude can't fight 1x1 with the biggest rubber ball in the world, can he?
No. 913083 ID: a451fc
File 154400703750.png - (223.69KB , 1039x709 , Shackled 4.png )

>Let him get a hit
You decide to allow an attack through to get him off guard.

>Play up the masochistic role
At the same time however you sort of mix up your thoughts of "playing up the masochistic role" and "letting him get a hit in". So at the same time Shackle's chains bind your arm behind your back and get a hold of your throat you let out a very loud moan. You're a bit worried, it felt more genuine than played up. It also doesn't look like Shackle heard or cares about what happened so all this really did was give you some questions you need to ask yourself when you get home. This hold Shackle has you in does however get him secure in the idea that he has you on the ropes. While he's distracted you use your free hand and unscrew the cap from one of your flamethrower canisters.
No. 913084 ID: a451fc
File 154400704097.png - (430.98KB , 1039x709 , Shackled 5.png )

You chuck the the canister at Shackle. His chains are wrapped out around you so he has no time to pull them back and make a shield again to block it, instead he attempts to deflect the canister with a whip of a tertiary chain; Doing this only manages to spread more fuel on his body. After this he pulls his chains from your body in a panic, you reach for your shotgun and take aim again. His chain's coil to make a shield once more, but your shells create sparks when they collide against the shield igniting the fuel and setting Shackle on fire along with a bit of the truck bed.

Shackle tosses and flails wildly on fire and after a while falls to the ground rolling to attempt to douse the flames. Soon he's simply curled into a fetal position patting the fires around his body not paying you any attention.
No. 913085 ID: 3674e7

Dump more on him (from a safe distance).
No. 913086 ID: 3674e7

Then bubble him inside one of your Caesura while letting air in and smoke / carbon dioxide out.
No. 913093 ID: eeb7d9

This a really good idea! In case it fails, use Caesura to push him out of the vehicle.

Say, Roland, how doess your ear pieces work? Did... did Troy heard... the moaning? Also! I know someone that is REALLY good using ropes, well, they aren't ropes, but is almost the same, but more sticky.
No. 913099 ID: 91ee5f

>You're a bit worried, it felt more genuine than played up. It also doesn't look like Shackle heard or cares about what happened so all this really did was give you some questions you need to ask yourself when you get home.
Repeat to yourself that you’re never going to pretend to be masochistic to make an enemy drop their guard during combat ever again!

>Shackle tosses and flails wildly on fire and after a while falls to the ground rolling to attempt to douse the flames. Soon he's simply curled into a fetal position patting the fires around his body not paying you any attention.
He might be trying to make you drop your guard this time! Set him on fire again with your flamethrower and shoot him with your shotgun while he’s flailing around!

Or you can set him on fire and trap him in a Caesura! The fire will take away his oxygen and he’ll start to suffocate. And if he breaks the Caesura with his chains, the sudden reintroduction of oxygen will cause a backdraft ( https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Backdraft ) which will make things worse for him!
No. 913100 ID: 91ee5f

>Also! I know someone that is REALLY good using ropes, well, they aren't ropes, but is almost the same, but more sticky.
Just in case Roland doesn’t get it, let me spell it out for him. It’s Ada and her webs.
No. 913101 ID: d3602f

We still don't know whether gases can pass through a barrier or not.
No. 913102 ID: 91ee5f

Actually, yes we do know.

Remember the tournament with the Catoplebas, the skeleton cow demon with petrifying breath? We put a Caesura around its head to stop it from breathing petrifying gas clouds at us: >>/questarch/896394 .
No. 913103 ID: f07f0b

>troy could have heard

Oh god, we may have fucked up more than we realize...


Lets put a cesura around this guy and then use your shotgun to put him down. It is grisly, but letting the guy burn to death is kind of cruel.

After that, lets start clearing out the crew. Once we do that, lets have vol pick us up and get back to disabling the other vehicles. There shouldn't be too many more. Radio troy and tell him to try and keep the guys in this general area. Last thing we need is him miles away from us and on his own.
No. 913104 ID: d3602f

Huh, forgot about that. He still might put out the flames before there is a significant amount of smoke, or before he breaks the barrier.
No. 913115 ID: 575ec0

Run up there on caesura bubbles. Don't waste time on the ladder. With capture scroll unfurled in hand and shotgun in the other, finish him with a contact shot to the head.

Be on guard. The angel inside might still be able to control the shackles. It'll be interesting to see if the angel will be caught in the scroll upon this guys death.
No. 913120 ID: 91ee5f

Let’s not try to capture an angel with our demonic Binding Scrolls meant for catching lesser demons! I’m pretty sure it’s not going to work and if it did, the scroll would be destroyed!
No. 913121 ID: 2202fb

Actually, lets try it, for science!
No. 913125 ID: 341a80

Roland being unholy on main in middle-battle is our new strategy, that sounds alright. Use caesura to push him out of the vehicle, no need to truly kill him.

And now, it's time to hjack this car, baby!
No. 913129 ID: 91ee5f

>knock him out
He tried to kill us, there’s no need to show him mercy. Let’s kill him so he doesn’t keep hunting us down!
No. 913133 ID: 341a80

The man made me smirk and he's alredy on fire. I will grant mercy to this poor, kinky dumbass.
No. 913151 ID: eeb7d9

I say we kill him, those who come after Troy are not nice people, they are all criminals, even for Troy standards they are low. If we let them leave, they will come back again.
No. 913156 ID: b1b4f3

Caesura SPIKE then.
No. 913162 ID: a451fc
File 154405031051.png - (327.25KB , 1039x709 , Shackled 6.png )

You grab at Shackle on the ground and pick him up with a Caesura. You planned to either throw him over the side or just let him suffocate from the smoke in the barrier, but when you pull him up from the fire's smoke you realize that there's nothing inside of your caesura but a ration bag, a few rows of chain, and Shackle's armor. you don't see him anywhere else on the car bed...
No. 913163 ID: a451fc
File 154405031568.png - (487.13KB , 1039x709 , Shackled 7.png )

Suddenly chains fly out from behind you and grapple you again...oh no it's happening again, yeah this is genuine and it's really fucking weird to find out about this now. This is the worst time to discover this. A little less importantly Shackle seems to be able to turn his entire body into chains and has used this to slip from his armor and sneak out of your sight. You also notice that Shackle's chains are almost burning hot from being set on fire too.

SHACKLE: You sneaky little prick! You aren't the only that trick people. You like fire so much why don't you burn along with me!

The fire that spread on the floor of the car bed is growing larger, you don't think this can get any worse!...until you hear glass shattering and blood splatter in the car's interior. The Chucklehead begins to sway, and Troy's voice comes in through your comms

TROY: Um! Roland? I just shot out the Chucklehead's driver! That thing's outta control!...oh shit Roland get off that car!
No. 913164 ID: a451fc
File 154405031953.png - (245.94KB , 1039x709 , Shackled 8.png )

You look ahead and see the reason Troy's so panicked. There's a huge fucking canyon and the Chucklehead's heading right for it! Shackle doesn't seem keen on letting you go despite this, and you aren't sure if the Caesura slip trick will work with this many chains surrounding you. You either need a fast way off of the car or some way to cut the chains from Shackles body. Maybe you could just hope your barrier can protect you from the fall and from Shackle at the same time?
No. 913167 ID: 575ec0

If Troy's nearby, that means Vol should be too!

Then make the toughest fucking bubble around yourself that you can.

If all Shackles Chains are being used to bind you, that means he's sacrificing his own defense.
It's time to end this.
No. 913170 ID: 341a80

Actually just ask to Vol blast the wheels or the car with the the con legno, I mean, if the car stops moving, maybe our situation will get slightly better? We also can ask Vol to shoot the wheels with the hook shoots.
No. 913171 ID: eeb7d9

I don't think that will work, but is an alternative.

Maybe you don't free yourself completely. Free one of your hands and shot him, right in the head. If he dies, his power should disappear too right? After that, you jump out of the car and shield yourself to break the fall.
No. 913173 ID: d3602f

He might be able to avoid our shot by turning into chains.

But you know what can destroy chains? Gnawburs.
No. 913179 ID: b1b4f3

Don't need a gun to kill him. Caesura spike to the head will work too.
No. 913181 ID: 91ee5f

>oh no it's happening again, yeah this is genuine and it's really fucking weird to find out about this now. This is the worst time to discover this.
What’s worse, it’s a guy that’s tying you up! This would be so much better if it was a woman!

>shoot out tires
There is no way the car is going to stop fast enough to prevent it from sliding off the cliff!

>But you know what can destroy chains? Gnawburs.
Yeah, that’s right! Shackle just turned himself into food for the Gnawburs!

Roland, do the Caesura slip thing to get one of your arms free and then throw the Gnawburs directly into Shackle’s face!

Then use Caesura to propel yourself off the car!
No. 913182 ID: d3602f

Hey, I'd be perfectly fine with getting tied up by a guy if that guy wasn't trying to kill us.
No. 913184 ID: 7aa6d2

Caesura yourself, then spin to wrap the chains around you, pulling him to you.
No. 913185 ID: eeb7d9

Hey yeah, those can eat chains. But first he needs to free his hand.
No. 913212 ID: 10c408

Didn't we feed all of the gnawburs to Peaches?
No. 913214 ID: 2202fb

Ffs heretic!

Make a caesura banking ramp in front of the vehicle. It should turn it enough to avoid the canyon.

Additionally, see if you can reason with shackle enough to get him to try and save the car. The thing isnt toast yet and it doesn't have to be. Btw, since shackle took his armor off, that can be added to the loot.

If nothing else works, tell troy to shoot out the front left wheel. If it isnt a tire, just tell him to fuck 'em up. Also remember that this vehicle is fireproof so outside of superficial damage and immolating anything strapped to the outside, this thing is still good to go.

You could try telling troy to put something on his truck's gas pedal to keep it going and then doors into the tank so he can quickly stop it (shift neutral and then e-brake) and then doors back. Shouldn't take more than a few seconds and so long as his truck is moving, it should be fine for that long (try this before the shooting out the wheel).

Additionally, with any luck, if you do end up shooting out the front wheel, the whiplash from the vehicle skidding could throw shackle off (possibly off the cliff).
No. 913215 ID: 2202fb

Also have troy try and just cap the drivers and wheels rather than totalling the two remaining cars. While effective, more booms mean less functional loot.
No. 913216 ID: 2202fb


We might just end up fucking ourself with the gnawburs. This is going to quickly end one way or the other without them so lets hold off on them for now.
No. 913217 ID: 91ee5f

No, we’ve still got one scroll with 10 of them and another scroll with 1 particularly docile/lazy Gnawbur.
No. 913218 ID: d3602f

We tried to make ramps for the thing before, they broke instantly. The drivers are already dead, and I'm pretty sure Troy would have tried to stop the car by now if he could.

I don't think Chains is willing to talk while on fire either. Troy said he was a sadistic asshole before, and we haven't earned any favors. Heck, it seems like he's trying to kill us both. At this point, I think we're well beyond negotiations.
No. 913219 ID: 91ee5f

I agree.

No more attempting to talk, no more attempting to stop the giant vehicle from going over the cliff. It’s time to bail before we get ourselves killed!
No. 913220 ID: 2202fb

Shackle seemed to care about the vehicle though, just like how troy cares about his truck.

As for troy trying to stop the vehicle, i doubt the thought even crossed his mind. He currently has no agenda regarding this situation other than just escape and survive. We should at least ask, and if that doesnt work, offer to pay him extra.

We could try to caesura a drag chute. Vol could try to ditch the bike (for now) and get into the driver's compartment.
No. 913221 ID: 91ee5f

Stop trying to save the doomed vehicle. It’s not going to happen no matter how much you want it to.
No. 913222 ID: 2202fb

We still have good 10-20 seconds before we are fucked.

If we could get some chains caught on a wheel, it should blow the transmission. At that point it is a simple matter of making a caesura wall for the thing to coast into.
No. 913223 ID: 2202fb

You say that but my suggestions are still worth trying. Let Heretic (glory be thy name) decide on whether to let it live or die.
No. 913224 ID: a451fc
File 154407468564.png - (153.91KB , 1039x709 , Shackled 9.png )

You slip one of your arms out of the chains to grab for a Gnawbur scroll and release it onto Shackle. You see the small demons swarm Shackle's chains and on biting down are immediately deterred. It seems that since Shackles abilities are granted from an angelic source demons are not effective in breaking or eating his chains. You quickly retrieve the Gnawburs before they escape off of the car.
No. 913225 ID: a451fc
File 154407469243.png - (320.92KB , 1039x709 , Shackled 10.png )

>Con Legno Cannon
Vol warns that not only is this ability extremely inaccurate at long ranges, but also that your shield would have an easier time surviving a fall than a strong magic blast like the Cog Legno Cannon.

>Shoot him
>Caesura Spike
You take your free hand again and grab your shotgun firing the shots straight at Shackle's face, but his head breaks open into chains allowing most of the pellets to either pass through or bounce of of the chains without harming him. You now only have one Silver Slug left to load, and you aren't sure you can load your gun while chained like this.

You see Troy's truck turn back around and head for the Chucklehead, now driving alone as the rest of the convoy had been dealt with. Troy and Vol's voice comes through your ear piece.

VOL: Roland I got an idea to get ya outta a there! We're pullin' back round to get ya!
TROY: We have to kill Shackle first!
VOL: Wat? Savin' Roland should be more important! Dat fall'll kill the bastard anyway!
TROY: I seen 'em survive worse things! He'll be on our asses if we don't! Rol just cut his chains off with your shield!
YOU: W-what? How?
TROY: I don't know! Just try something!
VOL: Dat's ridiculous! Roland jus' barrier yourself so I can get ya outta there!
No. 913227 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah probably not worth using the silver slug against him since it's anti-demon not anti-saint/human. Man we have got to get more shotgun ammo.

Okay, make a buzzsaw with your Caesura to cut chains with. You can make sharp edges and you can move Caesura. Should be simple application of both at once. Alternatively, you could try a pinch cut, by making a sharp hollow shape around the chains then shrinking it.
No. 913229 ID: 2202fb

Doesnt need to be that complex, just make a caesura bar in between some links and expand. It should rip open the link and thus free you from the chain.

Alternatively, since the chains are also a power and thus not actually physical, we may be able to "will" the caesura through them like what troy seems to be hinting at. Try forming a caesura sphere around Shackle, but pretend the chains arent there. Close your eyes if you have to.

Tell troy to keep this thing from careening off the cliff. In addition to the thing itself, there may still be living crew members that we could interrogate.
No. 913230 ID: 2202fb

Also, since troy isnt being chased, he can safely ditch the truck. Tell him to doors into the driver's seat.
No. 913232 ID: d3602f

I'm all for demonic bolt cutters.
No. 913235 ID: 91ee5f

Put him in a Caesura and shrink it as small as possible as quickly as you can to crush him! Make sure the barrier is as thick as you can make it so that he can’t break out!

Or if that’s too much, put his head in the Caesura and shrink it as small as possible as quickly as you can to crush his head! Again, make sure the barrier is as thick as you can make it so that he can’t break out!

He already said that he’s not ditching his truck! What part of that do you not understand?
No. 913238 ID: 91ee5f

Or you can make a new type of Caesura Sharp! Instead of a giant fist, make a giant sword! And remember to make the barrier really thick, so that it can’t be broken when you attack with it!

Just make sure you create it behind him, out of his line of sight! That way he won’t have time to turn himself into chains before you cut off his fucking head!
No. 913244 ID: 2202fb

This is different. We arent dooming the truck we are getting out of it and moving to a different vehicle with the intention of returning to the truck once the current crisis is averted. He didnt want to lose his truck, and since it is no longer threatened, he should be willing to doors over to the Clusterfuck and stop and/or drive it to safety.
No. 913247 ID: 91ee5f

No, it’s not different. He’s not going to leave his truck, no matter how much you try and get him to.

He’s also too far away to use his ability and by the time he gets close enough to be in range, the Chucklehead will already be falling off the cliff.

We can’t save it, so stop trying already.
No. 913249 ID: 2202fb

you seem to be getting a bit worked up.
No. 913251 ID: 2202fb

As i said, i gave my suggestions. It is up to heretic on whether they pan out.

I think they are reasonable and worth trying, but i am not the one holding the reins.

Just to clarify the truck thing: troy isnt glued to it. He could easily doors to the CH and then doors back to his truck.
No. 913253 ID: 91ee5f

Because I already told you that Troy’s ability has a range and he’s not close enough to Doors over to the Chucklehead. By the time he does get close enough, the Chucklehead will be close enough to the cliff that even if he did turn the wheel, that wouldn’t stop it from falling off the cliff.

You’re just so obsessed with trying to save the Chucklehead, that you don’t want to admit that it can’t be saved.
No. 913269 ID: e1d580

It’s usually not worth paying attention to 91ee5f tbh, just let them do their own thing and don’t let that affect your posting
No. 913272 ID: 575ec0

Make a full body, form-fitting Ceasara, then make it THICC.

You'll tumble around in a normal barrier, but a form-fitting one would better distribute the force of impact across your body.

Last thing you want to do in get KO'd by a tumble with this guy still around.

91ee5f has always come across to me as one of those people who stands back and lets 3 of his friends gank you only to point down at the end.
Or as one of those people who Like/Upvote their own posts.
Or as a Yasuo main.
No. 913273 ID: 20486a

AW you beat me to the punch! It's a long shot but go with this idea!
No. 913286 ID: a451fc
File 154414059393.png - (736.66KB , 1039x1417 , Shackled 11-12.png )

>Have Troy use the Doors into the Chucklehead
Troy is not close enough to do that! and if he was he definitely wouldn't have time to stop the Chucklehead at the speed it's going!

>Cut the Chains
Instead of trying to escape right away you decide to stay and attempt to cut Shackles chains with your Caesura. Before you can do anything however you can feel the Chucklehead drop and begin to fall over the edge of the cliff. Even while falling Shackle doesn't loosen his grip, his chains begin to constrict you tighter and tighter around your chest and throat strangling you. To keep himself from falling Shackle extends chains from his lower half ad grabs the cliff to keep himself from falling.

The Chucklehead crashes into the canyon, You can smell a mixture of lucy and gasoline leaking from it's burning wreckage. It's going to blow.
No. 913287 ID: a451fc
File 154414059862.png - (521.71KB , 1039x1417 , Shackled 13-14.png )

Now that both you and Shackle are stationary enough you place a Caesura over the chains connecting him to the cliff and begin to close it as hard as you can.

SHACKLE: Runt's like you and Troy ought to know you place! Channing's got big plans goin' on and with rat's like you cloggin' the gears ain't nothin' gonna get done! Your gettin' in the way a' greatness you idiots!

You squeeze the Caesura tighter and tighter, doing your best to focus on the openings created by the intersecting chains. The smoke from the fire below begins to fill your throat. Finally you sharpen the edges of the opening like blades and squeeze the barrier tight a final time cutting the chains, and sending you both falling.
No. 913288 ID: a451fc
File 154414060427.png - (840.47KB , 1039x1417 , Shackled 15-16.png )

You cut the chains from Shackles arms as you fall also to free yourself. His arms and legs return to bloody nubs. As you fall you barrier yourself in a thick Caesura to survive the blast from the wreckage.


The Chucklehead wreckage finally explodes, your Caesura protects you and you're propelled out of the canyon. Shackle isn't as lucky with the damage sustained to his body, it looks like he's too fatigued to turn himself into chains anymore. He's enveloped by the explosion.

You land on the edge of the canyon, you see Troy's truck close by. Both Troy and Vol look at you relieved.

VOL: Is dat it?
TROY: I take it Shackles on the highway to hell now huh?
No. 913289 ID: eeb7d9

>VOL: Is dat it?
Do a flip and say "Tada~!"

>TROY: I take it Shackles on the highway to hell now huh?

Troy, did you hear something like moans in the ear piece? This is very important!
No. 913290 ID: b1b4f3

Seems like it. Don't let down your guard though. Time to back away from the edge.
No. 913291 ID: 575ec0

No time to rest now. What about the rest of the caravan?
No. 913292 ID: 91ee5f

>Is dat it?
“I hope so!”

>I take it Shackles on the highway to hell now huh?
“That depends, does him being a Saint and having an angel in his body change anything? Because if it doesn’t, then yeah, he’s going straight to hell.”

Get back on the Arges and ask Troy and Vol if they want to go back and look through the wreckage of the other vehicles for anything good? We might find something useful and/or good enough to sell!

Troy already took care of them.
No. 913293 ID: 235ba5

People don't survive the ol' anime "dust with speedlines" death very often.
No. 913296 ID: 575ec0

Go see if his kick-ass helmet fell off the chucklehead when he chained you while you were holding it.
It's too gaudy rad too just let burn up!
No. 913297 ID: 10c408

Take a moment to mourn the loss of the Chucklehead, we could have done sooo much damage with it in our possession.
No. 913317 ID: eeb7d9

There must still be some useful junk in the cars you blew up earlier. Go check that out.
No. 913318 ID: d3602f

We could probably give a lot of the stuff to Ada for free to help with our debt.

Also, maybe buy some chains from her. And rope. And a book from Hazel on how to tie knots.
No. 913321 ID: 91ee5f

>We could probably give a lot of the stuff to Ada for free to help with our debt.
Yeah, let’s do that!

Maybe we’ll get lucky and find some really good stuff that can be used in her robot?
No. 913322 ID: 2202fb

Well fuck. The thing looked tough though, so we may be able to salvage parts of it; i mean, you are already down here. There are two possible explosions that could have happened. The engine could have gone up or the ammo could have cooked off (or both). Parts to look at are the wheels, engine, radio, gauges, optics, storage, turret, and the howitzer in the turret. I would be very surprised if the howitzer was totalled after all of that (ofc, the barrel could be fucked and the ammo may not have survived, but it should be worth money at the very least)

Have troy and vol round up any operable vehicles that we may have flipped, killed their driver, or otherwise neutralized along with all the gear they can fit in them. Once they take inventory and you figure out how much of the crispyhead is left, we can see what is left out and see if we cant tow some of the vehicles to use as wagons to transport more loot.

See if they can find any chain to haul any Chuckleparts (if the carcass isnt worth claiming and fixing up as a side project) up along with yourself.


First off however, finish off shackle. It is kinda cruel to leave him like this so lets make it quick. Caesura around him and ask troy if he has any parting words to say and then caesura shackle's head off.

Remember to try the scroll thing though. For science!
No. 913323 ID: 2202fb

I know i am a bit obsessed with getting the chucklehead and it may be too far gone, but my inner mechanic is really geeking out on the idea of hauling whats left back and slowly fixing it up. Rebel factions claim and fix up burned out tanks all the time so it isnt unreasonable (ofc, it would take a while depending on the damage). Plus, we have an omnitechnician as a possible romantic interest!
No. 913324 ID: 2202fb

Most didnt blow up. Quite a few were simply neutralized, although a few did explode (i want to say three) and one was eaten.

Lets just hoard the stuff for now and take inventory. We could then decide on what we want to keep and what we should sell.
No. 913325 ID: 2202fb

Highly doubtful, but we should have enough gear now to safely mount an expedition to get those kinds of high-tech machinery. So while we probably wont find anything, we could still easily get it for her.
No. 913326 ID: 91ee5f

>finish off shackle.
He’s already dead. There’s nothing left of him to finish off.

>Remember to try the scroll thing though. For science!
Shackle’s angel is also already dead. It’s too late to try that.
No. 913328 ID: 91ee5f

We should also ask Troy if he’s got any idea what Shackle was talking about? Something about Channing having big plans and saying that we’re ruining everything?
No. 913333 ID: 2202fb


Holy shit, i misread that.

Firstly, lets speculate on what kind of warhead they could have possibly been carrying that has that kind of destructive potential.
Then ponder how low your karma must be after an explosion just saved you from falling off a cliff. Lastly, start herding vehicles and vehicle carcasses. Most of them should be intact enough to run still, and all but a few of the rest should still be able to get pulled along.

Also, on the subject of karma, check for snipers. That glimmer you saw when this all started could still be out there watching. Dont leave the stuff, just be careful. It would be suicide for one or two guys with a sniper rifle to try and take you guys out.
No. 913334 ID: 2202fb

Btw, since troy was with these guys for a while, he might know where the chucklehead came from. Lets ask him if he knows where we could claim a tank (abandoned bases, bunkers, forts, etc.).
No. 913335 ID: 2202fb

This lull might also be a good time to try and set up fortifications around the house (razor wire, walls, hedgehogs, actual dragons teeth, etc.) since Channing probably wont stop here.
No. 913336 ID: d3602f

The tank was full of explosives, and apparently it also had Lucy inside of it. If a gallon can power a convoy for a year, well, I'm not surprised it would have such massive kick.

If Troy found any working tanks, I'm sure they've been taken already. Almost no one would just leave a perfectly good tank to gather dust, even if they didn't want to personally drive it they could probably make a ton if they found a buyer.
No. 913337 ID: 91ee5f

>If a gallon can power a convoy for a year, well, I'm not surprised it would have such massive kick.
This just shows us how dangerous Lucifer Water is when it’s set on fire!
No. 913338 ID: 2202fb

Unless said place was virtually untouched due to its being infested with deadly demons. ;D
No. 913366 ID: a451fc
File 154423463212.png - (199.48KB , 1039x709 , Broken Chains 1.png )

YOU: Looks like it.
TROY: Good, It looks like Channing's startin' to drop the idea of takin' me back alive...This is goin' south fast!

Troy wanders over to the wreck of a nearby car.

TROY: 'least this extra scrap'll be useful though!
YOU: Shame about the Chucklehead though...part of me really wanted to keep it. Do you know where they got it from?
TROY: Probably from some bunker or another gang? I'm not sure. Sure it'd be swell to keep the thing but let's be glad with what we got! Our lives, and tons of spare parts! Now let's go collect what we can!

You get to driving back down the trail the fight took place and start collecting whatever car parts are salvageable along with siphoning gas, collecting weaponry and ammo and whatever else is useful...
No. 913367 ID: a451fc
File 154423463541.png - (251.91KB , 1039x709 , Broken Chains 2.png )

After some searching your group manages to scrounge up a sizable amount of salvage. You're glad you've got Troy's truck or else you wouldn't be able to get any of it. Though even with the truck there's a little you have to leave behind, you make sure you collect the most important parts to make the most of it.

Apart from the car parts you also pick up a few weapons and some ammo. Though most of them are completely broken and the ones that aren't are extremely low grade their parts might be useful so you take them, as for the ammunition you can't use a lot of it, but it's good to have. What you can use for your shotgun you only find 6 Buckshots. Troy finds a bandoleer of grenades he's very happy to have. A lot of the car's also have packages of personal supplies, MRE's, mixtapes, little trinkets here and there.

Once you're done gathering everything you head for home. You're really fucking tired.
No. 913368 ID: a451fc
File 154423463908.png - (95.90KB , 1039x709 , Reagan 1.png )

After a long drive made longer by a heavy load you reach your house, When you park your skipper and head for the front door you see what you think is a dead bird on your porch, but realize it's Reagan who's managed to find a bottle of beer somewhere. His head turns towards you lazily.

REAGAN: Hey! Took you fuckin' flesh sacks long enough...What'd ya get lost on the way to ya own home or somethin'?

You've never seen a drunk bird before...
No. 913369 ID: b1b4f3

Nah, got attacked on the way home. Killed them all and took their stuff. How's that body working out?

Tomorrow let's bring him to Hazel with Vol again, and stop by Ada to clear up some of our debt.
No. 913374 ID: 91ee5f

>you park your skipper
Wow, you must be tired if you forgot the name of your vehicle is the Arges.

>Hey! Took you fuckin' flesh sacks long enough...What'd ya get lost on the way to ya own home or somethin'?
“No, we didn’t get lost. We actually would’ve been here sooner if we didn’t get attacked by an entire convoy of raiders. Which wouldn’t have been that difficult to deal with, but because their leader was a Saint and he had a fucking tank, it took us a while to kill them all.”

>You've never seen a drunk bird before...
Let’s just hope he doesn’t drink and fly, otherwise he’s going to be flying head first into the windows of your house and either knock himself out or, if he hits the window hard enough, kill himself.
No. 913376 ID: eeb7d9

Nothing much, we almost die again, but we made it out fine and with a bonus. You seem to have experimented with your new body more that you should.
Gonna be able to read high demonic while being drunk or should we let you rest? We can go out and sell things while you rest a little.
No. 913384 ID: 2202fb

Carefully unload the bullets (gunpowder shouldnt be too dangerous, but it can easily ignite if you arent careful. ofc if these clowns were using black powder or hell knows what propellant, it could get a bit more dicey). Gunpowder and primers are necessities. Once we cart off the stuff we are going to sell, lets try to get a loading bench.

What guns do we have, what attachments do they have, what calibers are they, and what bullets do we have?

Anyway, lets start planning our next move. We should start fortifying the homestead first so we dont get caught with our pants down. Next, we should plan out more extensive, long term blueprints on turning this place into a fortress or bunker. Then we should see if we can get any old maps of the area that may show where there were military and/or research installations around here. Lastly, lets make a shopping list of stuff we need (like kevlar).

Do you think Ada could make you a cybernetic eye?
No. 913387 ID: becba8

Reagan, man, you missed quite a party....
I didn't remember to take anything for you, but you probable can eat a lot of eyeballs if you get there before any other crow.
No. 913410 ID: a9af05

It's the Arges.

>Reagan is drunk
I'd say it's because of his tiny body. He probably got drunk after the first few sips.

Anyways, tell him that you were delayed because you were attacked.

>Cybernetic eye
That's only for if he's missing an eye, which he isn't. It still works, just barely.
No. 913413 ID: 575ec0

Did we remember to drag back a corpse for Reagan? Or does he eat meat that isn't human.
I mean, if we forgot he's drunk I suppose. We can go grab one right quick.
No. 913417 ID: a9af05

>Debt with Ada
Oh, yeah, that reminds me.

Roland, whatever you do, don't think of Ada offering an alternate way to pay off your debt and asking you to come with her to her bedroom where she ties you up with her webs on her bed!

No, what are you doing?! I said don't think about it! .....you're still thinking about it!

Uh oh, too late. Now you've got a boner from thinking about it too much! Quick, hide your boner before someone notices and they accidentally think that you're attracted to the demon possessed bird!

>Food for Reagan
We don't need to worry about that. Earlier he said he was going to go look for something to eat before coming to our house.
No. 913431 ID: 91ee5f

>do think of Ada.....
>I said keep thinking about it!
Fixed that for you.

Also fuck you for making me laugh so hard my drink shot out my nose. That hurt!
No. 913433 ID: 7aa6d2

Bird livers are very small. Drink in moderation.
No. 913443 ID: 10c408

Pretty sure that Reagan will just find a new bird to possess if he causes this one to die of alcohol poisoning.
No. 913447 ID: eeb7d9

You guys are so evil. Then again, i was the one that proposed.
No. 913451 ID: 2202fb

>has eye
>is shitty

So we replace it.


There's that bdsm thing coming up again (seriously, you really need to do some introspection).
No. 913469 ID: a451fc
File 154432037258.gif - (82.46KB , 1039x709 , NO!.gif )

NO! You know what? You're done with this bullshit! That was the worst way to have some form of sexual awakening and you'd rather stop thinking about it RIGHT NOW! In fact? This seems like a good enough thought to get repressed. You're going to repress this and deal with it later!...THERE! It's repressed and it's going to take some miracle for it to become un-repressed any time soon, you're not going to think about chains, or ropes, or webs, or any other material used to constrict or bind! That's that let's move on!
No. 913470 ID: a451fc
File 154432037752.png - (304.06KB , 1039x709 , Living Room.png )

>It's the Arges.
You've been getting shot at a lot today okay? You're brains a bit frazzled.

>Carefully unload the bullets. Gunpowder and primers are necessities.
You delegate this task to Troy, he seem's more knowledgeable with guns than you are.

YOU: We got caught up in some trouble on the way home is all, nothing too big...how's being a bird going?
REAGAN: Sucks! But it's better than nothing I guess. *hic* Well...I was gonna do that stuff with the demon runes and all that...but I'm real drunk right now. I probably could still do it if you want me to though, as favor from a higher being or somethin' *hic*

You step over Reagan and enter your home, now that you're back in the safety of your own house what do you want to do? You've got demons you can study, A book you can try to decode in more detail, Spells to try out, and lots of new parts that you can use to tinker with the Arges.
No. 913471 ID: b1b4f3

Study your new demons, wait for a sober Reagan to translate the book.
No. 913476 ID: eeb7d9

I second this.

Oh, you are no fun, you party pooper.
No. 913477 ID: 91ee5f

You’re no fun. Also repressing things like that can’t be good for your health if you do it for too long.

>Being a bird sucks
Wait, can’t he mutate the body to make it more suitable for him? I thought possessing something let’s him do that, which is why we wanted to get him outta Lori’s body before he could do that to her.

But if he wants a new body, he just has to ask and we’ll help him find a different body.

.....hey, while he’s drunk we can probably get some info about him now. Like how many eyes he’s got or something like that?

Yeah, good idea.
No. 913478 ID: 91ee5f

Also, you worked your ass off with the training you did with Flint earlier. Now it’s Vol’s turn to work his tail off doing some blood training!
No. 913479 ID: 2202fb

You could also go back to the wreckage and try to get some of the stuff you had to leave before.


Lets see what we have to work with.
(Heretic, could we get a list of guns, list of bullets, list of parts, and list of misc loot plz?)

Firstly, make sure all of your alcohol is secured.

Then lets chat with the bird about demon shit (dont actually have them decrypt anything while wasted though). If you have any ammo belts that need loaded, that is a pretty mind-numbing task you could work on while you do it.
No. 913480 ID: 2202fb

Actually, rather than a list of just that, lets just do a general
>check inventory
No. 913481 ID: 341a80

First things first, give 5 minutes of care to Herby's, plant gotta grow strong.
No. 913486 ID: 575ec0

OOh. you should Dissect one of them Biters.
Not the chill one tho.
No. 913514 ID: 29364e

Take care of herby, and herby will take care of you.
No. 913603 ID: a9af05

Whatever you choose to do, have Vol do some training so he can get better with his blood magic.
No. 913705 ID: 2202fb

also have him work out and practice with a butterfly knife. go for that classic mafia look to go with his accent.
No. 913775 ID: 3583d1

Do we have anything to help Reagan sober up a little? maybe make the little birdy a fresh pot of coffee. If nothing else see what we can get from the books.
No. 913840 ID: a451fc
File 154465512088.png - (419.42KB , 1039x709 , Gnawbur Page.png )

>Study Gnawburs
Small, squishy, and full of teeth. Gnawburs seem to be able to eat a lot despite having such small innards. They're also incredibly durable, just like how Delphi could survive being crushed Gnawburs can also with stand heavy blunt force. though Gnawburs are also resistant to cutting, burning, and you also assume being electrocuted since they seem to bite through live wires with no issue. They can't bite through holy materials like silver or material produced by saints, but chew through most anything else with ease. You go through like 5 of the Gnawburs to get a good idea of their anatomy, their so small it's hard not to fuck up at times.
No. 913841 ID: a451fc
File 154465512577.png - (224.74KB , 754x699 , Herby.png )

>Care for Herby
Water, soil, food. Herby's looking better already.

>Vol get some training
Vol's reluctant to do any more, but he get's up and gets to it. It's good that he's getting over his squeamishness but if he's going to get any better he needs to keep practicing.

>Wait, can’t he mutate the body to make it more suitable for him?
REAGAN: This bird's so small'd probably kill the damn thing if I did that
No. 913842 ID: a451fc
File 154465512906.png - (339.66KB , 1039x709 , Garage.png )

>Inventory Check
You head to the garage to check look over what you gained from the fight and what you can use for later or sell...

>Vehicle Salvage
-High Tech Parts(x100): Technologically advanced machine parts
-Vehicle Parts(x150): Axles, distributors, pistons, etc
-High Grade Scrap(x50): Hardly damaged and very useful
-Low Grade Scrap(x100): Rusted and almost broken, but still salvageable

>Weapon Salvage
-Gun Parts(x55): Barrels, handles, and triggers
-Pipe Machine Gun(x2): Made of tape, pipe, and old metal. probably jams often
-Scrap Metal Repeater: An old revolver made of scrap metal, feels like it could break in your hand if you shoot too much.
-Slam-Fire Rifle: an odd gun that requires the barrel to be slammed backwards into the receiver to fire, seems dangerous.
- .308 Round (x30)
- 10mm Round (x13)
- .45 Round (x27)
- .50 Caliber (x10)

>Miscellaneous Items
-MREs(x5): Meals Ready to Eat each a different square meal; Pizza, Beef Hash, Breakfast Sausage, Chili, and Chicken Soup
-Box of Chalk: 20 pieces of colored chalk
-Spray Paint Cans(x3): All filled with red, green, and blue paint
-Computer Bits(x20): Motherboards, wires, and screens
-UAM Player: A Universal Audio Media Player, can play all sorts of audio media like tapes and CDs.
No. 913844 ID: d3602f

Damn, kind of was hoping we could check on those rituals, but we can't with Vol busy. Guess we could continuing practicing making our barrier semi-permeable.
No. 913845 ID: 7aa6d2

That slam-fire rifle sounds like it could be easily modified into a miniature gun-mortar for the hoverbike.
No. 913847 ID: 575ec0

Unless she want's you to do another favor to pay her back, you could invite Ada over here to take her pick of the savage. You know, if you want an excuse to invite Ada over.

Bust out the UAM. I know Troy's got some exotic beats.

I bet you could make a Quality Lath with those vehicle parts, Probably a Proper Drill Press and Table saw after trading for a couple more parts. With the right blueprints and a couple trades, the high tech and computer parts could be made into an oscilloscope and microscope, while the high-grade scrap can probably be made into a variety of hand tools.

You could probably put together your own workshop.

The guns you collected are all garbage and should be disassembled, but you could be well on your way to making your own.
No. 913853 ID: eeb7d9

Hmmm, maybe you can make a "decent" weapon out of these thash guns. Why don't you fiddle with them for a bit?
No. 913878 ID: 91ee5f

Don’t forget to feed Reagan. Just make sure you don’t feed him rice. Birds tend to explode when they eat rice.

>This bird's so small'd probably kill the damn thing if I did that
Then do you want help finding a bigger animal to inhabit?

.....hey, I just thought of something that I’d like to try after Vol is done training his blood magic. Troy said his power let’s him move through similar objects, right? Well, if you made a Caesura and Vol made a barrier, would Troy be able to Doors between the two barriers? If he can, that would open up lots of possibilities in the future!

But if that doesn’t work, then we can try again later when Roland learns how to make 2 Caesuras at a time to see if that works or not.

Holy shit, that’s a lot of scrap!

>build something?
Well, you could always try making a helmet for when you’re riding the Arges. It’ll hopefully protect your head from getting shot if you can’t put up a Caesura fast enough.

You could also open up some of those bullets to get the gunpowder outta them. Then figure out how to combine it with something else from your pile of scrap to try and make explosives.

Keep whatever ammo will work with the guns you and Troy currently have.

The rest of the ammo, set aside half of it for later use and the other half you take apart to get the gunpowder for making the explosives.

That could come in handy whenever you finally get around to those rituals that Vol translated from that book.

>Computer Bits
I’m not sure you can do anything with those. But Ada can probably use them with her robot, so let’s give them to her tomorrow.
No. 913885 ID: 2202fb

Troy was already going to be the one designated to dismantle the rounds. Rol was too scared.

Lets just keep the .50 rounds. The rest are probably fairly common and/or cheap. Lets not mess with the guns since they all seem like accidents waiting to happen and lets see if we can either buy or trade for some professionally made guns or break into a demon infested military base somewhere.
No. 913892 ID: 2202fb

Gunpowder makes shit explosives. It burns, but it it doesnt really explode. That is black powder. Extracting the gunpowder is still useful for if we want to make our own bullets later on, however.
No. 913979 ID: a451fc
File 154479120412.png - (87.45KB , 1039x709 , Garage 3.png )

>Disassemble Ammo and guns
Any ammunition useful for your current guns have not been listed, but the rest of the ammunition has been given to Troy to scrap. It takes some time but when he's done the ammo is broken down into Gunpowder(x30), Lead(x30), and Bullet Parts(x60): Primers and casings. You do not however disassemble the .50 cal ammunition despite not having a gun to use for it. You're a bit on the fence about breaking the guns down into more parts. Do you want to break down these junk guns?

>Damn, kind of was hoping we could check on those rituals, but we can't with Vol busy.
It shouldn't take him to long to finish his practice, and he can always start up again later if you interrupt. You're sure it wouldn't be too much of an imposement to ask about them now.

>Maybe you can make a "decent" weapon out of these trash guns.
It's a bit hard to, the mechanics of the guns seem real worn out. You aren't sure you can do much with these without time and parts, and a more solid idea of what you want.

>Use scrap to build tools for workshop (Microscope, Lathe, etc)
You are not sure if the scrap you've salvaged is enough for all of these machines, You also don't really know how to make some of these things either.

>Sell to Ada
Either for cards or to repay your debt you could give these parts to Ada. You feel like you'd be missing out on the chance to use them for your Arges though if you got rid of all of them. Do you want to sell some of ,or all, the salvage to Ada?
No. 913984 ID: eeb7d9

Hmm, well, if you don't know what to do with the trash guns, save it somewhere for when you know what to do.

As for the salvage, it would be best to use all that you can with it and then sell it to Ada. You can do this while tou wait for Vol to finish his practice abers and Reagan sobers up.
No. 913986 ID: 2202fb

Lets have Ada make a house call (since it is a lot) and see what she can do. She might be able to give us a quote on how much defenses would cost in either cards or materials as well. I doubt we can do much with the scrap ourselves.

Scrap all the junk guns. We deserve better. Btw, are the .50 rounds .50AE(pistol rounds) or .50BMG(heavy sniper/heavy mg rounds)?

(btw, lathes and microscopes? How are those made of parts remotely similar to junk guns?)
No. 913988 ID: 91ee5f

I think you you should make 2 helmets for you and Vol to wear when you guys are riding on the Arges. That way you guys will have your heads protected from getting shot if either of you can’t put a barrier up fast enough.

>It shouldn't take him to long to finish his practice, and he can always start up again later if you interrupt. You're sure it wouldn't be too much of an imposement to ask about them now.
Let Vol finish his training before you interrupt him. The Chalk might come in handy in case you need to draw ritual circles or something.

>Do you want to sell some of ,or all, the salvage to Ada?
Sell some of the parts to Ada, not all of it.

Specifically, Ada can use the Computer Bits for her robot, so I think we should give those to her.
No. 913989 ID: 575ec0

Why not figure out what you can use for the Argus first then? You can sell the leftovers to Ada.

As for the machines, The Lath is probably the most useful, followed by the drill press.
No. 913997 ID: 2202fb

We should probably see if we can't trade for professional-grade equipment before we start trying to mcgyver our own.
No. 913999 ID: b1b4f3

Definitely see if we can use some parts to upgrade the Arges.
No. 914016 ID: a451fc
File 154482626063.png - (116.89KB , 1039x709 , Garage 4.png )

>Scrap the junk guns
That's 15 more Gun Parts. It would've been more but one of the things breaks pretty badly when you dismantle it, so you get 10 Low Grade Scrap from it.

>What can you use for your Agres?
The high tech parts, vehicle parts, and possibly the high grade scrap are all useful for tinkering. Hell, you could even use the low grade scrap if you need to. There isn't a lot here you can't use really.

>Make a house call
You don't have a way to contact Ada do you? You'd have to either go to her yourself or send Troy to Dawnsprings with the stuff you want to sell since his truck is better equipped to carry a lot of stuff. Or if you want you can go with Troy to hand over the salvage, so it's either

That is sensible, but building your own stuff is so much fun! Even when it does blow up or catch fire sometimes...

It seems like you have a few options at the moment.

>Sell Salvage
>Repay debt using salvage
>Tinker with salvage