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File 154735376816.jpg - (114.82KB , 1280x720 , Snapchat-1340344687.jpg )
917492 No. 917492 ID: f90632

There Skelton
You scared
Got sword
What do
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No. 917493 ID: 6059bb

Whats our name?
No. 917494 ID: 26e032

FLirt with the skeleton
No. 917495 ID: f90632

Very scared, forgot
Maybe Skelton noes
No. 917496 ID: 26e032
File 154735410707.jpg - (11.57KB , 474x237 , panuelo.jpg )

Tell the skeleton you'll rattle its bones real good, and ask if it knows your name
No. 917499 ID: f90632
File 154735435646.jpg - (145.13KB , 720x1280 , Snapchat-1440438271.jpg )

You do the flirt
You give it a rattle
It might fancy you
But it's still giving battle
No. 917500 ID: 6059bb

Battles are like dances, right? And dancing is romantic. Dance instead of using violence. waggle your eyebrows.
No. 917501 ID: c4c64c

Name Rilk the Rat
Slash skelington
No. 917503 ID: 6059bb

Lets do the pacifist route cmon
No. 917505 ID: f90632
File 154735542981.jpg - (113.80KB , 720x1280 , Snapchat-1401374243.jpg )

You try to dance him
And his hand you hold
But it not that strong
Cuz he pretty old

He not very happy
You better act quick!
He still feels for you
But his heart could now break
No. 917506 ID: 6059bb

Tell him you'll support him, even if his spine wont for long
No. 917507 ID: 713679

Embrace skeleboi. He is not long for this world and could use the emotional support
No. 917508 ID: f90632
File 154735619930.jpg - (114.33KB , 1280x720 , Snapchat-1340389475.jpg )

You try show him love
And go for the hug
He good boney boi
and that's more than enough

But he got big issues
Insecure and afraid
You see, being boney,
It was hard to get laid

He still not happy
And he reject
What do now?
He hecking regret
No. 917509 ID: 6059bb

Freak out at the horrible tearduct logistics at work here
No. 917510 ID: 713679

Resist the urge to make a boner joke
No. 917511 ID: 6059bb

Cut out own heart in despair, become skeleton lovers forever
No. 917512 ID: f90632
File 154735714167.jpg - (137.11KB , 1280x720 , Snapchat-34255273.jpg )

You cut out the heart
And as the steel stabs
You feel your life fade
And it's very sad

The skeleton is sad
Because you are gone
And to become a skele
will take very long

But one day you will
And he will be waiting
You may be friends
May even start dating

This marks the end
Of this tragic story
Though the ending
Is rather gory

I'm up way too late
5 bloody AM
Thank God for Snapchat
And I'll see you next tem.
No. 917517 ID: 6059bb

No. 917519 ID: 713679

10/10 finest quest ever written
No. 918091 ID: dd6906

Fuck yes
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