Thaumaturge Quest

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Thaumaturge Quest by JamesLeng

Adapting a classic dungeon to Exalted second edition.

Player Characters

Jesse Merwin

Played by Santova

Jesse Merwin is a tall, gaunt woman, beset by omens and a terrible fear of horses. Red eyes, white hair, and pale skin burn easily; she often wears a brown wig and covers her face with a bird-beak mask to try and disguise these features, although it does little to help her fit in. She finds purpose as a traveling teacher who hopes that by spreading her knowledge of the dead and their arts, eventually no one will need fear such creatures and the threats they represent. Unfortunately, her flightiness often leads her to abandon lessons and seek shelter in dangerous places, so that whatever danger threatens her may yet be deterred from encroaching. She has uncanny balance, and finds the best way to stay out of danger is to ascend to the highest point available and keep out of harms reach.

Astrologer x1 (Haruspicy)
Necromancer x2
Exorcist x2
Favored Skill: Magic

Resources x1 (Donations for teaching)
Contacts x1 (Taught students)
Reputation x1 (Taught students)
Contacts x1 (Spirits of the dead)
Destiny x2 (Become a lightning spirit)
Taboo x2 (Cannot allow mortals to look upon my face, must not lie about omens, even by omission.)
Allies x3 (Detailed below)

(Associated NPCs)

NPC name Type Description
Frills Ally Reptilian martial artist. Like to relax, play games, and sing; mean in a fight when her possessions or friends are threatened
Scarecrow Ally Kleptomaniac weaver. Finds lost things, makes sculptures or traps, and knows complex occult sigils.
Red Mother Ally Wards clothes to keep them warm in the cold, quilts to ward off sickness, or jars to keep food fresh. Has never lost an argument, and treats most anyone with respect and etiquette.
Red Mother's Jackalope Ally's Pet? A Jackalope which Red Mother rides

(Equipment, between PC and all NPCs)
Mask and wig
Sheaf of ancient research notes studying secrets of the four part word
Blue and white chalk
Ink and blank papyrus to write upon
Herbal juices needed for death sight
1 pound warding-grade salt
1 pound crushed pyrite
1 pound grain
2 spools twine
prayer strips prepared for a single casting of Dishonest Ghost's Rebuke
Mixture of dust and sap to perform the ritual Things Best Lost
Necklace made of blue turquoise

Large hat made of a single leaf adorned with a pink flower
Large metal divining rod which can be struck to produce notes, or used as a weapon
Bottle of fermented apple juice
Hooded oil lantern
Small rubber ball

Random junk that Scarecrow has pocketed
Sack of Apples
Carving Knife
Handful of Candles
Glass stone for magnifying details or peering around corners

Pair of half spectacles
Metal fire poker
3 quilts warded against sickness
3 cloaks warded against cold
Oil skin, lantern
Supplies to darn clothes and make quilts
Fire pot, spit
Tools for jackalope care

Jene Hostwiler

While a woman of damn fine education and silver tongue, Jene was never good at calculating risks, as is perhaps best evidenced by the fact that Jene Hostwiler isn't even her real name, having faked her death after accruing a very sizable gambling debt at some fairly shady tables in Nexus. She's not terribly prone to violence, preferring more to run away when things look like they're starting to get dicey (both skill she's quite good at, recognizing danger and running.) and tries to travel as light as possible as a result.

Alchemy x3
Artifice x2
Favored Skill: Medicine

Artifact x2 (Winterbreath Jar)
Resources x2
Retainers x2

500 lbs of Hardtack in a box sealed by watertight oiled cow skins
3 Monks Spades
4 Bows
100 Arrows
3 hens
a large tent with 6 sleeping bags
fishing poles for everyone
a wagon
four cows

Captain Kisk

Kisk is the leader of a fishman pirate crew that has caught wind of inland treasure.

Elemental Summoner...
Water x1
Wood x1
Earth x1
Air x1
Favored skill: Logistics

Command x3
Retainers x3
Influence x3
Resources x3

(Associated NPCs)

NPC name Type Description
Truz Retainer Grizzled manta ray. Huge! Leads the spearmen.
Isoask Retainer Crusty anglerfish. Sneaky scout/tracker. Uses a nasty harpoon.
Wesley Retainer Orphaned human, taken in and raised by Kisk's predecessor. Holds his own despite being a piss-poor swimmer (relative to the rest of the crew) Only one who knows how to ride a horse. Usually a scout.
Raxl Retainer Rascally Eel brother! It's hard to tell Raxl and Rixl apart.
Rixl Retainer Double the rascally eel! They both lead the dart throwers.
Zox Retainer Old Walrus. Seen a hundred battles. Some military connections? Has an underhanded reputation.
William Retainer Hardy Orca. Another spearman captain. Never turns down a wrastling challenge.
Barnabas Retainer Salty Seal navigator. Wears a cute tricorn hat.
Ikori Retainer Beautiful koi. Quartermaster. The pretty one! Usually the diplomat as well, when Kisk himself isn't handling it.

(Equipment, for the whole crew)

Carried while skirmishing
- Spear or pouch of 20 darts (200 spearmen, 100 dartmens)
- Short sword
- Leather armor
- Flask
- Boots, cape, weather appropriate clothes

Stuff each pirate keeps on hand when not skirmishing
- Backpack
- Oil lamp
- Two-man tent (load is split when traveling)
- Change of clothes
- A few day's food
- Soap
- Flint + Steel
- Blanket
- First aid supplies
- Harpoon
- Rope
- Knife

Stuff that's split up between everyone while traveling
- 150 oil lamps, enough fuel to last a few weeks
- A few hundred torches
- 100 shovels, axes, mattocks
- 50 fishing nets
- 50 grappling hooks
- General maintenance stuff (Needle + thread, oil for armor and ropes, whetstones)
- Enough food and ale to last maybe a few weeks on its own.
- Lots of extra armor scraps
- Say 50 extra spears, and a few hundred extra darts
- Extra standard carry equipment, in case the boys lose their blanket
- 15 officer tents
- Couple hundred sheets of paper, several brushes and ink sticks
- Maybe a dozen sets of chains and manacles
- A banner

Mika Shreya

Played by mageykun

Art of Elemental (Wood) x3
Art of Geomancy x1
Favored Skill: Arts and Crafts, especially woodworking and textiles.

Artifact 1 (Bulb of Demise and Renewal)
Artifact 1 (Warding talisman vs. disease)
Contacts 2 (Lesser Elemental Dragon of Wood, King of the Wood)
Familiar 3 (Cat that can store small items Elsewhere and whose tongue can sterilize and bandage a bleeding wound as well as any doctor)
Influence 2 (Local wood spirits)
Resources 2
Taboo 2 (Care for the living forest)

Bow and Arrows
Sewing and Woodworking tools
Ritual implements
Drugs for several common poisons and sicknesses encountered in the jungle
Several days worth of food and water

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