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File 151756716916.png - (31.85KB , 250x188 , 330.png )
864006 No. 864006 ID: bfb318

Previous Threads/Wiki: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Frillsby_and_Gallsby
Quest may be NSFW at times. [Warnings: Gays, Smash Bros, Magic, Nudity, Dangeresque Situations]

Frillsby and Gallsby are still the only cops on the force, but that's currently fine, since the last few days have been peaceful in the small town of Dorb.
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No. 886603 ID: bfb318
File 152753012934.png - (173.13KB , 800x800 , 459.png )

"Oh, about Ceo seeing a therapist?"
>"... is this new?" asks Mayor. "I thought we talked about this. Did I dream the discussion we had?"
"It was briefly mentioned."
>"Then I dreamt half of it."
>"Fill me in." says Ceo.
"It sounds like you're addicted to magic, and failing any other options, you should see a therapist."
>"Technically..." says Poe, "It's more of an addictive personality, it could be anything, not just magic."
>"Whatever it is, I'm not seeing a problem with it."
>"You obviously did to make me promise things that get me arrested!"
"It kind of sounds like there's a problem somewhere!" Villi says.

Ceo puts her hand down to go and talk to Villi.

>"Whatever, it's not a therapist problem. They just listen to problems, offer some platitudes, then maybe prescribe some drugs if they want."
"Not all therapists are like that."
>"Yeah and I'm suuuure there's some great therapist but how many do I got to go through to get that great one?"
"I know a great one." says Villi. "Uh, I mean, I wouldn't know personally, but my family talked about how great the therapist is."
>"... I'll check out your therapist."
"I'm g- "
>"On one condition."
"What's that?"
>"You beat me at magic."
No. 886604 ID: bfb318
File 152753014822.png - (189.90KB , 900x800 , 460.png )

>"Ceo." says Mayor.
>"It's not dumb!"
>"You can make me go to a therapist but it won't do any good unless it's willing! And the only way I'm doing it is if... waiiit, another idea. Either Villi beats me at magic, orrrr, Mayoooor, if you go on a date - an honest attempt at a date - I'll see a therapist."
>"It's not dumb sis! You need to get laid!"
>"Frillsby please tell her what you think of this idea."
"Actually I think it's a great idea. Even though we're the anti-magic cops and not the romance cops, I'd be willing to help."

Ceo laughs.

>"Gallsby..." Mayor starts.
>"And I'm willing to help Frillsby help you find a date!"
>"... Okay. Sure. I'll go on a date."
>"An honest one!" says Ceo.
>"Yes an honest one. Frillsby, let's date."
>"NO." says Ceo.
"Why not? Is there something wrong with me?"
>"You're gay!"
No. 886605 ID: bfb318
File 152753019754.png - (133.11KB , 800x800 , 461.png )

No. 886606 ID: bfb318
File 152753020782.png - (122.51KB , 800x800 , 462.png )

>"Mayor is straight! Yes you fucking dorks I am well aware I said it in the worst possible way so we can all stop staring at me."
"D-don't worry I sometimes say bad things without realizing it too..."
>"Sis what I meant is that you have to do it with someone you honestly think you have a chance with! A chance as in, someone who you could see going on a second date with if the first one goes well. So don't just pick one of your buddies here that'll just go on a date as friends!"
>"Fine, but I don't know anyone in this town beyond business."
>"Have Frillsby choose for you then, he sounds like he could take this seriously!" Ceo continues talking, folding her arms.
>"Yeah!" says Gallsby.
>"No not you you'll make a bad choice!"
>"Why, cause I'm too gay?"

Ceo curses under her breath.
No. 886607 ID: 7fad5d

"You know what she means, ten seconds to bust the balls she doesn't have before we move on."

Then ask Mayor what kind of person she'd be interested in. They need something in common, obviously, but anything else?
No. 886608 ID: b1b4f3

Okay we need to get a list of candidates then find out what Mayor likes in a man.
No. 886609 ID: 86eb65

Villi for the date. Make you two fight over him.

Hmm other options...

1. That wierd t-shirt guy.
2. Randy!
3. That guy we bought the energy drinks from! Lizard manager dude!
4. Big eared copper storage dude Gale? (wait was he a criminal though?)
5. Karma guy! (I think he lives just outside town now?)
6. ???

Bring these options to mayor.
No. 886611 ID: 3abd97

>"Why, cause I'm too gay?"
No, because you're too Gallsby. You'd make bad choices no matter what else you were.

>Mayor is straight!
Probably not worth getting into an argument with people who aren't Mayor about who Mayor is into, but that's only what Ceo thinks. And well, if Mayor never gets laid and/or dates, it's possible Ceo is wrong.

If Mayor only ever goes on dates when Ceo pushes her into it, and none of those have clicked, that does sort of suggest Ceo is missing something about who or what her sister wants, at least.

>what do
I probably shouldn't check if it's against the law to pimp my boss out in exchange for forcing someone into therapy.

...you might want to step outside or into a different room with Mayor, to discuss this away from the peanut gallery. You know, or at least make a token attempt to.
No. 886612 ID: b59fad

Well obviously the first thing is to ask her what she likes! Come on, Mayor, tell us all your juiciest romantic and/or sensual fantasies. Or at least the qualities that the guys in your fantasies generally have.

I assume "low maintenance" would be on the list, since you're a busy lady with an extensive schedule for sleep, and other things?
No. 886613 ID: 7fad5d

Oh yeah, we should maybe confirm which of the other men around Dorb are into women.
No. 886615 ID: 3cc68c


Pimp your boss out for therapy sounds like a great idea!

Hook her up with the local brothel owner. She can sleep through anything so if she ends up in a glory hole she can sleep through people using her.

Could have her butt sticking out of one hole and her mouth out of another! Could make money while she slept!
No. 886622 ID: eeb7d9

Wait wait, is it wise to assume Mayor is straight?
I know Ceo is her sister and she has the right to assume that, but who knows, maybe there is more to it.
Ask her what kind of person she likes.
No. 886627 ID: bb78f2

Poe seems serious enough for her tastes, and he's exhausted by Ceo's personality just the same, so there's compatibility there.

You know, if we actually don't want to go scouring online through a dating profile to find someone.

Shirt person is... a goofball so that's out.

What about Karma guy? He has to take everything seriously because of his ability.

Yam's is, well, ok too. He takes things seriously and I don't know if Yam's and Yhivat are monogomous or even dating for that matter.

Didn't we meet a cop from outside the city because of copper eating man? He seemed non goofball-esqe.
No. 886631 ID: 91ee5f

>Villi beats Ceo in magic or Mayor goes on a serious date.
Why not both? Finding a date for Mayor will take time, but arranging a game of Magic can be done right now.

In fact, from what we’ve been told, Villi came very close to beating Ceo earlier, so if we have another game Villi might end up beating her.

And while that’s going on, let’s make a list of things that Mayor would look for in a guy then start looking for a guy that matches that list.

We’ll also need to do something about how Mayor is always sleeping all the time. Have you seen how many layers of dust has formed in City Hall? It’s been a few years since anyone last saw her before we did that “copper statue” stunt. I’m afraid to ask if she’s been sleeping that entire time!
No. 886645 ID: 214cda

I didn't get the impression it was out of the ordinary.

Pretty sure Yams and Khivet are dating.
No. 886651 ID: deec6e

Wouldn't karma guy - Darrin - be a possible prospect?

Mayor sleeps a lot, so she is by default not gonna get trapped by a lot of karma-related shenanigans if they ever stay in the same place, so it likely wouldn't have to be as high-maintenance of a relationship as one might think.

As for why Darrin, for one he seems like a nice guy and he's likely some extent of lonely from being a self-imposed exile. I think he'd put in the right amount of serious effort if he's told he has an honest shot at a date.

Two, he's clearly a well-structured guy if he can track the effects of his magic as well as he does, so he's got some skill at keeping his shit organized. Mayor seems like she'd appreciate that level of professional dedication.

Three, Darrin is a sensible and responsible individual. He became a loner and a drifter rather than stick around causing chaos and he sticks to the outside of town rather than staying to be a problem for others.

Four, he's trying to make the best of his situation, just like Mayor makes the best out of her situation vis-a-vis her sister's energy drain. The two of them each have inconvenient magic in common.

Five, you're pretty sure that Ceo's honestly gonna end up upholding her end of the bargain if Mayor honestly dates Darrin. He said his magic worked especially well where two people were involved and that kind of sisterly tit-for-tat seems right down its alley.
No. 886659 ID: cf0181

Ceo. Sweetheart. That was not "Smooth", as they say.

I feel everyone in the room should make this face back at her.
No. 886666 ID: 0c3c2c

We SUPER need to go on that date with Mayor now.
No. 886697 ID: 76c705

I think Frillsby would make an excellent date for her, I mean how gay is he really? He might be bi and there's no way he will know till he tries. If not then give Poe a chance.
No. 886700 ID: b1b4f3

Frillsby is hella gay he just doesn't mind showing off his bod to a friend.
No. 886737 ID: c988aa

Moderately Gay. With a side of Mayor.
Show her real close-like. On a date.
No. 886755 ID: caf1de

wood tee shirt guy be a good fit for her
No. 886794 ID: bfb318
File 152762254432.png - (127.81KB , 900x600 , 463.png )

"Because you're too Gallsby, Gallsby."
>"I am pretty Gallsby."

Ceo keeps making that face at us, so we make the face back at her.

"Mayor. Let's discuss this in private."
No. 886796 ID: bfb318
File 152762259460.png - (147.21KB , 900x800 , 464.png )

Mayor and I step into the back area.

>Are Yams and Khivat dating?
Come to think of it I have no idea what's up with them.

"What is it you want in a partner, Mayor?"
>"One that doesn't need much in a relationship, either physical or mental. Their life shouldn't revolve around mine. At least 75% serious. Preferably with goals, but they don't need to be big goals. In fact they shouldn't be big goals, I don't like over-ambition. Keep in mind that part of the reason I have not found nor have searched out a relationship is because I prefer things to run efficiently during the time I'm awake, and typical relationships are one of the most inefficient things I have ever seen."

>Ante, T-shirt guy
Somehow... I can't see it.

Maybe? I don't know about goals, but he does cook food like he cares.

Too much crime.

>Gas station attendent
I'd have to ask him about himself. I don't know.

That might have more baggage than mayor cares to have, but...

"How do you feel about baggage? Like with Darrin. He seems like a well structured person who keeps track of his magic."
>"Hmm... it's worth asking him. He sounds like he would have a concrete answer for what a relationship with him would involve, so do me a favor and ask him if you're not doing anything tomorrow."
"I can. Can't you?"
>"I can, but having me go up to him and asking him about his prospective dating situation is too strange, and personal. I'm sure his answer will get muddied if I do it, so you'd better ask on my behalf."

I guess I may need to ask around town, both Darrin and various other people such as Randy, to find a good, or at least best, match for Mayor.

That or convince Ceo to let Mayor go on a date with me, ignoring the part about how I'm gay as heck.
No. 886797 ID: b1b4f3

Alright let's go interrogate Randy and Darrin.
No. 886799 ID: 7fad5d

You know, ignoring sexuality, you'd be a decent match for Mayor's wants. How cool are the two of you with... no, wait, Ceo would probably protest that it'd just be a friendship.

Off to Darrin and Randy, then.
No. 886800 ID: 86eb65

Ceo would expect you to bone mayor. So if you can pull that off you would work.

Check with Randy and Darrin.
No. 886801 ID: b59fad

There has to be SOMEONE around who can magically turn guys into girls and girls into guys. Then they could turn you into a girl, and presumably your gayness would be preserved so then you would like girls. Or turn Ceo into a guy and then you could tempt him to gaiety? But in either case I don't think you would fulfil the "possibility of an actual long-term relationship" qualification.

Go interview Randy and Darrin. Find out of they like women first, and if they do what kind they like!
No. 886802 ID: b1b4f3

Mayor likes dudes.
No. 886803 ID: ae1644

Well sleeping probably has nothing to do with karma so that's a step in the right direction at least.
What does Darrin do for a living anyway?
No. 886804 ID: 0c3c2c

You should still date the Mayor because she clearly finds you attractive even though you're gay as heck.

Meanwhile, you can go ask Darrin, though the fact that he causes mildly apocalyptic swings in probability in a massive radius is a bit of a damper.
No. 886805 ID: 10e2b3

Interrogate Darrin about dating while making it seem like you're asking him out.
No. 886806 ID: 91ee5f

>That or convince Ceo to let Mayor go on a date with me, ignoring the part about how I'm gay as heck.
Maybe you’re Bi and you just don’t know about it yet?

Let’s test put it to the test: Imagine Mayor naked. If that gets a reaction from your dick, then you’re a valid candidate to date Mayor. If there’s no reaction, then you’re gay as heck and you should go look for someone else to date Mayor.
No. 886813 ID: bb78f2

If being gay is an issue with Ceo, why don't we just find a guy with a gender swap ability? Or body swap. Like, body and gender swapping is super grey on the sexuality spectrum, right? Like, it'd be masturbation with someone else's body instead of your hand, so it's better?

I mean, that's what Ceo mostly wants most right? A potential sexual prospect or friends with benefits prospect for Mayor rather than a romantic one, so if body swapping's an option, I mean, we could fuck and be actually sexually into it.
No. 886815 ID: 3abd97

What's with Mayor not being gay, F&G needs higher levels of gay to sustain itself.

>Randy or Darrin
Eh. Honestly I don't really think either is a great fit. Mayor is suffering the consequences of trying to ship with a limited cast.

Maybe Frillsby needs a casting call. Go out, and try and meet someone for Mayor! Without sleeping with them yourself.

>That or convince Ceo to let Mayor go on a date with me, ignoring the part about how I'm gay as heck.
It's probably worth the attempt for the comedy, if nothing else.

I'm not sure there's a combination of magic gender flipping Frillsby and/or Mayor where they're suddenly compatible, but it's also probably worth the comedy to try.
No. 886816 ID: 91ee5f

>If being gay is an issue with Ceo, why don't we just find a guy with a gender swap ability? Or body swap.
Both Frillsby and Gallsby are anti magic, no magic can affect them at all.

So neither of them will be affected by gender swapping and/or body swapping.
No. 886826 ID: bb78f2

oh yeah they can't turn it off, right?
Well, that still doesn't mean Mayor can't gender swap or hop into another's body for Frillsby to fuck.

Because, again, Ceo, by limiting dating gay people, it sounds like fucking is high on her priority list.

Can't we just buy a gigalo? That's what's mayor's do and I don't think we've made it illegal yet.
No. 886835 ID: eeb7d9

Those two sound like a good match. I but Gallsby can't come. He has to stay with Villi. For reasons.
No. 886847 ID: 7a1e07

Frillsby is unironically the best match for Mayor so far. Asides from being gay.

Totally hook up with Mayor and keep Gallsby as your fluffy danger-hands snark-beast mistress-boyfriend.

Monogamy is for Normies and no one in Dorb is that.
No. 886876 ID: 91ee5f

>No one in Dorb is normal.
Not true.

There are plenty of normal people in Dorb. They’re just very minor characters and they don’t get any screen time because of how unimportant they are.
No. 886950 ID: bfb318
File 152771080715.png - (124.37KB , 800x800 , 465.png )

>Maybe you’re Bi and you just don’t know about it yet?
Okay I am reasonably sure that if I was bi I would've noticed while looking at Mayor and Ceo get in bed together. I think. I don't know how not-gay things work but that only makes me double-sure that I would know if I were bi.

>Gender swapping
If I knew anyone with that kind of magic - and I don't - it'd have to be on the Mayor, because it wouldn't work on myself.

>What does Darrin do for a living anyway?
Right now I think it's nothing.

"Okay before we go on I should ask and confirm with you. Are you into other girls at all?"

Mayor rubs her eyes and sighs.

>"I'm 80% straight. That means slightly more on the side of straight than on the side of bi. That means a girl has to be amazing for me to date, and if we're having this much trouble looking for just a viable guy, then that means you're going to keep this a secret from Ceo. Because she has no restraint and will act like I'm actually a lesbian."
"Ceo did seem real concerned about you getting laid."
>"She did blurt out I 'need to get laid', but she didn't mean it like that."
"I am shocked and taken completely off guard that Ceo would ever blurt something out without careful consideration."
>"And now you know my sister. What she means is that she wants me to get close to someone, but her idea of getting close to someone is literally getting them inside her. So that's how she put it. She knows perfectly well that I'm not so physical, so it'd just take some convincing to tell Ceo that you're more of a valid date than it would look like."
"Mayor, if I didn't know better, then it would sound like you're coming onto me."
>"Well shoot, what gave it away? Was it the part two minutes ago when I asked you out on a date?"
"It was a clue only detectable by my honed police training. First of all, let me call Randy and Darrin before it gets to be too late."
No. 886951 ID: bfb318
File 152771081601.png - (98.89KB , 800x800 , 466.png )

I pull out my phone to call Randy.

>"Hello, Frillsby."
"Hey Randy I have a question, how eligible are you for the date scene?"
>"I'm afraid the answer is 0 eligibility. The only love I have to give is put into my food, and there is simply none available for the general populace."
"Okay, thanks."

Then Darrin.

>"Hi who is this?"
"It's me, Frillsby. How are things going with you"
>"Oh hey! They're good, thanks. I'm just working on my house, and probably will be for a good while, but it'll be a great setup once I finish. Tell Mayor thanks, again!"
"I will. I have a question for you. How eligible are you when it comes to dating?"
>"I'm perfectly eligible and willing so long as the person I'm dating is either you, Gallsby, or anyone with anti-magic."
"And what about anyone else?"
>"Then it is a terrible awful idea and I'd be doing a disservice to them to pretend otherwise."
"Uh. Alright, thanks. See ya around."
>"I hope so!"

I hang up.

"Okay so they're both out, also Darrin says thanks again."
>"Alright here are the options. Option 1. We convince Ceo to be satisfied with you dating me, regardless of gay friend status. Option 2. You and Gallsby have to go out onto the town tomorrow to find a resident here who fits my criteria and is willing to date me. Option 3. We pin our hopes and dreams on Villi beating Ceo at magic, because I'm sure Ceo is still open to that stupid option.

Mayor looks to the side and whispers.

>"And as stupid as it is, I'd sooner train Villi to beat Ceo at magic all by myself sooner than participate in option 2, so option 2 would just be you and whoever you can get to help. Also, let me remind you that all I'm asking you to do is making sure Ceo gets to a therapist. Getting her to go willingly is more my responsibility."
No. 886953 ID: b59fad

Option 2! You'll be boyfriend shopping for a girl so you'll need to bring a girl with you for her perspective. If you don't count Mayor and Ceo I think Khivat is like 100% of the remaining women you know who live here so that means her.
No. 886954 ID: b1b4f3

Alright, go ask Gallsby how he feels about you dating Mayor. It occurs to me that Mayor might be able to get some satisfaction out of being a voyeur, rather than actively participating.
No. 886956 ID: 7fad5d

Tentative combo of options 1 and 3. Even if the whole dating thing turns out unnecessary it'd be nice to spend time with Mayor and get some time away from hijinks.
No. 886966 ID: 3abd97

>It was a clue only detectable by my honed police training.
All that mandatory sensitivity training is finally paying off!

>Randy, Darrin
Well there's a decent chance they think you called to ask them out, but about what I expected really.

Do all three.

Try to talk Ceo into the pointless gay date for fun, then see if you get get the power of love / magic / goats to beat Ceo.

And as a fallback option look for someone who might be good for Mayor. Even if it turns out something else works and you don't need to get her a date, that's what gay friends are for, right? ...maybe you don't have a great idea how gay things work either.
No. 886971 ID: eeb7d9

I support this motion.
No. 886973 ID: bb78f2

I like Option 3 the best, Villi has natural talent for card games, so it shouldn't be too hard acclimating him with deck advice and meta strategies. Meeting new people is hard. We could also just set her up an online dating account. I mean, hell, I wanted to do one for Villi too. NEW DATING ACCOUNTS FOR ALL!

>If I knew anyone with that kind of magic - and I don't - it'd have to be on the Mayor, because it wouldn't work on myself.
Ok, an Option 1 slash 2 means finding gender swap person for Mayor so we can date her, if the option for changing gender occasionally is on the table for her to do.

I mean, I'd think that'd be a popular service in a magic society, so anyone with the ability WOULD probably sell it. So we could look online or the yellow pages if we're ancient.
No. 886975 ID: 166e1c

Magically genderswap the Mayor soesn't sound like such a bad idea.
No. 886976 ID: 91ee5f

>I'd sooner train Villi to beat Ceo at magic
Tell her that you’re not sure if that’s necessary. Villi actually came pretty close to beating Ceo earlier, so he might end up beating her if they played against each other again.
No. 886979 ID: ee2d6e

I mean, she just said she's not very physical so it'd be more of a romantic relationship than a sexual one, so it's not as unlikely for Frillsby to be the date. So, Option 1.
No. 886984 ID: 0c3c2c

Alright, let's try Option 1.


Or maybe Mayor will spontaneously switch genders. EITHER WAY.
No. 886987 ID: deec6e

Aw, poor Darrin. Seems like Frillsby and Gallsby are the only ones who could even drop by and say hello with relative impunity.


I guessss option 2? I mean, how can we deny Gallsby the opportunity to go on a quest for true love (for the Mayor)?
No. 886990 ID: 12685d

Mayor seems way more responsible than her sister which is why she's the mayor, I suppose! There's no harm in cultivating this whole gay best friend thing and if something happens to happen by some odd happenstance then that's double cool.

She seems legitimately nice when she's not stressed out.
No. 887009 ID: daa216

Should just order another pizza and grab the delivery man for the mayor's date.
No. 887020 ID: 10e2b3

Option 3 sounds like a good way to get Ceo to spend more time with Villi, and he probably doesn't have too bad of a shot of beating her with or without our help.


Yeah, poor guy must be so lonely. We should hang out with him once in a while and/or ask him out on a date (with or without Gallsby involved).
No. 887032 ID: d7b8dc

Option 2 without a doubt. Cruisin' for dudes for Mayor.

And if you fail you can move on to option 1. Mayor can be training Villi while you do this for option 3 just in case all else fails.
No. 887038 ID: ffa7ee

Hmm... The Villi beats Ceo at magic is a good idea... but that'd rely too much on luck, and the fact Ceo is highly skilled. Maybe for the final game with Ceo against Villi, we switch the game they're playing? Maybe one neither have played, so they both have a fair chance. On that note, we should ask Mayor and Poe what card games she hasn't played yet. Though doing this runs the risk of her getting addicted to another game.
No. 887121 ID: cfac00

3. Should just help villi beat ceo, seeing as how mayor doesn’t seem that interested in dating anyone right now and villi already came close.
Meet up with vill every afternoon to play magic and help him get a better feel for what works.
No. 887192 ID: 91ee5f

>Okay I am reasonably sure that if I was bi I would've noticed while looking at Mayor and Ceo get in bed together. I think. I don't know how not-gay things work but that only makes me double-sure that I would know if I were bi.
No, Frillsby, that doesn’t mean you’re not bi, it means you’re not into incest.
No. 887269 ID: 76c705

Option 1 to test your gay.
No. 887305 ID: 15a025

Go with option 2, but have Mayor train up Villi's magic skills in case we strike out.
No. 887380 ID: d8fb77

to be perfectly Fair, while there is always that one exception to being hard gay I'm pretty sure for somebody like Frillsby it would be something like furry Betty White and not a perpetually tired busy body who probably reeks of sleep B.O.
No. 887478 ID: 214cda

just because shes always tired (possibly due to her sister magically sapping her energy) doesn't mean she neglects bathing or any other hygienic duties.

Also she's cute.
No. 888897 ID: bfb318
File 152899251561.png - (117.18KB , 800x800 , 467.png )

"Do you think Ceo can be easily convinced to let us date?"
>"Let me be pedantic for a moment and say she has no authority to 'let' us date, but for what you meant? Not difficult. It doesn't matter. I'll be the one to talk her into it."
"Then let's date."
>"Question. Are you doing it for Ceo or for me?"
"Uh... I wouldn't date just anyone for Ceo?"
>"Good answer for a weird, awkward question."
"The idea of training Villi to beat Ceo is tempting anyway, Mayor. He apparently came close."
>"Then how about we spend our date training Villi in magic? I know decks that Ceo does poor... does more poorly against. Unless you want to do, uh, whatever people do on dates."
No. 888899 ID: 86eb65

Having fun playing magic with friends and scheming on how to get the goat to win sounds like a date to me.

Also we can get to know each other better. You can tell stories about how you became the Mayor of the town and what it was like growing up with CEO.

And I can tell you all about me and Gallsby's time in the war.(or wherever we came from)
No. 888900 ID: 5f3f48

I don't see why you can't do both!

(Train the goat and do 'normal' date stuff).
No. 888901 ID: aa297b

Teaching a bud to play magic is totally an acceptable set of date activities, especially when you add wine and include a bunch of of other things mayor likes... which might just be naps. You should do research on stuff she likes, probably ask ceo
No. 888904 ID: ff0134

I do not think I, or anyone i know, has ever gone on a normal date and i don’t intend to ruin the streak. Villi training date it is!
No. 888910 ID: 7fad5d

It's mostly just about spending time together and getting to know each other, really. Watch a movie or play some vidya after training Villi some, maybe? What's her preference in that?
No. 888923 ID: 7fad5d

That being movies and vidya.
No. 888969 ID: 0c3c2c

That's not really a date though. We'd need to bring Ceo to make it a double date, and that would get weird fast.
No. 889123 ID: 15a025

Make it a magic date.
No. 889124 ID: f3fe9b

Lets go to a mattress store and test out mattresses, but not in a lewd or indecent way.
No. 890700 ID: bfb318
File 153047125865.png - (66.86KB , 800x800 , 468.png )

"Why not both?" I ask.
>"Why not. I'll give you a call tomorrow and we'll meet up, then go see Villi to train him."

Mayor steps outside, where Ceo is waiting.

>"I'm dating Frillsby."
>"What!" Ceo says.
>"He's the best contender."
>"Isn't there some rule about mayors dating officers?"
>"No one cares."
>"True... but..." Ceo stops when Mayor shoots her a sharp look at the word 'but', and resumes talking like she has some history with that stare. "Oh fine what the hell it's a step forward. Frillsby you better make it good."
>"I'm going home." Mayor continues. "I need to shower. I can't believe I slept with you."
>"What, you regret getting cuddly?"
>"You didn't even react that much."
>"Villi, get me some coffee so I can make it to my bed."
>"Coffee for me, too!"
"On it! Do you want anything before you leave, Frillsby? Er - you don't have to leave if you don't want to!"
No. 890701 ID: a363ac

did we ever tell her the recipe to the super wake-up juice?
No. 890711 ID: 4f1cbc

It does generally defeat the purpose of sleeping with someone if they don't react.

Depends, what time is it?

Also you at the very least need to pick up all your (hopefully sorted now) magic cards before you took off.
No. 890893 ID: daa216

I guess we should stay for a bit longer at least. Not just to clean up our magic cards but to see if our Goat friend has fully recovered from his adventure.
No. 890913 ID: bddb0f


And start giving him a few pointers on how he might beat Ceo.
No. 892233 ID: bfb318
File 153136061191.png - (174.70KB , 800x800 , 469.png )

>Super wake-up juice
I remember nothing of the sort.

"Nah, it's about time for us to go."
>"Villi, make that a third coffee!" says Gallsby.
"Gallsby it's like 9 PM."
>"And at this time, I want coffee."
"Fine. I need to pack up my cards before leaving anyway."
>"What." says Ceo. "What about you leave them here where we can keep playing?"
"I guess so." Yams and Khivat are still playing, and Villi can mess around with them overnight, since Ceo seems to be girlfriend-pressuring him into staying awake.

I can at least wait longer, anyway. It's not like we have pressing matters at home. Villi hands everyone their coffee, except for Gallsby, who has his coffee placed in front of him.

"Careful!" says Villi. "It's kind of hot, so I don't know if you can hold onto it, uh..."
No. 892234 ID: bfb318
File 153136062971.png - (126.13KB , 800x800 , 470.png )

Gallsby bites the cup.

"Don't you - "
No. 892235 ID: bfb318
File 153136067655.png - (261.56KB , 800x800 , 471.png )

He swings his head upright to get the coffee down. He doesn't spill liquid, but he does spill steam.

"A... are... are you okay?!"

Gallsby nods while a tear forms in his eyes.

"Gallsby stop hurting yourself for no reason!"
No. 892236 ID: bfb318
File 153136068876.png - (123.58KB , 800x800 , 472.png )

>"I learned efficiency from Mayor!"
>"Don't put your antics on me." says Mayor, who throws her cup away because she already chugged it just as quickly. She begins staggering her way out the door. "See you tomorrow, Frillsby."
No. 892237 ID: bfb318
File 153136072975.png - (142.54KB , 800x800 , 473.png )

I sit by Gallsby. Ceo leaves with Villi to the backroom, something involving 'learning about this baking magic.'

>"Hey, Frill-man."
>"Why're you looking so tense?"
"I have a resting tense face."
>"... it's the date isn't it!"
"What? Nooo."
>"It's totally the date."
"I said it wasn't though."
>"Why're you nervous about the date? Mayor's easy-peasy to date! She'd be happy to just sleep next to you for like 4 hours. I know you can do that! You do that twice every single night."
"Yeah but that's to get rest, this one is a date! It's completely different context."
>"Ehhh. Don't be nervous Frillsby!"
"Wow good job Gallsby I'm cured."
>"I don't believe you. Why're you nervous?"
"It's supposed to be a legitimate date which means I have legitimate nervousness!"
>"Well just listen to me, because I have all kinds of best advice."
No. 892239 ID: 4f1cbc

>"Yeah but that's to get rest, this one is a date.! It's completely different context."
She sleeps in a suit, and it's a date! You'd have to master some kind of... fancy sleeping to match that!

>>"Well just listen to me, because I have all kinds of best advice."
I'm pretty sure rule 1 of dating is don't listen to Gallsby advice.
No. 892243 ID: a363ac

bring her a legitament date commemorative T-shirt. she can shove it in CEO's face after the date
No. 892244 ID: eeb7d9

Normally i would banish the thought, but i am nervous, so shot away. What's on your mind?
No. 892245 ID: 86eb65

Ok here is Gallsby's advice for Frillsby.

1. Don't get her teen pregnant. Use this roll of condoms I have for reasons.

2. Girls that fine deserve the best. So take her to the best place in town. The sloppy cheesesteak warehouse. I have a 20% coupon for there all you can eat buffet.

3. You can't go on a date dressed like that! We need to get you looking pretty by going to the mall and finding you a whole new outfit. I hope you like t-shirts.

4. Embarrassing date boners are horrible! Luckily I can fix that. I will suck your dick every 15 minutes from now until you head out for the date. Then you will not have to worry about going off early.
No. 892252 ID: 0c3c2c

Remember, if you date her, and you end up having sex, that means you're DOUBLE GAY.
No. 892255 ID: bddb0f


Humor him. It'll distract you from your nervousness.
No. 892319 ID: eb959a

I'm dating a girl Galls, your advice is invalid.
No. 892320 ID: b151ce

Listen to Gallsby. He has good info. He just suggested just laying next to her for 4 hours and that would be a great way to end the date.
No. 892461 ID: daa216

I mean we could also not be nervous because not only are we gay, but shes also seen us totally naked already. Maybe we should think of interesting places to nap together.
No. 892512 ID: b4b853

being nervous just means theres actually some emotional investment and thats sweet. Also Gallsby is being a total bro about it.
No. 892574 ID: bfb318
File 153150379810.png - (149.18KB , 800x800 , 474.png )

>Just don't be nervous
>Mayor has seen me totally naked already

>"Uh Frillsby why are you blushing?"
"Because I was thinking about how hot that coffee must have been so I burned my cheeks just thinking about it and now they're red okay there's literally no other possible reason. Now instead of focusing on that I'm going to change the subject by saying that the first rule of dating is not to listen to your advice, but I'm nervous enough to break a rule. What've you got?"
>"First of all, don't get her teen pregnant."
"That's impossible, she's not a teen."
>"Don't get her pregnant at all Frillsby!!"
"I'm not! I'm not even going to sleep with her!"
>"People don't get pregnant by sleeping! It's sex and if you have sex you'll end up double gay!"
"I'm not even going to ask! What's the other advice?"
>"First off, you're dressed all casual, and dates are all about nonsense clothes. A whole new outfit is needed!"
"What, like a commemorative t-shirt for both of us to prove to Ceo that we did date?"
>"That's a good idea Frillsby, we should get Ante on that. Speaking of places in town, you'll have to take her to the best place in town! Like that sloppy cheesecake warehouse."
"Gallsby that place moved out years ago to another town."
>"Then go there!"
"Also it's not fancy, it's like... a grease shack."
>"Wow! Okay fine we'll move on. Embarrassing date boners are horrible, luckily I can fix that! I will suck your dick every 15 minutes from now until the date."
"Gallsby this is why I don't listen to your advice, I'm not even going to spend a half hour talking about the obvious reasons why that will never work. Plus I'm dating a girl, half your advice isn't even applicable."
>"What! I know all sorts of stuff about dating girls."

Someone knocks on the table.

>"Uh." Poe says. "I'm gonna go check in at the local motel. Thanks for doing what you're doing to get Ceo some help, sorry about the whole speeding thing. I'll drop a check by tomorrow, okay?"
"Yeah, that'll do."
>"Who writes checks?" Gallsby mutters.
No. 892575 ID: bfb318
File 153150384427.png - (137.98KB , 800x800 , 475.png )

"Anyways Gallsby you've never even dated a girl. I don't think you've dated anyone."
>"I've dated so many girls."
"Name one."
>"I could name so many."
"Name so many."
>"We'd be here all night and we've got to get you ready! I could date a girl anytime I wanted to!"
"You've never even dated anyone before have you?"
>"Frillsby! We've dated, how could you forget something so rude to forget?!"
"Oh shit. Wait no I don't count Gallsby, because we never ended that date. And I asked past tense if you've dated okay."
>"Whatever you say Frillsby but I still have a lot of good advice!"
"... okay Gallsby I admit that your advice to take her out to eat to a fancier place, like Randy's, not the cheese shack, and getting clothes is a good idea. A basic idea, but effective."
"Okay. Let's go get some double 4 hour sleep going."

Khivat and Yams, mostly Yams, helps with cleaning up my cards so they're at least in a neat stack for Villi to look over, rather than all over the bakery.

>"Good luck on your d-date, Frillsby!" Yams says. The guy looks more nervous about it than me.
"Bye Frillsby who I think I heard is leaving?" Villi calls out from the back.
No. 892577 ID: bfb318
File 153150394898.png - (106.18KB , 800x800 , 476.png )

Gallsby and I drive back to our apartment and I get some sleep.

Or I try to until Gallsby discovers why he can't just suck my dick every 15 minutes until the date.

Chapter 6 End
No. 892582 ID: 86eb65

Is that because he is just going to suck it constantly?
No. 892620 ID: eeb7d9

Is it because you are so nervous you can't get it up?
Or is it a stamina thing?
No. 892638 ID: 4f1cbc

>Wait no I don't count Gallsby, because we never ended that date. And I asked past tense if you've dated okay.
F&G has been one non-stop unending date! What a reveal!

Because if he does that you're not going to get any sleep.
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