Gargoyle Quest

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Gargoyle Quest by Stone Mason

A mysterious individual crafts magical Gargoyles using dark magics to protect humanity from monsters. You are one such Gargoyle, crafted and sent to a small fringe town. You animate at night to hunt down monsters, and yet must avoid detection by the people you protect lest you be smashed during the day by superstitious humans or monsters which assume human form and live among their prey. The magics which animate you also allow you to consume the souls of the foes you defeat in order to gain their powers, but feeding carries a risk as you may also gain their vulnerabilities, mindsets, and even their need to prey on humans.

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the Angel of Hearthson

Angel's Abilities
Angel's Magic

The main PC, Gargoyles are named by their people and so far you have been dubbed Angel by Molly when she glimpsed you. Carved out of white marble, human in appearance, with angelic wings.


A young girl whose mother recently died. She has been having nightmares since. The Banshee was encountered near where molly was visiting, the implications of that can only be guessed at.

Pastor Clegane

A blood mage, his magic feels similar to the dark magics that animates us. His arms bears many scars from repeated cuts and he has been observed to ritualistically bleed himself into a ruby chalice on an alter to God saying "So let this be, their blood of Christ. They shall be none wiser, and stronger for it." According to an overheard guard conversation he also heals the townspeople with his magic, telling them it is holy magic. Most likely the owner of the book about blood magic which you found in the abandoned old church in which you reside. When we found the mayor and his wife scarified a young boy to extend their life with necromancy we exposed ourselves to him and went after them together, he then became our caretaker. He has stated that God does not actually exist, and that the souls of dead humans can either return to the earth to reincarnate, be consumed by demons, or be transformed into fae.


Goes by Genn. A mermaid that lives in the nearby lake's bottom with her mother, father, sister, and brother. Found out to be a siren by the word of a Scylla that Angel ate. She and her family are now deceased.

The Stranger

A weapons trader from which you sense no life. He delivered a single weapon of your choice prepaid by your creator and will stop by every 2 weeks to trade the corpses of monsters for weapons.


A witch which cavorts with the fae and studies their magic. She has a mutually beneficial relationship with Pastor Clegane. "He offers me sanctuary for the dangerous nights, and in return I make potions for him. He frequently states concerns of keeping his health p for whatever reason. I've helped the man gain immense vitality." She appears homeless, sleeps in the old church, and is terrified of Angel, despite his assurances that he is not going to eat her.

the Shadow of Evidas

A demonic looking gargoyle made out of obsidian who wields a heavy staff, and the power of fire and to a lesser extent the wind, he has regeneration. Initially encountered in night 4, he was slightly hostile, became more hostile as the night progressed and accused Angel of treason. Angel won the fight but before finishing him off was attacked by a Wendigo lord. After the Wendigo lord was killed he imparted some wisdom and departed with a warning to not endanger humans again for he will not spare us a second time. He explained that "You may not have the hunger of that monster... yet.. but it is within you. Here is the truth. We are demons. Fleshless monsters infused upon the plane of mortals. The magic of the earth gives us our bodies, the Fae gives us our minds and... allows semblance of control. Yet our core is demon. We hunger for the souls of all things." "keep your hunger in check. You have taken many demons this night. Do well to not act like one yourself."

Lady Manse

Encountered first when we returned to the town on the fifth night. We could not sense her with either life sense or wind sense, she was inside the church with Alice and Pastor Clegane who introduced us to her.



The chosen initial specialization of our Gargoyle. As such we began play with a few such traits and additional traits of this tree are cheaper to buy.

Cloak of Shadow (Acquired)

Initial. Weaves shadow around the gargoyle to conceal its true form. Can be used in dark areas to make them darker and thus helping along stealth. If used in a lit area with luminance, the gargoyle will appear as a blob of darkness. Active ability (a spell).

Subtlety (Acquired)

Initial. Reduces the overall attention the gargoyle draws to itself by reducing its overall presence. Your wings are rather loud, yet when you fly above the guards, they don't notice. The Mermaid noticed because she's quite a bit more keen. Passive ability. Originally named subversion.

Dark Guard (Acquired)

Initial. Req: Cloak of Shadow, & Subversion. You are used to the shadows and even if your eyes cannot penetrate the darkness, your senses can. You can sense the life of living beings around you. Further in certain directions if you focus. Passive ability.

Mind Whisper

1XP. Allows you to put subtle whispers into the minds of mortals. Their consciousness is weak. When you whisper them, their mind gains a small link to you. Allows you to enter their dreams with more training. They feel your presence.


2XP. Req: Mind Whisper, & Subtlety. You further reduce the impact that mortals can sense your presence. So long as they are not magic sensitive, or specifically looking for you, they may lay their eyes over your shadows and see nothing.

Obfuscation II

4XP. Req: Obfuscation. You may creep around mortals, your power over the whisper taking hold and causing them to turn away should they try to look directly upon you.

Obfuscation III

4XP. Req: Obfuscation II. You may take on a more human-like appearance. However you'll likely just clear the uncanny valley. You may take features from humans you've seen before. Requires roll. DC is lower based on length of time observing imitated person.

Shadow Forge

2XP. Req: Dark Guard. With your ability of weaving shadows, you have learned to weave weapons from the same inky black. They bear no true bonus to any monsters, however they will cut and bite as well as any metal. Shadows have no weight.

Mind Peer

2XP. Req: Obfuscation. Allows you to glance upon the surface thoughts of mortals.

Blurred form

3XP. Req: Obfuscation

Shadow step

3XP. Req: Shadow Forge. By entering a shadow, you may warp to another area of the darkened area, traversing instantaneously. 5 charges per night.

Shadow hounds

3XP. Req: Shadow Forge. With the power of the shadow forge, you may give temporary life to shadows, creating inky black familiars to attack an enemy. Dissipate after being hit.


4XP. Req: Mind Peer. You may enter the dreams of a human that you've whispered before. You may not take any action within the dream, influence it, or speak to the dreamer. At this point, you are only an observer.


2XP. Req: Dreamwalker. Allows you to change the dream, and interact with the dreamer. Your closeness to the dream allows it to affect you.


2XP. Req: Dreamwalker. You know have the ability to speak to people within their dreams, planting thoughts and ideas within their mind.


2XP. Req: Dreamwalker. You can dreamwalk remotely, only requiring your link with a person to enter their sleeping state.


5XP. Req: Shadow hounds, & Shadow step. Through the time you've spent in the shadows and giving them form, you've learned to convert your own form into a shadow temporarily, slipping under cracks and doors to infiltrate and letting attacks pass through. This form renders you susceptible to bright light.


6XP. Req: Influence, Speak, & Long-Range.


Brutality tree is more expensive due to choosing Dark Guard as a beginning specialty. It'll go down if you absorb a proper brutal soul.


2XP. Sends the Gargoyle into a frenzy, attacking and killing all things with in range. Pushes limits regardless of durability.

Control (Acquired)

2XP. Reduces the madness induced by berserking to allow differentiation of targets.


2XP. Increases the might of the gargoyle, allowing further feats of raw strength


3XP. Req: Berserk, & Force. The force of demons runs through you, and you embrace it. Your Berserk becomes stronger and more wild.

Knight of Slaughter

3XP. Req: Berserk, & Control. Killing is not just madness, it is your duty. The only bastion between your charges and those that threaten them is you. This opens the gateway to discipline amongst the madness. You begin to learn more of the weapons you wield.


2XP. Req: Demon-Blooded. You revel in the pain of others, drawing yourself closer to your demonic heritage.


2XP. Req: Sadism. You can sense the presence of demons and their magic.


2XP. Req: Knight of Slaughter. You are extremely hard to move. When you have both feet upon the ground, pushing you back is extremely difficult. However if the force breaks you, that is another story.


2XP. Req: Stalwart. Increases the control you have over your own body, further increasing control of berserk, and keeping violent tendencies in check.

Tainted Power

4XP. Req: Demon-Blooded. The tap upon the unholy power of your form, releasing increased might whether berserk or not. Your nature begins to leak ever so slightly.


4XP. Req: Knight of Slaughter. You have a natural talent in finding the weakspots of enemies as you put them to your blade. Further, in the face of many, each kill increases your frenzy, berserking or not.

Clad In Evil

4XP. Req: Slayer, & Tainted Power. An improvement to berserk that draws in the malice and ferocity of your enemies to empower you. Drives you into a made frenzy that not even Control can constrain. Armored by evil, you are driven mad unless you have the discipline to differentiate from friend and foe.


4XP. Req: Tainted Power, & Sadism. Taking on aspects of the demonic madness engraved into your form, you change your body temporarily into that of a demon, made living.


4XP. Req: Slayer, & Stalwart. For each and every charge your enemy slays, the violence you will grant them grows. You feed off of the dying wishes and fears of others. And grant them.

Unholy Juggernaut

8XP. Req: Clad in Evil, Avenger, & Metamorphosis. Mixing the power of the avenger with the power of evil and taint incarnate, your form will remain held by magic even should it break, fracture or fragment. You are unyielding in your pursuit and only vulnerable to silver and more powerful magic than that which grants you life.


Solid Marble (Acquired)

1XP. Your form is far more solid due to your understanding of it and the magics that hold you together. Your bludgeoning ability and defense is increased.


1XP. Makes you stand out more during the day and night. People that regard you during the day see you as a clean statue. It would also avoid stains such as the wolf's blood.


1XP. You are more in tune with the origin of your material; Primal magic is easier to channel (+8 to rolls for earth manip, +3 to rolls for all other primal manip); Earth is easier to shape.

Dense Marble

2XP. Req: Solid Marble. The Marble composing you has further acclimated to your magic. Empowering it to be further unyielding and resistant to marks. You can compress parts of your form during the night. (Inc. Wings)

Revered Stone

2XP. Req: Polished. An upgrade from Polished, it further increases your radiance and villagers take further note of your beauty, finding you pleasing to look upon during the day. You are more visible at night.


2XP. Req: Earthen. You are made of a natural, earthen material. More familiar with your material, primal magic becomes even easier for you (+7 to rolls). Primal and Fae creatures find you harder to detect.

Holy White

3XP. Req: Revered Stone. The white of your marble is a stunning perfection of [s]my[/s] craftsmanship. People swear that they see God in the purity of your form.

Silver Veins (Acquired)

Silver runs through your body, tampering with the demon inside of you. As a result, you feel weakened and cannot fully express your strength, might, and ferocity as a demon. Berserk less potent, Demonic spells cost 2.5 times their exp cost to cast. Acquired when our silver & iron daggers were melted into us during night 6 part 2.

Q: Would silver veins weaken the demons in our mind?

A: And yes, the two pretty much leave you back in to same state. although with slightly lowered strength if you do berserk or get into the other two classes of magic.

Iron Veins (Acquired)

Your body has been enriched with Iron, hindering your ability in using the magic of the fae. The magic that gives you your sanity and reason suffers somewhat from this.Fae Spells cost 2.5 times their exp cost to cast. Acquired when our silver & iron daggers were melted into us during night 6 part 2.


Special Abilities do not belong in a tree, instead they can be taken at any order. They can obsolete/upgrade each other. When a creature is consumed a trait acquired via a roll is considered a special ability. Also the positive abilities it could have provided from the roll table become available for purchase in the special abilities pool. However, over time the cost to acquire them goes up (goes back down if more of said creature are consumed). An ability whose cost has increased above 10XP cannot be acquired until it is reduced to 10XP again via consuming more of said creatures.

Angelic Savior (Acquired)

Initial. Having chosen Wings in combination with Humanoid and Marble at character creation causes the trait "Angelic" in which humans see you as their angelic savior should they witness you.

Soul Siphon (Acquired)

6XP. Soul Siphon: Higher exp yield from monsters. Reduces risk of negative side effects from trait assimilation. 4-10 become positive chance. Available since start of quest. Bought with XP.

Regeneration (Upgraded)

5XP. Your form is not flesh, yet with the unnatural powers of the werewolf within you, it mends and fixes itself as such. Acquired via a roll of 10/10 when consumed a werewolf at Night 1.5. Upgraded to Frenzied Regeneration.

Wolven Agility

3XP (now 4XP). Short of strength, werewolves have great agility, you will take this on and be all the better for it. Unlocked via werewolf soul.

Beastly Strength

3XP. The strength of the hunter dwells within you now, increasing your strength. Unlocked via werewolf soul.

Beast Form

4XP. You have further mastery of your form, allowing the shapeshift into a half-beast. Unlocked via werewolf soul.

Banshee Scream

4XP. Unlocked via Banshee soul.

Spirit Children

4XP. "An ability of the banshee's origin. Allows the conjuration of temporary body's of ether resembling children. They are capable of attacking with razor sharp teeth. You are aware that Iron makes them convulse in pain. Likely due to the Banshee's origin as a fae."

Might of the Wood

6XP. You have gained the might of the troll, though it's a fraction of what it would be due to your size, you have strength enough to tear a sapling from the ground. Unlocked via Troll of the Wood.

Frenzied Regeneration (Acquired)

7XP. You have the regenerating prowess of the troll, fully replacing lost or broken stone. (passive). Unlocked via Troll of the Wood.

Primal Heart (Acquired)

4XP. Opens up primal magic (already unlocked via fully digesting the troll's soul). Increases potency with primal spells (+20 to rolls). Grants Earth Sense for free (note: Buying earth sense independently does NOT reduce the cost of buying Primal Heart). Unlocked via Troll of the Wood.

Voice of the Wind (Acquired)

6XP. You have the ability to detect life on an increased scale. Regardless of visibility or even magical protection. The winds themselves betray the secrets of your enemy. Acquired via a roll when eating a Wendigo soul.

Demonic Agility

5XP. You have the lithe grace of the wendigo on the prowl. You are stealthier and more agile despite your stone body. Unlocked via Wendigo.

Demon of Winter

7XP. You have the ability to wield the cold as though it is part of your form. Enhancing all of your attacks and your steel with the horrible bite of frost. Unlocked via Wendigo.

Dead Wind

6XP. You gain increased control over the force of the wind and improve upon voice of the Wind, allowing you to conceal your presence from those that detect via wind and even life. Unlocked via wendigo lord.

Demonic Power

8XP. Tapping into your side demonic side, you gain Berserk, demon blooded and force. You also have strength enough to tear a sapling from the earth. Unlocked via wendigo lord.

Lord of Tundra

9XP. You have the ability to etch cold into every fiber of your being along with the weather, land and your weapons. Willing the cold is second nature to you and you are capable of freezing living things down to the bone with direct contact. Unlocked via wendigo lord.


Magic is split into Three Trees, those of the Fae, Primal, and Demonic. As of now, the Primal Tree is the only tree we have unlocked (via consuming the ancient troll) and thus the only one with described abilities.


Primal Magic: This magic manipulates and changes the world around you. Commanding the elements of creation at your very stony fingers, you fling fire, command wind, summon rainfall, and even call upon lightning. The magic of the Primal forces, are indeed the magic of the world.

Dominance (Acquired)

1XP. You can cast your will upon the weather and world around you, becoming not only a force of nature, but an orchestrator. It's not exactly strong, however it is noteworthy. (Passive)

Gust (Acquired)

1XP. Allows you control over winds, both weak and strong. This will increase the speed of your flight.


1XP. Uses minor control over water and air to cause an obscuring mist to occur. With adequate water, it will become quite thick and heavy.

Earth Sense (Acquired)

1XP. Allows you to sense materials within the earth as well as locating creatures that dwell upon it within a 100 meter radius. The further the terrestrial life is from you, and depending on the materials, your perception of it may become rather blurry. (Passive)

Burning Hands

2XP or 4XP. You summon the power of flame upon your hands, claws, or weapon(If weapon, will alter them as such) The flames are potent against creatures that find such heat intolerable or even lethal. This spell may also be trained to affect your entire body by expending 2 additional exp.

Shape Earth

2XP. With knowledge of the earth and her minerals, you have the ability to shape earth as you see fit in amounts based on your overall experience with the primal forces. With enough proficiency... such as Primal Heart and Natural, you could make remote Earth-Spikes.


3XP. You have learned to mold the force of flame into an exploding sphere, instantly combusting upon impact when thrown. The force and might of the fireball may be chosen by the gargoyle.

Lightning (Acquired)

3XP. By calling upon the forces of the earth, you may summon lightning to a specified target via a cloud in the sky. If a copper weapon is used, the lightning may be directed and even contained within the weapon, delivering a volatile discharge upon contact.


3XP. With master of wind and water, you are capable of gathering clouds in the sky and causing a downpour. The rain may be ended with effort on the gargoyle's part, however the forces of nature are fickle and may not obey under certain conditions.

Fertile Land

3XP. You have the ability to alter conditions in the land to cause amazing fertility. The fertile land increases the potency of Primal spells, increases yield of farms, farm animals, and pregnancy chance. May draw creatures of Primal origin.


1XP. with your knowledge of rain and the shape of the land, you have gained the ability to shape especially fertile swampland in which the more animalistic primal creatures appreciate. The swamp-land is especially fertile and saturated.


4XP. Calls upon the forces of the weather to conjure violent stormclouds in the sky. Enables lightning strikes, chain lightning, and initiates a heavy rainfall. Like other primal magics it is dependent on pre-existing conditions when it comes to its difficulty.

Dominance II (Acquired)

5XP. An upgraded version of dominance, increases success of primal rolls by +15 and negates the control of a primal creature with less than this rank of Dominance.


Not unlocked yet


Curse of Pain

Inflicts selected target creature and those within a meter radius a curse of increasingly agonizing pain. The more mana used in the spell, the more intense the pain is. The curse is more easily fascilitated with an item of personal possession and if infusion is cast with it, can generate a voodoo doll. 3exp

Voice of Sin

Your voice whispers into the hearts of mortals luring out their inner desires and drawing demons to possess their body. This ability can be used to lure a demon into a host, or it can be used as a means of suggestion to encourage or discourage certain behaviors.3exp

Evil Bolt

Harnessing the power of malice and killing intent, your draw forth an arcane bolt of pure energy that can either be used to impale or infect targets with such wrath. 3exp


An improvement from Curse of Pain, Torment harasses not only the body, but the mind. Drawing out primal fears and breaking the heart and minds of the average mortal, or weaker Fae. 5Exp


You taint a given area, twisting plant-life into thorny, hard and poisonous counterparts. Mortals that walk upon the land without your protection will easily become sick or be influenced by demons. Water will turn into poison or even blood to reflect the tainted nature of the environment. Desecrated land is a sanctuary for demons, and demonic spells cast are cast at half cost for full effect.

Withering Aura

Your body facilitates desiccation, drawing out moisture from living things and causing decay. Your aura weakens those you come into contact with. Maintaining cost is 3 mana per round. 4Exp.

Call of the Damned

An improvement upon voice of Sin that allows you to call upon host-less demons. Calling upon them will likely cause them to possess the closest and most suitable host bodies. If no hosts are to be found, they may be spoken with. Attempts to devour them will force engagement with all of them at once. **Should not be used without Demon-kin** 3Exp

Pale Light

You wield a ghastly illumination that drains the life out of plant and animal alike. Demons are not susceptible to the light, and Fae are weakened at high intensities. Primal beings often have far too much life force to be affected by this magic. 3exp


A synergy between Primal and Fae magics. Not unlocked yet.


Upgrade Tree at Night 2 end
Upgrades Night 4 part 4 start
Magic Night 4 part 4 start
Upgrades Night 5 start
Magic Night 5 start