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File 147245631133.jpg - (150.22KB , 800x800 , 1.jpg )
745119 No. 745119 ID: ca1cab

Today on INA -
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No. 745120 ID: ca1cab
File 147245643529.jpg - (239.70KB , 800x800 , 2.jpg )

The Rezan Empire has finally come to a trade agreement with the Avana's Republic, cementing their entrance into the Mak Pact. Commentary by the Hegemony to follow. After that-
No. 745121 ID: ca1cab
File 147245659009.jpg - (260.17KB , 800x800 , 3.jpg )

The skirmish on Iagn's 2nd Skip has officially gone up to a class 12 dispute as the Rezan Senate has approved the deployment of five more mechs, three mark 2's and 2 mark 7's. This of course brings the total deployment on Iagn's 2nd Skip to a staggering-

"Shut! Up!"
No. 745122 ID: ca1cab
File 147245670511.gif - (15.56KB , 800x800 , 4.gif )

"Why is it every time I install something new, you have to start going haywire?"

"There's a reason these parts were junked you know."

"Thank you! You're a big help!"

Error: Registration deleted. Re-Application required for continued use.

"Oh for the love of..."
No. 745123 ID: ca1cab
File 147245681126.jpg - (117.53KB , 800x800 , 5.jpg )

"Name, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference?! Why the fuck does it need that?!"

"You'd be amazed how many people leave a captain alone if they know they have no chance."

"Fuck, whatever. I'm-

No. 745127 ID: 9876c4

Are we a Rezan, Avanian, or something else? Because that might effect people's answers.
No. 745132 ID: 3663d3

(that's the point, you get to vote)

80% rezan 20% other, your family tree is.... complicated. oh that wont fit in the box? 'mixed'
No. 745138 ID: 9876c4

Oh-okay. I think we're

Tybalt Mohrs.
60% Rezan, 20% Planeshifted Krogan, 10% Space Badger
Chemical levels make us 3x as male as the leading brand.

We prefer short, heavy females, but will copulate with anything smaller. Anything larger is immediately considered a threat.
No. 745139 ID: 9876c4

We don't know the other 10%, but it's definitely not Rezan, and maybe not entirely sentient. Space Badgers don't keep reliable records.
No. 745145 ID: ba506f


robot, mech, drone, AI, whatever the politically correct flavor of the week is these days.

...Female? body is a bit sleeker then other models plus your other 2 quest have male leads, let's try and throw you out of your comfort zone a little
No. 745163 ID: b2d501

Lotah Khalgra'gin

Tsang Naji / Sergal hybrid (guess which of your parents had boobs).

Transgender (Biologically female hermaphrodite - the male bits are sterile)

Preference: Female.
No. 745165 ID: 2a7417

Name: Mako-II (or VII). Is definitely not a misreading of the model number.
Ethnicity: Uhh... the manufacturer's label says 'Made in the Rezan Empire.'
Gender: Female design
Preference: Repair drone models
No. 745188 ID: 01134a

Eastern Sergal
sexual preference virgin females
No. 745192 ID: 1d4e27

You are a Joint Autonomous Naval Executive Wayfinder android, name-acronym JANEWAY.
Your personality files are based on a woman from Hegemony territory who was in a committed relationship to caffeine.
No. 745216 ID: eb56bd

Seela K'rin

3/4 Rezan, 1/4 kobold



Kobold's still a thing right?
No. 745362 ID: e1cf0a

This is objectively clever, but I can't support it.

So far I like the male sergal and krogan ones.
No. 745378 ID: e957ab

Dude, bonus points for being the first person on the internet to say P*********** Krogan.
No. 745403 ID: 031add

Name: Tenor Balk
Ethnicity: Scellor
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Female
No. 745405 ID: 9876c4
File 147262409535.png - (286.31KB , 581x621 , me__i_am_krogan_by_synthecx-d4huynm.png )

Thanks I appreciate it! I probably am.

I just wanted people to give due consideration to the notion without having to use the whole ME-verse.

and getting lost in a collapsing black hole or some such seemed so very kroganic
No. 745436 ID: 2a7417

If the MC is decided to not be a robot, then I would instead vote for kobold.
No. 745541 ID: e984de

I like this, but can we maybe level it to 50%-25%-15%-10%? just seems a bit more plausible of ancestry that way.
No. 745546 ID: 595d54

If we want plausibility, each percentage would have to correspond to a multiple of 1/2^n because of how many ancestors you usually have per generation.

50-25-12.5-12.5 works, as does 62.5-25-12.5 if we only have three races.
No. 745572 ID: 9876c4

For whatever it's worth, I was covering my ass with the unassigned DNA thing. It was late and I did not do the math.

Greater Krogan levels would be nice to get secondary organs.
No. 745717 ID: 21effa

So it's
2 for kobold
2(?) for Krogan
1 for Sergal
1 for Scellor

And guy seems to be taking majority.

We need a tie breaker
No. 745722 ID: 1d4e27

There's three for robot, female.
No. 745741 ID: 21effa

More like 2 for robot and 1 for notJaneway.
No. 745746 ID: 62b811

So what, we have a heavily cybornetic kobold with krogen like features or something?
No. 745747 ID: 595d54

Voting male Krogan.
No. 745753 ID: 21effa

How do you even do that without the kobold exploding?

Also I vote for kobold girl
No. 745762 ID: 9876c4

4 for Krogan. Myself, Littlebeast, and 2 anons (one of which would also take a male sergal)
No. 745775 ID: 21effa

I'm gonna say 3 since one of them seems to talk more about genetics than actually voting for krogan.
No. 745806 ID: 9876c4

I think it's cut and dry, since I have no issue with doing that particular split.

LB, want to shed some light?
No. 745807 ID: 595d54

These are the anons voting for male krogan. I was discussing genetics, but that was the post before I voted. The other anon is fine with either male sergal or male krogan.

Looks like four.
No. 745810 ID: e984de

I was just figuring the space badger stuff was several generations of chaos. Probably actually rounding from 15 5/8 badger-9 3/8 unidentified. (Or it could be more generations than that.) 12.5-12.5 works too though.

? Um... Yes I was voting for Krogan hybrid? Was that even what you were asking or am I lost?
No. 745813 ID: 3a6aeb

The time has come. You realized that you're a male Krogan
No. 745827 ID: 9876c4

I certainly took it that way, but apparently you can't discuss genetics and vote at the same time? Some people, man.

So here's my headcanon on how it all works.
Krogan can't interbreed with Space Badgers, although they can screw each other. one is a reptile, one is a mammal (from space).

However Krogan geneticists can splice in some badger DNA to an existing clan member. This mainly affects the senses and diet, and tends to cause minor weight loss and posture shift. Culturally, it's sort of like taking on a spirit animal. So far, the space badgers are the only ones who've been found worthy.

All of which is to say, I don't care what percentage is actually what. I'd be down with having one Rezan parent if it would make the storytelling easier.
No. 746518 ID: ca1cab
File 147315072876.png - (51.83KB , 644x664 , 6.png )

Tybalt Mohrs

80% Rezan, 20% Planeshifted Krogan


Fuck off

Registration accepted

"Hey did you say something?"

"No, why?"

"I thought I heard someone say I was a kobold."

"Guess your orbIP is finally working out here."
No. 746519 ID: ca1cab
File 147315121465.png - (138.71KB , 1400x1050 , 7.png )

Well looks like I finally got this damn thing working. All of y'all seen my profile. You know who I am. Don't ask me what a Krogan is, all I know is my grandmother diddled one way back before it got eaten by Junk-shrill.

Long story short, I grew up on Torvi's 3rd Folly, an asshole of a planet the R.I.R claimed just so they could stick it to the Hegemony, and then used it as a garbage dump. I'm captain of a ship, or will be once I get this thing working, and I got one crewmate, an mechanic that knows her way around...stuff I don't know what she calls it.

It was my crew mate that decided I needed to set up an orbIP account, which I still personally find pointless, me and social media don't mesh too good.

"Hey Ty, if you're done, can you give me a hand?"

"Yeah yeah. Hey do you know what a space badger is?"



"Ignore that, you'll get weird people all the time."
No. 746520 ID: 3663d3

have you tried taking two versions of the same broken thing and putting them together into one working thing?
No. 746521 ID: ca1cab
File 147315151695.png - (199.74KB , 1400x1050 , 8.png )

"Dof-ka, you look like you lost a headbutting contest with a thresher. Bad morning."

"I guess. Can't sleep too well when the ship keeps making noises like that all night."

"Well get used to it, you're gonna be hearing that until we get proper shielding for the coolant pump."

Oh right, I should get you my crew mate's account. She's one of those Rezans that's got a bit of everything in her family. Bit a 'bold, Naji, 'kol, and somewhere in there some daione. Only family like that on Torvi's 3rd Folly. Her name is-
No. 746524 ID: 3663d3

it's a mess of a name like her family tree

also, you fuckin?
No. 746527 ID: 1d4e27

I think we just did, with his genetics. It didn't work so well.
No. 746537 ID: 9876c4

And we call her "Rocket" because it annoys her.
No. 748571 ID: ca1cab
File 147426997905.png - (244.11KB , 956x994 , 9.png )


"How many times do I have to smack you before you stop calling me that?"

"I unno. The orbIP's asking if we're doin' it."

"Expect that. A lot."

"Need anything?"

"Yeah, run a diagnostic. This clunker is almost ready to launch but there's some bits that still need installing."

"You got any idea what?"

"No, that's why I want you to run the diagnostic."

"Can't you do it?"

"No because that's the software side, I expect you to keep that crap running while I keep this thing's reactor from killing us both."

She's a nice gal.

No. 748572 ID: 6d081c

You just open a diagnostic program and push the "Just Scan Already" button, how hard could it be?
No. 748577 ID: c2552b

Ohhh boy software problems. Next you'll find the door to the bathroom has somehow gotten synched to the auto-nutrientor.

Well, let's hope the diagnostic and error codes have gotten more useful and this isn't a kitbashed kit of several different things.

Someone left some notes around somewhere, right?
No. 748599 ID: 3663d3

start with the most important things first.
No. 748600 ID: 9876c4

Well, it's part of the job.

Let's see what our ails our fair vessel.
No. 750842 ID: ca1cab
File 147545004544.png - (239.32KB , 1400x1050 , 10.png )

Okay. That means I uh...

"No, not that terminal, the one over there."

"Y-yeah. This one?"

"No, the other terminal that doesn't exist-yes that one!"

"Okay okay. Ach-ka you're irritable today...it says uh...error 4722 what does that-"

"It means you can't run a diagnostic because it's scanning hardware's busted. Look if you can't even help with that, then go into town and do something. You said you were going to get a crew together right?"

"Well yeah, but I was saving that till we get off and get homeworld but-"

"Either get out and find me another inDx-diag module or find someone in town that can work this ship without one because I still have a lot of shit to do and at this point you'rejustareallybigtriphazard!"

You know what, I think Rocket's having a tough day. Maybe I should give her some space...several miles of space.
No. 750871 ID: 9876c4

Maybe we should go get her a practical toy in town.
thinking some kind of VI-interface with integrated diagnostics and software setups.

Pros- it'd make future checkups easier, and be something Rocket could tinker around with. It'd probably be cheaper than another crew member, while still improving the ship atmosphere.

Cons: Unless we get a plug and play model for our current craft, we'd have to solve our current problems to use it.
No. 752305 ID: ca1cab
File 147616109713.png - (194.77KB , 1400x1050 , 11.png )

VI huh? Can only think of one place in this place to get one: Pan Shei. He's a bit ornery though so it's 50/50 he'll do business or try and shoot me.
No. 752306 ID: 3663d3

well carry a weapon too. to help reduce the odds he gets a 'funny idea'
No. 752308 ID: ca1cab
File 147616130726.png - (117.37KB , 1400x1050 , 12.png )

"Who'th'fuck! Who'th'fuck! Who'th'fuck'r you?!"

"It's Tybalt. Pan, I just wanna see if-"

"You wan'steal me toes!?"

"...no, I want-"

"I shoot'ye'dead if'n ye get close right!"

'Shoot me' it is. He seems to be extra crazy today.

"Pan, you forget your meds today?"

"Th'fuck needs med'right?! I cn'see plen'lots wit'no sugar pills."
No. 752310 ID: 3663d3

stop asking for things and off things "you want some money?" then when he says he offer a trade
No. 752332 ID: 9876c4

I'll back this. He shoots us, he don't get no money.
I mean, sure he does, but he won't get to keep it.

Why does everyone want to jump down our dick today?
No. 753315 ID: ca1cab
File 147667763398.png - (36.92KB , 1400x1050 , 13.png )

When he's like this, he usually isn't one to listen. I can try but...


"Whuzzat?! Yer no'be brakkin' my things! You step'th'fuck off Scavv!"

"I'm not a Scavv...Did you even remember to charge your pack Pan Shei?"

"Step'off my buid'ness Scavver!"

"Gonna take that as a 'no'. What are you even aiming at?"

"Don't distract me ye'shit!"

"You can't even hear me can you?"
No. 753318 ID: 9876c4

I doubt you're feeling up to being shot today- is there anyway safe to give him his medicine?

Is there anything out in the direction he's aiming at? I have my suspicions, but...
No. 753451 ID: c2552b

Hey, you said you needed crewmembers, right? Maybe try to recruit him.

...Wait. If he's wearing powered armor and forgot to charge it, can he even move? You could just walk past him.
No. 755166 ID: ca1cab
File 147737200785.png - (448.80KB , 1400x1050 , 14.png )

Recruit Pan? Look I may want to start a crew up but I'm not stupid. Guy's a whizz with tech but he's also parshit crazy.

"Ya' tryin't'sneak scavver? I'll fill ye'up holes I will!"

Yeah no, that's Mark 1 CDS armor. Those things have a battery that can last decades without needing replacement. What does is the visual input. The armor doesn't have that because different races, different ways of seeing shit, so they leave it open for whoever to attach something that fits the user best. Pan built his own optics, some of the best too. But it runs on a separate power source and Pan forgets to take it when he's off his meds.


I could give him his meds but uh...I don't know where he puts em. So while Pan burns through his ammo what do you guys think? Get Rocket's toy, or get Pan's pills? Either way I gotta kill time till Rocket cools off.
No. 755174 ID: 9dc26d

Get the pills and maybe a replacement power pack for the optics.
No. 755310 ID: 9876c4

While we're not above brute forcin' our way through some problems, we're no bandit.

Get him his meds. Maybe if he improves we can ask about a discount.
No. 757223 ID: ca1cab
File 147848182973.png - (124.23KB , 1200x1000 , 16.png )

Pills it is then.


Now then if I was a paranoid, psychotic idiot savant where'd I hide important things?

No. 757235 ID: af6e04

Consider the possibility that he keeps them on his person. But look under the couch for now.
No. 757239 ID: 3663d3

what's that shelf to your left?
No. 757288 ID: 9876c4

If that's a minibar, we have the how of getting him to take his meds, just mix them up in a nice cocktail.

But I dunno if they'd be in the drawer, already.
No. 760446 ID: ca1cab
File 147969167367.png - (131.88KB , 1200x1000 , 17.png )

Oh this thing? It's an old as fuck refrigeration unit. Made at least half a decade ago, these things are pretty old fashioned, but they can keep things pretty chill. Or if you set it right, frozen.

And apparently he keeps his socks in it.
No. 760457 ID: 9dc26d

Nothing like chilled socks on a warm day. Except maybe chilled underwear.
No. 760485 ID: 9876c4
File 147971493210.png - (135.43KB , 1200x1000 , Tyneedspils.png )

Forgive my ignorance, but this item in red looks an awful lot like meds. If not we could check the couch.

...the rest just kinda happened.
No. 765250 ID: ca1cab
File 148150567369.png - (139.98KB , 1200x1000 , 18.png )

If it's medicine, it's crappy meds. Tastes like warm soda. Bleh. Pretty sure something's growing in it too.

As for the sofa...

No. 765251 ID: ca1cab
File 148150581899.png - (151.97KB , 1200x1000 , 19.png )

It's...another sock. But this one's got one of those old safe key chits. And a note?

If the eyeball goblins come lookin for me, lock the shit up in the safe. You know where it is. Also put the candy there. Can't let the goblins have my candy.

No. 765296 ID: d79f26

behind the screen, under the rug or sofa.
No. 765315 ID: 9876c4

That vidscreen is cracked, like it was manipulated by someone in an altered state.

See if we can pivot it out of the way...
No. 766806 ID: ca1cab
File 148212983091.png - (199.60KB , 1200x1000 , 20.png )

Okay...uh. Pivot. Nailed it. I don't think anyone'll notice the extra dings
No. 766807 ID: ca1cab
File 148212993101.png - (179.51KB , 1200x1000 , 21.png )

Hey asshole goblins, you think I wasn't expecting you to look in my socks? Well I did you fuckin' assholes. You ain't getting my porn stash!

And then he just writes 'ha' a hundred times. Like literally a hundred.

No. 766900 ID: 9876c4

Verify the safe chit doesn't work with the safe, I guess.
If not, uproot the rug, and invert the couch.

We need to start packing shaped charges for stuff like this.
No. 770161 ID: ca1cab
File 148343072727.png - (65.41KB , 954x713 , 22.png )

Well now explosives may be asking for a bit much. Old Pan is just a tad senile and...uh...

Fuck you eye goblins! Fuck you! You thought to find my eye candies here?! I have safes all over the place! You'll never find it

P.S if you are me, make sure to hide the candies separate from the bottle to trick the goblins. Here's the card to the real safe. Also pants as bait.

No. 770162 ID: ca1cab
File 148343074809.gif - (142.95KB , 1200x1000 , 23.gif )

Okay fuck it, everything's gotta go.
No. 770174 ID: d79f26

floor safe!
No. 770530 ID: 9876c4

This is progress of a sort. Keep on safecrackin'
No. 770631 ID: 9dc26d

Use the pants as bait to lure the gnomes out to help you!
No. 772553 ID: ca1cab
File 148453708153.png - (172.92KB , 1200x1000 , 23.png )

Wait seriously? Luring out gnomes? Are you guys as crazy as Shei? Ugh, have these things ever been washed they smell like rotting seafood and-

No. 772554 ID: ca1cab
File 148453712584.png - (208.27KB , 1200x1000 , 24.png )


Holy shit it's a gnome! I think!
No. 772619 ID: a9d073

No. 772634 ID: d79f26

oh, it's a ... pet? it has 'clothing' so it isn't a wild animal.
No. 772675 ID: 9876c4

I don't see clothing, but I do see electronics. Maybe it's a companion drone, or augmented pet.
No. 772802 ID: 9dc26d

Great, now ask it for help.
No. 774018 ID: ca1cab
File 148512763355.png - (108.24KB , 1600x1200 , 25.png )

"Uh-um...hey there...goblin thing. Hello?"


"Do you understand me?"




No. 774047 ID: d79f26

oh great, he fed the gremlin his pills and it thinks they are candy.
No. 774148 ID: 9876c4

Show gnome the pill bottle/candysiphon. Let it smell it.
Then have it lead you to where the candy is.
No. 777429 ID: ca1cab
File 148633685181.png - (121.75KB , 1280x1024 , 26.png )

"Uh. Here gnome-y-goblin thing. Take a whiff. You want the candy?"

"Candy! Gimmdacandy!"

"Well go find it! Go on!"

No. 777431 ID: ca1cab
File 148633695061.png - (191.72KB , 1200x1000 , 27.png )


"Um. Can? You want a soda?"


"What do you need soda for? We're looking for the candy remember?"


No. 777433 ID: ca1cab
File 148633704328.png - (316.86KB , 1200x1000 , 28.png )


"So I guess it wasn't a safe but a switch that dropped the floor down to here. And the key was a soda can. What the fuck Pan?"

No. 777460 ID: 9876c4

Candy indeed. Lets see how deep the rabbit hole goes.
No. 777537 ID: d79f26

so how fucked up you want to bet this place will be? will he have a giant 'men in black' weapon's cache?
No. 779014 ID: ca1cab
File 148693563291.png - (323.14KB , 1200x1000 , 29.png )

Yeah I guess the furry thing's pulling his weight. I can let him sniff out the candy-I mean pills.

"Go get it boy sniff out the candy. Go on!"


And no, this place may be huge, I don't expect there to be a 'Men in Black' weapons cache down here.

Just a weapons cache.

A Blackout Squad weapons cache.

A weapons cache belonging to the most elite of the elite the Empire has HOLY SHIT!

No. 779019 ID: 9876c4

Context is crucial.

You seem like a guy who'd appreciate some powerful weaponry.
Is this like "*Make Pan Shei an offer, maybe he'll let em go cheaply"?
Or is this the kind of stuff you're in trouble for even looking at?

If you used it to resolve a dispute, would you make the galactic news?
No. 779177 ID: d79f26

check under tarp too.
No. 782998 ID: ca1cab
File 148806755907.png - (336.96KB , 1200x1000 , 30.png )

You don't know?! Where've you been living?! Everyone in the Rim worlds know them, even though we aren't supposed to!

They're the Empire's last solution to a problem that won't go away. Best gear, best weapons, and a single squad gets a private army at their disposal! They get sent in, the whole planet goes dark, nothing goes in or out while one of their ships is in orbit; and when they leave, half the population's dead. The Rezans deny they exist, but everyone knows they're out there.

You don't. Just. Take Blackout Squad gear. Either Pan is ex-Blackout which means he has the connections to make me disappear no matter where I hide in the universe, or he somehow stole them which means he's pissing off the worst possible group of people to piss off. I just need to get my parts and go. Screw the medication.

Where's the platform?

IsmellcandybutIdon'tseecandy! COMEOUTCANDY!
No. 783025 ID: d79f26

just get the pills and then after he stops spazzing ask him yourself. him being in the ass end of nowhere could be because he went senile, but they didn't want to kill him because he was a good soldier.
No. 783448 ID: 9876c4

Okay, you get a pass on the gear. Just close up the locker so it looks like you weren't here.

Your buddy can already smell the candy, so it's probably nearby. Try to locate the VI-rack on the way out, so you can make Pan an offer, and then get gone. But we're not robbing a Blackout type, whatever the circumstances.
No. 786977 ID: ca1cab
File 148937664251.png - (231.21KB , 1200x1000 , 31.png )

"Right fine. Find the pills, get the fuck out. Hey fuzzball, found the candy yet?"


"You sure you didn't find it? You said you smelled it."


"Well can you smell it any-oh you little fucker."
No. 787039 ID: 9876c4

Secure pills, stow fuzzball somewhere.

Consider your approach:
Overtly gifting the pills to Pan
Covertly sticking them in a drink or something
No. 791606 ID: ca1cab
File 149084561502.png - (270.80KB , 1400x1050 , 32.png )

"Alright spit it out, out you little fucker!"


"No, don't shovel it all in, you'll overdose you dumb, stupid fucking-"

No. 791607 ID: ca1cab
File 149084572467.png - (281.59KB , 1400x1050 , 33.png )

"Put the goblin down."


"And I see you found my squad stash scav. Thought you hit paydirt eh? Well you ain't gettin' me eyes!"
No. 792563 ID: ca1cab
File 149109426495.png - (27.36KB , 1024x768 , 4-1.png )

And then Pan shot em all and they died

Resume from last save
No. 792577 ID: 9876c4

I always cry at happy endings.
No. 792904 ID: 9876c4

Alright, time for some tough love.

We don't want this goblin, we don't want his candy, we definitely don't want any of the random shit that's come our way today.

ALL WE wanted a reasonably priced VI to try and cheer up a bitchy mechanic, and even that's been nigh-impossible.
No. 794044 ID: ca1cab
File 149154475751.png - (331.93KB , 1200x1000 , 34.png )

"Okay okay calm down! Look, I don't want your eyes, I don't want your stash, I don't want this goblin thing! I just want a module at fair price. You can have it all back if you want! I just want out of this place."

"Module? You mean this crap?"

"Yeah! Yeah that I think..."

"Well gimmie a reason to give ya this instead of blasting you to bits. You did just blow up my useless space crap."

"That was you..."

No. 794163 ID: 9876c4

I for one appreciate the continued full color updates.

There's a greasy, crusty mongrel of a techie in the picture.

If you didn't come back with the module, she'd probably chew you out, and Rocket's red glare is not for the faint of heart.
But if Pan blasted you, and you didn't come back at all... she might cry.

And that just isn't right.
No. 794184 ID: d79f26

because i thought we were friends
No. 794384 ID: 9dc26d

I'll buy that crap, that's why
No. 794625 ID: 8111b6

He's off his rocker, so maybe we can get away with this...
"I'll give you this wonderful goblin here, and maybe some money or something."
No. 797675 ID: ca1cab
File 149299583356.png - (289.14KB , 1200x1000 , 35.png )

All good suggestions. Here's mine.



"Agh! Grfuck!"

Ha! Knew he'd shoot. I got my module, I got my way out...
No. 797676 ID: ca1cab
File 149299590998.png - (397.33KB , 1400x1050 , 36.png )

And I am gone!

"Hey hey Tyb, you piss off Pan again?"

"Can't talk, running!"

"Yah sounds like Pan is pissed again."
No. 797724 ID: d79f26

please tell me he doesn't know where you live. if so then you need to get that ship moving sooner rather then later.
No. 798268 ID: 9876c4

I'm not saying you should kill the vagrant who's watching you leave. but maybe he should take a nap for awhile.

...For the sake of his health.
No. 800970 ID: ca1cab
File 149445563680.png - (61.01KB , 1400x1050 , 37.png )

Oh Pan knows where I live. Good thing I don't live there anymore.

"The hells did you do?"

"What? Why do you assume it's my fault whenever something blows up? I mean just because it was my fault this time doesn't mean you should assume that!"

"So what did you do?"

"I pissed off Pan again."

"Again? Did you at least get the module?"

"Of course I did. Get that baby installed and let's get out of here.

"It's a diagnostic tool you twit."

"So that means we can't take off?"
No. 801013 ID: 9dc26d

That means it tells you what's actually wrong.
No. 801057 ID: d79f26

well plug it in and let's find what the problems are so we can fix them as soon as possible.
No. 803644 ID: ca1cab
File 149548960227.png - (107.25KB , 1400x1050 , 38.png )

"Well whatever, plug it in so we can get this baby off the ground!"

"Hang on, hang on, it's going to take some time, integrating the module, and scanning the entire vessel."

"Awww how long? I wanna go already."

"Oh a while."
No. 803646 ID: ca1cab
File 149548969712.png - (44.55KB , 1400x1050 , 39.png )

ye fukkin bastids

"Ow! Geroff!"

"The hells was that?"

"Energy impact! But that has to be starship grade to shake this thing! Switching to external cam 2!"
No. 803647 ID: ca1cab
File 149548987518.png - (125.75KB , 1400x1050 , 40.png )

"Someone from town's shooting us!"

"...oh I guess Pan saw me running, or maybe his rat thing sniffed me out or-"

"Worry about 'how' later! Get out and placate him!"

"You nuts? He'll just put a hole in me! We gotta go now!"

"But we don't know if it can leave the atmosphere!"

"It doesn't need to, just get us away from here!"

"I really think you should just stop Pan, it'll be less dangerous than flying an untested metal deathtrap!"
No. 803648 ID: d79f26

tell her he's packing blackout gear, so no, he is not less dangerous.
No. 803691 ID: 9876c4

Can he even hear you from that range? Can you hail him?

I mean. we're pretty sure we'll pay him someday, if we aren't scattered atoms by then.

But yeah, while we're doing that, let's go somewhere less shooty.
No. 807365 ID: ca1cab
File 149722276341.png - (196.69KB , 819x848 , 41.png )

"He's got Blackout Squad weaponry! He's NOT less dangerous! We gotta go now!"

"Wait we don't even know if this can handle takeoff!"

"It can."

"It can't!"
No. 807366 ID: ca1cab
File 149722279939.png - (293.09KB , 1400x1050 , 42.png )

No. 807367 ID: ca1cab
File 149722290423.png - (244.65KB , 1400x1050 , 43.png )


"Hey Rocket, the ship doesn't work."

"Really? That's so surprising"

"At least we're out of range."
No. 807403 ID: 9876c4

I can see Rocket's socket from here.

Someday. you'll look back to this day, and drink. Heavily.
No. 807477 ID: d79f26

you're alive so it all worked out.
No. 808770 ID: ca1cab
File 149775883928.png - (377.95KB , 1400x1050 , 44.png )

"Yeah it all worked out. Even the guys agree with me."

"Uh huh."

"...so where are we?"

"Uh one sec. Fuck me sideways you must have liquid luck in your veins. Port 23 of Difthes"

"Hah! I totally did that on purpose."

"Sure you did. And did you also mean to completley fry the engines? We're stuck on a launch pad and I dunno when we're leaving."

"Oh. Shit. What do we do now?"

"Well I'm going to install the module and figure out what your fucked up so I can properly unfuck it. You? Do whatever the hells you want I don't care."

"Well I did say we should stop at Difthes to get a proper crew for this ship. We are going to need some for the job I have lined up."

"Yeah great you do that, get out."
No. 808777 ID: 9876c4

So who's on our shopping list?
Rocket's our mechanic, and you give the orders (sometimes),
So we need what, a pilot and a medical officer? Goons?
No. 808796 ID: 9dc26d

Redundancy is good. People who are cross-trained so you have a navigator that can do piloting and a pilot that can do navigation for instance.
No. 810199 ID: ca1cab
File 149836505763.png - (237.77KB , 1400x1050 , 45.png )

Oh there's a bunch we need, but most aren't super important till we got ourselves set. There's captain, but that's me obviously.

Uh, there's pilot, but I can do that. I just need a little more practice, but until then I think it could be best we had a full time pilot.

And then there's uh...gunnery officer. This ship only has one gun, but I hope that changes, and we'll need someone that knows how to keep that this firing in a fight.

Engineer to engineer things, though Rocket can do that. And a Mechanic to mechanic things. Rocket is also good at that, but I think she should only do one.

Security. I'm plenty tough but I'm gonna need some extra muscle for the jobs I got lined up.

That's about it. I can get a quartermaster to keep track of all our shit, or a Sensor and comms officer to sense stuff and talk to stuff respectively. Ooh and a cook. I got a huge stash of ration bars but I'm sure someone out there knows how to make them not taste like freeze dried ass.

Yeah, I should get people that are good at multiple things. What with the ship's limited size and stuff. Lucky for me, there's no shortage of skilled individuals looking to get off this shitpile of a planet. And luckier for me I got a few lined up. I just hope enough of them showed up today since the actual interviews was supposed to be next week, but ah...I don't think I got that long.
No. 810235 ID: d79f26

uhh, what are those guys behind you doing?
anyway, first find someone to help get this thing uhhh, flyable. pilot is kinda useless if it can't fly.
No. 810546 ID: 9876c4

An engineer would be credit to team.

ideally, someone that seems like they'd get along with Rocket.
Maybe with a smattering of weapons arrays?
No. 814321 ID: ca1cab
File 149963768094.png - (474.89KB , 1600x1200 , 46.png )

Oh yeah those are great ideas. Exactly what I was looking for in people I was looking to interview.

Huh. I just realized I didn't tell any of those interviewees I'd be here today.


No. 814416 ID: 9dc26d

It's all in how you spin it. Send them a message saying you had a block of time open up early, and you can do interviews right now. Super convenient for them, right? Right.
No. 814434 ID: d79f26

try that guy down on his luck at the bar.
No. 817703 ID: ca1cab
File 150078893908.png - (351.44KB , 1600x1200 , 47.png )

"Hey you, yeah the guy kissing the counter. Wanna make some quick money?"

"ZZzzaksIdun zzworkzzat wayzzzfakoffzz!"

"Whoa calm down buddy I didn't mean it like tha-"

"Zzzefuyck offzza mezz"

"Easy now Skrit, no need scaring off another one. What are you looking for kid?"

"Kid? Uh, a crew. I was gonna meet some folks here a week from now, but I gotta push my schedule up."

"An' none of em know that eh? Well you can still find a few folks. No shortage of skilled hands that want off this rock. Sit o'er there, and I'll see who I can find. Just don't talk to Skrit anymore. Gods dammit if Skrit didn't pay my rent in drinks every day I'd haul his dumb ass out I swear to the friggin gods"

That was...easier than I thought.
No. 817707 ID: ca1cab
File 150078974166.png - (295.67KB , 1600x1200 , 48.png )

The guy even gave me a list of people I can interview. I guess I should get started.

Lessee first on the list says she ran freight for a while, so has piloting experience and plenty of hands on engineering knowledge. Fired for on the job, what's this say? "On-site intoxication, indecency, and arson?" Wha?

Next is from the 12th Alrian's March Academy, excelling in ship repairs and maintenance while serving his mandatory 10 years of military service. Sounds good. Dishonorably discharged. Not so good.

Third one is an Avar. Don't see many of those outside Republic Space. Graduate with honors from Avana's Colony Outreach and Defense Program, experienced both as a fighter pilot, and a gunnery officer. Outstanding marks in ad-hoc repair. Left for reasons unknown. So far she sounds the most qualified. Wonder why she left.

Four, Five and Six, uh...I can't really tell what they are. Hang on. Lemme just try something here and-

Four Five and Six candidates are for you to decide. What roles will they fill? What are they? What sordid past lead them to picking up a job with a no-name captain on a no-name planet?
No. 817767 ID: 9876c4

#4 There's that kid that used to make all the Tridgames finals, and would place in 2-3 events. Delmont- Delmar- or somthin'?
Anyway, he had to quit when they found some unlicensed implants in his dome. Been slumming it ever since.

Expect top notch gunnery skills, moderate repair and modding specs, and the geek physique and social graces only a trid jockey can provide. Probably not a good cook.
No. 817820 ID: be0718

Why not Zoidberg? resurrect the rejected protag choices for possible candidates?
No. 817858 ID: 094652

Yeah this.
No. 818233 ID: 9876c4

While that's all well and good, you might want to come up with some skill packages, like I did with mine.

Also, there's 3 synths linked, and a Rezan/Kobold (which is what Jamraca is too)
No. 820615 ID: ca1cab
File 150196795192.gif - (664.04KB , 2100x1500 , 49.gif )

And done!

There's this kid...Del...Dil...Delmart? I'm gonna go with Delmart. Delmart here that used to make all the Tridgames finals, but he had to quit when they found some unlicensed implants in his dome. Been slumming it ever since.

I know what it takes to top out in the tridgames. I bet he's got top notch gunnery skills, moderate repair and modding specs, and the geek physique and social graces only a trid jockey can provide. Probably not a good cook.

Then there's this synth here. Gobbo pleasure model, reprgrammed I dunno how many times. Designation MAKO-VII. Don't know what MAKO means. Something in Hegem Unity I don't understand. Ironic since it's original manufacture is Imperial. Reinstalled with a Hegemony captain who is in a committed relationship to caffeine. The specialty specs are corrupted though, so I dunno what she's good at.

Then there's this number. Seela K'rin. I think she and Rocket were separated at birth, I'm seeing double. Shame I can't tell what she's good at since her application spec is all futzed. If the pic is anything to go on, I think she may have been a graduate at the Imperial Academy. Fancy.

Last chance to edit these options
No. 820638 ID: be0718

Refreshing the tab, you see the profiles were not fully loaded.
MAKO-VII is currently programmed for handling comms, medical duties and even ship navigation. Sounds like looking after her stim-addled captain was a full time job. And the profile did state she was a pleasure bot model... it's understandable if she doesn't emphasise that in her list of skills.

Seela: Security (paraphrased from "Point me at someone and I'll beat 'em til they cry.") A mean cook, too. I think the emphasis is on mean.
No. 820718 ID: 9876c4

Good news all around. Synths aren't expensive hires, and Delmart will probably jump at the chance to have a pleasure-bot onboard.

Seela looks like a hardass, but maybe there's some hidden depths.
No. 824243 ID: ca1cab
File 150338975316.png - (258.06KB , 1600x1200 , 50.png )

Oh yeah, Seela's a hardline security officer. And a mean cook. Great, that's exactly what a crew needs to stay in good morale. Still nothing from Delmart, or MAKO, but I guess I can figure that out when talking to them.


"Holy shi-oh. You're...you're the Avar right?"

"Yepper that's me, only Avar you'll see this 'side of the rim! Name's Bee. Short for Bee'tchiak'rrr. Understandable most don't wanna use the full one. How do ya?"


"Great! So what's this I hear about you needing a crew? Sounds dandy!"
No. 824290 ID: 9876c4

It is only now, upon seeing my second Avar, that I realize they have beaks. I thought the one in the second panel had a colorful nose and a nonplussed expression... for about a year now.

We have a diversified series of ventures we need a group of specialists for. Speed and discretion is important.

Our timetables have gotten jumbled, though, and it's become very important that this gets underway in the next 24 hours.
Gauge her interest, and try to be as honest as possible...
No. 827313 ID: ca1cab
File 150442017045.png - (254.72KB , 1400x1050 , 51.png )

Sounds like smart words. I'll go with that.

"We have a diversified series of ventures we need a group of specialists for. Speed and discretion is important."

"Oh sure speed, I can do speed. Speed's my specialty lemme tell ya now. I got trainin' in all kinds of reconnaissance an' one thing I'm good at is getting things done fast and quiet lemme tell ya now."

"Well good. Um. Also, our timetables have gotten jumbled and it's become very important that this gets underway in the next 24 hours."

"Perfect! That works perfect for me, since I gotta get off real quick myself."

"Any reason why?"

"Oh none you gotta concern yourself with, just stuff that's between me and a few ugly folk here lemme tell ya."
No. 827394 ID: 9dc26d

Haha, I like this guy. I'm sold.
No. 827545 ID: 9876c4

Avar are strange folks.

Thinking optimistically, being hunted by more than one party means maybe they will interact, and destroy each other.
No. 829420 ID: ca1cab
File 150501685480.png - (229.43KB , 1600x1200 , 52.png )

"Just the kind of guy I need for my crew! You're hired! Now where's the next candidate?"

"I'm a girl."

"You the pilot right? Your profile says you're a guy."

"Finger slipped."

"Well if ya don't need me fer anythin' I got some folks that need killin' 'kay?"
No. 829432 ID: 9876c4

This is a business venture, so let's negotiate.

Who are they, how much trouble is it, and what's in it for us?
No. 836063 ID: ca1cab
File 150778411505.png - (190.01KB , 1400x1050 , 53.png )

"Alright, uh...your thing says you were fired for...on-site intoxication?"

"Keeps me calm."


"Oh let me tell you why they charged me for that! Those shlack sacks. They wanna cut costs, so what do they do? They decide to fire me. Not too bad, but then they decide they want my freighter even though I paid off the damn thing and was rightfully mine! What do they do? Take it anyway! So I decided if they're gonna fire me, I'll give em a bit of 'fire' of their own. Heh. Letting me go's gonna cost 'em far more than what they save off my salary."


"I like to drive in the nude. It feels comfy."
No. 836068 ID: 994f87

Driving intoxicated is a big no-no. A shame, the rest was mostly acceptable.
No. 836151 ID: be0718

That depends on how well she drives drunk. Has she had any accidents while on the sauce?
No. 836162 ID: 9dc26d

There's a difference between being completely wasted and just having a nice buzz. A person in good health can totally manage a large vessel with a healthy buzz.

What's her poison of choice, and how much does she go through in a week?
No. 836189 ID: 9876c4

We're not exactly buying the best and brightest anyway.

If you want to be paid in sauce, and show some skin, fine, but if you make a habit of shitting yourself or set anything ablaze, you'll be out an airlock so fast it'll make your head spin. Before it explodes. Because airlock.
No. 836349 ID: d79f26

so long as she can get from point A to B and not hit anything in between then whatever.
No. 836896 ID: ca1cab
File 150809837565.png - (355.05KB , 1400x1050 , 54.png )

"Well the drunk thing may be a problem. Any collisions while on the sauce?"

"Nup, only time I crashed was that- well you already know. I don't get proper shitfaced until I'm off the clock."

"And how much does it take to get you 'shitfaced'?"

"Anything will do really. Even ship-brewed fermented engine run-off."

"Pretty sure you can't drink that."

"You'd be surprised."

"Well since you're really one of the only candidates that sounds qualified I guess you got the job. Get buzzed, show some skin, you're fine. But if I have to clean up after you, you're gettin' spaced got that?"

"Yeah yeah whatever. Friendly advice to my new boss. You'd best wrap things up. Look to your left. No! Slowly, so they don't know you noticed."

"The Heggies over there?"

"Yeah, they've been eyein' you for a while. You know how they get around Imps like you."

"Then they should know I can take them."

"Those three wouldn't bother with you if there wasn't like twenty other Heggies here ready to back them up. Pretty sure even you'd have trouble with that. You may want to wrap up before somethin' stupid happens."
No. 836897 ID: ca1cab
File 150809864621.png - (202.85KB , 1400x1050 , 55.png )

"Now then, what am I piloting?"

"Port 23."

"Awright that ain't too far. I'd like to get a feel for my new ride."

"That isn-ah fuck it."

Best wrap this up then. I can see the rest of the candidates piling in, but I think I should probably like do only three more and then get out before those Heggies get too drunk to think right.
No. 836933 ID: 9876c4

If forced to speculate, the Alrian's guy is the weak link. Redundancy with our other hires, and the most likely to piss off Rocket fearsome-like.

Do Seela last, so if you have to make a fighting retreat, she'll help.
No. 840743 ID: ca1cab
File 150930871337.png - (275.42KB , 1600x1200 , 56.png )

Fine, fine, I'll head over do the last three, then bug out.

"Bout time you showed up. This place has shitty service."

"Hello, I am MAKO-VII but I'm sure you knew that. Got any coffee?"

"No no no that's not how you start off an interview you amateurs. First thing is 'How much are you paying?', and 'What is the job?'."
No. 840960 ID: be0718

Payment is yes and the mission briefing will be in-flight. Refreshments will be served.
My first impressions of them pretty much affirm the predictions here. >>836933
No. 840991 ID: 094652

"I'm paying 50,000 credits up front and your job is to stay in my ship and do stuff for me."

>What's the catch, dumbass
"The catch is, I decide when you get paid! We're paid to complete high-class missions, and when I think you haven't #$%^ed up, you get paid a @#$%ton of money for your services. Beyond that, you get a stable income of food and boarding, plus a 10% tip for expenses and costs. So when I order you to buy a 10,000 credit space engine, I give you 11,000 credits, and you get me my engine."
No. 841031 ID: 9876c4

The salary is locally competitive (to this dingy spaceport), but if we pull off jobs without a hitch, everyone stands to gain some real scratch.

This is a multipart speculative venture. With varied repossession parameters.
No. 842752 ID: ca1cab
File 150992063233.png - (170.42KB , 1400x1050 , 57.png )

"The salary is locally competitive, but if we pull off jobs without a hitch, everyone stands to gain some real scratch.

This is a multipart speculative venture. With varied repossession parameters."

"Yeah I understood like 3 words in there. I'm tuning out."

"That was a lot of fancy words to say nothing at all. I'm guessing the pay is decent but with a catch. What is it?"

"The catch is, I decide when you get paid. When I think you haven't fracked up, you get paid a for your services. Beyond that, you get a stable income of food and boarding, plus a 10% tip for expenses and costs. So when I order you to buy a 10,000 credit space engine, I give you 11,000 credits, and you get me my engine."

"Right sounds good, I'm in. I'll be waiting by your ship."

"Wait-Delamr-Derpmart-Dirtmop-whatever your name is! He still doesn't know your skills."

"I know what I'm good at, and I'm the best at it."

"This seems like a very bad way to conduct an interview, but I haven't been active in the Rim for too long. Is this the norm?"

"Gods this is going to shit real fast..."
No. 842762 ID: be0718

On this ship, we're anything but.
No. 842981 ID: 9876c4

Eh, he's basically right, as long as he does what I need when I need it, It's all gonna turn out Fuc- Fine.

Miss VII, are you up to date on Imperial anatomy and psychology?

(Don't specify whether you mean the medical or pleasure suites. )
No. 844321 ID: ca1cab
File 151043475411.png - (121.20KB , 841x745 , 58.png )

"Eh, he's basically right, as long as he does what I need when I need it, It's all gonna turn out Fuc- Fine.

Miss VII, are you up to date on Imperial anatomy and psychology?"

"You bet I am! I've yet to meet an Imperial that I didn't please!"

"Why did you climb on the table for that?"

"Because I'm the best."

"How does climbing a table show you're the best at anatomy?"

No. 844323 ID: 3abd97

>"How does climbing a table show you're the best at anatomy?"
Seems legit.
No. 844325 ID: be0718

Proves she knows her psychology. Well, I think they'll all do for crew but let's ask Seela about her combat prowess. Specifically how it applies to bar brawls.
No. 844395 ID: 9876c4

Hire the little droid, and make peace with the nagging certainty you're going to have relations with it, sooner or later.

It's tough to be a country-western star freewheeling space captain.
No. 846059 ID: ca1cab
File 151107252402.png - (208.59KB , 1400x1050 , 59.png )

"Alright, you're hired bot. Just follow the nerd and half naked lady, and you'll find my ship."

"Sounds like a party. I'll be there."

"Are you desperate to get a crew together? That was some of the worst professionalism I've ever seen and you're still letting them on?"

"Before I answer that, how do you handle yourself in a bar fight?"

"What? Uh...I can handle myself fine?"

"Super, you notice those Heggies behind you? Don't look. They've been eyeing us for a while. Things are gonna get ugly soon. Can you carry yourself?"

"Maybe. But why should I get involved?"
No. 846060 ID: d79f26

the reason everyone else here got involved, the money.
No. 846062 ID: 094652

"Because when it comes to Krogan, one of two things happens to our enemies: they run like rabbits or die like deer. Allow me to demonstrate."

Use your daily power - CHARGE!
No. 846077 ID: 33cbe7

Because they've been eyeing that uniform too. Also, aren't you curious how this tank handles himself in a barfight?
No. 846165 ID: 9876c4

Some of that was for your benefit too, K'rin. Can you get a rowdy group like this focused, fed, and shipshape in time for it to matter? Wouldn't you like to find out?

This job is all about new experiences! I bet you've never been in a massive brawl with a demiKrogan either, and yet, here we go...
No. 848152 ID: ca1cab
File 151173107674.png - (174.37KB , 1400x1050 , 60.png )

"Because they've been eyeing that uniform too. Also, aren't you curious how this tank handles himself in a barfight?"

"Yes but that doesn't answer why I should help you. Specifically."

"Okay, because...uh, money?"

...fair enough."
No. 848153 ID: ca1cab
File 151173124111.png - (319.20KB , 1400x1050 , 61.png )


"More incoming! 4 humans and an Octant."

"Hoo, stirred up the whole nest!"

"Probably because you ripped up the table and swung it at them!"

"You say that like it's a bad thing!"
No. 848634 ID: 9876c4

There are two schools of thought for how big a brawl should get:

1. Intimate and centered, so as to not attract undue attention. Win and get out.

2.ENORMOUS, so that the particulars of who provoked when are lost in a haze of property damage, arrests, and sudden rivalries renewed. Get out of dodge before the lockdown, and no one's following you for DAYS.

I bet you're not the only Spacefarer with some simmering tensions, they just need a little shove in the right direction...
No. 848661 ID: c0641d

Considering he initiated the fight by SWINGING A TABLE AROUND... I’m thinking the time for option one has passed. So yeah, if everyone else isn’t already triggered by this, do something to rile them up.
No. 848809 ID: 358862

And the "classic" way of doing this is kicking an opponent into their table, so that their drinks may be knocked, etc. This will get them into the brawl, although who they will attack is a coin flip.
No. 849573 ID: ca1cab
File 151233015849.png - (974.05KB , 1400x1050 , 62.png )

I think it's number two by a league and a half. I'm startin' to think I just set off a powderkeg of something much bigger. This ain't a barfight no more. It's a full on gang war!

"Well great job "boss", got a plan before Security impounds the ship and puts us in lockup?"

"I'm thinkin."

"Why does that surprise me?"
No. 849599 ID: 33cbe7

Fight your way to the back door of the bar and see if the space cops have arrived yet.
No. 849636 ID: 9876c4

Radio rocket, and see if one of our new hires can't fit one of our gravcycles with a rope/net. Send it out inside the station, then ride it to escape Tarzan-style.

Yes, riding an unmanned vehicle through a security checkpoint is technically illegal (as hell), but they've got a gang war to worry about.
No. 850854 ID: ca1cab
File 151296079658.png - (221.04KB , 1400x1050 , 63.png )


"What did you do?"

"I-nothing! I mean I might have been part of something."

"What did you do?"

"Uh...might have gotten stuck in a gang war? Look, not important Rocket. You get the new arrivals yet?"

"The nerd, the nude, and the nut, and the bot? Yeah. They just showed up. Why?"

"See if you can't get one of the gravcycles fit with one of those safe-lines and get us out of here ASAP!"

"Why? Can't you just run back before the cops show?"
No. 850855 ID: ca1cab
File 151296114313.png - (257.21KB , 1400x1050 , 64.png )


"I uh...think that won't be an option."

"Dammit Ty. I just finished putting the cycles together, and you wanna break em?"

"Well I won't break them. Probably."

"You will have to ditch them."


"Because I know you're planning on running a checkpoint, and I know they're going to tag the cycle. We don't need them coming to the dock since I'm still fixing the ship. You know. The one you busted?"

Oh crap right.

No. 850876 ID: 9876c4

Look, the gravcycles are expensive, and not to be trifled with.

Also expensive is legal fees, and being contained while our useless crew sits on their extremities. Assuming we don't die while that happens.

Desperate times, and all that Jazz.
No. 852472 ID: ca1cab
File 151356946212.png - (206.99KB , 1400x1050 , 65.png )

"You know what also sucks Rocket? Legal fees, and being contained while our useless crew sits on their asses. Assuming we don't die while that happens."

"Fiiiine, but ditch the ride somewhere before you come back to the ship, I don't need any heat on us right now."

"You got it fixed."

"Almost? I think?"

"We can't work with 'almost' anymore Rocket. Will we be able to fly?"

"Sending the cycle now now."

"Hey! Rocket? Rocket?!"

"That's not a grav-cycle."

"What? Sure it is. It's got suspension, padded seats-"

"That's just a mining buggy with a stratosphere skiff grafted on its back. You combined supersonic speed with shitty steering."

"It'll be fine."

"How are we going to even lose this thing anyway? Something like this is gonna be very hard to miss, even in this town."
No. 852519 ID: b9b4da

If we ditch the thing mid-air, its speed should carry it far away enough that the explosion throws them off our tail.
No. 852542 ID: 9876c4

It's not THAT outlandish.

Someone left in a hurry, crashed into a support, collapsed subdeck D5 near the spaceport, and they ordered an excavator team.

Can't stop to chat, time is of the essence.
No. 852543 ID: 33cbe7

They can't hit us if we outrun their guns!
No. 852756 ID: ca1cab
File 151372363701.png - (225.00KB , 1400x1050 , 66.png )

"We just ditch this thing in mid air! They can't hit us if we outrun their guns!"


"It will work!"
No. 852757 ID: ca1cab
File 151372367340.png - (288.55KB , 1400x1050 , 67.png )


"You know it's a lot harder to see when you block my view!"

No. 852764 ID: 33cbe7

At least it's a nice view.
No. 853455 ID: ca1cab
File 151401369966.png - (242.35KB , 1280x1024 , 68.png )

Alright Ty, you're going too high, this is the opposite of losing the heat. Ty?
No. 853456 ID: ca1cab
File 151401372146.png - (205.90KB , 1280x1024 , 69.png )

No. 853459 ID: ca1cab
File 151401402647.png - (96.04KB , 1280x1024 , 70.png )

...I'm going to kill you Ty.

"That went well."

"Could you let me down now?"

"You didn't wanna let go when we jumped out."

"Because I thought we were going to die and I wanted to put you between me and the ground."

"And now?"

"I will break your arm if you don't let me down."

"Ty you asshole, do you know how long I worked to build that?!"

"Yes, hi Rocket we're fine, no need to worry."

"Fuck you. Do you know where you are?"

"Uh...sewer exit pipe?"

"That puts you about 2 blocks from the ship. Stay low this time. Cops are on high alert all over the city and now it looks like some Heg-rats are some extra heat on you."

"How can they do that?"

"Well when you swing a table into a Crowned Prince of Anlais, you tend to get a lot of attention."

"Oh shit I beat up royalty? Heh. Funny."

No. 853466 ID: 9876c4

Movin' up in the world.
You have some hot-tempered hybrids in your life, even if their threats usually ring hollow.

If you're thinking of getting a Krannt, you could do worse. But for now keep cool and rejoin your ship.
No. 853663 ID: 64e3c9

"I'm your boss now remember?"

Use the sewers to get to your ship. You don't have anything else to blow up.
No. 853672 ID: 33cbe7

>you don't have anything else to blow up.
...Except the sewers themselves. Drop an incendiary down the grate as you exit to get rid of anything that tails you.
No. 854220 ID: 49c302
File 151445395798.png - (382.75KB , 1280x1024 , 71.png )

You're right. Nothing quite keeps enemies off your back like a wave of fire. And it's a nice 'farewell and fuck off' present to this mudball.

"Ty, are you near the port?"

"Yeah I'm right below. Ready to light the place up."

"Well don't, the outward scanners show Heg-rats all over the place."

"On the ground or in the air?"

"Both. The moment they see you, they're lighting this place up. So you better have one of those super dumbass plans that you make to get us out of here. What? No I won't ask if he'll bring coffee!"

"Uh...I kinda have nothing at the moment I was hoping to just drop this bomb and stuff..."
No. 855074 ID: 85f4f3

You can still do that. Drop a fireball on their asses and run like hell. The explosion should draw everyone away and give you a brief window to get out. Downside is it will draw everyone, cops and bad guys and anyone else that doesn't like you.
No. 857236 ID: ca1cab
File 151549020295.png - (217.35KB , 1280x1024 , 72.png )

"Do it? Do it? Okay, I'm doing it!"

"Doing what?"

"Dropping a bomb in the sewers!"


"Better start running."
No. 857237 ID: ca1cab
File 151549031377.png - (174.13KB , 1280x1024 , 73.png )

"WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I dunno if you heard that but that was a damn earthshaker. I bet I backed up every toilet for miles!"

"Ty, what the hell did you do?"

"I dropped the bomb!"

"I told you not to!"

"Maybe, but you told me to distract them. And I did."
No. 857238 ID: ca1cab
File 151549033779.png - (176.38KB , 1280x1024 , 74.png )

"Heh. They're mad at me."
No. 857311 ID: 9876c4

It's all worth it for that little smile.

Maybe time to explore our off-planet opportunities?
No. 857510 ID: 52ef26

Keep the robot from running in front of the open door if that's what shes doing.
No. 858054 ID: ca1cab
File 151578387077.png - (200.84KB , 1280x1024 , 75.png )

"I got the robot"

"Great now explain what you were thinking!"

"I told you, I was pulling away the biggest chunk of the cops so we could get away."

"I also told you I didn't know if we could get this to fly yet!"

"Well you're the best tech I know Rocket, I know you can get it to work. You got it to work right?"


"Then let's go! Hey nude pilot, let's go already."
No. 858055 ID: ca1cab
File 151578392334.png - (601.49KB , 1400x1050 , 76.png )

"Alright time for some proper space adventure stuff. Anyone else feel like that took way too long to ge-"
No. 858056 ID: ca1cab
File 151578444462.png - (161.22KB , 1280x1024 , 77.png )

"Shields dropping, that was a glancing hit!"

"Okay what the fuck?"

"That was a Hegemony lancer, a direct hit from that would have sheared the ship in half."

"I got a visual on a light cruiser coming in fast. Wait, that's not the same specs as a Hegemony ship. It's got the same shape but the power output is crazy high."

This is the captain of the ARNV Rollon, you are harboring a criminal of the Hegemony. Lower your shields and prepare to be boarded or be destroyed.
No. 858058 ID: 33cbe7

Stall while the warp drive spools up or whatever it needs to do. Counter-bluff that well, they should lower their shields and prepare to be boarded too! It's only fair, they shot first.
No. 858073 ID: 9876c4

You know, I bet they'd be less likely to blow you apart with some of their crewmen onboard. Emphasis on LESS.

Play the beligerant oaf, and say someone better get down here before you sue their funny clothes off for that shot.
No. 858331 ID: ca1cab
File 151591992858.png - (211.50KB , 1280x1024 , 78.png )

"Oh-oh yeah?! Well why don't you lower your shields and send prepare to be boarded too?"

Is...is he serious? Sir are you sure this is the right vessel?

"Uh boss, what are you doing?"

"Stalling. Get the start priming the jump drive."

"You sure you wanna do that?"

"Why do you ask?"

"Well because I just got a visual on it. Check it out."


"Yeah it's a royal barge. Whoever pissed them off pissed off some real VIP. They'd make working in neutral space a pain in the ass."

"Okay then...So hurry up and send your whatever before I sue your frilly pants for scratching the paint!"

Wise choice. We-sir what are you-hand that over-but sir protoco-DAMN THE PROTOCOL. DON'T MOVE YOU HEAR ME! YOU MOVE AND I TURN YOU TO SLAG AND GAS

"Someone over there sounds upset."
No. 858340 ID: 203cc3

Ask if *they* have been boarded.
No. 858342 ID: 094652

"Red Light."
No. 859121 ID: ca1cab
File 151621722098.png - (164.08KB , 1280x1024 , 79.png )

Sir the comms are still on-I don't care, I want them to know I'm coming over personally. This insult to the royal family will not stand!

"Red light."


What? Are...are you still mocking us? You are outgunned, about to be boarded and you toy with us?!

"Have you been boarded?"

What does that even mean?!

"Hey boss, Del here. So like I noticed that the ship's boarding module puts the ship's connector between the bridge and the weapons array at point blank range of the nose guns, if they were to lower their shields, I could get a shot off."

"Huh. Think you can do it in one shot?"

"Oh yeah, just gotta have enough time to get the coils warmed up and it'll rip em in half."
No. 859124 ID: 027a87

I'd rather not destroy their ship, too much risk of killing everyone inside and getting us *even more* on the run.
No. 859254 ID: ca1cab
File 151624832458.png - (129.75KB , 1280x1024 , 80.png )

"Can we not destroy their ship? The risk of killing everyone inside will just get us *even more* trouble."

"Nah nah nah, you see cause out guns are rail shot, it'll just separate the gun and the the rest of the ship without hitting anything critical. They can still chase, but they can't shoot. They'll survive."

"You sure of that?"

"90% sure. Actually more like 80-percent-ish. 85."
No. 859255 ID: 9876c4

I love those odds.

So do we shoot when they send over a launch, or do we have to talk em into it?

If it's the latter, we need whoever they're after to help with the taunting.
No. 859259 ID: 094652

Begin charging the coils. Insult the captain by asking if he's really here because you cracked a few of the prince's cavity-filled teeth, or if he's here because you just one-shot tanked a guy that has been slapping him over the ass in brawling duels for over twenty years and proved the entire navy's militia is just a spoiled gang of fatass knuckleheads who can't even get a white belt.

Offer to face him in space brawling. You won't even bring your guns!
No. 859362 ID: bfdaf0

Isn't there a risk they'll detect our coil gun warming up?
No. 859363 ID: 33cbe7

Enough questions, just do it! Damn the boarding torpedoes, full speed ahead!
No. 859899 ID: ca1cab
File 151648104277.png - (168.76KB , 1280x1024 , 81.png )

"Are the guns detectable?"

"If this ship was a standard design yeah, but since you obviously built this from old crap, all they'll see is a build up of energy. It could mean anything."

"Okay then, start charging the gun coils, I'll keep them focused on me."

I think I'll let the prince come aboard then hold him hostage after we blow the gun off. After that? Eh I'll think of something maybe.

So are you here cause I broke the prince's cavity filled teeth? Or because...uh just one-shot tanked a guy that has been slapping you over the ass in brawling duels for over twenty years and proved the entire navy's militia is just a spoiled gang of fatass knuckleheads who can't even get a white belt.

Ohohoho you are just BEGGING me to just shoot you. You know that right? One shot, and I'll silence your smug little mouth you-SIR PLEASE this goes against protoco-FUCK THE PROTOCOL HE HIT ME WITH A TABLE!
No. 859903 ID: 9876c4

It was in self-defense.

But if you think you'd fare any better outside your cozy little flying palace, mosey on over.
No. 860077 ID: 027a87

What are you whining about? You finally got to know the full bar experience! No bar life is complete without getting into a brawl at least once!
No. 860840 ID: ca1cab
File 151668950256.png - (225.69KB , 1280x1024 , 82.png )

It was in self-defense, what are you whining about? You finally got to know the full bar experience! No bar life is complete without getting into a brawl at least once!

Oh oh really? You know what else comes with the bar experience?
No. 860841 ID: ca1cab
File 151668957723.png - (223.33KB , 1280x1024 , 83.png )


"Heh heh, that's not clever at all. Oh I think I made a mistake."

"Spooling up boss, about 20% ready."
No. 860844 ID: 6c8fdf

Yell that they're not supposed to use guns in a bar brawl.
No. 860861 ID: 9876c4

I think Grandpa would be pretty peeved at you.
You should be armed. Preferably in a caliber beginning with 7.
You should have another gun so that the first gun doesn't get lonely.

And maybe failing that, you should be prepared to beat some sense into the little pink things with your head!
No. 860893 ID: 094652

Don't bring a gun to a container fight.

What can you do to turn your current cover into a speeding hulk of mass?
No. 860972 ID: 7a7022

Wait we have our own hired gun. Get Bee down there and tell her to start earning her pay!
No. 861713 ID: ca1cab
File 151690343765.png - (193.96KB , 1280x1024 , 84.png )

"Oh yeah." Hey Bee! I'm stuck in a gunfight and I got no gun. Think you can-

"Here I come~to save the day~"

"That voice...no!"
No. 861714 ID: ca1cab
File 151690356097.png - (207.83KB , 1280x1024 , 85.png )

"No! Not the bird!"

"Hey there do I know ya?!"

"Holy no not the bird! Not again!"

Huh, I guess prince no-teeth has a history with Bee. And look at that, she's got them covered with her guns, and her bodyguard is coming RIGHT FOR ME! FUCK!
No. 861719 ID: 2fe26a

I'm sorry, did a quarter-Krogan just express fright at the prospect of close quarters battle? Headbutt his faceplate in, ya dope!
No. 861867 ID: 9876c4

This is so far in your wheelhouse you should be picking out carpets.
No. 861918 ID: 6c8fdf

Ostensibly prepare a big punch. When the guard gets in melee range, kick them.
No. 861984 ID: 094652

Your armor is Krogan, it was designed for close-quarters defense! Retreat and fire, don't worry about getting hit with melee attacks!
No. 862555 ID: ca1cab
File 151711413329.png - (238.66KB , 1280x1024 , 86.png )

Oh yeah, that's right.

"Hey, hey bodyguard, guess what?"




"Hey remind me again how I know you?"


No. 862610 ID: ca1cab
File 151712402610.png - (154.04KB , 1280x1024 , 87.png )

"Oh! Oh ho ho ho! Real clever asshole. You busted my helmet with your head."

"Woah what's with your eyes?"

"That's a tough headplate turtle-man. I want it."

"Not for sale lady!"

"I'm not asking."
No. 862613 ID: 33cbe7

You should get her number when you're done beating her up. She'd be a fun sparring partner.
No. 862621 ID: 9876c4
File 151712625061.gif - (951.36KB , 500x250 , Krogankisses.gif )

I'm a little lukewarm on this update, due to him having a headstem rather than just being solidly grafted to his shoulders seems wrong thematically. Even a hybrid should be a little more solid.

As illustrated, a headbump starts more at the waist than the neck, and is... rather effective, even on larger opponents. Rant over.

It's the one thing all Krogan fear! Grab her knife or break her arm before she can use it!
No. 863307 ID: ca1cab
File 151733388062.png - (188.75KB , 1280x1024 , 88.png )

As far as headbutts go, that was pretty weak. Still not bad for her since she's not, you know, on the ground. And I'll admit, it'd be cool to have someone like that as a sparring partner but I don't think
No. 863308 ID: ca1cab
File 151733392043.png - (166.26KB , 1280x1024 , 89.png )

"Oh! Damn, that hurt! I think you dislodged something."
No. 863310 ID: ca1cab
File 151733397393.png - (171.43KB , 1280x1024 , 90.png )

"Just kidding."

Okay I take it back, this is fun. I should make this a regular thing.
No. 863314 ID: 2fe26a

Finish up with an elbow drop. Hooah!
No. 863316 ID: 9876c4

If this keeps up she'll have lots of time to approach dating opportunities.

Due to being out of work, and all.
No. 863372 ID: c90231

you know what would probably help you make this a regular thing. knowing who you are fighting.maybe you can ask bee to clue you in to who you are fighting
No. 864091 ID: ca1cab
File 151759896633.png - (203.26KB , 1280x1024 , 91.png )

"Guess what? Elbow drop! Huh...that doesn't really work does it. Hey Bee? Do you know who these guys are?"

"Uhhhhhhhhhh boss?"
No. 864092 ID: ca1cab
File 151759938525.png - (197.60KB , 1280x1024 , 92.png )

"Sorry I can't rightly say I do."


"Boss? Are you okay? I'm picking up some strange stuff coming from the ship boss. Boss?"

"How do you not know? They know you."


"Well he does."

"Well sorry but I've been runnin' and gunnin' all up and down the ding dang sector, targets start to blend together after a while now ya know. Maybe I did run inta him when he was a little chick an' I was shooting his uncle or some such thing. Like I said I've been at this a while. I donno." "

"Captain I uh, think the rail gun is about ready, and I'm targeting the connection module on their ship now. Tell me when you wanna light up the sky."
No. 864100 ID: 33cbe7

Let us offload our unwanted guests first. Actually, do we have a spare escape pod we could stuff these two in? Probably best to release the hostages after we're out of shooting range.
No. 864108 ID: 9c8e7e

Hold them hostage and demand a ransom. When they refuse, shoot off their guns to show you mean business!
No. 864112 ID: 9876c4

Getting paid for what we were going to do anyway. I like it.
No. 864505 ID: ca1cab
File 151777128998.png - (169.35KB , 1280x1024 , 93.png )

And I like it too.

Hey captain of the Whatever-The-Fuck, I got Prince What's-His-Name here as my hostage. You know what that means. You want him back, pay up.

This vessel will not negotiate with pirates!


"Del, split them in half."
No. 864511 ID: ca1cab
File 151777147042.png - (207.64KB , 1280x1024 , 94.png )

How about now?

In light of recent events, this vessel will make an exception on negotiating with pirates...what are your demands?

Huh. Actually I hadn't thought of what we should get. I mean I can't get money, Heg-money's useless out here. I doubt they carry any Imperial credsticks or Republic chits.
No. 864538 ID: 094652

Demand all their money anyway. It's lightweight and can be used somewhere in the galaxy.

Then take their cargo. Use an escape pod to space the prince before you jump to hyperspeed.
No. 864545 ID: b403b3

What we wanted was mostly to leave in one piece, so let's just demand that they "forget" what just happened unless they want the prince's humiliation to become completely public knowledge.
No. 864553 ID: 9876c4

The must have been buying drinks and paying docking fees with something.

Do we want their knife-crazy hireling? We'd probably have to feed it.
No. 864569 ID: 0da2db

Oh hell yeah. She's the only one that can take on a part-Krogan and walk away from it. Well up to the second hit. Better than what we got so far.
No. 864588 ID: 33cbe7

How full is your tank? Take practical goods in exchange for the service of not blowin' them up.
No. 864589 ID: 33cbe7

Ohoho, don't forget to quip. "That was a warning shot."
No. 865497 ID: ca1cab
File 151802401011.png - (179.39KB , 1280x1024 , 95.png )

You know what we want. Money.

We don't have any hard cash on this vessel. It's all lightcast accounts from Home. Closest thing we have is liquid assets in the cargo hold.

Fine, we'll take your cargo. Everything in the holds. "How you doing down there?"


And last, you will forget this happened. I'm sure his Royal whose-his-face family would like to not admit their kid got into a barfight and lost...twice. And don't try anything funny, since that was a warning shot.

Alright alright. We understand. We'll begin offloading immediately.

Great; also what's the deal with the blue lady with your royal pain?
No. 865500 ID: ca1cab
File 151802471906.png - (154.44KB , 1280x1024 , 96.png )

The one with the eye graft and the face plate? She's...hired help. To be honest I was against it but his Majesty insisted we hire local color for help instead of a proper escort.

Well I ask because I just knocked her flat and she might need help back to your ship.

Don't bother. His Highness is fickle. If she was beaten that easily, he'd probably leave her behind. Off the record I wouldn't mind that either. Uncouth Hwaesi really don't belong on a vessel like this.

I guess that means she's ours now.

Lessee, two crates of silver ingots, one of spare ship parts, three of salvaged scrap food for patching up the hull, two guided missiles and-ooh sweet, guns! Factory fresh too, none of that worn out crap back home. I like guns.

"Hey Rocket, we got guns!"

"I can see that Ty, good for you. Listen, I had Bee put our hostage in a life boat, and setting it to micro jump safely away from us. By the time they pick him up we'll be long gone and any warp trail we leave will be too scattered for them to follow. Be sure to tell their captain what we're doing so he doesn't suffocate before they find him."

We're putting our hostage in a life boat that's performing a micro jump. When you're done, meet him at the following coordinates. "Hey Rocket, can you send those coo-"


"Thanks Rocket."

"Stop calling me that."
No. 865501 ID: ca1cab
File 151802493625.gif - (81.82KB , 1280x1024 , 97.gif )

"And he's off. And they're off. Oh and Rocket, we got a prisoner. I asked and they don't want her back. Do I put her in the brig?"

"We don't have a brig."

"Why not?"

"Because the section that used to be the brig you turned into the food locker."

"Well I had to put all those ration packs somewhere."

"Half of them are expired!"

"They're still good!"

No. 865535 ID: b15da4

At least she won't starve in there.
No. 865549 ID: 62241f

Oh so she's a Hwaesi. What's a Hwaesi?
No. 866294 ID: ca1cab
File 151823934796.png - (122.61KB , 1280x1024 , 98.png )

I dunno. But now we got one in the brig. Hope she doesn't eat all the ice cream.

Well now that all the crazy people are behind, on to talking to the people in my head. This is my room. Or quarters. Or cabin. What do you call that on a ship? Whatever. Here I plan what me and Rocket, and I guess the rest of the crew are gonna do which is...hey can you guys keep a secret? Rocket kinda has a guess what's going on, but I'm sworn to secrecy. Not that you can tell anyone. You're in my head! And Rocket hates social media.

I think it's safe to say: most of the stuff I got to help Rocket build our ship came with the help of some offworlder that says they wants my help with some work. He...or she, arranged a lot of ships ready for decommissioning to get dumped on Iagn's Leap. I dunno why they need me, but hey, they haven't lead me wrong yet. Here. Lemme introduce you. Oh and Eff Why Eye, let me do the talking.

No. 866304 ID: 69d4b9

Wait you get to do the talking AND be the pretty boy? That ain't fair.
No. 866318 ID: 9876c4

As voices in your head, I'm not sure we should be spearheading the introductions.

That rarely ends well.
No. 866365 ID: ca1cab
File 151828668235.png - (68.61KB , 1280x1024 , 99.png )

Well it's not like you can talk to him anyway.

"Hey Liaison! It's me, your buddy Ty, I got a ship and-"

I know. You had a run in with the Duke of Anglysdale. You handled yourself well enough, though I would have preferred to keep the arrogant prince with me while I blew his ship apart and left him stranded on the planet. Enough of that. You are ready for that job I'm asking about yes?

It's eerie how much he knows!

"Uh yeah! So what's the job you want me to do?"

I need you to retrieve some items for me from a colony recently established.

"That's it? I can do that easy-"

No you can't as currently the colony is in the middle of a war between the United Hegemony, the Mak Pact, and the Primogen. If you even want a chance to land on the surface, you'll need an IFF Scrambler, and a Portable Stealth Field Generator.

"Oh. Well you didn't mention this last time but...okay."

As it so happens, know where you can acquire both. The Scrambler can be found among the Spinstorm Raiders-

"The Spinstorm pirates? Sorry, but I just got to space, I don't wanna get spaced."

I was going to say that the Megacorp Cynysis Solutions has an open invitation for privateers and mercenaries to join a fleet their massing to hit the Spinstorm base of operations. In the scrum you can make away with a scrambler.

"Can I get the Stealth generator while I'm at it?"

No because minimizing a Stealth Field Generator is cutting edge technology and only the Primogen have a working version that you can fit onto your ship.

"Well I can't just buy one off them. Primogen are assholes who hate everyone not Primogen or Precursor. How do I-"

A whistleblower in the Primogen Hierarchy has contacted me. The Acquisitions and Reclamations Department has been boasting about a lunar colony for years that it would become the greatest moon colony in the Hierarchy. But suddenly they stop talking about the colony. All communications from it are silenced, and Acquisitions and Reclamations is actively denying the outpost ever existed. The whistleblower is promising a Generator in exchange for uncovering what happened to the outpost.

"All this for some stuff on a colony? Must be real valuable."

Like you wouldn't believe. The price I'm offering for their acquisition should prove how serious I am.

"Right so. We got an idea of what you want and what we need. What should we hit first?"

That I'm leaving to you. You have a better idea on the capabilities of your crew and ship, I'll let you decide what is the better option. Liaison out.

Well you heard him, got a crapton of stuff to do, and booty abound. The money booty, not the sex booty. Sex booty's optional. Um. Shit I dunno which we should do first. I mean the Spinstorm Raiders are the worst pirates this side of the sector, and the Primogen have all the cutting edge tech no one else has. either way, we're inadequate. That's the correct word right? I heard Rocket say that a lot.
No. 866400 ID: 094652

Pirates first. Steal some battle-hardened tech from the pirates before you go gallivanting on eldritch planets that ate all their colonists.
No. 866408 ID: 9876c4

>Sex booty's optional.

I sort of disagree. The IFF Doesn't help us evade pirates, while the stealth generator will help anywhere. And our crew will probably want to do the quasi legal job before flying the jolly roger.
No. 866505 ID: 33cbe7

Hit the raiders. Strength in numbers!
No. 866507 ID: 33cbe7

I think you have that backwards. Joining a counterstrike against pirates is much more legal than infiltrating a xenophobe empire's blacksite. Both components are useful obfuscators in ship-to-ship combat.
No. 866547 ID: 9876c4

You might be right, at that.
No. 866639 ID: ca1cab
File 151839137435.png - (538.27KB , 1280x1024 , 100.png )

Pirates it is. "Hey Rocket, we're going after pirates! The Spinstorm Pirates."

"Hang on, I think the comms cut out because it sounds like you said Spinstorm."


"We didn't build this thing to die in space Ty, what the f"

"I got an invite from Cynysis. You know those guys right? They're bringing in everyone with a ship to help them storm their base."

"Wait, Cynysis knows where their base is?"

"One of them at least. Hang on lemme get you in on this call."

Hello. If you've reached this line, then you have officially accepted the into the Cynysis Anti-Pirate Excursion. Your location has been logged and a Cynysis Magribird class Carrier is en route to carry your vessel to the rendezvous point. Please stand by, and relay any questions to the representative you-

"Skip it, Ty why the Spinstorm Pirates?"

"I got a big score line up but were gonna need the IFF scramblers the pirates use to get past some major ship blockage."

"I really wish you told me about this shit before. Alright, Tin Can, what's the expected arrival time?"

The estimated time to retrieve and escort your vessel to the rendezvous point is expected to be -2 DAYS-

"See, just sit back and relax for two days and then we can start planning on what to do next."

"One problem Ty, we have a prisoner sitting in out pantry, eating our food, and a questionable crew cooped up in a cramped ship with nothing to do. What about them?"

Shit, what about them? I'm gonna have to do something about that blue chick, and keep the rest of the crew busy with something so they don't go crazy but what?

No. 866712 ID: 33cbe7

Two days should be enough for a milk run. We'll meet back here in two days after doing a little pirate bounty hunting. Our guest is between jobs, so let's see if she can be impressed into service. Lifepods should be password-locked should she try to grab a second one.
No. 866741 ID: 9876c4

You've got a couple crates of weapons, which need to be loaded, sorted, charged, and accessorized. This seems like a Seela and Del job.

You've got a pallet of ration packs of uncertain provenance, some of which should be eaten post haste. Figuring out a menuplan is Another Job for Seela, along with either the prisoner or Biodroid.

Everyone else could use some teambuilding stuff. Keep everyone laughing along, and maybe they'll be more willing to risk their lives when the time comes. Plus you learn who's going to be the biggest PITA. Strip Poker, Volleyball, Karaoke, maybe some light combat drills.

All in all, you've got the makings of a Montage.
No. 866812 ID: 094652

Robin and the Seven Hoods musical number?
No. 867421 ID: ca1cab
File 151862607154.png - (254.80KB , 1280x1024 , 101.png )

Right, better talk with Rocket on making a schedule to keep everyone busy. But first, gonna have to deal with our new guest. Sooner I can deal with her, the sooner I can free up the brig again for

"Hey, turtle man, got anymore of the honey glaze jerky? I cleaned out that box there."

"I was saving those you bitch!"

"Oh calm your ass down they're not that pricey."

"Out here they are! That was genuine meat, not that synth-print crap!"

"Well shouldn't have left me in the food locker huh?"

"That's the brig!"

"Why leave food in your brig?"

"Oh don't you start too! Wait why'd I come down here?"

"I dunno. To get me more jerky?"
No. 867433 ID: b15da4

Had your fill? Because now you're gonna have to work off those pounds. Or else I'll beat your ass again for fun before throwing you out the airlock.
No. 867525 ID: 9876c4

Let's wet our beak in the deadly art of diplomacy:
I'm glad you're enjoying my food, but you oughta know you've just become registered cargo. Keep it up, you'll be sold off as 'company' to the next privateer with a blue skin fetsh and a crate of jerky we come across.

Doesn't need to come to that. We got an actual cook who can prepare those ration packs, and if you help her, you might get to sit at the big girl's table.

You like getting into fights, and not to particular about who's fighting back? We might could use someone like that. Shape up and stay alive, you could even make back what those Hedgies aren't paying you...
No. 867652 ID: 69d4b9

You need to know what she wants. It's probably "to be dropped off somewhere with something resembling civilization" but you never know for sure until you ask.

Keeping her is a waste of resources unless she's willing to work, and you've decided to not kill her outright already. Making petty threats won't help convince her to work for you, and it won't reduce how much it costs to keep her imprisoned either.

So either figure out where to drop her off, or figure out how to make her /want/ to work for you. I suggest talking to her and getting to know her motives. Why're you out here anyway, they said you were a new hire, what's your sign, stuff like that.
No. 867657 ID: b473ab

I fully agree with this statement, make it so
No. 867662 ID: 094652

This, but no catch phrases. Those don't work.
No. 867770 ID: ca1cab
File 151871461036.png - (201.23KB , 1280x1024 , 102.png )

"Okay okay had your fill? You oughta know you've just become registered cargo. Keep it up, you'll be sold off as 'company' to the next privateer with a blue skin fetsh and a crate of jerky we come across."

"Sounds like my last employer."

"You mean"

"No not Prince Asshat, some guy before him."

"Huh. Well it doesn't need to come to that. "

"This a job offer?"

"Yeah. Sure."

"Well I'm still technically employed by Prince Asshat."

"Actually they fired you while you were still knocked out."

"Well I'm listening then."

"What do you want? I don't want any dead weight on this ship."

"Meh. Hot food, decent pay, get to carry big guns, usual stuff. And no exploding ice cream trucks."


"Long story, it involves why I got an eye graft."

"Well we got an actual cook who can prepare those ration packs, we're still sorting through the guns we got as ransom from the Hedgies. I can tell you like also getting into fights, and don't care much on who's fighting back. We can use someone like that."

"Sounds tempting. I'm in."

"Wait, just like that?"

"Not the worst choice I've made."

"This have anything to do with the exploding ice cream truck?"

No. 867935 ID: 9876c4

Okay, that's not entirely unencouraging.

We didn't get in this game to harm ice-cream trucks.
We'll send Seela down in a bit to give you some pointers.
Don't eat anything I wouldn't eat until then.

...Seriously, our medical team is especially untested on Hwaesi.
No. 867983 ID: 9876c4

(it may be appropriate now to request a moniker, or attribution)
Otherwise, she's gonna stay 'bodyguard', and it's awkward.
No. 868902 ID: ca1cab
File 151914603378.png - (259.40KB , 1280x1024 , 103.png )

"Oh don't worry, we didn't get in this game to harm ice-cream trucks. Hey Seela1 Come down and give...uh"


"Toikani here some pointers."

"Pointers on what? I just joined up."

"In the mean time, don't eat anything I wouldn't eat. Cause our medical team is especially untested on Hwaesi."

"We have a medical team?"

Sorry about the delay, weekend vacation to the countryside, and I had no access to the internet or computer with more RAM than a coffee maker.
No. 868912 ID: 9876c4

I support taking any and all time needed to rest and recharge!

>I just joined up.
And yet, only one of you has tried to shank me. Work on stopping that, and keep her out of other trouble.
I think the idea was some sort of ration-triage. Find out what needs making urgently, what can stay stored, and what we need to acquire (jerky!)

>We have a medical team?
We have a modified pleasurebot with aspirations. It's probably never even seen one of you guys.
No. 870050 ID: ca1cab
File 151959211620.png - (1.08MB , 2700x2100 , 104.png )

"And yet, only one of you has tried to shank me. Work on stopping that, and keep her out of other trouble.
I think the idea was some sort of ration-triage. Find out what needs making urgently, what can stay stored, and what we need. Like Jerky. Okay enough dicking around time for a montage."

"A wha" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTDVRSlfmtU

"Delmar finish your calibrations?"

"My what? The guns don't need calibrating. I'm watching porn. Wanna join?"

"Hells yeah, scoot over."

"How do you not have coffee?"

"There's caffeinated substitute back here."

"It's not the same! How can anyone run a ship without coffee!"

"I got expired ration packs in here, you think I can afford real coffee?"

"You should."

"Why do you even need it?"

"I'm gonna pulverize you turtle-man!

"You tried already, we know how that went."

"That was a cheapshot! Best twelve out of thirteen!"

"Do you always get this serious when sparring?"

"What are you doing?"

"Fixing the blue girl's helmet. Since, you know. You hired her. Without telling me."


"Don't you have something else to do?"

"Not for another six hours."

"Wow I didn't know being nude on the job would feel so...free."

"Well that is one reason. It's not why I do it."

"I like guns."

"Me too"
No. 870051 ID: ca1cab
File 151959226929.png - (110.78KB , 1280x1024 , 105.png )

"Hey boss just got a star carrier just popping out of warp in front of us.

"Montage over!"

"I have no idea what you're talking about."
No. 870073 ID: 094652

Thought you were going to use Team America: World Police for that.

Set up a hailing frequency while you set up firing solutions for their weak, salvageable weapons modules!
No. 870269 ID: 33cbe7

ID that logo, is that a Cynisys-owned Magribird as promised?
No. 870291 ID: 9876c4

I wub this update.
(We should have bargained for Coffee, but I chalk that up to the MAKO fans not doing their job.)

Probably it'll hail us, and we can see if this is business as usual, or something new?
No. 870689 ID: ca1cab
File 151984120737.png - (127.61KB , 1280x1024 , 106.png )

"Set up hailing frequency and prepare firing solutions!"

"They already hailed us. Putting them through."


"Is this the vessel we were called to pick up? Am I speaking to the captain?"

"You are."

"Oh good. Our ship has been trying to get an ID for your ship, but we keep getting an error. We were afraid you may have been a pirate scout."


"It was quite small. We almost didn't see it if not for the gamma ray bounce when we dropped in."


"Nevermind. I am Ata'a amrita, representative of Captain Sethi of the CCC Deductible. To who and what vessel am I speaking to?"
No. 870694 ID: b15da4

We already have a name, don't we?
Anyway, the ship's name is the Guts and Glory.
No. 870719 ID: 094652

>CCC Deductible
I think stealth insulting other ships is just what they do to keep their namesake as a trademark pun.

"We're on a mercenary contract, but we've been ordered to stay here and wait for the mission briefing. If you want to trade intel or supplies, that would be appreciated."
No. 870740 ID: 08edb6

This is Commodore Tybalt of the Gunboat Diplomat and yes you're here for us.
No. 870782 ID: 9876c4

I named Ty, so it's totally you guys pick.
That said, I like both of those, and they strike the right tone.

Anyway, we're the contractor is question.Should we expect a long trip?
No. 871598 ID: ca1cab
File 152021135626.png - (152.44KB , 1280x1024 , 107.png )

All good ideas. But first.

"Hey Rocket, what's the ship's name?"

"Technically it has a bunch. Each component still retains their old ship designations, and clearing them has been a pain. The Vassalia, Undefeated, Westermarch, and my personal pain, the Primogen cargo vessel We Honor the Martyrs of The Battle of Achoban May Their Sacrifice Be Forever Remembered in the Annals of Saints. Honestly if we just took one of those, it'd make my job easier-"

"This is captain Tybalt of the Guts and Glory and yes you're here for us."

"Or ignore my suggestion that works too."

"Wonderful, please dock in cell 8 at the end of the ship, we are expecting other passengers before we transit out. Is there anything I can help you with today?"

"Yes, should we expect a long trip?"

"Oh not at all. With the size and sophistication of our warp coils, we should be there in a matter of days. We however request a representative, preferably the captain, to speak with our captain so as to coordinate your ship actions when we drop back in. Combat operations are expected to begin hours after transit out so it is best to organize our disposable assets now to minimalize loss and expenses."

"What was that about 'disposable'?"

No. 871717 ID: 094652

So you're being ferried into a suicide mission. Great. Bring armor.
No. 871745 ID: 9876c4

Your chances are good; this is only a cover.
Everyone else here wants dead pirates, bonus pay, and bragging rights.

You just need to survive long enough to get a scrambler.
Maybe we can get 'bullied' into doing something safe and lucrative.
No. 871951 ID: ca1cab
File 152035353345.png - (143.31KB , 1280x1024 , 108.png )

"Ah, you must be Captain Tybalt? I'm Captain Sethi, CO of this vessel. Can Ata'a amrita get you anything? Coffee? Tea?"

"Uh no, wanna explain what you mean by 'disposable'?"

"It's just a term used by the company for anyone not part of the company not expected to stay around. If you think it is about your chances of survival, I suppose that is also true, but that is more dependent on your actions, as you will see."
No. 871952 ID: ca1cab
File 152035424629.png - (197.94KB , 1250x967 , 109.png )

"We are expected to drop into the fleet, with three Liquidation class Dreadnoughts spearing the assault on the pirate base. The base itself is in an asteroid field, and only recently we managed to plot three safe routes through it. Each dreadnought will form the core of a group for each route, as we do not know which the pirates will anticipate.

Each group supporting the dreadnought will be four destroyers, six frigates, eight gunboats, and two privateer teams the star carriers are bringing in. My cargo is planned to rendezvous with Group Two, who will be assigned to what team has more or less been decided. Except you."

"Yeah. Me. Why?"

"Oh you signing up so late in the hiring process, the small size of your ship, and the unknown specifications of it."

"It's not that small..."

"You know your vessel better than I, so I am giving you an unique opprotunity to decide which team you will be assigned to. 'Team A' is expected to lead from the front of the battlegroup, helping the support vessels clear a path and repel boarders. This particular chapter of the pirates does enjoy boarding actions and are quite adept at it."

"And B?"

"Team B is being kept in reserve until the assault on the base itself, as we wish to capture it intact to reclaim whatever spoils they have stolen from us. As you may expect, we are planning on using Team B less to fight ship-to-ship, but more for inserting combat teams in key locations to disable base defenses. There are your options captain. What can I put you down for?"
No. 871959 ID: 2fe26a

Ask about the pirates' known tricks. Aren't we more likely to find an IFF scrambler on board one of the boarding crews' ships? That would mean joining team A, then.
No. 871981 ID: 094652

Your ship has some high-grade weapons systems and targeting parameters, but it can't handle itself in a duel. However, with enough support as a distraction, your ship is specialized for surgical-precision disable-and-board tactics, so B is the obvious choice.
No. 871998 ID: c0641d

Aren't there three fronts? What's the third? (If this turns out to be a dumb question, then I vote Team B.)
No. 872042 ID: 33cbe7

There are three attack groups and we're going to be with group 2, the question is in what capacity.
No. 872043 ID: 9876c4

I'd rather do B.

if the pirates have a surprise, A will most likely bear the brunt of it.
No. 872583 ID: dcdba0

Either serving as cannon fodder in space or. cannon fodder when boarding the space station. Either way we are expendable. Better to board the space station as that at least plays to our strengths: shooting and punching.
No. 872654 ID: 8f0400

...alternatively we could choose A and steal ourselves a warship.
No. 872826 ID: ca1cab
File 152072207038.gif - (537.32KB , 2700x2100 , 110.gif )

Yeah I kinda spaced out and chose 'B' since that means I get to shoot stuff instead of letting Del shoot all the stuff. I like shooting things. Hey, did you know Cynysis give complimentary coffee and snacks? MAKO is banned from the canteen now.

Captain Tybalt, we are approaching the destination and will be detaching your vessel shortly, if there is anything you want cleared up, now is the time to do it.
No. 872915 ID: 33cbe7

Is my IFF working properly? Are you detecting any hiccups in that system? I know we're a small target, but I just want to be sure.
No. 873113 ID: 9876c4

If we could get their IFF unscrambled, your sentry guns could do some catastrophic damage, right?

Where should we go to disable that?
Sneaky, sneaky.
No. 873116 ID: c0641d

This, absolutely. Love the subtlety. And doing this sort of deception isn't something Tybalt would be against since he still gets to shoot people.
No. 873745 ID: ca1cab
File 152112748714.png - (513.79KB , 1280x1024 , 111.png )

"Uh yeah. If we could get their IFF unscrambled, your sentry guns could do some catastrophic damage, right?"

"Not me specifically, my job is done, but the rest of the fleet? Very much so. I'll be sure to note that quick thinking in my report."

"Awesome. Where should we go to disable that?"

"Near the core. If I were a betting man, which I am, you're best chance of success is through one of the lower ports. Those have a direct line to the core, and from there, the rest of the base. Hope you get it. Odds of you succeeding are 255 to 1."

"Oh yeah? Who says?"

"Betting and Claims. Don't feel too bad, they pegged the odds of your dreadnough surviving at 1020 to 1."
No. 873754 ID: 9876c4

I am suddenly glad we are not conducting the initial assault.
No. 873773 ID: c0641d

“Betting pools? Sounds pretty unprofessional, but eh, I’d be guilty too if I had the option. Come to think of it, anyone on the boards seem promising? Any last tips or tricks before we get the party started would help, too.”
No. 873784 ID: 9876c4

Maybe we should make a bet on our success?

Can't be a dead debtor, after all.
No. 874178 ID: ca1cab
File 152132837710.png - (209.55KB , 1280x1024 , 112.png )

"Hey can I get in on this?"

"No you need to be a full time employee not contract help; but I suppose I could hedge a bet for you. Anything in particular?"

"Me succeeding, and surviving to collect."

"520 to 1 it is. And how much do you bet?"

"I got two crates of silver in my cargo hold. However much that gets me in Imperial creds."

"Done. Anything else?"

"Any advice for me?"

"First, you'd best stay close to your team. The base will undoubtedly have time to prepare for your arrival so you will want support to storm the base. Second, well since I am also betting on you...don't die."

"You bet all our silver?! Tybalt are you nuts?!"

"Hey, the bet was on us surviving, worst case scenario is we die and then we won't care anymore about collecting Rocket."

"That's not reassuring!"

"Well I signed us up for the rearguard. Doesn't that reassure you?"

"How is that reassuring?!"

"Cause the frontline ships are expected to not survive."

"Again, not helping!"
No. 874180 ID: ca1cab
File 152132865203.png - (322.45KB , 1280x1024 , 113.png )

Break formation! Ambush! Ambush!

The Profit Margin is hit! The Profit Margin is hit! Power banks 2 and 3 are dead! Bank 1 is overloading, jettisoning excess!

We lost Kushel.

Return fire! Return fire!

"You know suddenly having a tiny ship doesn't seem so bad."
No. 874225 ID: 9876c4

I just now noticed that one was a .gif. That's pretty cool.
No. 874555 ID: 2fe26a

Use your low profile to slip past their defenses and get first dibs on the pirate station.
No. 874688 ID: ca1cab
File 152164563631.png - (676.87KB , 1280x1024 , end.png )

"They still don't see us! Full speed! If I'm gonna die I wanna die punching something in the face!"

"You suck at making speeches."
No. 874800 ID: 9876c4

See you later, space turtleboy...
No. 874840 ID: c0641d

Try to run fast, but cold. Hopefully we’ll register small enough and be going by fast enough to bank on some good ol’ sentient error.
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