Magic Lizard Quest

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Magic Lizard Quest by lizardfag

Magic Lizard Quest is a short trial Quest by the author LightsaberGuy, under the alias lizardfag. The narration of MLQ alternates between crude MS Paint sketches and stock images. Also, the Quest uses the old varied points system, such as Cool As Fuck Points, which is actually superficial and doesn't mean anything at all.

The Quest begins as tgchan is introduced to Jim, the magic wand-wielding lizard. Jim lives in a rainforest, full of other sentient animals, and works in an office under his boss, Peter the Puma. On this particular day, Jim decides to have a little fun with favorite wand.

As it had failed to finish its first thread before falling into obscurity, MLQ is currently under Dead Quest status. However, there are solid plans to bring it back soon.


Jim appears to tgchan bored and tries to decide what to do with his day off from work. To start, he buys and begins to smoke a pack of cheap jungle grass cigarettes. After getting bored again, he decides to begin stoning his plucky coworker Tim to death and roast his body over a spit, not before collecting his wings and magically attaching them to his back.

Later, Jim the lizard figures he can earn a little office respect by sharing his "homecooking" with his other coworkers, Bob the snake, Carol the harpy eagle, and Peter the puma. His boss is so delighted by Jim's generosity, he surprises Jim with a $500 bonus. Jim yet again becomes bored with the situation and goes with the idea of tossing all the scrap bones at his boss and coworkers. They get confused and a little pissed off, but that's not good enough for Jim. He flips the table, knocking out his coworkers and causing his boss to fire him.

But before he can, Jim casts his Smug Grin spell and catches Peter's attention. To be continued...

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