Wars in Immoren

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Wars in Immoren by Mr.C

Current Happenings

A soldier dies and reincarnates to become a Skorne Warlock. Currently graduating from Lord Assassin Morghoul's training via a 15 point duel. At least your dad's Xerxis? That's not a good thing. Especially when he gives you fearless, WHICH YOU ALREADY HAVE AS A WARLOCK.

Explanation of Core Principles

SPD is simple, it's how far he moves in inches (or boxes in the quest)

STR mostly factors into dealing damage. It matters a lot more if you're a warbeast than it does if you're a person, but it does tie in to resisting a number of warjack/warbeast abilities.

MAT determines how good he is at landing attacks with melee weapons.

RAT is the same for ranged weapons.

DEF is not getting hit.

ARM is not taking damage when getting hit.

The core roll for the system is 2d6 + number vs number. Making an attack in most situations is 2d6 + (Mat or Rat) vs Target's Defense. Matching defense hits. If any two final dice from an attack roll are the same, the attack is a critical, this means absolutely nothing for Prince but will start to matter if Archidons start tossing dudes around a bit. Generally speaking consider that any attack has roughly a 1/6 chance of being a critical hit (before miss chance), while any boosted attack (which we'll get to later) has a 4/9 chance. Again though, prince gains nothing from crits so it's not worth worrying about.

Warlock has a million different sub-rules, Since it includes the entire fury system and also fearless. Also being a warlock (or warcaster) immediately makes you immune to a number of specific effects because you're too important.

Fury is a resource Warlocks have. Prince has 4. They start any given battle with Fury equal to their fury stat and can never have more than that.

Warlocks can spend fury to do several things:

1a - Boost an attack roll (add an extra d6)

1b - Boost a Damage roll (add an extra d6) - note that since we don't have a cyclops savage, the decision to boost comes BEFORE rolling.

2 - Spend Fury equal to the 'Cost' of a spell to cast that spell.

3 - Spend Fury equal to the 'Cost' of a warbeast's animus to cast that animus as a spell. It counts as both an animus AND a spell when cast in this manner, which is important.

4 - Spend fury on a one-to-one basis to recover health.

5 - Spend Fury on a one-to-one basis to heal a warbeast in control area for 1 health (which can come from anywhere on their damage track you choose).

6 - Spending 1 fury at the beginning of a turn allows a warlock to immediately remove a number of status effects, most notably including knockdown and stationary but also including shadowbind and black oil.

7 - Buy extra attacks. Can be done indefinitely for melee, but ranged attacks are limited by their RoF stat (this means prince can only buy two extra attacks with his knives)

8 - When a warlock takes damage, they can spend a point of fury in response to have a warbeast in their control area take the damage instead.

9 - Some spells are upkeepable, if a warlock wants to upkeep them they have to spend 1 fury per spell AFTER they gain fury on a turn. Death Ward is Prince's only upkeep spell.

A warlock generates fury in two ways (for the most part).

1 - A warlock can, at the beginning of their turn, gain fury by taking damage at a 1/1 basis.

2 - Leech it off of warbeasts

3 - Prince has Maltreatment so once per turn (during his action) he can take a point of fury off of one of his warbeasts in exchange for dealing it a small amount of armor-ignoring damage.

Warbeasts ALSO use fury, though they do it backwards. Warbeasts have a fury stat but start with no fury on them. A warbeast can be 'Forced' by a warlock (which takes no action) to do a number of effects by gaining a point of fury. It's basically the same list except warbeasts can't transfer damage and don't have spells, plus a warbeast can also gain a point of fury to do a power attack INSTEAD OF making its initial attacks. The only power attacks that REALLY matter for the crew we've got right now are: Slam - charge an enemy, hit them, knock them back and down and they collide with whatever they hit on the way. Headbutt - knock the target down where they stand. Also when a warbeast uses its own animus it doesn't count as a spell.

The last important rule is that warbeasts also have a 'threshold' stat. It's really important! Warbeasts can do a lot of stuff being forced, but you can only pull so much fury off of them in a turn. You can't just 'waste' that fury, a warlock can only pull enough fury to fill up their tank. Any fury left on a warbeast after your warlock pulls fury off makes them mad! The roll there is 2d6+fury vs the beast's 'threshold' stat If the roll is higher, the beast immediately frenzies.

A frenzying beast checks against the following list of actions, in order, and uses its turn to do that and ONLY that - and it does this immediately before you have the chance to do anything else:

1 - If there is an enemy model in melee range, make one attack against that model with the highest available P+S melee weapon with boosted attack and damage.

2 - If there is a friendly model in melee range, same thing.

3 - If there is an enemy model engaging the warbeast, turn to face it directly, approach if necessary, and make the same attack.

4 - Charge the nearest model it can see (stealth has nothing to do with this)

5 - Walk directly toward the nearest model it can't see and attack if it gets in range

Explanation of Prince's (Current) Weapons

Prime Incarnation

Pale Rider

Reach is the best ability in the game, it means that your melee range is 4x as far as it would be otherwise (in the tabletop it's 2" compared to the normal 1/2")

Weapon Master means, when rolling damage, add an extra die.


Thrown weapons are ranged weapons that add the user's Strength to their Pow.

Grievous Wounds means that anything damage by the weapon can't be healed, can't be tough, and can't transfer damage if it's a warlock.

Strafe is more complicated, it's a *Attack which means that if you want to use it it takes the place of your initial attacks, it gives d3+1 attacks (so 2-4, and on average 3), and its targeting is very specific. You choose ONE target to be the core of the 'strafe' attack. You can also make the additional attacks against anything within 2" of the core target, and ignore any models between you and them (so people can't hide behind other people). You can't target any non-core target with more attacks than the core target. No matter what you roll, it only counts as one RoF.

Explanation of Prince's (Current) Spells

Prime Incarnation

Flashing Blade is a one-cost spell that lets you immediately make a melee attack at all enemies in your melee range (so 2" for prince). Since it's a spell, you can cast it at any time during your turn but can't interrupt movement for it. It's pretty OP if you have an overpowered weapon =V.

Ghost Walk is mostly useless for now, it costs 3 and lets the targeted model (or unit if it's a group of the same dudes!) ignore free strikes and walk through any sort of terrain or unit freely. It does NOT let them see through these things!

Death Ward is an upkeep spell that costs 2 and gives +2 armor to the model or unit it's cast on. Also it has extra rules if it's on a warjack that are great but we don't have warjacks and I don't think they actually apply to warbeasts (Since IIRC there's no warlocks with death ward)? If they do it lets them choose where they take damage, more or less, so it's real good. Otherwise it's still something that should probably always be up on the front line since Prince doesn't really need his fury.

Prince's Current Abilities

Prime Incarnation

Stealth means all ranged and magic attacks from more than 5" away automatically miss. Some attacks don't need to hit to wreck your shit, and anything that automatically hits bypasses this (aggressive rules always trump defensive rules for tiebreakers in warmachine). also 90% of things have some means available to ignore it, though usually it requires something else to help them out.

Maltreatment lets a warlock pull fury off a beast during their turn. It's a good rule that prince has nearly no reason to ever use.

Apparition means you teleport 2" at the start of every turn for free.


Prince's Stats
Prince's Spells

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