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File 154210861228.gif - (383.87KB , 1024x1024 , 1-000-1.gif )
910512 No. 910512 ID: 891b91

Chapter 0: >>/questarch/886861

Discussion: >>/questdis/123379
Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Dead_Dust
Inventory: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Dead_Dust/Inventory

Yesterday was a blur. They ended up keeping you in the infirmary overnight, so they could monitor your health; between the frequent examinations and the steady trickle of well-wishers showing up to ask how you were doing, you didn't get much opportunity to make sense of your current situation, let alone ask any of the growing number of questions floating around in your head. Of all the things puzzling you about this place, the people themselves are the greatest mystery. They've been friendly and welcoming, sure; but sometimes it feels like they find you familiar in some way. They keep calling you Sigarzghar,, too, and you have no clue why.

But these confusions don't trouble you -- you find the others more worrying, such as why you were in a coma for three days, or why all your posessions are missing from your pockets. You wonder how long you'll be stuck in this place, but you don't have much in the way of leads to figure out where else to go -- there're Delaney and Quincy over on Gansett shelf, the tentacle twins on the Concourse, and... that's about it. You're not sure how you'd get to either of those places from here, so you certainly feel stuck. Right now, more than anything else, you need answers.

You suppose that's why you're waiting here. They discharged you from the infirmary shortly after you awoke this morning, and led you here, telling you that Cider has invited you to her quarters to discuss a few things. You get the impression she's in charge around here; surely she can help you make sense of why you're here and how you arrived, and perhaps what to do next. At the moment there's already a visitor in there with her, judging from the muffled sounds of conversation; you wager it's been 20 minutes already, and you hope it isn't going to take much longer.
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No. 910513 ID: 891b91
File 154210863180.gif - (391.74KB , 1024x1024 , 1-000-2.gif )

A few minutes pass before the pocket door suddenly slides open.

"--is too time-sensitive. We really can't afford to delay this any longer, Cider. If we miss this opportunity it'll--"

"Iva, iva -- you worry too much, Matteo! I'll have the arrangements made tonight and get back to you. Everything will be fine, trust me."

"...If you say so. Sah-ha, aye-yema."

A stern-looking man strides out of the room, but your presence startles him when he catches you out of the corner of his eye. "O-oh!" He shouts in distress. He regains his composure quickly, though, giving you an annoyed look. "Cider, I think the new sigarzghar's here to see you," he calls back into the room.

"Grazzi, Matteo! Coming!" A voice rings out from within.

Matteo turns to you and gives you a curt bow. "Sah-ha," he says mechanically, before marching down the hall and out of sight.
No. 910514 ID: 891b91
File 154210868740.gif - (345.70KB , 1024x1024 , 1-000-3.gif )

"Ah, meravilyuz, Sigarzghar! You're back on your feet, I see," Cider exclaims as she steps into the doorway, smiling at you with lidded eyes as she beckons you into her quarters. "Please, jidhlu -- come in, come in!"
No. 910515 ID: 891b91
File 154210879236.gif - (318.32KB , 1024x1024 , 1-000-4.gif )

You cross the threshold and step into a compact, dimly-lit room. A large, ornate rug extends from the entrance to the back of the room, serving as a placemat for the unevenly-arranged furniture: a plush couch laden with pillows, a couple of leathery beanbag chairs, a weathered fold-up chair, and a circular coffee table centered between them. A large, shaded window spans the back wall, through which filtered sunlight spreads across the room; in front of it, a kneeling desk rests against the wall, festooned with a scattering of miscellaneous documents and writing implements. A thurible is chained to the ceiling in the center of the room, diffusing the gentle scent of incense into the air.

"Now, I'm sure you have many questions, fyura sabiha," Cider continues as she saunters deeper into the room, her robes trailing behind her like the train of a dress. She gestures to the furniture gathered around the central coffee table. "But first, have a seat and get comfortable, hmm? Sit anywhere you like, I'll only be a couple minutes." She disappears through the archway in the right wall.
No. 910517 ID: 5adf99

The folding chair looks like the most comfortable seat.

Ok not really, but it will help keep you attentive and not too relaxed to get too tired to listen. Sit there.
No. 910529 ID: 7efe6b

Sneak a peek through the archway to see what she's doing. You never know what kind of dangerous things she could be hiding in there.

As far as where to sit, I think the couch would be the best. We'll need those pillows. Also, you should smell them to see if there's any familiar scent there.
No. 910543 ID: f99cdc

No. 910553 ID: 10c408

Take a quick discreet peek through the window then take a seat on the couch.
No. 910559 ID: 1872dc

The right idea. It's also a test, since you don't let someone choose unless you want to see the choice.
No. 910571 ID: 2202fb

Seconding this. These guys seem like either resistance fighters or the mob. Since the govt doesnt seem to have gone to shit, they are probably the mob. Tread carefully.

Also be careful what you think about. We dont know what they may be able to do in your head and you dont want to compromise people by thinking the wrong thing.

Also - and use your best judgement on this - if you think it is safe to do so, bring up this guy's striking resemblance to the tentatwins (darker and sans tentacles, yet the similarity is there). With their speaking a different language, they may be part of this organization.

Try asking the guy what kroy-vons are.
No. 910574 ID: 7efe6b

>it will help keep you attentive
> >>910512 >They discharged you from the infirmary shortly after you awoke this morning, and led you here
We just woke up and you're already worried about being attentive? Also, wouldn't it be better to simply stand then?

>It's also a test
That sounds a bit paranoid to me. So if someone invites you to their home and offers you a choice between tea and coffee, you immediately think the person is somehow testing you? Isn't it more likely that she's simply being polite?

>this guy's resemblance to the tentatwins
> >>/questarch/909424 >a woman
It's a woman. And I don't see any resemblance at all. Snout, ears, hair, eyebrows, fur patterns, tentacle arms, the size itself... they're as dissimilar as they could possibly be.
No. 910581 ID: 2202fb

>test... paranoid
You would be correct if we were just invited into someone's house in a good neighborhood, but we aren't. Plus, these guys are throwing up a lot of mafia flags.

>snout, ears... proportions
On the contrary, these are the exact things i think are so similar. This one looks a bit less lithe as the other two (and is missing the tentacles) but i would believe it if someone told me the twins were this character's nieces.

Additionally, i use guy as gender neutral since i couldnt remember which they were. Tbh though, your response seems kind of overly critical...
No. 910583 ID: 10c408

We woke up without any idea where we are exactly, in an infirmary that is seemingly housed on private property and haven't been told anything at all yet.

Paranoia and suspicion are entirely warranted, given that we lost three whole days after evidently going comatose next to a pair of drug mules.
No. 910608 ID: 9a9e0c

A choice between tea and coffee is a choice between two mostly equal things. Here you have been told to take a seat and have the choice between several seats of very different quality. It's definitely a test. I doubt it's a mafia test. I personally think it's more of a personality test. As such, recline on what looks like a chaise in the background.
No. 910613 ID: 235ba5

If this is a test (which is a non-zero possiblity) then we should stand.
It isn't overtly hostile or disrespectful, but makes it clear we aren't naive enough to get comfortable here.
We seem like we're easy to take advantage of, tbh, so putting on a brave face is probably a good idea.
No. 910622 ID: 05ebc7

That's what I figured- personality test.

Go for the sofa.
No. 910662 ID: 3674e7

Couch time
No. 910700 ID: 75c493

The couch looks comfy.
Also, it would let you see both entrances to the room.
No. 910816 ID: c0641d

We were asked to take a seat, so I think the choice to remain standing would be seen as being defiant (or worse, contrary), so we sit. I say go for the chair. Not for gaming a test, but for merely practical reasons; we like to stay attentive, and aren't that concerned with indulging ourselves on such a trivial matter as butt-position; we are perfectly capable of being professional.
No. 910830 ID: 719d94

There's also the half-standing resting-your-ass-on-the-couch-armrest option. Kind of the worst of all worlds and makes you look like a tool option. But if this is some kind of personality test there could be some value in taking an option that doesn't make you look like you're actually crazy, but also probably doesn't fit on their roadmap.

Would definitely make you look like a tool though.
No. 910832 ID: b1b4f3

Sit on couch, examine stuff on table.
No. 910840 ID: c0641d

Actually, I’m changing my vote to sitting on the sofa, specifically not in the center. If asked to explain our reasoning:
“The folding chair sacrifices comfort and dignity, and the beanbag chair sacrifices professionality and ease of movement. The sofa sacrifices none of that, and gives a decent view of all possible exits to boot. Also, if I sit to one side like so, I guarantee that I don’t rob my gracious host of the seat she was planning on using, no matter what that’s going to be.”

And yeah, if there’s nothing else to do, perusing the table of its contents (see what I did there?) seems like a good way of spending time.
No. 911010 ID: 6ebee4

Gotta take the beanbag chair for sure
No. 911019 ID: 0e2ebe

I wouldn't vocalize the thought process. Giving them anything, including how wary we are or how canny we are, for free is a bad idea.
No. 911052 ID: 15a025

Beanbag chair!
No. 911062 ID: 4c6db0

Be unpredictable and put the beanbag on the sofa. Then finger the beanbag.
No. 911123 ID: c0641d

Hence why I said we should say this if we’re pressed to explain. I never said we should say this out of the blue.
No. 911146 ID: 2cb8b9

I'm saying we should never talk about it.
No. 914612 ID: fafba8

Bean bag all the way. and ask what Sigarzghar means.
No. 914668 ID: 7d9d06

Sit cross-legged on the table. Stare at her defiantly when she returns.
No. 917982 ID: 725bd3

Beanbag, definitely. Maximum comfort must be achieved.
No. 918154 ID: 891b91
File 154781214828.gif - (416.69KB , 1024x1024 , 1-001-1.gif )

>Sneak a peek through the archway to see what she's doing.
Sticking close to the wall, you creep up to the archway and poke your head around the corner; past the threshold is a small kitchenette. The room is furnished with a sense of careful economy: the walls are lined with cooking implements, cabinets, and appliances, while the limited counter space is left free of clutter. With her back facing you, Cider hums to herself cheerfully as she pours steaming water into a teapot. As she turns to stow the kettle, she notices you and smiles warmly. "Just fixing some tea for us," she explains. "It's one of my favorites: an earthy oolong, but with a hint of orange, kind of like Earl Grey. It should only be a couple minutes, make yourself at home!"
No. 918155 ID: 891b91
File 154781216224.gif - (416.81KB , 1024x1024 , 1-001-2.gif )

>Take a quick discreet peek through the window
Quietly, you make your way past the archway and spread the drapes gently, and the bright glow of the sun, or whatever it is, streams in from above. The window is actually a sliding door connected to a narrow balcony; eyeballing the height, you'd wager that this is the third or fourth floor of the building. You can't see what lies below it without going outside, but the line of rooftops in the distance curves down and to your right, suggesting that this place is at the top of a hill.
No. 918156 ID: 891b91
File 154781217425.gif - (541.97KB , 1024x1024 , 1-001-3.gif )

>Also be careful what you think about. We dont know what they may be able to do in your head and you dont want to compromise people by thinking the wrong thing.
You consider the idea that these people -- Vesper? You aren't sure -- might have the ability to read your mind, if the effect the glyph had on you is any indication. Being cautious about your thoughts comes to mind, but, ironically, you feel like you'll need to think about what thoughts you ought to censor, if you can even truly pull off such a thing. You have no idea how you'd be able to tell whether they're reading your thoughts, anyway.

>examine stuff on table
A pair of strange objects rest on the circular coffee table. The purpose of the bell-like item is unclear to you, but judging from the crumbs of ash beside it, you'd guess that it has something to do with the incense burning in the thurible. The square card is more mysterious; you reach out and touch it, prompting a hologram to leap to life from its surface. A still, three-dimensional photo of a small group of people hovers in the air before you, and you quickly recognize a couple of them. In the center is Cider, who has been captured in mid-laughter as she pulls in the the pair of friends (or so you assume) flanking her. Everyone involved seems happy to be there -- except for Matteo, who stands rigidly off to the side in an almost military fashion, with a sour expression spread across his face.

Unsurprisingly, tapping the square card again dismisses the holographic photo.
No. 918157 ID: 891b91
File 154781218836.gif - (148.84KB , 1024x1024 , 1-001-4.gif )

You get the sneaking suspicion that Cider might be testing your personality, based on where you choose to sit; you aren't sure whether that's just your imagination talking. It occurs to you to try something provocative to "beat" the test, but you dismiss it; you think it might be best if you feign innocence for now.

The sofa seems comfortable enough; you plop down on the left-hand cushion, since it gives you the best view of all possible exits, as well as leaving room for Cider, should she want to sit on the couch as well.

>you should smell pillows to see if there's any familiar scent there.
You grab the nearest pillow and give it a whiff, although it makes you feel like some kind of weirdo. The pillow smells mostly like the incense flooding the room, leading you to assume that Cider uses the stuff quite a bit. Deeper in, however, there's a subtle, pungent undertone that you can't quite place, something that's been there or has built up there for a long time now. Your best guess is that this is just a musty old pillow with musty old smells.
No. 918158 ID: 891b91
File 154781219740.gif - (308.01KB , 1024x1024 , 1-001-5.gif )

The tinkling of porcelain rings out from the kitchenette, startling you; you nearly throw the pillow across the room out of panic, but you manage to regain your composure and quickly stuff the thing between yourself and the arm rest.

"Ah, here we are -- a nice pot of tea!" Cider returns through the archway, daintily toting a basket-like tray by one hand. She carries herself with a serene elegance, which, combined with her thick robes mostly obscuring the movement of her legs, makes it seem almost like she is gliding across the floor. You wonder briefly whether the thick robes are meant to conceal her stature. It strikes you as a futile effort, however, as the robes still drape over her features in a way that hints at them unmistakably: wide, girthy hips; a pear-like figure ending in a round rump; and a heavy bosom that fills out the top half of her attire. You feel a brief twinge of envy as you reflexively compare them to your own modest assets.
No. 918159 ID: 891b91
File 154781221035.gif - (302.20KB , 1024x1024 , 1-001-6.gif )

Cider sets the tray in the center of the table, then fills a pair of mugs with tea, handing one of them to you. "Here you go, Sigarzghar, it's still pretty hot, but once it cools off I think you'll find the citrus makes it quite pleasant," she says, smiling at you warmly.

You sniff the tea suspiciously, but nothing seems out of the ordinary to you aside from the aforementioned hint of orange; as Cider takes a few cautious sips of the hot liquid, you decide that it's probably safe to drink it. A long moment passes quietly as she savors the stuff, and you begin to wonder whether you should say something.

"I like to meet one-on-one with newcomers," she begins suddenly, finally breaking the silence. "It helps with getting accustomed to us and how things work around here, if one's curiosity is first satisfied. You no doubt have questions, which I'll be happy to answer to the best of my ability. Ask me whatever you'd like -- nothing is off-limits."

>We seem like we're easy to take advantage of, tbh, so putting on a brave face is probably a good idea.
You give her a defiant look in response, saying nothing at first, but she just looks back at you patiently, taking the occasional sip of tea. You get the strong feeling that she has a lot of experience with this sort of opposition, judging from her lack of response. "I understand if you'd rather not ask anything right now -- no pressure! The offer's always open, if you change your mind," she adds.

>ask what Sigarzghar means.
You sit there for a moment, before finally deciding that you're better off with more information about your situation than less. You start off with an obvious question: "What does 'Sigarzghar' mean?"

"Translated literally, it means 'little tree,' or 'sapling.'" A sip of tea punctuates the statement. "We use it as a title for newcomers; our calling here is to help Sigarzghars grow into Jarmus, blossoming trees. Once you become a Jarmu, you'll be ready to reintegrate with the outside world." Another sip of tea. "A Jarmu may choose remain here and dedicate themself to our work, eventually becoming a Qatra, meaning 'drop,' as in the drop of petals and the bearing of fruit." A long sip. "I am a Qatra, as is Matteo, whom you met in the hall earlier."
No. 918160 ID: 094652

Question 1:
I stared at some stupid piece of paper and BAM I'm in a hospital! Then you bring me to this apartment and treat me like I'm your newest member and is this even the same space station?!"
Question 2:
"What is it that you do, anyway."
Question 3:
"I need a job, where can I find the nearest bounty board?"
No. 918177 ID: 10c408

...Yeah, Cider puts on such a warm and friendly face I bet she's done this a hundred times and is an expert at reading people and suckering them into a deal they can't refuse.

Start with small questions, let's try not to betray how intelligent and resourceful we can be (though given they took all of our possessions that already might be spoiled).

If she gives you an answer you aren't happy with, just go with it and ask something else. Don't put on a poker face, she's likely to notice and will probably see through it instantly.

In fact, it's probably best to act like you are completely out of your depth here, which shouldn't be hard. Tricky bit is acting like someone slightly dumber than yourself.

"So, you rehabilitate people here? From what exactly?"
No. 918180 ID: c0641d

"I... I think there's been a misunderstanding; I'm not a Zom- sorry, Sigarzghar. I just found that paper in the trashcan in the evac office toilet and accidentally looked at the rune too long. (By the way, the 'lock-in' function on that is way too quick on the draw. You should maybe tweak that.) ... I mean, didn't you think it was weird that it activated there of all places? Anyways, I have a friend that's probably wondering what happened to me, and a lead on a potential murder case that's... probably gone cold, I realize."
No. 918189 ID: acdd32

You could nonchalantly ask if there is a body mod place available and the costa of such a service if you really want to enhance your figure. I mean, might as well ask on your own terms in a way that is as dignified as possible rather than risk getting embarassed later should they have been reading your thoughts.

Additionally this could be useful later on for less cosmetic-type mprovements if the need arises.


As about factions. You could tip your hand slightly and ask if it would be possible to find some friends you made (dont mention names or descriptions for now).
No. 918192 ID: 91ee5f

>the robes still drape over her features in a way that hints at them unmistakably: wide, girthy hips; a pear-like figure ending in a round rump; and a heavy bosom that fills out the top half of her attire.
>You feel a brief twinge of envy as you reflexively compare them to your own modest assets.
I mean, if you had any of that on your body right now, you’d look kinda ridiculous. You should worry about making yourself a little taller first, that way when you do get around to wanting to get any of those other assets, they’ll fit on your body better.

Although, with no money, any sort of body modifications you’d want, you wouldn’t be able to get any of them for quite a while.

“Can you rehabilitate someone that doesn’t know if there’s something wrong with them? Because I’ve got amnesia and I don’t really remember anything about myself.”

>took our stuff
I thought we gave our stuff to Quincy so that she could get them through customs for us? That way she’d give them back to us when we met up with her.

>You could nonchalantly ask if there is a body mod place available and the cost of such a service if you really want to enhance your figure.
Might as well. Wouldn’t hurt to ask, right?
No. 918195 ID: e51896

Might want to ask if you would owe any money or something for getting their help before we get into asking serious questions.
No. 918196 ID: 10c408

We gave the dustbender to quincy so she could sneak it through customs for us. We had everything else on hand when the alarm went off and now that we've woken up, everything is gone except the clothes on our back.
No. 918201 ID: b1b4f3

Okay first ask why you were in a coma. Was that symbol supposed to do that to you? Second, ask where you are(though I suspect you're in the Vesper building). Third, ask exactly what Taffa Syndrome is. You need to confirm whether or not you have it.
Fourth, ask what dust is. It has to do with Taffa Syndrome and the drug itself but the information you found didn't go into details. This question might already be answered from the description of Taffa Syndrome though.
No. 918204 ID: a9af05

If you keep staring at her body like that, she's going to think you're mentally undressing her.

Which is fine if you're into girls, but this seems like the time you don't want to give her the wrong idea, so you might want to be careful with how long you stare at her.

>Body mod place?
Yes, let's ask about that.

>Stuff is gone
Then let's ask where it is so we can get our stuff back.

These are good questions to ask.
No. 918205 ID: 2202fb


Lets not show our hand completely. We should keep any possible vulnerabilities to ourselves (even the obvious ones like the amnesia). Explicitly asking for help would show them that we trust them and that we are willing to open up to them. We are not ready for that. Keep this a business relationship for now.
No. 918211 ID: bad12e


Cool, we're part of a secret society and/or cult, now!
No. 918221 ID: ebd50b

Keep staring at her chest. If she notices, explain that you were just wondering what her breast size was.

As for the less important things, you can ask about
- glyph's purpose; what exactly happened when and after you looked at it
- vesper goals and why are they helping taffa syndrome sufferers
- your possessions
- wards and ward affiliations
- the opportunity Matteo was talking about
No. 918232 ID: c4ea2b

I vote a vague but firm inquiry. i.e.:

"What's the game? Why help me? Philanthropy? Or is there a deeper motive?" Open with that in an earnest, but not hostile tone. You won't be tricked, but you're also not openly hostile.
No. 918253 ID: bad12e


Oh, good point! How DOES that funky glyph thing work and how did we get here rather than a stall in a public restroom?
No. 918254 ID: 158da5

"Sorry but I don't have time for that, I've got plans to take care of." Basically see if you can just leave. And also, think about doing that anyway.
No. 918273 ID: e51896

I mainly want to know what happened after we passed out. Who discovered us unconscious in the bathroom, what kind of crazy things were happening while the alarm was going off?
No. 918279 ID: 91ee5f

But what if she could actually help with the amnesia? We might end up missing out on getting some real help if we don’t tell her.
No. 918281 ID: b1b4f3

We were brought here because we looked at the Vesper glyph, do you really think they aren't already convinced we've got Taffa Syndrome?
No. 918287 ID: 10c408

Those aren't necessarily connected. Yes we looked at the vesper glyph and apparently spent three days completely out of it, but so far we haven't been given any information as to how we ended up under Cider's care. Or even what business/organization Cider represents.
No. 918307 ID: bad12e


This guy gets it. It's not normal to go comatose for a couple of days like that, and we really have no explanation as to why we're HERE (wherever here is), rather than back in a public restroom.
No. 918314 ID: c0641d

I still say we at least make an attempt at making this seem like a big misunderstanding. If we do a good enough job of it, Cider will either A): Believe us, and send us on our way until we're ready to actually seek help for the larger issue at hand after we're settled down, or B): Not believe us, but think we're convincing enough that we can already be considered a Jarmu - we did essentially hit the ground running after we woke up, after all; a few quick pointers on how stuff specifically works around here (government, socio-economic situation, culture, important groups, how dust and frequency works, etc.), and we can be on our way. Ask for exactly that if we don't end up convincing her, because again, we have several things we're leaving in the lurch by staying here.
No. 918328 ID: b1b4f3

The glyph was a thing people with Taffa Syndrome were supposed to look at. I repeat: if you have Taffa Syndrome you're supposed to look at the glyph.
We looked at the glyph, therefore they think we have Taffa Syndrome, even if that's not true. The coma may be normal or it may have been an unexpected complication, it doesn't matter.
No. 918338 ID: 10c408

They haven't said whether or not we have it though. Aside from how long we've been unconscious because of the stupid coma paper we know basically nothing about our current situation, because they've told us exactly jack and shit.

Assumptions are dangerous things to make in such an information blackout that's been heavily enforced by Cider here.

And if we did have taffa syndrome and this IS Vesper that got us out of that bathroom, they would have said something about it by now.
No. 918847 ID: 891b91
File 154833051205.gif - (343.71KB , 1024x1024 , 1-002-1.gif )

"Wait, reintegrate with the outside world? What does that even mean -- are you saying you're putting me in some kind of rehab? I don't even know who you people are!" You protest.

"People in the outside world probably see our work merely as a form of rehabilitation, yes," Cider admits, closing her eyes as she punctuates it with a long sip from her mug. "We don't view it in such rigid, medical terms, however... what we do is more holistic than a simple rehab program. As for who we are, here on Red Shelf we call ourselves Vina-nijma, meaning 'guiding star,' but the outside world knows us as the Vesper Society. Our mission is to aid those whom the outside world rejects and mistreats: those poor souls suffering from amnesia caused by the abuse of raw taffa. We offer them a home, a family, and most importantly, an opportunity to discover themselves as a new person, rather than being shackled to the lives of their qabels -- their predecessors."

"But what does that have to do with me? I've never touched raw taffa."

"Sigarzghar, you--"

"Penny," you interrupt her. "My name is Penny."

"...Penny," she begins again, slowly and deliberately, "you're suffering from taffa syndrome. Your qabel, the person who inhabited your body before you, drank raw taffa to erase her memories. She died, creating you in the process. You woke up in an unfamiliar place, unable to remember who you are or how you got there; You were covered with a strange, red powder -- this was your qabel's own dead dust, killed by the taffa and expelled by your body during her death throes. You found our flyer, and eventually you looked at the capture-glyph printed on it, which exploited a vulnerability in your dust to temporarily take control of your body and deliver you here. In your case, it made itself known to police officers who were fortunately nearby to handle some kind of disturbance, and they then brought you to us."

"I... I think there's been a misunderstanding. I'm not a zom-- sorry, I mean, uh, 'cigar-scar?' I don't have taffa syndrome. I just found that flyer in the trash near the Concourse customs and looked at it for too long... I mean, didn't you think it was weird that it was activated in a bathroom, of all places?"

"Penny, we know you have taffa syndrome. Think about it for a moment: if our capture-glyphs could work on just anybody, do you really think the powers that be would let us distribute them, let alone produce them? We're a small ward, we don't have the power to decide that for ourselves. We're allowed to do it because the glyphs only work on people suffering from the syndrome. The optical vulnerability they exploit is created by taffa poisoning, by killing dust that would prevent the glyph's signal from reaching the rest of the system." Her demeanor darkens, her visage turning solemn. "And we aren't the only people who can produce these glyphs... body hunters and other traffickers use them too -- because in the outside world, who's going to care if a 'zombie' goes missing? It's better that we take advantage of that vulnerability -- and fix it -- before someone else with far worse intentions does."
No. 918851 ID: 89b4c8

This is outrageous! Demand that she bakes you something as compensation.
No. 918853 ID: 4da535

And what exactly does “fixing this vulnerability” entail?
Also, you make it feel like i’ve just been abducted by a cult... shit, this is a cult, isn’t it?
No. 918855 ID: c0641d

"I mean... did it at least sound convincing to someone who doesn't know how that works? I was thinking I'd at least be convincing enough to graduate to Jarmu already. I mean, the idea of me being forced to kidnap me doesn't seem appealing, so I guess you make a fair point. Still, that whole 'discovering and establishing the new you' thing you're talking about? I was in the middle of doing just that when I decided to give that rune a harmless glance before throwing it away, thinking it would just bring up info like that business card I found. I do in fact have some irons in the fire already; a friend I still need to meet up with, and a possible lead on a possible murder case. Is there any way to expedite this process?"
No. 918863 ID: 2202fb

Probably patching their backdoor they made to Penny's brain.


Ask what other memetic exploits you are currently vulnerable to. Concede that you have TS, but ask her how you can trust her. Ask her if she has ever seen the movie Total Recall; are you even in reality right now?
No. 918865 ID: bddb0f


Say, a little waspishly, that you are certainly loath to be taken advantage of. Begrudgingly settle down into the couch and admit that perhaps you're a little unfairly blaming them for the scare of your life - if you could have felt scared, at least - and WOULD like a PRIMER ON BASIC FACT-OF-LIFE STUFF and a bit of Q&A. Add, with a grimace, that getting KO'd out of nowhere was really not the best way to get introduced. You were doing fine, and feel tricked by their 'capture-glyph', and now you apparently have to 'qualify' to even leave their ward? It's inconvenient.

How you can 'fix' this exploit in your mind and how long will you have to beware holographic pop-up ads in bad neighbourhoods?

Ask what happened to your stuff. Have all your possessions been confiscated, or are they around here somewhere? You had a few people you wanted to talk to at Gansett and in the Councourse. Those plans were a TAD disrupted by what has happened. What's required for you to leave, and how long does it take to get it?
No. 918866 ID: 158da5

Sure, do this
No. 918867 ID: 2202fb

This is still too trusting. Additionally, it sort of seems confrontational which isn't a good approach at the moment.

If we absolutely need to, we can ask for the primer and such, but lets try to find out as much as we can on our own instead of just what one resource says.

We might be able to ask for a newspaper(equivalent) and/or (e)books on life.

We clearly know some things, but we definitely dont know others.
No. 918874 ID: 10c408

If everything Cider just said is true, then the backdoor is already there because of taffa syndrome and pretty much anyone with the know-how and awful intentions can take advantage of it.

As for what to do next... Try not to cry, fail and then cry a lot.
No. 918880 ID: 864e49

Okay yes fine I probably have taffa syndrome but I'd still like some answers.

Where's all the stuff I had on me? Some of it I think was pretty important in ways I don't quite know yet and speaking of there where some other things I was planning on doing before everything went to shirt and I'd still like to do them so am I allowed to leave, are you people in charge of me now, are there things I'm not allowed to do or places I'm not allowed to go?

Oh and also something that's important, YOUR FUCKING GLYPH PUT ME IN A COMA FOR THREE DAYS!
The fuck is that all about? Is that normal? I should hope not cause if that's the case then I'm lucky that I decided not to use it when I first woke up in that ruined city or I would've been taken away like the other three.

Well aside from all that the only other questions I have are if it's normal to still kind of have memories from my past and if you can think of any significance of a red fox and a blue fox both of which have both their eyes on one side of their faces?
No. 918883 ID: b1b4f3

>red dust is dead dust
Shit, that means those other people in the basement were zombies too. They got taken away, we should report that.
Also ask if the vulnerability is permanent. Are you going to have to avoid looking at those glyphs forever?

Then ask what you'd need to accomplish to be considered a Jarmu, and how long that'd take. You made a friend and agreed to go scrapping with her.
No. 918887 ID: 91ee5f

“So what you’re saying is that you brainwashed me to come here to let you fix me to prevent me from getting brainwashed and kidnapped by body hunters and other traffickers. Is that right?”

“Because if you can help fix whatever is wrong with me so that I don’t get affected by those glyphs anymore, then that’s what I want. I don’t like the idea of someone else using those glyphs to kidnap me!”

>Are you going to have to avoid looking at those glyphs forever?
Cider told us that she’d help fix that so that we’re not affected anymore. And she said that we should let her fix that before someone else with far worse intentions uses those glyphs to kidnap us.
No. 918889 ID: 094652

"Okay. Still, is it normal for four people to enter a suicide pact in the same taffa den? And why do I think I'm a human?"
No. 918891 ID: bad12e


Okay, okay ... let's walk things back a bit.

What we know of the things is thus:

- She knows WAY more about our circumstances than she has any reason to unless this really IS a more common occurrence than we realize.

- Everything Cider has described insofar mirrors our experiences.

- We don't know anything beyond one hell of a migraine after looking at the thing and blacking out, so ... maybe this glyph deal isn't so ludicrous after all.

- Taffa is something serious. Something really, really bad, and "dust" can evidently be used to alter one's own body / mind / metaphysical qualities.

If so -- and this is a BIG if -- that means that two very important items need to be inquired about: the "dust gun" in the case that we talked to Pompadour-chick about (I forget her address), and the vial of maybe-it-was-medicine.

Does Cider have either of those? If so, can she show you the medicine bottle and help make sense of it?

She's right; we've got gaps. Big ones. Really, huge, gaping holes in who and what we are (because right now, we don't even know WHAT we are). Cider's the only chance we've got right now, and it doesn't look like we'll be receiving many other choices.
No. 918894 ID: 2202fb

Here's a question to mull over.

What if someone forced someone else to consume raw taffa? Wouldn't that be murder without a corpse? What if your past self was assassinated? It is an interesting word choice on Cider's part to say that your past self died. I mean, you are still you, you just dont have memories, but memories arent the only thing that is you.
No. 918895 ID: 0e2ebe

That's a matter of opinion. Different people are going to have different views on personhood.
No. 918933 ID: 10c408

Cider has only explained the aftereffects of taffa syndrome as it relates to our current status and hasn't talked about the entire process from start to finish.

Which I'm sure is absolutely horrifying.
No. 918938 ID: 053cbb

I think the most important thing here is to remain collected. An emotional outburst would get you nowhere. Try to breath, organize your thoughts, and think about what you want to say.

I think you should ask what happens to you next; what kind of process exactly does she want to send you through? how long does it take? Can you leave at will?

Ask that last one very carefully, phrase it hypothetically. If pushed, state that you have friends you would wish to see on the outside, but don't name names whatever you do.
No. 918964 ID: caf1de

i wanna know why we were in a coma

yeah what was with those fucking dogs
No. 918986 ID: e51896

"I apologize if I sound frustrated, but I didn't much appreciate being put in a coma. couldn't a phone number, or a alarm or something sufficed without the knockout? Or at least a written warning of me being put in a coma after looking at the glyph? I felt a little bit lied to..."

this. Lets just stay calm. No need for outbursts.
No. 918988 ID: 10c408

Drug mules from the looks of things. They were gonna get busted so they freaked out and started flushing the goods.
No. 918989 ID: fd2d31

Goddamn, imagine carpetbombing enemy population with aerosolized raw Taffa and pamphlets with carefully crafted glyphs.
Ultimate non-lethal weapon.
No. 919012 ID: a9af05

If she can fix us so that we don't get brainwashed anymore, then I say that we should let her fix us!
No. 919056 ID: ac10e5

No yelling. Stay calm. Even on the diminishingly rare chance that these people have it in for you, an outburst isn't going to do anything positive for your situation.
No. 919064 ID: 158da5

>emotion is bad
It makes people empathize with you! If she's actually legit she'll care if we're upset. If an emotional outburst actually hurt things, this is a situation we definitely need to escape.
No. 919115 ID: b1b4f3

You can express anger without yelling.
No. 919118 ID: 158da5

And that could be interpreted as unfeeling, or intimidating. Is that what you want to do, or who you want Penny to be? I like an emotional, fiery Penny, personally.

[spoiler]I'll leave it there, any more definitely needs to go to the discussion thread.[/thread]
No. 919205 ID: 30f4b7

Well, the fact that they seem pretty culty and they're obviously willing to employ mind control to drag people in against their will, rather than just seek them out and offer help raises so many red flags.

....ask to be let go. See if they'll either help you get on your feet, keep their hooks in you, refuse to let you go, or throw you out without help so you have no choice but to come to them.
No. 919207 ID: 10c408

The flyers are a method for seeking out and trying to help. Yes, it's mind control but so far this could be so much worse than waking up in someone else's personal clinic.
No. 919288 ID: 2202fb

That is what it looks like on the surface, but who knows what may be underneath that.
No. 919289 ID: 10c408

We're going to need time and information to figure that out one way or the other. Oh hey look, we've got both right now.
No. 919295 ID: df5c09

Say you're glad that you got a genuine Vesper Society glyph page and not some malicious impostor page. You say this because just thinking about it a bit, you think it'd be easy for those with nefarious intent to make glyph page books that look just like the Vesper Society's except for a different glyph. You assume the Society has to have had such trouble before and those in it who distribute the books are always on the lookout for fakes.
No. 919736 ID: 891b91
File 154910882376.gif - (186.54KB , 1024x1024 , 1-003-1.gif )

I changed Cider's text color to grey to make it a bit more readable when using tgchan-BLICK's invert colors feature.

"Fine," you acquiesce, settling into the couch and folding your arms, "I don't remember anything before four or five days ago." Or much during the past three, thanks to you, you think to yourself, suppressing the urge to say it out loud. "But why put me in a coma for three days? Don't you find that worrying?"

"It is worrying, especially because we haven't figured out what caused it." Cider sighs -- you get the impression she was hoping you wouldn't ask. "It's never taken more than a couple of hours for newcomers to wake up, once we've deactivated the glyph's programming. Until you came here, that is. Our best guess is that there is something unusual about your dust's structure -- but as for what it is, or why it's there, we don't know. What's important, though, is that you're here now, safe with us."

"Okay, you say I'm safe, but what about those glyphs? Didn't you say you'd fix things so they wouldn't affect me?"

"Our capture-glyph patches the vulnerability automatically, actually. We think it should have been successful in your case, but we're a bit wary of testing it out to make sure. I think you should... be careful around glyphs for now, just in case."

"Well, that's reassuring. Are there any other mind control devices out there that I should know about? And how do you know there aren't people making fake copies of your glyphs, to get people like me?"

She either ignores or doesn't notice your sarcasm. "None that we know of. If they exist, we're as in the dark about it as you are. As for counterfeits, traffickers have tried it before, so we make the rounds pretty regularly to swap out our books. With the right equipment, we can test them and find out what they're programmed to do, so when we find fakes we pass them off to the authorities. It's not a perfect solution, but it does help make counterfeiting a bit more trouble than it's worth, for them."

"Great. So I guess I need to become a, uh, 'jarmu' to get out of here?"

"Penny, becoming a jarmu is about more than 'getting out of here.' It's about grounding yourself in a community and, within that context, coming to learn who you are, independent of the qabel who came before you. Will you then be able to leave Red Shelf of your own accord? Yes, not because we let you, but instead because you'll be truly capable of making that decision for yourself."

"I've already been 'discovering myself' and managing on the outside just fine, so far. The fact that I made my way from the ruins of the old city to the Concourse on my own demonstrates that I'm pretty capable, if you ask me. I've even made a few friends along the way, one of whom I was on my way to meet before your glyph threw a wrench in my plans. So I think I'm more than capable of handling life on the outside, and I'd like to leave."

"Penny... please, let's not make this difficult," she pleads, her placid demeanor breaking slightly to reveal an image of genuine concern. "At least give our way of life a chance, I promise it'll help you more than you think."

"Well, if I play along and do things your way, maybe you could take my experience into account and expedite things a bit, at least?"

"It isn't my choice to make, I'm afraid. Graduating a sigarzghar to jarmu is decided by a majority vote among all qatras, so the most I could do is put in a good word for you with the others. And I can't do that in good conscience until I'm convinced you're ready to thrive in the outside world."

You sigh -- your frustration is rising, but you're doing your best to remain calm. "Okay, then," you respond coolly at first, before tempering your demeanor, "what do I have to do to become a jarmu? More importantly, how long does it take?"

"As I said, becoming a jarmu is to become a part of our community, and through that come to understand who you are as a person. Family is an integral part of that, and to that end our community here is split up into seven dars, or houses, one of which you will join. As a member of a dar, you will take part in its collective responsibilities to the community -- and be compensated for your work, of course -- in order to learn a trade you can use to support yourself in the outside world. While our community is fairly tight-knit overall, your housemates will naturally be those you grow closest to, forging friendships that help complete you as a person." She takes a moment to finish her tea, setting the mug aside. "Eventually, based on your progress, the qatras leading your dar will recommend you for graduation to jarmu. The amount of time it takes to reach that point varies from person to person, but in most cases it takes between two and five years."
No. 919737 ID: ad51b8

... OK THEN! These jobs, can you give some examples on what they are and how much do they pay. Is it at least minimum wage or are they more like internships where I should be happy to be getting anything at all. I'm not expecting a high paying job like a doctor or anything but I do want to know if I'm at least getting the same wage as an unskilled worker like a factory worker on an assembly line who could at least make enough to live off of or if I'm living off charity with a few bucks thrown my way here and there.

Also how much does room and board cost? Both for living in one of these dars and... I don't know a cheap apartment. I want an idea on what the poverty line is around here.
No. 919741 ID: dd5242

Look I acknowledge that going back now is probably dumb without any actual skills but at least It’s real, it’s hard to take your “offer” as anything but a joke or a scam when I seemed to be doing well enough on my own.
You’re basically asking me to give up on the life I was partway through building myself so I can do it again but in a “safe” gated community where the big bad real world can’t hurt me. I know it wasn’t much of a life yet but i’d only just started.

But how about this... I’ll spend a day or so here to see what it’s like and decide afterwards whether or not I stay for real, sound good?
On an unrelated note, where are my things?
No. 919742 ID: fd2d31

Sounds more and more like a petty but creepy cult.

Time to tell her that if she doesn't allow you to leave right here, right now, no strings attached, then it's nothing more than that.
No. 919743 ID: 158da5

Five years? Definitely a cult. That's the kind of time frame that by the end of it, they're going to say "no no, you need another year, at least!" and never let you go.

But it's way easier to escape if they don't know you want to. Also maybe there's others who want to leave. So lie and say you'll give it a shot.
No. 919745 ID: 10c408

...Yeah, this basically is a friendship cult. Everything that Cider here is offering comes with some very massive, sprawling strings attached. Five years is a hell of a long time to work with when your goal is to convince someone that yes they can leave but they should totally stay instead.

Lie and say you'll go along with it.
No. 919747 ID: bddb0f


Take a deep breath and re-calm down. At least it was an honest answer.

State matter-of-factly and without (much) rancor:

You, Penny Ainsley, being of sound mind and body feel just fine - surprisingly, perhaps, but you do - and not to belittle the work of the Vespers, but you do not want to stay on Red Shelf for years of 'pseudo-familial integration'. You want the independence to move around - and you want to talk with people you've already met. You had a line on a potential job and information on what may be a missing person from down in the Old City to pass on. In a pinch, you have holo addresses you could call or send messages to.

You get what the Vespers seem to be about, but you don't seem to require their services as they intend to give them. If they really want to help, then yeah, there's plenty they could do for you that you'd want and you'd even repay it with work or money, but if Cider wants you on board for a years-long process... she should sell you WAY harder on why this is to your benefit. Cigar tzar or zombie - you are apparently high-functioning enough to not act as a child (or worse). Your main stumbling block is your ignorance, and that, thankfully, has a fairly simple cure.

Now, what happened to your stuff?

And, in her breadth of experience with sufferers of Taffa Syndrome, do people tend to remember anything from their old lives?
No. 919750 ID: c0641d

"I... get the feeling arguing with this is pointless. I still have some questions, though:"

Start counting on your fingers.

"1: Getting the potentially easy solution out of the way; are you legally allowed to hold me here against my will?

"2: What's your policy on contact with the outside? I want to let my friend know I'm okay at least, and if I can't finish the investigation I ended up inadvertently starting, I can at least turn in my evidence and testimony to someone who can. I'm pretty sure the victim's employer will be interested in picking up the lead.

"3: Can you tell me what each dars specializes in? I'm particularly interested in information services or investigative positions, as that's what I feel I'm best suited for.

"4: What's the fastest it's ever taken to graduate to Jarmu? I'm just curious about what the current record is right now."
No. 919751 ID: 91ee5f

>The amount of time it takes to reach that point varies from person to person, but in most cases it takes between two and five years.
This is the point where, if you’re drinking your tea, you spit it out is surprise! Also known as a spit take.
No. 919752 ID: b1b4f3

So this is like college, where you're not allowed to drop out.
Well, you have one advantage here. You might be able to recover more memories. Tell her you'd like to make investigating your unique condition your first priority, since you remembered something during your coma. Something related to one of the items you were carrying. Where are those, by the way?
Also yeah ask what kind of jobs you can train for. May as well get some training while you're here.
Lastly ask how you can use email. You don't know your own address.
No. 919754 ID: 2202fb

Remember to inquire as to the possibility of your past-self being murdered. While self-inflicted amnesia may be the most common, it seems like it would be fairly easy to assassinate someone without a trace.
No. 919763 ID: df1b0b

"Is there a sorting hat that picks my dar? Because if there is, I am NOT ending up in Hufflepuff." Say this in a comedic deadpan. (Is that too meta?)

Go for a noncommittal sarcastic response. Don't make it backhanded. I understand how frustrating all this is, but Cider is obviously entirely convinced of her own self righteousness. The harder you push, the less she'll listen. If you try and say 'this is unfair' she'll respond sympathetically, but in her mind she'll immediately write you off as a 'lost sheep' in need of guidance.

Agree to jump through her hoops, but continue to sound apprehensive, or she'll become suspicious.

We'll figure out how to escape later.
No. 919782 ID: 2202fb

emphasis on escape.

This seems to be a safe place for now for us to take control of our mental and cyber security.
No. 919792 ID: 10c408

As was just mentioned, the glyph should have patched the security hole in our head it used.

Given that our case is out of the norm, though... Well, it doesn't sound like Vesper has the facilities needed to investigate our coma instance further.
No. 919795 ID: 15a025

>Two to five years
This is sounding more and more like a trap.

Seconding asking about if they can legally keep you here.
No. 919810 ID: 2202fb

We are not in control. We have been told they fixed it, but until we have access to our own interworkings to see what is there, we are not in control. We dont just want a pre-setup pc, we need to be a power user!
No. 919815 ID: 10c408

It's not a good idea to perform anything remotely resembling brain surgery, on yourself. We also can't trust Vesper with it, so long as we're under their friendly thumb. The best case is that we get out, re-establish ourselves elsewhere and then quietly start doctor/technician shopping.

Let's not outsource our desktop upgrades to this place, their couch smells like sex and they might be daft enough to fully enable cortana, mcafee and goodness knows what else when we asked them to install linux.
No. 919824 ID: e51896

Lets not talk about what we saw during our coma, specifically that building we saw before waking up from the coma. If we plan an escape at some point, and they remember you talking about that building, they most likely will know that you will head that way at some point.
No. 919839 ID: 2202fb

I am saying we can learn to do it ourselves while we are relatively safe here and then escape once we are done.
No. 919854 ID: bad12e


Well, let's discuss options and scenarios:

All of this sounds a little too good to be true. We've only seen two, maybe three other people in our waking time here, yet she talks about the place as though it's huge and large enough to house a hundred people or more -- a commune, essentially.

Which is fine, and getting paid to do some basic duties and just live a while is probably better than we can get outside, BUT -- and this is the important part -- being stuck here in a place we know nothing about, and know next to nothing about ourselves, for an upwards of five years ...?

That's asking a lot of someone who may have just "survived" suicide.

On the other hand, we could leave, because Cider has given us every indication that, while severely reluctant, we are allowed to do so. But if we do so, there's no knowing if this glyph thing isn't going to turn us into a walking space-case again and we know nothing.

So in that cases, courses of action: we ask Cider about our stuff, where it went, and if there was anything on our person -- like a mysterious bottle with a faded label -- which might give us a sense of who we are or were.

From there? The success rate. How many wake up in a pit down on the surface with nothing but a bottle of some kind of medication and their "dust" or whatever it is sprayed all over the ground in front of them, and then manage to miraculously become this "jarmu" thing through what sounds a lot like a form of group therapy?
No. 920132 ID: 834378

I'm all for staying here, as that's definitely the best option for us now, but we first need to take care of the unfinished business that we left behind. We need to get the dustbender back from Quincy (or at least tell her that she can keep it), we need to contact Delaney with the evidence, and inquire about their agent Moira.

So tell her that you'll agree to her wishes, under the condition that she lets you talk to a few people on the Gansett shelf first.
Altho, I suppose all of those could be done right here, through holo, while Delaney can simply send someone to fetch the evidence case.
No. 920539 ID: cbcfcb

Agreed, we should stay for now but stay on guard and find ways to escape and learn what Vesper really is. Be patient and dont give away your plans. It's likely others may have similar plans as well...
No. 920542 ID: 05ebc7

It might be worth taking advantage of anything they give you for the time being, although I'm worried about if they have any procedures to prevent runaways. They can't be so stupid as to not anticipate such attempts.
No. 920543 ID: 05ebc7

Also, you're gonna have to play it ICE FUCKING COLD. In a manner of speaking. They probably expect you to start out that way and then slowly subvert you somehow. But above all, you cannot let them do that. Trying to 'fit in' also runs the risk of 'becoming the mask'. You don't know what you were, but you at least know what you are right this second- you create who you are every day you live. THAT'S what's important.
No. 920552 ID: 2202fb

Found a thing that may be relevant:
No. 920560 ID: 10c408

Sweet summer child...

if this really is a cult, we're never going to be allowed to do any of that. We'll likely be unable to even have a phone and any computers we're allowed access to will be loaded with a keylogger and other such things.
No. 920561 ID: b1b4f3

Why are you spoilering that? If they start restricting our freedom then we escape. Don't act like we can't say no once we say yes. The only time that's applicable is when contracts are involved.
No. 920562 ID: 4294c6

Everyone freaking out about being trapped here are missing the fact that they took control of Penny's body to bring her here. If they wanted to do something sinister, then they wouldn't have ceded it back to her.
No. 920564 ID: 0e2ebe

That's not how cults work. Getting us here is all they really need to ensure, after that it's all emotional exploitation.
No. 920579 ID: 891b91
File 154980116670.gif - (297.10KB , 1024x1024 , 1-004-1.gif )

Your stomach drops at hearing that figure. "Two to five years?!" You're lucky that you haven't touched your tea, otherwise you probably would have sprayed it all over the place.

"Yes, Penny. I understand that may be a little shocking to you, but keep in mind that we are essentially helping you build your personality and identity up from practically nothing. It's lengthy and takes significant effort, but the end result is much better than the treatment offered elsewhere. We seek to help you create genuine memories, rather than the soulless, artifically-constructed ones they force on our kind in hospitals."

"So my choice is between being forced to live here for up to half a decade, or having phony memories forced on me? What if I don't want to go through with any of this? Are you even legally allowed to keep me here against my will?"

"We are legally obligated to keep you here, in effect. Or, rather, you are required by tripartite law to stay here with us or go to a hospital, due to your condition. If the police had found you before you used our glyph, you would have been taken to a hospital -- and one of us would have visited you there, to try to convince you to come here instead. I refuse to keep anyone here against their will, however, so if your heart is truly set on leaving, we can bring you to a hospital and leave you in their care. I apologize if that doesn't seem like much of a choice."

"Well, you're right about that -- it doesn't feel like much of a choice. But I guess I'd rather be stuck here for years than having some doctors mess around in my head, so... I guess I'll stay here and play along." It's a lie; you have zero intention of remaining here any longer than is necessary. While these people strike you as a bunch of cultists, you think you'll probably have better luck escaping from them than from a hospital. Maybe you can even find a few others who want out, too, and take them with you. "But before, um, my coma, I was trying to get to Gansett Shelf. I'd still like to go there, if possible."

"Wonderful!" Cider practically beams at the news, and there's no outward indication that she suspects your lie at all. "I know all too well how frightening this all is, but someday you're going to look back on this decision and realize it was one of the best you've ever made. Mark my words! As for visiting Gansett Shelf, I'm sure we can arrange for a chaperoned trip sometime soon. Now, shall we get started with getting you settled in, or was there anything else you wanted to know?"

"Well, I had a bunch of stuff on me before I used the glyph, but after I woke up yesterday it was all gone. Where is it?"

"Don't worry, all of your things are in your temporary quarters. Our standard procedure is to go through newcomers' possessions, just to make sure there isn't anything dangerous or illegal. While you had a couple questionable items, it was nothing that we could justify confiscating; the objects you've collected are part of the beginnings of forming your own identity, so we try to tamper with it as little as possible."

"Questionable?" You ask.

"Just a couple minor things. One was a medicine bottle, we think, although we weren't able to identify what it might have held. I assume it was just some junk you grabbed for one reason or another, but it did raise a couple eyebrows. There was also the evidence case -- there was some blood inside it, so we cleaned that out since it was a biological hazard. Out of curiosity, did you already have these things when you first woke up?"

"No, I found them in an abandoned shop." It's a partial lie, but you think it's probably for the best if she thinks you just happened across the vial. "So uh, is there a sorting hat that picks which dar I'm joining? Because if there is, I am NOT ending up in Hufflepuff." The look of confusion on Cider's face tells you the joke flew right over her head.

"Hufflepuff? Is that a reference to something, or..?"

"It is, it's a reference to --" you pause when you realize you aren't sure what you were referencing. "Um, I don't remember, actually."

Cider chuckles knowingly. "Ah, well, don't let that worry you. It's very common for a new sigarzghar to find small fragments of their qabel's memories left over here and there. They'll fade over time, like dreams."

"Oh," you reply, mulling it over for a moment. You suppose that explains the vision you had during your coma -- just a sliver of your past self's memory that wasn't wiped out completely. "Well, anyway, I meant to ask how you choose which dar I'll join."

She smiles. "The choice is made mutually between you and the dar's leadership. The qatras in each dar will decide whether their dar should invite you to join them; you'll be given a day or two to become acquainted with those that invited you, and then you'll announce your decision at your ismijiet -- your naming ceremony -- where you'll take on the name of your dar, becoming a fully-fledged member. I expect that tomorrow we'll have some invitations for you."

"Do the dars specialize in certain fields?"

"Yes, actually. Dar Ormi serves as the shelf's administration and local government; dar Nevian specializes in finance and commerce; dars Blin and Zahra handle maintenance of the shelf, with dar Blin focusing on engineering and dar Zahra focusing on construction; dar Grixti staffs our eateries and cafeterias; dar Balzan is home to our artists and entertainers; and dar Funtana -- my dar -- is our medical and spiritual center."
No. 920580 ID: 891b91
File 154980118409.gif - (422.13KB , 1024x1024 , 1-004-2.gif )

You start to ask about the kind of pay offered by the various dars, but you're interrupted by someone knocking suddenly.

"Come in!" Cider calls to the door, prompting it to slide open.

A very fluffy, maned creature steps into the room. "Cider, Polenta's waiting to see you downstairs--OMIGOSHISTHATTHENEWSIGARZGHARAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Her voice becomes an energetic shriek as she bounds over to you and scoops you up into a bear hug.

Cider doesn't miss a beat -- apparently this is very normal behavior for this person. "Wow, it's already eleven? How time flies!" She observes your helplessness for a moment before continuing. "Penny, this is Jarmu Rosalyn, one of my aides. I'm late for a meeting with Qatra Polenta, so I'm afraid I have no choice but to cut things short. I'm sorry for not giving you more of my time, please know that my door is always open -- well, figuratively speaking -- so feel free to stop by anytime you'd like to have a chat. Now, unless there is something on your mind that truly can't wait until later, Rosalyn will take things from here and help you with moving into your quarters and getting acquainted with life here."

"Your name is Penny? That's so cuuuuuuuuuuute ahahaha!" In her excitement, Rosalyn squeezes you a bit tighter than you'd prefer.
No. 920584 ID: 10c408

Start shaking your head back and forth since your arms are pinned. Hopefully they'll get the hint and at least relax their hold on you.

Any who... Whether or not Cider bought our lie, ask if Rosalyn here is going to give us a tour (without further bear hugs) and answer questions.
No. 920585 ID: ad51b8

No. 920586 ID: fd2d31

>"We are legally obligated to keep you here, in effect. Or, rather, you are required by tripartite law to stay here with us or go to a hospital, due to your condition. If the police had found you before you used our glyph, you would have been taken to a hospital -- and one of us would have visited you there, to try to convince you to come here instead. I refuse to keep anyone here against their will, however, so if your heart is truly set on leaving, we can bring you to a hospital and leave you in their care. I apologize if that doesn't seem like much of a choice."

"So you're gonna play-pretend with a "us versus them" scenario that you're the better choice despite being 2 to 5 years worth of ball-and-chain? what about conveniently leaving a window open or doors unlocked so that I can leave without all the hassle from either choices? or doesn't that fit with your "benevolent ruler" image you like to cultivate?"
No. 920587 ID: 10c408

ffs don't actually call them out on their bullshit. We trying to be sneaky about getting out from under their thumb.
No. 920588 ID: 158da5

Tell her to be gentle! Geez, gotta wonder (out loud) how helpful someone this excitable could be.
No extra questions right now, for Cider.

Are you serious? We just lied about wanting to stay here, it would be a terrible idea to ask how we could leave illegally.
No. 920593 ID: bcc41d

Ponder the unsettling fact that you could easily fit your head inside Rosalyn's toothy maw. Offer a pained "Ex-squeeze me." to hint to her that she should perhaps stop breaking your back as if readying to stuff you into her mouth like a broken pretzel.

Say that it's nice to meet her - your full name's Penny Ainsley - once she lets go, and offer a more normal handshake. If she's an aide to Cider, you'll want to stay on her good side to get gossip and information from her - not that I think this will be hard, the way she's acting. (Must've embraced her new identity perhaps a little too enthusiastically.)

You'll want to learn more about the Dars and what they do, but my immediate impression is that Funtana - Cinder's spiritual/medical one - and Blin/Zahra - engineering/construction - could be good ones to join. The former because we appear to have a few vague memories intact that seem to indicate scientific, biological/dust knowledge, so training medical know-how might be in our bailiwick and could trigger additional memories. If any skill-memories survived, that'd be a useful way to shortcut some of the training-for-life they seem to think you require.

The latter, Blin/Zahra, because if they're surveying and constructing things, they'll have hovercars or whatnot. If we really want to make a break for it off this shelf one day, having access to those could be handy.

Request that Cider think about two things, no need to answer right away:

1 - Is it possible to form new Dars, to start a focus on new skills and industries? This will indicate a go-getting attitude that may lull Cider even more into a false sense of security regarding your acceptance to stay here.

2 - Are there temp jobs for the Dars that you can help out with, given the community festival that's apparently taking place soon? That way you can get to help out and experience multiple Dars' ways of doing things before you decide (and you get to scout out what they actually do and which might grant you the best means to escape, if you so wish).
No. 920594 ID: 91ee5f

>dar Grixti staffs our eateries and cafeterias
Hey, Penny, since you seemed to be envious of Cider‘s body, maybe going into the food business would help you get the same curves that she has?

>dar Funtana -- my dar -- is our medical and spiritual center.
Then again, you could also get into the medical studies to get access to body mods, if you want to get some curves that way.

>In her excitement, Rosalyn squeezes you a bit tighter than you'd prefer.
No. 920601 ID: 094652

"Stop playing Rubik's cube with my skeleton!"

Also, they don't know Terra A.D. 2000 pop culture. That's not weird. What is weird is that you do. Keep using references and see if they can jog your memory.
No. 920606 ID: bad12e


Teeth. Teeth. TEETH.
No. 920608 ID: ae9056

Ask if anybody else got admitted to Vesper within the last few days.

Don't tell them this but I remember when we first woke up, there were a few other unconscious just like we were. And then later we saw some authority figures come down presumably to the place where you woke up to. Perhaps they bring those unconscious people here to
No. 920615 ID: cbcfcb

I'd aim for Balzan primarily, with Blin as a backup, also be sure to ask if it's possible to modify... assets?
No. 920616 ID: 158da5

If this doesn't end in self acceptance we will have failed Penny.
No. 920617 ID: 86eb65

Motorboat the excited lady.
No. 920618 ID: 05ebc7

Dar Ormi actually might not be a bad one; with this you'll be plugged into all the know regarding the local politics, useful information to have...and manipulate, if possible.

dar Nevian would be similar, but you'd have to really work that silver tongue- you could make powerful allies by slipping someone a few extra bucks in their paycheck here and there later on (or maybe skim a few cents off the top for you), or maybe doing some 'creative accounting' to make sure projects that would benefit you happen. dar Blin would be excellent if you wanted to figure out escape paths and general lay of the land, and dar Zahra for if you want to know structural weakpoints and get your hands on potentially high quality tools for digging.

With your own emergent skillset, you might be more brainy than brawny, though, and while dar Funtana might seem like a good fit for that, you'd be under the direct and most CERTAINLY watchful eye of the boss lady herself (even if she'll be pretending she's not to look nice), so I'd not recommend that one.

On the whole, I'd recommend dar Ormi, if only because I think it fits with her analytic style of thought.
No. 920621 ID: 5bdd53

Dars Blin and Funtana both seem good because they use more brains than brawn, but offer more practical skills than the other brainy dars. Preferably Funtana over Blin so we can learn more about Dead Dust, because it seems like there's something seriously messed up about people having "dust" in them that can "die" and it doesn't sound natural at all. Funtana and Blin seem like our best bet for going back to that old, dead city we found ourselves in before we came here, and I think there are mysteries there we have a destiny to investigate.

Hug the excited lady back, cause if we're gonna be stuck in this cult for a while we better start making friends.
No. 920622 ID: 05ebc7

As stated, I don't like the idea of getting into dar Funtana simply because we'd be under the perview of High Leader Cider herself, and we'd probably get away with far less 'questionable' things (that would allow us to better prep for escape) than we would if we were a degree or two separated.
No. 920623 ID: b1b4f3

Ask to be let down please.
No. 920624 ID: 080aaf

Just buy yourself some space in the hug with your hands. Also try averting your eyes. This isn't such a bad place to stay, all things considered!
No. 920643 ID: a9af05

All of this.
No. 920667 ID: 834378

Well, hug her back I suppose. Also, motorboat, but without motor.

"Hello soft lady~"

Seems she likes to meet new people? Ask her if she always gets this excited.

As far as choosing a dar goes, as Cider said, let's wait to see which invitations we get and get more info on the dar's.
No. 920673 ID: c0641d

I think Ormi might be the best fit for our mindset. They'd be the closest to security and information services, after all.
No. 920675 ID: 864e49

I still think we should mention that there were three others that got taken away, as well as those two foxes.

And also maybe ask what their policy on fraternization is?
No. 920681 ID: 2202fb

Ask about martial arts. While they definitely aren't a militaristic organization, martial arts is more than just fighting. They probably have something to some degree.
No. 920777 ID: 7f0aac


Once all the TEETH aren't so close to your everything, we should ask Cider which house she feels we are most likely to enter — essentially a thinly veiled way of asking what she thinks our personality is or will be.
No. 920850 ID: 4c908d

Cheep like a small mammal in distress. Like a hamster or a rabbit.
No. 920856 ID: bad12e


Perhaps like a ... cutebold?
No. 922053 ID: 891b91
File 155049047486.gif - (273.79KB , 1024x1024 , 1-005-1.gif )

>Ponder the unsettling fact that you could easily fit your head inside Rosalyn's toothy maw.
>Teeth. Teeth. TEETH.
You quickly regret thinking about this, and silently hope that you haven't stumbled across a den of cannibals.

Wriggling your body, you attempt to buy yourself a little more breathing room, but Rosalyn's strength is too much for you. "I....can't.....breathe!" You gasp out, hoping she'll ease up on you, but apparently she can't hear you over her own shrieking!

>Motorboat the excited lady.
>motorboat, but without motor.
You get a crazy idea -- frankly you're a little embarrassed by it, but drastic times call for drastic measures. If you can't get through to Rosalyn with your voice, maybe you can communicate through her chest! You jam your face into the mounds before you; while her breasts are fully concealed beneath her top, the soft, stretchy fabric quickly gives purchase as your snout plunges into the pillowy depths. They're remarkably soft, and as you begin violently shaking your head left and right -- made more difficult by the heftiness of her chest -- you can't help but think that in a different context you might actually enjoy this.

Your lips graze past a nipple poking through the fabric, thick and stiffened from the sudden attention, eliciting a loud squeal from Rosalyn.
No. 922054 ID: 891b91
File 155049048774.gif - (474.58KB , 1024x1024 , 1-005-2.gif )

She bursts out laughing and loosens her grip on you, nearly dropping you in the process as she hastily sets you down. "Whoa, nelly!" She cackles, idly massaging her breast. "That's the friendliest welcome I've had in months!"

Cider chuckles. "Roz, I'm pretty sure that was Penny's way of telling you it was time to put her down."

"Damn, I might have to hold you upside-down next time!" She notices your immediate look of concern. "Kidding, kidding!"

"Um, how about we start over? It's... nice to meet you, Rosalyn." You raise your arm up, offering your hand to her. "Not to mention, um, interesting. I'm Penny Ainsley."

Roz grasps your hand and gives it a firm shake. "Rosalyn ta' Balzan, but just call me Roz." She flashes a toothy grin whose exact meaning eludes you. "Seems like we're doin' things a little out of order here, but eh -- when in Rome!"

When in Rome? It sounds familiar, and you know what the expression means, but... Rome? What is that, exactly? You feel like you should know, but you're drawing a complete blank. You decide to dismiss the thought for now, but it still prods you a little from the back of your mind.
No. 922055 ID: 891b91
File 155049050058.gif - (344.23KB , 1024x1024 , 1-005-3.gif )

"Well, Penny, it was very nice meeting you," Cider interjects, "but I really need to get changed for that meeting. Rosalyn will take things from here and help you get settled in."

Roz nods in agreement. "C'mon, let's go scope out your room."

With that, you follow her out into the hall. "So, do you always get that excited, Roz?"

She grins sheepishly. "Yeaahh... kinda. People say I overdo it, but I really, really can't help it. I just love it when we get newcomers!"

"Oh, speaking of," you add, "Has there been anyone else new here in the past few days? Or am I the only one?"

"Funny you should mention that! A new girl joined us a couple days ago, and you two'll be rooming together 'til your ismijiet. Her name's Mint, and she's a real sweetie!" Roz frowns a little. "The past couple days've been tough for her, though. She's been getting some killer nightmares, they've really done a number on her mood. So, y'know, be extra nice to her, okay?"

"Okay, I'll try." The two of you start heading down a flight of stairs. "So uh, that's it? No one else?"

"Nah. Before you and Mint, the last time we had newcomers was maybe a few weeks ago. Why do you ask?"

"Well, when I woke up a few days ago, I was in a room with a few other people. They all had the red powder on them, like me, but they were still unconscious. I saw them being led onto a ship later on, so I thought maybe they'd ended up here."

"Did you see a metal spine kinda thing on their backs and running up their head?"

"I saw guy putting something like that on one of them, yeah."

"Ooh, ouch. I hate to break it to ya, but those people? They were hollow. Like... the lights are on but no one's home."

"You mean they're braindead?"

"Nah, not braindead. They just took such a big overdose of taffa that it wiped 'em out completely." She continues speaking as the two of you start heading down a hallway several floors down. "The spine thing controls the hollow body, makes it easier to move 'em around. I hate to say it, but by now some guy's prolly fixing 'em up for the black market."
No. 922056 ID: 891b91
File 155049051455.gif - (320.90KB , 1024x1024 , 1-005-4.gif )

Roz finally stops at a fairly nondescript door. "Anyway, here we are, room 136!" She chirps as she swings the door open.

The room is relatively small, with a bunk bed pushed up against one wall and a closet, standing mirror, and a couple chests of drawers bordering the opposite wall. Ample light streams in through a bay window, which spans the width of the room. A thin, lanky girl sits on its cushioned seat with her back to you, gazing outside.
No. 922057 ID: 891b91
File 155049052586.gif - (266.93KB , 1024x1024 , 1-005-5.gif )

"Mint, sweetie," Rosalyn calls out cautiously, "We have a new friend for you -- this is Penny, she's a sigarzghar too... you two are gonna be roommates for a little bit, okay?"

"...Okay," Mint finally responds in a tiny, forlorn voice. She doesn't so much as turn her head to acknowledge you.

"Is there anything I can get you? Something that'll help you feel better?"

".....No thanks, I'm fine." She punctuates it with a small, despondent sigh.

"Okay sweetie, well, you just let us know if you need anything at all, okay? We wanna help you."

"I know, thank you..."
No. 922058 ID: 891b91
File 155049053783.gif - (376.98KB , 1024x1024 , 1-005-6.gif )

"Alright!" Rosalyn starts again, her previous enthusiasm fully returned. "How about we get you out of this ratty old thing --" she tugs at your jumpsuit for effect "-- and put together a wardrobe for you, hmm?"
No. 922059 ID: ad51b8

no that's... wait, how long have we been wearing this thing? Yeah, maybe some fresh clothes will be nice. hell while you're at it ask if they have a shower or a bath around her that you can use. I mean sure we're planning on ditching these guys when we can but doesn't mean you can't take advantage of the free room and board they're offering.
No. 922060 ID: bcc41d

>Motorboat save
This becoming a thing made me chuckle.

>When in Rome
Ask Roz about the saying. Does she know what it means?

... and if she doesn't, what does it mean that you both kind of knew it? That you were once part of the same culture or group who used similar idioms?

Sure, you wouldn't mind a second set of clothes, but you'd like to keep the jumpsuit. It's got deep pockets and if you pick one of the worker dars, you may as well save some money on getting work clothes.

Say, that's a thought. Does receiving the clothes, food, room and board put you in some kind of immediate or long-term debt? Obviously you're not receiving everything for free... are you? How is that kind of stuff tracked here?

(When you remove the jumpsuit, check the innards for a tag or logo for signs of manufacture or even sharpie-written name initials - the clothes you were wearing when your old self overdosed are a clue in and of themselves of who they used to be.)
No. 922061 ID: 91ee5f

Can we also get some food? Being asleep for a few days without eating means we’re most likely starving right now!
No. 922063 ID: 834378

Sure. How do we go about picking our wardrobe? I hope they have some options because my mind is empty. Except for some sort of standard crop top with thicc boardshorts.
No. 922064 ID: e51896

>Say, that's a thought. Does receiving the clothes, food, room and board put you in some kind of immediate or long-term debt? Obviously you're not receiving everything for free... are you? How is that kind of stuff tracked here?
If I remember correctly from the previous thread, isn't Vesper non-profit? I think we're fine as far as money goes.

Scary, human (or rather people) trafficking on those hollow people. That could of been us if things got worse. I hope those people weren't someone we knew in our past life. If so, we might have to save them maybe.

anyway, Mint has been having nightmares? we had a dream while we were unconscious that felt very real. Perhaps ask if sigarzghars tend to have weird dreams often. (Don't mention what you saw in your own dream. keep it a secret)

also, I'd leave Mint alone until she feels better. Let her approach you when she is ready.

Lastly, the clothing, we'll get new clothes, but ask if we can keep the jumpsuit for later... (unless she literally tears the jumpsuit off your body, as she seems very forceful... oops, try not to think about how lewd that is)
No. 922067 ID: 124d9b

If we are changing clothes, we should look for clothing with lots of pockets on the top and bottom, for inventory space. Just planning ahead.
No. 922069 ID: f1a100

Rome is or was a city-state in Italy. At one point it was an empire that encompassedthe entirety of the mediterranean. By the way, what planet are we on?
No. 922070 ID: 05ebc7

Wardrobe good, would like to keep the jumpsuit, though. The pockets are hella useful.

As for what kinda wardrobe? I think we're more cool with stuff that's comfortable, yet practical. Pockets are a must on all things, and it needs to cover us well enough. Maybe something light, yet with darker colors for casual wear (and fashionable contrast).

Agreed, but don't put it so harshly. Just ask 'do I owe anything for all of this?'
No. 922071 ID: 05ebc7


I'm thinking she'd look good in cargo pants? Shirt is variable. I dunno about a jacket or anything like that, though.
No. 922074 ID: b1b4f3

Ask her what her belt's for.
No. 922078 ID: fd2d31

So what? camo colored cargo pants, tanktop and pilot jacket?
No. 922082 ID: 094652

Oh good, you're not the only one with dead knowledge from a planet your qabel could never have experienced under normal circumstances. Ask if they have any theories about these phrases - maybe it's just cosmic alien dust that siggies are susceptible to when they reincarnate.

>New wardrobe
"Does it come with a bra, or is that also an alien concept to you? No, no, I like your prominent independence from support."

"Roz, did you hug the joy out of this fluffy little pastry?"
No. 922100 ID: 2202fb

Wow, she is not ashamed of her body.

Get something utilitarian
No. 922102 ID: 2202fb

how about sports bra and cargo vest
No. 922105 ID: fd2d31

>sports bra and cargo vest
So next you're gonna say army boots and a punk haircut along with the cargo pants, just to complete the 90's punk hacker look?
Punk hacker Penny.
No. 922106 ID: fd2d31

Shit, i forgot the fingerless gloves and color tinted sunglasses, can't go without them.
No. 922108 ID: 2202fb

need that good pp
No. 922109 ID: 05ebc7

Sounds nice, actually!

Also let's not talk about that out loud.
No. 922110 ID: bad12e


Let's keep the jumpsuit but make it look a bit less like our GRANDMA's jumpsuit.

Cool onsie-thing with more of trunks (just above the knee?) and shorter sleeves because we aren't afraid of showing off our TOTALLY SOFT AND SNUGGLEABLE BODY.

And maybe a neat top as well, like those cool jackets worn open, like you see on cool characters.

No. 922134 ID: fd2d31

Since you're obsessed with showing off the soft floof, then it'd make more sense to trim clothing down to something like a two-piece sports swimsuit, strapon thigh pockets for carrying things and maybe a optional jacket if the inherent floof isn't insulating enough against the elements.
No. 922136 ID: 2202fb

might as well just go naked.
No. 922181 ID: 158da5

Clothes would be great. Underclothes especially.

Also could she quickly give the definitions for the more unique words when she says them? Just to get us used to them.
No. 922876 ID: 891b91
File 155091695807.gif - (377.98KB , 1024x1024 , 1-006-1.gif )

"Sure, I guess," you reply, "but if I could just get some underwear that'd probably count as the best thing that's happened to me all week!"

"Can do!" She pauses, studying you for a moment. "Hmm. Sports bras okay? Er, no offense or anything."

"Sure, and none taken," you say diplomatically as you shove a wave of embarrassment to the back of your mind. "Oh and, what was that word you said earlier? Ismee-shit?"

Roz chuckles. "I'm sorry, I keep forgettin' that you're new to all this jargon. It's ismijiet-- that's the naming ceremony where you'll announce which dar -- uh, house, that is -- you're gonna join."

"...So um, do I have to pay for any of this? And is there a bath or shower somewhere I could use? I could really go for one right about now."

Roz shakes her head, smiling. "Nope! It's all charity, paid for by the dars. And sure, we can go down to the bathhouse once we've put together a few outfits for you! I could use a deep shampooing myself." She glances past you, to Mint. "Hey Mint, hon, you're welcome to come with, if you'd like!"

"...no thank you," Mint squeaks out, hesitating for a moment.

"All right sweetie, you just let me know if you need anything."

"I will.."

Roz nods, then turns her attention back to you. "Alright, wardrobe time!" She snatches the zipper of your jumpsuit and cheerfully yanks it down to your navel.

"H-hey!!" You exclaim in shock, grabbing her wrist in an attempt to wrestle the zipper back from her.

"Relax Penny, it's just us girls here!" Roz chuckles -- she seems to think this is much less of a big deal than you do. "Besides, I can't figure out what size you wear while you've still got this baggy thing on!"
No. 922877 ID: 158da5

I don't see how that's a relevant reason! She's already proven to be too frisky for the "all girls" line. I mean, you do have to undress to get new clothes, but that doesn't mean you have to go at her pace! Set up some boundaries, like "hands off" and "no more references to cunnilingus".
No. 922880 ID: bcc41d

>Everything's gratis
Hm, no 'debt' per se, though you're still pigeonholed into become a working, contributing member of the Vespers. All charity must be funded somehow. At what point do you start earning your own pay - and is any of that pay diverted to Vesper causes, as seems likely? Who/what funds the charity?

Well, she's grabby, but not wrong. All girls, and Mint isn't even watching. Carry on removing your jumpsuit - with help if she's still at it - while grumbling to Roz that she's gotta stop surprising you like this, you hardly even know her - or know if you're into girls like her!

Then realize you may have accidentally doth protested a little too much.
No. 922884 ID: 91ee5f

Don’t forget to ask for food! You’ve been asleep for 3 whole days, you must be starving right now!
No. 922888 ID: e51896

>>922877 agreed, can't have random strangers forcefully stripping us without permission. Jump backwards away from her and tell her "I know it's just us girls here, but I know how to undress myself, thank you very much". we can't be too submissive.
No. 922891 ID: d8bdca

Wonder if the bathhouse is mix gender bathing. Hope that it is not mixed gender bathing...


secretly hope it is mixed gender bathing
No. 922892 ID: 05ebc7

That's what I'm wondering, too. Even charities have to get funding from somewhere, even if it's donations. It's part of why I want to go dar Ormi. That level has a lot of oversight, most likely, but also a lot of potential power to wield.
No. 922914 ID: 10c408

This place just keeps getting better and better. :|

Quickly wrap your arms around your chest to keep the jumpsuit from falling off entirely.

"E-even so!"
No. 922916 ID: fd2d31

"If you're going to continuously invade my personal space, at least invite me to dinner first"
No. 922924 ID: d8bdca

Struggle to keep your clothes on, even if your efforts accidentally cause your clothing to get ripped off accidentally by her in the progress. You're pride is at stake.
No. 922937 ID: 15a025

Tell Roz she should relax a little and slow down. You can do things on your own.
No. 922957 ID: bad12e


At least wait until we're somewhere to properly measure!

(I guess this is turnabout for our motor-boating, huh ...)
No. 922974 ID: d7c643

If it makes you uncomfortable to be naked in front of her, than you should tell her so. You can be firm without being rude.

Though, in my opinion, you shouldn't feel awkward or embarrassed about being naked. You should feel comfortable in your body with or without clothes.

You're cute regardless of clothing.
No. 922978 ID: b1b4f3

Tell her if it's fine for you to be naked then she should be naked too.
No. 923002 ID: 834378

This. Use an excuse that you want to try her suit on.
No. 923004 ID: bad12e


Oh! This is clever.
No. 923007 ID: 5f9e6d

Errybody get nekkid.
No. 923047 ID: 2202fb

Didn't you say when you first woke up that you felt like you used to be a dude?
No. 923314 ID: e982e2

Wait, you both remembered to close the door... right?... right?!?
No. 923824 ID: 891b91
File 155143966462.gif - (249.44KB , 1024x1024 , 1-007-1.gif )

You clutch an arm around your chest, attempting to keep the jumpsuit from falling down. "E-even so! Let's take a bit slower, okay? I hardly even know you, let alone whether I'm into girls... and you could at least invite me to dinner first!"

In retrospect, you think you might have said too much.

"Whoa now, don't take my horsin' around so seriously!" Roz chides you, laughing. "Far be it from me to judge you for your preferences, but I wasn't hittin' on you! Now c'mon, let's get this jumpsuit off already."

You hop backwards a step, inadvertently dragging the zipper all the way down before Roz finally relinquishes her grip. "I can undress myself, you know!"

>Don't forget to ask for food! You've been asleep for 3 whole days, you must be starving right now!
Actually, you ate last night and this morning at the clinic. It was crappy hospital food, but food nonetheless. You are starting to feel a little peckish, but it can wait until after you're no longer indisposed.

>Didn't you say when you first woke up that you felt like you used to be a dude?
You don't remember thinking anything like that, but your memory about that whole situation is a little fuzzy at this point.
No. 923825 ID: 891b91
File 155143967037.gif - (206.11KB , 1024x1024 , 1-007-2.gif )

"Alright, alright," Roz chuckles. "We'll go at your pace."

"Isn't there somewhere a little more private than this? Maybe a dressing room?"

"These bedrooms are as private as it gets around here, y'know."

You walk over to the door and swing it shut. "Fine, but we're keeping this closed."

"Man, Penny, you really gotta lighten up! What's the worst that could happen?"

"Someone could see me naked!"

"Well, if I'm gonna help you put together a wardrobe, then I'm gonna see you naked, aren't I? And Mint too, if she turns around to watch!"

"Not likely," Mint yawns. "I'm too tired to care about seeing naked people..."

"Fine, then someone else could see me."

"So? What's so bad about that?"

"I... I don't know! If you don't think it's so bad, then why don't you get naked?"

"Eh? What for?"

"Maybe I'd be more comfortable with it that way. Besides, I wanna try on your outfit."

Roz giggles. "There's no way this thing'll fit you, but I'm sure I can find something like it in your size. Or make it myself, if push comes to shove."

"Looks like I'm not the only one who's reluctant about getting naked!"

"Ha! You sure about that?"

"Sure looks like it to me."

"Is that so?" Roz flashes a toothy grin.
No. 923826 ID: 891b91
File 155143967735.gif - (258.93KB , 1024x1024 , 1-007-3.gif )

Roz's clothing hits the floor, defying your expectations.

"There, feel better now?"
No. 923828 ID: ad51b8

... you did not think this though did you?
No. 923832 ID: 7f0aac


"Oh no. She's hot" in 3, 2, 1, …

In all seriousness, though, you're around two people who seem at ease with you. Maybe things started a bit faster than you were comfortable with, but you've set some boundaries and (over)played your hand.

Time to lighten up and just do our best to roll with it.
No. 923835 ID: e51896

...Is nudity not a taboo in this world? So far, 3, maybe 4 people we have met didn't seem to care about any sort of nudity (the guy who saw you unzipped your jumpsuit at the beginning when you were seeing what gender you were didn't seem to care, Quincy wasn't wearing underwear when you first met her, and now these two don't seem to care, even when the door was open)

Not to mention, there was a strip club outside we saw earlier that had a hologram of a nude girl pole dancing... uncensored.

ask "is nudity not taboo or something? Is public nudity even legal?"
No. 923836 ID: 947d34

"...Fiiiine, I'll remove the stupid jumpsuit... but I'm not throwing it out, I'm still keeping it for later"

Afterwards, nervously strip your jumpsuit off with a slight embarrassed shiver. Once your jumpsuit is removed, cover your naughty bits, you have your dignity to protect after all.

(...Later question yourself if you actually enjoy the embarrassment of being seen naked by strangers)
No. 923845 ID: a9af05

Try not to stare at her chest and try not to be jealous of her being bigger than you.

Fail and continuously stare and become jealous of her size compared to you.
No. 923851 ID: b1b4f3

No. 923854 ID: 7d9d06

On the bright side, this is an awfully effective way to learn whether you are into girls or not!

Then again, you might just be into Roz... she seems like a category in of herself.
No. 923855 ID: 834378

Repeat after her and drop your clothes, except you'll probably be taking an embarrassed pose as compared to her content one.
No. 923856 ID: adb07a

Confusedly admit to yourself that you felt 'something' just now.
No. 923866 ID: adb07a

Save yourself for Quincy!
No. 923869 ID: e2f5cc

First you should realize she shaved her crotch specifically.

Secondly notice that even if you were the same size as her, Roz would still be bigger than you in every way (Optional: realize you have the big gay)

Thirdly attempt to step up to her calling your bluff and let her figure out your measurements with seemingly no tape to do so with in sight.
No. 923871 ID: fc5514

Also do all this while doing that peek through your hands thing.
No. 923911 ID: c0641d

Honestly, realizing we aren't completely straight and admitting as such is an excellent excuse for us to admit that that suggestion was a mistake and ask her to put her clothes back on.
No. 923919 ID: 10c408

Well then. penny, you know the saying "beat them at their own game"? This is the opposite of that saying.

At best, you can turn sideways so that you aren't looking directly at her and she can't directly get as much of an eyeful as you just did before stripping your jumper off and demanding a towel or a sheet or SOMETHING.
No. 923946 ID: d3a890

Realize the fact that you just got a lady out of her clothes less than an hour after you met her. You must be devilishly charming.

Well, when a girl removes her clothes in front of you, it's only polite to do two things, not necessarily in this order: remove your own clothes, and develop a boner.

You might have a little trouble with the latter of the two, so you have to develop a... Wide-on, that's the word, instead.
No. 923968 ID: 891b91
File 155152983642.gif - (232.08KB , 1024x1024 , 1-008-1.gif )

"...Yes," you respond, hesitating for a moment. "But I can't say I was expecting you'd actually do it."

Roz giggles. "Never try to bluff a nudist about getting naked! Now c'mon, it's your turn."

"Fiiine, I'll take this stupid thing off," you moan, finally shrugging the jumpsuit off your shoulders and letting it pool around your ankles. Instinctively, your hands shoot to your chest and crotch in a subconscious attempt to save your dignity, and you turn away to deny her a better view of your body. "Now can I get a towel or a sheet or something?"

"Hey, relax," Roz reassures you, "It's only while I measure you, then you can get dressed again if you want."

>... you did not think this though did you?
You didn't think Roz would call your bluff!

>Realize the fact that you just got a lady out of her clothes less than an hour after you met her. You must be devilishly charming.
You're pretty sure this says more about Roz than it does about you.

You sigh. "Okay, let's just make it quick. Also, I'm keeping the jumpsuit," you add, pulling your eyes away from her chest. "I think I might see about modifying it into something a little less drab."
No. 923969 ID: 891b91
File 155152984457.gif - (441.91KB , 1024x1024 , 1-008-2.gif )

"I can help you with that! Fashion's kinda my thing, it's what I do over in Balzan. I bet I can make it into somethin' really cute!" She flashes that toothy grin again. "...Or something risque, if you'd prefer. Just think about what you'd like and we can talk about it later." She paces closer to you. "Alright, arms up -- I can't take measurements with 'em in the way like that. You really gotta learn to be comfortable in your own skin, y'know!"

Reluctantly, you pull your arms away from your privates, leaving yourself fully exposed, and you shudder gently at the realization of what you're doing. Roz takes another step forward, inadvertently giving you an up-close view of her groin, prompting you to cover your face in embarrassment.
No. 923970 ID: 891b91
File 155152985189.gif - (310.15KB , 1024x1024 , 1-008-3.gif )

>First you should realize she shaved her crotch specifically.
You give into temptation and peek at the smorgasbord of supple, gray flesh and wooly fur standing before you. It's not just her crotch -- her breasts and abdomen lack fur as well. You aren't sure whether she specifically grooms herself that way, or if she just naturally doesn't have fur there. Or maybe a combination of the two. Either way, the sight leaves you quivering, ever so slightly.

>On the bright side, this is an awfully effective way to learn whether you are into girls or not!
Yes. Yes, it definitely is. And you can safely say now that you're into girls -- you admit that you think Roz is, well, pretty hot. Particularly now that she's in her birthday suit.

>you have to develop a... Wide-on, that's the word, instead.
You're pretty sure you already have!

>Then again, you might just be into Roz... she seems like a category in of herself.
There's definitely a physical aspect to your attraction, but Roz certainly has a... unique personality, to say the least. You really aren't sure where your attraction to her lies on the spectrum between "attracted to women" and "just attracted to Roz", at the moment, but given your... biological reaction to seeing her body, you'd wager this isn't limited to her.

>Save yourself for Quincy!
Quincy... why did she pop into your head just now? You guess Roz kind of reminds you of her, and looking back on it you think you felt pretty attracted to her as well, although the situation you were in at the time made it difficult to acknowledge that fact. Still, it's a little early on for you to worry about saving yourself for anyone, you think.
No. 923971 ID: 891b91
File 155152985972.png - (246.05KB , 1024x1024 , 1-008-4.png )

"Hey, c'mon now, you don't need to cover your eyes. I don't look that bad, now do I?" She chuckles.

>Honestly, realizing we aren't completely straight and admitting as such is an excellent excuse for us to admit that that suggestion was a mistake and ask her to put her clothes back on.
You remove your hands from your face and do your best not to stare, but the temptation is rising. "Okay, now I definitely know I'm into girls, which is making the fact that you're naked much more awkward for me, so could you please put your clothes back on?!" You grab your jumpsuit from the floor, clutching it against your chest defensively.

"Sure, if that's what you want. But is it because you wanna look at me and feel like a weirdo for it? 'Cause you really don't need to feel that way, I'm totally fine with it, everyone has urges after all. I'd prolly find it flattering, even."

>When you remove the jumpsuit, check the innards for a tag or logo for signs of manufacture or even sharpie-written name initials - the clothes you were wearing when your old self overdosed are a clue in and of themselves of who they used to be.
Feeling blindsided by Roz's question, you distract yourself for a moment by peeking down the jumpsuit's neck to see if there's a tag. Sure enough, you find one sewn to the inside. There's some text printed across it:


No. 923974 ID: c0641d

Huh. Guess that could explain our (normally) calculating nature. Best not to think too hard into it, though. Just another item for the ticket line when we eventually get in contact.

"Look, maybe I just don't like getting turned on unless I explicitly want to be. Does that make me a weirdo?" "Look, can you please just put your clothes back on and get this over with so I can do the same?"
No. 923975 ID: 834378

I guess we aren't modifying this jumpsuit after all.

Heh, don't get too wet from Rosalyn's survey of your body. Come to think of it, you really ought to rub one out relatively soon. And we know what you'll be thinking about when you do.

Matteo of course! Those strong arms of his holding you tight, that annoyed look on his face, you just can't forget about it!

Anyway, get your measurements taken and then you can dress back up. Should ask Roz how long it would take to produce your wardrobe and what should you do while you wait.
No. 923979 ID: e51896

Awesome, we are learning so much about ourselves. so it seems we are into women, and we were in some way involved with Delaney... (still doesn't explain why we were going commando...)

Now I wonder this: are we exclusively gay, or bisexual? Are we also into men as well as women? It would probably be more fun if we are bisexual

Also, the jumpsuit really brings home the fact that we really need to get to Delaney. For now, we should not let Vesper know about us being involved with Delaney and keep that a secret... just in case.

um... oh, right! you're still naked. I think to get off the mind about nudity and avoid making us even more nervous, we should probably ask Roz about her history with Vesper.
No. 923981 ID: eceda8

Hang on, so what's the 'property' here - your jumpsuit or your (past) self?

Just something that needs to be taken into account, given that we know that Taffa'd husks of people are sold on the Black Market. We might need to first investigate whether or not this is just an innocuous request for if you're an employee who was lost on the job - and whether you were an employee or an indentured servant of sorts.
No. 923983 ID: bad12e


Oh. Shit.

What if whatshername, the one whose card we had was our partner ...?
No. 923984 ID: bcc41d

Obscure the tag from Roz and sober up from your sexual fantasies for a second to consider things while she takes your measurements.

Those clothes could've been put on you. Your old self might've just happened to be a random Delaney overdosing on suicide drugs. Or you may have accompanied Moira Elgin, the Dust Forensic Specialist down into the Old City. Two Delaney employees down there at roughly the same time doesn't seem like a coincidence. So what's the story? Your old self and Moira pursued a lead down in the Old City, Moira got shot, runs off to heal and hide her evidence case... and your old self goes off to take suicide drugs? Seems hella suspect. Maybe your old self was forced to do raw taffa. Would be hard to prove, which makes it a good cover-up. Heck, maybe Moira got hurt trying to escape the same fate your old self suffered.

That means even if you're legally a 'new person', you'll get wrapped up with this case and Delaney LLC if you contact them. You might also get a real lead on who your old self might've been, since missing personnel tends to stand out - and on that note, the Vespers probably DON'T want you pursuing this lead, since it goes against their entire philosophy of breaking with your past life and discovering the new you. So keep your suspicions of your old identity a secret, as well as your plans to contact Delaney - which you should do relatively soon. At the very least you should report your past life's 'death' and the thing with Moira's bloody shirt and the dustbender.

Hm. Something else.

Remember 'Preston?' He got nervous around you and wanted to leave while you were talking to him and trying to fish for information - while at the same time being interested in you, your conversation with Quincy and trying to fish for the location where you found Moira's stash. I think he might've recognized you - or your suit. He certainly seemed uncomfortable in your presence, and he seemed surprised that you didn't know or recognize Moira. So, here's a theory.

Preston is familiar with you - or with Delaney uniforms and recognized you were wearing one - and he may be, or work with or for, someone who did not want Delaney poking around in the Old City. He seemed to know of Moira and was interested in her wherabouts, so he may be connected to her investigation in a bad way. Seeing you - a Delaney person - when he didn't expect you to, carrying an evidence case, exacerbated his nervousness. He may have initially thought you were playing mind games with him - but then realized you were probably a zombie. He might've been scared you'd come to recognize or remember him - because that can definitely happen.

I admit this is a bit conspiracy theory-ish, but for now, note the fact that Preston's nervousness and confusion makes a lot more sense if he knew the old you - or your clothing - were Delaney and he thought you should recognize or know of Moira. That he was interested in the whereabouts of where you found Moira's belongings is a red red flag.

Actually... crap.

He saw you pass over the dustbender to Quincy and then skipped in line to be the next number out after her. If Preston did have connection the the case, Q could have gotten in trouble over the 'bender already. You should try calling to her address, see if she and the 'package' are still alright. Insist to Roz you just remembered you had a meeting planned with a new friend and that you need to tell them what happened. How quickly can you get access to a ... whatever they use for communicating here? Surely holo-calling people is permissible even for new Zigarettes?
No. 923991 ID: adb07a

>Quincy...why did she pop in your head just now?
...Because Quincy was assertive, unashamed and liberated. Who acted genuinely, had an upfront behaviour but didn't seem to take advantage of you, even though she was in a position to do so, and even though she had no qualms about breaking some laws? Quincy is an adventurous go-getter with standards.

Of course you'll see whether she actually pawned your stuff before you fawn too much over these fantasies.

Speaking of, you'll want an outfit that both passes well in society, and lets you go cross country for the kind of jobs, remember, that you owe her. That means tough leather, shin guards and thick boots, miss Croft. Should I draw something for you?
No. 923992 ID: e51896

also, clothing that can help you carry lots of stuff, plenty of pockets.
No. 923993 ID: adb07a

And hidden pockets for contraband.
No. 923994 ID: 57f319

All good.

But if Roz is offering, you might as well. It's positive for both of you!
No. 923996 ID: adb07a

I'd be wary of Roz, actually. And I'd pick carefully the kind of people to add my circle.

You could, just saying, get to know them beforehand.

And let's be honest, you mostly liked Quincy for her big teeth, her aggressive pompadour and the fact that she called you a pancake. It's not like you really need more of a reason.
No. 924010 ID: bfa316

Ask about humans. You think you were one, but you certainly don't look like one.
No. 924018 ID: 41314b

I wouldn't jump to conclusions and immediately say we work for Delaney. Even though we had the jumpsuit on, we were still kind of underdressed for work if we were working for them (lack of shoes, lack of underwear). For all we know, our past self could have wound up naked somehow, and either found that jumpsuit, or was perhaps given that jumpsuit to wear until we find something better to wear.

In any case, we should make sure we don't throw out the suit and keep this Delaney thing a secret.
No. 924029 ID: fc9d03

Dose she have eyes?
No. 924089 ID: bad12e

>Bidnis Card
>Moira's Dead?
>The dustbender

I'm not sure that keeping this secret will be safer for us. Especially not if our past self might have gotten tangled up in this shit before our CURRENT self did so again.

Actually, once we've gotten measurements and spoken with Roz about whether our other personal effects are here (the stuff we were found with), let's go see if we can't talk to Cider again. In confidence. Ask her again about the business card and medicine bottle on our person.

Explain what we found in the jumpsuit and say that there's a chance you're involved with what might be an investigation into the Old City. Say that we started remembering things -- finding the blood-stained jacket with the business card and case, a strange fellow at the intake office who acted odd and rashly with no few questions about the woman on the business card and our affiliation to her, and another woman named Quincy who we really, REALLY need to check in on to make sure she's okay.

Because there's a chance we just gave her the evidence case without realizing what we'd done.

Not to be paranoid, but we're in over our heads right now, Cider's right that we need help to figure out who we are now, and as it stands, she and the other, uh ... Jarmus or whatever are the only ones who can probably authorize us to go talk to Q and we damned well could use a chaperone.
No. 924115 ID: 2202fb

heh, this quest is currently more nsfw than teegee's specifically nsfw quest.


So this is probably a decent time to talk about body modding is you are interested in such a thing. Interest was expressed at getting a more well endowed body, and now that we know about this security thing, it might be pertinent to up our height and build so we can better defend ourself.
No. 924151 ID: e51896

We could ask that... Unpopular opinion maybe, but I kind of like Penny the way she is now though...
No. 924156 ID: bcc41d

A mid-term goal of finding more out about how body modding actually works would be good, though I think Penny's fine the way she currently is. Nor is bulking up necessarily that much of an advantage in a society that has, y'know, guns and stranger things.

We're better off holding our cards close to our chest and saving being honest for when we're out of options or actual emergencies. Cider may have come across as a patient matronly figure and she may legitimately be so, but she's also a leader in an organization whose primary business is making people forget their past life ever existed while trying to turn them into productive 'family members'. The cult-ishness is strong, she is going to oppose us pursuing Penny's past, and we don't know to what extent the noble intent the rest of the organization espouses is real.

That a criminal underground would permit the Vespers to scavenge their zombies is strange already - I mean the book was right there and the goons let Penny go like it was usual procedure - especially when, as Cider chillingly suggested, they could just instead hack our head using symbols, if they wanted.

There may be some connection between the Vespers and criminal underground in the Old City. Perhaps they pay them whenever a zombie happens and it gets back safe. Like a referral fee.
No. 924158 ID: bad12e


Agreed. Adorable flat cutebold for life.
No. 924181 ID: fd2d31

>Interest was expressed at getting a more well endowed body
Might wanna put a pin in that while still investigating the past and why the whole taffa thing happened, and focus on something more practical.
Those huge floppy ears and tails isn't exactly practical and a little more muscle mass wouldn't hurt, and a small stature can be played to a advantage.
No. 924240 ID: 05ebc7

Have to agree with all this. It seems like things are a-okay on the surface, but I've got some questions for the Vesper Society that probably wouldn't fly in polite...well, society. I think we need to learn more about our oh-so benevolent caretakers before we entrust too much to them.
No. 924290 ID: 4ca135

Let other women be endowed. You stay fluffy and adorable.
No. 924296 ID: 2202fb

Regardless of whether we alter our more aesthetic traits (which penny did express interest in at one point if i recall correctly), i think it is more important we do some body modification to improve our physical performance, either by increasing our stature and musculature, reinforcing our body, or increasing our agility.
No. 924408 ID: bcc41d

Apropos of nothing, new far-out theory. Think it's possible Moira turned herself into Penny, using bodymodding? She had the tech - the dustbender - on hand and as a Dust expert she may have had the experience to use it that way. Perhaps it could've helped her deal with those gunshot wounds, too, and she may have wanted to disguise herself after getting in the kind of bind that got her hurt.

Perhaps, in her altered state, she got captured and fed raw taffa by the criminal element.

It seems within the realm of possibility, if unlikely.
No. 924411 ID: a6405f

I'd disagree simply because any paramilitary(security, police, etc. i.e. using military tactics) group worth their salt is never going to send someone in solo. It will always be a group of at least two, although it is usually at least four.
No. 924412 ID: bcc41d

Like, say, four people, perhaps?
No. 924414 ID: bcc41d

Ow, my reading comprehension. I should take a break from theorizing.
No. 924427 ID: 773e32

(Sorry to intrude, but I just had to move a bunch of posts and I'd prefer I didn't have to do that again, so I'd appreciate it if people read >>/questdis/128189 real quick before posting any further suggestions. Ta.)
No. 924511 ID: 4dca91

Let's get some new clothes that are suitable for heavy physical activity in hostile environments. After all, you'll need an outfit for after you've busted out of this joint. Especially if the plan is still to go scavenging with Quincy.

i.e. Fatigues, thick leather, sturdy gloves, tall waterproof boots, multiple layers. Things of that sort.

It would be far too suspicious to ask after the good stuff (Kevlar, ceramics, ballistic fibers), but so long as you can play it off like you simply want some tough work clothes; I'm pretty sure you'll be able to get most if not all of this stuff from these Vesper folks.

As much as 'cute' clothes would be lovely, frivolous attire is for people with time for frivolous activities. Forgive my saying so, but you don't seem to have that sort of lifestyle right now, Penny.
No. 924514 ID: 2202fb

If we are going for physical activity in unknown conditions, lets go with Crye combat gear.
No. 924530 ID: 87dacc

That would be nice, but very sus.

We can't up an ask for military specific combat fatigues from Vesper, there's a certain chance they'd see straight through that, and a guaranty they'd find it suspicious.

One day maybe, but not today.
No. 924566 ID: 2202fb

idk, as long as we dont go for the helmet and vest, we should be able to get away with the boots, pants, top and gloves and just pass it off as a fashion statement or for utilitarian reasons. We did show up in a jumpsuit, after all.
No. 924569 ID: 10c408

Yeah, because asking for a partial outfit from a brand mainly purchased and/or supplied to soldiers isn't suspicious as hell.

Just tell Roz that you honestly feel more comfortable in work clothes than anything too fancy since, to be brutally honest, the jumper is the only thing you've had since you woke up.

And when she inevitably insists otherwise, suggest a compromise for a normal outfit (pants, shoes, etc) that isn't too extravagant.
No. 924573 ID: fd2d31

So practical yet something that can be written of as being "cosmetics"?
I'd assume sportsbra, tanktop, pilot jacket, cargopants inspired workpants, underwear and something like construction worker workboots or work shoes.
Optional but highly recommended if going that route: aviator sunglasses.
No. 925678 ID: 891b91
File 155255834979.gif - (331.23KB , 1024x1024 , 1-009-1.gif )

"Look, maybe I just don't like getting turned on unless I explicitly want to be. Does that make me a weirdo?" You ask, concealing the jumpsuit's tag in one hand. "Can you please just put your clothes back on and get this over with so I can do the same?"

"Nah, doesn't make you a weirdo, I guess it'd be pretty distracting if you aren't used to it." Roz shrugs, stooping down to pull her singlet back up. "Alright, arms to your side and straight out," she commands, stuffing a breast deeper into her suit.

You do as she says, dropping the jumpsuit on the floor, but it confuses you when she starts "measuring" you by briefly placing her thumbs on various spots on your arms and back. "Don't you need a tape measure for that?"

Roz chuckles as she moves on to measuring your bust, carefully avoiding touching you in ways you might not appreciate -- or that you might appreciate more than you'd prefer. "Nah, I've got a mod for that. It's basically a virtual tape measure, real handy for my work."

>Dose she have eyes?
You guess she does, but you can't think of a way to ask that wouldn't come off as rude. She'd probably laugh, but still.

"How does modding work, anyway?"

"It's simple, really. You just go to a salon, tell 'em what you're looking for, and if they can do it they'll program a bender and zap you. It isn't cheap though, even my tape measure ran me like 500 chits."

>Heh, don't get too wet from Rosalyn's survey of your body.
There isn't much danger of that -- compared to her previous behavior, the way she is going about measuring you feels quite clinical. Professional, even.

>Come to think of it, you really ought to rub one out relatively soon.
Considering that you have no memory of ever having masturbated, yeah, maybe some self-love would be in order at some point. If you can get some private time to yourself, anyway.

>And we know what you'll be thinking about when you do. Matteo of course! Those strong arms of his holding you tight, that annoyed look on his face, you just can't forget about it!
So far, you can't say Matteo's made a great impression on you, regardless of his physical qualities. Maybe you'll find him more likeable if you see him in a less sour mood, but for the time being you doubt you'll be thinking of him while in the throes of self-passion.

>Now I wonder this: are we exclusively gay, or bisexual? Are we also into men as well as women? It would probably be more fun if we are bisexual
You honestly don't know, at this point. You don't feel repulsed at the thought of dick and male bodies, but who the dick's attached to you probably matters more than the dick itself. You figure the window-licker is probably the nicest guy you've met so far, but... c'mon, he's a window-licker. (You do admit, though, that that tongue might've been more intriguing if it were attached to a more appealing person.) You think you'll probably get a better idea of how you feel about guys once you meet more of them.
No. 925679 ID: 891b91
File 155255835794.gif - (316.45KB , 1024x1024 , 1-009-2.gif )

"What about body modding?"

Her hands work their way down your torso, presumably measuring its circumference in different spots. "As far as I know it's mostly the same kinda deal, but I think some body mods are grafted on. I really don't think you need it, though, there's nothing wrong with the way you look now!"

"Oh, I was just curious, don't worry. So uh, is nudity not taboo or something? You aren't the first person I've met who's been so... nonchalant about it."

"Here on the shelf? Nah, we're pretty tolerant of it, for the most part. Plus there's the bathhouse, although we do have a small private section with stalls if you really don't wanna deal with the whole communal nudity thing. Other places... it depends on what ward is in charge, really."

"So in other words, I'm gonna have to get used to seeing naked people from time to time."

Roz shrugs, moving on to measuring your legs. "Yeah, pretty much. I think I might be the biggest offender there, but if it really bothers you I can try to avoid you when I'm havin' a 'fuck clothes' day." She chuckles. "Or, y'know, you can always join me. The more the merrier!"

"Um, I'll think about it. Hey, can I ask you a weird question?"


"Why do I feel like I'm a human when I don't look like one?"

"What do you mean, 'don't look like one'? I mean, yeah, of course you're a human, what else would you be? We all are."

That just raises more questions, but you decide to drop it for now. "...I guess that makes sense. Oh and, do you know where my stuff is? I was told they brought it here."

"Should be in one of those drawers." She tilts her head towards the chest of drawers nearest to the door.
No. 925680 ID: 891b91
File 155255836557.gif - (239.02KB , 1024x1024 , 1-009-3.gif )

>Does she have eyes?
You guess she does, but you can't think of a way to ask that wouldn't come off as rude. She'd probably laugh, but still.

>Theories about Delaney, Moira, Preston, etc.
The fact that your jumpsuit belongs to Delaney raises all sorts of ideas and questions about your predicament and who you used to be, with no real answers in sight beyond guesswork. One thing seems certain, though: whoever you used to be, you were wrapped up in this Delaney thing, and maybe you were even connected to whatever happened in that ice cream shop. And so far you aren't convinced by Vesper's whole "you are a new person, let your old life go" ethos, so contacting Delaney to find out more information seems like your best move going forward.

"Also, a few days ago I had set up a meeting with a new friend, but I missed it for obvious reasons, so I really need to tell them what happened. How quickly could I get access to a... whatever you use for communication? Holo, I guess?"

"Hmm. We've got a bunch of hololinks on the shelf, but a sigarzghar using them so early on might raise some eyebrows. I think I could vouch for ya, though. You wouldn't be the first sigarzghar who had a legit reason to make a call, anyway. You swear you just wanna get in touch with this person to explain yourself? Nothing else, right?"

"Yeah, that's it, I swear."

"Alright, I'll see about getting someone over at Ormi to set up an account for you. Just need a username, so be thinking about what you wanna go with."

"No password?"

"Not one you need to remember, your dust'll take care of that. Anyway, that's all the measurements I need! I'm gonna go grab some stuff for you to try on!"

Relieved, you grab the jumpsuit again and start slipping your legs into it. "If it's not too much trouble, I'd rather have work clothes than anything fancy, though."

"Work clothes, gotcha! But don't think that'll get you out of tryin' on some cute stuff too! I'll be back in a few, just hang tight!"
No. 925681 ID: 891b91
File 155255837587.gif - (329.14KB , 1024x1024 , 1-009-4.gif )

With that, Roz heads out the door and disappears down the hall.

"Hey," Mint sighs, finally looking back at you. "You're new here, right?"

"Yes," you respond, a little surprised. She's been so quiet that you'd almost forgotten she was there.

"... Can I ask you a question?"

"Um, sure, I guess."

"Do you feel like there's something... wrong with this place?"
No. 925682 ID: ad51b8

>Do you feel like there's something... wrong with this place?
uhh, well it does feel like it gives off a bit of a cult vibe doesn't it?

Not sure if it's just this place though or the station all together. Right now I'm planning on just experiencing as much as I can and then decide what to do next.

why, what kind of vibe does this place give you?
No. 925683 ID: 06fdc0

"... if there were something wrong with this place, it wouldn't be wise to talk about in the open." *hint hint*
No. 925684 ID: 3674e7

This could still all be a trap to figure us out but.
Yes, ever since we woke up this place has felt off.
First reason I can think of is the No Leaving (I mean come on if you want someone to trust you give them some freedom, denying them that only makes it seem like your trying to limit their movement and access to information).
Second no contact or calls without permission and probably monitoring (limiting info/freedom again).
Told not to try and find out who you are/where.
Cult like structure that's based around large set groups (allows for the separation of people based on their personal traits for better indoctrination a common practice of cults).
We're given no info about this place that can be corroborated by someone with no ties or connections to their organisation.
No. 925687 ID: c8452a

I mean, yes, but nothing more specific than the obvious cult vibes. You notice anything specific, Mint?
No. 925689 ID: bad12e


It's very … purple?
No. 925690 ID: 2202fb

oh fuck yeah, but whatchagonnadoaboudit?

I mean, creepy cult here, cyberpunk furry dystopia out there, mind stuck in the 21st century somehow. Yeah, there is definitely something fucky, but not much you can do. Not that we are overly nonchalant and carefree-far from it-but we pick our battles and those sorts of existential questions arent useful when we have better existential questions like whether we are hacked right now and what we can do about our personal internal defenses.

And how to get combat gear! (I think penny should feel most comfortable in combat gear, whether this is a past life thing, paranoia thing, or just some random quirk, i think it should be a thing, regardless of how belligerent or combat-heavy she ends up being).
No. 925691 ID: 2202fb

Also... did you change color? You seemed a hell of a lot more, well, mint-colored a moment ago.
No. 925693 ID: 398bc4

All the time, if there’s something about this place that isn’t fucky then i’ve yet to find it.
No. 925694 ID: 891b91

>Also... did you change color? You seemed a hell of a lot more, well, mint-colored a moment ago.
This is due to an art error that occurred back in >>922057, which I failed to notice until now. I neglected to enable a color-correction layer in that panel; the green you see on her there is her base fur color, but it should look more like it does in >>925681 due to the color of the ambient light.
No. 925697 ID: 2202fb

>"Look, maybe I just don't like getting turned on unless I explicitly want to be. Does that make me a weirdo?" You ask, concealing the jumpsuit's tag in one hand. "Can you please just put your clothes back on and get this over with so I can do the same?"

Btw, this was beautifully concise.
No. 925698 ID: 2202fb

aww, i was hoping she was part chameleon.
No. 925705 ID: e51896

You be sure to thank Mint for not taking a peek when you were getting measured.

"yes, this place feels pretty off, doesn't it? And not just this place, but from what I've seen, outside of here feels pretty strange as well."
"But yes, this place in particular is pretty weird."
No. 925707 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah, they're treating us like children.
No. 925710 ID: bcc41d

Introduce yourself fully as Penny Ainsley. Don't share any plans of leaving - but you can probably be honest about some of what you're feeling. Even if she does tell the Vespers - or they monitor new recruits' rooms - I doubt you're the first initially recalcitrant member. Start by asking Mint if, by 'this place', she means the Vespers' place on Red Shelf or the entire world... because yeah no shit, to either. Try to open her up by discussing some of your thoughts, like...

Vesper worries:

*Lots of ceremonial-level words and titles. Plus this whole 'big happy family' thing. It gives you a cult-y vibe.

*Staying here for yeeearrrrssss is a stiff price to pay when you don't feel you need excessive chaperoning! Then again, if the only legal alternative is getting drugs and new memories medically implanted, you'd rather take the Vespers' deal. ((Although not really - court-ruled EXCEPTIONS, EXTRALEGAL situations or ILLEGAL means probably exist and Penny may have to pursue them later!))

*That said, even if the Vespers offer charity, their deal - and ideal - is that you form new connections, advance in 'rank' and take on trades and jobs working for their community. With no previous connections, plenty of time and effort invested and a job gotten through the organization... you'd hazard a guess that many of the raw taffa victims they take in stay on as Vespers simply because - once they're considered fit for society again - being a member of the Vespers is all they really know, y'know? (maybe there's a statistic on how many, but given that the Vespers have multiple departments to work for... probably quite a few sufferers become recruits)

Which is probably their philosophy working as intended, buuuut it does leave you feeling a teensy bit caged by the method of initiation and the for-your-own-good lack of freedom.

World worries:

*You've seen, heard and read some disturbing things about Dust and the 'rhythmic disturbances' that affect it, especially near the quarantined ground-based settlements. You started off someplace in the Old City and you saw what could be best described as a giant flesh monster come poking out a building - in what you think was called the 'Secondary Quarantine Area' - only to be blown to bits by a military turret. Then those bits just kind of... hung there. "Wrong" covers that one pretty well. You really need to do a 'pedia dive at some point to get more of a grasp on things. Why is world the way it is, what this Core thing is, etc. etc.

*Also, it's kind of fucked up that someone could hijack your body through your Dust using Glyphs. Even if the Vespers said THEIR glyph should've fixed it now, there's an avenue of abuse if you ever heard of one! Which, uh, you guess you technically haven't. Still, that there was a backdoor into your head that allowed someone to take control of your body? Freaky.

*Nobody looks human. Not that you mind having the body you do and you know body-modding is a thing, but did like... EVERYONE suddenly decide to change up? You haven't seen a single human-looking human, at least not so far, and Rosalyn just blew you off when you asked, which, uh, has added to your confusion on the issue. If the definition of 'human' is different from what you have in mind, how did you even come to have it in mind in the first place? Has Mint had any similar dismissals of concerns?

Shrug and thank her for the opportunity to vent about this stuff. Ask about her particular beef(s) with the state of everything.
No. 925711 ID: b1b4f3

Well, we could think of it like a college degree. Except, with more of a focus on immediately useful skills and knowledge, I expect.
No. 925714 ID: 834378

>something... wrong with this place?
Define "this place". This room? This shelf? This planet? Za warudo? Anyone who's lost their memories would feel like something was wrong simply because they forgot what was right. We can't really answer this question because we just got here. But do explain what you mean. I'd say it's probably just your previous life knocking on your door.

Check the drawers.
No. 925717 ID: 623c7e

Well, considering someone we spoke to before arriving here referred to them as "Vesper freaks", I wouldn't put it past us for thinking this place feels "wrong"
No. 925724 ID: c0641d

“The Vespers do give off cult vibes, but I get the feeling you’re thinking of something broader than that...”

On a meta level, regarding how we go forward:
Any plan we make in escaping the Vespers has to be absolutely perfect. Let’s not make any moves until then. Sure, they might be a little cult-like, but the council system gives it an air of democracy and capitalistic advancement for members who started with literally nothing, meaning the current leaders likely got there through hard work and good merit; meaning that the higher ups likely legit believe in what they’re doing. Unless there really is a de facto guy sitting at the very top, I doubt this group is outright malicious (certainly not across the whole council board), even if it did start as an honest-to-god cult. Hence, no rush; just keep a cool head and your sensibilities about you, and you should be fine until an opportunity presents itself.

They probably have a point about how trying to regain your past life is an excercise in futility. That way lies madness. Probably. It’s a problem we can tackle some other day, if we’re still hung up about it; like with the issue of escape, there’s no rush. Our death, however, is an entirely different beast. Our previous self is dead, true, but actually stop and think about it; our past self is dead. There’s a non-zero chance we were murdered, to be specific. Sure, it would be silly to want to continue our previous self’s story, but is it wrong to want to at least bring closure to it?

And yeah, check your shit.
No. 925747 ID: f07f0b

Penny needs to eat more and gain fat and muscle. She looks almost skeletal. That cant be healthy.
No. 925751 ID: c8452a

That's an exaggeration.
No. 925758 ID: 891b91

Oops, I drew her arms too thin in that panel -- thank you for pointing it out! (Consistency/staying on model is an artistic weak point of mine, unfortunately.) >>925680 is more in line with her intended stature.
No. 925761 ID: 42c2a3

"Yeah, I kinda get a weird feeling from this place too."

Note the use of the word 'too', it's important. She hasn't admitted outright that she feels that way, but saying it in a particular way, signifying that you feel similarly or the same way that she does, will help build trust. It's a pretty reliable psychological trick for those who are shy or introvert.

Keep your sentences short, the bare minimum to answer her questions. If she is as introvert as she appears, being too nice or open will cause her to dis-attach emotionally from the conversation, which will be to your disadvantage.

Let her lead the conversation. Don't try too hard to read between the lines for her. She wants something from you, that's obvious (maybe merely friendship, but we'll see), so let her do the talking. Your impassiveness should force her to show her hand.
No. 925774 ID: f07f0b

it is also a good way to manipulate people into joining you. They might not have quite phrased it as that, but if you phrase it to be inclusive, it will nudge them subconsciously into thinking they think the same way.

This is a good thing.
No. 925791 ID: bad12e


Adding to this, aside from purple (or is that just me being meta?), it'd be hard to say what's even right when it has been ... what, 4 days,5 tops since we woke up with no memory of what who we are, not sure WHAT we are, in a basement full of not-dead people, covered in some kind of grit people keep calling "dust" and weird flashbacks to some place while you were zonked out of your everything.

So it might just be better to answer that we wouldn't even know what's right, and maybe that's why it all feels wrong.
No. 926092 ID: 15a025

Best play it safe and just say yeah, kind of. Ask her what she thinks?
No. 926142 ID: 05ebc7

Let's keep things a bit vague for now, feel her out. "What do you mean by 'wrong'? Care to explain?"
No. 926272 ID: 8d23f0

at the moment this place feels like it is off in a way they want to throw you into the tide and have you pulled along with it into their ocean in a way. But it also doesn't feel malicious, more like they want to help but they would rather hurt you a little now so you turn out better in the way they want you to later. they are probably hiding some secret at the top level here but as long as we don't fuck with them they won't fuck with anyone below them and just try to keep you in thier system.
No. 926553 ID: 719d94

Ask her what a "human" is. Like, you know humans, of course. You are one. But could she describe them for you? Like, what do humans look like, for example?
No. 926812 ID: 891b91
File 155326109577.gif - (397.97KB , 1024x1024 , 1-010-1.gif )

"Yeah, this place gives me some pretty strong cult vibes," you respond. "Glad I'm not the only one who feels that way."

Mint shakes her head. "They're pretty culty, but... that's not what I meant."

"What do you mean? Notice anything specific?"

"You can't feel it? I thought, maybe..." She turns away from you. "It doesn't matter. You-- you'd probably think I'm crazy."

"No, no, I won't," you reassure her. "I've already seen plenty of crazy stuff myself. What do you feel?"

Mint opens her mouth, then pauses, furrowing her brow before speaking again. "I'm not sure how to describe it. It's like... fuzzy. It feels fuzzy. In my bones, in my teeth, but not really."

"What does?"

"Everything, this whole place does. Especially the people." She adjusts her glasses and stares at you for a moment. "But you don't. You aren't fuzzy at all -- not counting the fur. So I thought maybe you could feel it too, since you're different."

You aren't sure how to respond, and before you can say anything, she lets out a hollow laugh. Then she continues, her voice wavering slightly as she hangs her head. "Who am I kidding? You prolly just think I'm nuts now, and who could blame you? Who knows, maybe I have lost it..."
No. 926813 ID: ad51b8

well... I guess you could tell her that you do feel... kinda off, as in you feel like you're in the wrong body. Not like in that I think "I should have been born a different gender" kind of way but like you could have sworn at one point you where taller and much smaller ears and the only fluff you had on you was on the top of your head. I mean, what is a baseline human? Does she mean something like that?
No. 926817 ID: c0641d

"I mean, I'm pretty sure I have a bunch of pop-culture references in my head that don't seem to make sense in this world, and I have a clear mental image of what a human should look like, and therefore feel like I'm trapped in an alien body. I did see a lot of fuzziness when I looked at the glyph that brought me here. Maybe your biology can sense something about people's dust? Whatever dust is."
No. 926820 ID: 05ebc7

"Well, I don't feel 'fuzzy', but I'm pretty sure I feel something that isn't quite right. So if you're crazy, I'm probably similar."
No. 926821 ID: 7f0aac


Fuzzy like … indistinct? Or like something's missing?

Does she mean something intrinsic to the people? Like why Cider or Big McLargeBoobs (oh jeez what was her name??) have these weird personalities?
No. 926822 ID: 6f764d

Fuzzy, like everything's constantly vibrating? That even still images are constantly in motion?
No. 926824 ID: e51896

fuzzy? Is she talking about how we and everyone else seems to be... for lack of a better word, a little bit pulsating? (or in a fourth wall breaking explanation, everyone's outlines, including our own, is all shakey?)
No. 926825 ID: 4fdf26

Walk over and sit down beside her. Say you don't think she is, and here's why:

There's something weird about your Dust - it put you in a three-day coma when you looked at a Vesper glyph, which isn't supposed to happen. If that 'fuzzy' sensation she feels is caused by Dust, then it makes sense that she'd feel it literally everywhere since 'Hoefler-Kurosawa corpuscles' seem pretty omnipresent.

Perhaps the big difference is that your own Dust is dead, uh, less active and that makes you not as fuzzy-wuzzy? Not counting the fur. Which you feel as if you shouldn't have. So hey, if she's crazy, maybe you're in the same boat. You can be coo-coo comrades.

Offer to high-five her, then awkwardly apologize for the joke when she doesn't.

... does the fuzzyness bother her much or can she push it into a background sensation? You feel a bit worried about your weird Dust, amnesia and vague gut feelings, but that's not, like, a constant ever-present feeling. If she's got it rough, she might want to try looking into how to fix the sensation.

On the up side, sensing if something is off with Dust might be a bonus, if, say, she went scrapping and those rhythmquake things threatened to go off.
No. 926827 ID: 2202fb

Seems like it is time to look into how to edit your internal operating system. We need to keep ourselves from getting hacked, and remove any hacking that has already occurred.

Lets also ask what year it is.


You know, we may know so much about history because we used to be a history major at some point (obv it didnt pan out). The wiping could have just wiped everything that was relevant which is why we still remember info about the early 21st century and earlier.
No. 926835 ID: bcc41d

We've got some intel on the year already. We know they're not using Common Era years, yet they seem to use common months, or something close to it. We have a current date snagged from the evac shuttle intro, three days ago, meaning today is august 25th.

>4:16 PM SST
>(S) 92C-233 (H) 92C-Aug-22

(Aug 22 is the 234th day of the year, unless a leap year makes it 235. I have no idea if this is a typo or if there's some different/deeper meaning to it being 233 here. Don't know what the S and H in front of the dates mean either. Standard and Historic?)

To add to that, one article we read during the Evac Transport segment talked about rhythmic readings prompting the creation of an evacuation system near Beacon (the Old City) in 586 Elm. The article goes on to say the city was hit by rhythm spikes two years later (4K dead, most citizens evacuated to the then-recently-built Concourse). That day became the start of the Ash Era, which apparently lasted centuries. The article finishes with mentioning that the current evacuation system (the one we used) was established in 88C. C likely followed Ash, but we don't know what it stands for yet.

(It's odd that the ruins are still mostly around centuries on - and in some cases intact. 'Dust did it' may be the go-to answer here.)

That's most of the date stuff we've got so far. One of the other articles - the one on Taffa trade regulation - had a date, but that one was pretty recent. (S) 92C-162 (H) 92C-Jun-8. So... a month and a half ago?

(Also, looking at it now, june 8th is the 159th (or 160th) day of the year - a difference of 3 days in excess as opposed to 1 day short above. Given teegee's otherwise stellar worldbuilding we may just want to hit up a calendar at some point to check what the heck because that seems like Something Weird.)
No. 926839 ID: c8452a

"I feel like I'm in the wrong body and I remember things from centuries ago. I think I can believe that you have extra-sensory perception. Maybe you can read em waves or psychics or real, or something else entirely. But I believe you. You're too concerned about being sane to be crazy." Place a hand on her shoulder.
No. 926843 ID: b1b4f3

Tell her that you're getting something similar. Everyone looks... wavy. Like their details won't stay put. It's only people though, and she looks that way too.
The only ones that didn't look that way were the empty people in the room you woke up in. It must have something to do with Dust, but clothing and accessories share the same visual effect when they're being worn.
No. 926851 ID: 864e49

Do you know what stars are?
No. 926855 ID: 8eaf98

Fuzzy is kinda vague, more details and/or comparisons would be nice.
No. 926878 ID: 2202fb

Great idea.

We should also grab a writing utensil and something to write on and draw a human as best we can. We could also organize things into a chart.

Poke your head outside and ask for a board to write on or a bunch of paper(paper is still a thing, right?) or something.
No. 926884 ID: 8eaf98

But it would be even cooler if they had something we could just project a mental image directly onto. No reliance on our skill as an artist.
No. 926890 ID: 10c408

Seconding this.
No. 926892 ID: 5c9b38

Though I highly doubt she is truly mad, there remains a possibility that she is suffering from a mental disorder stemming from taffa syndrome. Some sort of dissociative or psychotic instability that results in a numbness or tingling of the senses. It's not impossible.
No. 926914 ID: 398bc4

I have no idea what this could mean but try and see if you can narrow down what that feeling is. Who knows, it could either be extremely important or nothing at all, so make sure itks nothing before you completely disregard it.
No. 927198 ID: 8d23f0

give her a back rub or a back papping it might make her feel better to have a physical reassurance there.
No. 927418 ID: 834378

Ask her how long she's been feeling like that for. Also, ask her if she's been near any rhythmic disturbances in the past... does she know about "the itch"? Can she confirm that her memory was wiped with taffa? Is it only this place, or is it everywhere she's been to until now?
No. 927569 ID: 8eaf98

only brain alive people 'wiggle.' Back in chapter zero, the harnessed people do not wiggle >>/questarch/887433 so perhaps it is a sign of 'living' dust.
No. 927580 ID: 3ef4d3

But that theory falls down 'cause Mint says Penny isn't "wiggly" when Penny does have living Dust and is "wiggly" both now and back then when she first woke up.
No. 927598 ID: 05ebc7

Perhaps if you look at it solely from personal perspective? (Although technically this should all probably go in disthread.)
No. 927607 ID: c8452a

There's a difference between wiggly and fuzzy. Penny sees wiggly (so WE see wiggly) but Mint sees fuzzy. Penny and Mint aren't fuzzy, but they are wiggly.
No. 927623 ID: 2202fb

Guess we are both more attuned to the dust than the average bear. I have yet to realize the full implications yet though.
No. 928004 ID: 15a025

Ask how she feels if something is fuzzy or not. Is it like a feeling in the air, or is it more of an internal feeling.
No. 929223 ID: 891b91
File 155486765554.gif - (301.46KB , 1024x1024 , 1-011-1.gif )

"I don't think you're crazy," you respond, placing a hand on Mint's shoulder. At first she tenses up, but she relaxes again soon after.

"...You don't?"

"It's far from the weirdest thing I've encountered over the past week. I think I can believe you might have some kind of extra-sensory perception."

"Th-thanks... but I'm still the only one who can feel it, so what does that make me --"

"It makes you special, and that's it. So you said it's fuzzy? Like it looks like everyone's constantly pulsating?" You hadn't really noticed it consciously until now, but there's definitely a strange... wiggliness to every person you've seen so far. ...Except for the other people in that basement you woke up in. So maybe it's only people who still have living dust, maybe? You honestly aren't sure.

Mint shakes her head. "No, I don't see it." She sighs. "I feel it. And it's everybody here on this... shelf? Whatever they call it. It gets stronger when I get close to other people... except for you."

"What do you think it means? The fuzziness, that is."

"...I don't know, but I don't like it."

"...Is it painful?"

"No, just... weird. Worrying."
No. 929224 ID: 891b91
File 155486766640.gif - (196.29KB , 1024x1024 , 1-011-2.gif )

"Now let me ask you a question," you say, searching the chest of drawers for your stuff. "Do you feel like you might be in the wrong body?"

Mint pauses for a moment. "...I hadn't really thought about it, so I guess not. Do you?"

"We're both humans, right?" You find your things, and from what you recall, nothing is missing, aside from the glyph page and the blood sample Cider mentioned. Whoever brought it here was even courteous enough to consider your height and put it all in the bottommost drawer.

"Yeeaaaahhh?" She seems confused by the question. "What else would we be?"

"I feel like I'm a human, but.." You gesture towards your own body. "We don't look like humans. These aren't what human bodies look like."

"...Then what do humans look like?"

"Well, they -- hmm." Up until just now you were certain you knew what humans look like, but when you try to recall the specifics of it, you draw a blank. "I... don't know. I thought I knew."

"O-oh." An awkward silence descends upon the room.

A few minutes pass, and the silence is finally broken when Mint sighs. "...What if they weren't always like that?"


"The people here. What if they weren't always fuzzy? What if this place... made them that way?" She looks back at you, a pained expression on her face. "What if it makes us fuzzy? What if it changes who we --"
No. 929225 ID: 891b91
File 155486767514.gif - (254.08KB , 1024x1024 , 1-011-3.gif )

Roz bursts through the door, dragging a rack of clothing behind her; Mint does her best to act like she wasn't saying anything, and you follow suit.

"Dress-up tiiiime~!" Roz shouts excitedly, tossing a couple of plastic-wrapped bundles to you. "Catch!"

Catching the bundles in your arms, you tear them open and discover that they contain several sets of sports bras and panties -- at long last, underwear! "O-oh hey, thanks!" You respond. Just holding it makes you feel relieved.

"C'mon, try somethin' on and see how you like it! I tried to keep the variety pretty high -- it's all hand-me-downs and donated clothes, but there's a lotta good stuff in here."
No. 929226 ID: 891b91
File 155486768584.png - (254.32KB , 1024x913 , 1-011-base.png )

Paper doll time! Please suggest up to four outfits to add to Penny's wardrobe, either from the pre-made outfits, or from outfits drawn on the provided paperdoll. Penny's jumpsuit will be kept as a fifth outfit. Feel free to suggest changes or other additions to Penny's attire.

Be sure to mention which outfit you want Penny to wear for the rest of the day.

No. 929227 ID: 891b91
File 155486769842.png - (831.41KB , 1024x1924 , 1-011-paperdolls.png )

Pre-made outfits
Higher resolution available at >>/questdis/129055

No. 929231 ID: b1b4f3

Haha why does she have a version of her outfit in your size?
I like B and F.
She should wear F for the rest of the day.
No. 929232 ID: b1b909

Love outfit G. Insanely cute. Go for G.
No. 929235 ID: fc9d03

A or B are my faves
No. 929237 ID: 864e49

Maybe keep the jacket from B

Maybe E, lot of pockets on that one.
Actually again maybe just the jacket and gloves.
In fact if the belt from D is adjustable then pair it with the gloves and jacket from E on top of C.

And keep A for more casual attire.
No. 929239 ID: 05ebc7

Hm...I'm liking B and E the most. F might be good, too. I like the blouse on H and I could live with the skirt, but I'm not liking the heels.
No. 929240 ID: 10c408

B, E, F and H. Wear E for the rest of the day.
No. 929241 ID: 080aaf

B is a pleasing balance of fashion and pocket space, H has HEELS, and D is a little version of Roz's outfit. She'd like if we picked that.
As for a fourth outfit, perhaps a plain tee and cargo shorts, something with a simple meaningless logo to fill space, like a delta or a lambda.
aka too lazy to draw the Steve this time
No. 929242 ID: 6f764d

B, C, E, and H, definitely. C mostly for those funky glasses.
No. 929248 ID: e51896

E, B, C, H.

As for what to wear for the rest of the day, this: >>929226
I mean B
No. 929249 ID: caf1de

four outfits huh
and A for the rest of the day
No. 929250 ID: 2ea85f
File 155488194518.png - (368.63KB , 1024x913 , tgpaperdollpenny.png )

Small girl, big coat.

Otherwise voting for C, F, and G. With wearing G for the rest of the day.
No. 929251 ID: dbc6b2


Wear E today.
No. 929253 ID: e51896
File 155488423801.png - (323.11KB , 1201x931 , Hoodie.png )

>>929248 (my previous post)

I also made something too. Hoodie. I like hoodies. do you all like hoodies? (Listed it as J just in case) That was fun practice for line-art improvement.

(I'm replacing one of my choices H with J, my hoodie design, so
E, B, C, J.
No. 929254 ID: fd2d31

Gotta need lotta pockets if bailing this place and living on her own, that's for sure.
No. 929256 ID: c8452a

A, B, E, and F. Wear F!
No. 929257 ID: ad51b8

gotta go with C or F for me
No. 929258 ID: fd2d31

B, C, F.
No. 929259 ID: a4f5b2

E, F and B are my votes.
No. 929262 ID: 8eaf98

A, B, G, E(but with cargo pants for more storage)
No. 929263 ID: abfa32

Some mix of B, C and F for practical usage, G for casual everyday attire and H for formal events.
No. 929264 ID: 891b91

>As for what to wear for the rest of the day, this: >>929226
You kid, but if going nude got the most votes, I would let it happen.
No. 929265 ID: c8452a

I also vote for not cargo pants
No. 929266 ID: eceda8

My vote's on B,C,E and J
No. 929267 ID: 2202fb


Okay, so imma vote nude for while we are here cuz casual nudity pushes all the right buttons :P.

..but for when we leave, lets go with the pants of E with the gloves and boots from C, the top of B, but make the jacket either brown leather or olive drab and give it the pockets from the top of E. Add on a chestrig (platecarrier if we can get it) and a holster belt to it (which would for now be empty) along with aviator sunglasses. Add an MICH-style helmet (without cover) when things get spicy. I cant draw for shit, so i would really appreciate it if i could get a mock-up of what I am describing, but that is nothing more than a polite request.
No. 929268 ID: 2202fb

We also need to keep a set of D even if we never wear it.
No. 929273 ID: 7fb87a

"A" for looking comfy.
No. 929277 ID: 864e49

Disregard last post!

Changing to
>>/questdis/129059 else C
And go au naturel for the rest of the day, or just in your underwear.
No. 929284 ID: e2f5cc

B and G should be your usual clothing, depending on how cool or cute you feel that day.
C Is your spicy clothing.
and H is for when you have to be fancy.
For now though, go around nude. Nothing ventured nothing gained right?
No. 929292 ID: 235ba5

B or E.
Preferably E.
I am a simple man
No. 929300 ID: b1b909

Thanks to some new developments, I'm adding to my initial vote for G over with a vote for nudity while around this place...
No. 929301 ID: 745eba

Casual nudity time it is!

Or when we have to wear something I vote G
No. 929302 ID: bcc41d

Wear F, keep A B C and D.
No. 929303 ID: bcc41d

Ergh, one too many. Drop C.
No. 929305 ID: 745eba


Oh since I didn't see that we could pick 4 I also vote for A and H

Only lose the heels on H
No. 929307 ID: bad12e


A for fun.

B for going out on the shelf.

F for working on things (and because it's cute!!)

and lastly, G because it's heckin' adorable.
No. 929318 ID: 834378

A D G X (heh)
No. 929321 ID: 5bdd53

BEGH. Practical clothing for now.

Wear B today, break in those boots now to prevent blisters.
No. 929344 ID: 4deeaf

H but stuff your ears in your bra
No. 929345 ID: b0784e

B. E, F and H. Wearing F for now.

You HAD to have known that saying you'd do nude would make people want to meme it into existence. I'll pass, though.
No. 929376 ID: 13efb0

B, E, F, C.

For now, I think Penny should wear B.
No. 929379 ID: 688dd6

No. 929380 ID: 8eaf98

Going to have to also vote against nudity as it would kinda be a 180 from what Penny has been wanting.
No. 929382 ID: 05ebc7

Oh yeah, I didn't say which outfit she should wear for now. I guess B.
No. 929395 ID: c8452a

I mean, yeah.
No. 929400 ID: b1e749

No. 929441 ID: 891b91
File 155502499945.png - (1.29MB , 2048x2284 , 1-011-paperdolls2.png )

Outfit Vote, Final Round
This round, the four most popular pre-made outfits will be pitted against the custom outfits suggested during the last round. The four most popular outfits from this round will be chosen for Penny's wardrobe.

Several of the outfits have alternate versions requested by some suggesters, numbered 1 and 2. Voting for either version counts as a vote for the outfit overall; for example, a vote for E2 counts as a vote for E, H1 counts as a vote for H, etc. If the outfit in question wins the round, the most popular version will be chosen.

As with last round, be sure to vote for which outfit for Penny to change into; in the event that someone voted for one last round but doesn't this round, their vote will be carried over to this round.

You may vote for Penny to go naked instead, but this will be treated as a simple majority vote between going naked and staying clothed, separate from the vote for what outfit to wear. This means that you may both vote to go naked as well as suggesting to wear a particular outfit in the event that the naked vote fails. While you may also vote against nudity, suggestions that do not explicitly vote for nudity will be counted as votes against it as well. Please note that walking around naked is likely to affect other characters' opinions of Penny, and therefore may impact the quest's plot.

Custom outfits:
I: >>929241
J: >>929253
K: >>929250
L: >>929267 (Note: Vesper doesn't have much in the way of military gear, so the chest rig and helmet have been omitted.)
M: >>929277
No. 929442 ID: b1b4f3

F, B, H2, L2

Let's wear B.
No. 929444 ID: 575ec0


Wear Green's Meme for now.
Make the Meme canon again!
No. 929445 ID: 745eba

Nudism hooo

But aside from that J, H2, K, & B because we need something practical to go along with the everyday wear
No. 929448 ID: 7fb87a

wearing J
No. 929449 ID: 32e6c4

E2, J, H2, L1.

Wear L1 right now.
No. 929450 ID: fd2d31

L1's got the "rebel without a cause" vibe that'd fit Penny going against both a pseudocult and government who wants to control her in one way or another (optionally with the iconic "Top Gun" hat from movie with same name).

I and F got a functional "practical yet casual" theme (with F having a implied emphasis on hard labor), while H(1) seems to only work for formal-ish events.

E looks way too military for Penny's own good despite being practical, and B would make her look like she's dressed up to burgle or assassinate due to being so dark.

And while M technically works, it looks like it is split between going all-out late 80's / early 90's totally tubular turbo radical or not, it should either fully embrace the a e s t h e t i c s or distance itself.
Still bummed about G since it was the best fitting "relaxed" casual one
No. 929451 ID: 2202fb

okay, so after much consideration, i think i will change my stance to neutral on the nudity thing, so plz dont count me for or against it (maybe Penny develops a thing for exposure but is too sensible to just go out and do it and damn the consequences).

I am going to vote we take L2(with E pocketed pants, if we can), B, M, and J, if we go clothed, i vote for whichever of the four outfits i picked has the most wear-it-nau votes(if any do).
No. 929452 ID: 2202fb

sorry, meant E2 pocketed pants, not E.
No. 929453 ID: 891b91

>i think i will change my stance to neutral on the nudity thing, so plz dont count me for or against it
Sure, I'll avoid counting anyone who explicitly says they don't want to be counted for or against it.
No. 929454 ID: bcc41d

Wear F, choose B, J and H2.
No. 929455 ID: 6a6bf5

F, I, K, and M.
Wear I for now.
No. 929460 ID: 05ebc7

B, E2, J, H2.

Wear J.
No. 929461 ID: ad51b8

really liking J

but I and M aren't bad either.
No. 929464 ID: 080aaf

I, B, H, L2, wear I, nudity? Why not.
Sorry Roz, we'll have to play your mini-me some other day.
No. 929467 ID: 094652

Huh, J looks like a winner. H is my second choice.
No. 929469 ID: c8452a

B, E1, F, and J.
No. 929470 ID: e2f5cc

Throwing my lot in for B, H1, J, L1, and running around nude for a little bit.
No. 929472 ID: e51896

Lets see...

L1 for inventory management, and we look like a cool biker (Lots of pockets = more things to steal collect without losing space)

J for casual wear (the yellow is a good color compliment for all the purple around this place, it'll give people something refreshing to look at)

H1 for formal occasions, or fancy parties (I have a feeling there will be moments like those during our time here)

B, for something decent for going outside and meet new people with

for what to wear for today, we'll go with J, since we aren't planning on doing anything too productive since we just got here

As much as I like casual nudity, I'm voting against it as I prefer an ENF Penny over a casual nude Penny...

...but I just realize we might not have pajamas to wear to sleep tonight, and might have to sleep naked sooo... maybe we can do something a little daring late at night to relieve some stress?
No. 929473 ID: 2ea85f

F J K and M
Let's start with wearing M and make the world pay attention to us.
No. 929474 ID: 5bdd53

No. 929475 ID: c8d2b2

B, J, K, H2
Wear J
No. 929476 ID: 6f764d

E2, L1, H1, M, no nudes
No. 929478 ID: 864e49

Thank you so much for drawing my suggestion.
It gives us both C and D

M but with the pants with more pockets

That just about covers everything, and don't actually go nude.
No. 929482 ID: caf1de

No. 929488 ID: 8eaf98

E2 H2 I J and wear J for now
No. 929491 ID: c8452a

Oh right, wear J.
No. 929493 ID: eceda8

Voting for E2, I, J, M.

And voting to wear J.
No. 929494 ID: 5bdd53

Oh yea, wear J
No. 929499 ID: ea5947

A was so cute... tsk.

B J (wear)
No. 929509 ID: 63fbd1

Wear E1 (because it's faster to draw), and also B, L1, and M
No. 929510 ID: 63fbd1

Oh, and against nudity
No. 929513 ID: 2bccc2

B - great day to day outfit, and it goes very well with Penny's fur. My vote for what to change into.
H2 - a good dress outfit without feeling too fancy. Something with good color for when she wants it. Against high heels for practical and aesthetic reasons.
I - another nice casual outfit with a good color palate for Penny. More casual wear than B but not quite laying around on a couch level.
K - laying around on a couch level.
No. 929515 ID: 4ec1c4

B E2 F L2
No. 929516 ID: 214cda

B) is the only correct answer
No. 929556 ID: bad12e


Awww ... all the ones I liked got voted out
No. 929585 ID: 375c85

I, B ,E2,J2
Go nude.
No. 929603 ID: e95cec

B E2 I J
B for rest of the day.
No nudity, I think both Penny and I would be more comfortable with that.
No. 929604 ID: 7f1e71

A or F for sure
No. 929605 ID: 10c408

wear B, take E2, J and L2
No. 929633 ID: 5b93d3

Maybe H1 for special occasions.
No. 929637 ID: c0641d

B, E2, L1, M

These seem to be the most "all business" outfits while keeping ourselves modest.
No. 929642 ID: 7d9d06


M is perfect.

Just M. Nothing but M.
No. 929659 ID: 235ba5


And I'd like to vote against M, though I dont think that's something we're doing
No. 929661 ID: 15a025

In the event of a tie between the two L and H choices, I'm honestly fine with either design for them.
No. 930175 ID: ccb66b

I, J, and K for casual wear (put on I).
H2 because a girl's gotta have a nice dress.
No. 930206 ID: 3940d3

B F K and L1
Wear B for now
No. 930529 ID: 891b91

The vote for Penny's outfits is now closed; any votes after this post will not be counted.
No. 930708 ID: 891b91
File 155591440007.png - (416.44KB , 1024x1024 , 1-012-1.png )

Despite Roz's efforts to get you to stick to "cute" clothes, you end up basing most of your wardrobe choices around utility, rather than fashion. You have to admit that you found it kind of fun, and for a few minutes almost forgot about your situation. Even Mint joined in eventually -- apparently your conversation with her earlier made her a feel a bit more comfortable. Roz brought a lot of clothes to peruse, but eventually you manage to settle on four outfits, in addition to your jumpsuit:

>An old wool-lined pilot jacket, paired with an undershirt, cargo pants, and a pair of black workboots; you think you might use this for when you leave the shelf, since it's fairly roomy and allows for a little extra storage space. Roz thinks the jacket goes nicely with your fur color.

>A brown leather jacket with large cargo pockets, a grey undershirt, olive fatigue pants, black lace-up combat boots, and aviator sunglasses; this outfit feels slightly less maneuverable than the last one, due to the leather and the boots, but it provides a bit more physical protection, which you think will be helpful when you go on that scrapping job with Quincy. Mint laughed when you put on the aviators, but you think they might help slightly with concealing your identity, assuming your ears aren't a dead giveaway. You do briefly have the idea of stuffing them into your bra, however, which sounds less silly the more you think about it.

>A gold zip-up hoodie, a pink t-shirt, jeans, and sandals; you'd like to have something comfy to lounge around in, and the hoodie stood out immediately. Roz is just happy you chose the pink t-shirt.

>A pink miniskirt, a violet cutoff turtleneck, and black flats; you finally relented and agreed to pick one of Roz's "cute" outfits, to her delight, although you turned your nose up at the high heels. You were a little surprised that Mint agreed with her, considering her paranoia, but she thinks you look really good dressed like this. Looking in the mirror, you guess you have to agree, even if it's not very functional. Roz insists that underwear doesn't "go with" this outfit, leading you to wonder briefly if Roz ever wears any herself.

Note: clothing combinations for outfits are not locked; for example, if enough people wanted to swap the jackets between outfits B and L, that would be allowed. I most likely won't put it up to a formal vote, though; instead it'll be a spur-of-the-moment thing that occurs at some point when Penny changes clothes in the future.
No. 930709 ID: 891b91
File 155591440958.gif - (195.96KB , 1024x1024 , 1-012-2.gif )

For now, you decide to change into the hoodie and jeans, stowing the jumpsuit and the rest of your new clothes in the chest of drawers.

"I think I'm gonna wear this for now," you say as you grab the hoodie and jeans.

"Dare you to go in the buff," Roz interjects.

You shoot her a sidelong glance, trying to figure out if she's serious. "...I think I'll pass on that one," you reply, eliciting a moan of exaggerated disapproval from her. It concerns you somewhat that some part of you seriously considered taking the dare, but you dismiss it as a random thought.

"You'd make one helluva impression on everybody~"

"Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of!"

"Suit yourself," Roz shrugs, before suddenly perking up again. "Anyway, now that we got your wardrobe situation figured out, whatcha wanna do next? Hit the bathhouse or maybe get some grub? Or I could show you 'round one of the dars, since we're gonna have to do that eventually anyway. Oh, and you oughta come with us, Mint! You could use some fresh air instead of stayin' cooped up in here all day."

"I dunno..." Mint says, hesitation in her voice.

A) Get cleaned and freshened up at the bathhouse.
B) Go get a bite to eat.
C) Visit one of the dars.
D) Something else?
No. 930711 ID: 2202fb

D: let them decide for you.
No. 930713 ID: b304c7

Ask to visit Dar Ormi- getting a feel for how the shelf's government works could be useful.
No. 930715 ID: c8d2b2

You probably do need to wash up, but let's put that on the backburner and get some food, because it'll probably be an easier thing to convince mint to join for. Even better if you can be allowed to eat off-premises, since it'd hopefully let her spend some time around less "fuzzy" people.
No. 930716 ID: ad51b8

A) Get cleaned and freshened up at the bathhouse.
No. 930717 ID: e51896

C, just so we can get that done and over with to get a better understanding of the area and plan whatever action we'll do next. Tell Mint she doesn't have to come if she doesn't want to. It is a good idea to give introverts their space as a sign of friendship.
No. 930718 ID: ea5947

A) Bath
Because there's a chance you may get some privacy there and touch yourself.
No. 930719 ID: c8452a

D, let Roz give you a hard look and tell you if you need a bath or if you can wait on that for now. If she decides you can't wait, go to plan A.
If you can wait, move to plan C instead.
No. 930720 ID: 0fae41

A. Refresh yourself before you go to a dar.
No. 930727 ID: bcc41d

A -> B -> C, tbh. Unless Roz's schedule only lets her care for you for a limited time today. In that case it seems smart to have her act as the ice breaker to one of the Dars - she's social, outgoing and will probably help smooth over any potential faux pas you might make. And as someone a little up in the hierarchy, she might introduce you to the 'right' people in the Dar and not just the meet-and-greeter of the week. An established person giving you the who's who and a foot in the door can be invaluable to building the connections and trust you need to succeed (in escaping quickly).

Tell Mint you'd like to have her along for her own perspective on things, but you get that she's tired and uncomfortable around others. If she's not up for coming, you can always talk later, yeah?

D+) Ask Roz if she could arrange to get you 'Basic facts for dumb babies' reading material for tonight or can message Dar Ormi to get you that Holo access so you can call your new friend soon - both would be really nice. Entertainment, like a movie, would be cool too, if Roz/Mint's up for a girl's night this evening.

As for your holo username, 'n4_a_pretty_penny' might work, yes?

See, because it's a pun on both 'in for' and 'in fur', referencing you having fur, and two name-related idioms - 'in for a penny' and 'a pretty penny', so it's a 'pretty penny' 'in fur' that you'd want 'to be in for'. It also kiiiind of sounds like 'info (for) a pretty penny', which, like, you need a ton of information right now, so it fits. (and there's the internal deep reference to maybe having once worked for a detective agency that sells information for money)

... you don't have to explain all that, though. You probably put too much thought into the name, honestly.
No. 930728 ID: 7fb87a

A) Realize you haven't taken a bath since this ordeal began
No. 930738 ID: 041283

C is probably the best option for now, considering Roz is probably the best possible guide, although we do need a bath and food.

Agreed with dar Ormi if possible, or just the whole tour. Also, Mint should come, if only to be amongst a friend so we can take focus off of her.
No. 930742 ID: 9dcc8f

Im fine with any choice

But i think we should take Mint's comfort into consideration and respect her boundaries by leaving her alone. Besides, she probably has much to think about after our conversation with her. Assure her she does not have to follow you or Roz if she doesn't want to.
No. 930753 ID: 5bdd53



Getting a Big Book of Basic Facts for Dumb Babies sounds like a good idea, very important.
No. 930758 ID: fd2d31

Might wanna get a quick shower before going further.
And getting something to eat afterwards or else low blood sugar and less sane decision making.
No. 930761 ID: a9af05

A and B in that order.
No. 930871 ID: 64356b

No. 930893 ID: 2202fb

we should learn some martial arts fitting for our stature and then we could add "out4_a_#"

but yeah, i like that username.
No. 930895 ID: d9bac8

I think just "out4a#" would work, and also not be a complete mouthful.

C might be prudent, while you still have Roz with you.
No. 931194 ID: 864e49

We probably really need a bath after who knows how long without it, A.
If we're going for good first impressions then we don't want to be stinky and filthy.
No. 931337 ID: 15a025

Visiting the Dars sounds pretty important, but at the same time looking and smelling nice would probably help.

A then C.
No. 932536 ID: 891b91
File 155754552764.gif - (369.79KB , 1024x1024 , 1-013-1.gif )

"Let's see the bathhouse," you reply. "Who knows how long it's been since I last had a shower."

"Awesome! You'll love it, it's practically a spa in there~" Roz pauses, turning to Mint. "So how about it, Mint? Wanna come with?"

"I, uh..." Mint mumbles inaudibly.

"You don't have to come with us if you don't want to." You give her your best attempt at a reassuring smile. "I won't feel insulted, we can just meet up again later."

"I guess I... I think I'm just gonna take a nap," she sighs.

You and Roz say your goodbyes to Mint, wishing her a good rest, before Roz leads you down a hall and out of the building. You emerge into a narrow corridor nestled between several buildings; bright, a sliver of bright, orange sunlight streams in through the gap between the roofs above you. It's quiet and empty here, leading you to assume you left through a side exit.

"C'mon, the bathhouse's over this way," Roz beckons.
No. 932537 ID: 891b91
File 155754554394.gif - (476.16KB , 1024x1024 , 1-013-2.gif )

You follow Roz out of the corridor and into a wide, curving street flanked on either side by tall, thin buildings. As you walk, you occasionally spot people as they bustle to and from the buildings, but the street is mostly empty. The air is surprisingly empty, too, for a society with flying vehicles; a couple float lazily along above you, but most of them appear to be trucks and utility vehicles.

"Where is everybody?" You ask.

"At work -- this place doesn't run itself, you know!" Roz chuckles. "Things'll pick up around lunchtime, they always do."

"What about vehicles? The sky is practically empty."

"Red Shelf isn't a big place, and this road gets you pretty much anywhere you wanna go, so most of us just hoof it. Some of us drive, but it's usually only people who actually need to visit the Concourse or other shelves." Roz shrugs. "I guess you could say we're pretty self-sufficient."

"I guess that makes sense," you respond. "So about getting me holo access -- is there any chance you could get it set up for me today?"

"Hmm. Yeah, I guess so, I could make a trip over to Ormi and talk it over with 'em while someone gives you the grand tour of one of the dars. You really wanna talk to that friend of yours, huh?"

"Yeah, they must be wondering where I am and I don't want them to worry."

"So what's the deal with this person you met, anyway? It's not like you could've known 'em for long."
No. 932543 ID: 0fae41

Exactly. Given the reduced timeframe, it's like I've known them my whole life. They just- mean so much to me, you know?
No. 932544 ID: b5d6fa

"No, but they were willing to help me out when I was in a bind, and I just up and vanished on them. They seemed like the sort that would be worried. So I wanted to balance my ledgers, so to speak. I respect honor like that."

Don't give her any details on the whos or whats, just keep it plain, and emphasize your respect for those that help you out how you want.
No. 932547 ID: b1b4f3

That owl. Is that a person? It's like we're being spied on.

Tell her you made a business transaction and you hope to make good on your end of the bargain.
No. 932550 ID: b5d6fa

Oh, good catch. Might just be a weird vertically eyed owl, but who knows? Well, who knows that we can get that information from safely...don't think we want to express such concerns out loud.
No. 932552 ID: e51896

that owl that is staring at us wasn't the only animal we encountered that had vertical eyes. those foxes we saw the other day had the same vertical eyes. Is that owl interested in us like those foxes were earlier? hmm... Don't be alarmed if it tries to perch on you.
No. 932607 ID: ea5947

Any animal would look at you if you were the only person passing by. Nothing strange about that.

Tell Roz that while you may only have known that person for a short time, it was enough to make a couple of plans with her. When one makes plans with another, it feels normal to either follow them, or inform that person in case of any changes to these plans. You can also tell her something more concrete, about how that person more or less owes you some money. So if you are to stay here for a while, that money would be pretty useful to have. It would certainly allow you to pay Roz for all these clothes.
No. 932608 ID: 5bdd53

They're one of the first people we had an actual conversation with after losing our memories or whatever. Of course we're all little attached to the first person who ever (in this life) gave us attention. Besides, you don't meet people or make friends, connections, allies or amigos without staying in touch. And they're someone not associated with youze guys, so having contact with someone outside this group makes us feel like we have more freedom. That makes it easier to adjust living here cause we feel like we have control.

Also what >>932607, they owe us some money.
No. 932614 ID: cb6404


An owl with vertical eyes.

Kinda like the dog-fox-things with ... vertical eyes.

Man, wildlife here is WHACK.
No. 932630 ID: c0641d

"They're the first person I ever really talked to, and we made plans together. I should at least let them know why I bailed. Hey, is that bird staring at us?"

Giving her the bare minimum to satisfy her curiosity before immediately changing the subject.
No. 932650 ID: ea82cb

Clearly not "wildlife"! Remember, those foxes were very intelligent and clearly controlled somehow. Either by their master if pets or boss if sapient.

Maybe the foxes were just uniquely domesticated, but we can't just assume that an owl with the same traits isn't also working with the foxes.

Anyway, yeah, before you got here you got a really kind job offer from someone who didn't need to give you help. You owe it to her at least to let her know you're alive.
No. 932651 ID: ea82cb

Oh, right, also make sure not to stare at the owl. Or to specifically avoid looking at it.
No. 932656 ID: e95cec

Well, you can say that she was one of the first people you actually talked to after coming to.

You COULD say that you made plans.

I might advise against saying you have business deals. That could potentially attract concern.
No. 932665 ID: b5d6fa

Yeah, I'd suggest against that.
No. 932684 ID: ea82cb

I guess that makes sense
No. 932773 ID: cb6404


>Working with the foxes.

Penny, I fear that our encounter with Roz's everything may have rattled our last few screws loose and we are definitely going over the deep end of this already very shallow pool.


But perhaps now is a good time to ask if it's normal for critters to have weird eyes. I mean, we have Roz here, and she seems to Know Things About Stuff.
No. 932778 ID: e51896

>But perhaps now is a good time to ask if it's normal for critters to have weird eyes. I mean, we have Roz here, and she seems to Know Things About Stuff.

I'm probably being too paranoid, but I am not really sure about asking Roz if it is weird for animals to have vertical eyes. What if in this world, vertical eyed wild animals are the norm and not many people or unique people only remember animals having vertical eyes, and you'd reveal too much info about yourself? I don't know, Maybe Mint is a better person to ask... But like I said, could be just me being paranoid...
No. 932779 ID: ea82cb

Maybe you're forgetting that the foxes were snooping around and looking for stuff? There's nothing crazy about assuming that they might not be the only intelligent animals around. We don't need to gaslight Penny about this.
No. 933785 ID: 891b91
File 155860090228.gif - (390.79KB , 1024x1024 , 1-014-1.gif )

>That owl. Is that a person? It's like we're being spied on.
You glance at the owl, looking for any sign of intelligence while trying to avoid paying too much attention to it. It just stares back through those strange, piercing eyes, and it unnerves you deeply. It has two left eyes, like the fox-things you encountered several days ago. Is it somehow related to them? For a moment you're swept away by the paranoid idea that it's spying on you, but you dismiss it as a figment of your imagination. Maybe the wildlife around here all have double left-eyes? You almost ask Roz about it, but you get a weird feeling that it'd be a mistake to mention this to just anyone. You wonder if Mint might know something about this, but you think it's probably unlikely -- she's practically in the same boat as you. Still, you feel like you can trust her, so you figure it can't hurt to mention it when the two of you are alone together.

"Exactly," you respond, doing your best to forget about the owl for now. "I haven't been... 'me' for long, so it's kinda like I've known them my whole life. They're one of the first people I had an actual conversation with after waking up, and on top of that they helped me out, so I feel like I should at least let them know why I disappeared on them."
No. 933786 ID: 891b91
File 155860092062.gif - (370.41KB , 1024x1024 , 1-014-2.gif )

The owl flies off suddenly, disappearing behind a building, as if somehow prompted by your acknowledgement of it.

"Heh, alright," Roz shrugs. "I'll see if I can't convince 'em over at Ormi for you. Anyway, c'mon, the bathhouse's down here."
No. 933787 ID: 891b91
File 155860094276.gif - (465.06KB , 1024x1024 , 1-014-3.gif )

Roz leads you down a winding flight of stairs leading beneath the streets. They open up into a small lobby, and a wave of humidity hits you as you enter. An L-shaped desk sits in the corner of the room, flanked by an open doorway to a hallway. The insectoid person sitting at the desk, whom you assume is an attendant, motionlessly looks up at Roz through lidded eyes.

"Hey Roz. The usual?"

"You know it. Unless the new sigarzghar here wants somethin' else and doesn't wanna be alone."

The attendant glances at you. "New sigarzghar, huh? Guess I gotta give you the rundown, then." He sighs and rattles off some directions in a disinterested monotone. "S' pretty simple. Head through the doorway to my right, hang a left for the ladies' section. You've got three options once you're in there: the private showers, the ladies-only spa, and the co-ed spa. I'll give you one guess which one is Roz's usual. The locker room has towels, and if you go to the spas you have to shower before getting in the water."

"Wow Ben, don't get too enthusiastic there," Roz chortles.

"I've only had to say that shit like a thousand times now, so sue me." He glances at you. "So, sigarzghar."


"Penny." He glances at Roz, an amused look in his eyes. "You gonna join Roz's nudist club for weirdos?"

"We aren't weirdos, fuck you," laughs Roz. "And it isn't a club! It's a social movement," she declares, folding her arms.

"Yeah, yeah." He waves a hand in Roz's direction dismissively as he turns his attention back to you. "You gonna join her nudist, er, social movement?" Roz starts to say something but he cuts her off, wagging a finger at her. "Ah ah ah! Don't try to sway her now, that's cheating!"
No. 933788 ID: 0fae41

Give it a shot!
No. 933789 ID: 06fdc0

i dunno, nudity's pretty cool
No. 933790 ID: 2202fb

Go for it.
No. 933791 ID: 8faf34

Nope, no nudism.
No. 933793 ID: ad51b8

Not today
No. 933796 ID: 3940d3

I don’t think so
No. 933797 ID: b1b909

Sure, give it a try. Do the naked thing
No. 933801 ID: e2f5cc

This is pretty much your best chance to do this Penny, you get the feeling of being nude in front of strangers while not being entirely in public, and these people would obviously be pretty used to seeing naked girls so you won't even get particularly strange looks beyond being new, and if worst comes to worst you can either cover yourself in the hopefully opaque spa water or abscond to the locker room and throw on a towel. Doing this will also increase your chance at banging Roz.
No. 933811 ID: ead464

yes... ...I MEAN NO!  

While i'm not opposed to nudism, I think it would be out of character for us to suddenly be into it. I'd rather us getting into nudism happen gradually as the story progresses. Dont want this guy to see us as a weirdo (Plus, joining that club might make us lose access to some possible fun enf situations to occur later in the story, like Roz stealing our clothing in order to feel more open about nudity ;) )  

We will be taking the private showers... for now.
No. 933813 ID: c84fd7

... Maybe? You'll try it out and see how it goes. Not committing to anything.
No. 933817 ID: e51896

No. It might mess up our social standing.

But if the vote of joining wins, I would say something like: "*sigh*... if I join this club, can I at least keep my clothes on in public? or is getting naked mandatory?"
No. 933822 ID: 2ea85f

Nah, You just got this hoodie and don't want to declare your freedom from it yet. Take a shower and then head to the lady's spa.
No. 933823 ID: e51896

Oh hey, forgot to mention, we should see what that paper says on the wall, as well as look at the floor map under it in case we need to evacuate the area for whatever reason (would be a good way to change the subject away from this part of the conversation). Also, is that an alcoholic drink on the shelf behind Ben? Probably not as I think it would be wrong to drink on the job, right?
No. 933824 ID: bcc41d

WOULD you join Roz' social movement for nudeys-not-prudeys? What would be the point - other than potentially letting you hang around with Roz more and earn some Roz Respec(tm)?

Are your experiences and desires enough to form a decision?

You know you can be pretty assertive when you want. You have full-body fur and your biggest 'assets' are your ears, not your breasts, so it's not like you'd show off all that much (hell, you could use the former to cover up the latter in a pinch). You didn't hesitate to suggest trading sex with a stranger in exchange for favors. You're kinda sexually attracted to Roz.

You'd probably attract more attention than you otherwise would. You 'feel' your nudity - at least when caught off guard. You don't like undressing for no good reason. ...You're kinda sexually attracted to Roz.

You can probably handle going around nude on occasion, especially as a way of connecting with Roz and her social clique. You may or may not feel comfortable in your own skin depending on the situation.

Suggest you can become a Trial Member of her movement, and put your feelings to test on the issue.

Also, ask Buck tongue-in-cheek whether there's a 'movement' for slacking off at your desk job, or if that is a perk of his dar.
No. 933829 ID: c0641d

Didn't we already establish being uncomfortable with that sort of thing? Hard no, private shower only for us.
No. 933844 ID: 91ee5f

>join nudists?
No, thank you!

We’ve already established that we’re not exactly comfortable with this, so let’s not go along with it.
No. 933845 ID: cb6404


It could be cool, but maybe after we've had some time to adjust to ourselves and put more thought into how comfortable we are in our own body.
No. 933851 ID: 8eaf98

>Also, ask Buck tongue-in-cheek whether there's a 'movement' for slacking off at your desk job, or if that is a perk of his dar.
Do this, also no nudist.
No. 933858 ID: 5bdd53

Roz has a social movement? Is this a joke or a real thing? I'm surprised members of the Vesper society or whatever the cult is called could have their own groups outside it. Maybe they won't be so restrictive after all.

Ask Roz how many other sigarzhars have joined her nudity friendship club.
No. 933862 ID: b5d6fa

Quick Pass. We were already more or less asked once already.
No. 933863 ID: b1b4f3

>go to the co-ed spa?
Maybe later. Right now you're a little too nervous. It's the private stall for you.
No. 933888 ID: 7fb87a

"I haven't even met everyone yet"
No. 933889 ID: e95cec

No. 933890 ID: 864e49

"I don't think I'm gonna be joining the nudist movement but I'll try the co-op if there aren't to many people, else I'll probably just have a shower."
No. 933891 ID: b5d6fa

Oh, didn't specify- I vote for solo shower.
No. 933900 ID: caf1de

are we allowed to have sex in the co-ed
No. 933906 ID: f3310b

Of course. Penny would feel right at home in Roz's club for weirdos.

Also, we'd get massive brownie points with whoever's a member of this club. I'm sure there's at least a couple of prominent figures in there.

This is a good question, yes. It's important we know this.
No. 934011 ID: 15a025

Opt for either private or co-ed.
No. 934094 ID: e51896

I'm against asking this idea, but If you're going to ask this, Ask it like a joke so he doesn't think you're a perv.
No. 934175 ID: de080b

I say try out the co-ed. Don't have to do anything lewd in there, but it could be a good way to meet new and helpful people.

Also, one way to ask about Roz's eyes without offending her could be "How do you see through all that long pretty hair?" Worth a shot.
No. 934458 ID: f94dfb

No to the nudist club, and try the co-ed showers
No. 935848 ID: 891b91
File 156059018658.gif - (331.72KB , 1024x1024 , 1-015-1.gif )

"Er, I'll pass on the nudist club, thanks," you respond. You feel like you've answered this question before.
"Hah! That's another 20 chits for me." Ben rubs his fingers together, gesturing at Roz. "Pay up!"
"Yeah, yeah, you'll get your money later," Roz grumbles. "But one of these days I'll prove you wrong!"
"Uh huh, you just go on believin' that and I'll just go on gettin' paid."
"Yeah, until you have to pay me," Roz fires back.

"Speaking of social movements," you pipe up, feeling a little defensive of Roz, "Is there a 'movement' for slacking off at your desk job, or is that just a perk of your dar?"
An awkward moment passes while Roz and Ben trade glances. Suddenly, Roz bursts out in laughter.
"Hah! I like this one. About time we got a sigarzghar with a spicy tongue!" Ben remarks before looking back at you. "Now, I'll have you know they put me in this position as a specialist -- how else are they going to find out whether this desk is at optimal leg-propping height?" While he lacks the equipment necessary to make conventional facial expressions, you get the feeling that if he did he'd have a shiteating grin plastered across his face.
"Well, is it?" You ask.
"Hmm. Couple centimeters too high, if you ask me." He faux-sighs forlornly. "But I suppose we all must make sacrifices."
"Alright, can it cornball," Roz says, still chuckling. "Penny n' me gotta go get wet 'n naked now."
"Yeah, yeah," he sighs as he waves you off. "Have fun, don't drop the soap, et cetera, et cetera."
No. 935849 ID: 891b91
File 156059020177.png - (90.81KB , 1024x1024 , 1-015-2.png )

On your way out, you take a brief look at the map posted on the wall. The layout seems straightforward enough.
No. 935850 ID: 891b91
File 156059021379.gif - (411.94KB , 1024x1024 , 1-015-3.gif )

"Well, that was interesting," you remark as you follow Roz into the locker room.
"Hah, Ben's an asshole, but a lovable one. Don't take him too seriously or nothin', he wouldn't scuzz me like that if it actually bothered me."
"So what was all that about, anyway?"
"Oh, we just have a bet on whether I can get any newbie sigarzghars to join the nudist movement. I gotta pay him 20 chits for every sigarzghar who doesn't wanna join." Her toothy grin returns. "But if I get even one to join, then he's gotta pay me back double what I paid him. He thinks this is his way of convincing me that the nudist movement doesn't belong here, but sooner or later I'm gonna win. Just gotta be patient!"
"How long has this been going on?"
"For a few months now. He's gotten 160 chits outta me so far." She tosses a towel, a small bottle of shampoo, and a pair of disposable shower slippers to you. "Here, it's on the house. This stuff should treat your coat pretty nice."
"Thanks." You choose to avert your eyes while Roz starts undressing, fearing what getting an eyeful might do to you, and instead focus on stripping down yourself. "How many people are in your nudist club, anyway?"
"If you're curious enough to ask, you could always show up to one of our weekly get-togethers and see for yourself. You don't even have to get naked if you don't wanna."
"I dunno, I'll think about it, I guess."
"Hey, it's your call. No hard feelings if you'd rather not." Roz's locker slams shut, and you reflexively glance to your side. Yep, that's a buck-naked Roz, with her towel draped unhelpfully over her shoulder. The sight causes you to wonder if people ever have sex in this place, but you suppress the urge to ask about it -- you don't want to give the wrong impression. After all, Roz already knows you're into women, so it might come off as an invitation...
"Anyway," she continues, seemingly ignorant or apathetic of your gaze, "I'm gonna rinse off real quick and then hit the co-ed spa. Wanna come with?"
"Uh, I'm not sure," you respond, trying your best to keep your gaze from drifting to certain parts of her figure. "I think I just wanna relax in the shower for a bit."
"You sure? Could be a good way of gettin' to know people, especially with me there to introduce you!" She studies you for a moment. "Hey, I get that the whole nudity thing kinda bugs you... if it'd make you more comfortable, you could always just keep your towel wrapped around you. It's no big deal, no one's gonna think anything of it."

A) Decline Roz's offer and grab a shower stall for yourself. You need some private time to relax and reflect on your situation a bit.
B) Accept Roz's offer. Roz makes a good point about getting to know people, and like she said, you can cover yourself up if you'd rather not go nude.
C) Suggest the two of you stay in the ladies-only section instead. Getting to know some people sounds good, but you don't think you're quite ready to graduate to the co-ed area just yet.
D) Invite Roz to join you in one of the stalls. You're a little too new around here to feel comfortable with meeting a bunch of people who are in their birthday suits, but the shock of seeing Roz's body has worn off and it might be nice to have someone to chat with while you wash each other's hair. Plus, it might be a good opportunity to ply her for information.
E) ???

No. 935851 ID: 790132

While the gesture IS nice, and by all means very understandable, I also feel like we would prefer to introduce ourselves at our own speed and pace, so to speak. Letting Roz dictate the time and place could throw things out of our narrative control unless we were particularly proactive about taking control of the conversation. And even then, we come from a position of weakness; even if we take the 'go, but with towel' option, we come across as shy or (perhaps more likely with our personality) stubborn, going against the mores intentionally. Don't want to make such a first impression right now. I'd like to hope we're going for rational, reasonable, trustworthy, but not too egregious or withdrawn.

Not to mention, the nudity thing, while clearly common, tends to denote a certain...vulnerability in people. Vulnerability that I don't think is good to expose right now, considering our long-term goals of escape. It's something that I think is possible to overcome, but would be difficult to execute unless all us suggesters were on the same page.


If We Accept: It'll possibly allow introducing us to others to be quicker and easier, but puts us in a weaker position of impression if we don't control the conversation wholesale due to the sheer nature of the place and context- which is highly likely. Choosing to wear a towel would also make us seem like we're too shy to accept the local norms or too stubborn to abide by them- both not the first impressions we want.

If We Decline: We'll likely lose a bit of trust with Roz; she's been trying hard to get us to do her thing, and we could lose an easy in or an early vouch for our person. However, the means and methods of first contact with other individuals within the cult remain with us, allowing us to shape their impressions of us however we might want.

I'm not sure which I pick right now, just felt it'd be good to get my logic out early.
No. 935853 ID: 220480

B) while trying and failing to not fantasize about getting your face between Roz's cheeks in a private stall.
No. 935854 ID: ad51b8

>B) Accept Roz's offer. Roz makes a good point about getting to know people, and like she said, you can cover yourself up if you'd rather not go nude.

Going with this so you can get a feel for what the people in this maybe cult are like. I mean yes gathering info on this place is important seeing I see it as gathering information on who people are and who's who so we can try to build up an idea of people we might be able to trust, people to avoid for one reason or another, and people who we feel that we can safely pump for information on this maybe cult.
No. 935856 ID: e2f5cc

B)Cause you need to meet people and should probably get a little more used to naked people if you're gonna hang around Roz with much regularity, and go nude as you'll probably draw more attention to yourself if you go with a towel. Plus this will get you closer to being inbetween those thighs that are bigger than your torso
No. 935863 ID: e51896


give a half jokingly excuse that you are only joining her in the co-ed showers because you have the strangest feeling that if you don't keep your eye on Roz, she might steal your clothing from the locker room to try to get you to embrace nudity
of course, that won't stop somebody else from stealing our clothing from the locker room ;)

Keep your towel when you enter.
No. 935882 ID: 726b70

B. Because males.
No. 935891 ID: 0fae41

D. Let's tackle this one body at a time.
No. 935892 ID: 4854ef

B: We might as well get used to some people now, and getting it out of the way helps.
No. 935893 ID: e7c7d3


Let's be honest, if just Roz is setting you off then a whole room of naked strangers is going to make you explode.
No. 935895 ID: b1b4f3

No. 935899 ID: d40a27

>of course, that won't stop somebody else from stealing our clothing from the locker room ;) 

Fully support. More ENF shenanigans will be fun. Imagine having to chase down your clothing thief or try to sneak back in your room without being seen... nakedly~.

B. It seems like Roz is starting to get a little dissapointed in us. I would like to keep our friendship going, and if it means going in the mix bathing spa with her, so be it. But lets keep the towel on to keep our modesty and shame intact.
No. 935910 ID: 790132

I should also mention that I already don't like this- how Roz is beginning to act. I don't know if she's doing it intentionally or what, but it almost feels like subtle emotional manipulation- guilt tripping, in other words. I could just be reading too much into things, but I've always been one of those people that really dislikes being coerced into doing something supposedly voluntary that I don't want to do.

It honestly just furthers my suspicions that this has cult leanings, if nothing else. No one should feel like they can't say no if they're uncomfortable.
No. 935932 ID: cb6404


After a bit of thought ...

... let's start off with D, sharing a shower for a bit. Just to acclimate, talk some more, and "feel things out," to help adjusting. It's still a pretty big shift, after all, considering this will be the first we've ever bathed since becoming ourselves!

That, and learning more about things, who Roz is, being a sigarzaghar, and the dars -- you know, since we need to choose one soon -- would definitely be beneficial.

After that and some time to relax, let's then do B, but keep the towel on. It could be kinda nice to meet a few people and talk some, and maybe help make this whole affair feel a bit more normal.

And besides, Roz has been really supportive so far and nothing if not nice to us, so ... it's only fair to show some of that back, right? Just not completely naked (yet).
No. 935935 ID: 7fb87a

E) Help Roz with that 'deep shampooing' she mentioned earlier
No. 935969 ID: 15a025

B. It could be a nice relaxing way to meet some other people here and have a casual conversation.
No. 935981 ID: dc9489

A because it couldn't hurt to know some more people around here, and washing off before getting in a public bath is common courtesy
No. 935982 ID: b0b724

C. Not that it's going to win but it'd be an interesting compromise
No. 935989 ID: d24c68

Hmm, B.

But not because I want to see these anthropomorphic people naked, or anything. Just, you know, for research.
No. 935995 ID: c8d2b2

B) you should definitely start meeting the other people around here and this is a nice casual way to do so. Considering your reaction towards being naked around Roz and seeing Roz naked, the ladies-only section probably wouldn't be any more comfortable.
No. 936022 ID: 864e49

B son.
Gotta scope out the merchandise. Gotta make connections. Gotta get some fuckoundations going.
No. 936075 ID: 168af0

You haven't really had an opportunity to find out if you're attracted to men as much as you are women, so I'm tempted towards B just on the basis of more chances for self-discovery. And like, better to get over the shock you feel seeing people naked in a relaxed situation, with someone looking after you, than possibly at some random future point, right? There is a big aspect of just being conditioned when it comes to this sort of thing.
No. 937386 ID: e95cec

This is sound logic. (A)
No. 937405 ID: 91ee5f

No. 937426 ID: bcc41d

B, because getting to know people with the help of an established individual is an actual no joke opportunity. If you're worried about getting involuntarily tantalized try to focus on faces and backgrounds, not bodies. Roz caught you off-guard earlier, but surely you can steel yourself somewhat, right?
No. 939820 ID: 891b91
File 156370598023.gif - (348.30KB , 1024x1024 , 1-016-1.gif )

Roz has a good point, you realize -- this is an opportunity to get to know people in a relaxed atmosphere, and having Roz there to back you up, so to speak, makes it a bit easier. You feel like Roz might be a bit disappointed in your apprehensiveness, too... but shouldn't you be allowed to be apprehensive about anything you choose? Still, staying on Roz's good side and getting to know some people around here with her backing is probably worth the discomfort.

"I guess you have a point," you sigh. "I'll go -- but I'm keeping the towel on." You almost add, half-jokingly, that you need to keep your eye on her so she doesn't steal your clothes, but you stop short when you realize that it might give her ideas.

"Sure, sure, like I said, no one's gonna think anything of it. I'm gonna go rinse off, meet you in the showers."

"Alright," you reply, acknowledging her with a wave of your hand.

After she leaves, you finish undressing and neatly stack your clothes in the locker. A key is hanging by a lanyard inside; you take it, assuming it to be the key to the locker -- a surprisingly low-tech solution, compared to the things you've seen so far.

>of course, that won't stop somebody else from stealing our clothing from the locker room ;)
You frown at the possibility that someone might steal your clothes, but as you clutch the key to your chest you decide it isn't very likely. If they had a clothing theft problem around here, they'd use high-tech lockers, not mechanical ones, right? Besides, if it were to happen you could just wait in the locker room and get Roz or someone else to bring you new clothes. Or you could just walk back in your towel, which would be nowhere near as embarrassing as being naked in public was! You clutch the locker key in your hand instinctively, as though it were a talisman, and use it to test the lock one last time before looping the lanyard over your neck. You wrap your towel around your body, tucking the corner in so it hangs like a dress, then gather your toiletries and head through the door to the showers.
No. 939821 ID: 891b91
File 156370598801.gif - (257.48KB , 1024x1024 , 1-016-2.gif )

As you enter, Roz catches sight of you, and motions for you to join her under the open shower. You do your best to ignore the pendulous sway of her breasts as she does so.

A) Duck into one of the stalls and shower off in there. You're fine with meeting some new people in this setting, but you're strictly against taking your towel off in front of any of them for any longer than you have to.
B) Join Roz and rinse off at the open shower. It might be quicker that way, and Roz would probably like it.
>1) But shampoo your fur here. You just want to get the bathing over with so you can keep your towel on most of the time you're around other people.
>2) But let the shampooing wait for the spa. A little communal bathing could be relaxing for all you know, and Roz can help you get those hard-to-reach places. After all, it's not like you'll stand out doing that in a bathhouse of all places.
C) ???

No. 939824 ID: 2df440

B 2
No. 939834 ID: 10c408

A. Establish limits first, then break/adjust them later. We're just here to have a shower, no frills attached.
No. 939840 ID: 7f086e

A) We’ve pretty much decided this already. Holding yourself to a more comfortable situation is probably the best option here; we do intend to leave Roz and the rest of the “not a cult” behind us as soon as possible.
No. 939843 ID: e51896

B1, to get this over and done with.

Also, as you are walking towards Roz, glance under the stalls and see if you can see legs in there to get an idea if other people are here.

also, as you walk towards Roz, accidentally slip and fall on your back, end up in an... inappropriate position.
No. 939845 ID: e7c7d3

B 1
Step out of your comfort zone but not too far. Show Roz that you're willing to join in but that your own boundaries still need to be respected.
No. 939851 ID: 58ee15

I'm against B, because Penny already decided to wear a towel to the spa. It would be inconsistent for her to shower nude with other people here, but then suddenly be shy and need a towel for the co-ed spa.
I'm also against Penny slipping on the wet floor here. It would be way better if it happened after entering the co-ed spa ;)

A) Hold onto the stall doors when entering.
No. 939856 ID: 864e49

Show her that you're at least a little adventures but taking it slow, also get her to help shampoo you.
No. 939876 ID: 0fae41

B 2. It's not too late to crawl back out of your shell.
No. 939903 ID: 7fb87a

B 2
it is difficult to both learn about people and avoid them at the same time.
No. 939906 ID: fd2d31

B2, but clearly show you're doing it as a necessity and not out of pleasure.
No. 939936 ID: cb6404


We've been a bit paranoid in the past, but insofar, this seems like a very relaxed and respectable atmosphere. It isn't as though Roz is suddenly making out with everyone, or anything silly like that.

Maybe it won't be too bad to talk a bit and rinse off.

So ... C: use the opportunity to talk to Roz some more, have her help you shampoo in one of the stalls (because acclimation is important!) and then go ahead and join her in the spa to meet some others -- with your towel, of course.
No. 939940 ID: e95cec

A1, a tasty steak sauce
No. 939961 ID: 744ed0

B2 my dude
No. 939963 ID: 094652

Yeah, it's that good.
No. 939987 ID: 4854ef

No. 939990 ID: 29e9f3

No. 940017 ID: 44b1b5

No. 940024 ID: e2f5cc

No. 940088 ID: 2202fb

No. 940190 ID: 446872

Maybe b2 wouldn't be so bad
No. 940653 ID: 15a025

No. 943391 ID: 891b91
File 156656325353.gif - (585.49KB , 1024x1024 , 1-017-1.gif )

Hesitantly, you make your way toward Roz -- you conclude that it'd be to your advantage to keep Roz's enthusiasm for you high, which you suppose means being more open and adventurous than you'd otherwise prefer. You glance at the stalls as you pass by, curious whether you can see signs of anyone inside; you notice a few pairs of feet here and there, but most of them appear to be empty. It isn't rush hour, you guess.

You sigh, silently reminding yourself that the only people out here are that sea slug-thing woman, who seems to be minding her own business, and Roz, who has already seen you naked anyway; everyone else in the room is in stalls and probably won't see you, if you're quick about it. You strip off your towel, hang it up on one of the wall hooks, and join Roz by the shower, standing beneath one of the unused shower heads.

You try to turn the shower on by twisting the knob, but it's firmly fixed in place. For a moment you puzzle over how to turn it on, but then Roz reaches over and pushes it, and water starts spraying from the shower head above. "You gotta push it," she explains. "It's on a timer."

"Oh, thanks."

"Y'know, I was sure you were gonna duck into one of those stalls."

"Yeah, I was too."

"What's that? Could someone be getting a little daring?"

You sigh, closing your eyes as you let the water stream across your face. "This is a bathhouse, so what I'm doing isn't daring at all. Besides, once I'm cleaned up that towel's going right back on."

Roz chuckles. "Well alright then."
No. 943392 ID: 891b91
File 156656328342.gif - (540.36KB , 1024x1024 , 1-017-2.gif )

"Excuse me," a voice to your right begins, prompting your hands to fumble about in an attempt to shield your more intimate parts from view. Opening your eyes reveals that it's the slug lady. Because of course she would want to talk to you while you're standing here in your birthday suit. "Aren't you that sigarzghar who was in a coma?"

"Y-yeah, that's me," you stammer, swallowing your nerves as best as you can.

"I knew I recognized you! Sah-ha, it's so lovely to see you finally up and about! And without that dreary old thing you had on when you first arrived, no less -- navy blue simply is not your color, not one bit! It detracts horribly from your lovely, snow-white fur!"

"Oh, um, thanks?"

"You are most welcome -- oh, but I haven't introduced myself yet! I am Jarmu -- soon to be Qatra -- Millicent Endora ta' Ormi -- but please, call me Millie, all my friends do!"

"Uh, nice to meet you, I'm Penny."

"Penny," Millie echoes, as though she's trying the name out. "My, what an adorable little name that is! It suits you perfectly! Tell me, did Jarmu Rosalyn come up with it? She should know it's quite unorthodox to name a sigarzghar before her ismijiet!"

"No, I picked it myself before I even came here."

"Mmm, I should have known! Of course you did, I can see it in your eyes! It may seem like a trifling thing, but most sigarzghars don't even think to name themselves, they're completely helpless when they first awaken! But not you, no -- you are one of those rare individuals who come to us already talented and capable, I'm certain of it! Now, I'm sure Rosalyn here has told you all about Dar Balzan, but I would be quite remiss in my duties if I didn't steer you towards Dar Or--"
No. 943393 ID: 891b91
File 156656330122.gif - (488.51KB , 1024x1024 , 1-017-3.gif )

"Millicent. Do you really have to do this right now?" Roz's words are unusually short and stilted -- a far cry from the bubbly demeanor you've seen from her so far.

"Why Rosalyn, I'm shocked!" Millie gasps. "I am only trying to help our new friend Penny find the place where she will the most fulfilled. You do want to help her feel fulfilled, don't you?"

"Of course I do," Roz sighs.
No. 943394 ID: ad51b8

maybe she kept this from you because she didn't want to overload you with too much info to quickly... but I don't think she would be sounding as annoyed as she is right now. Either this is something she wanted to hide from you or she has a bad experience with the good doctor.
No. 943395 ID: 2df440

Uh, Roz has a good point. Maybe we can deal with these things after the bath?
No. 943398 ID: b5bc34

Let Roz know you're fine and tell Millie to give you the elevator pitch. Take Roz's side if she tries to continue past that. Be clear that you can spare thirty seconds but you came to get clean, not get an advertisement.
No. 943399 ID: 469f5e

Blink, look between them, then say, half-jokingly and deadpan:
“Theeeere’s a signing bonus or something, isn’t there.»
Pause, then furrow your brow and stare off in the distance thoughtfully while you try to rinse off without revealing too much of your noblee parts.
«Politics, worker shortage or both? I mean... is convincing people to join your Dar some mark of success?»
No. 943407 ID: e7c7d3

Not getting good vibes from Millie, despite her being a multi-titted mollusc. Kind of sounds like she's being overly nice to you just to get to Roz.

Stick with Roz. Tell Millie that you need to be presentable first before seeing anyone!
No. 943408 ID: 3e9573

Take a firm stance and tell them that the dars can wait because the only place where you'd feel fulfilled would be a girl's bosom.

And moments later realize what you just said.

Note that if we make them believe that female bosoms are our weakness, that would definitely result in many interesting situations down the line. Characters taking more liberty with their racks and Penny's head perhaps?)
No. 943412 ID: 7fb87a

"I would find it very fulfilling if we could shower in peace."
No. 943419 ID: b1b4f3

I don't like her. Tell her to buzz off.
No. 943429 ID: cb6404


Might as well tell her that she's coming on a bit strongly -- and that while we're happy to discuss fashion (because oh boy do we need to fill out our wardrobe further), we'd like to keep decisions regarding our future placement in a dar to ourselves for now.

But I suppose thank her as well for her review of ... Dar "Or," or whatever it's called.

Why yes, I am totally running with that interrupt there.
No. 943430 ID: 0fae41

"I'll be honest, all that jargon is sliding off me like water off a duck's back right now. Perhaps later?"
No. 943453 ID: 10c408

...Sass her, sass her right now!

"First of all, my eyes are up here."

"And second of all I only just got out of my coma. I'd at least like to feel grounded before engaging in what I assume to be some sort of inter-departmental political game of sigarzghar poaching."
No. 943459 ID: 3a3c64

Last I checked, we're still trying to find a way out of this cult. Use Mrs. Exposition over there and try to get some more information about its structure. This ismijiet thing is either an opportunity to leave or yet another rabbit hole that we do NOT want to fall into.
No. 943460 ID: 1fd9ec

"...if you want me in your dar, you're not helping things by being so pushy. Leave me be."

Damnit, though, she's dar Ormi, which is the one I was shooting for, since that's admin and the big decision making stuff.
No. 943469 ID: 30f4b7

"So, are you trying to pressure me to join you? Or trying to get me to NOT join by being pushy?"
No. 943470 ID: 1fd9ec

I'd HOPE we still are. A couple of nice eggs does not mean the case isn't full of cracked ones.
No. 943472 ID: 2df440

i'd like to add "If you wanna get down, just come out and say it."
No. 943479 ID: b5bc34

Yeah, Roz might be nice but she's still someone in a position of power over us in this cult.
No. 943487 ID: e51896

Idea: maybe we can nickname her "silly Millie"?

um, it's awkward enough that you're naked in front of strangers, so just ask if this can wait until after you're done focusing on showering. This is time limited after all.
No. 943507 ID: 0ec903

Tell Millie maybe you'll talk later

Theres a time and place for everything. Naked time is not one of those
No. 943974 ID: 891b91
File 156724798205.gif - (263.01KB , 1024x1024 , 1-018-1.gif )

"Come now, Rosalyn, do you really think Penny here would ever feel fulfilled as one of Balzan's... entertainers?" Millie sniffs. "I should say not! There--"

"I'd find it very fulfilling if we could shower in peace," you interrupt. "Maybe we could let this wait until I'm not standing here in my birthday suit? Not to mention how pushy you're being..."

Millie whips her head in your direction, eyeing you with surprise.
No. 943975 ID: 891b91
File 156724799831.gif - (219.70KB , 1024x1024 , 1-018-2.gif )

A smirk quickly spreads across Millie's face. "Fine, have it your way," she shrugs. "I suppose I can't blame you -- after all, you have been through a lot, haven't you? I can only imagine the trouble you must have run into before you arrived at our doorstep, especially with such a... rare body."

"Dammit Millie," Roz growls.
No. 943976 ID: 10c408

Shower stall, now. Apologize to Roz but someone just can't take a damn hint.
No. 943977 ID: 0efe8e

UwU what does she mean we must know!
No. 943979 ID: 18f1c5

Tell her that she's the first one to mention that your body is rare. Which either means that she knows something others don't, or others didn't think it was something you should learn. Or at least not yet... turning your head to Roz.

Continue that, fine, she got your interest, and that you're definitely interested in listening to what she's got to say. Just not while her naked body's distracting you...
No. 943980 ID: e7dcb0

Your body isn't that unusual. That's a weird thing to just say to someone.
No. 943982 ID: c51837

This. You've at least shown willingness to engage, but this is a pretty good excuse to get what you wanted from the start.
No. 943984 ID: 9d50cc

Hmm. You know, she seems like she's trying to look knowledgeable and feel superior, dangling all this bait for questioning in front of you. Which makes me feel kind of sorry for her, actually? She must have some sort of self-esteem problem if she's making herself feel better by knowing more than an amnesia case does.

I know she's annoying you, a lot, but the way your life is right now you really don't need enemies, and the way she said she was soon to be "Qatra" suggests she's getting a promotion of some kind (or... married? Or something?), so she probably has at least a little influence and seems like she could be petty enough to use it on grudges.

So maybe just give her an excuse to do what she wants to do, hear herself talk, and get back to cleaning while she's distracted.
No. 943985 ID: 10c408

I disagree with this. all potential outcomes are fraught with social peril (roz may or may not realize we've intentionally baited millie into blabbing while we tune her out and millie may or may not ensure we're actually paying attention to her.)
No. 943986 ID: 18f1c5

I'm against moving into a shower stall.
We've already chosen to take an open shower, so suddenly moving into a stall, simply because of one person, would make us look like an extremely intolerant and unsocial piece of shit.
No. 943987 ID: fd2d31

"Sure as hell doing a whole lot to make me not feel welcome here Millie"
No. 943993 ID: 567477

Never said anything about ignoring her. Pardon if I implied it. We need all information available, though.
No. 943994 ID: 0fae41

Ask Roz what that means.
No. 943995 ID: e7c7d3

Just say "Thank you," turn and finish showering. If we wish to hear more from her, we could mention that we're still headed for the baths, but I feel that Roz also has the same info.
No. 943997 ID: 10c408

Millie clearly didn't give two shits about Penny's request to table the discussion until after we're done bathing and immediately started approaching it from an entirely new direction.

So it's time to slam the proverbial door in her face and MAYBE she'll take the fucking hint this time.
No. 944000 ID: cb6404


Okay, hold the fluff up. "Rare body?" What is THAT supposed to mean?

Because as far as we know, we were always like this, from the moment we woke up covered in dust in some dingy basement somewhere wearing a jumpsuit out in the dead city.

So if she can tell us what any of that might be, who or what we are, THAT would be something to consider.

I know, I know, we've previously resolved to keep quiet, but I kind of feel like right now is a good time for Penny to be upset with Millie's ... everything. Especially calling attention to something we've already said we're uncomfortable with. So why not? Let's lash out a little. Be the diminutive firebrand nobody expected (and maybe win some more respect from Roz).
No. 944002 ID: 1fd9ec

Thinking about it, maybe we can turn this on its head. She clearly wants to be seen as someone of importance, and someone who's superior or has knowledge.

We want that knowledge, of course, but that doesn't mean we have to come straight out from a position of weakness. We want to control the conversation, not react to it. If we ask her to tell us, we put ourselves under her position as well because she could do something like ask a favor from us for giving us valuable information. What we need to do is make her WANT to tell us outright; make her figure that the ACT of telling is the reward, as opposed to anything given post-so.

My suggestion? Play the situation completely straight, like she's a subordinate just getting too pushy. We know she's trying to bait us, so just nod and be like 'Thank you. Wait over there, I'll be finished after a bit and then you can tell me what's going on.'

Otherwise, no sell it. Make sense? Means we approach her at a time and position WE give, and she has to abide it, else she runs foul of social contracts that make her out as a negative. If she decides to be petty and say nothing else after this, we can shrug and be like 'well, alright. Guess it's not that important, then?'
No. 944003 ID: 91ee5f

>rare body
“Hey! Don’t draw attention to my flat chest! I’m really sensitive about that!”
No. 944007 ID: be926c

"Straight to negging? You should have waited instead of spoiling my first impression of your entire Dar."
No. 944008 ID: 015bf2

Consider what this means. If a gossip is interested in us because of our 'snow-white fur' and 'rare body', it may be because our past self used to be someone famous or notorious in the right circles. We already know we may have worked for a detective agency. We know changing your body is possible, with the right tools. Were we this person, or did we change ourselves to look like one for some reason?

I'd honestly like it if we pursued this without burning bridges despite Millie being all Millish. Knowing or not, Millie IS giving us hints at things we want to know and figure out - things that Roz wants to keep from us for philosophical reasons, or 'our own good' - and making an enemy of Millie just because of what she's doing (being condescending, manipulative and nosy) may be contrary to our own goals of getting out of here and investigating how our past self ended up how it did.

She's also the first person we've met who seems to be more giving lip service to the creed of the Vespers, indicating that there are members or factions that hold other things more important than the Vesper tenets. Roz and Cider at least gives the appearance of holding them in esteem.

Millie is dar Ormu - in administration, a place where allies would be useful - and is on the path to becoming a Quatra - in other words someone who has chosen to stay with the Vespers after they were 're-educated'. We've also experienced that she has the manners of a manipulative gossip with airs - although we have no idea of her skills as of yet. This gives us a somewhat bad impression of her, and by extension, her dar. Still, there is a possibility that we might - more or less guiltlessly - trick her into being a source of information and freedom for us, even have her as a tits-for-tats contact if we can stand or deal with her attitude.

I think at first she spoke to you to appeal to you - recruit and bring you into her dar's sphere of influence while you were still a blank slate - and annoy Roz, but when you spoke back and tried to shut the conversation down she seemed surprised. Either she's unused to people talking back at her - i.e. she's in a privileged position and has gotten arrogant, or new recruits tend to be less assertive (the statistics from our sample of one agrees). Then she made comment that something about you is unusual, to bait out a response.


Don't ask directly about your body (we want to know, but Roz clearly wouldn't approve and might try to shut down the conversation), but give her a weary look (Don't think sexy thoughts!) before chuckling softly, as if you just thought of something. Pretend as if she's been on the money.

"Haha, on that note, you should've seen how Matteo reacted when we met. Practically jumped out of his skin!"

Pause, as if mulling something over, and try to sound as if you're attempting being pleasant despite your weariness.

"You know... it feels like my body, but it also sort of doesn't, too. Isn't that curious? Anyway, I'm sorry for being short with you Millie, I'm a little overwhelmed and the way I arrived did me no favors. I just need this bath badly, I think. So please, let's talk another time. Before Rosalyn tries to eat you - and not in the good way!" (God dammit brain, not to the gossip while in the nude!)

A response like that may serve to soothe Millie's ego and set us up for later conversations. Namedropping an actual Quatra's name may encourage her to spill something else before we leave for the pools.
No. 944013 ID: 1fd9ec

I'm backing this because it's basically what I said but in more detail and more eloquently. Thank you.
No. 944014 ID: b1b4f3

We can ask Roz what she means. Right now I think her intentions are clear- she wants you for your body.
No. 944028 ID: 18f1c5

>Millie clearly didn't give two shits about Penny's request
She said "Fine". She literally just agreed to Penny's request.

I agree that the best course of action is to try to make friends, not enemies. First impressions hardly matter.
No. 944040 ID: 10c408

"you are one of those rare individuals who come to us already talented and capable, I'm certain of it!"

"Please stop"

"I suppose I can't blame you -- after all, you have been through a lot, haven't you? I can only imagine the trouble you must have run into before you arrived at our doorstep, especially with such a... rare body."
No. 944047 ID: 15a025

Tell her the only thing rare about your body is going to be seeing it if she doesn't chill.

Then Ask Roz what she's talking about.
No. 944050 ID: 015bf2

There is no question Millie is being rude, intrusive and is attempting to inelegantly influence Penny.

The question is whether Penny uses the blabbermouth's attitude to figure out more, now or later, or whether we shut her down to show we don't tolerate her behaviour. In our current position there is little obvious benefit to the latter, other than Roz - and others' - possible approval, but I think there's a reason why Roz herself isn't shutting down Millie harder than she is. Millie may have some level of support - or something about the Vesper organization - that is allowing her to get away with this sort of behaviour. Or she may just be a very pitiful, insecure individual who gets on everyone's nerves, but is put up with because everyone's supposed to be given a fair shot at a new life. We know so little, after all.

We can still shut Millie down at any point in the future if she becomes too much. In the meantime we can also look into the mechanics of doing so, for example through "Who do I threaten to talk to if someone like Millie becomes too pushy again?"
No. 944070 ID: 86794b

In general, I agree with trying to make friends rather than enemies, even if you don't really like the person - if nothing else, it tends to be more productive. She also seems like a source of information. If you can express cautions interest in hearing more once you're done showering etc., that might be the most productive. How EXACTLY to do that, I'm not sure.
No. 944080 ID: 10c408

I'd like to rescind my earlier suggestion to shut the social door in millie's face by stalking off to a stall.

instead, we should start asking some pointed questions... To Roz instead since shower time is being interrupted. This will no doubt make Millie snap and say something she shouldn't and could possibly get in trouble for.

I suggest starting with asking if fawning/ogling over the sigarzhar's in an effort to recruit them is standard practice or frowned upon.
No. 944134 ID: ce39da

I agree with asking Roz some questions, but have this prepared if Millie continues to be pushy: "Alright, that's it; I'm done. I was already considering Dar Ormi as my best fit, but I'm starting to reconsider after this little stunt." Then switch to a shower stall after you're done delivering that "you fucked up harder than you thought was even possible" style verbal nut-shot.
No. 944150 ID: 93184b

So, in case we decide not to go with dar Ormi, then what else? I have to think dar Nevian would be the next best thing in terms of influential possibility for the shelf, while dar Blin may help with learning how to craft things.

I sincerely hope this girl doesn't turn us off dar Ormi, however. We could use that kind of overall power.
No. 944156 ID: 10c408

As cinder explained... The houses/dar's send their invitations to us and then we pick them. That hasn't happened just yet and Millie is evidently trying to meddle with our choice by dangling information and hoping we'll bite in the middle of a shower.

We might not actually get invites from all of the dar's.
No. 944174 ID: 02d8f4

Hm. In that case, we have to be careful. Don't want her to try and proverbially slam the door in our face.
No. 944176 ID: 10c408

She's not a Qatra yet though. She's still a Jarmu. and from the looks and sounds of things she's trying to curry favor from the actual qatra's for a promotion by getting us to pick Dar Ormi over the others because we're evidently special.

Either that or trying to poach us into Dar Ormi because we're special for whatever reason and there's some kind of inter-dar rivalry over the newbies.

(or both of the above, though I'm pretty sure it's more the former than the latter)
No. 944346 ID: 30f4b7

So what you're tryont to say is... you view me as an object to be possessed. Yeah, seems like par for the course given my absolutely MARVELOUS treatment upon getting here.

Then clam up angrily and refuse to talk. If Roz asks you later imply you were subject to mistreatment before meeting her. Refuse to say who it was for fear of retaliation.

Manipulative? Yes, but can eventually be turned into making the boss bitch look abusive, and get Roz to view us with sympathy.
No. 944371 ID: 10c408

...That lie is not going to hold up against any scrutiny, at all, for the following reasons.

1: we already asked Roz for holo access to try and get in touch with someone we met before we looked at the gylph.

2: anyone else who could have possibly mistreated us from before we used the glyph who most likely have been a slaver and yet we weren't caught somehow.

3A: it couldn't have been anyone visiting us while we were under the medical dar's care because the staff would have noticed.

3B: and it wouldn't have been anyone on the staff because the constant influx of visitors and the other staff there would also have noticed.

Of course, we don't have to lie here. Clamming up after shutting Millie down is more than sufficient, but throwing in a baseless lie is only going to cause more problems than it would theoretically solve.
No. 944373 ID: b970b2

Ignore her.

Yes you might be able to get info here, but that's at odds with trying to relax. We don't know whether she's leaving the baths or just entering, and she doesn't seem like the kind of person you can tune out easily.
No. 944652 ID: 891b91
File 156802837111.gif - (337.97KB , 1024x1024 , 1-019-1.gif )

You turn to Roz. "Is this how everyone treats new sigarzghars, or is it just her?"

Millie interjects before Roz can respond. "Penny, I am only trying to help--"

"Listen, the only thing rare about my body is gonna be seeing it if you don't chill," you snap, interrupting her. "You should've waited instead of spoiling my first impression of your dar. I'm done talking to you."

A faint "You go girl!" echoes from one of the shower stalls. Apparently you were raising your voice.

She shoots a fiery glare your way in response. "Well, I never--"
No. 944653 ID: 891b91
File 156802839410.gif - (267.29KB , 1024x1024 , 1-019-2.gif )

Millie cuts herself off as she regains composure, her expression softening into a sly grin. "Mmm. Fair enough," she chuckles.
No. 944654 ID: 891b91
File 156802841438.gif - (271.66KB , 1024x1024 , 1-019-3.gif )

"Do forgive me for my persistence," Millie continues as she grabs her towel. "I thought you and I might... have something in common." She lifts her ear to reveal a small hologram.
No. 944655 ID: 891b91
File 156802843379.gif - (254.76KB , 1024x1024 , 1-019-4.gif )

"But I shan't bother you with such things anymore. Should you decide you'd like a tour of Dar Ormi, do look me up, hmm? Until then -- ta-ta!"

With that, she disappears into the locker room.
No. 944656 ID: 891b91
File 156802845070.gif - (521.32KB , 1024x1024 , 1-019-5.gif )

You and Roz stand there quietly for a moment. Roz is visibly uncomfortable.

"Sorry about, uh... her, Penny," Roz finally says, breaking the awkward silence while she dabs excess water out of her hair. "She wasn't always such a bitch, we used to be best fuckin' friends. But ever since she decided she wanted a transfer to Ormi, it's been like she's a completely different person."
No. 944658 ID: 0efe8e

She just loves to drive that bitch nail in deep doesn't she? On the bright side her being a cunt prevented us from feeling self conscious about the whole nudity thing.
No. 944659 ID: ce39da

Show Roz under your ear. "Do I have the same scar? If I do, remind someone to chew her out for trying to get me interested in my pre-taffa history. I honestly would like a tour of Ormi, just with absolutely anyone but her."
No. 944661 ID: e7dcb0

Is it the power and privilege of being in Ormi that changes someone, or is it more literal? Could be a bad plan to court them if it's the latter.

Anyway, ask Roz if it was a gradual or sudden change. And if she knows why you're rare.
No. 944662 ID: f3c77f

Let’s not ask roz to check our ear, we’ll just do that in a mirror when we’re alone, cards to our chest and all that.
No. 944663 ID: 10c408

Quietly ask Roz to see if she can see about getting you a hand-held mirror, then go back to bathing.
No. 944668 ID: e51896

Certainly hope Millie doesn't try to steal our clothing after such comments about us having a rare body... nah, she couldn't, she doesn't have your key after all. Certainly nothing to worry about.

That "you go girl" from one of the stalls... did it sound like a male, or female? looks like Millie isn't all that popular around here to get that response from our argument.
No. 944669 ID: e51896

Also, we'll check under our ear ourself. Don't let Roz check.
No. 944670 ID: e7c7d3

Just forget about all that for now and relax, and what better place to relax than in a bath!
No. 944678 ID: b1b4f3

She might BE a different person. Maybe she got some memory implants and those altered her personality, despite the memories not feeling quite right. Or she just learned something life-altering. Or in the worst case that's someone else who body modded themselves to look like her?

Also yeah, gotta find a mirror. ...holograms show up in mirrors right?
No. 944681 ID: 9d50cc

"She's hardly subtle, isn't she? All that "ooh let me vaguely hint at things, aren't you dying to know" stuff. So either she's really insecure and wants to feel superior or she was trying to get something out of me. Does she think I'm stupid, or does she think that about everyone?"
No. 944682 ID: be926c

Well, might as well point out the elephant in the room and ask what that mark she flashed was.
No. 944769 ID: b3c4cf

Millicent seems like a pretty mysterious person. Why would she choose to engage Penny at this time? There has to be a special reason for it. We should definitely try to get someone as cunning as her on our side.

Ask Roz what she thinks Millicent's agenda might've been. Also, if what she did was against any guidelines Vesper might have.

Other than that, finish taking a shower and then go to the spa.
No. 944780 ID: f15663

Y'know, it's weird. At first I was annoyed by her, but now that I've thought about it for a bit, I think her blatantly self-serving and egotistical attitude is kind of amusing. In a 'we could use her' kinda way.

We should try to find her later and 'make amends'. Would like to figure out that mark on her ear first, though. If she's really that high on herself, and she's a newbie looking for clout, that might be an avenue we can exploit.
No. 944885 ID: c0e130

I say let's use a mirror to check for the mark when possible. Can always tell others about it later, while you can't un-tell it.

If we've got a lot more shampooing to do, let's do it in a private stall. Roz is free to join us, if she wants to.
Would've been a good opportunity to get off - shame slugthot had to ruin the mood.

No - never trust a THOT
No. 944904 ID: 560cb8

...where was it said to trust her? It read to me like the exact opposite. Manipulate her using her ego against her.
No. 944915 ID: 58b4f3

Ask Roz if that comment about you having a "rare body" was an insult directed at your lack of feminine curves of any kind and how rare it is to see someone without any curves at all?

Because you are now very self-conscious about your body right now.
No. 944983 ID: 32b5ec

Fairly sure she's already concerned about her body, despite how cute it is.

I'll fuckin' break through reality and suck on that DFC to convince her if I have to.
No. 945093 ID: 15a025

Ask Roz if she can tell you anything about Ormi, or what any of that was all about. If she doesn't know or want to talk about it. Try and cool off and enjoy the rest of your shower.
No. 946430 ID: 891b91
File 157018609455.gif - (477.83KB , 1024x1024 , 1-020-1.gif )

>That "you go girl" from one of the stalls... did it sound like a male, or female? looks like Millie isn't all that popular around here to get that response from our argument.
You think the voice sounded female. It certainly seems that Roz isn't the only one around here who thinks Millie's a bitch.

>Certainly hope Millie doesn't try to steal our clothing after such comments about us having a rare body... nah, she couldn't, she doesn't have your key after all. Certainly nothing to worry about.
For a moment your mind wanders to the possible consequences of putting Millie in her place like you just did, but... you try to stop worrying about it. If she does steal your clothes, well... you still have your towel, and Roz would probably go grab some spare clothes for you.

>Is it the power and privilege of being in Ormi that changes someone, or is it more literal? Could be a bad plan to court them if it's the latter.
>She might BE a different person. Maybe she got some memory implants and those altered her personality, despite the memories not feeling quite right. Or she just learned something life-altering. Or in the worst case that's someone else who body modded themselves to look like her?
You really don't know what to make of Millie -- according to Roz she changed a lot, and you can't help but wonder whether someone or something changed who she was -- or maybe even replaced her. The realization that it might actually be possible sends a chill down your spine.

>Millicent seems like a pretty mysterious person. Why would she choose to engage Penny at this time? There has to be a special reason for it. We should definitely try to get someone as cunning as her on our side.
You aren't sure whether Millie's cunning or just an asshole, but whichever it is she seems like she could cause you a lot of trouble if you get on her bad side -- she seems to be the manipulative type and you'd wager Ormi is one of the more powerful dars in this place. Whatever you do, you think you'd better be careful about how you deal with her.

>On the bright side her being a cunt prevented us from feeling self conscious about the whole nudity thing.
Maybe being annoyed distracted you from your discomfort in the moment, but now that distraction's gone, so... you hastily throw your towel back on. Roz seems oddly quiet.

"...What was all that about?" You ask, breaking the silence finally.

"... I dunno," Roz shrugs, seeming a little subdued herself.

"Was that 'rare body' thing an insult? I know I don't have big, uh, assets, so... was she just trying to make me feel bad?" The thought of it is actually starting to piss you off a bit. "I mean, what the hell, I'm new to this whole thing, the last thing I need is to be made to feel bad about myself--"

"Nonononono," Roz interjects, clasping her hands around yours, "don't listen to her, she's just a bitch! Penny, you're super super cute, there's nothin' wrong or weird or 'rare' or whatever about your body! You should know that!"

"...Thanks, I guess you're right," you sigh,. "But what was the deal with that hologram under her ear?"

"Hey, how about we just hit up the spa and forget about all this? Millie's just tryin' to get into our heads 'n mess with us, but we don't have to let 'er win!" Roz tugs your arm gently towards the doorway. "C'mon, let's go get our shampoo on!"
No. 946433 ID: ad51b8

... wow she could fit your entire head in her mouth if she wanted to. Not sure if that means you're just to damn small or she just has a really big mouth.

anyways it does look like she's clearly trying to distract you although I'm not sure if she's trying to get you to stop asking to many questions or just trying to get herself to focus on something else as she doesn't want to think of slug gal. Either way I really don't have any idea on how to get her to tell you more about what just happened short of forcing the issue but I'm pretty sure we don't care enough right now to cause a scene so let's just do what she just said to hopefully help her calm down a bit.
No. 946434 ID: 094652

Lick the underside of her mouth, then ask about any cavities.

Also, you'd like to go dancing.
No. 946436 ID: 2df440

kome no

we do that later when we're together in bed :P

anyways, just... go to the spa for now. then you and roz can talk about things like cute girls and how long until you can see some cute boys??
No. 946439 ID: 6dace0

Obviously distraction, but this isn't the place to pursue it anyway. Accept it gracefully and we'll put a pin in that holotattoo question for now. Maybe look into it ourselves later.
No. 946440 ID: 3d59b1

Climb onto her shoulders and let’s go down to shampoo town!
No. 946442 ID: e7c7d3

You don't want any poo on you, even if it's just sham poo.

Yeah, just continue with the cleaning. You have too much on your plate to stew over yet another mystery.
No. 946448 ID: cb6404


Return the hug and agree. Roz doesn't seem to want to talk about it much, so let's not press to hard right away.

We can always casually ask again on the way back, where fewer people are likely to overhear things.
No. 946461 ID: b8f107

The whole "rare body", "something in common", thing may just be because Penny and Millie have similar skull structure? Seriously, head shape and ear shape are almost identical.
No. 946462 ID: 81cd19

Ok, but you're washing my back.
No. 946473 ID: 7fb87a

Geez you can just see right down her throat at that angle can't you
No. 946518 ID: c0e130

"Answer my question. What's with the hologram?"

Y'all need to stop focusing on her maw, ya fuckin' degenerates
No. 946519 ID: b1b4f3

This. Let's not let her deflect so easily. If she wants to talk about it later in private, that's fine.
No. 946537 ID: 0fae41

I think we've forgotten too much already. Let's go somewhere else to discuss, but let's discuss. And also shampoo.
Switch to first-person camera again
No. 946541 ID: c15cc3

This. Don't forget the question, but file it away for now. This is spa time.
No. 946561 ID: c063e9

Lean in while you're shampooing each other and say "I get you're trying to be nice, but I don't really have the sort of body issues that would let it bother me. It's more that she was trying to string me along to get something out of me. Speaking of which, I noticed you dodged my earlier question. I can understand if you'd want to speak privately, but don't thing I'm going to let this drop."
No. 946591 ID: 15a025

Ask if that hologram thing was something we need to worry about now and then leave it there for now. Shampoo up and go enjoy the spa with Roz.
No. 946670 ID: 19da47

Stay close to Roz for now she seems really nice so far. Also maybe ask check out her nudiest club later. That said look up the meaning of the hologram on your own.
No. 946708 ID: 86794b

See, here's the thing - we are, of course, going to investigate that hologram. But we're ALSO trying to foil the system, and so the fewer people know we're getting nosy, the better. If we ask too many questions of people who don't want to answer, we might end up getting watched more closely. Roz's position seems like one we need to step carefully around. (I.e., don't push the matter, I think. MAYBE it would be fine, but it's a bit of a gamble.)
No. 946717 ID: 19da47

Im kind of against "foiling the system" as of right now. We still know very little about how things work around here and we cant assume that this place and everyone in it is all corrupt. That said we still should be cautious about Dar Ormi people because something seems off about them.
No. 946719 ID: 49e4d4


Personally, I'm all FOR foiling the system. We might not know a ton about the system, but what we do know is pretty bullshit. We'll foil it for us (and Mint) if no one else.
No. 946720 ID: 19da47

How is the system "bullshit"?
No. 946721 ID: 49e4d4

First: I'm speaking relatively to us specifically.

Second: For starters, it's more or less forced on us; I have the strong suspicion that we're operating with a higher baseline than most do- from what Cider implied, and Millie just said about sigz being 'helpless', they're not adjusting their playbook for our inquisitiveness, drive, and general capacity to make logical connections and operate at a level that makes it hard to guess we've been mindwiped without asking probing questions and knowing what to look for.

They're prevent us from getting out in the world as we want so they can remake us under THEIR guidelines. It's captivity. Mind, by 'foiling', I'm presuming that means 'escape' at the least. The entirety of the opening of the thread lays out why I'm not a fan of this place, even if it might have some benefits we can reap. It's bullshit in the sense that it's ultimately obstructing us from our goals.
No. 946722 ID: b1b4f3

We don't even know what the system is yet. Don't get ahead of yourselves.
No. 946734 ID: 19da47

Agreed maybe we should wait before saying that this system is evil and learn more about it.
No. 946735 ID: 1f2742

I don't personally think we need to wait to assume something is messed up here. We have enough information to assume it's not totally ethical, our captivity making that clear. It may be for the best of intentions but that doesn't excuse it.

That said I definitely agree that we should probably never say anything about that. That's a good way to get watched way too closely, and a bad way to get on their good side like we planned.

Same with the tattoo, if we are getting the run around about a topic, don't keep asking about it.
No. 946736 ID: 19da47

I say play it cool for now until we get more information on this program. It isnt wise to jump to conclusions based off one conversation. Hell maybe they're on the level and legitimately trying to help.
No. 946754 ID: cb6404


Considering that it's set up as what is essentially an equivalent to involuntary hospitalization, which is actually a fairly common practice with regards to what sort of things we are facing, were this "the real world," I'd say that nothing has been out of the ordinary.

That we're being treated as an equal, given quite a few things, and are essentially free to do and explore as we like within the grounds, the notion of "captivity" is a massive stretch.

Were Penny stuck in her jumpsuit on a hard cot in a featureless room with Mint and no warmth or empathy from Roz or Cider or anyone else, I'd say yeah, the system is bullshit. But right now? Right now I think we need to actually look at the situation.

1. We were comatose for DAYS. Longer than most others. Clearly there's a possible worry here.

2. The mind-control sigil thing might be pretty sketchy, but it could have been worse, as Cider graciously informed us. That they're working to help us counteract the same flaw theirs exploited is a significant point here.

3. We have ... well, other than our stuff in the drawer, nothing. Literally nothing. How exactly are we supposed to survive in this world that we know nothing about?

4. What I gather from this place is that they're an in-world equivalent to a humanitarian non-profit, ergo the Dars and other sub-organizations acting as vocational schools to allow them to generate enough revenue through labor and other contributions to be self-sustaining. Seems a fair trade-off for being given room, board, clothes, and what amounts to a free education -- again in a world we know nothing about.

5. The worst that anyone has insofar done was Millie being a real bitch, and a manipulative one to boot. I'm going to get even more meta here, but this is the obvious plot-hook. We're being given a chance to get more information, but potentially at the cost of having to make a major decision. Roz's reticence is also further sign of it, as it's clear the two were once very close and are now all but hostile, or in the very least, entertain highly divergent notions of how to treat the newcomers.

6. Nothing says we can't bide our time, gather what information we need, figure out what Mint meant by this shimmering about others, and then make a break for it once we have the means to do so. But to decide that in the midst of a spa in nothing but our fur? That's foolish in the extreme.
No. 946821 ID: 1f2742

Involuntary hospitalization might make sense for the average cigarsar but we already have two very clear examples of fully capable individuals in both Penny and Mint. Clearly there's either something wrong or something inflexible, and a one size fits all solution to anything involuntary is clearly wrong.

A fancy cage is still a cage.

A coma they caused.

And the second you start justifying mind control, is the second you start down a slippery slope. Maybe it's to patch up a hole. Maybe it's just exploitation of a known weakness. We only have their word.

We were doing rather well and already had a headstart into a career/job so I don't get this one.

That sounds more like a for-profit prison than an NPO but what do I know. We'll actually have to see what the labor is like to know how bad it is.

She wasn't that bad, she's just like, normal recruitment officer level. She just wasn't all bread and circuses like Roz here.

I, at least, already said almost exactly that. And the other person never said it should happen immediately either. Either way, I don't know what clothes add to someone's ability to think.
No. 946826 ID: c8d18c

I find it hilarious that people are wanting to leave so quick without any information on how the program really works.
Heres the run down so far:
Its confirmed that we have taffa syndrome and the severity of which we have no idea yet.

We have no almost no basic idea on how the world works and what is dangerous to us.

We have no known skills or money to survive on our own. Hell before we got here we were begging and willing to use are body for favors.

Based off multiple sources we have, walking around with taffa syndrome is apparently somewhat illegal in this Society due too the dangers of body snatchers and apparently the condition is detectable from are dust.

If we leave by law they'll just turn us over to the police and will get are brain pumped full of fake memories.

People are still freaking out about the coma thing despite that being a accident and we are the only person that has ever happened to.

We know almost nothing about Mint other than she thinks this place is weird and she has night terrors. Yet people think that more than enough info to condem this program.

We need to calm down and learn more before passing judgement on a whole organization.
No. 946833 ID: 10c408

Personally, I find what we've been told vs what we haven't been told, on top of the other bits of information we've gleaned, to be a successive amount of red flags and that's before we even met Mint.

I'm not passing judgement just yet, since we can still get more information/don't have a solid plan for escaping, but my opinion of cinder and the vesper society is still; leaning towards "shady friendship cult"

I'll list the actual red flags in the dist thread later for discussion purposes.
No. 946847 ID: 49e4d4

As was stated before, I'm NOT in favor of leaving immediately, because I think that's stupidly depriving us of a source of both knowledge and resources. I merely think we shouldn't play happy houseguest and take them at their word for everything. We should play cautious, and, honestly, my preferred course of action would be to sublimate their resources for our own uses mafia-style, and use that to set ourselves up well before we escape. But I DO think we should escape eventually.
No. 946858 ID: 1f2742

You seem to be seeing a more panicked reaction than anyone is giving. Don't knock gut feelings, they're useful, especially since there's a reason for them.
No. 946861 ID: dbf43c

Why is everyone talking like she being held prisoner? She could probably just leave anytime she wants granted they'll probably just call the police because. That said it would be stupid if she did t
Without really knowing if this place is bad or no.
No. 946866 ID: e40171

Read the beginning of the chapter. That very possibility is brought up and then dismissed in universe. They claim they are, in fact, obligated to keep us here, or else they will immediately try to take us to a hospital to implant false memories in us.
No. 946912 ID: e044fb

For involuntary hospitalization, it certainly seems to be the nicest involuntary hospitalization I've ever seen. Let's just play it cool, try and get closer with Roz, and work to be as perceptive as possible.