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File 160124534337.jpg - (257.04KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom.jpg )
977359 No. 977359 ID: 12b116

You are part of the Secret Extermination Command

You control a squad of Constructed Organisms, each with useful biological powers.

Your job is to monitor and command your squad to exterminate paranatural threats to Gray Lake, an amazing and prosperous city. It is extremely important that the people of Gray Lake aren't aware of the somewhat unfortunately common paranatural threats, and so officially, you don't exist.

Do well, and you will be assigned more C.Orgs, or even be able to commission specific gene combinations, and reap the probably-existent benefits of being part of a secret government organization.

Do poorly, and your squad will be recycled and you'll have to get a real job or something.

This is your first assignment. Your commander has informed you that a local business is a front for evil cultists. As far as HQ is concerned, everyone in the building is a threat.

Your cameras go live as your squad enters the building.
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No. 992656 ID: 07f3b9

As always, ask her first, but if she doesn't have a preference "Other Bar" sounds like a safe choice. "Pool" is good too.
No. 992657 ID: 1d109c

take her to your dojo(sometimes called the "sports complex" by others)

spar with her and show her your sick Kendo skills, (as a test to see whether she is worthy of the energy katana)

alternately take her to the Arcade, arcades are fun

complement her Kawaii pleated blue skirt (also let her know that Kawaii means cute if she doesn't understand)
No. 992658 ID: 07f3b9

Oh, also "hey don't sweat the hospital stuff, you were drugged out of your mind I bet and still managed to be more coherent than I am most of the time. I didn't mind at all."
No. 992662 ID: 1d109c

seconding asking what she thought of the songs
No. 992663 ID: b1b4f3

Tell her you had fun helping her eat the meatball sub, it's fine. Ask her to show off the cool cybernetic arm!
Oh, does she want you to switch bodies? No idea on her gender preference.

Ask for her opinion on where to go. Pool sounds like a good option, so does Other Bar. She can be a pool shark in either place!

Talk about: does she like any sports? Other hobbies? Favorite movies? DOES SHE LIKE ANIME?!
No. 992665 ID: 0fae41

Arts & crafts. Let's personalize her robo arm! And our brain jar! Or if not that, the pool.
So, she likes calling us sempai? I guess it's too late to take that back. Last time we tried to ask about doll furniture, but she was asleep and covered in meat. So ask again.
No. 992710 ID: 31a5d6

Great line tbh
No. 992748 ID: 3eeb6c

The Other Bar.

Ask her about her health and her arm. And what's her opinion on dolphins.
No. 992758 ID: 132458

I have to know, does the scent of blood send her into a frenzy?
No. 992765 ID: fd4d13

Dont open asking about her arm. We can talk about it if she brings it up, but losing it was really traumatic and shes obvioisly embarassed about being in the hospital.
No. 992766 ID: fd4d13


Also i agree with asking her about the doll furniture, she brought it up in the hospital before the meatball sub incident derailed things
No. 992767 ID: 19da02
File 161651953086.jpg - (1.09MB , 2000x1500 , Sexcom81.jpg )

You decide to take her to The Other Bar.

>Rockit appreciates that you're taking her somewhere low-key. She's still injured, after all.

"If I was feeling better, I'd like to go to the pool," she says, "But the Other Bar seems nice. I never been there before."

"Hey, you can be a pool shark in either place," you say. She giggles.

You ask her about the music player and if she likes anything in particular.

She looks away, getting a little choked up.

"I keep listening to the songs everybody put on there a lot. I really feel like they care about me and it helped me a lot while I've been recovering," she mumbles, blinking and dabbing at her eyes.

She peps up before continuing. "I like the song you put on the most. It reminds me of 'Doki Doki Tamago,' which is the intro to Star Bug, obvious." You, personally, haven't seen Star Bug, which seemed a bit juvenile for your more mature taste in Anime.

"I also liked Eilie's and Yiann's songs a lot, and uh, basically don't really like Fucc's, or, uh Ixander's either really, but everybody else's I listen to a lot."

You tell her not to sweat the hospital stuff. "You, drugged out of your mind, still managed to be more coherant I am most of the time. I didn't mind."

Rockit looks embarassed again. "Well, you know, it's not a good impression," she says, but she's smiling.

You also tell her that you didn't mind helping her with the meatball sub, and ask if she's healing well/how the cybernetic arm is working.

"Oh, I just can't thank you enough for this," she says, beaming and wiggling her robotic fingers. "I'm not totally used to the arm yet, so I'm still a little clumsy with it. And I'm doing better. Nurse Joannifer said as long as I rest, I should be better really soon. Not that I mind doing other stuff instead if that's more useful. Honestly, I heard about the last mission and I'm really glad I was too hurt to go." She looks away.

You are going to ask her some more stuff, but now you're there!

You go inside and a band is just tuning their instruments on the stage.

Do you want to:

A) Order food

B) Get drinks at the bar

C) Just Chill

D) Play pool

Of course, you also need to keep the conversation going!
No. 992773 ID: 1d109c

agree that last mission was a disaster,
mention that you could definitely use a drink, Order some Sake then and ask if/what she would like to drink.
"but at least it gave us a chance to help us Unit-5, they're lending us a C.Org named Teevin he huge a powerful next mission could be a lot easier with his help"

Let Rockit know how important is to you to keep everyone safe

you are delighted that she likes the song you picked out and say as much, continue by saying you haven't seen Starbug and ask her about it! offer to watch it together with her some time (keep an open mind! if Rockit likes it, it MUST be good)

after your finishing your first drinks move on to pool

she seems to like talking about her arm, any cool upgrades she'd like to get? lasers? blades? it transforming into a gun?
No. 992774 ID: 094652

Apologize for the mission, you have a serious perception flaw that made going on a suicide mission appear rational and ethical. Not helping matters, though, is that the city refuses to allow joint teams, reinforce C.Org units with the military, or just bomb the monster already. As much as you doubt yourself you doubt your employers four times more.

Discuss setting up a voting system within the Unit. Perhaps the C.Orgs knew about the equipment obsolescence but were hesitant in questioning their leader. You can offer to apply a public vote on limited subjects or hide their identities while making suggestions. What matters is that you're the one sending them into dangerous missions, they have the right to complain if you're not improving so you can improve.

We should test that new arm out with a friendly game of pool.
No. 992775 ID: f5d31a

Last mission was a blind leap for ‘the greater good’, we’re lucky we didn’t get anyone killed. We would do well to listen harder when our soldiers voice concerns.
No. 992776 ID: 3eeb6c

Touch her cybernetic hand and ask her if she can feel that and if the feedback is working.

A) Order food. Something tells me that she likes eating well.

Talk about anime. Ask her what genres she likes and then talk about those. What she's seen, and tell her what you'd recommend from those genres. But try not to expose your own preferences... don't want her to accidentally dislike you based on those.
No. 992788 ID: 20ff94


Do not fucking tell rockit that you just thought it would be fine and/or was a blind leap. Thats fucming stupid. We actively sought additional support for a mission that clearly needed to be addressed with greater resources and were denied by command after assignment. Why would we ever take responsibility for that? It just makes us look like we dont care about the c.orgs.

Play some pool and talk about anime amd doll furniture, we're here to have a good time
No. 992790 ID: 1d109c

these are terrible ideas, do not take the blame on this, HQ has us underfunded and punishes us for valuing the lives of our C.Orgs HQ is to blame.

this is why we have to work with Unit-5 and the other units to make this work out
No. 992792 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah last mission you were trying to deal with an escalating threat, but it turns out our equipment is just not good enough right now, and you couldn't get HQ to agree on a group effort. Here's hoping another Unit can handle it...

Ask her what other anime she likes! Don't judge her tastes, be thankful she shares an interest with you. Tell her about the stuff you like.

Mention Teevin and how he's so big. Ask her if she'd like being huge like that, maybe with enough gene points that'll happen?

Is she allowed to drink alcohol while injured? Don't drink on an empty stomach regardless.
Start with A.
No. 992793 ID: 67181a


Exactly, i dont know why people are so insistent on lying about the mission to make the commander look worse. We took the mission to protect the corgs, took extra steps to protect the corgs which were refused by command, withdrew from the mission to protect the corgs; and have worked since the mission to build a coalition to have the corgs' backs since command won't. Framing this as "i guess im just pretty careless and bad at my job!" To somebody who lost their arm on our orders is a pretty bad idea! (I already posted this is not an additional vote, my id might be changing since im movin' around)
No. 992794 ID: 6093e4

It was a rough operation, command held back on the materials we needed to succeed. But it wasn't as much of a failure as it might appear. Because we recovered the bodies I've opened a dialogue with Unit 5, I think we might be able to help eachother out in the future.

but we didn't come here to talk about work! Tell me about life at base this last little while. How's Danovin?
No. 992795 ID: 3eeb6c

I'd prefer to not talk about the last mission at all. Imagine going on a date and then spending the whole time whining about your last day at work...
No. 992796 ID: b1b4f3

Eh ok maybe we should keep talk of last mission to a minimum, she wasn't even on it.
No. 992801 ID: 935941

Don't go on about the last mission!

Order some food and talk about doll furniture.
No. 992808 ID: 0fae41

Order food. Mistakes were made (like letting HQ lead us on into accepting that mission) but we got 'em back home. Anyway. Doll furniture. What do you like to imagine doing with them? Picturing yourself at those tiny tables, taking alternate career paths? What has she got and what are her eyes on next?
Tell her they make actual songs with horns too. Perhaps Fucc can find common ground with her there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUamHEvVQy0
No. 992975 ID: 12b116
File 161662536057.jpg - (447.03KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom82.jpg )

You decide to have some food, so you and Rockit go sit at the bar.

>Rockit appreciates this choice.

You nod when she talks about last mission and just say "It was rough, yeah, but we helped out Unit 5 and they're lending us this huge C.Org named Teevin to help next mission! Is that something you'd be interested in?"

"I dunno," Rockit says, looking uncomfortable.

You dece to change the subject.

You ask if there are any cool upgrades she wants for her arm.

She doesn't look any more comfortable.

"N-no, it's fine. I'm still not very good with it but it should be like my re-real arm eventually ... "

You ask her about Star Bug. She immediately brightens up.

"Oh, you haven't seen it?!" she says, grinning.

"Ok so there's this girl, Watanabi Katsumi, and she's an ordinary bug girl, right?" she is definitely way into this, "And Kasumi's best friend is Shimizu Yuriko, who like, hangs out with her all the time, which honestly comes off a little weird, but whatever, and anyway, this spaceship shows up and Hoshi is this alien that shows up and she's all injured and Kasumi has to help her and she ends up on the spaceship and Yuriko comes along because she doesn't want Katsumi to leave without her, and" she pauses for breath, "Anyway eventually they meet up with a space mercenary named Sasaki Ran who'se an orchid mantis by the way, and Hoshi ends up dying and it's super sad and they end up having to do Hoshi's original mission and anyway it's super good and I can really related to Katsumi who is just an ordinary girl who gets swept up in this massive space adventure, and ... "

She slows down again, seemingly embarassed by her own enthusiasm. "Well, I don't want to spoil everything. You should check it out and tell me what you think?"

You tell her you'll give it a shot and try not to judge, even though it seems like something you've seen some version or another of before. You mention some of the shows you've been watching recently, and you spend some time talking about anime.

You ask her about the doll furniture thing that she talked about before.

She looks embarassed.

"Oh uh, I don't remember talking about that at all. It's just kind of this weird hobby I have. I like to look at, like, little things like that. Actual dolls kinda creep me out, but the tiny chairs and stuff are ... " she shrugs. "I dunno. I just think they're neat?

You ask how she's getting along with Danovin.

"He's very brotherly, which I appreciate. He goes out of his way to help a lot, but doesn't really talk much. I just feel like he's looking out for me, which is nice. I hope I'm not a bother," she says, looking concerned. "Do you think he would tell me? I don't know."

Okay, enough of that. Time to order food!

"Just get whatever you think I'd like," Rockit says.

They have:
A) Hot Wings
B) Gravy Fries, and Gravy Fries with Cheese
C) Loaded Nachos with all the fixins, including beef brisket
D) Giant Burger with a fried egg on it
E) Blooming Onion
F) Fried Pickles
G) Stuffed Jalapenos
H) Fried Mozzerella Sticks
I) Corn Dogs
J) Pickled Eggs
K) Milk Steak
L) Beets
M) Beef Brisket Plate
N) Fried Fish Plate

You can also order drinks, which could be:
1. Draft Beer
2. Wine/Sake
3. Bottled Beer
4. Liquor
5. Mixed Drinks
6. Water
7. Soda

Of course, you still gotta keep the conversation going! As far as you know, Rockit is healed enough to have some alcohol if she wants.

If you want to keep talking about anime, do you bring up Action, Romance, Comedy, or [/b]Horror[/b] stuff?
No. 992976 ID: 67181a

Mozerella sticks, nachos with fixins, and hot wings are all good choices that you can play off as appetizers if rockit is still hungry (since the first date revealed that injured corgs seem to want to eat a lot). She probably also wants mixed drinks (if she wants alcohol) or soda, though i feel like we're self-railroaded into sake even though it sucks.

It seems like shes interested in melodramatic romantic/action stories, so maybe lean that way for anime. Maybe test the waters and see if her interest extends into more grounded stories

Also ask her if shes ever tried making dioramas with doll furniture, its a way to sort of build your own little world and she might enjoy it if she hasnt done so before.
No. 992977 ID: 321d48

Burg, (draft) beer and bcomedy.
No. 992979 ID: b1b4f3

>she doesn't like missions (was that question about being big like Teevin or about going with him on a mission?) or the implication of using her arm in combat
Well that sucks. I guess we can keep her in reserve when possible. It's best for us to use Corgs that are interested in battle, as they'll perform better in battle.

>she likes the tiny chairs and stuff
I can see the appeal. Like, the world shrunken down, fine details preserved... intricate things that are difficult to make. Like clockwork or fine carvings.

Uhhh I can't tell which of these are side dishes... some are, clearly, but are the nachos? Are the hot wings?
C, G, N.
Get her some nachos, and the fried fish plate for you. Share eachother's food for variety, unless she doesn't want any fish I guess. Stuffed jalapenos on the side. If it isn't enough food then just order another of something.

Well, something light obviously. You're not here to get smashed. Sake is pretty strong, so despite how tempting that is for a weeb we shouldn't get it.
1 for you, 5 for her. She's a cute girl, she'll like a girly drink, right?

Action, comedy. Avoid horror, she's obviously a bit timid.
No. 992980 ID: e2dc7c

Nachos, mixed drinks, romance anime
No. 992984 ID: bc11b8

fish n chips n a pint mate! simple as!

anime topic ?? bring up that hilarious dub you watched where they totally took the piss out of the original show's premise
No. 992985 ID: 0fae41

>would he tell you?
Probably not, it's just in his nature to try and protect people. You absolutely aren't a bother.
Looking at little furniture, I think I get that feeling too, you know? When we're rigged up to the cameras everything looks small, not far away.
Get the hot wings and try the sake, nothing like adding alcohol to a fire right?
Talk about action anime. Mecha anime in particular! Wow, cool robots!
No. 992987 ID: bc11b8

Oi! an dat goes fa bovva us! gets us bof a pint and platta'!
No. 992989 ID: 0d6409

Nachos and fish 100% I just want to see if she takes offense or just devours it.
Draft beers go well with bar food but maybe some warm Sake for the weeb energy it has. Plus who doesn’t like warm sake?
Comedy and romance anime’s seem like a good topic considering the mood, maybe start with Kill la Kill? That or the Ghost Stories dub, that’s a classic even if it’s “horror” technically.
No. 992990 ID: 1d109c

one plate of nachos one plat of hot wings, we know she likes messy tasty food!
most importantly make sure to get two plate C.Orgs have big appetites

get some ramune sodas, or mixed drinks if she wants something alcoholic, be let her bring that up, she might not want to embarrass herself by getting drunk

Talk about action anime, Starbug seems full of action and adventure so that's probably more her thing
No. 992992 ID: 6093e4

Sounds like a plan.
No. 992994 ID: 0fbdcd

We obviously need to get the fish plate. She's a shark! And either light beers, cider, or soda for drink. She was clearly embarrassed by what she said while hopped up on pain meds and I don't want another repeat.

We should probably keep talking about anime honestly, she's into it. Discussion of knockoff Ghost in the Shell might lead to a more fruitful discussion as to how she really feels about cyborgs, prosthetics, etc.
No. 993037 ID: fd4d13


She very clearly does not want to talk about her prosthetic arm right now, why try to steer the conversation in that direction?
No. 993039 ID: 3eeb6c

We know that she enjoys all sorts of meat since she liked the meatballs, so anything meaty should be fine. Given that she's a shark, I think the Fried Fish Plate should fit her palate and be crunchy enough for her. Have ketchup and mustard on the table just in case.

As for drinks, at least ask her if she prefers alcohol. If so, then go with Liquor, otherwise go with Soda.
Get the same for both.

Avoid talking about horror anime, but eh, these three genres aren't really... oh, I know.
Mahou Shoujo. I think it's a subgenre of anime that would resonate with her.

As for other stuff to talk about, ask her if she reads novels or comics/manga. And if she likes art.
No. 993091 ID: 0fbdcd

Because I think it's important to discuss it anyway, and alluding to it under the veil of anime bullshit seems safe enough.
No. 993096 ID: 094652

Clearly Rockit loved the meatball sub with the passion of a mayfly, so maybe purchase chewy high-protein - not the steaks though, forcing Rockit to floss all her teeth would be annoying.
Get a Giant Burger with Egg, a blooming onion, Beef Brisket, and some water. For yourself, order some gravy fries and cooked beets.

Ask her if she'd like a pet, one that's small enough to fit on all the doll furniture and sentient enough to learn how to use the basics.

Talk about the city's history. What were the major events she believes define the city, and what problems does the city have that just aren't getting fixed?
No. 993215 ID: 31a5d6

"Important to discuss it"?

Look, dude. We're not her dad. She's an adult who can make her own decisions. If she doesn't want to talk about it, let's respect that and support her will by going along with it. Otherwise, we're trying to, what, strong-arm her into doing something she doesn't want to do? No thanks. Do not talk about the arm.
No. 993462 ID: 12b116
File 161689909688.jpg - (529.45KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom83.jpg )

You order nachos, hot wings, and some fish n' chips. They don't mind making you regular fries.

>Rockit likes the food you ordered!

"I like stuff with lots of meat," she says completely innocently.

You get yourself a pint and tell Rockit she should get a mixed drink.

"I want something that tastes good," she says.

The bartender slides something blue and fizzy over to her. It's got a straw and a little umbrella.

The beer is pretty good. Not a bit of foam from the pour.

While you wait for the food, you bring up some action/romance anime. Starbug seems like a real actiony thing!

>Rockit appreciates that you were paying attention to what she likes.

"I haven't seen any of those!" She says.

You also bring up that one dub where they replaced all the dialogue with jokes you thought were pretty hilarious.

"I wonder if the original was good though," she says. "I'd hate to think they're ignoring what the story was supposed to be." She looks a bit worried.

You inform her that, no, the original was complete fucking garbage paint-by-numbers trash that's borderline unwatchable. The dub is a marked improvement.

"I guess I'll give it a try," she says, but she looks a bit worried.

Soon enough, the food arrives.

The fish has a perfect, golden, crispy crust, but's still moist and tender inside, on a bed of delicious fries (or 'chips' as they are sometimes known by a certain class of people.)

There's plates for both of you, and they slide a big plate of nachos and a big plate of hot wings onto the bar in front of you. Rockit spreads her fingers, slowly lowering her palm toward the chips.

Her hand sinks into the sour cream on top of the nachos and then she curls her fingers inward, like a claw machine, and brings the fistful of nacos up to her mouth.

"These are great!" Rockit says, quickly finishing that handful and going for a handful of hot wings.

They vanish, bones and all, into her tiny mouth.

You ask her if she likes Mahou Shoujo and if she reads manga.

"Um, I mostly just watch anime, but I like some magical girl stuff!"

You ask her if she wants to try some of the fish and she grabs one of the fillets and shoves it into her mouth.

"It's good!" she says.

You also talk about the doll furniture.

"You know," you say, "When I see you all through the cameras, you look tiny, not far away. I think I can understand you feeling."

"I never thought of it that way," Rockit says, clearly impressed.

You ask if she does dioramas. Make her own little worlds.

"Not really," she says. "I just like to take them out and look at them. And kind of imagine a tiny person making them with little bitty tools."

"So, it's more about the intricacy and craftsmanship?" you ask.

Rockit shrugs. "I dunno. M-maybe? I never really thought that hard about it."

You ask if she'd want a tiny pet that could fit on the furniture.

"That sounds really cute in my head," she says, "But I dunno if I could really take care of a pet."

You also ask what she thinks define the city and what problems it has.

"You know, some C.Orgs really keep up with that stuff, but I basically know absolutely nothing about anything outside of the compound. When I'm not on a mission, I like to do stuff that puts my mind somewhere else, if that makes sense."

"Hey," Rockit says, tapping your arm with one of her metal fingers, "Can you tell me a story about something cool that you did before you were working here?"

Rockit seems like she's interested in keeping the conversation going. What story do you tell her? Your memories from before you were working here are very vague, but you could always just make something up.
No. 993464 ID: 0fae41

Maybe a little robot buddy instead of a pet? Could try it and see if it's too uncanny.
Tell her about the time a boat almost stepped on you. Your boss had asked you to drive a little dinghy back to the dock she'd borrowed it from but had totally gotten the departure schedule of Alexis off by an hour. You ended up riding that wave all the way to the other dock and were commended for getting there so quick. Also, you almost died.
No. 993465 ID: 1d109c

Try and tell her what you remember from your past life, but end up filling in gaps with origins from your favorite Isekai manga
Maybe your original body was destroyed when you were hit by a truck?
either way your life is so much better now
No. 993466 ID: ca2950

Your brain was removed from your body when you were hit by a truck while crossing the street playing a VRMMO
No. 993467 ID: 4605a0

Well, I don't want to lie. Admit that our memory is fuzzy...

We used to do fancy carpentry for people who wanted antique feelings to their homes and furniture, we were a real artisan as far as we can remember, but when that sort of stuff fell out style we underwent a major career shift and ended up here. Tell her about the most epic project you ever embarked on in your carpentry career!
No. 993473 ID: b1b4f3

>incredibly messy eater
That's still endearing. And impressive how she can put it away so fast. I wonder if all C.Orgs have big appetites...

>cool stuff
You studied martial arts, of course. You did pretty okay at it. You got second place in an archery competition. When you were a teenager you jumped a motorbike over three whole cars.

What kinda cool stuff does she want to do?
No. 993519 ID: c1d72d

"When you were a teenager you jumped a motorbike over three whole cars."
Sounds like a good reason of why we are a brain in a tar xD.

I wouldn't like to lie too. Try to tell a good warm mundane memory like how we passed the chrismas eve, Thanksgiving day or our first kiss.

Also an old shenanigans of when you were younger and stupider seems like an appropriate story.
No. 993521 ID: 3eeb6c

You saved a puppy.

When a disaster struck and everyone was evacuating, there was a puppy that was stuck and was going to be left behind to die. You saved it and took it with you. You wonder what happened to it.
No. 993523 ID: 094652

Explain that you're a refugee of a planet-wide total apocalypse of some kind, and the remainder of the chain of command struck a deal with this planet for expensive asylum in exchange for your species' unique talents, the most prevalent of which being the survival rate of brains cored out of their original bodies and placed in nutrient-rich extrasensory tanks.

As part of the agreement, you and the other 'Operatives' (that's what the government calls your species) had to have most of their memories blocked. You still remember the horde of radiation ghosts chasing you and the other survivors through a crumbling cave, so maybe it really was bad enough to justify the inhumane compensation rates.

Or maybe you're just a home-grown abomination who will be used and discarded like all the other biological waste product. But hey, nachos and cute girls.
No. 993900 ID: 12b116
File 161715399745.jpg - (523.78KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom84.jpg )

Before you get with the stories, you mention that a little robot buddy might be fun. It's like a pet that you don't have to worry about forgetting to feed.

"Do they make those?" Rockit says, taking a real big sip of her drink. "Can I have one?!"

You aren't really sure if they make those, but it seems like Rockit is certainly interested in one.

You start off with the story about the time a boat almost stepped on you. Your boss had asked you to drive a little dinghy back to the dock she'd borrowed it from but had totally gotten the departure schedule of Alexis off by an hour. You ended up riding that wave all the way to the other dock and were commended for getting there so quick. Also, you almost died.

"WOW!" Rockit says. "I'm glad you didn't die!"

You remember getting hit by a truck too. Some little girl was walking across the street and didn't see the truck coming, so you dove in front of it and pushed her out of the way!

"Waiiit a second," Rockit says, hand full of nachos.

"Then I woke up in another world! And my life is so much better now!"

Rockit giggles at the obvious reference.

"Wait, no, that's not how it happened," you say.

"I was walking across teh street playing a VRMMO. Just totally didn't see it."

Rockit laughs again, covering her mouth with her hand and smearing food residue across her face in the process.

You remember being a carpenter too. Or doing carpentry? You admit your memory is a little fuzzy.

"I'm too clumsy to do anything like that," Rockit says.

You think to yourself that it's actually a whole lot fuzzy.

You can't help but appreciate how powerful a C.Org's metabolism appears to be. They can certainly put away food.

You studied martial arts, of course. You did pretty okay at it. You got second place in an archery competition. When you were a teenager you jumped a motorbike over three whole cars.

You ask her what kinda cool stuff does she want to do.

"That stuff!" Rockit says, wide-eyed. "I wanna jump a motorbite over three cars!" She's putting her drink away pretty fast too.

"Motorbite. Motor. Bike." Rockit says, cheese sauce dripping off her face.

When you start talking about more mundane things, her eyes start to glaze over, so you tell her that when you were a kid, you used to go swimming at night in the gravel pit. Of course, you can't really be sure that any of the things you think you remember actually happened.

"Okay," you start, "I'm a refugee from a planetwide apocalypse."

Her eyes get even wider. You're concerned. You didn't think that was possible.

"When everybody was evacuating, there was a puppy that was left behind. I ran back while the planet was exploding and saved that puppy!"

"Awwwwwww!," Rockit says, finishing her drink.

"Then we struck a deal for asylum in exchange for our unique talents,"

Rockit cocks her head to the side.

"We're really good at being brains in jars. I had to have memory blocks, but I can still remember the horde of radiation ghosts chasing me and the puppy through a crumbling cave ... "

"Wait a minute," Rockit says. "You're messing with me!"

She laughs. You laugh! It's a good time!

Rockit polishes off the last of the food in front of her, and then suddenly slaps the counter.

"Oh no!" she says.

"I think I got some on my shirt!"

>The strong drink has lowered Rockit's inhibitions substantially.

How do you handle this tragedy?
No. 993902 ID: 0fae41

Ooh, that's gonna stain. Hold that shirt steady while we get some napkins and scrub it off. Then get her face too, and she can deal with her hands afterward.
No. 993903 ID: 67181a

Trade shirts
No. 993904 ID: 4ae620

"The laundromat here is kickass, I wouldn't sweat it too much."

Lets not abuse her trust, we can go for a more wholesome drunken kiss later.
No. 993906 ID: b1b4f3

Rockit you got a lot of it on your shirt.

Definitely get some napkins and offer to help. Try not to be lewd; I think that drink was too much for her, I guess she's a lightweight? Maybe it'd be better to let her clean her shirt herself, but help her clean her face because I think that'd be cute.
No. 993929 ID: 1d109c

Help clean her up, offer her your shirt to wear
No. 993996 ID: 8090b2

She may be drunk, but I don't think she's "let me flash the whole bar" drunk. So I don't think exchanging shirts is a great idea nor something she'd be comfortable with.
Her shirt is also stained too much for any napkin to wipe, so that would be mission impossible. Plus the one-sided boob touching may get you some angry stares.

We don't want her to stand out with a shirt stained like that, right? Then just do this:

With a large grin, grab a bunch of sour cream and other sauces and splat them on your own shirt. And thus, what was exceptional before, now became a norm.
Tell her, "Do it like this!", and then use a nacho to grab some of the sauce from your shirt and eat it. She may have trouble getting the sauce off of her own shirt, but just laugh it off.

Now, here comes the fun part.
Tease her that, because you have more sauce on your shirt than she does, you are the self-proclaimed Evil Sauce Master, and taunt her by saying that there's no one who would dare steal your sauce! If she gets the hint, she will, of course, try to grab the sauce on your shirt with her nachos, and that's fine. You would then act all dramatic how your sauce powers were gone and how you were defeated. I think she would feel pretty good about having a stained shirt (and vanquishing evil) afterwards.

You could also return the favor by getting some of the sauce off of her shirt with your own nachos, but that's up to discussion, and it depends a lot on how she would react.
No. 993998 ID: 04d764

Trade shirts. Wash your hands first!
No. 994021 ID: 1d109c

actually taking her to laundromat is probably best
maybe mention that she'll want it properly cleaned before it stains
No. 994339 ID: 12b116
File 161732894846.jpg - (483.67KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom85.jpg )

You get some napkins to help, but it's a lost cause.

You consider offering to trade shirts, but there is no way your shirt is going to fit on Rockit. That shark neck means she probably can't even fit her head through the hole.

"Hey, let's go to the laundromat! It's kickass."

"Lemme get a go drink!" Rockit says. And she does. She does get a go drink. And sips it as you head to the laundromat.

Nobody's here, and Rockit shucks her shirt off as well as her shoes and socks for some reason. She pops them in the washer and sits on top, swinging her legs back and forth. You sit down in a chair nearby as she finished her drink.

"Soooo," she says awkwardly, grinning.

Soooo ...
No. 994340 ID: f94934

"Hmm? Sorry I was too busy trying to find words for how stunning you are. What was the question?"
No. 994342 ID: e2dc7c

Kiss her on the washing machine and then push her gently to guide her down to lay down across both rows of back-to-back washing machines, joining her atop them as you move to lay on top of her, continuing to kiss her.
No. 994343 ID: 1d109c

I feel like she's "fishing" for a compliment . . .

so compliment her nifty looking webbed toes!

then tell her she has a great body . . . for swimming!

talk about swimming if compliments don't seem well received . . .
No. 994348 ID: 67181a

Did she take her shoes and socks off because her feet were feeling stuffy? Maybe she wants a foot rub. See if she wants a foot rub, you can tell her how cool her webbed toes are and also maybe peek up her skirt since shes sitting so immodestly. Shes a grody weeb so she mightbnot get upset even uf she catches you.
No. 994349 ID: 27edeb

Two ways to go about this depending on the level of intimacy she seems comfortable with:

"I forgot how vibrant your hair was after being in those dim lights for so long. It's such a pretty color, is it naturally that way?"


"I'm curious, is your snout packed with electro-sensitive receptors?"

if yes, "What would it feel like if I rubbed it?" or "I bet that makes kissing something special, huh?"

if no, tell the story of the brave men back home that would use such a technique to tame ferocious sharks, to the point where they'd act like puppies, wanting to be acknowledged and pet by the divers. Playfully express relief that she's got a much better personality. If she is receptive to the playfulness, add that it's a shame, you think her scales/skin has a great texture and you're always looking for an excuse to touch it.
No. 994352 ID: bc11b8

"Sooo, *snrk* nice bra. Cute color palette you've got there with your hair and skirt."
No. 994353 ID: b1b4f3

Tell her it's kindof hard not to look at her boobs right now. Sorry. You don't want to take advantage. If she drinks any more she can't take off any more clothes! No matter how good she looks.
Hey she has webbed feet! That's cute.

What's her best lap time in the pool? Is there a score ranking among the C.Orgs for that kind of stuff? Swimming laps, sprint speed, endurance running, etc?

No. 994356 ID: b1b4f3

Maybe you can just straight up ask if you can pet her. You could just hop up on a washer next to her to do it. Though it's a little weird since she's got hair. Hm. Would touching her nose or neck be too intimate? At least you can touch her hands to feel her scales.
No. 994357 ID: 0fae41

Soooo let's wrestle.
Toe wrestle. Take off your shoe and let's dance. One two three four I declare a toe war.
No. 994371 ID: afe7de

Boop her snoot because she’s a cute.
No. 994372 ID: 6c227a

Oooooh that is a good color on you. Did you pick that out to show off to me?
No. 994386 ID: 8090b2

Go check out the washing machine to make sure that she set it up properly.
No. 994424 ID: 4134a1

“Hey want a foot massage?”
You meant boop massage, because shark nose
No. 994635 ID: 12b116
File 161748026626.jpg - (487.84KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom86.jpg )

"Hmm? Sorry I was too busy trying to find words for how stunning you are," you say.

Rockit cringes involuntarily.

>If not for her alcohol consumption, her opinion of her would have dropped.

"Yeah, you've got a great body ..."

She cocks her head to the side.

"... for swimming!"

Rockit laughs, slapping her leg.

"Those webbed toes look pretty cool," you say. "Were your feet feeling stuffy? You know I can give you a foot rub."

"Oh?" Rockit says, wiggling her toes. "I never had a foot rub before."

She lays back on the washing machines and you have to stand up as she presents her feet to you.

You start rubbing her foot as she sighs. Her skin is surprisingly smooth, although there is definitely unpleasant resistance when you rub against the grain of her dermal denticles.

"Your hair is really pretty. Is it naturally that color?"

Rockit sighs pleasantly. "Yeah! I dunno why most C.Orgs have really bright hair, but I always really liked my hair."

"So, curious," you say, "Is your nose packed electro receptors? I know pure animal sharks are, and they legitimately love getting their nose rubbed."

Rockit almost moans as you continue your massage.

"I don't, but if you Activate me, I know it's something a lot of shark C.Orgs can get. I think it'd be pretty cool to be honest," she says, closing her eyes and laying all the way back.

"Nice bra," you say, smirking, "it goes with your skirt and your hair."

"mmh." she says. "My neck is so wide I gotta wear bras like this."

"Did you plan on showing it off to me?"

"hhh." She snorts slightly. "dunno lol ... "

"I love how your skin feels," you say. "I'd love to touch you more."

She doesn't say anything.

Right when you start to wonder if you've offended her, you hear light snoring.

Your date has fallen asleep, bringing your date to a close!

You wake her up gently and get her back to her room. She's a bit too out of it to say anything too coherently, but she gives you a good night kiss on the cheek.

>Rockit had a really fun time on your date!

Rockit gets a big morale boost next time you bring her on a mission!

>Rockit likes you!

As for your other C.Orgs:

Kayree & Eilie are still two adorable lovebirds!
Eilie keeps sneaking up on Kayree and stroking her tail.
->Eilie loves Kayree.
Kayree pretends like she's offended, but she really thinks it's cute.
->Kayree loves Eilie.

Zarah and ViiVeean don't really get along
Zarah thinks ViiVeean is too fucking loud.
->Zarah dislikes ViiVeean
ViiVeean doesn't really mind Zarah though.
->ViiVeean is neutral towards Zarah

Fucc and Noot get along just fine!
Fucc thinks Noot is cool and very suspiciously doesn't say anything else.
->Fucc likes Noot
Noot thinks Fucc is pretty cool and also suspiciously doesn't say anything else.
->Noot likes Fucc

Baetriss gets along fine with Lurleen
Baetriss and Lurleen talk about the 'sempai' thing and they laugh and laugh and laugh!
->Baetriss likes Lurleen
Lurleen finds Baetriss's multiple arms extremely useful.
->Lurleen likes Baetriss
->Lurleen thinks you could use one advanced plate carrier for any unit, equippable for the next mission only.

Danovin gets along well with Nurse Joannifer
Danovin enjoys helping the injured C.Orgs out.
->Danovin likes Nurse Joannifer
Nurse Joannifer appreciates Danovin's protective urges and grounded nature.
->Nurse Joannifer cautiously allows herself to like Danovin.
->Nurse Joannifer gives you a combat stimm item (Zombi) to equip for next mission only.

Rockit gets along just fine with Mary Kil
Rockit tells Mary Kil all about her date with you (what she remembers anyway) and Mary hangs on every word.
->Rockit likes Mary Kil.
Mary tells Rockit she's a good girl and pets her on the head.
->Mary Kil likes Rockit
->You gain 1 Gene Point! You can only spend it to Activate Rockit, fully heal Rockit, or recruit a new C.Org.

How do you spend your gene point?
You must spend it now and can't save it for later.
Activate Rockit
Fully Heal Rockit
Recruit a new C.Org

Now it's time to pick a mission!

1.Eliminate the Heretical Terratomorph
A huge monster has been detected in the sewers.
Difficulty: Nightmare
Opposing Force: Large and small monsters
Special Danger: Water is present but avoidable
Special Reward: Extra Gene Points

2.Extraspace Mercenary Work: Scions of the Dragon
A group called the Scions of the Dragon want your troops to invade an enemy stronghold on their world and cause as much damage as possible.
Difficulty: Hard
Mission Type: Hit-and-Run
Special Danger: hordes of enemies
Special Reward: recruit a Dragon troop/bonus Requisition

3.Hell in the Water
The underground water treatment plant has been invaded by Corporate Cultists who seek to summon a wet god for tax purposes.
Difficulty: Hard
Mission Type: Exterminate
Special Danger: Entirely underwater. Non-water-breathing units must equip a rebreather item. Must use underwater-capable weapons.
Special Reward: Extra Gene Points/Magic Research

C.Orgs from Unit 8 failed to extract Nakken Daisley. Once the heat dies down, a unit can attempt this mission again.

You'll be able to select your C.Orgs and equip them after you select the mission.
No. 994636 ID: f25f51

I am interested in trying 2, let's see what the dragon cultists are up to
No. 994637 ID: 1d109c

Heal Rockit with gene point
then with Teevin and Viivian we'll have thre underwater C.Orgs to do the water mission
we'll have two really good armours for C.Orgs with the improved plate carrier for Rockit, and the agility suit for Viivian

so my Vote is "hell in the Water" we've got a lot of advantages going for us that'll expire if we don't take it
No. 994638 ID: f25f51

I am interested in seeing number 2, I wonder what dragons do
No. 994639 ID: 0fae41

Recruit a new C. Org. Priorities. We can use a point from the mission to activate her.
Need more water weapons. Sure as hell not going back to the sewers. Let's go recruit a dragon.
No. 994641 ID: 1d109c

Also Rockit needs to go back on a mission eventually she needs to do 10 to retire, this is a golden opportunity to give her a mission she could excel at.

don't activate Rockit, she has a 20% chance to become a giant monster,and I don't think she wants to become a murder beast.
unless we can spend 3 genepoints to specifically pick out nose EM activation
No. 994642 ID: 1d109c

healing is also very useful because it frees up C.Orgs to do base activities, rather than just rest, which at least 5 of our C.Orgs need
No. 994643 ID: 66a9a0

Mission 2 sounds fun, and dragons are cool, but maybe healing Rockit and giving her time to shine in an underwater mission would be cooler. If we have enough equipment and C.Orgs for the underwater mission go for it, but if not. Mission 2 seems like a really quick get in get out and Fucc things up kinda job.

Either way though, we should probably heal rockit.
No. 994645 ID: aa37a8

>the foot is obscuring the view
lmao, the curse of SEXCOM continues

This. Pretty much what I was thinking as well.
Heal Rockit and go for 3.Hell in the Water

If #2 wins, then Activate Rockit instead of healing her.
No. 994654 ID: b1b4f3

Heal Rockit. Underwater mission is go, we can bring three water units! Should go fine! HAHA, UNFORTUNATELY we only have three water-capable weapons. So we're gonna have to procure one on-site. Which is awkward.

We only have 4 empty rooms left. The current plan is to get the other two unique extraspace units(I think there's an extraspace unit we haven't seen, too, which might be worth considering), and two custom C.Orgs. Spending 3 genepoints on a C.Org gives us a free trait (worth 1 genepoint) and we get to pick the trait. I think that's worth spending 3, because some corg types are better than others and being able to pick a strong trait right off the bat will give us an advantage.
No. 994656 ID: e51896

Heal rockit,
lets go under water mission. Dragons are cool, but If they are able to summon that war god, things could get worse. Best deal with that asap.
No. 994657 ID: 094652

>Eliminate the Heretical Terratomorph - is still at Nightmare Difficulty
Damn, they breed fast! Once again, I recommend we continue to petition the city government to get the army or get a bomb, because we refuse to complete this mission. I don't care if they cut our funding, we are not sending our subordinates directly into a meat grinder!

Yeah, heal Rockit, do the underwater mission. Our guest star will make this relatively easy for us.
No. 994658 ID: 250e64

Heal Rockit, do Hell in the Water.
No. 994683 ID: 66a9a0

Oh W8 healing won’t actually fix her arm, fuck that then let’s just go do the hit and run, get ourselves a dragon, and do the water mission next time if it’s available. The world isn’t ending because of what mission we choose, we shouldn’t choose based on that at all.

Plus by the time we get OUR MOTHERFUCKING DRAGON Rockit will be healed anyways for a new mission. Healing her now seems like a waste of gene points and misses out on a FUCKING D R A G O N
No. 994707 ID: 250e64

Oh just wanted to add if we don't do the underwater mission, instead spend the point on activating Rockit.
No. 994753 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, and can we ask SEXCOM if it's normal to have trouble remembering our life before joining?
No. 994762 ID: a38353

Do number 2, get us a sweet sweet DRAGON.
No. 994772 ID: 864e49

>recruit a Dragon troop
If by this you mean we get a Dragon C.Org then fuck yes!

Else Fully heal Rockit, get Teevin and lets go for a swim.
No. 994789 ID: bc11b8

Definitely have our resident mage work on unlocking the secrets of the arcane.
No. 994790 ID: 12b116
File 161754743083.jpg - (183.41KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom87.jpg )

You use the Gene Point to heal Rockit! She is no longer Wounded!

You also have two special items for this mission only:

Improved Plate Carrier - can be equipped on any unit that can use armor. Will be "heavy armor" on a monstrous unit instead.

Zombi - This is a one-use combat stim.
The troop under the effects of this stim is immune to shaken and panic and immediately recovers from those statuses.
The troop takes reduced damage.
The troop will sometimes only have one action per round.
When the effect wears off, the troop will be stunned for a turn.

For this mission only you can bring the following unit:

Teevin, Rank 2
Pelican Eel traits:
Waterborn - Improved movment in water, can't drown
Animal Toughness
Monstrous Form - Bonus HP, damage reduction, CQC damage and movement. Can't benefit from most cover, or use most weapons or armor.
Horrorkill - If this troop kills a nearby enemy, increase chance for enemies to panic.
Biolumens - reduce darkness penalty for allies, enemies don't have a penalty to hit this troop in darkness.
Healer - Trauma kits have 3 uses
Nimble - harder to hit in CQC

You decide to face Hell in the Water!


Any troop that doesn't have a water-based trait must equip the "Rebreather" item instead of any other item (They are provided for the mission by HQ.)

You must defeat the Corporate Cultists and their summoned demons to clear the mission.

You can only equip the following weapons, although all items and armor are usable:

Capture Foam Gun: Range reduced to point-blank only

Lightning Gun: Deals very high AOE damage centered on the person firing it, hitting them as well. Destroys the weapon (but not the battery) permanently.

Flechette Rifle

Stinger Rifle

Energy Katana

Teevin can use the following weapons:

Energy Katana

You have no armor that Teevin can equip.

Who do you bring and what do you equip them with?

Yiann and Ixander must recuperate. Baetriss and Danovin should rest instead of taking any other action. Zarah cannot equip the "Rebreather" item and so can't go on this mission. Anyone else who stays behind can:

Assist Lurleen for a possible bonus item
Work with the Corporate Cultist prisoner for magical insight
"I wanna do this," Zarah says, "I think I'm close to a breakthrough!"
Work with the Cult of the End prisoners for cybernetic insight (one person can be assigned to each prisoner)
Help Joannifer for a possible bonus item (drug or stim)
Go to the spa for a morale bonus
Perform a Rite (Zarah only)
Investigate the pee mystery to possibly gain more clues

No. 994793 ID: 1d109c

Kayree gets Flechette Rifle, and aquagear she's our best shooter so shee needs best gun.
she can't take a med pack but she can still use the ones others are carrying.

Teevin can get improved plate carrier, and energy katana, plus medpack
he's already glowy so giving him a glowy sword won't make him more of a target, he should be near unstoppable, but just in case he has a medpack Kayree can use on him

Rockit: stinger rifle, Agility Frame and medpack, our second best rifle and second best Armour, a medpack for Kayree to use on her or another C.Org

Viivean: grenade, someone has to get the short straw . . . she can use the grenade and hopefully get he gun of the person she kills with it, or Teevin can get her a gun

Eilie: in reserve with a grenade, just in case she'll want to be on hand to rescue Kayree

Yiann, Ixander, Baetriss and Danovin all get nap time

Zarah can keep playing with her toy . . . err "Work" with the Corporate Cultist prisoner for magical insight

Fucc: Work with the Cult of the End prisoners, he did a good job with this before

Noot: pee mystery
No. 994802 ID: 830459

The plan that I would go with would be to have the three fish be a CQC team until we get more weapons, therefore...

- Arm: Skin
- Wep: Fists, Knives, whatever works best for him in CQC
- Itm: Trauma Kit
- Arm: Improved Plate Carrier
- Wep: Energy Katana 1h + CFG 1h
- Itm: Ballistic Shield
- Arm: Agility Frame
- Wep: CFG 1h + Flechette Rifle (I'd assume that the 2h weapon can at least be carried until CFG is dropped. If not, then Knife)
- Itm: Breaching Charge
- Arm: Basic Plate Carrier
- Wep: Stinger Rifle
- Itm: Rebreather
- Arm: Basic Plate Carrier
- Wep: Trauma Kit :V
- Itm: Rebreather

Yeah, rush in and blast the first few unsuspecting enemies at point-blank with the Capture Foam Guns, and then use whatever weapons they had.

Interrogate both prisoners.

> >>994793 >Teevin can get improved plate carrier
> >>994800 >Teevin gets the advanced armor
>>994790 "You have no armor that Teevin can equip."
No. 994804 ID: b1b4f3

That was clarified on discord, we don't "have" the armor, it's going to be loaned to us once we decide who's getting it. Improved armor for a Monstrous Form unit is a different type of armor anyway.

Also items can't be carried in the weapon slot.
No. 994805 ID: b1b4f3

We're taking Teevin, Rockit, Viiveean, Kayree, with Eilie in reserve.
Teevin gets the energy katana and a medkit.
Rockit gets the flechette, and the ballistic shield.
Viiveean gets a CFG though it's probably going to be replaced immediately and handed off to Teevin since he can use it on offhand, and a medkit for Kayree to use. She's still rank 0, she should stay back a bit anyway.
Kayree can take the stinger rifle, and a rebreather ofc.
Eilie carries no weapon (because we're NOT giving anyone the lightning gun here). I hope we can give the reserve unit a spare weapon once we salvage an extra one.

Teevin gets the advanced armor. He's going to be rushing in, he needs the extra protection even with bonus HP from monstrous form.
Kayree gets the agility frame, to compensate for lower swim speed.

Zarah interrogate the corp cultist.
Fucc interrogate a cult of the end prisoner.
Noot interrogate the other cult of the end prisoner.
No. 994815 ID: 0fae41

Vivi: Frag, Stinger
Rockit: Zombi, capture foam
Teevin: Medkit, katana, Heavy armor. After we 'procure' some weapons from the first room the foam gun might go to Teevin.
Eilie: Flechette gun, rebreather, agility frame.
No reserve unit.

Other activities:
Zarah: Magic interrogation.
Kayree: Pee bandit.
Fucc: Cybernetics interrogation
Noot: Assist Lurleen
No. 995136 ID: b1b4f3

Ah, wait, I want to change this.
Noot should assist Lurleen instead of interrogating a cult of the end prisoner.

Free equipment is definitely better than unlocking cybernetics research we don't have the Req to spend on!
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