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Magic Kingdom Quest by Mr.C

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Quest Intro


Home to many creatures of many shapes and sizes, it has been your home for as long as you known. There are 4 kingdoms in Avalon: The Zurvian Empire, Blackwaters, the Republic of Tulran, and the Dragon's Blood. But a new one is about to emerge.


You are a young man who has been put in charge of a new kingdom of Zarzoth, your once tiny village has grown to include many mighty people. But you know it is not enough, as none of your people have a Providence.

What is a providence you ask? The only way to explain it as the Maker's power manifest. Those few individuals with Providence hold an immense power, and can often times form kingdoms with their power. The Maker awards providence to those that have the power to change their world. There is a darker way to gain providence however: To eat the heart of someone who had providence.

Long ago, you had a providence, but it was far too dangerous, so you sealed it away. People instead follow you for your intense bravery and wisdom. You have 4 heroes at your disposal. They are the knight Sir Bradford, the archer Lady Alina, and the twin mages Windvale and Relinculus.

As your kingdom grew, you gained new allies and enemies. By refusing an alliance, you gained the wrath of the of the Blackwater Castle Rengrave. It was through an attack though that you gained your new providence: Death Call, a providence that summons spirits and undead warriors to fight for you. It was also how you gained control of the Graveyard Beast, a skeletal beast that is very powerful yet almost like a pet to your forces. While this was going on, the heroes Bradford and Alina both gained Providences, super strength and control over the elements respectively.

You entered an alliance with Dragon's Blood when Chieftain Armbreaker, with his champion the giant Dragon blood Headsmasha challenged you to a team battle with your hero Bradford. You were knocked out, but Bradford became enraged and gained another Providence, which made him invulnerable. With this he won both the fight, the loyalties of Armbreaker's tribe, and the hand of Armbreaker's daughter Slimtail in marriage.

The new fiancees went on a quest to kill Blackwater raiders, and during that time a Tulranian ambassador, who might frown upon your necromancer allies and abilities (read: RIP AND TEAR) has arrived. It would seem, however, she is trying to woo you instead. Using steam engines that the Tulrans had bestowed upon you, you have discovered the technology that is warjacks *BLAM* HERESY. warbots, giant robots powered by steam. It is around this time that Blackwater reveals that they have access to some kind of explosive crossbow It's a gun *BLAM* *BLAM* DOUBLE HERESY. , called among your men as Daemon Bursts, as they are powered by daemonic elements. After you deal with the first of these Daeemon Bursts, you go to see Bradford, only to find out he has been shot by a pistol *BLAM* *BLAM* *BLAM* TRIPLE HERESY. a smaller Daemon Burst. Luckily, the wound was not grievous, and later on you host the banquet and meet Nyss' even more insane father and the most powerful mage in Avalon, Thexus. After a short prank war that ended with you gaining a mining deal with Tulran and half the kingdom being destroyed by dancing weapons (don't ask), he leaves, letting you deal with the young Armadeus, who wants to be a hero. After a short bout with Bradford (he won) and a rampage from his bonded warbot, the unique Red Storm (Bradford lost), you accept him as a hero of Zarzoth. While that shitstorm was happening, the magineers have invented the Man-O-War armor, sacrificing speed for armor and power. The military has also come up with 2 new patterns on warbot, the Defender and the Hermes. You go to visit Nyss and play a game of warbot hide and seek with her (losing, of course). Later on you get hot delicious elf sex, so that's cool. Tulran hosts a tournament of warbots, and you send your new hero along with a few magineers and the new prototype Yaeger titan-class warbot. You are then nearly overwhelmed by a huge push by Blackwater, showing that they have warbots of their own. After that is dealt with, you have to take care of a vampire-who-is-not-a-vampire, and you just finished taking him down.


A list of significant characters and notable Providences, abilities and possessions. Listed in order of introduction.

Nathaniel Proctor

The player character, and the new King of Zarzoth.

[Sealed Providence]: An unknown and dangerous power, voluntarily sealed before the events of the quest, by the village elders. The Providence will be released if they die.
Caliburn: A sword with the ability to channel Providences up to 24' from the wielder.
Death Call: absorbed from the Belrus. Allows one to summon, dominate and release undead, and to summon spirits (offers passive buffs).
Indomitable: Defender-pattern warbot.
Sentinel (level 1 bond): Indomitable has +10 all shooting rolls and become invulnerable when you are knocked out.
Blood Control: Any enemies you draw blood from, you can temporarily control.
Gungir: A spear that allows you to speak to servitors and gives you psychic powers
Psi-Shield: Makes all allies in sight range invulnerable to non-psychic attacks for two turns.


A knight, one of the kingdom's first 4 heroes, Nathaniel's most loyal friend, Alina's brother, and Slimtail's fiance. He's also pretty much the champion of /quest/ made flesh. We made him a Grand Duke.

Strength of the Faithful: He has the strength of 1,000 men as long as there are people he cares about around him.
Shield of the Loyal: If another team mate is knocked out, Bradford becomes invulnerable until that teammate wakes up again.
Ancestral Legion: Once per battle, Bradford can summon a legion of the warriors of Redford house to fight for him.


An archer, one the the kingdom's first 4 heroes, Bradford's sister, and a duchess.

Valiant Master of the Elements: She can tip her arrows in almost any element imaginable.
Maelstrom: allows her to take shots with her secondary weapon at every enemy in sight range.


A (white) mage, one of the kingdom's first 4 heroes, and a duchess.

Eye of the Druids: allows her to diagnose a patient with a glance


A (black) mage, one of the kingdom's first 4 heroes and a duke.

Warden: Ares-pattern warbot


A Baron, and one of our military advisers.

The Schoolteacher

Cute. If you're into old men, totally.


An undead, and the Black Waters Ambassador. He was nonplussed when we rejected his offer of alliance, but started a war over it anyways. We've killed him twice now, but he keeps coming back.

The Graveyard Beast

Once a creature of the Blackwater, now in our service. Currently hidden in the woods.

Tail Whip: Kill an entire room full of infantry or knock a larger being on its feet.
Feeding Frenzy: the Beast eats its way through enemy lines in a frenzy of death and destruction.


A Lord of Blackwater, and Belrus' boss. Also one of the former champions of Tartarus.


Rengrave's champion. Supposedly supposedly has the power to come back from the dead in the body of the one who killed him.


A dragon blooded warchief who challenged our King, and ended up our ally.


Armbreaker's champion.

Skin like Steel: Headsmasha is nearly invincible, with swords breaking on his skin like toothpicks.


An archer, Armbreaker's daughter, and Bradford's fiancee. Currently pregnant.

Ghost Walk: Slimtail can walk through walls and become invisible for a short time.


A duke and supreme general of our forces.


A Tulranian ambassador and first daughter. Upgraded from yandre girlfriend to pregnant fiancee.

Deumos: Errant Warbot with two wind-swords and a shadow-magic phase generator, allowing it to go through objects.

True Claw

One of the dragon blooded migrants, in charge of building their shelter.


Tularian magineer, helped build the first warbot.


Tularian magineer, helped build the first warbot.


One of the most powerful wizards in Avalon, creator of Gravity Magic, current Lord Elector of Tulran, Nyss' father, and a legendary prankster.


One of our 'strollers who stepped forward to prove himself a hero. Capable of lightning magic.

Red Storm: Custom warbot, his father's life work. Absorbs lightning and magic to power up.
Fist of the Lightning God: Armadeus can do one of two things every battle.
Supercharge: Armadeus supercharges all warbots under his control, giving them +40 to all rolls.
Thunderhands: Armadeus electrifies all of his warbots, causing all of their attacks have +10 damage and cause paralysis.

Blue Fire

A dragon.


A scout for the Zurvian Empire, of clan Kulok. Wears a cursed Wendigo helmet.


Lord Primeris of Tulran, Nyss's brother and Thexus' son. Uses shadow magic.


General and strategist of the Tulran army.

Poison Water (unofficial name): gained from killing a Blackwater. Allows him to turn any water he touches into poison, but also makes him immune to all poisons.


Tulran magineer supreme.


Demon of the Dead, responsible for transforming the arch-lich Tartarus, ruler of Blackwater.


The slumbering Lord of Blackwater, and the one responsible The War of the Heavens. Pretty much game over if he wakes up again.


The hero who defeated Tartarus, and died in the process. Some believe that when Tartarus reawakens Magnus will return once more in a new form, to beat back Blackwater and it's unending plague of demons and undead.

Red Dawn

Believes himself to be the prophesied hero of Blackwater.


The Oracle has extreme regenerative abilities and a controllable aura of fire around him as a curse-born. In addition, his Curse manifests in the form of prophecy, allowing him to see the future up to a year away. He is however sworn not to interfere in set events, or give "spoilers". As a former magineer, he has a natural feeling for mechanics and engineering, especially with warbots.


Nyss and Dendrus' sister, and Thexus' daughter. Mute.


Maguhan Rathbone, Thexus' brother and one of the deadliest assassins in the world.


One of Thexus' spies.


Inventor of the Seraphim and corrupter of the Angelions.


A rescued dragon.


Arch-Overlord Exulon, and ruler of the under-realms and the Mechanitor.


Leader of the army of giants we met. Seems really brutal.

Other Appearances

Bradford appears in Sims TGChan Quest!.


Belrus has made one appearance Inside the Quest. [1]

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